i just really...yeah

like. thank you for being my friend. i know we won’t ever say this in person unless we’re too drunk to hold it in and i know if we do we won’t talk about it in the morning but every time you’re next to me i feel like you radiate invincibility. like if i make stupid mistakes you’ll find a way to save me. like i’d do anything to make you happy. like. buddy you’re weird and sort of abrupt and sometimes too honest but i look at all of these traits you hate and i just. really love them. so yeah like don’t ever talk about the fact i told you this or that i got sappy or that once i cried telling you how much you’d be missed but know it’s true. if you died i’d be, like. super pissed. i don’t know. i love you, is all. don’t make, like, a thing out of it.

Closet Kisses - Archie x Lodge!Reader

I gave it my best shot! Hope you like it!

Originally posted by cherylblosssom

“Ronnie,” you chastise playfully, “It’s not like that!”

“You and Archie?” she arches an eyebrow, “Sureeee. I’m not stupid you know,”

You roll your eyes at the teasing of your older sister, but allow a small smile to creep on your face anyway.

“Hey,” she laughs, elbowing you gently, “Keep that smitten smile off your face, Mr. Andrews and co are approaching,”

You follow her gaze, grinning widely at the sight of all her, and to a certain extent, your, friends. Your eyes linger on Archie, taking in his vibrant red hair and charming smile, before you direct them back to your lunch, afraid that you’ll be caught staring.

“So,” Veronica begins, sending you a cheeky look before regarding the rest, “Who’s going to Cheryl’s party tonight?”

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  • ❝  That barely covered vagina of yours deserves better than that. ❞
  • ❝  I appreciate your anger. ❞
  • ❝  Your chief complaint is not that I screwed someone; it is who I screwed. That’s what it’s about, right? ❞
  • ❝  Your issue with us is purely driven by a societal insecurity, not to mention a culturally infused female competition. My heart goes out to you ladies. ❞
  • ❝  My therapist suggested I attend a twelve step program, for recovery from a love addiction and romantic obsession… ❞
  • ❝  I cheated on you. ❞
  • ❝  You’re not an addict. You’re just a whore. ❞
  • ❝  I did let someone put a protein bar up my ass once. ❞
  • ❝  I will straight up murder you if you do not sign this immediately. ❞
  • ❝  I love kids. Kids love me. I basically am a kid. ❞
  • ❝  But I would still choose you. Possibly because you’re uninterested. Most likely because you’re stunning and successful. ❞
  • ❝  Sexual anorexia. It’s like depriving yourself of sex because of low self-esteem, or abuse or other gnarly shit. ❞
  • ❝  I’m telling you, someone’s gonna murder us if you keep screaming. ❞
  • ❝  Was this supposed to be a date? Oh shit, it was… Oh hell. I’m an idiot. I’m sorry, I’m a dick. ❞
  • ❝  You’re a catch! It’s true. You know, I’m serious. You’ve got a strong vocabulary. You look dynamite in a tank top. ❞
  • ❝  You know, little girls are told someday they’ll find The One. What they don’t tell you guys is that The One might be a complete fucking dickhead with a boring heroin penis that turns you all into a sex addict. ❞
  • ❝  Some have suggested that I have a little bit of a problem staying faithful… for long periods of time… or possibly at all. ❞
  • ❝  Look, once I come to the realization that I’m with- the wrong girl, I don’t know how to end it. ❞
  • ❝  So you sabotage it by sleeping with other people. ❞
  • ❝  Then comes the big old rigmarole of like ‘you’re afraid to commit’ and it’s like 'no, I just don’t want to commit to you.’ But I can’t say that, because that’s like mean on top of mean… So instead I’d rather just say something like: 'I fucked your sister.' ❞
  • ❝  Whoa, since when are you a porn star with killer grammar? ❞
  • ❝  Look, she’s my best friend and I would say by circumstance and certainly duration, you would be my next best friend. ❞
  • ❝  It is a cascading shit storm that is your creation. ❞
  • ❝  A tremendous amount of Malcolm Gladwellian logic jumps. ❞ 
  • ❝  We’ll you’ve spent ten thousand hours fucking my life up. ❞
  • ❝  Dude get the fuck out of here, I got it. ❞
  • ❝  I appreciate your concern, Superman! Fly away. ❞
  • ❝  Baby. Just breathe will you. Okay? Will you? Here, come on, sit down. You’re gonna be okay. It’s alright, you just got to breathe. Please. Okay? Yeah. There you go. ___ , this is just fear. ❞
  • ❝  You take this risk when you start sleeping with people. You know, you risk losing them. So for me, I’ve never slept with someone I wasn’t willing to lose. Except one time. ❞
  • ❝  And it kills me that you’re probably gonna go to ___. And it kills me that I can’t ask you to stay, because I have no right to, you know. ❞
  • ❝  Welcome to the hell scape that is my son’s birthday party. ❞
  • ❝  Dude… are you really using your kid to hit on my friend? ❞
  • ❝  First part false. Second part true. ❞
  • ❝  Do not gaslight me with SAT words and sliding scale morality. ❞
  • ❝  You want to tell me about it? ❞
  • ❝  You never told him to make a choice, you know. ❞
  • ❝  Are we in love with each other? ❞
  • ❝  I love you for free. ❞
  • ❝  Unfortunately I don’t sleep with men in relationships anymore. ❞
  • ❝  I stopped cheating anyway. ❞
  • ❝  We’re getting a chance to start over. ❞
  • ❝  Goodbye forever. ❞
  • ❝  Hey, did you know they don’t have a separate jail for cool people who fucked up? There’s just one big old jail for everyone. ❞
  • ❝  I sort of beat he shit out of him. Fucked up his life a little bit. ❞
  • ❝  I just really miss you. ❞
  • ❝  Yeah, I think about you like, all the time. Even the word “think” is wrong, because I don’t actively do anything. You’re just here. ❞
  • ❝  I’d rather fail with you, than win with anyone else. ❞
  • ❝  I love hearing you say my name. ❞
  • ❝  Okay honey, you’re on speaker phone in a police station. Be very careful what you say. ❞
Kkul FM subs


