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… okay so i definitely was going to animate dre under the lovely @cursetale‘s blessing and… then i couldn’t get Dreby outta my head so here we are

i’m totally working on Dre but man i just could not resist that face and those bunny ears are you kidding me

from this gorgeous chain from last week or so between cursetale and the also-fantastic @blesstale because just… hell yes. hell goddamn yes.

*An anon requested a blurb with Harry talking about you and yalls future when he thought you were asleep but really weren’t. So here is it anon, hope you enjoy! 💕*

He had been running his fingers across your back while you two laid in bed. You weren’t sure what time it was, you were just enjoying laying in bed with Harry. Because laying in bed always made you sleepy you were drifting in and out of sleep. Also his fingertips which were so soft, and a continuous motion, were not helping you stay awake either.

When you’d drift in and out of consciousnesses you would hear him speaking softly. At first you figured he was just going on about something silly. I mean you two were debating best superheroes before you starting falling asleep, so you figured he was still going on about that. But when you heard him say “our future” you started to listen in more.

Nights like this is what harry loved most. Just laying in bed talking and cuddling into the early hours of the morning. Moments like this he reflected on your life together. How much he loved it, how much he loved you, how lucky he was to have you, and how much he couldn’t wait for your future together.

“You know I think about our future a lot.” He whispered into the darkness. He didn’t want to speak too loudly because he figured you had fallen asleep. You hadn’t spoken in quite awhile, and your breathing was evening out. Also he had to be honest, he was a bit afraid to lay out all his hopes and dreams of your guys future together. You two had said I love you. But that was just recently. And you two weren’t married. He didn’t want to freak you out with all he dreamed and wanted with you, but he could imagine it all.

“I can see it all with you love. Marriage, children, growing old together.” He smiled to himself imaging all of it. “You’re the one for me. I just know it.”

Because your face was hidden in the elbow of your arm facing away from him Harry didn’t notice you smile to yourself. He didn’t know you were awake and you planned to keep it that way. You wanted to hear all he had to say, because you felt the exact same way but we’re too afraid to tell him.

“You’re so good with my friend and family. Honestly I get jealous of how close you are with Niall. And for you to be that close with Niall says a lot. Yeah Niall is friendly and such, but like he’s one of my best friends so he’s kind of protective over me? And you? He instantly just warmed up to. I think it was cuz you loved golf almost more than he did!” He chuckled to himself.

You fought so hard not to burst or giggling at that line. To be honest you were terrified of meeting his friends and family. Especially Niall. You knew how close they were, I mean come on who didn’t know the Narry bromance?! So when you met Niall you were shy at first, but once the subject of golf got brought up you showed your true passion. After that you and Niall were best friends.

“And mom and Gemma already have accepted you into the family. You join in on their teasing of me, which rude, and they love it. Plus I think they can see how much I love you. And as long as I’m happy, they’re happy”

The more Harry talked the harder it was to fake being asleep. Your heart was racing, you were smiling like a fool, and you were tearing up. Harry always showed you love, and how much he cared. But him pouring his heart out like this was a rare occasion.

“I’m gonna marry you someday ya know? I am. I love you so much and I never want to be without you. That would kill me. Because I have so much thought out and planned for our future. We’re gonna get married and have a house here in London, and maybe L.A. too if you want” Harry closed his eyes and sighed happily to himself.

“And we’re going to have children. I already know how many you want. 4 because you like even numbers” He chuckled and blew out a shaky sigh. He was getting teary eyed himself thinking about all this.

“I’m totally fine with four, as long as it’s 2 boys and 2 girls. I’d like it even that way as well. But I know we can’t really choose so whatever combination we have I’m totally fine with. As long as I have children and you as their mother I’m set for life” Harry was imagining those children in his mind. Children who had your eyes, and his hair. Or vice versa. It didn’t matter. Children with you would be the best thing to ever happen to him, besides you, no matter if they were boys or girls or looked like you or him.

You were really getting choked up as Harry went on. You weren’t sure how much longer you could fake being asleep.

Harry sighed shakily again, “The amount of love that I have for you is unexplainable. I’ve tried to write it down, put it into words or songs, but I just can’t. None of it seems right. It’s our love, just you and me. No one else’s.” He blew out a breath, sniffed, and wiped his eyes. “God, I can’t wait for our future. I wish I could tell you all of this, but I don’t want to scare you away. We just said I love you. We haven’t even discussed moving in yet, but oh man do I want that. I want all of it, with you.”

Harry stopped running his fingertips across your back and rolled over to spoon you. Yes he did like being the little spoon, but tonight he just wanted to hold you tight. He pressed a kiss into your neck as he felt himself getting sleepy. “I just love ya so much…It’s just insane” he mumbled, drifting off into sleep.

That was the last thing you heard from his mouth. After a few moments later you heard light snores and knew he had fallen asleep. You pressed a light kiss to one of his arms that were wrapped around you and drifted back off to sleep yourself with a huge smile on your face.

