i just rewatched this movie for the millionth time

Okay but I’m rewatching Descendants for the millionth time. And I just kind of saw this and really thought about it and it made me so happy. Ben is such an amazing sweet cupcake. Like i could make a large list of things that make Ben the best like I’m totally okay.
Secondly though, does anyone know who’s kid she is, I’ve been trying to figure it out since the first movie.

please don’t see ant man just for peggy. instead you can 

  • rewatch all the episodes of agent carter that have been run since then
  • rewatch ca:tfa and cap 2 for the peggy scenes
  • rewatch the agent carter short for the 13 millionth time
  • talk to me about how much you love peggy
  • and how much you hate the fact that they killed off a female founding avenger who was crucial in the avengers’ history even before any other info for the movie came out
  • and how tired you are of white male-led superhero movies
  • just torrent the movie when a camrip comes out
  • i mean my answer to “would you pay $14 for what’s probably going to be a 10 second scene of peggy?” is actually probably yes but lmfao i aint givin my money to this film
  • i love peggy. why is she in this movie
  • peggy carter solo movie 2k15

Just rewatched G.B.F. for like the millionth time today and I have made it official… This is my favourite moment in the entire frickin’ movie! And for all the people who hate on this movie for it’s “stereotypical portrayal of people” THAT IS THE POINT OF THE MOVIE, it’s a SATIRE pointing out how dumb all those stereotypes are. Sorry, I was looking through the tags and people are just misinterpreting what is an amazing movie and it pissed me off. Okay, weird and contradicting post over now.

the best/weirdest thing about the Star Wars movies is that the more I watch them, the more I enjoy them? Every single time. Last night I watched A New Hope for the millionth time and as soon as it was over my first thought was “WOW that was so good! Even better than last time!” …It’s like they just exponentially get better every single time. amazing.