i just rlly love her

I hope you understand how much I love you.

ummm i’ve been seeing a lot of posts talking about minseok’s eventual enl*stment in a negative light and i just wanna say ok yeah, i agree it’s gonna suck in a lot of ways, BUT!! let’s try to think about the positives!

think of all the lil scattered tidbits of news we’ll hear while he’s away. the letters he could write to us, telling us how he misses us and the stage and can’t wait to be back, but how he’s also learning and growing so much and meeting so many great new ppl (i like to imagine these letters with no shortage of drawn hearts and >.< faces). imagine the accounts we could get from the ppl he serves with–we’re bound to hear more about how he’s such a standup responsible man who somehow strikes a balance b/w deadly seriousness and a childish (verging on naive) joy for life. THINK of the sense of camaraderie he’ll have with his enlistment buds, some of whom will no doubt become his LIFELONG friends. think of how that sense of brotherhood will remind him of all his other brothers and, yes, occasionally make his heart twinge a bit, but not in a bad way……in more of a “how lucky i am to have such good people to miss and boy how i’ve come to appreciate them even more than i used to” kind of way.

think about minseok’s glorious comeback!! look forward to that day when he’s returned to us for good! from that moment on, no extended absence looming over our heads! look forward to him coming back different in a good way; not “different” as in “not the man he was” but “different” as in “an even more complete and well-rounded human than he was, with even more varied life experiences under his belt and an enormous increase in the amount of ppl who KNOW him and LOVE him”. think of how excited he’ll be to throw himself back into entertaining all of us. how he’ll glow and vibrate with that exact same kind of excitement and love for his craft that he’s always had (x10). think of how we’ll welcome him back. how, within a week of him being back, it’ll feel like he was never gone at all and those 2 yrs were just a dream.

think of each of our boys going away for a little while to become more whole as individuals and more hungry for the life they spent 2 full years reminiscing about. think of the sense of accomplishment they’ll feel after fulfilling their duty to their country. think of what a positive experience it’ll really be for them in the end. remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder and damn if ur heart ain’t whole again. we’re gonna be ok…..actually! we’re gonna be fuckin great! :)

Me: *takes a deep breath*
Me: I lo-
Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: Yes, you love Laura Jane Grace, we know, you love Laura Jane Grace so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Laura Jane Grace, we KNOW , you love Laura Jane Grace you fucking love Laura Jane Grace ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE LAURA JANE GRACE. WE GET IT.

I have a really badass muslim dc superhero OC and I would like to doodle her and share more about her but would any of you be interested? Her superhero name is also a bird (to align with the Robins, pft) and she is a psychiatrist (because God knows the batfam needs one in their family) and she has a special friendship with Jason (nothing romantic or sexual just a rlly complex friendship) anyway,,,, I love her and DC should incorporate her into canon,,,,


Some doodles before bed!

I just love @jenny-penny-art ’s badass, black n white selfie! And I just want to doodle her like, I rlly love messy hair & her aesethics pose👌 Also I want to pratice drawing messy hair ouo)

And I love Annabelle & Erin!! They’re so cute ♡♡

Annabelle & Erin belongs to Jenny! (Aka the person i tagged)

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: it's just that holtzmann is the least serious of the group shes always goofing around and pulling pranks and dancing with blow torches and being super lighthearted about serious situations and she's pretty happy go lucky and when she stands up to make the toast u think shes gonna crack a joke or something but instead she gets serious and it's obvious it's uncomfortable for her she said that she was so happy to finally find a real best, loyal friend in abby and then she was so happy to find a real /family/ in the ghostbusters and she's being serious for maybe the first time in the movie bc she just really loves that she found people that love her and that she loves in return and i cried while thinking abt this