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There was too much angst after the last video and I needed some fluff plus this song is begging to be a logicality fic

Patton flopped on his stomach, face pressed into Roman’s fine pillows. Roman lay relaxed on one side of him and Virgil sat cross legged on the other, playing with the fringed edge of a throw pillow.

“I’m telling you Patton,” Roman was saying in his typically grand fashion, “a serenade is the perfect way to tell Logan how you feel, sing him one of the great love songs!”

“Or don’t do that,” Vigil chipped in, “those songs make you emotional all the time! You’ll start bawling and scare him right out of the room. Plus you don’t want to just sing any old song that’s not relevant to the two of you. “

“You know Virgil, you are not really saying no to the idea of singing.” Roman teased lightly.
Patton sat up excitedly, “so you both agree that a song is the best way to tell Logan how I feel?”

“No,” Vigil hesitated, “I still think you should just talk to him, but I suppose a song isn’t the worst way to open that conversation. BUT,” he said to stop Patton who was already halfway to the door, “ It has to be the perfect, I mean the perfect song Patton. In fact I think I should approve it before you do anything.”

“WE should approve it,” Roman amended, ignoring the sour look Virgil gave him.

Patton wore his cat headphones for about week after that, endlessly looking for the perfect song. One that fit both them, one light enough not to scare Logan away and one that wouldn’t make him bawl.

It was an odd week for the others. A week without forced family fun nights making Virgil leave his room. A week of Roman trying to figure out how to cook for the others. A week of crestfallen looks from Logan as Patton turned down yet another invitation to do puzzles together, or to go bird watching.

It was those very looks that assured Roman that no matter what song Patton choose it would work. Logan had feelings for Patton whether he admitted it or not. Still, he and Virgil both breathed sighs of relief when Patton finally presented them with the song.

He had burst into Virgil’s room, dragging Roman behind him by the hand, and in the other triumphantly holding his headphones.

“I did it!”

Virgil chuckled after recovering from his initial startle, “Okay then, let’s hear it.”

Each of their smiles grew as they listened.

It was perfect.

It fit both of them.

It probably wouldn’t scare Logan with too many feeling.

And it most likely wouldn’t make Patton bawl. Maybe. Hopefully.

“And,” Roman gushed, “Virgil and I can sing Back up for you!”

“What? No we can’t.”

“Of course you can, this song needs some do wap background!” Patton clapped his hands excitedly.

“Okay first of all, I don’t do wap, and second, don’t you think this should be private for you and Logan?”

Roman rolled his eyes, “ we can duck out at the end of the song. And won’t you do wop for your dear sweet friend Patton?” The two put their heads together and adopted twin puppy dog looks.”

“Fine,” Virgil threw his hands up in defeat, shying away from Roman’s near maniacal giggle.

It all came together very quickly after that, an unsuspecting Logan walking into the living room to find Patton lying suggestively on the couch.

“Hello Logan,” he said with an eyebrow wiggle.

“Wwwwhat is happening?” He asked dropping the book he had been reading to his side.

“You know Logan,” Patton said trying to keep the grin off his face, “I don’t know much about history,”

“Well that’s not surprising,”

“Don’t know much Biology,’

“Why did you sing the word ‘Biology’?”

Patton sat up with a grin, “Don’t know much about a science book, Don’t know much about the french I took,” he sang.

Roman appeared then, dragging a reluctant Virgil to add back up vocals. Logan spared them a glance, taking a small step backwards as Patton stood up, looking him straight in the eye.

“But I do know that I love you, and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be.”

Logan gave the other two a startled look as Roman blocked the stairs and Virgil shrugged apologetically. Meanwhile Patton hopped up on the counter and beckoned Logan to him.

“Don’t know much about geography, don’t know much trigonometry,
Don’t know much about algebra, Don’t know what a slide rule is for,”

“Well actually Patton, a slide rule is” he was got off by Patton using his tie to pull him between his knees and press a finger to his lips.

He smiled gently at Logan’s blush before he continued singing, “but I do know that one and one is two. And if this one could be with you, what a wonderful world this would be,”

He leaned forward to peck Logan’s nose before standing up on the counter to really deliver the next verse.

“Now, I don’t claim to be an A student, but I’m trying to be. for maybe by being an A student baby I can win your love for me”

“Uh oh,” Roman whispered as Patton sat down again, sing softly now, voice wavering and eyes filling with tears.

“Oh boy here we go,” Virgil sighed.

Logan looked over and waved them away, “I’ve got this,” he said softly even as Patton sobbed about not knowing French. Virgil smiled at his friend as Roman grabbed his arm to sink out, and was very surprised to pop up at the top of the stairs.

“Roman what are you doing?” But the prince just made a frantic shushing gesture as he peaked over the banister.

