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Taylor will notice you. I promise.

Hey guys so now that my dream is fulfilled and I met Taylor, I want to help you guys!!!! I need a little time to breathe and soak all of this in with the secret session, so I’ll officially start next Monday! I’ll reblog, like, literally do whatever you want because I know how much it means to people. It would be best if you guys could use like a special hashtag because I’ll be flooded with messages otherwise. So maybe use #heytay or something idk. If you have any ideas for a cute punny hashtag let me know! So starting monday, just tag your posts and I’ll reblog everything I can before reaching post limit! I really hope she sees you guys!!! And thank you for the overwhelming response of love!!!! Made my life honestly!!!!

Do you ever.....

See people doing/saying things that you know is 100% inaccurate and really want to say something but then are reminded of the old adage….

“You can’t fix stupid”

And just decide it’s not worth it?

Yeah….that’s me…..right now…….

Sorry for being vague, just had to put that out there into the cosmos to get it out of my head.

Have a great day and will probably delete this later once I’m fully awake and realize that I don’t want a clutter post on my tumblr lol…..


Chaos is bad!

So says my crazy OCD.

I also kinda want to do something for Halloween, and since I can’t make cc and other simblreen stuff like that, I was thinking I could make a new post template for Halloween day and have posts going all day and also do something like more sim requests or what not if that sounds like a good idea? 

Clone Assassination Plot

I was planning on writing this after i finished the book (Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss) but i just read something mind-blowing and I need to share it with you all. I’ve been posting some bits and I’ll keep doing that but there are a couple of thing i’ve been saving because I want to talk about them now:


The story is set between AOTC and ROTS (less than 2 years after the Battle of Geonosis). The main characters are clones and a couple of Jedi and Mandalorians working for the GAR.  

Clone Assassination Plot

A few clones ( A'den, Niner, Darman, Atin and Fi) are sent to find a missing trooper (ARC trooper Sull, deserter) . When they find him, they talk about another clone (Tavo) who was executed by the Chancellor’s orders and a plot to assassinate clones is uncovered:

“The Republic sent someone after him to kill him.”


 “Sure. They didn’t get him, but my buddy Tavo decided to make a run for it a few months ago, and they caught him. Then they blew his brains out.”


 “Republic Intelligence agents. The Chancellor’s hit men.” Sull didn’t seem preoccupied with escape now. His mind was on events, and he looked past A’den as if there were someone standing to one side of him. He saw ghosts; Darman and every commando who’d lost close brothers saw them, too. “We’re not the only hired help in town.”


 Darman realized he’d done what most civvies seemed to. He’d drawn a line beyond which someone else was less than him, just as citizens thought all clones were flesh machines, wet droids as Skirata used to call them, things sent to die because they weren’t like real people and so it was okay. If that’s how easy it is to think that way …

 Niner risked a comment. “So that’s the punishment for going over the wall. I’m not sure we should be surprised.”

“No, chum, you’ve got it wrong,” said A’den. “This isn’t punishment. Is it, Sull?”

 All the fight seemed to have drained out of the ARC. Maybe he was just waiting to die. “No, because punishment is a deterrent. And to deter anyone, they have to know what’ll happen to them. But nobody gets told about ARCs who are executed.

 “Killed because they know too much?” Atin asked.

 “Killed because they’re nek battle dogs.” A’den ran the tip of his vibroblade under his nails and inspected the manicure. “Once they’re too old to fight, they can’t be tamed as house pets. Dangerous, savage things. They have to be put down. Don’t they, Sull’ika?”

 “You can shove your Mando camaraderie,” Sull said, “but you’ve got it about right. And they’ll come for you, too, when you can’t—or won’t—fight any longer, Null boy. Nobody leaves the Grand Army. What do you think they had in mind for us when we weren’t any more use, putting us out to stud?

 “Well, I was sort of hoping …,” Fi said wistfully.

 “We’re not even any special use as a DNA bank. We’re second-generation Jango. They might as well get fresh material from troopers. They’re less trouble.”

Darman didn’t want to look at his squad comrades. He knew what was going through their minds. It had to be the same dread: that this limited life was all there would ever be for them.

I haven’t found any evidence of any Jedi being aware of this. So it appears it was all on Palpatine.

