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Yongguk\Reader\Namjoon | So, You Don’t Love Her? (M)

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Request: Namjoon + reader + yongguk daddy kink smut??

Genre: smut. daddy kink. poly!relationship. the tinest itty bitty pinch of angst, i can’t stress the smallness more.

Warning: dirty talk. overstimulation. oral. praise kink. orgasm fixation.
Length: 4.5k

Summary: After meeting Namjoon and Yongguk and being proposed to join a poly relationship with them, you all started a happy life.

(not proofread)

Namjoon was a cold man. Not in a cruel way, just in the way that he didn’t like to let his emotions show. He was only 22 but he was wildly successful. He had a head position at the company he worked at.

The thing about Namjoon is, he likes control. Everything must be done the way he wants, and he expects his rules to be followed. He was a tickler for rules and order. He plans everything out and gets it done.

Yongguk is the clear opposite. He was a warm man with a gummy smile that lit up the room. He was the oldest of the three of you, 27. He was a mechanic, well he owned the shop, so he often came home a mess. His curly hair matted to his face from sweat, and blotches of grease and oil on his clothes and skin.

Yongguk was a free spirit. He was spontaneous, often going out in the middle of the night for a random food run. He was a soft, kind man. He never lost his temper and he was always gentle to those he loved.

And then there’s you. The girl who has both these men wrapped around your finger.


You had met Namjoon first. You two met in a coffee shop in the winter time. He had been sitting in the corner, working on his laptop. His blonde hair had been pushed back off his forehead, showing the deep furrow in his brows. He had been gnawing on his lip in concentration. He was incredibly handsome.

You had just gotten your hair done that day and were feeling confident, so you approached him. He had greeted you with a brow raised, leaning back in his seat with his hands folded over his stomach.

“What can I help you with, darling?” He had asked in a smooth voice. It had sent shivers down your spine. You quickly lost your confidence and began to flounder.

He had smirked, “Have a seat then.”

So, you did. And the two of you hit it off quickly. You talked for a while, drinking your coffees and enjoying each other company. By the end, you had exchanged numbers and began meeting casually.


It wasn’t long afterwards that you met Yongguk. Your car had been having troubles so you had been advised to take it in to the local mechanic’s shop, a suggestion by Namjoon himself. The one Bang Yongguk worked in. What a dream meeting.

He had come out from the back, a ratty wife-beater on his slender frame that was grease stains all over it. A large chest tattoo was on full display along with various arm tattoos. He came to the reception desk, wiping his hands off on a rag.

“Hey sweetheart, something I can help with?” His voice was so deep it shocked you. He looked at you, breaking out into a kind, gummy smile. God, he was beautiful.

“U-Um…yeah…my car’s been making a rattling noise for the past week…I was advised to come get it checked…” You said, your voice had trailed off as he lifted his wife-beater to wipe the sweat off his face. It revealed his toned abdomen and left a smudge of grease on his face.

“Sure honey, let me get some forms for you to fill out.”

He had checked out your car and given the proper care. As you were leaving, he had suddenly asked you on a date. You had quickly agreed.


It was only a couple months later that you found out the two of them were actually friends. At first you had been embarrassed about having been caught chatting with two men. But they assured you that there was nothing wrong with it.

“You’re a beautiful single woman, ____.” Yongguk had said, a shy smile on his face.

“We don’t mind if you see us both, darling.” Namjoon had added after taking a sip of some expensive champagne.

After seeing them both for a while, they had suddenly sat you down.

“_____, there’s something we should tell you.” He took off a pair of glasses he was wearing and placed them on the table, before folding his hands in front of him. He always looked like he was in a business meeting, not that you complained because he looked sexy as hell doing it.

Yongguk on the other hand, was lounging back in the seat drinking a coke. His chocolate eyes darted between the two of you.

“What is it?” You asked, frowning.

“Yongguk and I have a…proposition for you. Something that would surely benefit all three of us.” Namjoon liked to draw things out. He took forever to get to the point.

You guessed Yongguk got tired of it too because he blurted out, “What do you think about polyamory?”

Namjoon heaved a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Have you no finesse, Yongguk?”

The tattooed man had only giggled as he sipped his coke.

“Polyamory? You mean having multiple partners?” You asked, earning a nod from Namjoon. Yongguk had almost finished his coke by now, never even putting the cup down.

“You see, ____, Yongguk and I have an agreement. We both willingly share a woman if she consents to it. And since we both like you a considerable amount, we figured we should ask what you think. I know you like both of us too, that’s what we were hoping for.”  He took a soft breath, glancing at Yongguk. “We both completely understand if you want no part of this, a lot of people find this…arrangement…to be rather strange.”

Yongguk, finishing his drink and putting his cup down, spoke up again. “We just need a yes or no from you, sweetheart.”

“But we won’t rush you. Take all the time you need to think about this. Research it if you must, or contact us if you have any questions about it.”

“Joon, why do you have to make everything sound like you’re closing a business deal?”

“I am a business man.”

“But ____ isn’t a business partner!”

“Are you really going to argue with me on this Yongguk?”

You giggled, their bickering always made you laugh. Mostly because of the opposite dynamic between the two of them.

“I will think about it, guys.” You had assured.


And it took about 2 weeks before you had contacted Namjoon to tell him you wanted to meet again to give them your answer.

You three met at a fancy restaurant. Yongguk was there first and you sat down with him while you both waiting for Namjoon to show up.

“Whatever your answer is, _____, I just want you to know that both of us have really enjoyed having you around. It’s…been a while since our last relationship. We’ve both been hoping that we’d meet someone.” Yongguk was speaking seriously, looking out the window. Probably looking for Namjoon’s car.

“How long’s it been?” You asked, watching him purse his lips at the question.

“Eh…I’d say 2 and a half years.” He mumbled. “It didn’t end well last time. The girl we were with…she cheated on us. Some post British guy. Namjoon was furious and refused to try again even though I was down to searching again. It took him a while to get over her.” Suddenly, his eyes widened. “B-But he’s over her now. I- We both are, I mean. W-We wouldn’t be asking you to do this if we weren’t you know-“

You gigged, about to assure the man when Namjoon approached to table with a sigh.

“Meeting took longer than expected, sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. We were just having a nice talk.” You smiled, watching him discard his blazer and put it on the back of the chair beside him.

“So, I don’t think there’s any point in postponing it. What’s your answer, ____?”

“Joon! Be more gentle about it! You’ll scare her off if you keep up this cold-guy façade!”

“It’s not a façade.”

“You- “

“I agree to it.” You giggled out before they could begin bickering more.

“You do?” Yongguk asked, a big guy smile spreading across his face.

You nodded, your hair bouncing around your face as Yongguk heaved a sigh of relief.

“Waiter, a bottle of your finest champagne please!” Namjoon bustled, with a smile on his face that showed off his dimples.


A year passed. The relationship between the two of you was going smoothly. You had moved in with them, as it turned out they had been living together for years. Both men had opened their door to you with open arms. You all quickly fell into a routine.

Yongguk left in the morning at 5 to open up shop and get everything ready for the day. Then Namjoon left at 9 to get to the office. You stayed home, doing some house work and spending the day cooking for both men for when they got home.

At the beginning of the relationship you tried to convince them to let you keep your job waitressing, and they did. Until they realized how run down you had become. Then they began to raise their protests. But when you came home crying because of a rude customer and your boss screaming at you for how you responded, they officially told you to quit.

You felt bad because you didn’t want to depend on them like that, but they assured you they both made enough money. And they said if you managed to find another job that wasn’t waitressing, to go for it. But you didn’t, so you’ve remained like this.

You couldn’t complain, it was a nice way to spend your days.

Unfortunately, during your time alone at the apartment one day, you got a visitor. You had been washing the dishes when the doorbell rang. Heaving a sigh, you wiped your hands off on a rag while walking to the door to answer.

When you opened the door, there was a girl there. She was probably a little older than you. Her brown hair was curled and fell around her shoulders, her lips were painted red and she wore an expensive pair of sunglasses. Judging by her Gucci purse, you could only assume the skin tight red dress and 6 inch black heels she wore were also designer.

When she heard the door open, she smiled brightly only to see it was you and the smile faded.

“Oh…who are you? Where are Joon and Guk?” Her voice held some degree of malice.

Joon and Guk? They must be close. You thought.

“They’re not home yet. Yongguk should be home in about 15 minutes.”

“Oh, I know when he’ll be home honey.” She said, eying you up and down. “I guess I’ll come back another day. What a pain.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder with a sigh.

“I can take your name and give it to them if you’d like.”

She furrowed her brows and spoke again. “Who are you anyway? A house sitter?”

You chuckled. “Ah, no. I’m their…uh…roommate.”

“I see. Anyway, don’t bother telling them I was here I’ll just come by again when one of them’s home.”

With that, she turned around and clicked her way down the hallway. The oven timer started going off so you shut the door and hurried over to get the food out.

Right on time, Yongguk strode through the door with a loud greeting.

“Dinner ready, babygirl? Joon should be home soon, he called to say he needed to pick up some wine or something, you know him.”

“Yeah, it’s ready. You can start eating if you’d like.” You didn’t bother telling him about the visitor, as she told you not too. To be honest, you didn’t really care enough.

“Nah, I’ll wait.”

And Namjoon came home with two bottles of wine, sat down for dinner with you two. You stayed up together for a little while before you all headed to bed.

To be honest, you completely forgot about the female visitor until she showed up again on a Sunday a month and a half later.

This time she was wearing a babypink graphic tee over a pair of ripped jeans and a pair of nude heels. Her brown hair was up and she didn’t have any sunglasses on. She was…incredibly beautiful. Model material.

“Oh, you again. They home?” She asked, forsaking a greeting.

“Um…Yongguk is.” You said.

“Cool,” you sputtered in surprise as she barged her way into the house. “Gukkie, baby!”


Yongguk came wandering out of the bedroom with a confused look on his face but it changed into a glare. You’d never seen such a nasty look on that man’s face.

“Keiko…” He clicked his jaw in annoyance. “The fuck are you doing here?”