Logan gently took Patton’s hand , using the other to wipe away a few of the others overly emotional tears as he cried too hard to continue singing.

Logan cleared his throat, awkwardly pushing through what he was about to say, “I do know that I love you,” he stuttered and stumbled, “ and I know that if you loved me too, what a wonderful world this would be”

He should have been prepared for the squeal and the arms that got flung around his neck, but he wasn’t. Nonetheless he wrapped his arms tight around his love.

“Patton, if you don’t stop crying and giggling I won’t be able to kiss you,”

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The One That Got Away

based on the song by Katy Perry

“Why are you dragging me to a bar, Natasha? I told you that I didn’t feel like going out.” Bucky asked his bossy red-haired friend.

Nat just rolled her eyes before she answered him, “Because, I got tired of seeing you all holed up in your apartment for the millionth Saturday in a row.”

Bucky knew that he couldn’t fight her on this. Natasha was his closet friend and once she told someone to do something, they usually did it out of fear. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was scared of her a little.

Okay, more like a lot.

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Imagine Lucifer walking in on you in the shower.


Auothers note: you all really wanted this to be written by someone, so here I am writing my own imagine into a imagine oneshot 😂 you have no idea how awkward that was to write and honestly I don’t know what to expect from Lucifer I mean the song im listening to wicked ones so I’ll make this a bit smuty at the end, you’re welcome!

Warning: a bit of smut at the end

Gif: really wanted to use that gif of Elena in the shower I have on another one of my imagines but I couldn’t find it so to damn bad let’s just enjoy Lucifer gif

Female and male version of this will be inclined since im not sure if all of you are females lol

Female version:

Stress relief showers had always been the youngest Winchester favorite kinds of shower.
Not only could she stay in the shower and not be bothered by her brothers but she could have a moment to collect her thoughts.
Closing her bed room door behind her, (y/n) flung her leather jacket off of her body and onto a near by chair she had in her room.
Kicking of her shoes, she leaned against her wall for support as she flung her socks off of her feet and threw them into a near by corner.
Sighing to herself she began slipping out of her jeans and her top, standing in the middle of her room in nothing but a matching set of bra and panties she grabbed the towel that was folded at the end of her bed and made her way to her bathroom.
Turning the water on warm she, her (e/c) eyea watched as the water shot out from the showers headset. Standing with her back faced to her mirror she bent her arms behind her back and undid the bra looks pulling both strings down her shoulders her bra dropping down by her feet, her hands grabbing into the sides of her panties she slid them down her thighs till they fell down to her feet and she stepped out of them.
Turning to the mirror she took a glance at her reflection and sighed, a bruise was already forming on her jaw from were a vampire punched her at.
“Fucking great.” She muttered.
Stepping in the shower the warm water instantly hit her figure and chills ran through out her.
Reaching for her rag and bar of soup she paused at the voice coming from the door way, “Well, what do we have her.” chuckled an amused Lucifer, turning her head slowly to face him she glared not evem bothering to cover up herself. After all her and Lucifer slept together before well when he was just Nick and not Lucifer.
“Get out Lucifer.”
Lucifer could practically hear the growl in her tone, “Well, I’m not going anywhere.” snapping his fingers his clothes were gone and he walked closer until he was standing directly behind (y/n) in the shower his hands ran up and down her curves and he placed his chin in the crack of her shoulder and neck.
“Did you have I have Nick’s little olf memories?”
He askes, rolling her eyes she replied back, “Good for you.”
“Tck. Bad girl, if I remember clearly from his memories you were such a good obedient little girl, Isn’t that right princess?” He says his hands sliding down to her wet folds before he slide a single finger between them.
Finally caving in a soft moan left her lips, “Yes daddy.”
“Theirs my good little princess.” chucking softly he slid his thumb up to her clit and rubs gentle circles in them.
“But call me sir this time princess, Nick may have liked daddy but I’m in charge now. Understand pet?”
“Yes sir.”


Male version:

