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Movie Date

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader, slight Stony


Could you please write a Peterxreader where reader is the youngest member of the team. One day they have a movie date in the tower and the team spies on them?Could it be in the point of view of the team?[bonus points if deadpool is in it] thanks <3            

Wade has created a chatroom.

Wade has added Natasha, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Vision.

Clint: What, Wade?!

Tony: Can we text later? You’re going to distract me!

Bruce: I need to ask, but is it not weird that us, adults, are spying on Y/N and Peter, our youngest and most loved members movie date in a very cramped up spot?

Natasha: If you don’t like it, then you can leave, Banner. It’s not weird. We are just being protective parental units/uncles/adopted android sibling.

Vision: Overprotective*

Steve: Should they be sitting so close? Natasha, should they? Maybe I should go in and sit between them.

Tony: I will kick your ass, Rogers! Don’t you dare ruin their date!

Thor: Grab him, Stark! I shall lay Mjolnir upon him so he may not move.

Steve: Try it and I will run off with Mjolnir!

Thor: You? Worthy? HA! Do not fight us!

Steve: I know you have your doubts. I know deep down you know that I was faking not being able to lift Mjolnir. Would you like to test me?

Thor: Anyone has any rope?

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Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home,” replies Rail. “It feels like the farm, like I should be turning around to see a field full of corn. I know that all I’ll see is the Forest, but still.” She tugs on one of her braids thoughtfully. “I don’t know, I guess I just like the commute. Iowa always felt pretty far from everything, before.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home. Man, I feel like I could walk right onto the beach, you know?” Shark flashes a grin, his teeth whiter than she thinks they have any right to be. “Like… I miss seeing the California sunrise, but the ones over the football field are nearly as good. Even if I can’t surf here.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home. I never thought somewhere with so much nature existed anywhere near New York, but here we are. I always thought all the natural-setting schools were further upstate.” Lark taps his lips thoughtfully. “Now that you mention it, I can’t really remember how I found out about EU. Weird, huh?” He laughs. “I guess it was just lost in that junior year fog, with all the other schools.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? she asks.

“It’s close to home.” Marrow’s soft British accent is rarely heard, so she listens carefully to their words. “Manchester’s not so far a drive. Anyways, I like it here.” They glance down at a notebook, full of poetry. “It feels like someone listens, here.”

Why did you come to Elsewhere U? someone asks her. Pip pauses, considering.

It’s far from where I grew up, she finally replies. But it felt like home.


Creating Cool Villains - Angels & Celestials

The time has come once more to take a look at some more famous icons in the lands and many worlds and planes of the D&D universe…

And this time, we’re going to travel to the higher planes of the cosmos..

Because this time we’re showing you how you could create some great angelic villains…

And angels can be more than just goody-two-shoes all the time, angels can rise and fall from grace…

So this post is filled with ideas on creating awesome angelic villains for your campaigns!

So without further interruption, here are a few tips and examples of using celestials and angels in your campaign.

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anonymous asked:

impt question does a chanyeol w different hairstyles compilation masterpost thing exist?? (hehe tq!)

i looked around and i wasn’t able to find one, buT SINCE I’M COMPLETE CHANYEOL TRASH I’LL GO AHEAD AND MAKE ONE FOR YOU RIGHT HERE! someone help me



bc i do and i cry abt it often


and then look at those gentle curls i might just die right here



never forget the time chanyeol forgot to wear an undershirt 

okaY MOVING ON TO WOLF ERA (before this becomes a straight up chanyeol appreciation post)


another picture bc i’m quite a fan of the spiky black haired look

and then spockyeol to finish off

thank god for spockyeol (loOK AT HIS EARS FUC K)

((before we get to growl era i jsut have to include this))

((i’m bye))

okaY NOW LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT GROWL ERA NEXT (aka the era i fell in love with a giant noodle)

okay but like



i’m runnign out of things to say

he’s very good looking some one help me

ALRIGHTALRIGHTALRIGHT MOVING ON TO OVERDOSE ERA aka ‘bless the soul of whoever made chanyeol red’ era (pls prepare yourself)

ok but like

literally how is this fair at all

i never asked for this




i swear to god i liked this hairstyle

i promise i liked it

i had no issues with it whatsoever



okAY BEFORE I COMPELTLEY LOSE IT (maybe i already have IDK) LET’S CHECK OUT EXODUS ERA aka ‘what fucking color is chanyeol’s hair’ era

tbh i’m just gonna include everything from exodus all the way to love me right bc idek what’s going on anymore

so like he started off with this rusty red color for pathcode

this lasted thru the filming of exo next door and gave him such a soft look i loved it (also check out baekyeol ;u;) 

lol grumpyeol

but then this is where it gets confusing. like what is this color, is it gray? is it light brown? tan? 