“Don’t act like that, baby. I came to talk to you and Joonie. I want to explain everythi-“ Yongguk held up his hand.

“Save it, Keiko. Neither of us care anymore.”

“Well obviously you do, or else you wouldn’t look so angry with me.”

“I’m not angry with you, I’m angry that you have the balls to show up here after what you did.” Yongguk stormed through the living room towards the door. “I suggest you leave before Namjoon gets here.”

“No, I’m going to wait for him. We both know he’s always been the sensible one.”

There was a pregnant pause that Yongguk took to glare a hole through the girl.

“Um…what’s going on?” You asked softly, drawing their attention to you.

She was about to say something when the door opened, bumping Yongguks shoulder.

“Shit, sorry.” Namjoon said, patting his shoulder before shutting the door. He hadn’t noticed Keiko’s presence yet. But when he did, he straightened up.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Keiko?” He repeated the same thing Yongguk did earlier. “Get the fuck out of this house right now or I’ll throw you out myself.”

“Joonie, baby…”

“Don’t call me that. You lost that privilege years ago. To show up here isn’t only stupid but disrespectful.” He seethed.

“Disrespectful?” The other girl ground out. “To who! I’m just trying to fix things.”

“To me and Yongguk and most importantly _____.” He shouted, gesturing angrily to you, making you jump.

“It’s been 3 and half years since you cheated on us Keiko. We’ve moved on. We have _____ now.” Yongguk said, pulling you against his side.

“We don’t need you. We don’t want you, Keiko.” Namjoon snarled, getting into her face. “Leave.”

Keiko scoffed, her eyes tearing up. You didn’t know if it was in humiliation or if she was really upset she lost them. Either way, she stormed out of the house and slammed the door, making you jump.

“What the heck was that about…?” You whispered.

“Who the fuck cares.” Namjoon snarled before storming out of the living room to his office.

Yongguk sighed, wandering to the couch to sit down.

“Guk, what-“

“I don’t want talk about it _____.”


“No, _____. Drop it.” Yongguk hissed, before he too disappeared. This time to the bedroom.

You sighed, sinking into the spot Yongguk just vacated.


You huffed softly, sitting on the couch watching an old drama rerun. Things have been tense in the house since Keiko came around to stir the pot. Namjoon’s barely been home, picking up extra hours at the office to avoid the house. And Yongguk has been angrier, losing his temper on the smallest shit.

You’d basically been walking on eggshells, and quite frankly you were growing tired of it.

Yongguk was holed away in the bedroom, doing god knows what.

Probably sulking you mused.

It was 11:45 before Namjoon strode through the door. He looked a mess. His tie was pulled down and his hair was everywhere like he had been messing with it all day. And moreso, he smelled like he’d been drinking.

That wasn’t unusual, but he never drank to get drunk.

“What are you doing up?” He snapped, throwing his blazer on a coat hook.

“Just…can’t sleep…” You mumbled, careful not to say something to piss him off.

“Well go to bed. I don’t want you up.”

You scoffed, “That’s a bit rude.”

“Don’t test me _____.” He growled.

“What’s going on with you Namjoon?” You ground out. “You’ve been acting like this ever since Keiko came. You and Yongguk. Why are you both doing this?” Your voice had slowly risen throughout your questioning. You could hear Yongguk open the bedroom door, signaling he was joining the scene.

“Don’t talk to me like that _____. Watch your mouth.”

You rolled your eyes. “Stop the act Namjoon. You’re the one acting like an asshole. You and Yongguk. I get you’re both upset about her showing up, but I don’t deserve to be treated like this! Why are you even so bothered by this, she cheated on you! She doesn’t deserve you acting so upset over this!”

“Don’t you think I fucking know that, _____?!” Namjoon shouted, getting into your face. “And don’t you fucking talk about her like that.”

Yongguk was standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall watching it all unfold.

“What, are you still in love with her? Is that what the problem is?” You whispered.

You watched Namjoon still and swallow sharply, obviously hesitating. “I’m going to shower.” Is all he said before he stormed to the bathroom.

You scoffed in disbelief, sitting back down as you felt the sting of tears.

“Don’t mind that, sweetheart. I’ll talk to him.” Yongguks baritone reverberated through the room before he left you alone with your thoughts.

“…she cheated on us. Some post British guy. Namjoon was furious and refused to try again even though I was down to searching again. It took him a while to get over her.”

Yongguks words passed through your mind.

Did Keiko showing back up make Namjoon’s feelings come back?

You decided to sleep on the couch that night. You couldn’t stomach sleeping with them after what just happened. You fell asleep watching nighttime television and holding in your tears.

A few days passed before they finally sat you down to talk to you about it all.

“I know if you’re angry with us _____, I completely understand…” Namjoon mumbled, dropping his face into his hands. You kept your eyes on Yongguk who sat across from you in the arm chair, giving you a reassuring smile.

“Why’d you behave like that?” You asked, biting your lip to stop the quiver in your voice from showing too much.

Namjoon sighed. “_____, it’s complicated.”

“No, it’s not Namjoon.” Yongguk grumbled.

“I was just…hurt I guess.” Namjoon whispered, looking up at you. “Being cheated on after devoting yourself to a relationship like that…I was so hurt afterwards. I didn’t have to deal with her all this time. Then she just showed up acting like we were the ones who wanted her. Like we would wait for her after what she did? It pissed me off so much. I just…took it out on you. On both of you.”

“Dumbass.” Yongguk grumbled.

Namjoon chuckled. “I know…____…don’t you have anything to say?”

You sighed. “I guess I can understand that, Namjoon…”

“Atta girl.” Yongguk praised. “Now, what do you say we take this to the bedroom for some passionate, hot make-up sex?”

“Real subtle Guk.”

“I am who I am, Joon.”

“You’re a joke.”

“Tell me that while ____ choking on my dick.”


Your bare back hit the bed, making you bounce slightly. In an instant, Namjoon was over you with his lips attached to your neck. He was creating little red marks all over the sensitive skin, drawing tiny whimpers from your lips.

Yongguk, who had shed his shirt, climbed in behind you so you could lean against his lap.

“Joon’s got a treat for you, babygirl.” He ground out, feeling your weight against his hard on in his jeans.

Namjoon’s rough hands spread your legs, exposing your wet pussy to his eyes for the first time in a long while.

“Shit babygirl, look at that…so fucking wet…”

“You want Joonie to eat your little cunt, baby?” Yongguk asked, brushing your hair out of your face.

“Yes!” You cried out, feeling Namjoon’s breath against your wetness.

“Yes, what baby?”

“Yes, Daddy!”

“Fuck, that’s it. Call me that again.” Namjoon commanded, you could see him grinding against the bed.

Then, in a flash he was eating your cunt for all he was worth. His tongue slid desperately against your clit, drawing cries from you. He was slurping up every drop you gave him. He was moaning like a madman into your cunt as he tasted you.

“Fuck, that’s it Joon. Does our babygirl taste good? Huh? How’s her cunt taste?”

Namjoon pulled back with a groan to look at Yongguk over your shoulder.

“So fucking good. She’s so fucking sweet.” Namjoon suddenly introduced his fingers, sliding in two slender digits into your gripping pussy. “God, _____, I’m gonna make you cum so hard.”

“Ah, Daddy, that feels suh-so good!” You whined, gripping Yongguk’s biceps behind you, trying to keep yourself grounded while Namjoon dove back in to swirl his tongue around your clit.

“Joonie eating your pussy good baby?” Yongguk asked with a groan, feeling his cock throb in its confinement.

Namjoon’s tongue was a work of magic. His tongue swirling wildly against the pulsing nub of your clit. His fingers sliding in and out of you, kissing your g-spot with every pass, causing your hips to jerk. Yongguk’s hands weren’t idle either, their cupped your breasts and pinched your sensitive nipples between his fingers.

“She’s gonna cum.” Namjoon announced, feeling your cunt hugging his intruding fingers.

“Fuck yeah she is. Cum baby.” Yongguk growled. “Cum for your Daddies.”

Your back arched, your nails sinking into Yongguk’s tan skin. Your cunt convulsed around Namjoon’s fingers and his tongue continued to swirl around your clit, making your legs shake around his head. Namjoon spent a moment after your orgasm subsided cleaning you up, drinking up every drop of cum you gave him. Then, he slid his fingers out of your and left a fleeting kiss on your clit.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck you now, sweetheart.” Namjoon ground out, discarding his black boxers on the floor somewhere.

Yongguk sat behind you, the picture of self-control, lightly petting your hair as your body continued to lightly tremble from the force of your orgasm.

“Fuck, look at that pretty little cunt, Guk.”

“So pink and wet…” Yongguk rasped, licking his lips as his fingers trailed down your body to lightly pet your pulsing heat. He spread your lips open with his fingers, letting Namjoon watch as a drop of your cum dripped out, making the younger man groan.

“That’s it, I need to fuck you babygirl.”

Namjoon pinned your legs open before guiding his cock into your entrance. You both shared a moan of pleasure at the feeling of him stretching your walls. He didn’t pause for a second before pulling out and slamming back into you. Yongguk pinned your hips down to keep you from grinding against Namjoon’s cock.

“You’re so fucking tight around me, Princess.” Namjoon ground out. “I want you to cum again, baby.”

Yongguk took that initiative by using his fingers to attack your clit. The cry you let out caused both men to groan. Namjoon increased his pace, driving his cock into your clutching pussy. It didn’t take long before you are erupting in orgasm again, the last one you had making you sensitive to both men’s touches.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum too.” Namjoon gasped out, his hips faltering before driving into you faster. The sound of his hips meeting your skin filled the room. You continued to write underneath Namjoon, desperately trying to dislodge Yongguks fingers from your oversensitive clit that he continued to circle despite your orgasm having passed.

“She’s holding my cock so tight. Keep doing that Guk.” Namjoon encouraged, ignoring your whines of overstimulation.

Suddenly, Namjoon drove his cock into you to the hilt, letting his cum fill you up with a loud groan of your name. His head fell backwards while his body trembled from the force of his orgasm. His cock began to soften inside you before he pulled it out.