“Hi we are bts! ……………………………Taehyung, it’s 2017………..
………Billboard………………So those are our plans……………………….
…………………….Seokjin hyung is the best!………………………
…………Spine Breaker…………….Holly is smart………..
…We love ARMY…………………Happy 4th Anniversary!…….
………………………………Thank you. This has been BTS!”

 Int'l ARMY:

Lost Years


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long! Hopefully you like this part! Also I’d like to know whether you want this story to continue or not. And if you’re feeling extra helpful, maybe you can suggest what you want to see happen next in this little series. I’m not promising I’ll write what you request but I’d appreciate it! Thank you and again, I hope you like this part.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 2,822

Warning: fluff

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Y/N Stark [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous asked:

Hey, could you do a Peter Parker imagine we’re the reader is Tony’s daughter and peter asks the reader out and they are so close to kissing but then Tony comes and interrupts them. Plz and thank you :) ❤️❤️

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I just really love this fandom. Yeah we’re not perfect, we make mistakes like all people, but as a fandom we’re strong, we’re respectful and we’re kind. B.A.P is a huge source of strength for me, but BABYz have become a part of that, too. I don’t feel like an outsider with you guys–I feel like I’m at home ♡

A True Fan and Former Classmate

I wander around the musical festival trying to pass the time. I’m here for one person and one person only… Jay Park. Yes, there are over a hundred artists playing today but I only want to see him perform. Plus I don’t know any of the other artists here, so there’s that.

I’ve been a fan of Jay’s since his 2PM days, long before AOMG was a thought. While Jay was my bias then I like the Jay of today a thousand times better. He’s more of an individual, his name is know in both Korea and in the States because he has gotten so successful.

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So you know how Steve used to be like 4 feet of Fight Me and his hair was all droopy and he was Tiny? And then he jumped in a machine he knew nothing about aside from the fact that the first guy had turned into this Evil Monstrosity simply bc he wanted to help the war effort so damn badly? And how he clung on to the side of the train when Bucky fell and he looked so so young at that moment it made everyone’s heart collectively rip into tiny fragments? Or what about the spiky hair in CATWS and then way he flirted bantered with Sam and there really isn’t a point to this post I just Really Appreciate Steven Rogers

Unpopular opinion: I actually can’t stand Dani.  Her fetishization of Lito and Hernando was a huge part of why they were outed, why sexually explicit material of them ended up being shown on a projector over Hernando’s classroom while he was teaching, why Lito lost his job and his apartment…

If she hadn’t taken pictures of them, it wouldn’t have been on her phone when that asshole took her phone.  