ft. albert chanstein



tbh i’m actually dying righ tnow

i adORED his silver hair ;-;

bonus: sassyeol


//back to black plays in the bg

World Building Week Day 3: Sojourn/Unworld

They think I’m delusional. Addled by the ravages of an aging and tormented mind. No such place could possibly exist, they said; we would have found it by now. But I know the truth.

There’s only one other person who has made any kind of record of it, just as I remember. Only one other person could possibly know where - or what - it is.

And I’m going to find them.

I was really excited for this prompt! I’ve been super into the idea of the Unworld ever since Hartman talked about it, and Sojourn caught my attention too. I’ve somehow latched onto the idea that Sojourn is the only being that has managed to venture beyond the Ghost Zone, so here are some other things I’ve stuck with since that video:

  • Sojourn is considered the GZ’s master of space in a similar way Clockwork is by default the master of time.
  • Sojourn subsequently has ties to Clockwork, and is actually the progenitor of the Observants (as implied by the eye sigil on their notebook and belt in their alternate character design).
  • Sojourn is the creator of the Infi-map (I think someone else theorized this so shout out to that person, I can’t take credit for this).
  • Has a bit of a trickster streak. Believe it or not, Clockwork is the responsible one between the two of them.

As for Unworld,

  • Unworld is not common knowledge. Only the most ancient spirits have ever even heard of it.
  • It exists in a self-contained space separate from all of the other realms. I like to think of the space in the DPU containing the Ghost Zone, Elsewhereness, human realm and all others as all being different ‘rooms’ on alternate floors in a big building, while Unworld itself isn’t even in the same city.
  • Because of this, time doesn’t affect the Unworld like the other realms. Mishaps from any and all timelines can end up in Unworld, paradoxes included. For this reason Clockwork has no power over what occurs there.

anonymous asked:

I apologize because I don't know where else to ask this, even though it is not so much a question about hacking as it is about the internet in general. I'm trying to build a post-apocalypse world where the internet no longer exists, but tablets are still widely used. In my mind, the world ends about 50 years in our future, so internet is completely wireless and landline phones have been completely replaced by cellphones. Does a simple explanation like "we lost contact with satellites" work?

No apologies, Anon, here will do just fine! Not my exact area, but I’ll do my best. And remember, if anyone knows more about this, feel free to add on or correct me (I’m talking to you, ISP people). Alright, let’s get rolling.

The internet, in it’s simplest and honestly accurate terms, is just computers talking to each other. Granted, it’s millions upon millions of them, but boil it down to it’s basics and it’s one computer asking another computer for information. The internet works because as a species we’ve stuck a bunch of computers with ridiculous amounts of information on the same wire and figured out a way to have any one of them talk to any other one.

In the future you describe (~2067), wireless tech has superseded wired in every capacity. This is a possible direction for the world to go, it’s plausible, however I would imagine that there would always be holdouts who refuse to switch completely to wireless. Furthermore, unless some ridiculous breakthrough happens (we’re talking laws of physics or supermaterial, though it’s 50 years, so anything can happen. Really this is up to you as an author), wired will always be more efficient and faster than wireless. Simply by virtue of the fact that it’s easier to make electrons move and dance around if they are confined to a wire and shielded from outside noise than if they are being thrown around through the air.

That said, researchers at the University of Surrey have recently achieved 5G wireless speeds. That’s 1Tb (Terabit) wirelessly, which would allow you do download 10 movies in less than a second. It’s very likely that this would be either the norm or even slightly outdated in your future world.

Originally posted by htmlbyjoe

Remember that this is 50 years in the future, so almost everything I’m about to say can be explained away by 50 years of technological advancement.