“Shit, so fucking good babygirl.” He whispered, panting against your lips as he planted a delicate kiss on them.

Then, he switched places with Yongguk.

You leaned your back against Namjoon’s chest while Yongguk took his place between your legs. He quickly discarded his jeans and boxers, letting his hard cock out.

“Fuck I’m so hard, I’m not gonna last long at all sweetheart.” Yongguk’s strong hands, callused from years of working on cars, pinned your legs together and up against your chest. “Hold her there, Joon.”

Namjoon wrapped his hand around your legs so you couldn’t get out of the position. You whimpered softly, feeling exposed to Yongguk’s gaze as he watched your pussy drip for him.

“Shh babygirl, Daddy’s here.” Namjoon whispered, leaning down to kiss your head.

Without warning, you felt the hot head of Yongguk’s dick against the wet lips of your cunt. Then, he was sliding in and you were crying out. The position allowed him to hammer directly into your g-spot, never failing in making your body twitch at the onslaught of pleasure it offered. His thrusts were a little sloppy, probably because of how desperate he was to cum. But, he would never dare neglect you.

His punishing thrusts were bringing you closer to orgasm, already sensitive to his touches.

“Play with her clit, Joon. Make her cum around my cock.”

Namjoon chuckled at the little squeal you emitted at his soft fingers on your sensitive button. His finger was cupped between your folds, not allowing you to wiggle away from the sensation. Your eyes rolled back in your head as you began to cum.

“Daddy!” You cried out. “Fuck, Daddy! That feels so good.”

“That’s a good girl. Cumming so fucking good for your Daddies. Shit, I’m gonna cum too.” Yongguk was letting out raspy moans, keeping a steady pace with his hips, fucking you through the orgasm that flowed through your body making you tremble and tear up with pleasure.

A shock of heat in your pussy made you whimper, loving the feeling of your Daddy’s cum filling you up. Yongguk gave a couple more thrusts, letting his orgasm ride into slight overstimulation, something he loved. After a few trembles, he pulled out and Namjoon dropped your legs, letting them fall to the bed.

“Shit, that was good.” Yongguk sighed, falling to the bed beside you and Namjoon who was lightly petting your hair as you calmed down.

After a moment of silence, you spoke.

“So…you don’t love her?”

Yongguk chuckled and Namjoon groaned.

“No baby. I don’t love her. I love you.”

“I love you too.” You giggled, nuzzling his bare tummy.

“Hey, what about me!” Yongguk whined.

“Who invited you?”


it’s shit im sorry but ive been working on it for like a week so here it is.

dan and phil play the sims 4 #39: a summary


impression of the iconic woman from the simpsons

dan has no care for children and i relate

“… not that you’re children” dan says whilst phil is trying to speak

dig yourself into a hole in your own time stop interrupting him you curly haired lumberjack wannabe

i sound mocking but he actually looks bomb i love it

they both do

“don’t talk about the words. the words just come, they mean nothing… like our lives” also just like the rebrand apparently

briefing on the toddler stage

the lack of skills is going to make me cringe

phil watched the video back just to call dan out, what a guy

they feign surprise that we’re so observant

the parp debate

“… and other things i’m not particularly comfortable with you saying”

“he’s just dead in the bed” // “he’s fine”

phil recalls being in daycare and crushing trucks in sand with his friend owen…. okay boy

can’t wait for the abundance of original characters called owen in fics now

dan just remembers a sandpit

what kind of fancy ass daycares did you two go to i didn’t have any of that shit i just remember all the girls except for me used to fight over the doll pram whilst i sat alone in the corner of the room attempting to read and being sad that i was there

both their daycares were inside and they stank because ‘everyone peed’ …. again what kind of daycare did you two go to

“even though we were three hundred miles and a couple of years apart… we had the same experience” // “essentially that sand came from the same place” i’m so done with these two and it’s not even three minutes in

“fill the bath with fruit loops”

the toddler food glitch is so fucking annoying and seeing it in let’s plays only annoys me more

phil thinks the final bedtime story will be about a dragon

“party miami dad with abs”

“hey dan it’s your ripped jeans, you just need to cut them off as shorts” // “oh my god, yes, and when i have abs i will wear a top like that”

please stop talking over each other we’re not even four minutes in yet this is going to be painful

“that’s kind of dragon, come on, give that to me” the latter of this sentence immediately triggered the 'it’s not the first time he’s said those words’ sensor in my brain

phil wants to change the miami dad outfit whereas dan literally screeched his argument to keep it

phil feels pain in his own stomach watching a simulation on a screen do ab crunches

the excitement over transformation of the day is cute what a cute thirty year old man you are

“that reminds me, you should do transformation of the day, come on, i’ve been waiting” very contradictory but sure okay phil

“time to sacrifice one of our children” the youtube comments are going to have a field day with that one aren’t they

“party dil’s whacking out…”

the draw phil naked music :((((

dan the materialistic man resurfaces

the first singing interlude of the video

“is it dab or usain bolt, scientists can’t tell”

“happy famalamies”

“how does one cake” me on a regular basis honestly

they both agree that blue confetti cake sounds 'birthday-ish’

the artistic prodigy aspiration and the cheerful trait were chosen

“dab - a ray of sunshine running through everyone’s lives”

“i’m like who is this thing in the house” phil lester english university degree holder

lame science jokes from dan there

supportive bf phil is back with a vengeance though don’t you worry

the game spawned him with bunny slippers nice

“he’s growing up before our eyes, dan” fanfic writers have fun

“i’m gonna punch. and i’m gonna punch you, phil. because you’re the only one here” // *phil leans away* “don’t punch ME!”

“amphibians need representation”

cue the 'de-toddling’ decor section

“dinosaurs are still valid”

phil was scared of space print bedding he had as a kid

apparently it included the molester moon so i mean that’s a thing he said

and here’s the creepy speaking in sync thing again. add it to the compilation videos

“easy beans”

a creativity table for children gave phil tingles

the debate over whether or not to give him a tablet is really proving who will be the easygoing parent and who will be the disciplinarian (the majority of the fics were right)

“you-you’re gonna not give someone at school access to youtube? how can they make it through life without minecraft youtubers?” he was speaking from personal experience minus those last three words

i see u howell

phil wants him to draw a vehicle so dan chooses shapes

domestics are on the horizon

“yes this is danandphilcrafts, who’s gonna be sacrificed to satan?”

phil take that reference back before i shove it where the sun doesn’t shine

time to age up evan

quick sidenote have you seen how many dabxevan fics there are bc wow there are a ton, not that i’ve read any but they’re out there

“see i went to cheese and you went to trapeziums… what does that mean, psychologically?” that dan needs to get his well-educated stick out of his ass and realise a block of cheese when he sees it

“all this cake is making me so hungry, dan..”

this whole cake talk is so domestic what the fuck is happening you just moved how are you still providing domesticity

they’re going to get deliveroo cake

i’m surprised we didn’t get a tweet about that crazy night

apparently eliza is a milf according to dan even though phil says he isn’t allowed to say it (make of that what you will, demons)

daddy pancakes

they’re literally providing more weird fic prompts pls stop

“tumblr’s gonna go nuts. they have matching trackies” so we now know what tags dan stalks on tumblr

red apparently reflects evan

the science set is reminding phil of fallout yes i relate what a quality game

this video took so long to summarise what the actual fuck but okay it’s over it’s just the buildup to the outro now

“don’t explode the universe with a chemistry set” wise words from phil there

Daniel Howell - i guess these puns have to be daniel themed now


Chemosignals - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW18+
Pairing: Stiles/Reader
Words: 2,197
Requested by @xxsamm12 can you write either stiles and reader or even lydia where malia and scott can hear her heart race when stiles is near. maybe even have malia say right in front of stiles that smells a very strong chemo signal coming off her. maybe scott talks to her saying that he knows she likes stiles, so she eventually decides to talk to him and they kiss and what not. thank u
AN: So kiss and what not got dirty, but you know, that’s where my mind is at, so I hope you like this.

You plopped your lunch tray on your usual table and slid in next to Kira with a sigh. The Kitsune glanced up at you, her eyebrow raised. “You okay?”

“Fine. Just exhausted.” You leaned your head on your hand, picking at your curly fries.

The rest of the pack filed in, Malia across from you and Scott on Kira’s other side.

Liam yawned widely, sitting next to Malia. “We really need to make it a rule to stay home the day after the full moon.”

“You get used to it, eventually.” Scott said, taking a sip of his soda.

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hubble's law of expansion

(a/n) for the @tmntflashfic theme 011: april! takes place in the space pirates au! multichapter

Her world is dyed in red, and the spinning ruby luminaries dance across her too wide eyes, glossy and far away out into other galaxies; April hears only a faint buzzing in her head, and the ringing pierces her like the smoke in her eyes.

It’s wisps puff out in  black plumes like chalk dust and ash, and the smooth swirls of smoke break apart but April isn’t really April because this isn’t real- she’s watching herself in warped time and bent reality where this is all just happening, where she is still, where Donnie is, in front of her, yelling.

He’s right here but she’s not, and April tries to take a breath just as her footing shifts; she can only stare at the hole of space ahead of her, past where Donnie screams, stumbling forward to her. She wants to tell him to stay away as sparks trickle from the ceiling to the floors around her but she can’t look away from those planets just beyond.

“-o Apr-! Go!”

April cuts her eyes away to the sound and her world- it comes colliding into place, into a kaleidoscope of blood and fire and smoke and sparks and stars, the sounds clashing into her. Senses heightening, April hears the alarms blaring and the canons and the screaming.

She looks back to find Donnie and he’s so close;  he kisses her head.

“Donnie…wha-” she coughs and he kisses her forehead again, taking her sweat and soot with him.

She tries to ask him again, but he puts a mask on her, hands her his blaster and before he can grab her April starts screaming, kicking him away, “No…n-” the mask tastes like plastic air, tastes like dying and coming alive all at once in the moment Donatello shoves her into the pod, the glass sliding closed to separate them.

And April kicks it- the doors, the glass, the lock- choking on her saliva and snot and tears. “Donnie- no, no…No, Donnie lemme- let me out-!”