When she volunteered to be Lito’s beard, it wasn’t because she was trying to be a good friend, or that it was momentarily a mutual benefit.  Her words were “I love gay porn”…like, chill bitch.  

There was no reason you had to watch two men in a loving relationship have sex.  Yes, they grew to love her, but I love several of my friends and I don’t make a habit of having sex in front of them, and I damn sure don’t let them take pictures.  

I. just. really. can’t. stand. Dani.

When We Were Young

*Image Not Mine*

Characters: Jongdae x You

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Type: Oneshot 

Requested?: No

Word Count: 1.5k 

Summary: You reminisce your relationship with Jongdae after you guys break up.

For @praisekinkchenanon, with all love. 

- Your Satan #2


When we were young, we thought anything was possible.

When we were young, I thought you and I would be forever.

When you were young, you loved me like there was no tomorrow. 

When I was young, I thought I would be enough. 

Enough for you to stay with me. 

Enough for you to smile and laugh with me. 

You thought I was enough for you

But I didn’t think so

And now that I’ve changed. 

We, ended. 


“It’s complicated. I don’t know how they made that up.” You would say, whenever I would ask you why you were caught in this rumor. But you’ve never explained why it was complicated or how it became complicated. It all just seemed confusing for me. Untrusting, insecure, crazy; me. But I could never imagine how it was like for you. 

I guess that’s my fault. Scratch that, I know it’s my fault. For never considering how you felt when I asked those hurtful questions. For just ignoring your feelings. Everyone said that I was annoying and a moron behind my back, everyone except you. Towards the end of us, I was always annoying. And I knew that. I still can’t understand how you put up with me.  

But everything wasn’t always like this. Everything was surprisingly okay and exciting in the beginning. Everything seemed actually interesting and lively. 


Jongdae and I met while I was a trainee for SM and well, he obviously succeeded and I had to just give up and get a stable job. 

He was always the sweetest person out of EXO and also, the whiniest.

 Despite me leaving SM, EXO and I still remained as close as ever. He asked me out on New Year’s Eve, when I was over at their dorm to celebrate with them.


January 1st, 2015

“Happy New Year!” Everyone shouted as we watched the clock strike 12 AM. And the tradition was to kiss someone on New Year’s so I turned to my left and locked lips with Kim Jongdae. 

I knew it was him. That’s why I turned left. He seemed to respond well to my sudden action. 

When we parted, the rest of the boys looked at us in shock.

 “You two… are a thing?” Baekhyun’s eyes danced between Dae and I.

 “I never saw that coming.” Sehun remarked with an annoying amount of sass in his tone.

 “They are now. Finally, I’ve been watching Jongdae flirt with you since our trainee days, Y/N.” Kyungsoo addressed.

Kyungsoo’s dry humor made everyone burst into laughter and a seemingly endless string of high fives and happy wishes came towards us that night or should I say morning? 

Well in the end, we drank some champagne and fell asleep to a stupid rom com on their sofa. 

The next morning was the best. 

I woke up to Jongdae spooning me in his bed. His steady breathing fanned my neck as I felt his legs tangled with mine and his arm slightly draped over my waist. I tried really hard to move a little because it was honestly getting sweaty but that failed and I woke him up.

 “Morning.” Jongdae rubbed his eyes as he sat up.

 “Sorry I woke you. Did you carry me here last night?” 

“Yeah, you seemed very uncomfortable on that sofa with the rest of the boys so I carried you to my room. And boy, was that work.” Jongdae joked.

“Shut up.” I felt a smile creeping onto my face. 

“I know we are kinda official but I just want to make sure. So, will you be my girlfriend, Y/N?” 

“Of course.” I displayed a smug smile on my face. 


Everything was okay from then on. Yeah, we would have fights here and there but that was to be expected from couples. We would fight about stupid things such as what to get for dinner or what movie we should watch. 

But there were also the cute moments. I remember going to their fan sign during the “Call Me Baby” era and pretending to be a Junmyeon fan. Dae had this jealous yet impressed look on his face I can’t help but recall every time I think of the event.


“Hello.” Chanyeol greeted me at the beginning of the table. I was the last fan so they seemed a little tired. 