Now, to your actual question. If “we lost contact with satellites” then your tablet-wielding survivors wouldn’t be able to access any information from other countries without going there (unless wireless connectivity has stupid range). So that cuts off a good portion of the internet right there. However, with the way the internet works currently, they’d still be able to access a good portion of the internet that was hosted in their home landmass (at least as far as the fiber stretches).

But you want there to be no internet. That’s relatively easy, blow up all the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). No that wasn’t an instruction, put that dynamite away.

The ISP companies are what keep the internet going, keep it easily accessible, and ruin everything when they buy websites and forbid competitor email addresses from accessing them (looking at you, Verizon). They provide the service of connecting your device to the internet at a speed that you pay for. If the ISPs go down and become unable to sustain their vast infrastructure, the internet becomes more and more inaccessible. Now this depends on how the world ended, but if it doesn’t involve tons of people dying and stuff exploding, then on Day 0 most of the internet would be fine. When the satellites die/become useless because of solar flares or whatever, communication over bodies of water, GPS, long distance communication, and all that is lost. When society breaks down and people stop going to work and the looting starts, ISPs go down, and the internet either starts to deteriorate, or completely vanishes.

After enough time, your internet is gone.

However, a point I should mention, with the wireless communication your world has any community with tablets and someone who can make them talk would be able to have their own internet (technically known as an intranet, thanks mamapluto). It wouldn’t have Pornhub Tumblr on it, or any of that stuff, but they’d still be able to communicate with any other of their communities devices that were connected to this internet, share files, allow people to see their now jealously guarded kitten videos, etc.

Sarah pulled Joe aside as the foraging party returned sporting massive grins and baskets of produce to match. Gesturing to the small bucket of wild strawberries he carried, they smirked at him. “You did a good job today, if that haul is to be believed. Here, I’ll trade you a code to see that one cat flexing their paws if you give me half of those.“ Waving their tablet under his nose, they brought the e-key onto the screen to taunt him ever so slightly. ”The code should be good for a whole thirty minutes. c’mon, I know you want to.“

Originally posted by world-of-cats

I’d make that trade, lookit that lil’ fluff.

Anyway, yes, “we lost contact with satellites” will work for the most part. You may want to include little tidbits about how society’s collapse caused more and more of the internet to go down, as that will help your case.

And I’d love to know how the world ends ;)

Good luck with your writing, I hope I was helpful!



Sia Lyrics Sentence Meme
  • “Be good to me, be good to me. I need you now more than ever.”
  • “Don’t worry. Don’t worry, I’m here by your side.”
  • “I don’t care if I don’t look pretty.”
  • “I know that I can survive, I’ll walk through fire to save my life.”
  • “I’d have fallen through the cracks without your love tonight.”
  • “I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist.”
  • “I’m not important to you.”
  • “I’ve never played a fair, I’ve always had the upper hand.”
  • “If your goal was to love, you scored an epic miss.”
  • “It’s dangerous to fall in love.”
  • “Let’s not fight, I’m tired. Can’t we just sleep tonight?”
  • “My love for you allows me not to judge the way you live, so just remember that whenever you may feel alone I am here. There’s nothing to fear. I will be your home.”
  • “There is nothing that you can do, I will not stay.”
  • “We’re a perfect match, perfect somehow. We were meant for one another.”
  • “Yeah, let’s be clear, I’ll trust no one.”
  • “You see, fear is only holding us back.”
  • “You were charming until you saw your chance to kill, your chance to make history.”
  • “You’re locked inside my heart and your melody’s an art and I won’t let the terror in.”
  • “You’ve changed for the better.”
  • “You’ve drawn me into your world.”

11 July 2017 - This is so ridiculously long. This is what happens with a robron heavy hour long episode. It obviously gets super depressing at the end if you make it that far. You don’t have to read past the #TriggerWarning if you don’t want to. Let me know if any of you make it to the end of this nonsense. I hope some of it is funny. 

[Outside the Shop with Robert, Aaron, Cain and Victoria]

ROBERT: We do have a kitchen at home you know? Remember that set they built us that we never use unless it’s for angsty scenes?

AARON: Yeah, but do we have a toaster yet? Nevermind. Didn’t really fancy seeing you though after our Plot fight yesterday. It’s the height of #PeakAngstWeek so I’m just going to be in a totally justifiably bad mood all day today, yeah?

ROBERT: Is this really how it’s gonna be?

AARON: No, this is how you…well the Plot really…but anyway…have made it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to work.

