i just rewatched the pilot


Greg your face your FAAAAAAAAAACE: Twelve O’Clock High edition


Welcome to EverythingTimeless’ Weekly Roundtable, a sprawling discussion in which your friendly neighborhood Mod Time Team breaks down episodes of our favorite show, Timeless. We can’t promise to be coherent, but we’ll try our best. Lovely header gif courtesy of our pal @lady-demelza.

This week: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Sarah: I think that we should first state that we are currently blogging this from what we consider the present: Wednesday, the 11th of July.

Ann: I hate to break it to you, Sarah. But it is actually the 12th of July.

Sarah: Well, I am in the past. Apparently. Changing it.

Ann: *Lucy screams in the distance*

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“So do you have a girlfriend who feeds you up?”
“Is that what girlfriends do? Feed you up?’

“You don’t have a girlfriend then?”
“It’s not really my area”

“Mhm…oh……..right. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Which is fine by the way”

“I know it’s fine”

“I’m just saying….it’s all fine whatever shakes your….boat”

we got … distracted last night and stopped the pilot of hannibal halfway through. so i just rewatched the first scene between hannibal and will for the first time and just … kept murmuring about my bbs, my infants, my precious boys that do not even KNOW what is to come.

but man, the way they burrow under each other’s skin IMMEDIATELY is just…delicious. you poor souls. 

I know we’ve all been savaging Whedon’s WW draft script recently, but I just rewatched David E. Kelley’s unaired 2011 TV pilot and oh my goodness I’d forgotten how amazingly, outrageously, utterly catastrophic it is. 41 minutes of what-the-actual-fuck-is-happening, pure cringe mixed with unintentional hilarity.

The original draft script is also circulating online and it’s… weirdly fascinating?… to see the differences between the early conception of the show and the filmed pilot. Some of it is far, far worse (Diana literally left Themyscira because she fell head over heels for the first man she met, and almost accidentally spills this to a Congressional hearing no I’m not joking) but some of it is actually better than what was eventually made (Myndi Mayer was originally slated to be a cast member!). Not good by any stretch, but less of a disaster than the final product.


Steph Rewatches Suits - Every TV, Movie and Pop Culture Reference, 1.01 Pilot (1 of ?)


Though it took nearly 7 months of off and on Fridays, my friend and I just recently finished rewatching the entirety of Ren & Stimpy together. From the classic pilot to the much derided Adult Party Cartoon. While the episodes varied wildly in quality over the course of the series, it spawned a lot of discussion and intrigue among the two of us about cartoon production, joke telling, and gross stuff.

It also made me realize I had never really drawn the pair before. I don’t know why, I guess I never felt like I could. Anyway, here’s a tribute to “Stimpy’s Fan Club,” home to one of my favorite scenes in the whole cartoon, where Ren contemplates the audacity of himself doing good deeds, and coming close MURDERING his friend simply because he’s the popular one.

Netflix I literally just finished watching the series at 2am last night

calm down

Like, I know I’m obsessive but I don’t think I need to rewatch it just yet. Sure, I turned on the pilot last night just to look at everyone as wittle bbys 

… and I might’ve watched a couple Blair/Chuck scenes again and the proposal/wedding 3 times…