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This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever drawn

“I don’t remember why but we were talking about telephones, and Jeff said ‘people are like Pavlovian dogs, they hear a bell ringing and they have to drop whatever they’re doing and ignore whoever they’re talking to and they have to run to answer the phone’ He said ‘there are times that the phone rings in my house and I just don’t even answer it because I refuse to be enslaved by the ringing of a bell’ (…) What I later found out was that his mother had basically fled their house and took Jeff’s younger brother with her. She gave instructions to Jeff before she left to not answer the phone (…) Jeff’s whole explanation that sounded so intellectual and logical and in a sense superior in terms of why he didn’t answer the phone, was bullshit” 

- Martha Schmidt, Jeffrey Dahmer’s high school classmate [x]


Characters: Yugyeom x Reader 

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 979

Summary: After you returned back to your home country, Yugyeom decides to keep in touch through a series of letters. 

Dear Y/N,

           It’s me Yugy. You know.. Yugyeom. You know that. I hope you get to read this letter. The company took my phone away so I’m sorry for picking snail mail over all other forms of communication. I just.. I want us to stay connected.

Yea this is probably stupid.. Okay well I’m ending this here! Love you. See you soon hopefully.

              Sincerely, Yugyeom

Dear Y/N,

          I just got back home from practice. I miss you. Remember on rough days when I would come home and you would give me a massage? I could really use one right now..

I hope you’re doing well back home. It’s getting chilly here already! Soon it will be.. Nevermind. I love you. See you soon hopefully.

                                Sincerely, Yugyeom

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Boyfriend drabble #1

Author’s note: The part about the bookstore literally happened to me so I thought it would be cute to write a little drabble about it. I’m gonna make a masterlist for these because I often come up with little things like this. I wanted to make these because sometimes I just feel like writing without certain names so that everyone can enjoy it. So here’s the first. x  


“Hey baby" 

You smile brightly as you put your book down. Giving your boyfriend a kiss as he moves to sit down next to you.

"How was your day?" 

"The usual. Nothing special happened really. How was yours?”

You lean your head on his shoulder as he pressed a kiss against your head. “My day was great. I took a nice bath this morning and spend pretty much the rest of the day reading this great book that I bought last week.” 

“Ah in the bookstore where I lost you?” 

You laugh at the memory as your boyfriend does the same. It was a pretty funny story actually. You and your boyfriend were just wandering around town when you spotted a new bookstore. Being the book lover that you are you just had to take a look inside. When you walked through the doors you were amazed because it didn’t look this big on the outside. Well, the space itself was small but the store had a lot of floors. You could go to the basement, first floor, second etc. You were so amazed by the variety of the books that you walked passed all the shelves, searching for something that caught your interest. 

Meanwhile your boyfriend had lost sight of you and was frantically looking around him. Not only was the bookstore a bit cramped because of the small space. There were also a lot of people in there. He ran his hand through his hair as he looked at the signs that were at the left. It said the English books were on the 4th floor. He knows you love English so he figured you’d be there. However, getting there when there’s a crowd of people you’ve to go through wasn’t very easy, but he managed. Your boyfriend smiled brightly when he saw you kneeling in front of a bookshelf. Book in your hand as you were reading the back to see if you’d like the story. 

He leaned against the wall as a stared at you with a warm smile on his face. You’ve always loved books and always will. That’s no secret. It were times like this that your boyfriend loved the most. Just the look on your face when you looked around the store made his heart melt. Because even though the store itself was new, the interior was extremely historical. Something else you love. 

“Good book?” 

You looked up from your position on the floor and gave him a small smile. “Yeah it’s pretty great. I think I’m gonna buy it actually.” 

You’ve been getting lost in your own thoughts again. Which is something that happened a lot lately. You often found yourself thinking back to how you even met this amazing man, and obviously thinking about everything you went through together. Suddenly you’re snapped out of your thoughts by your boyfriend’s voice. “Wanna watch a movie?” 

“What? Oh yeah sure.” 

He starts Netlfix as he wraps his arm around you, pulling you closer as you two scroll through the different movies. 

“What kind of movie do you wanna watch baby?” 

“Hmm something romantic?” 

He scrunches up his nose as he pretends to be disgusted, making you scoff. 

“Oh c’mon they’re nice!” 

The turns sideways so he’s facing you as he takes your face between his strong hands. He gazes deeply into your eyes as he says, 

“Y/N you know I love you but do we really have to watch one of those stupid sappy romantic movies again? We already know that they’re gonna end up together! Why not watch something with a bit more action?” 

Your boyfriend and action movies were two things that went perfectly together. You let out a deep sigh, pretending to be annoyed as you give in. 

“Fine. We’ll watch your movie.” 

He flashes you a bright smile before he leans in to press his lips against yours for a sweet kiss. When he tries to pull away you frown and pull him back in. The feeling of him smiling against your lips makes you smile too and you feel your heart warm at the sight. It’s been a while since you’ve been so in love but you were so glad you were. 

“Give me a couple more kisses and we can watch your movie.” 

He chuckles at your words before pushing you down so your laying on your back. He climbs on top of you as he presses one hand to your cheek to pull you in for a passionate kiss. You moan at the feeling of his soft lips on yours as he bites down on your bottom lip. Besides action movies your boyfriend also loved teasing you. Seriously. Whenever he had the chance to tease you he would do it with love. This time isn’t any different. He slips his tongue past your lips as he tilts your head back a little. To have better access. You wrap your arms around his neck as his tongue moves against yours. Suddenly he pulls back with a loud pop, making you whine. 