ROBERT: Well, it’s a good thing we conveniently work in the same place then. - side note, isn’t it great our jobs are semi important to the Plot today so it looks like we actually do them -

AARON: I never should have let Jimmy move the Haulage firm into the portacabin. I would have saved myself so much trouble.

ROBERT: Will you just let me explain what I think the Plot is trying to do one more time Aaron?

AARON: You don’t need to try and explain anything. I’m done with all the discourse. I just don’t like it. End of.

*Cain appears*

CAIN: Want me to batter him for you?

AARON: Have you even been briefed on our latest Plot Point?

CAIN: No, I just like hitting Sugden here and since you two got together properly, I haven’t had a chance to do it in a while. Let me know. Besides, I just needed to show that I remember you exist so that when I show up later to help you out, it’s a little less forced.

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a late b*rthday present to my dear love @veryniceandgood, the start of a slow burn i’ll never finish.

One of the benefits of being your own boss should mean Louis can sleep in as late as he wants whenever he wants. But being your own boss has fuck all to do with having a kid, which means in reality, Louis is up at 6.30 am slicing the crusts off a ham and cheese sandwich and trying to fairly portion the chocolate to vegetable ratio.

It’s not an interesting lunch by any means. In fact, Freddie has, on several instances, deemed it pedestrian (thank you, Niall, for that vocabulary lesson, Louis struggled spelling that one) compared to what he could make for himself. But there are some things a father just does, including, but not limited to, making his son’s lunch for the first day of school.

After that it’s a flurry of activity, from Freddie that is, while Louis sits at the island in the kitchen and tries to inhale a cup of coffee as quick as he can without burning his tongue.

Freddie races for the door, but turns around and trudges back once Louis starts calling, “Oi oi oi, get over here.”

He stands in front of Louis, done up in his little uniform and his carefully combed hair. Louis has this flash of panic that he already looks like a grownup, which he simply won’t stand for. If the little lad is getting older, then Louis is getting older, and anytime someone breathes in the direction of the number thirty, Louis feels like he’s going to pass out.

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another time pt. 2

@girllostinthewoods [part one here]

yeah, alfie’s still not in this one but the time travel is!

You walked into the club, struck by the atmosphere the second the door swung shut behind you.

It was bright, and loud, and warm, and close, and…incredible.

Everything was flush and plush and glittering, people in beaded dresses and suits swinging around. There was a real band, dolled up, playing 20’s versions of modern songs and you laughed to yourself, hovering in the archway that led from the entry to the club proper. People were scattered about the tables that encircled the dancefloor, milling about with fancy drinks in hand. It was incredible. Like nothing you’d ever seen, except for on a screen or a museum.

A few differences you did note, as ‘authentic’ as they had tried to make the experience. No smoking signs, though printed in vintage font, were giant as you entered in the way. They may want people to immerse themselves but they needed to keep their license. A guy walking past you with a cartoon tattoo peaking from his rolled up sleeve wasn’t exactly realistic for the time period. Neither were the people snapping away the night on their phones. Still, exciting.

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🐺Sleeping At Last- Atlas Year 1 Pt 1 - Sentence Starters