He says something through the glass and smiles, breathing fog onto the window, he traces the letters with shaking, bloodied fingers.

c u later k

And he points to the hole, to those stars and planets straight past him.

She gets lost in them, for a moment she’s not April and this is her glimpse at the possibility.

But those planets get further- and so does Donnie and the ship.

April tries to yell for him, but her breath is sucked away as she plummets away.

A cannon shoots through the center of the ship and it breaks apart, into a million shards of metal and crystal and fire and her pod flies through space, away from the flames that swallow themselves up, reflecting in her bright eyes until her breath is snatched again.

“Have you guys ever tried Murakami’s - or…anything besides pizza, algae and worms?” April raises her hand up eyes softly closed, “Mikey this is strictly rhetorical- I don’t wanna know. But I mean, c’mon pizza is not…life-”

Mikey gasps and falls over the side of the couch, “That’s waaaay harsh, sister…tell ‘er she’s dead wrong, Raph.”

Raph hits the punching bag, sending it swinging, and catches it against him, grinning at her, “Look, does it look like we have a diet problem, O’neil? Besides we don’t just eat pizza,” he says, steading the bag again.

“Yeah,” Mikey picks himself up, and starts sharpening knives for the fun of it, “We like…had pizza rolls a couple’a times so-”

April stops listening, even as Mikey keeps talking because she can’t hear a thing, her eyes going white- there’s a buzzing…a knocking she can’t-

April likes things that fly; she wants to believe she always had. Because things that flew- they were just so bizarre and wonderful. They were free, but weren’t really- they had compasses and maps and calculations in their hearts that led them back to wherever they just had to be.

She lays there, looking at the light and the sky, and the little flying thing that pecks and knocks at the glass of her pod.

“Morning…” April says out of a hoarse voice, throat sore and torn.

Leo would tell her to get away from it before she caught an infection or something; he was always worried about that kinda stuff. And remembering that brings a certain kind of pain, spreading through her chest. The thing flies away and April almost resents it for leaving her alone here.

She’s alone.

She’s alone- she’s alone and her family isn’t here and the ship is gone and they’re too far away, they shouldn’t be that far from her- from here.

April gasps, forcing herself to take a breath and another, watching her breath fog up the cracked glass, and she watches it recede and dissolve and she counts how many time she breathes and she pinches her eyes closed and feels sick.

And suddenly the world- this world- seems to come alive around her, in front of her, above her, and April senses the life of it, listens to noise of it, letting the sensations flood back into her in technicolor. Everything is a blend of greens and blues and overgrown life; somewhere, very distant, is the sound of water hitting the rocks. And if April closes her eyes and undoes her tightened fingers, she can convince herself that in the sounds is her family.

But that’s meaningless now, she tells herself as she unjams the latch, stepping out (screaming as she smashes the rest of the glass  with her- no…no it’s not her’s, this is donnie’s- blaster), sinking to her knees in the glowing soil. Because her family is dead, right with the best parts of her. And it’s just the worst thing ever- being trapped and alone and April hates herself for letting them spare her.

She presses her forehead against the pod, and thinks that Leo probably never gave the command a second thought- to have Donnie take her and shoot her into another sector. And he probably told them all to go, determined to go down swinging, but his brothers- Casey- they stayed anyway because that’s how things had to work. They didn’t know how else to work. And Donnie’s eyes- when he just knew that they all were going to be murdered and she was gonna be safe, his bloodied hand against the glass and Mikey stumbling behind him without an arm-

April heaves, dragging her head down the pod, curling inward.

“Oh...god-” she clenches her fist, her frizzy, curly red hair twining with her fingers, and she spit on the ground.

Mikey needs his arm, April thinks, dizzily, he’s their best shot. She tries to remember which one was missing, and if Raph was there too when something crawls up her thigh. Raph would hate that, April smiles shakily and turns, back against the side of the pod, and draws her knees up to her chest, looking out into the landscape.

She was under some kind of canopy, a blanket of interwoven plants with enough spaces for light to flood in, and crystallized rocks broke through the branches in certain places where the plants were black and purple and it was beautiful and it sucked because April hated it.

She grips the hilt of her Sulvarian blade, and carves a line into the pod.

There are no more flying things when April wakes next, nor is there light besides the neon luminaries in the soil, that trailed along the ground like paths- like stars, like galaxies, like all those wonderful things. When she steps down, they disappear under her gravity boots, and the little space around them.

The colors are nearly entrancing as they dance a little in the ground.

April looks around, finding everything unchanged in the darkness. She scouts out the land and finds no creatures, part of her wishing something would just jump out already and try to kill her so she could shoot it dead at her feet, eat something, and not feel so alone on this planet- waiting for something to rip her apart.

In the canopy above her, the plants rustle, almost catching april off guard. And she doesn’t mean to sound so bloodthirsty in her own consciousness, in her thoughts, but she was anxious and so afraid and she needed to fight- because that’s what they always did, to ward off the bad energy and the ugly, darker thoughts. They fought. She tightens her hand around the blade, the grooves in the hilt glowing along with the lines going up her suit, and despite the damage in it, April raises her hand to her face, carefully pressing into her temple until her cracked helmet slides out (halts a few times till she hits against it) encasing her face in a screen. And the world is tinted yellow, the words flashing across the screen, reflecting in April’s eyes as she read over the scans.

There is nothing here. Just plant life and fancy, glowing dirt and misery and bugs.

April groans, stashing her blade away, “Get it together O’neil- ‘s just a breeze…or some…thing.”  

April is accustomed to fear, and she knows how to channel that into something fierce and hungry and a little overconfident, so she lets her bravado swell up a bit in the assurance that she had a blade, her blaster, technique and too much energy. And that this was a dying planet; the ooey tendrils of black on the branches and rocks that she presses her fingers against speak of its slow-burn death in little whispers as April begins to breathe, and feel the planet’s energy. She pushes deeper and deeper and deeper into the core, feeling the flutters of life trying and of some fight warring so greatly beneath the lull of warm glow in the nighttime and swaying plants. And further into the world, her third eye peers into why, pulling and stretching and yanking at the hidden things and their layers.

April reaches for the heart, as the tension builds up and something claws its way up to her and she’s close to it- can feel it ripping- when April is pulled from the sensations, and slammed to the ground, the lights dissipating from beneath her, spreading like lightning in jagged paths across the dirt.

April blinks away the blur in her vision, biting down from the way her bones and muscles pull tight and finds herself pinned between legs, her arm held down under someone’s knees.

And their eyes are so wide April almost loses her focus in girth  them, deciphering the meaning in them. Her skin, concealed in the darkness holds hues of indigo, and absorb the fairy lights around them. And the sound of the nighttime become only their intertwining breaths, heavy and uneven; still, April doesn’t even think to grab her weapon because something like amazement keeps April beneath her- this alien of blue and dark purple and black woven hair that fell over her shoulders and hung in April’s face, those luminescent creatures spiraling up her braids.

Her curious wonderment makes April’s brows rut and, briefly, she wonders if this is the way she’s meant to die: horribly amazed by something so intricately beautiful and blinded that she couldn’t even foresee her own death. Qich would be a shame, April says in her thoughts, as the alien pulls out a metal spear from its holster behind her back, because April really did want to get to look at her for a lot more seconds or minutes (or hours or days).

But she prepares to die now and maybe find her family in the other plane of existence saying this is it, April. This is how you die. Now stop being so afraid of it; you should’ve been a better person! until the alien (warrior queen boss looking alien) proceeds to yell very loud- which doesn’t help the way April’s brain feels like it’s been set on fire and then stomped on several thousand times but- and jumps up from her, promptly stabbing, tackling and wrestling a huge, wild beast.

The display in and of itself was pretty damn remarkable as far as April was concerned, as she sat up, nit sure if running away would be best. And there are a billion things on her mind like: gosh you’re stunning kinda, or: hey so are we alone here, or even: would you happen to have a holomap on you by any chance- i may have lost my friends a few sectors back. But April’s throat won’t push the words out and every time she tries its jumbled and the alien, fresh from a kill with the creature’s blood dripping down her arms, looks at her with narrowing eyes and a complicated, unreadable kind of twist to her lips.

Then her lips move and April is back into her own skin, back into her senses.

And for the first time in too, too long- April is laughing, and it’s quiet and it rolls off her tongue like honey- so sweet and thick and rich she almost gags on it. The sound is almost foreign to her.

But another sound all the same, and just as strange to her, tickles her ears.

“X’vhkl? O…lft’zes. Lft’zes u wen’ju olkrsp?” she says, stepping till their distance is gone, leaning into April, cocking her head.


April stumbles back, mouth pulling into an awkward half grin, “Um…yes? No…no, okay. Look-”

“Svxtl,” she repeats, spreading her palm against April’s chest, her eyes lighting up, growing wide with an eager smile, “Jhanna…” 

The marks in her skin begin to illuminate in soft blues as she smiles brighter, her hand still over April’s slow rising chest.

April, somehow unafraid, feels warmth spill into her, blossoming throughout her aching body and she can’t quite look away from her eyes, and that smile and that glow dusting parts of her skin that made Jhanna look very much like a constellation of all the most magnificent stars.

But god April was just so tired, and she would never try to explain the feeling before she sinks to the sparkling dirt.

The third time April wakes up she knows exactly what’s going on, she’s also pretty much done with this shit, and seriously just wants to tell, the universe it freaking won already and if this was some godawful, cruel punishment for agreeing to blow up Sibith’s capital federation building with Casey and Donnie then fine. 

But her voice is still tight and it hurts to think and the alien (no, it’s jhanna now. which means they’re acquainted. which, in turn, means she wont kill april- basically. probably.) is standing over her, hair pulled back now, her lips parted in what just might have been a little concern.

“I had to absorb some of your energy to understand your language,” Jhanna says, conversationally and extends a hand, “I apologize- I became distracted.” she looks down at April, “But I will not kill you, if you are not convinced…”

April coughs, squinting up at her with what she hopes looks intimidating and pissed- because she is, “Well-” she grunts, pushing herself off the ground, “It may come as like- a total shocker but…you throwing me down, oh and drinking my energy-? Honestly, it’s not that convincing,” April grumbles, brushing the dirt from her face till it smears.