(Y/n) sighed as he stood under the shower water, he didn’t care that it was hot or that it was turning his skin a light pink.
A hunt had gone wrong, instead of it being a small vampires nest it was a huge one. In fact two nest were working together to form a large nest.
Sam, Dean and him had almost gotten killed, if it wasnt Benny showing up to save them then they all would have probably been goners or worst blood suckers if the vampires felt the need to change them.
Everyone was tension the way home, Benny had left back to his cabin he stayed in and the three male hunters had left off to head back to the motel to collect there things before heading back to the bunker.
Once there each one of them went off to their rooms no words were spoken, that’s how much tension was in the air.
So here the (h/c) haired male was, standing jn the shower recalling the events that had just taken place not to long ago.
“Well lookie here.” came a voice at the door of the bathroom.
Turning his head he was met with the sight of his boyfriend Lucifer, yes he was dating the devil and no the boys didn’t know but he had stopped speaking to the charming angel once he saw and heard what he was doing to Sam and the people on earth.
“Get out Lucifer, I’m not in the mood for chatting.” He said turning his back to the devil once more.
“Well, I’m not going anywhere.” Lucifer said walking closer not even caring that his sleeve shirt was getting wet Lucifer turned off the water and snapped a towel into his hands before he wrapped it around (y/n)’s top part.
Pulling the male hunter out of the shower, Lucifer didn’t seem to care that his boyfriend’s bare cock was pressed up against his very own , which was covered.
“Oh pet-” Lucifer said his hands holding (y/n) face, “I don’t care if your mad at me, but I worry about you.”
“That’s rich, coming from the devil.” a bitter chuckle left his lips.
“The devil was once an angel, pet.”
Lucifer smirked, he knew the perfect way to get his attention snapping his fingers both males now were back in the room.
(Y/n) lied on his back while Lucifer was down by his twitching cock, playfully blowing on it a soft low moan left the (h/c) haired male lips.
“Don’t tease me, Lucifer please don’t.”
“I won’t baby boy just promise me to never shut me out again, no matter what.”
He could feel Lucifers hot breathe over his cock and he took a deep breathe, “I promise.” he whispered.
“Good boy.”
(Y/n) hissed as Lucifers warm mouth wrapped around cock that had been twitching with need, jerking his hips up Lucifer deep throated him gagging a bit at the sudden movement.
“Fuck, you’ll be the death of me.” (Y/n) whispered.
Pulling back (y/n) licked kitten licks against the tip, “Good then, I’ll have to make that happen one day.”
“Death by sex, hmm has a nice ring to it.”

I always get made fun of for basically worshipping these men. But there’s a reason behind my obsession. I came across “Danger” on YouTube one day and I decided to watch it. This was during one of the lowest points in my life. I really felt like there was no hope for me left, I was just so done with fighting for a life I didn’t even want to live anymore. Even though I was a bit weirded out by it at first after a couple of listens and Bam I loved it, it was so catchy! Then I decided to check out the rest of their music and I enjoyed every single song, I’ve watched them progress and grow was a group/individuals. I soon enough learned who was who and what made them unique. I found myself just slowly feeling less and less miserable. I’ve started going out more, speaking more and being less anxious about every small thing. Sure there are still those days where I feel extremely upset and I just cannot function. Bts has been a great source of happiness and support for me. They have shown me that not only does “teamwork make the dream work” but that with perseverance anything is possible. This encourages me to keep pushing forward and maybe one day I’ll achieve my goal of being depression free. Battling depression is never an easy task. No I’m not saying they cured me but they definitely do make me happy. Considering how I was before, I’ve definitely seen change. And for the better! I’m sorry if all I do talk about bts 24/7. I owe my happiness to these guys. Seeing pictures or watching videos of them just brings a smile unto my face. Not a forced one, it just comes naturally. Bts has a special place in my heart. Thanks for helping me become a better and happier person. I am also extremely grateful for the opportunities that they have been given, and the love that armies all around the world have given to the boys. They deserve all of it. Army fighting! 💕
………….Idk I’m tired and having bts feels………….

Song Imagine: Just A Friend To You // Megan Trainer

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor ? ❤️❤️❤️

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?

Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings

Tyler Joseph is the most annoying person you have ever met. His stupid face and his stupid hair and his stupid voice and his stupid everything.

And you and your stupid emotions had to go and fall for him. For your brother’s best friend. For your best friend.

Everything is just so stupid.

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Imagine - You are invited to Mikaelsons house warming party and Niklaus becomes fond of

When you received the elegant letter at your doorstep inviting you to a house warming party for the Mikaelssons’, a new family to Y/H/T, you couldn’t refuse. Nearly everyone in your town was invited, especially the founding families. You adorned your prettiest light purple body hugging dress, a pair of black heels, and priceless family jewels.

So far the party had been a blast. You had danced with a few people and talked with all the other founding families. You had met a couple of the Mikaelssons, two dark haired men, Elijah and Kol, and Rebekah. Elijah was the utmost gentleman but seemed very formal. Kol had a ever lingering air of mischief and a sly smirk to compliment. Rebekah was very nice and cheerful and her dress was drop dead gorgeous. Rebekah was the only Mikaelsson you maintained a conversation with, however laconic.

But one of the Mikaelsons couldn’t keep his eyes off you the whole evening. You kept catching him eyeing you from afar. He was incredibly handsome but you could sense something ominous about the way he looked at you, like he could just eat you up.

Brushing it off you grabbed a glass of bubbling golden champagne and sipped the rich and expensive liquor.

“We haven’t been introduced yet, I’m Klaus Mikaelson.” You jumped and almost spilt your beverage. Turning you met eyes with the man from before. He held out his hand for yours. “What’s your name, love?”