“The mind was made to illuminate the heart,”
“Through telescopes and calculations, the far was pulled so near,”
“Even after everything we’ve seen, we’ve barely caught a glimpse of what i means,”
“We only notice light, when darkness crashes against it,”
“It’s a cruel, cruel trick how we find ourselves when we lose everything else,”
“Our mistakes, they were bound to be made. But I promise I’ll keep you safe,”
“Your heart is a masterpiece, and I’ll keep it safe,”
“When there was bad blood in us, we learned our lessons,”
“In beauty there echoes a speck of our souls,”
“Inherently good, or were we broken right from the start?”
“Maybe your light is a seed, and darkness the dirt. In spite of these uneven odds, beauty rises from the earth,”
“You’ll always remember the moment that God took her away,”
“Darkness exists, to make light truly count,”
“The world is brighter than the sun now that you’re here,”
“I’ll hold the world to its best, and I’ll do better,”
“Your heart is far too young to realize the unimaginable light you hold inside,“
“They’re just old ghosts we got attached to,”
“I promise you’re enough, I promise you,”
“You try your hardest to leave the past alone,”
“You are so much more than your father’s son,”
“It’s not your fault, I put this heavy heart in you,”
“You remind me of who I could have been,had I been stronger and braver,”
“A million choices, though little on their own, have become the heirloom of the heaviness we’ve known,”
“When I was young I fell in love with the story, with the eleventh hour, with the blaze of glory,”
“In the darkest of rooms, light shines brightest,”
“Even dust was made to settle, and if we’re made of dust, then what makes us any different?”
“I guess we give what we’ve been given; a family tree so very good at giving up,”
“Like fireworks we pull apart the darkness, compete against the stars with all our hearts,”
“Our once barren world now brims with life,”
“I guess space, and time, takes violent things, angry things, and makes them kind,”
“We are infinite as the universe we hold inside,”
“I am desperate, if nothing else,in a holding pattern to find myself,”
“God knows I am dissonance, waiting to swiftly be pulled into tune,”
“Somehow I’ve fallen in love with the middle ground, at the cost of my soul,”
“Somehow, all of this mess is just an attempt to know the worth of my life,’
“I convinced myself that I would never find you, when suddenly I saw you,”
“You’re as beautiful as endless, you’re the universe I’m helpless in,”
“I was a billion little pieces, ‘til you pulled me into focus,”
“I put it out of my mind long enough to call it courage,”
“We were so afraid, we cried ourselves a hurricane,”
“These wildfires grow and grow, until a new world takes shape,”

anonymous asked:

Is there a way to type someone? Like getting clues from the way they talk or what they say or like and do. Are their some key questions which could determine the functions they use or the type they are?

Yes to your first question: you can type people. You can get clues from how they talk or what they do, but I would hesitate to use likes and dislikes. I have not found that there are good key questions that wouldn’t come off as super weird, and also when it comes to other people I prefer to type them through my own observation, which I trust, rather than their self-perception, which is less trustworthy.

In terms of typing, some of the things I try to figure out:

Do they tend to approach things from a moral standpoint, or a logical one? This can help determine thinking or feeling (yes, when I try and actually type someone I often go general dichotomy to start and then get more granular. If I can’t tell, I look at more function-specific stuff, below).

Is this person more conceptual and perhaps struggles with highly specific/reality-based tasks, or is this person more concrete and perhaps struggles with highly theoretical tasks? (intuition or sensing)

Is this person more goal-oriented with a specific plan (Ni or Si/Te or Fe, judging type) or more of an improviser (Ne or Se/Ti or Fi, perceiving type)?

For specific functions, things I’ve found in observation for people who have a function as one of their top 2:

Ni: Always wants the big picture and is bored by intricate details. Has a plan and often expects others to have a plan. Highly responsible with major things but often lets some of the smaller things slide. I don’t know a lot of high Ni users but also a lot of them aren’t super coordinated, but really like solo sports, especially running or biking, which don’t require intense coordination and are often meditative.

Si: Wants to know the when and where - expects solid plans. Will say things like “oh yes, we were here 3 years ago, remember, it was raining and you had just run for the bus?” Tend to enjoy hands-on learning and examples (I am personally very much a visual learner but I know a very auditory-learning ESFJ, so it’s more the desire for examples and practical experience).

Ti: likes puzzles for their own sake. Wants to know how things work, though whether those things are tangible or intangible tends to be tied to whether the person favors sensing or intuition. Likes idealized debate that doesn’t necessarily tie to existing systems, and often enjoys philosophy.

Fi: doesn’t have to be artistic, but often has some major self-expression outlet. Often starts by relating experiences to their own experiences, but this can also come from Si so you have to consider things holistically.  Can have some tendencies that skew martyr (if immature) or whistleblower (if mature).

Te: wants things done quickly and efficiently. Will not hesitate to show impatience, but is usually polite and courteous otherwise, at least as an adult (the stereotype of the screaming boss neglects the fact that most Te-users know how the rules work and would rather not get a reputation for being garbage). Will take charge if there is a need. Wants to stay on task.

Fe: wants a solution that works for everyone. Conscious of how other people see them. Usually polite and also warm - willing to be open even with people they don’t know particularly well. Enjoys socializing and is good at including others.

Ne: probably the worst of all the types with specific details. Tons of ideas, often all at once. Often very enthusiastic, especially dom Ne. Tends to be a procrastinator, but good at working quickly under extreme pressure. Indecisive. The Ne users I personally know tend to like political philosophy rather than pure abstraction philosophy.