And Jhanna watches her- like she’s been watching her- cleaning off the blood on her spear with the sleeve of her skintight, very, very nice suit, looking a whole lot less eager than she did when she was sucking energy out of April but maybe they’re just both tired right now and the swell of heat that rises by the river they’re at doesn’t help, of course, and then there’s other factors April doesn’t give a shit about anymore.

“I did not intend to take that much-”

“Yeah well you kinda d-”

“Qildif!” Jhanna throws her spear down, taking a step closer, and April balls her fist to stop from flinching, “I could have left you to the Beirk when you nearly gave my position but I choose to- I saved your life-”

“I could have taken care of myself, thanks-”

Jhanna scoffs, arms crossing, fingers gripping her biceps, “You are an earthling-”

“I am not. An earthling! Ugh, god what is your problem?” April says, plucking dirt off her sleeves. She glares at her, cradling her sore arm, “I’m for sector 29G-17, only my memories of some stupid counterpart are from, Earth and the only people that would even began to get what I’m saying are probably- shit, I dunno- light years away from here or…and I’m not from Earth, alright? Jeez…”

And April doesn’t know why she cares or why any of this matters or why her eyes sting or why Jhanna’s face softens, her muscles relaxing as she kneels, gathering her spear.

“Well if you want to get back to your sector- there are only two ways off of Omatran,” she says, rewrapping the vines around middle, “Unless, of course, you wish to hijack a ship…”

April hides her small smiles from Jhanna’s knowing eyes that flicker over to her, studying the falter in her indignation before smiling coyly too, turning her attention back to wrapping her spear.

“Now,” she starts again, patiently, “The typical way any Omatran leaves this world is through the slave transport ships heading to Galamora- the next transport is at the end of this Drepton. Others…they fight the Omatran gladiators.” Jhanna pauses, lowering her weapon, laying it gently against the ground, “No one has made it out that way. It is…impossible.”

“Nothing’s impossible…” April says, in a low, quiet murmur like there’s nothing in this world but her- like she needs to know this. Jhanna breathes deeply, untying her hair, and April takes cautious steps to get near her, unsure if she should, and kneels beside her, “Nothing- Jhanna,” she says again, her fingers twitching.

“The Ulysses Crew doesn’t give up…that’s our motto- was…our-” her brow furrows as she holds emotion in, “A-and…nothing is impossible, okay?”

Jhanna’s lips tug into something small and and hopeful and that- is enough for April.

“We’ll get outta here- we’ll…steal a ship-”

“I cannot do that,  I am afraid,” Jhanna sighs, lifting her eyes from the fire to April’s, “My people need this resistance- I must lead them into this.”

April drops the Beirk’s meat into the flames, pushing her frizzy hair behind her ears, scraping dry blood.

“Okay- so plan b, then.”

April is well acquainted with plan b’s (and c’s and d’s and f’s and-) and this, is no different, because she’s escaped other pirates and thieves and correctional facilities and planets and even her own, heavy, suffocating emotions- all to get back to her family. She’ll do it again and again and again until she’s there. With them.

She pretends she doesn’t notice the admiration in Jhanna’s stare, and fights the urge to grin confidently because she is confident- somehow. Somehow losing everything, or not knowing just how much you’ve lost- not knowing how much of that loss you can take- makes you wanna fight until you can’t breathe anymore, to get it all back. And April is still raw with loss and pain, and suppresses it when she can because she won’t feel this until she’s giving her last breath.

Jhanna pokes at the roasting meat, her gaze lost, “You are a good companion,” she says, barely above a whisper as she turns to April with a ghost of a smile, “And very talkative.”

With a gasping laugh that bursts out as naturally as anything she’s felt here- now- April shoves Jhanna, their heads falling back in brittle, bubbling laughter, their hair of different shades twining as the strands graced the neon lights in the blades of grass.

When Jhanna shoves back and April falls over on her side and doesn’t care that it kinda hurt a lot, a mutual understanding happens, to add to the fascination of each other’s differences and April knows that when she steps out of the world and embarks on her journey to find her family and their Ulysses- she wants Jhanna to be there with her.

April drags her blade through the shuttle pod for the third time.

The days were longer here, than in her sector, and the nights seemed even longer still. Jhanna slept a few hours, April definitely crashed for maybe five and in between shifts, when one would wake the other, they exchange small glances that said so many things.

In Jhanna’s eyes, before they closed and she would sleep, April saw trust and under the layers of trust, and conflict and sorrow and fear, is the soul of someone who needed another someone.

April thinks- and, god, maybe she’s crazy for it- somewhere, that she could be that another someone.  

“Yes, Jhanna-” April shoots at a Trylthor soldier, imported from Trylth to round up the poor onto the ships, and watches the blast burst through him and burn a hole in the chest of the soldier behind him, “I can shoot- well trained, actually.”

The attack came suddenly, when both of them had drifted off to sleep under a canopy of falling, dying leaves, and well trained was most likely an overstatement compared to the way Jhanna twirled into battle flawlessly, gun in one hand and a spear in the other.

“Very well,” Jhanna shouts, over the blasts and ruins crumbling down into the water, and ducks, impaling another soldier’s neck, “A’iztc!” she cries throwing the body off of her an into two more guys that April kinda felt awful for, with the way their skulls hut against the rocks.

And more lasers and bullets graze her suit and blood splatters her the mask of her helmet but April charges in with a smirk and the bravado of a (hell yeah she was well trained and deadly and fearsome) warrior, slicing through the fleet of soldiers like second nature.

Out of the corner of her eyes she watches Jhanna take down the last of them, a burn in her shoulder through her jacket and wonders what Leo would say, or how proud Raph would be.

She almost stumbles, thinking.

She can’t think; that’s how people die.

She feels like dying, like killing like crying.

In the middle of the fray, Jhanna falls down and April goes red and then there’s nothing and she lets out the worst of her feelings.

When it’s all over, and when April feels like she can breathe, everyone is dead and there’s a head in her hands, eyes still open and unseeing- and she’s alone again.

Scratch that. She’s not.

Because now she has Jhanna.

They don’t know what to do with the bodies, so they let them rot and move on. April doesn’t know to where, really, and doesn’t care about the bodies either. The ground can have them now.

Jhanna tells April, as April’s fingers trace the burn on her shoulder, that she’s a warrior.

“You would fit well into my kingdom,” she laughs, weakly from blood loss, tilting her head a little, as April dabs water onto her wound, “Once this is all over- finally. I would like to appoint you.”

April grins, eyes fixated keenly on the marks and the rivulets of blood running down Jhanna’s back, making tracks of read into the grooves of her deep blue skin, “Sounds nice…”

They listen to the water rushing over more of the ruins that Jhanna stares at with a familiar pain, April watches them too.

“So you’re gonna be a queen or something, after you take down- what? Your dad? Mom?” April wrinkles her nose, freckles bunching up, and goes back to cleaning her burn.

“Moriah.” Jhanna plucks at the grass in a way that lets April know she’s so very young yet- they both are. And the realization hurts April, “I cannot explain to you what she has done to our kingdom- I do not understand myself but…she convinced the people that they were worthless if not wealthy- that the wealthy deserved something more than what our father gave. She is too young, too…foolish. My people turned to her blindly, even the poor.”

Jhanna shrugs, wincing slightly, and April listens.

“What could I do? They believed her and she gave them reason; she made alliance with the Galamora- and she sold our people…killed those who resisted…it was...horrible-” she clenches her fist, fingers closing around the tiny blades of withering, burnt grass.

Her pain, in her voice as it wavers from its otherwise steady dance through the words she spoke, is something powerful, and April flattens her hands on Jhanna’s good shoulder, unsure of the touch. She feels the rise and fall of her breaths, almost steady and rhythmic.

“Then I guess…we really can’t steal a ship huh?” April chuckles bitterly, and Jhanna’s shoulders shake with a laughter just a quiet and bitter.

“Perhaps not. Though I would enjoy sector 29G-17. I’ve never met a pirate- or anyone so skilled for that matter, that could take the head of a Trylthor.”

April shrugs, tucking her hair back, “Well congratulations, Jhanna- soon to be overlord or whatever of Omatron- you have met a pirate.” she flashes the alien a smile and falls back against the grass, staring up through the hole in the canopy, flashes of the night and the sparks and the gaping tear in space and Donnie’s eyes- and breathes, taking it in.

Jhanna eases beside her, laying in the patches, glaring up there too.

“The Ulysses Crew.” she says, turning to peer into April, “Do they value…life- of…others? Could they-”

She doesn’t need to finish and April knows they would. God, they would help her people in any way they could.

“Yeah,” she breathes, “They really freakin’ could…we just gotta find them.”

“Where are they?”

April watches transport ship fly overhead, warping into hyperspeed into distant galaxies, “I don’t know…the D’hbul…they found us- petty bet I don’t even know. Donnie…he pushed me into this pod- shot me out into space before the whole thing-” she unclenches her fingers puffing her cheeks and pushing breath out.

“Explosion…” Jhanna whispers, watching her people’s capture above them, “They are selfless- for how they saved you…”

And then it begins; April tells her all about them, and she can’t stop telling- and the stories, their stories, they bubble out from her in too fast words and a wavering voice overfilled with joy and regret.

She turns over to Jhanna, and sticks out her hand, tears pinched in the corner of her eyes when she presses a smile, “And by the way…” she says, seeing her own reflection in Jhanna’s bright eyes (she sees someone strong and emotional and full of a lot of crazy thing. she sees her trauma. and her fighting spirit. it’s her…), “I’m April.”

(It is April.)

No Sense

Combined from the prompt from the ask and a different prompt :) LONG ONE FOR THE RETURN OF THE ONESHOTS :) 

Niall hesitantly left his bedroom and made his way down the stairs, still in his pajamas. He could hear his father angrily speaking to someone over the phone, pacing around the kitchen area worriedly. Just from this, Niall could tell that today would be an off-day.