“I’m Y/N.” You said placing your hand in his. He lifted your hand and pressed his lips against the back of your palm. His stubble tickled the back of your hand and his lips were smooth.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” His breath tickled. Klaus’s lips remained on your hand a couple seconds longer than casual, but in this day and time is a kiss on the back of your hand ever not an intimate gesture?

Klaus kept eye contact the whole time and smiled gleefully as he gently let your hand go. You studied his handsome features but you couldn’t get your mind off of the way he had been looking at you only a few moments prior. But what harm could a stranger, hosting such a ostentatious event, at their mansion with their family, intend you? But your gut feeling never led you astray, and you aren’t about to ditch your instinct because of a man with manners and a handsome smile.

“The pleasure is all mine.” You held his burning gaze. His eyes were a aqua and grey blue and were magnificent.

“Would you like to dance, love?” One corner of his mouth lifted into a smirk that revealed one of his dimples.

“It is a party after all.” You replied and took his arm and he led you to the dance floor as the music slowed to a more mellow melody.

Despite your caution while in his presence you couldn’t hold back the blush that blossomed across your cheeks when he laid one hand across the small of your back and continued to compliment you.

“That dress is magnificent, Love, You look absolutely stunning.” The way he looked into your eyes made it seem like he was trying to know your whole being in the short span of the song.

“Thank you. You look quite handsome, Klaus.” The conversation paused while Klaus spun you. “Now tell me more about you, mysterious new-comer.”

“There isn’t much to tell,” he smiled. “My family and I moved here and reunited. And what about you, love? Anything intriguing about you?”

“I’m a college student, my major is indeterminate. I’m just trying to figure out what I really want to devote myself to but I haven’t really found anything. Life is too short to be stuck daily hating what I’m doing just for money, you know?” Klaus looked at you in agreement.

“I couldn’t agree more, love. So far what has interested you most?"Klaus said off-handedly before lowering you into a dip. Klaus was liking you more and more by the minute.

"I think psychology has been the most intriguing, but it’s not something I see myself enjoying day to day. It’s fun to learn how emotions affect people and how different people react and how it’s all just a big chain reaction of chemical surges in our brains. It explains a lot though. Once you learn this type of material you can’t really unlearn it. It’s fun to meet people and become some form psychic on what their going to do.” The song came to an end and Klaus led you off the dance floor.

The night was long and you had happily spent most of it with Klaus. Apparently his full name is Niklaus Mikaelsson. He has three brothers and a sister, his dad had passed. You and Klaus danced many more times and his charm won you over. Klaus grew on you.

When you finally arrived home you removed your now painful heels, peeling off your dress and showered. Now dried and in comfy pajamas you walked into your room. There on your open window sill lay a small white card with script: “To Y/N~”. You opened the card and read it.

“Y/N, I had a fantastic evening all thanks to you. I would love to get to know you even better. You can come be my psychic, love.
~ Klaus”

You went to bed but you couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of seeing Klaus again.

Title: Fatal Attraction (Part 4.)

Character(s): Ike Evans and Diana (original female character)
Diana and Ben attend Frank Sinatra’s concert at the Miramar Playa. 
Word Count: 2,691
Warning: SMUT! 
Author’s Note: Hey everyone! I have been waiting to write this chapter because of Frank Sinatra, and he’s my absolute favorite singer. Ever. Anyway, I just recently finished the first season of Magic City and while I know how Ben reacts to Lily’s secret, I wanted to go an entirely different route and make him more dangerous than he really is. Enjoy! :-) 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

Song: I’ve Got You Under My Skin by Frank Sinatra

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Do you ever get that feeling of suddenly being REALLY inspired just by listening to a certain song? Because that’s exactly what happened to me as I drew this. I really want to continue with this and visualize the whole song I heard, but I have way too many projects ongoing at the moment (as usual). Hopefully I’ll get back to this and finish it, because I’m pretty sure you’d like to see the story behind it ;)

Now let me return to my other duties xD

6 frames; 1 fps

If only I could make myself disappear
The me, who wants to change
At such a time I think about YOUR SMILE~

I’m gonna make a Sakuya character song a reality //kicked. Not really but I’m trying to make something bout it… (>v>) So stay tuned!! Actually, please kick me, I need to study but the uRGE IS JUST TOO STRONG. WHY AM I ALWAYS SO PRODUCTIVE BEFORE EXAMS //crieeesss

@mikoe24 I wonder if you know where this is from~ *wink wink*

This part is long as hell but I just couldn’t shorten it any further. It’s also kind of feelsy so if you want to really tug on your heartstrings (as I know some of you sick lil shits will - myself included) then play this song when you read the line “I always did have the worst luck.” As requested by @delicatelygrandtraveler, @sxnali, @arabella-loves-coffee, and @meganlpie; this is the latest chapter of Plague - enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: I read part 6 today almost as soon as you posted it. It’s fantastic! There is going to be another part, right?


Omg the feeeeeels from part 6 of Plague! It was so profund and emotional, it was a challenge for both of them

I am LOVING Plague! Loki is one of my favorite characters and you write him so well! I cannot wait to read the next part!