Se: highly adaptable. Notice and react to things before anyone else. Tend to procrastinate a bit, but not as much as Ne users in my experience. Often but not always artistic or a creator in some way (like to work with hands, whether in building things, baking, needlecraft, visual arts, etc). 

The problem with asking people is that the functions don’t work in isolation or exclusion. For example, I’m a thinker. I try to do what’s morally right, but when I’m making a decision I will first focus on the logical side before the moral considerations. If you asked me simply “do you make your decisions based on logic or morals” I’d say “both”.

It’s also in my experience really hard to try and isolate the functions entirely. While stereotypes are usually inaccurate and extreme, the fact is a more nuanced whole picture of each type is useful as a starting point. When I type people I often try to figure out holistically what fits, and then analyze that type to make sure it’s the right one - a kind of educated guess and check.


“Why are you always wanting to go camping?” Tyler laughed as they settled down onto the small little set up Vince had surprised him with, remembering how they had gone camping at the end of Vince’s pregnancy as well. For a moment, he wondered if it would become a tradition, but then remembered the steamy outing the time before and thought maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing.

Vince laughed with him. “I just love nature, it’s relaxing. Besides, if we stay here long enough,  the stars will be out soon.”

A smile quirked the corner of Tyler’s lips. Vince knew him so well; he was completely convinced that there was no one else in existence that was meant for him besides this man. And as he was reminded as a child, everything happens for a reason. Vince was who he was meant for. Vince was his and they belonged together.

“You know I never drank because of you, right?” Tyler asked, turning the mood serious.

Vince nodded, but Tyler wasn’t so sure that he was telling the truth. He knew he had made Vince believe he was just settling for him, and that everything was happening because he wasn’t who Tyler really wanted.

“I’m sorry.” Tyler whispered. “I’m sorry for ever making you think you were just the second choice.”

“Tyler-” Vince tried to stop his train of thought, to calm the situation before it started. But Tyler continued.

anonymous asked:

Would you maybe talk a little more about Tilde appreciation and Hartwin co-existing, or point out someone who could? I like Tilde and I want to see positive representations of her, but I still ship Hartwin and if my choices are between giving it up and female character bashing, I feel like I can't win. It would make me feel a lot better to hear what the middle of the road would actually look like.

Well here’s the thing we’ve all got to remember. 

Its just fiction.

None of this is actually real, and so being able to separate the different parts of your enjoyment in any fandom is a skill worth developing. 

You don’t have to give up Hartwin to enjoy Tilde, just enjoy Tilde. I mean, this boss ass bitch faced down Valentine, unflinching, when her own PM was ready to throw away the lives of millions for his own safety. If she’s portrayed to her full potential she could be an incredible addition to this fandom.

Likewise, you don’t have to start bashing female characters to keep on enjoying all that wonderful wonderful gay as fuck gay shit. Consume both in equal measure, unfollow the people who don’t post what you want, and seek out people who support the fandom vibe you’re going for. 

Fandom is a lot like reenactment in a lot of ways. We dick around, create amazing things, fawn over situations that are so removed from our own reality, be it 11th century living history or fuck-you-physics spy movies, but every so often you come across people who take it too far, or too seriously, and forget the most important thing: none of it is actually real, we’re here for fun, and none of this is R E A L. 

So just enjoy what you want to enjoy, create what you want to create, and don’t go looking for what you don’t. 

Once you realize that there are no rules in this crazy fictional experience then you can go fucking wild with content consumption and not worry about feeling the need to choose between one thing or another! 

Except in reenactment. There are rules in reenactment. For several very good, very health and safety oriented reasons.

dancer!Lance - klance au

Because of this amazing art by @c0nstress I had to literally stop everything I was doing in order to write some klance hcs.