Most Saturday mornings, he and his father would make pancakes and then watch cartoons till his father would eventually have to leave for work. Ever since Niall’s mother died, it had become a routine that neither participant could shake despite Niall turning 16  recently and his father being an absolute workaholic. 

But, Niall could tell already that today would be one of those rare days when his father absolutely had to go into work. He could tell because he could hear his father trying to quietly tell off one of his employees and convince whoever it was that they wouldn’t need their chief of police for at least another hour. 

“Fine.” He heard his father grit out. “I’ll be there in twenty.” He sighed heavily. Niall mirrored the expression, walking into the kitchen with a tight smile. When his father noticed his presence, the older man shook his head, grumbling an apology. 

Liam Payne has always tried really hard to be the best he could. Usually people would refer to him as ambitious or over-zealous– but those people only knew his work life. If they thought he was a tedious police chief then they wouldn’t even want to hear about his parenting skills. Liam wanted nothing but the best for his son, like any respectable father, and ever since his wife had died, Liam knew that he would have to step it up. 

Danielle had been lovely towards Niall, the two always had a connection that Liam could never forge or understand completely. Even when Danielle was around, Liam didn’t get to see her interact with Niall much. Because Liam worked from early in the morning to late at night, Liam only got to see Niall during the weekends, and usually then Danielle would leave them be, let them have their alone time. When Danielle died, the only thing Liam and Niall knew how to do was watch cartoons and have fun. Liam didn’t know how to say ‘no’, or cry in front of his child. He didn’t know how to make the right choices medically and educationally for Niall. Danielle had done so much more than Liam could’ve ever imagined, and when he was forced to deal with not only the death of his wife but also a grieving child and so, so much responsibility that he never even knew about– Liam couldn’t handle it. It took months for him to heal- months to learn how to get out of bed and make a breakfast and lunch for Niall. He had to learn how to set up a babysitter for when he couldn’t get time off of work. He learned how to comfort his son and how to interact with a side of Niall that he had never seen before. 

It took time and tears but finally, the two of them learned to work together. By now, it’s been six years since the death of Niall’s mother but the two are somehow still alive and well. Except for the fact that Liam still probably works too much– but Niall never complains so, it should be fine.

Liam gives his son a guilty look. “Ni…”

Niall waits for his father to continue, but once it’s clear of what Liam wants to hear, Niall bites back a frustrated noise. “It’s alright, dad.” He says, hoping he sounds somewhat convincing. 

He must, or maybe his father is really that oblivious, because Liam perks up completely. “Good, then. I still made you pancakes, they’re right over there, yeah?” Liam says, walking away from the kitchen and his son. When he doesn’t hear a response, he looks back. Heart cracking a bit as he sees the obviously unhappy look on his son’s face. He walks back dutifully and hugs Niall close, kissing his forehead and whispering another apology before walking out the door and towards his squad car. 

Niall sighs, wanting to punch himself for feeling so upset about his father missing cartoon day. He’s sixteen for goodness sakes. Enthused, Niall makes his way towards his bedroom, getting dressed and then fixing up his hair in the mirror. He then makes his way to his cellphone, typing out a quick text to Harry.

To: Harry <3 

hey, my dad just left 4 work, do u wanna come over?

Completely unlike Harry, he doesn’t respond. For the fifteen minutes that Niall waits, his heart aches because he has a feeling that Harry is the reason that his father is missing cartoon Saturday. With another heavy sigh, he dials up Louis instead.

* * * * 

Harry isn’t a very friendly person. He doesn’t kick puppies or yell at children or anything, but he definitely isn’t a nice type of person. He gets a bit too angry too quickly and gets in one too many fights during the school year, but he knows that officer Payne loves him. Even with the extra growl in his voice today, that man definitely loves him. 

The gruff chief of police gives Harry another glare and okay, maybe the officer doesn’t love him as much as he thought. ‘At least your son loves me.’ is what Harry would say, if he wanted to spend a night in that jail cell over there. 

“Harry, why do we always find ourselves in this position?” Officer Payne asks, his voice annoyed and low as he leans back in his chair. 

Harry shrugs. “I think your officers have some vendetta against me or something.” He says, a bit of truth behind that statement. The officers are always following him around. It makes sense, sure, but it still pisses Harry off.

“Oh yeah? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the spray paint all over Amelie’s Bakery, now would it?” The police chief muttered sarcastically. 

Once again, Harry just shrugs. “It looked pretty sick though, didn’t it?” He says uninterested, referring to his drawing of a lilac flower that now scars the lovely brick wall of the small bakery in town. Does Officer Payne know that the lilac flower is his son’s favorite type?

Officer Payne isn’t impressed. He simply gets up, instructing the teenager. “You know the drill, Harry. Go get your buddies out there, clean that shit off of the wall and then pray that next time, Heather will just press charges instead of this bullshit.” 

“Do you use that language around your son, Jesus.” Harry says, shaking his head, but still there’s a smile on his face which makes Harry himself a bit uncomfortable. That only happens when Niall is on his mind. “I’m only a child.” 

“Wrong- my son is a child- you, on the other hand, are a vandal, a rebel, at best.” Officer Payne growls, leading Harry out. 

‘doesn’t seem like a child when he’s grinding his bum against my dick…’ Harry cackles mentally.

Slowly but surely, Harry and his gang of punks get all of their possessions– mostly just colored bandanas and watches and cellphones– and are taken straight back to the bakery, where Heather is smiling widely at them. Heather is the owner of the small bakery and says that she loves most of the things they draw on her wall (Most, because sometimes Mikey gets a bit too detailed with the dick drawings). She’s out there just as always, hugs them and hands them sponges and they spend the next hour making the bricks squeaky clean. 

Finally, once they’re done, the squad cars leave and heather returns to her post in the shop. Harry picks up his phone and grins widely. 

From: Ni <3 

hey, my dad just left 4 work, do u wanna come over?

Niall and Harry are kind of dating. It’s one of those relationships that might not even actually exist but the love between them is so real and undeniable that the word ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t even describe their feelings. It doesn’t make sense. Harry and Niall don’t make sense. The bottle blonde with a police chief for a father and the rebel punk with too many tattoos and not enough responsibilty. It doesn’t make sense but it’s been that way since ninth grade.

He flips his friends off with a glare as they make fun of the stupid smile on his face as he reads the text, and walks off towards the back of the bakery where his motorcycle still sits. 

To: Ni <3

I’ll be right over

He feels the phone buzz again as he straddles the bike but ignores it, knowing that Niall’s probably just responded with an “Ok” along with three billion heart emojis and smiley faces. 

* * * *

When Harry arrives at Niall’s house, there’s a somewhat familiar car in the driveway that makes Harry roll his eyes. He pays it no mind as he walks into the house and starts the search for Niall. Niall, obviously hearing the slammed door, calls out, “Dad? Is that you?” 

Harry rolls his eyes, following the direction of the voice up to Niall’s bedroom. Niall’s opening the door just as Harry gets there, causing the blonde to run directly into his chest and scream. “Oh my- Harry!” Niall shouts, looking angry. 

“Niall!” Harry returns, trying to sound angry but probably looking like a right idiot, smiling and laughing a bit too. 

“I told you not to come over- we’re busy.” Niall says, looking down at the floor and Harry knows immediately that Niall must’ve had a bad day or something. Mentally he tries to think back– it’s not his mother’s birthday and it’s a week until her death day  so it can’t be that. Completely puzzled, he’s left staring into the room where Louis Tomlinson is laying in Niall’s bed. 

Harry walks into the room unabashedly, shoving Louis off of Harry’s Niall’s bed. “Hey- what the fuc-”

“Harry, no, please don-” Niall begins, already walking towards. 

Harry shrugs, flopping onto the bed. “I’m not doing anything. I just don’t want him laying around in my boy’s bed now do I?” He says, and he smirks as he can literally see Niall melting at his words and Louis’ glare right at the curly haired punk.

Louis and Harry didn’t get along. No one really knew why, and no one really cared either, but they just pushed each other’s buttons. Harry was a genuinely angry person to begin with, and with Louis’ help, he could turn hulk at any moment. 

“God, Niall, is this really what you want to surround yourself with?” Louis grumbles, making Harry sit up. 

“What is that supposed to mean?” Harry says, eyes narrowed. 

Louis glares right back. “You’re a fuck-up, Harry. A punk wannabe or something. You’ve got some kind of anger issues or something and I don’t want my best friend getting hurt.”

“I would never hurt Niall,” Harry shouts the same time that Niall says, “He wouldn’t hurt me, Louis…” 

Louis shakes his head, laughing a bit crazily. “Okay, fine. We’ll pretend that the guy who your father hates, the guy who vandalizes a bakery every other night, and the guy who put Justin in the hospital last month is a great, respectable guy. Niall, what would your father say if he knew about this little– affair?” 

Niall is silent at this question, his eyebrows furrowed and Harry’s anger only rises. “Louis, if you don’t want to be the second person I’ve put in the hospital this year, then you’re going to want to get out.” Harry growls, standing from the bed. 

Louis scoffs, looking to Niall, his eyes saying , ‘really?!’ Niall doesn’t look up from his shoes. 

“Niall-” Louis tries, making Harry rush forward and push Louis back towards the door. 

“I’m not kidding, Tomlinson.”

Louis opens his month to say something- probably idiotic as always- but Niall cuts him off. “It’s alright, Lou, I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” He says softly, still not looking at either of us in the face. 

Louis closes his mouth and nods, seeing that Niall was obviously upset and not wanting to hurt the  blonde anymore, he leaves. 


“Are you the reason that my dad had to leave this morning?” Niall asks slowly. 

Harry’s eyebrows furrow. “Um, I’m not sure, he was there when I got there.”

“For vandalism?” Niall asks, sighing and sitting on his bed. 

“Niall-” Harry begins sitting next to his boyfriend and clutching his hand tightly. “I’m not really sure what you’re saying right now-”

Niall cuts him off as well. “I think you should go.” He says gently and Harry stops dead in his tracks. 

“Wha- Niall, I don’t want to..” Harry says just as softly, trying to meet Niall’s eyes but the blonde won’t allow it. 

