i just rlly like this song ok

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ok, so i was thinking abt jhope not getting any lines in spring day right, but dont bts write their own songs? so if jhope didnt get any lines its because he opted out or something? idk maybe i'm wrong but i just think its weird everyone is blaming bighit for that

Tbh i rlly dont know, but i also dont like how ppl blame big hit. Its a team work, bts + big hit. Plus they are both professional, we dont know shit yknow. If they took this decision i guess theres a reason. It still sucks but thats how it is :^////


I was tagged by @bangtansonyeondarnit to do the lockscreen and song tag! Thank you a lot!! 😚💙 I couldn’t rlly decide on a song (at first I was gonna say 2학년 So 4 more bc I am really feeling the rap parts recently) so I just made a playlist of my current faves. I could only fit 8 songs (Spring Day included) so there’s still a few missing but it’s rlly early and I was supposed to choose only one song anyways so I stopped trying to fit more.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways I tag: @ubri812 @ineedafreakingowl @cause-our-souls-are-on-fire @roseswoththorns @jiminiep @taegrl @traumdancer @alwayscomewhenyoucall @gothic-lime

I hope it’s okay for y'all since I did a similar tag recently that some of you didn’t even do yet and I’m now tagging you again just tell me if you don’t want to be tagged in the future ^^

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butter pecan, mocha, + chocolate marshmallow !!

butter pecan: favorite songs for life?

every fucking song made by carly rae jepsen or hayley kiyoko everything else is shit or ok

mocha: ideal weather conditions?

cold and snowing (just raining is fine too i guess. thunderstorms are good too but only if it’s not too loud)

chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?

i rlly like twix!!!! an kit kats!!! um and recess!!! pprobably bc those are the only candies my parents buy on halloween hmm

I was tagged by @milk00shima ! (Thank u I lov being tagged in things)

Name: I like Kier!!
Ancestry: very white. (German ? And uhh Irish? Idk tbh I just know it’s very very white)
Zodiac: Scorpio (cusp libra)
Where do you live: in the eastern US !!
How are you today: busy but good!! I went to a protest today, then went and ate a late breakfast with some friends, then played video games with them for a lil while !!
I took a nap then I went out to dinner with another friend and got to eat rlly good curry
So busy but fun
Favourite song right now: ooo o!! @milk00shima
suggested I listen to one ok rock and they are???? So good
Any song by them is super cool but I especially lov re:make rn
Are you craving anything: the organic gummy bears from the store in town they are so good
Signature drink: Coke or vitamin water probs
Whats your signature scent: idk? Maybe all the hair product I use?? That stuff smells like fruit and tea tree oil
Favourite color: pastel colors!! Anything pastel and soft is so nice to look at
A sound you love: Happy people! Like laughing or happy sounding voices brighten my days.. also I love listening to music ?? Good stuff
A sound you hate: high pitched soudns give me migraines

I tag: @mooshmink @psychosocialwriter annnd @thatsupergaykid