i just rewrote it because the grammar was awful in the original

Understanding English

Wrote this last night when I was a little sad and couldn’t sleep. It was originally gloomier but I rewrote it to be a bit more positive.

It’s only a little over 1,500 words, but give it a go if you have the time. Not looking for reblogs, just wanna talk to you guys, especially if you’re someone I befriended online. The experience I’m about to describe is most definitely not the first of its kind, but as my own journey is the one I know best, it’s what I wanna share :^)

tl;dr: My experience learning English as a middle-class kid in the Philippines, how being introduced to internet fandom sent my learning curve skyrocketing (but in a bit of a nasty way), and why I’m grateful to English for helping me meet you.

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