“What is your name?” Chanyeol asked, even though he was already addressing the signature to me. 


“How have you been, Y/N?” Chanyeol smiled. 

“I’ve been great. How about you?”

“We’ve been promoting so everything is very exciting. Who are a fan of?” 

“Junmyeonie oppa.”

 “Really?” Chanyeol started to laugh as I just smiled. “Yeah. He’s really handsome and a great leader.” 

By the time I reached Dae, I’ve already told the rest of the boys I liked Junmyeon and he didn’t seem impressed at all. His lips were in a flattened into a straight line. All the boys have been sneaking glances at our interaction and by the way I saw it, they were planning on teasing him in the van when we were done.

 “Hello.” I smiled brightly. 

“Hi! What is your name?” 


“That’s a really pretty name, Y/N-shi.”

I blushed and thanked him. 

“So, I hear that you like Junmyeon hyung.” 

“Yeah, he’s really handsome and sings really good. And he’s such a excellent leader.” I went on and on about how perfect Junmyeon was until he finally stopped me. 

“Are you sure your bias isn’t me?” 

“No. Why would it be you?” I questioned. The boys almost died at my remark.

 “I could sing better, I’m actually funny, I’m more handsome, and I’m extra perfect.”

 I ended up giving up and smiling really big as he made all his arguments going against Junmyeon. I put my hand on his and squeezed it a little. I whispered “I love you.” to him and he did the same to me.

But in the end, I had to leave. He seemed really sad to see me leave the venue.

 On the bus ride home, I read the message he wrote to me. 

“To my dearest, I’m so happy you made it to this fan meeting. I was really excited to see you in the bunch of fans today. But I waited very long because I was at the end of the table :(. And who’s this Junmyeon guy you like? I don’t know him at all. You must stop liking him and love me. Well, I know you love me. I missed you so much. I’ll call you tonight though. I love you.

- Jongdae <3

I smiled so much that day my cheeks started to hurt.


But as EXO became more popular, there was less time for us to spend together. Less time for us to even have a 5 minute phone call. 

We started to fight a lot more. It was to the point where every time we met, we would fight. And not about the stupid stuff. But just about simple loneliness and jealousy.

 It all stemmed from the fact that there was this rumor about Jongdae was dating an idol. It was already 2016 and around the time they started to promote “Lotto”. I was of course, furious. And my jealousy got the best of me.

The idol was rumored to Girls Generation’s Yoona. How could I not be jealous? She was a complete goddess. All of the boys fawned her. She was funny and even knew how to cook. She was the perfect package. And here I was, being me. Not even half as beautiful as she was. I was insecure. 

I questioned him. I didn’t trust him. I asked him questions that hurt him so deeply I don’t even want to picture the expression he had plastered on his face anymore. He looks so hurt, so upset, and like someone just killed his family.

 I would question why he showed up late to my apartment. I would ask him where he was all the time. And I became, crazy. Even after the fact that he denied my accusations multiple times.

 I blamed him for things that weren’t even the least bit related to him. I blamed him for stuff he had no control over. And over time, his beautiful smile faded. His eyes began to look tired all the time. The calls stopped. The cute texts stopped. We, stopped. 

I had made him leave me. I understood why he broke up with me. By 2017, I was this controlling bitch who was insecure about herself. He and I were both suffering. When he dumped me,I hated him the first few days but I came to the realization that it was my fault. That I made us drift apart. I made us end the way we did. 

But what if I say I still love him? What if I say my heart shatters into millions of pieces whenever I see him on billboards or on TV? It shatters because I feel bad for the way we ended. For the way I tortured him for months to the point where he had enough. For the way I was being. Those eyes are still in my dreams. That smile still haunts my nights. That beautiful voice still replays in my head. Those pictures still remain on my walls. The bottle of cologne he left me is still on my vanity.

 I still love him. 

 I still need him. 

But I ruined it. 