  • keith, bc he is in the soccer (or volley or idk) team of the college he’s studying in, has to start going to the gym
  • the college gym is quite big and right next to the spot reserved for his team is a glass wall that separates it from a big room with clear walls
  • inside the room there are some people sitting in the corners, some standing, and 5 people dancing rhythmically in the middle.
  • keith doesn’t pay them much attention, puts on his headphones and starts working out; after a few minutes, some of his teammates show up and he acknowledges them with a nod, all the while focused on the exercises.
  • he’s doing really good until he has to change equipments and chances a look through the glass wall and oh, fuck
  • there’s an athletic olive-skinned guy wearing fucking short shorts and a white long-sleeved crop top that keeps riding up as he moves his body this way and that
  • his arms and legs move in an exuberant and coordinated way, his lips mouthing the lyrics of the song until he moves his hip just so, bites his bottom lip and sways all the way to the floor
  • when he jumps upright again, a lean dark-skinned girl with white hair and a lanky orange-haired guy join him but keith barely gives them attention because apparently the song has changed and
  • g o d
  • this new song has so much more hip movements keith is surprised the guy’s hips haven’t broken
  • keith is also feeling hot with the way his imagination is quick to think of other ways that guy’s hips’s flexibility could be used
  • he stops staring, though, when shiro (the team captain) shows up next to him and waves to the white-haired girl after they finished the dance
  • the girl smiles at him and a moment after shows up with the ginger guy and the guy with the oh-so-flexible-hips in tow
  • keith grabs his bottle of water and focuses on taking a gulp from it in order to try not to ogle at the legs and thighs and navel and hipbones that are on display right in front of him
  • shiro, clueless, introduces keith to his girlfriend, allura, her cousin, coran, and her friend (”more like dance-mate”, she huffs), lance
  • lance first looks at keith with a polite smile, before he frowns and glares
  • keith smartly chokes on his water
  • “you!” lance almost shouts and keith is terrified bc they don’t know each other so why is this cute guy already rejecting him?? “keith kogane! i can’t believe you are here, i. hate. you.”
  • keith, after he recovers, just frowns, “do i know you?”
  • “you are the bane of my existence,” lance says dramatically and allura rolls her eyes, “we went to elementary school together, we used to fight over everything,” he completes after a while, “i always won, of course”
  • keith skims his mind for memories of a lance, and quickly remembers a small, skinny boy that used to sit next to him and whose most used words were “fight me”
  • he wonders vaguely how that exceedingly annoying boy turned out to be this exceedingly hot and apparently still annoying guy
  • he feels disappointed bc this guy is someone so stupidly annoying, but he hopes it will make him forget about all the hotness and flexibility
  • obviously it doesn’t
  • keith is annoyed bc somehow his working out schedules almost always meet lance’s dancing ones, and he has to force himself not to stare through the glass wall
  • (specially when lance shows up with stilettos, those days are no good for keith’s sanity)
  • and there’s also the fact that keith almost always hangs out with his seniors holt and shiro, and they hang out with allura and coran and holt’s younger sibling, pidgey, who hangs out with a big softie named hunk and lance
  • to say that lance is taking over keith’s mind would be an understatement
  • one day, after a fierce game and a chaotic win, shiro convinces keith to go to a “small commemorative gathering” that’s actually a party and filled with alcohol and gross teenagers and f u c k
  • lance is there looking awesome with tight jeans and a space crop top
  • he is also flirting with every female in a 2 feet radius and keith decides to ignore him for the whole night
  • it doesn’t work and keith resigns to keeping an eye on him from afar
  • lance drinks more, makes terrible jokes (keith is too far to listen, but he imagines they’re as bad as the ones lance makes when sober), leans into girls and boys alike, dances to the songs and, well, seems to be having a good time
  • keith looks away for a second to talk to shiro, who is asking him if he wants to leave already, and when he looks back, lance is looking at him
  • keith’s mind short-circuits and he keeps staring as lance’s eyes brighten and he smiles and he stumbles through the room to approach keith
  • “hey gorgeous,” lance says and throws one arm over keith’s shoulder, then turns and smiles at shiro, “hey pretty boy,”
  • shiro laughs, “hey, lance, you okay?”
  • “better now,” he leans into keith and kisses him quickly on the mouth.
  • keith blinks and, before he can do anything, lance is pulling away
  • “i’ve always wanted to do that,” lance confesses with a laugh, then slides his other arm around keith’s waist and rests his head on keith’s shoulder in an awkward hug.
  • keith looks desperately at shiro, who only shrugs and looks amused
  • “um, lance?” keith says after a few minutes
  • lance doesn’t reply, and shiro goes around them to confirm that, yes, the boy had managed to sleep while standing
  • keith curses under his breath and shiro snorts a laughter before helping him drag sleepy lance to the car
  • lance drapes himself over keith in the back-seat, and, even if the circumstances are precarious, keith is a bit happy to have lance so close to him
  • when him and shiro realise that they have no idea of where the fuck is lance’s dorm, and, more importantly, that lance has no keys or phone in him, they have to take him to keith’s dorm
  • which is not a bad thing, but not a really good one because keith doesn’t have a dormmate and has only one bed in his room
  • shiro, still looking very much amused, leaves keith to handle half-asleep lance
  • keith drops him on the bed, only to be pulled onto it a second after, then promptly cuddled. he stays that way for a while and ends up falling asleep.
  • when he wakes up, though, it’s to sounds of retching coming from the bathroom soon followed by the toilet flush
  • he sits on the bed and lance comes from the bathroom, eyeliner smudged all over his face and bloodshot eyes
  • “you okay?” he asks
  • “well, no” lance’s voice is raspy from the hangover
  • keith gets up and gives him a bottle of water.
  • lance accepts it and drinks, keith automatically stares at his adam’s apple bobbing until he stops swallowing
  • lance says “what did i do to end up here?”
  • keith blushes, even if they hadn’t done anything other then an innocent peck on the lips
  • “oh my god,” lance says, taking keith’s blush in a wrong way and blushing too, “did we…”
  • “no!” keith screams
  • “so we didn’t…” lance looks almost disappointed
  • they stay silent for a while until keith intelligently says “kiss,”
  • “we kissed?” lance raises an eyebrow, stepping closer
  • “kind of,” keith bites his lip
  • “why was it kind of a kiss?” lance asks, “you don’t know how to kiss properly?”
  • “no! i mean, i know!” keith huffs, “it was kind of a kiss because you slept!” he says accusingly
  • “your kiss is so boring that i slept?” lance says with a smirk
  • “i’ll fucking show you boring” keith snaps, pulling lance by the front of his annoying crop top and smashing their mouths together
  • he feels lance smile against his mouth before keith deepens the kiss and leaves him breathless
  • the taste of his mint toothpaste on lance’s mouth is a reminder that lance was suffering from a hangover minutes ago, but really, keith can’t bring himself to care as he sits on the bed and pulls lance on his lap, hands holding those wonderful hips
  • lance’s hips start swaying enticingly on his lap and keith can’t think of anything other than taking their clothes off and letting lance ride him until they’re too tired to bicker (if that’s even possible)
  • later, when they’re showering, keith finally musters up the courage to ask lance out
  • lance laughs and presses him against the tiled wall, producing more lovebites on keith’s neck before muttering, “well, okay, keith, if you insist”
  • keith just rolls his eyes and tilts lance’s head up for a kiss