Your boyfriend moves to back to sit on his knees as he looks at you. You just look so beautiful like this. You’re not wearing any makeup because you stayed in the entire day. Your hair was sprawled out across the pillow as you stared at him with eyes full of love. He can feel himself falling more and more in love with you with every day that passes. And it are moments like this that make him realize you are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 

ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb  asked:

Hi, regarding Connor's door - I'm 99% sure it's just a fanon thing (and like 33% sure that might be my bad, because I took away his door in The Desperate Type)? If I remember correctly, early stagings of the show had a "Do Not Enter" sign on Connor's door.

no shit that’s something to be proud of!!! creating something that inhabits the space between Fanon and Canon is . the dream

I took today off to get stuff done:

That was supposed to be a cherry branch with some cherries and leaves on it decorating the pie, but it didn’t come out very well.  Oh, well, it’s just gonna get eaten.  These are all pie tins I inherited from my mother - I can remember Mom baking little pumpkin pies with these mini pans when I was a kid.

We may have a thing for cast iron skillets.

Two of those I got from my mother, who got them from her mother, along with the Dutch oven not pictured here.  One my wife and I got at a yard sale when we first moved in together.  One we got recently from a friend who was getting rid of stuff.  And the biggest one I got my wife as a Christmas present a few years ago.  But none of them compare to…


This one came from the same friend we got one of the smaller ones from.  She’d never used it, never even seasoned it.  We took it because, well, GIANT CAST IRON SKILLET!  It sat in our kitchen for a couple of weeks while we waffled about whether to keep it.  On the one hand, GIANT CAST IRON SKILLET, but on the other hand?   GIANT CAST IRON SKILLET.  We had just about decided that it had to go when I suddenly thought to myself, would the turkey fit in there?

It did.  And we’d been talking about getting a replacement for our old turkey roaster, which was twenty-plus years old and starting to lose its non-stick coating.  So I untertook to season it, and we’re gonna try it as a roasting pan.  (Protip: seasoning a GIANT CAST IRON SKILLET is not for the faint of heart.  Use a lot of potholders.)

I don’t know, but I hated falling for you.
I counted how many times you glanced at me from 10am to 1pm.
I rethought about the first time you did
and how different it was to the second time.
And then I thought about your eyes.
And maybe that’s why I started staring longer.
I wanted to know what color of eyes you had
and I probably did think of being closer to you.
I used to listen at what you’d laugh at.
Just so I could develop that sense of humor.
It might be the only time you’ll ever remember me or my name.
And last but not least,
I took the fact that you didn’t leave the classroom immediately at the end of class, as a sign that maybe you really did want to stay a bit longer until I got to leave. 
But, no. 
That was just me falling for you in my head. 
That was just me putting malice on a boring, old tale. 
That was me wanting to fall in love so bad that the slightest little thing coming from someone who gave me daily butterflies made me believe that he could be the one.

I remember so clearly the feeling I got in the theater when Kylo Ren took off his mask for the first time. I was so delighted I wanted to punch somebody in the arm.


Midoriya Izuku ⟺ Bakugou Katsuki color scheme swap (insp.)

— dedicated to & suggested by Aaron (@yaboymidoriya)


Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha


did u kno i took a “which bnha character are u” quiz and I got bakugou, i was like ??? but then i remembered we both love kirishima so makes sense

“Do you trust me?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes,” Michael answered.

“Then I won’t drop you.” Jeremy looked across the water to the city.

“Do you trust me?” Michael asked, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“Yes,” Jeremy answered.

“Then I won’t let us drown.”


i mentioned the recent confusion about my intimidating guns and the clever solution that i solved it with to steve, and he helpfully illustrated my success. 

i knit that sweater myself you guys, im very proud. 

BTS replaced you. - pt.2

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After the conversation we shared I muted the conversation, there was nothing I wanted to hear anymore and nothing I wanted to do but sleep. I was curious of what they had to say, if anything at all but at the same time I didn’t want to know because they probably don’t think it’s a big deal they’ve missed my birthday three years in a row. I sat at my dining room table, staring at the candlelit cake in front of me. It was their favourite, strawberry flavour and just looking at it reminded me of them and how they won’t be here again to share this too large cake for one with me.

For so long I believed that we were best friends, that we were inseparable and nothing or no one could come between the friendship we shared because we had been through so much with one another. But I was wrong. They let her get between us. I don’t want to be a selfish brat that I’m seeming to be, but they just forgot me so easily after spending a week with her, wouldn’t that hurt you? They used to be the first people to say happy birthday to me, even if they were away they’d never forget to FaceTime me at 12am - but this year, even though we were supposed to celebrate, they didn’t call at 12, they didn’t send me a text. Because they forgot, and they left me waiting for them like a fool standing outside the restaurant in the winter cold holding my own birthday cake. They promised. They promised that they were going to celebrate with me this year for sure, they even made sure they had no schedule clashes today so that we could celebrate, but just like that they forgot and I was replaced with someone new, someone better.

People looked at me funny, people who walked into the restaurant, had their meal and came back out to see me still standing there alone - they all looked at me with pity in their eyes. ‘That girl must’ve got stood up’ must be what they were all thinking. Yeah I was stood up by my seven best friends. The entire week they’ve been hanging out, the entire week they’ve dismissed me. ‘If it was important we would have remembered’ ‘Clearly wasn’t all that important’, that hurt to say the least, it only told me how much I didn’t mean to them, making it clear to me that they don’t need me in their lives anymore because they have someone new, someone that let’s them have the personal space that they needed and I understood now. I was only ever thinking of myself and what I wanted. Maybe they didn’t forget, maybe this was their way to tell me that our friendship is over. 

I blew out the candle without making a wish, wishes don’t come true. I’ve wished for the same thing the last two years and each following year I end up getting disappointed. I crawled into bed and went to sleep, eyes slightly wet from crying. But a few hours later, I heard my phone ring; I picked up without even checking the caller ID. 

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