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79. For Shiro and can I request that they get trapped somewhere together. If not that's okay thank you.

kyoootee!! in this drabble (not really anymore) SHIRO IS THE SAME AGE AS YOU.

The smell of alcohol. Tipsy and drowsy voices oozing from the bar. 

Unfortunately, you were one of those voices

You’d only take one shot. One. You even promised Pidge and Allura you’d be sober the time you came back to your dorm. 

Well, you obviously took more than one.

Luckily, the rescuer came due to a worried call from Allura - “She could be passed out right now”, she protested - the faithful Takashi Shirogane.

Once Shiro stepped into the bar, a whole different atmosphere hit him. “Damn,” he whistled, taking in all of it. He wore casual attire - simple black denim jeans, some Nike sneakers, and a military green jacket slung over his tank top(ed? tanktopped?) shoulder. Focus. Find Y/N.

“Excuse me, but have you seen a girl with ____ hair?” Shiro asked the sober bartender, “Really easy to spot; she possibly broke the bar’s record for the amount of shots taken in one sitting..” He stopped when he saw her grin widely, her white teeth sparkling in the dim lights. 

“She’s in the bathroom,” she gestured to the women’s restroom, “she’s a fucking legend.” Her name - Sandra - got called from the other side of the room. “We’re closing soon, thougn, so be careful.” She winked at Shiro and walked away. 

So Shiro reluctantly walked up to the girl’s bathroom and slipped in quietly, with nobody noticing.

“Y/N?” He tried not to yell, leveling his voice so it didn’t show how fucking scared he was to be seen here.

Allura was right. You were knocked out in a stall, the door half open. Sighing with relief, Shiro gently shook you awake. 

Wait what th- the fu-” 

“Y/N, it’s me, Shiro. I’m going to take you home-” He’d been stopped and yelped in surprise as you fell onto him with all your weight. You had been seated on top of the toilet seat and when you fell you had knocked the two of you onto the ground, exposing your faces (the stalls don’t go all the way down so you can see people’s feet :D). 

“Y/N? I need you to get up -”

NooOo! Y/N wants to stay.”

“Shiro wants to leave, and I’m taking you with me.” His eyes glistened with determination, grunting as he struggled with you. I need to get her on my back so she can piggyback me.

Suddenly, the lights went out and Shiro, to his terror, heard the bathroom door lock switch, the noise loud and clear.

You screamed. Shiro fumbled for his phone and turned the flashlight on.

“We stuck, space captain?” Your words were still slurred.

“Afraid so. I can try to call Keith or Allura.”

Giggling, you grasped his hand to his surprise. He flinched at your touch. “Y/N, I need to get us out of here..”

“Let’s stay here.” your laughing eyes stared up at him, your crooked smile prettier than anything in the whole world.. And at that moment, Shiro was done. He’d hidden feelings for you, certain that you had a crush on Keith. His heart had been stabbed, his eyes wild with lust. 

“This is your fault, by the way.”

Shiro dropped his phone as he leaned down to put his lips on yours. Obviously, you were unconscious of anything you were doing because - you were drunk. So you kissed him back. And damn, did it feel good. His warm tongue was hungry, wanting to devour you. You made noises loud enough to echo across the whole college campus.

He let go of you after what seemed like sweet seconds, the two of you panting heavily. There was a loud bang on the door, and the second savior of the night appeared. Pidge’s smirk was obvious. They’d heard all of it. 

“Hey Piidge,” you said drowsily, then dropped your head onto Shiro’s lap in exauhstion.

“I swear Pidge, if you tell anyone-”

“Oh, I won’t.”


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whats ur FIRST fave oneshot of klance then?

we’ll be counting stars by southspinner like.. it fucks me up every single time i cant even begin to describe bc i’d end up writing a 50k essay on why i love this fic. it rly just gets pretty much everything right, far as what i want from a klance specific fic

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Hey Ben.....I came out to my brother and mom and it all went really well, but now my next fear in transitioning is getting over my fear of needles. If it's ok to ask, how do you get over it??? I don't want it to get in the way of my transition and I don't want to pay big bucks for a gel that might not even give me results. Thank you so much, and best wishes to you and yours 💟

im not afraid of the needles i guess but i still dont like doing it i dont think anyone ever stops hating it tbh , u could ask ur doctor abt doing a biweekly shot or something and then maybe go to the office and have them do it for u… maybe if u think abt it like its rly just a quick prick of pain and then it really doesnt hurt , when i get upset i usually think okay this is going to be like a 10 minute ordeal but id rather do this than go back to how i was feeling for 17 years ..i think you will find a way for urself just be easy and try not to let ur fear of needles consume u and lose sight of ur entire vision 