Plague (Part 7)

Part 6

Thor was careful returning to Loki’s room as he had just seen you leaving it. One half of his brain argued with the other as it collectively questioned what had ensued since he’d been gone. He wanted to believe that you had been sensible and had begun your separation from his brother, but the more naïve part of him hoped he wasn’t so bad that you would feel obligated to abandon him. It was difficult being the closest thing Loki had to a friend, and so desperately did Thor want him to be well again.  

He just knew that there must be good still remaining within his brother; there had to be. If his work with the Avengers didn’t bring it forth, then perhaps you could. Loki clearly was more… willing to try the latter method. As he stood contemplating such things, he realised that several minutes had passed. Shaking his mane of hair, Thor slipped quietly into the room to see that Loki was curled up under the covers. 

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SHINee Jonghyun x GF scenario: crying together
~emotional fluff comfort~
Jonghyun puts his acoustic guitar in it’s stand at the end of the bed before moving back to lie beside you on top of the soft dark gray bed spread.

You sniffle softly while keeping your gaze on the ceiling as your tears begin to fall one by one down your cheeks.
Your boyfriend intertwines your left hand with his right while stroking your skin with his thumb as he sniffles and hiccups a little bit.

you look away from the ceiling to gaze at him while asking your boyfriend softly, “you really wrote that song..for me?”

Jonghyun wipes away a few tears of his own before extending his free hand to brush away your falling tears. “I’ve noticed you’ve been unhappy recently love. I know it’s not much but..I just wanted to bring a smile to your face again.”

You smile through your constant tears and reach your right hand to cup his left cheek as you lean in to touch your foreheads together before closing both of your eyes.

Both of you quietly sob without speaking as Roo jumps on his bed to lie in the mini space between Jonghyun and you.

Finally you pull back just a bit and giggle to yourself when you look down to see his sweet puppy curled up closer to her owner for comfort.

Jonghyun opens his eyes as the tears fall down his face and onto his sheets before chuckling softly when he sees Roo right beside him and strokes her fur for a few seconds then stops once she moves to the end of the bed and lies down to take a nap.

Your tears have stopped for now as you both sit up on the bed still facing each other until you say,“ I’m sorry Jonghyun…” you sigh heavily then sniffle while looking straight into those puffy but sparkling brown orbs.

“I’m sorry babe I-….I’m trying to not cry so much about this but your right.” He doesn’t say anything and just scoots closer to wrap his arms around your waist and gently scratches your clothed back.

It takes you a few seconds before giving in as you begin to sob and extend both arms to his back to clutch his white long sleeved shirt.

You bury your face into his shoulder and sob while shaking tremendously against his chest. “It’s okay sweetheart things will get better I promise. Maybe not now but one day it will all work out.”

You lift your head up to his eye level when he leans in to kiss you.

Your eyes flutter then eventually close as you reach your arms around to rest on his shoulders and neck until he parts his lips previously pressed with your own.

You gaze into each other’s sparkling eyes filled with love as you break the comfortable silence to say

“The song was amazing..just like you Jjong I love you babe.”

He blushes then smiles gently and says quietly, “I’m always here for you sweetheart I love you too.”

Title: Our Happy Ending

@chunex requested: Hi ! I love your fics, can I be tag in all please ?! Btw can you make a fic where Izzie and Denny have their happy ending ? Please Thank You

Character(s): Denny and Izzie
Summary: Denny and Izzie finally have their happy ending.
Word Count: 1,896
Warning: Fluff! 
Author’s Note: All right. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks Denny deserved better hehe. So, thank you @chunex for requesting this! We need to give him his happy ending for all the shit he dealt with. So, I hope this is what you imagined it to be. Enjoy all the fluffy goodness! ;-)

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Favorite songs as of right now [listen here]

* I made this playlist last night but since then TREI released their new track “UP” out of nowhere so there’s an honorable mention [listen here - skip this if you suffer from epilepsy though]. All their songs are amazing so you should just listen to all of them.

I was tagged by the beautiful @aceyng & @kyungiil  to do the 10 song tag ❤️  I’m sorry I’m always late and lack your artistic skills. Maybe one day I’ll get there. It ended up being pretty close to my blog’s playlist but that just tells you I really love all these songs. 

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24. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

As soon as you opened your eyes, your headache kicked in. The room was beginning to spin. You had never felt so hungover in your life.

You regretted taking all those shots with Bucky and Sam the previous night. It was Tony’s birthday and you along with the rest of the team had gathered to celebrate with he and Pepper.

They had recently gotten back together and things around the Tower were good.

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“Yoongi~” You sang, skipping to the doorframe of the room he was busy in.

“Hm?” He grumbled, writing away on a piece of paper.

“Wasn’t today such a nice day?” You smiled, slightly jumping in excitement.

