i just rewatched this and i wanted to make pretty things

so I’m really just

very glad that superheros have becomes such a huge thing again?

everyone including myself knows I’ve pretty much always been into anime, but lately with all the superhero stuff being uploaded onto sites like hulu+ and netflix, and shows like Supergirl and The Flash (plus of course the ongoing MCU) I just

it’s finally hit me how much I’ve kind of always been a superhero nerd?

like I used to rush through my snack when I got home from school, to make sure I’d be done in time for Static Shock to come on

I watched tf out of Batman the Animated Series and Batman Beyond every single chance I got (which only 90′s kids remember those of you around my age probably remember; both were on a LOT, with the new BB episodes, their encore airings, and just how often BtAS was on in general)

Teen Titans? hell yeah

X-Men: Evolution? holy shit yes, geek out about that non-stop on the bus

Justice League? now that I’m rewatching it and CW’s The Flash, I am DEFINITELY remembering looking forward to Wally sassing the crap out of people on a regular basis. Especially if it was Batman. (I mean hell, a friend of mine was confused as to how I knew Wally West as THE Flash, when Barry has kind of been the most popular and well known one, and it turns out this was why.)

But just

somehow I literally forgot how much of this stuff I used to watch. and because all this stuff is becoming popular again, I get to rediscover it, and it’s almost like watching it for the first time, but still getting to experience the joy and nostalgia. and yes, some of it’s cheesy, and some episodes aren’t well written, but it just

it makes me so happy