I ruined his love and destroyed him. 

parents | finn shelby

First of all, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing! Secondly, could I please request a Finn imagine where the reader has had an argument with her parents and has been kicked out of her home (if that bit makes you feel uncomfortable then feel free to skip that part if you want x) and so she’s sitting outside, Finn (who really likes her) basically comforts her and talks with her all night. In the end they kiss, thanks doll ❤

send requests here

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anonymous asked:

You don't have to respond to this, but have you heard about the allegations against Jesse Lacey? I'm struggling a bit because this band helped me through a hugely toxic part of my life and to know Lacey has done these horrible things is depressing. But I was reminded of you because I rmmbr being introduced to them after listening to some of your fae tales playlists and even though one good thing in my life is tainted, I wanted to thank you for being a good light in my life.

Yeah, I’ve heard. I found out on the day (I follow a few people who are huge  Brand New fans, like - much bigger than me, and I always considered myself a big fan - we paid $1000 to fly to Melbourne to see them when they came to Australia but didn’t come to Perth some 10 years ago). It’s been around my Facebook etc. and I also follow his wife on Instagram (who understandably hasn’t posted at all since all of this happened).

It’s pretty hard, when - for so many people - that music has literally saved lives. I know it’s gotten me through many episodes of pretty intense suicidal ideation.  It’s just shitty. I’m glad that people are feeling more empowered to speak up about abuse that they’ve experienced though. And upset that it’s happened in the first place. It’s always way more prevalent than most people realise, and the only way to stop that is to end the culture of silence around it. I wish I could say I was surprised. I just feel heavy and disappointed about it all. :(

anonymous asked:

So i was just listening to Famy - Ava which was the song that played in the background when Stiles saw Derek's initials at the start of S5...And IDK fam I just started getting really really fucking emotional because the lyrics are just so beautiful and reminds me of them so so much like "TWo oceans inbetween us and I wait for shore" and "My conscious burning my eyes are too cuddled up with a heart contempt does she love you and I swear I do" Yeah, just really touching even if unintentional.

Aw I just went and listened and I really like it. If they thought about the lyrics at all they were proooobably intended for Scallison (even though that’s a little odd and messed up considering Kira was right there…) but it works so much for Sterek and especially for a miserable Stiles missing the hell out of Derek. I mean…

I’m sorry to any St*lia people but I could in-detail analyze this, like “follow me through this empty dream, I’m sleeping next to someone new, my conscience burning…”?? Or how about “I’m such a coward, these wretched things I do…” This is not a happy person (in a happy relationship) thinking these things. This is someone missing the hell out of a person who’s moved on, who’s settled into an unhappy situation –– “I wait for shore, there’s a gate I see, there’s a way for me// now this one sits here and whispers things to me”… They’re stuck in miserable relationship with “this one” but they’re just waiting, waiting to cross those oceans, to make it through that gate, to find the way to the thing they really want.

Though the thing they want is probably off with someone new (Braeden, who Derek left town with), leaving Stiles hopeless and “cuddled up with hard contempt//Does she love you? I swear I do.” It’s just… it’s an awesome song but it’s so tragic, and it’s so perfect for Sterek at that point in the series.

(But then… the more I analyze the lyrics, the more upset I get for Kira if this song was intended as a Scallison moment, because she’d be the unwanted placeholder in that scenario. That poor girl, she deserved a lot better.)

[Oh, and song and lyrics links for anyone who wants to read for themselves]

Honestly Kim Tae Woo has gotten my attention since the beginning, even though he never had screen time. This kid would literally never want to be center and was never selfish, in the background you could always see him laughing and smiling and encouraging the other trainees. He’s one of those trainees that I’m happy that went to Produce 101 because now I can support and encourage him to follow his dreams. And idk I just really love him, yeah I’m sad he didn’t pass, but I’m still so happy for him.

It was a pretty slow Sunday, and while I was chilling I realized I missed @tarysande‘s birthday, haha. So I scribbled up a Solana and slapped some color on it because she is my fave and I love Tary’s rendition of her so much.

Also it was a test to see how my style has changed. Granted this is more scribbly than I usually do but…

Anyway, Happy birthday Tary! Hope it was lovely and full of good things~.

anonymous asked:

I don't know why but I love the concept of Chase being a depressed Dad bean with anger issues. I like to believe that he shows the people around him his childish side because he doesn't want to scare them, especially his kids, but when he's alone and needs to let his anger out (his true self, if you like) he can be very aggressive, throwing stuff around and such. I don't know, I just really like the idea.

Yeah, I feel like Chase would be that way, or that he would show this side of himself to the few people he trusts - Mod Lily