“No- I mean, I think that we should- take a break or, or something like that.” Niall says, and Harry’s heart stops. 

Harry’s hand releases Niall’s instantly and the taller boy can hear Niall’s whimper as he does so. “Wh-what?” Harry asks, begging the boy to pop up with a smile and say ‘PUNK’D YA!’ or something stupid that Niall would do but he can’t even get the blonde to meet his eyes.

“Louis is right– my dad would never allow us to be together… he wouldn’t.” Niall says and Harry wishes that he had put Louis in the hospital- “Don’t blame Louis, Harry, please, I know what’s going on in your head but it’s not Louis’ fault that we are way too different.” Niall says and Harry doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to let this go.

“No, Niall, we- you just said it, you know me too well, I know you too well we can-” Harry tries for the last time but Niall isn’t having it.

“You know my father would never let me date someone like you.” He says, the most blunt and emotionless that Harry has ever heard from Niall. 

Harry laughs, also void of emotion as he nods. “Someone like me, right.”

Niall shakes his head, “You know what I mean Harry.” 

And yeah, Harry does know what Niall means and he understands it all but he never actually expected to care this much- he knew this moment would happen but he thought he would only be missing a fuck buddy or a distant friend. But no. He’s losing the love of his life right now. 

“Fine.” He says, getting up before Niall can see his tears. 

“I love you, Harry.” Niall says and Harry’s heart felt like it was getting torn apart because why the hell didn’t they ever say it before. Whether it was his stupid ego trying to regain his pride or his asshole persona that had previously left Niall out of the whole “I hate everyone” look on life realized that he suddenly had to hate Niall now- he didn’t say that he loved Niall back. 

* * * *

When Liam gets home that night, the house is silent save for loud cries coming from Niall’s bedroom. After bursting in all police man style and seeing that nobody was physically hurting his child, Liam rushes over to Niall just to make sure that he doesn’t need to take him to the hospital. 

Niall doesn’t respond much, just hugs his father tight and rambles on about Louis and boys and Liam thinks this might be Niall’s way of coming out? Even though they had gone over long ago that Liam didn’t care and wouldn’t mind- Liam can’t understand any other reason that his son may be crying. 

He had asked Niall, of course, when he was holding his son as the blonde sobbed into his chest, but all he had gotten from Niall was a small, breathy, “it’s complicated”. So, going against every fiber of his being telling him to be nosy, he stayed out of it. 

* * * *

Seven days later, they see each other at a party. Niall’s only allowed to go because Louis swore to Liam that there was no alcohol or drugs and that Niall would be home by 11pm. All of those were lies, obviously, but Liam had a date that night anyway and if Niall wasn’t already crushed, that fact alone made him want to curl up into a ball and cry. 

Liam had been seeing someone for a few months now and Niall had yet to meet the person. That might be because that “someone” is a guy, and Liam is kind of freaked out to tell Niall that his new parental figure might turn out to be another officer named Zayn. 

Niall is barely holding it together at this party. It’s almost like nobody knows. His own father went on a fucking date.. today. Today of all days everyone is pretending like they don’t know. Louis drags him to a party, Liam is off on some date trying to replace everything they used to have and Harry isn’t even a part of his life anymore. Louis is about 3 shots in, but Niall doesn’t think he wants his first drink to be out of spite of his mothers death and a break up. It’s been seven years exactly today. Seven years and suddenly nobody is talking about it. 

Soon enough the atmosphere becomes way too much and usually when Louis drags Niall to parties, he can rely on Harry to either come pick him up and take him to that one place near the park that they love, or at least take him up into an empty bedroom and cuddle until they had to leave. But now he has no way of transportation until Louis is sober enough to leave. Calling his father to come pick him up would be the equivalent of calling the cops, and Niall won’t be known as that kid. Niall figures that he has two options. 1) Wait for Louis- a.k.a don’t go home tonight because Louis is absolutely nowhere to be found or 2) walk. Niall doesn’t see anything wrong with walking the 5 miles it takes to get home. In fact, five miles to burn off all of the pain he’s feeling right now seems like a good plan. 

Niall sighs, taps Louis on the shoulder and then heads out, walking through the door and out the gates. 

Of course, nothing is every easy, so the moment that Niall passes the gate, he recognizes the figure smoking a fag against the iron bars. 

Harry looks up and rolls his eyes in acknowledgment. Niall hunches his shoulders and begins to walk past the boy he loves, only to be stopped by a hand against his arm. Niall stops, breathing heavily, praying that Harry will remember and just hug him or something cliche like that- but of douse he doesn’t.

“You know, you were the only person I’ve ever loved like that.” Harry slurs and Niall backs away, because he doesn’t know harry anymore. The old drunk Harry was violent and cruel- unless it was around Niall. Then drunk Harry was cuddly and tired– he really liked to braid hair too. But this isn’t that Harry. 

“I know.” Niall mumbles because he does know that. Harry never specifically said it, but his actions were always his number one advocates. 

The hand holding, the sweet nothings, the grinding- Niall shakes his head, trying to rid the memories that had been plaguing his thoughts all week. 

“You- you didn’t deserve it.” Harry says, and Niall knows he doesn’t mean it, he knows he doesn’t because of how many times that Harry had reassured him. The only reason it hurts as much as it does is because of how much Niall had told him of his fears– the number one being undeserving of love. Harry knew that and was trying to hurt him that bad. It sent shivers down Niall’s spine.

“I know.” Niall lies, only wanting Harry to let go so Niall can mourn his mother and his relationship in peace. 

“You ruin everything that you are a part of- look at that- relationships, friendships- famil-” Harry begins but Niall can’t do this, he shoves Harry pack against the fence, freeing his arm. 

“I know, alright!” Niall shouts, and he also knows that there are tears suddenly streaming down his face. “Look-” He says, voice considerably softer now that there’s that confused and injured puppy look on Harry’s face, “Any other day but today we can do this but right now I just want to go home.” Niall says softly, and Harry’s eyes begin to widen in realization. “You can talk to me next week or something but right no-” 

“Niall, wait, I’m s-so sorry I completely forgot.” Harry mutters, looking downright pissed off at himself. 

“I know.” Niall tries to sound humorous but he ends up sounds bitter an hurt and he hates the pity he sees in Harry’s eyes. “I have to go now. Bye, Harry.” he says, holding back tears and everything hurts so bad because since when did he start hiding his emotions from Harry. 

Harry had been safe and real for so long and now there’s nothing between them but hurtful words and sadness. Niall spends so much time walking that he doesn’t realize he’s crying. He doesn’t even realize that he had completely missed his house and had been subconsciously walking to the one place that he always felt safe. Only this time, he would be alone and that was absolutely terrifying to even think about. 

* * * *

Liam and Zayn are having a bit too much fun on the couch when Liam’s eyes meet the clock and he involuntarily shoves the darker skinned officer off of him. 

“Li, what the fuck!?”Zayn shouts before seeing the look in Liam’s eyes. “What is it?” 

Liam chokes on a breath as he says, “Niall was supposed to be home at 11.” 

Zayn laughs loudly for a second before seeing the horrified look on Liam’s face. “Li, oh my god, babe. It’s 11:30. He’s 16, not 12. Let the boy live.”

Liam is already shaking his head in protest. “No, Zayn you don’t know my boy like I do. He would never miss curfew- shit.” Liam says, picking up his phone. When he calls Niall, the phone goes immediately to voicemail, meaning his phone was probably dead. Next, Liam calls Louis, who picks up after 2 rings. “Mr. Payne?” Louis says, and Liam can hear heavy music playing in the background. 

“Louis, what the hell happened to 11pm, huh?” Liam growls through the phone and he hears Louis’ nervous voice respond.

“I know, sir, it’s just, the problem is– I can’t find Niall anywhere.”

Liam’s world shatters. 

* * * * 

People are deserting the party when Liam’s squad car pulls up. Liam doesn’t register much except for the fact that Louis is sitting on the curb, tugging at his hair in frustration. 

“Louis!” Liam calls frantically, rushing over to the teen, Zayn hot on his heels. 

Louis is practically shaking when Liam makes his way to the boy, “I’m so so sorry officer Payne- I went to the bathroom for a second and then he was gone-” 

Louis’ story is cut off by someone Liam really didn’t have time for. 

“What’s happening, why are you crying, Louis?” Harry Styles, resident vandalist asks, looking as if he actually cares. Liam growls, barely restraining himself from shoving the boy back. 

“Not now, Harry.” Liam grits out. 

Harry pays the father no mind, meeting eyes only with Louis. The blue eyed boy’s eyes don’t leave Harry’s, and Liam is severely confused as Harry asks, “Is it Niall?” 

Liam watches on, astonished, as Louis nods, tears streaming down his face now. “He’s run off, Harry, we don-”

“Why the hell was he alone on his mother’s death day anyway, Jesus!” Harry shouts angrily, eyes suddenly trained on Liam. “You know how important these days are to him, what the fuck?” 

Liam is stunned into silence as the rebel who is constantly in the police station suddenly begins to give him parenting advice. He had completely forgotten. “How the hell do you know about that?” Liam says lowly, ignoring the uncomfortable look Zayn has on his face. 

Harry doesn’t respond, loosing his temper as he walks away from them, absently kicking a trashcan over as he yells out in frustration. 

“Harry!” Liam shouts, demanding the boy to return, but the boy ignores him, moving on and out of their vantage point. “What the hell was that about?” He asks Louis, who is wiping his eyes with his sleeve. 

“They– I dunno…” He cuts himself off. After one of Liam’s glares the blue eyed boy immediately changes his wording. “I mean- they used to like, date- i guess. They’re like- proper in love or summat.” He stutters.

“What?!” Liam roars, making Louis step back several steps. 

The conversation is completely cut off as a loud engine begins. Each of their heads turn in absolute shock as Liam’s patrol car speeds away. 

“Fucking Styles.” Liam growls, sitting down on the pavement and praying that that rebellious idiot knows his son better than the chief himself. 