“The weather was nice, yeah.” He nodded, still not turning around.

You played with his white t-shirt you had on; it draped over your body, down to your mid thigh. “Was I pretty today?”

“Extremely pretty, jagi.” He answered, “You did your makeup differently—I noticed. Why did you dress so differently today? You know I don’t like really girly things on you unless there’s a valid reason.”

You raised your eyebrow slightly, “So you didn’t like it?”

“No, I did. I’m just saying if it’s not a special occasion, what’s the point?” He erased what he wrote.

“What would count as a special occasion?” You fixed your red lacy bra under his shirt.

“A birthday, a party, if you have to make a good impression—I don’t know.” He shrugged.

You dropped your facial expression: you thought he was just messing around with you—pushing your buttons to get a reaction from you like he always does. There was a hint of playfulness in his voice when he did this, though. The more he spoke to you now, the more you noticed his voice was as serious as when he spoke about his music. “What day is it?” You asked, clutching at the bottom hem of the shirt tightly. This is the test—the last thing you’ll ask to know for sure.

“I don’t know. Friday?” He took his snapback off and set it on the desk.

You felt tears threatening to spill over, and you bit your lip to keep them in. Two years.. “Okay.” You squeaked, running to the room you shared. You felt the warm tears begging to role down your cheeks as you ran down the hall. When you reached the room, you crawled into bed and hugged your legs after pressing your knees to your chest. Squeezing tightly, you continued your light sobbing. Two years it’s been since Yoongi asked you to a date; where it all started.


“Hey, (Y/N).” Yoongi called you.

“I’ll be back,” You looked to him, touching Jin’s shoulder lightly. “I’ll help you later, alright?”

“I wanted to know how to make that recipe for the boys for next week, you have enough time.” He smiled kindly at you, “There’s no rush.”

You smiled back, hugging him as you departed. “Yes?” You tugged on your shirt exposing your stomach.

“Let’s go out later,” He put his hands in his pockets.

“What?” You scoffed.

“Let’s go out.” He repeated, “Well, not really out. I’m gonna take you to the studio to listen to some songs I’ve been working on; is that fine?”

“I guess..” You looked at him with a puzzled face. Why you? Why so abrupt?

“So when the hyungs leave, I’ll take you.” He nodded, “You can go back to Jin now.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, turning on your heels to Jin. “Noona, noona!” Jungkook yelled, “Watch me!” You watched as he did some weird dance with Tae: they held hands, putting their weight on either side to hold each other up as they flared their arms out gracefully. “Did I do well?” He hopped over to you, looking at you with hopefully eyes.

You giggled while nodding, “Perfect, Jungkook.”

“Argh!” Tae grunted while running to you, then lifting you over his shoulder and spinning around a couple times. He walked with you like you were a prize, “Look hyung—I caught your lover.” He told Namjoon.

“Yah! Put her down,” He ordered, sipping from a water bottle.

“Yeah, put her down.” Yoongi agreed, “She’s not his lover anyway.”

“You don’t know what happens between us when you’re off writing lyrics,” He smirked, popping a chip into his mouth.

He just rolled his eyes, sitting down next to Namjoon. “Can you take me back to Jin, please?” You tried to look at Tae’s face instead of his back.

“Okay!” He chirped happily, skipping over to Jin and setting you down.

“I actually think it’s time for us to head back to the dorm, don’t you guys think?” Jin spoke, putting his arm around you. “You can explain everything to me tomorrow.”

“She’s coming with us.” Yoongi said, “More like me.”

“Huh?” Jimin scratched his head, stopping his playful wrestling with Hoseok.

“You don’t have to know everything,” Yoongi glared at him, “Let’s just go, alright? I have music to work on,”


You wiped your moist cheeks with your wrists, dropping them as if they were deadweight on your calves. You had switched positions to sitting cross legged—like a small child. You looked up as an attempt to keep the tears from falling, you succeeded and looked back down. You noticed how the makeup you had on still smeared and began to wash away from your tears—staining your arms with black.


You watched Yoongi’s lips, waiting for his tongue to pop out and lick them as he spoke quickly—moving his hand at the pace he was going at. He was holding his notebook tightly in his hand, reading as he rapped his lyrics. Finally, when he had put the notebook back down he looked up at you. He looked at you dead in the eyes, “How was it?” He asked, quickly licking his lips.

“It was really good—I liked it.”

“I think I’ll keep this one for a better time,” He grabbed his pen, tapping it on the paper gently. “What should I call it?”

“I think you should wait to name it,”

“Maybe.” He mumbled, skimming though his words again. He sighed heavily, “I haven’t worked on this for long, but I really like it. I have a handful of songs that I’m proud of, and I wanna get them out there. I just have to wait for a good time,”

“You seem eager,” You laughed as he got slightly upset he wasn’t able to do as he wanted.

“I hate waiting—especially for something like this.” He set the pen down.