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1. Relationship status: in a relationshippp
2. Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick! even though half the time it makes me feel like i’ve got too much make up on
3. Last Song I listened to: Take A Shot by Hotshot
4. Top three shows: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Ouran High School Host Club, EXO Showtime(idk tv is so disappointing i rly can’t think of any)
5. Top 3 characters: Daine Sarrasri, Fem!Shep, Solas 
6. Top 3 ships: (i’m a serial shipper so i’m just gonna do kpop ships) taeny, lunber, yoonseok (and xiuhan my boys :’()

eeeee!!  ok i am taggingggg @hoseokmyhearteu, @extrajungkookie, @kara, @softminyoongi, @actorhun, @xingmebaektosleep, @occasionallysuho, @ffskookie, @hobiichim

Coming Out - Pack
  1. anon asked: Can you do a one shot about coming out to the pack as bisexual? If not that’s fine 😁

i am sorry if I anyhow offend you or anything, I really don’t mean it!  

Warnings: Nothing idk i made this at 3 am so im sorry if its not rly editied

Word count: 613

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Remember the time Reala manhandled a child in a desert amusement park? good stuff 👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽 Tho, i may have taken some liberties..main one being instead of having Reala just grab him like in the original shot, have Reala sorta twist Will’s arm around (out of view rly) and dig his sharp nails into Will’s torso because welp. Let’s put the child in a more painful position why don’t I

(actually drew this weeks ago but only tonight did i finally decide to take a crack at it again X,))

Harvard Glory
  • Harvard Glory
  • sydney

ok so i wrote another song lol

i literally just finished writing it and i recorded this in one shot so pls ignore my mess ups and stuff but

and i know i say this all the time but im 14 so pls like i know that i suck a lot but !!! u know

also i rly like feedback!!! so you can drop by my ask!!! and tell me things!!!

lyrics under the read more

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mr robot is rly good, it's like 90% lines like that

Yeah my bf watched the whole thing so I’ve seen parts of it. The way the shots are framed really pisses me off though so I just can’t get into it haha.

Sad Girls Club Playlist ❥

I Feel YouRedHello BitchesAh YeahStressPippi ❤ Mamma Mia ❤ Heart AttackOh BoyLion HeartSomethingTwenty-threeRed LightIce Cream CakeOoh AahHot PinkHateFire AlarmCrazyLike A CatDumb Dumb ❤ Blacklist ❤ You Think PapiMiniskirt ❤ You’re The BestSting ❤  Someone Like U  ❤ Only You  ❤ Sugar Free ❤ Party ❤

i just had the wildest thought

ok so we’re pretty sure that shot of tyrell and elliot in the car in the preview is a flashback of the same scene with Mr. Robot, thus the theory that the finale will reveal all the other times Mr. Robot has been conspiring w/ Tyrell, as well as the missing 3 days. ok ok now remember this?

we never saw this exact moment in the episode. like they got close, rly rly close but then they just cut to them in the fsociety hideout. why would they film this, use it in the promo, and then not fucking show us???

because they’re saving it for the season 2 finale


i took a break from drawing head shots,, to draw a head shot,, of me husband

          “You know–you should really be more careful–” it was a long sigh,
          wiping crimson from her cheeks. “Next time you get attacked in the
          dark, someone might not take pity and help you…”

          Her gun is in her hands, tucking it safely back away. “Maybe don’t
          use seedy alleyways.”

it matters how this ends {c.h}

A/N: first of all, i would like to give a lil s/o to my main MAIZEY (@irwinsfletcher​) for showing me the song and giving me the idea to write this because i JUSt LOVE DYING!!!! and second of all, please forgive me because this isn’t my best work, i was just rly excited to get it done so it’s kind of rUS Hed and the ending is SHIT but u understand what i’m getting at ok!!! third of all: my most sincerest apologies for not writing smut, i could not do calum justice n i don’t need to publicly humiliate myself ok!!! enjoy :-)

words: approx. 2770
song: all i ask - adele
pairing: yn/calum

“If this is my last night with you
hold me like I’m more than just a friend
give me a memory I can use
take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
it matters how this ends
cause what if I never love again?”

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