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Falling into lava is the worst way to go: It’s all the most awful parts of drowning and burning mashed together like the devil’s slash fiction. But in reality, it wouldn’t be anything like that. Surprisingly, lava is really fucking hot. We’re looking at temperatures ranging from 1,295 degrees F to 2,282 degrees F when it first breaks the surface. A bed of lava is a giant liquid crematorium that is unlikely to gulp you down, if only because you’ll burn to death first.

But even if you cannonballed into a volcano wearing a heat-suit – because fuck cancer, you’re going out awesome – you still wouldn’t drown in it. Lava is over three times heavier and denser than water, with at least 100,000 times the viscosity. It’s borderline impossible for a human being to sink in it. You wouldn’t dramatically sink like Arnold at the end of T2 – you’d just shatter and burn up so quickly you wouldn’t have time to give a thumbs-up, much less the elaborate double bird you’ve been practicing.

5 Ways Movies Say You Can Die (That Science Says Are Wrong)

Imagine: Video chatting with Sherlock and him “comforting” you after a breakup with your boyfriend.

You: Sherlock! *sobbing* I just don´t know what to do. 

Sherlock: Oh for God´s sake! You´re better than him.

You: *stops sobbing* Really?

Sherlock: Of course! Just forget him, he´s and idiot.

You: *laughs* Thank you.

Sherlock: *winks*.

Want to request?

Dating Taehyung would include:

  • Falling for his awkward flirting.
  • And him falling for your second hand embarrassment.
  • Late night walks.
  • Him sending you weird videos and pictures of him when he’s away.
  • “(Y/N)-ah me and mister elephant miss you! Get a lot of rest and eat well!”
  • Always making sure you’re happy.
  • If you’re not he’d try anything and everything to cheer you up.
  • Which wouldn’t be difficult cuz just him would be enough to make you smile.
  • “I Want to get us a puppy!”
  • “Tae we have no time for a puppy…”
  • “But jagi! There is somewhere in an animal shelter a puppy waiting for his mommy and daddy to pick him up”
  • “You already bought one didn’t you”
  • “His name is spot and I’m picking him up tomorrow after practice”
  • Him and you actually treating the dog as your child.
  • Going to fun places when there is time for it.
  • “I wanna get that teddy bear for you!”
  • But ends up buying it bc he wasn’t able to win it.
  • “It’s okay tae I don’t need it”
  • “You do! Cuddle it when I’m on tour okay?”
  • Him calling you every day when he’s touring.
  • And you waiting for his calls.
  • Receiving 10x as much love than you give him.
  • But that’s how Taehyung is.
  • And you love every single bit of it.

HAPPY SASUNARU DAY (03.07)/ サスナルデ

Here’s the HD version of the video I posted from last night (I hope I didn’t freak everyone out too much by making you all think it was real X3c)

Just married SasNar talking about….Well that’s where you guys come in

Since today’s a special day, I’m making a game. Come up with any dialogue you want these two to be talking about in the tag when you reblog this :3 I want to see some really creative dialogues from you guys so have fun~~~

okay! mobox i really liked this part for some reason in your animation “purple” (by mandopony ((great song check it out)) ) and i wanted to make a gif outta it , if you dont apriciate it i understand compleatly! ill take it down if needed , i just thought this would be cool to do

animation by @mobox87 

gif made by me

 ——> original video: https://youtu.be/3NxEArlkAKU



Omg this was in my drafts! 1) I had no idea you could see drafts on the Tumblr app & 2) I have no idea how long it’s been here! but this is from a video on the cruise I went on in April and now I’m sad because I was so blonde and tan & was having fun on vacation 😭😭 My hair’s gotten dark and I really want to go more blonde and I’m cold and in university instead of in the Caribbean on vacation. 8 more days till spring break though and I’m off to the Miami sun 👏🏼☺️ but I just realized I’m going to spend a day at home in NYC before coming back to my university which means I have to take a stupid bus & if I MISS THE FINALE OF CTM I WILL SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST 😩

Witness Captures Video of a UFO Being Transported to Area 51?

The internet has been abuzz this past week after this video was posted online, claiming to show a downed UFO being transported on the back of a flatbed truck. The truck is being escorted by police vehicles and since this reportedly took place in Nevada, it’s been speculated that the UFO was being taken to Area 51.

Judging from this video, it doesn’t seem like the government really cares about keeping the existence of aliens a secret anymore. The fact that there wasn’t even an attempt to conceal the UFO from public view is a major red flag to me. Despite the candid feel of the video, I can’t help but get the sense that this was somehow staged. However, that’s just my opinion. What do you think? Was this a real UFO being transported to Area 51? Or is this simply a hoax?


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It’s been just over half a year since we’ve started and you guys have been so fantastic, I really enjoy reading your messages (which I want to respond to in a video) and talking with those of you who’ve added me on Skype. I figured for 2K it was about time I learned how to make gifs (turning into a hardcore tumblr’er I know xD). Anyways I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more. I love you guys and thanks for the support. <3

~ Zally


This is Garnet, Back together

I was really blown away by Steven Bomb and it made me want to do a bunch of fan work, one being a series of all the fusion. But I’m starting a second job soon so I don’t know how long it will take me to do all of them. :( But here is the one I just had to do.

There will be a video of me making this coming out sooooon!

I know Phil was talking about how awkward he is in a club but…to be honest that’s why he’d probably be the person I would want to hang out with the most at a club. His ability to be awkward and not care would help me feel comfortable enough in my awkwardness to have a good time. :)  

Plus he just looks really, really, handsome in this video. 



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