“When you wait for a longer amount of time, it’ll make whatever you’ve been waiting for even more satisfying.” You said lowly, watching his hand just lay on the desk. You sat there in silence, but it didn’t feel as awkward as it was expected. Yoongi didn’t talk much, so somewhere in your mind you knew this would happen eventually. This has been a unique date: occasional conversations on the ride here, another boy leaning his head on you, and no physical contact as you watched him work. You watched his face from the corner of your eye, slowly sliding your hand over to his. You linked your pinky fingers carefully—making sure he didn’t give a bad reaction. He looked, but immediately looked away. Taking this as a sign of consent, you rested your head on his shoulder. Yoongi glanced down at you, confused as to why you did such a thing. His shoulder raised a little, but you let go of his hand and hugged him with that arm. While you let go, you held his hand properly and brought it over to his lap.

He groaned, shifting in his chair. He cleared his throat, “Skinship isn’t mandatory on dates.”

“Do you not like it?” You lifted your head, and letting him go.

He shrugged, “Not really.” He watched as you lowered your head. “But if you want, I’ll let you hold my hand or something.”

“I don’t feel right if you’re not enjoying it,”

“Maybe I’ll like it the more you do—maybe I just have to get used to it. I’ll let you pick anything: hand holding, hugging, kissing—anything you want.” It was obvious that he felt guilty after seeing you getting embarrassed. “I’ll make an exception for you.” You shook your head, biting your nail as you looked away from him. He did an annoyed sound, then you felt his hands on your waist lifting you up. “I guess I’ll have to do it for you, since you won’t do it yourself.” He set you down on his lap, and scooted his chair in. He had his arms on either side of you, turning to a blank page in his notebook.

“What are you doing?”

“I just came up with a line,” He said, starting to write. You looked at yourself: sitting on one of Yoongi’s legs, your own legs in between the two of his, and he was leaning back which made you lay on him. You laid your head down on his shoulder, nuzzling you face into his neck. He froze, “You’re getting comfortable?”

“Should I not?” You lifted your head.

“No, just do what you want.” You reluctantly went back to his neck, hearing him clear his throat. “Thank you.” He spoke, holding your waist.

“For what?”

“That feels funny,” He lightly laughed, speaking about your breath on his neck. “For giving me another idea for a song.”

“Oh..” You bit your lip lightly. You hand went to the waistband of his pants, holding on to keep from falling. He put his pen down again, just focusing on holding you and having you on him. Your lips brushed against his neck, and gave him goosebumps as he slightly shivered. You gently planted a kiss on his neck, putting your head back down. You smiled, then glanced up to Yoongi who was smiling his gummy smile to himself—unable to keep it in.


You sniffled, throwing the towelette in the garbage as you made your way back to bed. It’s been a while since you’ve started crying, so you decided to just go to bed. You took your makeup off, but your eyes were puffy from the tears you shed. You put your hair in a bun, and sat on the bed again to check your phone. “Jagi..” Yoongi’s voice said softly, as he made his way over to you. “I’m sorry—I forgot.”

“I know..” You put your phone behind you.

“It’s all the work—I swear. I didn’t want to miss it, but I did. It’s all my fault, and I should’ve at least got you something.” You stood quiet, playing with your fingers. “Look at me, please.” He lifted your chin to him. “You cried..”

“Of course I did.” You felt the tears welling up again. “It’s been two years..”

“Come here,” He opened his arms. You stood in your spot, feeling another wave approaching. He sighed, “I always need to make your decisions on this date?” He joked, bringing you in and wrapping his arms around you.

“You remember?” You looked up.

“(Y/N),” He laughed in disbelief, “I forgot because of work then remembered—I remember what happened, okay?” He smiled, putting you on his lap like a child. “I remember taking you home afterward,” He put some loose pieces of hair behind your ear, “You kissed me, just like this..” He pecked your lips slowly, cupping your cheek. “Then you pulled away, and you left.”

“You said you didn’t like skinship,” You hugged him, “But you kissed me back, and even held me.”

“I wanted to hold your hand, but you know I can’t even do that now.”

“Why is it only me?” You questioned, changing your position to pressing your chest against his with your legs on either side of him.

“That I touch and let touch me?”


He pulled you away from him to look at your face, “You’re the only exception—for two years now. You’re the only one who can make my heartbeat increase by just holding your hand, and not want to pull away.”

“Then why do you while we walk or go shopping?” You cocked your head.

“You know I don’t like PDA,” He narrowed his eyes.

“It isn’t entirely PDA-”

“Too much for me.” He waved his hand, “You can hold my hand when a lot of people aren’t around.” He pressed his forehead against yours, holding your hips. “I love you, (Y/N). These two years were great, but now it’s time for a third.” He said, kissing your lips tenderly. “Are you in?”

You nodded your head, “Always.”

“Good, because I’ll always be in too.” He scrunched his face up to yours smiling.