i just rly like this outfit ok


id like to think theyre buds…….

(dont think its a thing but pls dont tag as ship ty)

day 6: the town where the wind blows/crossover

pokemon crossover (i guess?) with shin soukoku wearing the (slightly edited lol) subway masters’ outfits

they almost done look like akutagawa and atsushi bcs the hat covered up most of the hair but i just rly like the design ok aaaaa-

OH WATCHED THE NEW ADV TIMES here r my hot takes

-im glad we got an ep that touched on finns trauma and i liked how it was handled!! im really not a fan of f*nntress though, it just doesn’t have that much substance to it and feels super rushed? it’s not a bad ship, i don’t mind it being there and i’m glad finn’s better at romance but it feels really forced and unecessary like it’s just there for the sake of Giving him a girlfriend and it’s just :/

it’s better than f*bblegum by a long shot, and idk i don’t mind sm*kybear being platonic or romantic i love em in any context!! but f*nntress is just /dissolves into a puddle/ FINE i cant complain it’s not a bad ship but nbghrehhh we dont need it


-ALMOST BMO CLOSING JESUS CHRIST I KNOW I ASKED FOR BABY FINN CONTENT BUT IM CACKLING not much to say it was a very feel good ep and well rounded all around i loved it so much i love bmo i love bmo i love bmo i lo

-SON OF RAP BEAR WAS TOPS uhhhgh the comment about cinnamon bun was fucked but she did the same blush when someone mentioned her dad so i’m gonna hope it didn’t translate into a romantic context at all cause that’s fucking creepy, keep the 30 year old away from the 17 year old you piece of shit son of rap bear

but her whole arc w her dad? sogood im glad they touched on it and went down the route of, he’s shitty you don’t need to forgive people who aren’t actually sorry route. you did good fp and ur outfits were the bomb dot com

raps were kinda mehghhh but i don’t watch the show for quality rapping




also her forced boyfriend she didnt rly enjoy um bonnie is lesbian

and 13 yo pb just makes me sad now god THAT’S what she was like at 13??? fuckkk im emo

-im guessing huntress is the final love interest (again not bad but i wouldve preferred none at all, it seems anticlimactic at this point but ok whatever) and gumbald’s the final big bad villain

which is cool im so stoked for the rest of the season!!! these were good eps thanks for the birthday presents cn (jk)

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh. I can't stop thinking about bi Ginny and bi Harry after they get together and them like going shopping and appreciating all the cute people around.

i know u probably meant this like them being romantically involved b u t i feel best buddies harry n ginny so hard oh my god? them going out for drinks and checking out everyone and ginny is like “yo that guy is cute”, which makes harry just roll his eyes as he mumbles something about ginny’s bad taste, and ginny smirks and says “well i did make out with you once so my taste can’t be that bad” and harry just steals her wine and drinks it all 

and maybe they hook up once or twice or they sort of accidentally get involved in a threesome (no one knows how that happened tbh) and they have long talks abt sexuality together and they’re rly active for like bisexual protest, making ppl aware bisexuality exists, fighting bi erasure and biphobia etc etc. they march together in the wizard pride parade and make flags together and check each other outfits and gather more people to join them and IMAGINE HOGWARTS SEX ED ok they go teach students about all different sexualities and nonbinary luna and trans girl angelina come to help them out and it’s all super rad 

power couple bisexual buddies harry and ginny 


Anonymous said: Request: mess with Leon’s hair sans hat? 

Anonymous said: (fantasy-harvest-moon hereee!) ok guys imagine leon with short hair. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This was fun but a little amnoying because I had to get Leon’s hatless sprite via miiverse screenshots. Other than that it went rather smoothly!

The first one is just Leon’s regular outfit minus the hat. I couldn’t really think of a variety of looks to give him, so I was just like “lemme give this poor man his hat back” for the last one lol

fox man rly rocks that short hair i gotta say

some dads!Jaspar headcanons,

(assuming they are adopting or using a surrogate and going to be at the hospital when the baby is born)

during the pregnancy:

  • Both saying “our baby” allllllll the time just because they can now
  • Caspar scouring baby name books and asking everyone “what about this one?”
  • Joe def will want to name it after one of his grandparents though

at the birth:

  • both basically sobbing
  • Caspar doesn’t believe the doctors know what they’re doing and also keeps shouting “IM A DAD” at them and pacing so much
  • Joe’s just shaking and so nervous and scared
  • Zoe is the godmother and Josh is the godfather as he is basically Caspar’s brother (sorry Theo :( but as they live in the UK Zo makes more sense)


  • Joe singing SOOO many songs to his baby to get them to sleep
  • very particular songs though, probably ones his parents would sing to him and also random newer songs that he just really likes and allllso totally RANDOM pop songs that just popped into his head one day when the baby was crying a lot and somehow work
  • Caspar tries to soothe the baby by just talking at it, usually about random stories or like explaining random shit
  • Joe’s sooo annoying about changing diapers and cleaning up spit up, he always makes his dumb gagging grossed out face. what a loser
  • Caspar’s like omg get OVER it

early childhood:

  • so. many. family. walks. in the park.
  • its only at this point that they move into a bigger place and its so cozy and domestic and they’re like !!! yes !!! this is where our child needs to grow up
  • Caspar puts the kid in the WEIRDEST outfits and Joe’s like ???? its fine its fiene its fInE
  • wow just picture Joe brushing the kid’s teeth while Caspar does their hair
  • the kid is allllways chilling on their shoulders for walks and stuff


160110 Infinite Effect in LA Fanaccount

i got to the venue around 4:30ish.. there were several ppl going around and giving out banners and i got like 3… there actually weren’t a lot of people there when i arrived yet, and i had to go pee so bad lmAo so my friends and i went i to starbucks to pee… then we were just waiting around and i met up w some friends, including angie @noohyun and tracey @gyuuri !! (( ive met angie a few times before so i knew what she was like but tracey on the other hand i met for the very first time LOL SHE HUGGED ME RIGHT WHEN SHE SAW ME AND THEN WE TALKED FOR A LITTLE? IT WASNT AWKWARD BUT IT WAS WEIRD IDK BUT SHES SO CUTE AND BUBBLY )) omg ppl had rly nice outfits;; i was especially envious of ppl who had the back jacket :(((

ok so at around 6 everyone started lining up and i was confused bc i thought there was no point bc it was assigned seating??? but turns out u have to get in line to go thru the metal detector and for them to check your bags lol… while i was in line there was a cameraman and anchor that came up to my area omg it was a news channel (ytn news) and they asked us to say “saranghaeyo infinite!” to the camera. i was in the shot but when they counted to 3, i couldnt say it and slowly backed away LOLOLOLOL IM SO SHY IDK;;; also ppl were randomly screaming while they were in line and at one point i thought infinite peeked out or smth but yea right like hell that would happen lmaoooo??????? at 7 the doors opened like they said it would and i went in!!! the seats i had weren’t good but they weren’t bad either, it was really far to the right but i had a decent view

in the venue they played ifnt mv’s and everybody screamed whenever a new mv came up lolol that was fun, and it was nice hearing ppl sing along!!!

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