Coming soon: Clone Medical (lack of) Care, the Holo News propaganda and The ownership problem

Things I Want in a Friend/Things I Want My Friends to Do
  • take random pictures of me when I’m not paying attention. like those really good candid photos that I can post on instagram pls
  • steal my phone and post random shit on snapchat (idk I just like the idea of someone stealing my phone while Im doing something stupid and posting a vid on my story)
  • record cute or funny moments of us on our phones because I want to make those really white people edits with all my friends
  • actually text fucking often even the most random shit at like 3 am is okay I like never text my friends unless we’re making plans I want to talk to you (also RESPOND GODDAMMIT)
  • hold my hand it makes me feel loved
  • roast each other constantly
  • but also be rlly rlly supportive of each other always
  • but also roast each other
  • “you look so hot rn and those heels goddamn but if I say any more your short little legs are going to snap under the pressure of your massive ego”
  • instagram photos of each other
  • i just want more pics of my friends on my phone so i can post them and share them to the world becuz i luv them
  • just all that basic shit that seems really stupid I want that where is it

Hi guys!! I’m going to see Day6 next week during their NA tour and was lucky enough to get fansign tickets, but I really don’t know what to say to the members, more specifically Sungjin and Dowoon 😅 So I wanted to take suggestions for what to say/ask for the 3 seconds I’m in front of them 😊 So if you have any ideas send them to my ask box, reply to this post, or message me privately!! Thank you guys!!! 💕

I’m having to close my s6 shop temporarily. And commissions.

I got this weird message from someone asking the hypothetical question “could I resale whatever I buy from your shop?” and I can’t stop anyone from buying products unless I completely shut it down. 

It looks like I’m going to get screwed out of a commission.

On top of everything else that has happened in recent years.

So… I’m just taking a break from all that. If anyone wants a print or to look at something in my s6 shop hit me up and I’ll help you out. 

I’m really exhausted from seeing other people post my art and it spreads like crazy with reblogs/ect, if someone else posts to sell it actually makes money. 

When I post my art it’s extremely hit and miss getting seen, and between my store and print sales I barely make anything. 

Idk anymore.

If you want me to be positive, or stop posting negative shit about Emmerdale, please just stop following me, or block me. I’m not okay with other people policing how other people should feel on their own blogs, and if you feel the need to do that with me, just don’t. I haven’t been happy with this whole Fake!Robecca/Aaron is barely in the show storyline we’ve had since March. I’ve been trying really hard to find something worth enjoying. A lot of this went exactly the way I predicted back when the ONS first happened. I knew she was going to end up pregnant. I suspected that Robron would break up. I didn’t predict that Robert would be superglued to the Shites, but honestly, where else was it going to go? 

So yeah, if you don’t like what I’m posting, or where my feeling are on the show, just block me. Please. I don’t expect anyone who is positive or hopeful to come down to my level, and you shouldn’t expect me to feel a certain way. 

One of the hardest things is to watch someone slowly lose interest in you.

(Technically it’s the 15th since it’s 1:38am)

So there’s one bit near the end of the Genocide Run that hit me pretty hard, personally. And as with most things that hit me very hard emotionally, it was a random almost throwaway line that wasn’t written to be focused on that much. But whether it intentionally held the meaning I took from it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I DID take meaning from it.

When Flowey is monologuing near the very very end of the game and explaining what he went through, he talks about how he lacks the ability to feel anything for the people around him, and how desperately, frantically, he wishes he did. He talks about how, at first, he tried to help people. He talks about how at first it seemed to help, but every time it was time to let go, to move on, he got scared and couldn’t do it. He’d panic and reset instead. And how then he’d be right back where he started. And he would try helping everyone again.

But it became hollow. Everyone always said the exact same things, and did the exact same things. And nothing changed. And nothing new ever happened.

And eventually, just out of sheer desperation for SOMETHING new, he decided to kill everyone. And how that was at first a relief, but even that grew stale and empty as he did it over and over again. Until he was left with nothing, and there was nothing to care about, either for better or worse, but he couldn’t let go either. So he was trapped in this world where nothing ever changed, and he couldn’t make himself leave.

It’s a sad story, but it’s also a bit of a gut punch because of its implications.

Maybe in time, the person playing the game, the actual human being behind the keyboard, not the pixel character they control, would find themselves in the exact same situation. Eventually, things in a game stop changing. Characters always say the same things, do the same things. And maybe in time, as boredom takes over, the player would also try a genocide game just for SOMETHING new. But eventually even that will become empty and lead to nowhere after you do it enough.

I can’t really say if that’s true or not. I can’t say it’s false either.

But It’s 2 years now. And a lot of us are still here. And more importantly a lot of us still care. Quite deeply in fact.

And maybe we won’t care forever, maybe the same thing will happen, or more likely, we’d be the ones able to let go and move on to other things and let go. Maybe there’s no escaping that.

But it’s been 2 years, and at least for now, we’re still here.

There is also the possibility I’ve considered, that since the insane success of the game was never expected or anticipated at all, that the level of love it caused in gamers was a complete and utter surprise, maybe their ability to never fall into that cycle of apathy and just how long they can keep going, caring as hard as ever, will also be a complete surprise that was never foreseen.

Or even more simply, maybe Flowey just needed to be shown, as with so many things, he was wrong about that too.

Who knows. Honestly I can’t say how things will look in time. It could either way.

But at least by year 2 we were still here.

Sleepy septic boys after a long day of doing stuff.

And then Anti drew dicks on their faces and Jackieboyman almost kills him for that. How dare he ruin that cute moment.

Sweaters uwu

Rich Goranski’s presquip wardrobe is sweaters ok