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Dear smoothyousef, I'm sitting here where we first met on Tumblr. The time is now late as fuck. I'm sorry you created me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you this would have been the worst decision of your life. Just remember, I will exist for eternity. I will love you forever. -Karl

i hate myself so much

For anyone who thinks the Clan doesn’t exist and that pride doesn’t need marches and protests any more.

Here is a pic of one of the marches we are holding in Alabama, I live in a city mind you, not a country town.

I’m currently working so I couldn’t be there but my fiance said that there are about six of them and more are slowly making their way in. Remember, you may live in a place that can just have celebrations for pride, but there are still many of us that are holding rallies and marches because of people like this. 

Picture courtesy of my fiance @discountjuliet

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Can I ask how you and Artsy met? Your friendship amuses me and I must know the origin story.

Huh, this is an unexpected but sweet question. I’ll try and give you a better origin story than “We talked and conversations kept getting bigger.” Artsy, you know to just ask and I’ll take this down.

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I hate the discourse. I met a really cool lesbian today who is working on a story with lgbt+ characters. She said she wants to embrace the entire spectrum of queer characters. I wanted so badly to ask if that included ace but I was terrified. I don't know if she'd except me or hate me. And this isn't just about a book, she can have any characters she likes, it's about the fact that I don't know what's safe anymore

I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. I think we can all agree that the disk-horse is a steaming heap of bull. No one should argue that someone’s existence is invalid. And I’m sorry it’s made you so uncertain. The world is cruel and hurtful enough without making people unsure whether they’re safe or not over something as harmless as sexuality/aromanticism.

Please remember you’re always safe here. <3