i just rly like his face here

i feel like jungkook would be the type to lay on top of you while you’re on your phone or watching tv and he would just sit there and play with your hair and make cute little noises to get your attention and when he finally does get your attention he would hide his face and smile rly big and act shy and probably say something like “your hair is soft” and adfdg kill me now


“Because you know I like you.” / “Liking Philip, out here, the way I do… it’s hard.”

[caption: three black and white gifs of philip from eyewitness. all scenes are related to him being liked. his face as lukas says “because [tommy] doesn’t like you.” / him telling gabe about his mom’s boyfriend “so i just kept sitting next to him… pretending that he liked me.” / him telling helen and gabe “even if somebody out here did like me, they would never admit it.”]

so i fucking love “draw your___” memes rn. so ur gonna get me drawing a lot of these lmao
also!! someone requested i draw adauchi, so here ya go lovely anon!!!!! and his pals are here too

the weird pattern on laurentias everything pisses me off so youre not gonna see a lot of art of her LOL

original post for the draw your ___

(ok to tag as kin/me!)

since it’s aroha selca day again here’s me fooling around with my favourite snow filters!! i rly wanted to do a selca with myungjun this month but i couldn’t find any snow app selcas of his so it’s just me this time ;;;; but happy aroha selca day everyone!!! ✨

we nostalgically gaze back and think about what it means


ok doing this bc kenma is a massive cutie who needs sm love ok

-OK so kenma would like probs realise he “likes” u sorta out the blue like yh u guys have been friends for a while probs bc u saw him playing pokemon or smth one day and were like “OH MY GOD !!!” but then he looks at you and he’s like “what the HECK who asked you to be so cute”
-probs too insecure to ask u out so you need to take the initiative ok LET THIS LIL BABY KNOW YOU LOVE HIM!!
-so like idk you decide to go to his house after school for abit and ur super tired so you fall asleep and kenma is just like Oh God Save Me and tbh he probs stares at u until u wake up and then blushing !!!
-you confess to each other and its v cute and simple but you don’t kiss you just cuddle for a v long time
-ur first date would be somewhere like the park sorta late at night where there’s no ppl and ur just on the grass cuddling some more and kenma keeps staring at u and wants to kiss you but “IDK IF THEY WANT TO KISS ME”
-so he doesn’t kiss you then
-ok you guessed it,you gotta initiate the kiss
-you go to watch him in a match and nekoma wins and kenma looks so tired but sorta happy and u just run up to him on the court aND IT HAPPENS
-U KISS !!!
-it’s v short like kenma doesn’t kiss back but judging by the blush on his face he’s rly happy
-kuroo wolf whistles and probs follows u guys on the way home saying things like “lovebirds look here!!”
-like go away kuroo u need to sort ur hair out rn ok
-ur relationship is v sweet and you don’t really display affection much unless it’s in the comfort of your homes
-but WOAH HOLD ON,, jealous kenma?? he’s probably gonna cling to u like ur both super glued together honestly
-he’s just a smol cat boy who needs reassurance
-i don’t imagine u doing the ‘do’ until like 7 months-a year after u start dating he wants to make sure you’re both ready
-it’s a spur of the moment thing like u both just make out one night and one thing leads to another bc he needed u
-it’s very sweet tho and makes it very comfortable
-all in all, a seriously cute relationship with lots of cuddles and nerdy stuff ft a tall cat man stalking u both bc ur both his children he needs to make sure ur ok

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lets talk about ki's adorably cute and tiny nose

it’s so !!!! it fits his face?? does that….make sense……..or am i being dumb again…….but it’s rly so adorable it’s got that lil sharp point to it?? 

and WHEN HE SCRUNCHES IT UP I WANNA CRY u know when he sings for example he does that face scrunch with his nose + eyebrows like here…….everyone look at that…..tell me that’s not the cutest thing u have ever seen :(

also when he laughs!! and u can see his dimples that’s where the nose scrunch comes out too……i mean…..look at my man…..i just love his nose i wanna bop it then kiss it i’m not even ashamed of being sappy or annoying lmao……it’s kihyun i could do this all day he makes me happy so naturally i wanna talk about him lmao :(

in conclusion ki’s nose….very adorable and the perfect nose to bop…..10/10 thanks for ur time

the thing is … here it looks like he legit has lipstick on right? some HOT PINK mac lipstick…. but legit…..he just ate spicy food and his lips. have gotten rly rosy and full on pink. also the contrast here was turned up to the max but like i’ve seen the RAW footage of this and GIRL his lips were rly fucking rosy!!!!!! he honest to god has the prettiest lips ever. i don’t even wanna get started on how his lips might feel. rose petals? his lips are ROSES put on a humans face. or jelly. his lips are like candy bro. wow. what the fuck


look at them they look so TV COUPLE OF 2015, right? lol that’s why you should go [VOTE] for these two deserving idiots right now haha

okay okay i know, it’s just a poll, that’s true.

but guys, colin really wants us to win. i mean, how cute is that (i’m voting for that alone)

and we really want that interview right? (i lied, i’m voting for this too)

here’s the thing, we were in the lead but we’ve been dropping reeeaalllyyy fast. so basically we just need to keep voting as much as we can for the next 10+ hours. (we can do this just for today!)

remember we are not just up against olicity (which are gr8 and dedicated peeps btw), we are also up against anti-cs people who will do EVERYTHING to make sure we don’t get in the next round.

how not okay is that? so how about a last day surge of votes for our otp? and if you’re the type who doesn’t feel like showing your love for your ship via voting like a crazy person (like me), just remember: COLIN RLY WANTS US TO WIN and every time you feel like not voting or tired from voting, just think about his sad face when he finds out we didn’t come through for him </3

and before you ignore this post, do it now, think about his sad face

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can you do a blurb of snap chatting luke???? thankkskss x

oh jeez this is literally my daydream w0w

ok so i feel like when you two start snap chatting it would begin pretty innocent and just for fun, him constantly sending you derp faces w stupid captions such as

and you sending back the same, neither of you taking it v serious. and he would send you occasional sweet ones too like

but it all would be v v casual. but thennnnn i feel like as your relationship progressed and esp if you guys started having to spend more and more time away from each other due to luke’s schedule and such then it would become more of a way to rly see each other wink wink when you miss one another. i feel like luke would start sending you a lot of mirror selfies like

and you would start sending less derp faces and more pictures w “accidental” cleavage and/or prettier expressions. THEN one night ugh i had a dream about this omg luke would just send out of fucking NOWHERE a picture of his peen like “i need you here so bad babe” and bada bing bada boom snapchat would become the app where you two sext like there aint no tomorrow and god it’d be so fuckin hot bc luke would get so flustered but at the same time smooth and say things like “i think about your body all the time” “you get me so hard in public ughhh” “you wanna help me out w this babe? ;)”

asddfghdfgsdfgds IM GOING TO HELL SORRY BYE

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"'i feel happier and more at ease with leorio here' quote from kboi" omg i missed this where can i find this pls

i was quoting from memory so its not exactly the same but:

what is better is that he had a rly hard expression on his face up until those two lil frames god bless