i just rly like these shots k

gotenoughnerve  asked:

scuze me i heard something about a vetra/f!ryder fic rec list... I would like to see it if you've got it :)! Please post it?

sure thing m’dude!!

 a Moment In Time (And Space) by bringham

  •  essentially just fluff and smut, but yo it’s Rly Good. Like. Smut w a 6 chapter buildup? Fav
  •  (honorary mention, this is from the same writer: Exhibit A. smutty one shot but So Good)

Tecum Fugis by Bumphur

  • Vetra centric fic w/ a side of vetryder
  • so so so good, one of my favs

Proving It by todisturbtheuniverse

  • three one shot fics
  • I’ve always liked todisturb’s fics so this lil series gets a mention (if ur into dragon age u should go check out their hawkebela fics, So Good)

In The Dim Light by KamalasFanfiction 

  • pre-relationship
  • fav vetryder fic I’ve read so far. I rly rly RLY like how the author writes, esp how they write turians. I haven’t read the fic connected to this but it’s in my bookmarks

Frozen Things by mywordsflyup

  • short but Oh So Good. 
  • That sweet sweet hurt & comfort :ok_hand:x3

Trust by intergalactix

  • pre-relationship fluff
  • short but good, I rly like intergalactix’s Ryder, I’ve read few of their other vetryder fics but this one’s my fav. U should totally go check out their other fics too !! ;0

there are other rly good fics in the vetryder ao3 tag too but these are just my favs!! and also disclaimer when i say a fic is short i mean it’s a 1k - 5k word one shot, I usually read fics that are 100+k words