* * * *

Harry finds Niall exactly where he knew the blonde would go. He’s sitting on the swings near the playground, slowly rocking back and forth, and Harry is having Deja Vu from the first time they met. 

Harry doesn’t say anything as he walks towards the boy, and Niall doesn’t either. He sits in the swing next to the blonde, and doesn’t say anything anymore. It feels unreal as Niall looks to him, tears in his eyes. 

“Nobody even remembered.” He says breathlessly. 

And that’s it, right there Niall is in Harry’s arms and they’re breathing in each other’s air and Harry’s anger is finally off of his chest and it’s all good and bright again and Niall is still crying a little bit but at least- “I’m so glad I have you.” Niall whimpered into Harry’s neck, “I still have you, right? I have you?” Niall basically strangles the taller boy as he asks so and Harry nearly gets whiplash from how hard he nods. 

“You have me, you have me, always. I’m so sorry that I-” He begins, but Niall cuts him off by kissing him, hard. It’s weird and uncomfortable because they’re still sat in a swing and Niall tastes like tears and it really doesn’t make sense that it feels so right but it does. They sit there for a few minutes doing nothing but breathing heavily in between sloppy, teenage kisses before Harry puts a stop to it, opting to hug Niall even closer. 

“I’m sorry, Harry, I don’t know what came over me when I- I just-” Niall begins to apologize but Harry shushes him, pressing his face more into the comforting scent of his boyfriend. 

“I understand.” He says simply, and then ending off in a chuckle. After Niall makes a confused noise, Harry laughs. “It’s just– you don’t have to worry about hiding this from your dad anymore.” 

Niall gasps, and Harry reluctantly allows Niall to pull away. The blonde’ eyes are wide and confused. “You didn’t.” He says in a low voice that is surprisingly light and giggly. 

Harry shrugs, grinning back at his simpering boyfriend. “He might kill me when I take you and the squad car home.”

Niall hums happily, cuddling back into Harry’s hold before jerking back once more, “Wait, did you just say the squad car?!” 

//to be continued??//

Forgive me if it was bad i’m just getting back into the swing of things :p 

Too much character development lol my bad x.x 

Prompts are OPEN!! I do any Niall centered relationship or fic including OT3 OT4 and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here


Artist/Person : Jung JaeWon

Group/Crew : Solo/YG

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 890

Requested:  I saw u do ambw requests are you black by any chance? Can you do a Jaewon ambw scenario where you have natural 4c hair and he helps you with the washing/straightening process, but then he’s massaging ur hair and you get horny and move onto other activities? Thank you!!

We sat on the couch, small giggles and sweet words being whispered to one another. His large hand running through my messy hair, I had straightened it a few days ago and was starting to get greasy and wavy. “Jagi..we’ve been dating for a while, how come I’ve never seen you hair when it’s just out?” I raised my eyebrow at him. “What do you mean?” “Like, I’ve seen your hair unstraightened but it’s either braided or in those cool knot things that you do.” “I don’t know…I just always fix it up before I leave the house. I guess I just never thought about it.” “You told me that when you wash it, that it gets really curly.” I nodded, feeling him twirl some around his finger. “Can I wash it?” A laugh left my mouth as I watched him. He smiled shyly, but his eyes were completely serious. “Sure. I like when other people wash my hair.” “Good. Come on, I’ll do it in the shower.”

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could you do one with bucky where you and him are good friends, and you both are at a party and his friend is flirting with you (maybe sam idk) and he gets jealous? thanks and love u <3


“So I fly it right up to the General’s palace, I drop it at his feet, I’m like ‘boom you looking for this?’”

Looking around at the small group, you noticed that no one was really laughing at Rhodes’ joke. It was painful to watch.

“You guys suck. I need better friends.” Rhodes walked away making some of you laugh.

“We should’ve laughed to make him feel better.” You said before taking a sip of your drink.

“That would’ve been even more cruel.” Bucky commented next to you.

“I think the awkward silence is as cruel as anything.”

Bucky squeezed his grip on your waist once before moving his hand.

That night, Tony was throwing a party for the hell of it. It was clear that he liked for everyone to get all dressed up and drink copious amounts of alcohol for no apparent reason. You weren’t complaining. After numerous missions, you were more than excited to get all dressed up.

“Want another drink?” Bucky asked you.

Shaking your head, you glanced down at your drink, “No, I’m not done with this one yet.”

“I’ll be back.” He said before walking towards the bar.

The party was just like the usual ones. There was music playing and tons of people mingling. You often stayed by Bucky’s side since the two of you were so alike in social situations.

“You’re looking good tonight (Y/n).”

Turning your head, you saw Sam standing beside you. You had been so into people watching that you didn’t realize he was next to you.

“Well, thank you Sam. You’re looking quite handsome yourself.” You smiled at him before taking another sip of your mojito.

“Where’s Bucky? Normally the guy is attached at your hip.” He chucked.

You pointed over at the bar where Bucky was standing watching the both of you, “He’s getting himself another drink.”

“Is there something going on with you and Bucky? I mean, not trying to get all in your business or anything but you guys seem like something is going on if you know what I mean.” The smirk on his face did hint at what he meant.

As much as you wished something was going on between you and Bucky, sadly nothing was. The both of you were extremely close but Bucky had never hinted that he wanted anything more than a friendship.

So instead of telling him how you felt, you stayed silent and wished that one day he would open his eyes and see that you had been right in front of him all that time.

“No, nothing is going on with me and Bucky.”

“Okay then how about you and I go out sometime? We could go see a movie and grab some dinner or if you wanted–”

“Who’s going to dinner and a movie?”

Bucky had returned with a new drink and a jealous spark in his eyes. Bucky had wondered what you and Sam were talking about while he stood at the bar. When he walked up to the two of you, he heard Sam asking you out and that didn’t sit well with him.

“I was just asking (Y/n) if she wanted to go out sometime.” Sam answered.

Bucky looked at you and then back at Sam, “I think she’s going to be busy that night.”

Sam scoffed, “We didn’t even set a night to go out. How do you know she’s going to be busy?”

“Because she’s going to be with me every night for the unseeable future.” Bucky placed one of his hands back on your waist, drawing you closer to his body.

You wondered why he was acting so rude to Sam. He couldn’t be jealous of Sam asking you out. Could he?

Sam held up his hands, “Fine. I’ll back off.”

He walked away before you could apologize for Bucky’s behavior. You looked at Bucky and saw that he had a sly smile on his face.

“Really?” You questioned, setting your glass on a nearby table. If Tony was around he would’ve yelled at you for not using a coaster.

Bucky’s smile went away, “What?”

Rolling your eyes, you moved out of his grasp and walked away. You wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

“(Y/n) wait!” You felt Bucky’s hand grab your wrist.

You practically glared at him as you turned around, “What Bucky?”

“Why are you upset?”

“Because, you were so rude to Sam!”

Bucky let go of your wrist, “Did you actually want to go out with him?”

“No! He’s not my type. My type is some guy that clearly doesn’t realize that his best friend has feelings for him!” You confessed. It did feel better to actually say aloud that you liked him even if it wasn’t the exact words.

“Do you mean–” Bucky trailed off not know what else to say.

“Yes, I’m talking about you.” You breathed out.

Bucky stared at you for a moment. He thought that you looked amazing. Your hair was just the way he liked it, curly and let down. You were wearing a dress that exuded confidence in yourself.

He couldn’t form any words so instead, he took action. Bucky closed the space between you two, cupping your face between his hands and pressing his lips against yours.

It was just like you always imagined it would be. His lips were surprising soft. He placed a few more kisses on your lips before looking at you.

“I’m sorry for being a jerk.”

You smiled a little, “Don’t let it happen again, Barnes.”

He chuckled, “I promise I won’t.”

“Now, go and apologize to Sam.”


You nodded, “If you ever want to kiss me again, you have to go and tell Sam that you are sorry.”

Bucky’s eyes went wide, “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh yes I would.”

You had never seen Bucky move so fast.



The Autobiography of An Ex-Colored (Wo)man

Something I was thinking about the other day:

All during high school, people perceived me as Asian. Most everyone knew my mom was Chinese, and my friends in middle school and high school were mostly Asian. On multiple occasions people told me things like “I forget that you’re also black sometimes”, or “you’re basically just Asian”. I never hung out with the black kids that were at my school; I was the only black kid that was in my higher level AP classes. When I once said, jokingly, “there’s only half a black person in AP Calculus,” there was someone who actually said “really? who?” and I reminded them that it was me. People seemed to remove blackness from me–after all, I am, literally, ethnically Chinese, so this was different from being called “an oreo” or something like that because rather than declare that I wasn’t black because of how I acted, people would simply see me as Asian because of how I acted, and attribute all of my “smart” qualities to being Asian.

I literally would hear the same phrases other East Asian students at my high school, like “you’re good at math/science/in orchestra/etc. because you’re Asian”, or be lumped in with “the Asians”. As a Chinese American, I experienced being classified as a model minority all of middle school and high school. 

And yet, suddenly, as soon as I got into college, I was black? Suddenly, the instant I got into MIT, people declared that the only reason I got into such a prestigious institution was because I was a black woman, despite declaring for so many years that “you’re [good at school, nerdy, etc] because you’re Asian”. In fact, people told me that I couldn’t and wouldn’t get into MIT my whole life, until I actually got in, at which point it switched to “well of course you got in, because ___” 


Never mind that actually, under Federal Affirmative Action policy, I don’t “count” as a black person–I’m “2 or more races” or “other”. I now wonder if maybe what people said and how they perceived me had something to do with my hair–it was straightened from 7th grade until junior year of high school, and I definitely appeared more Asian because of it, while by senior year it was fully natural and curly again.  

me with my aunt and cousins , just before sophomore year of high school

me on a summer camping trip, just before sophomore year

me doing a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, senior year

That’s right. You have no idea what I am or where I’m from (Race-bending in real life lol) I’ve passed both in China and Ethiopia as a native (until I open my mouth or draw attention to myself, of course).

I think this is in part why I find my experience as a mixed person such a heavy influence on my life, because I have been literally and fully categorized as both completely Chinese American or completely African American/African in various situations, dependent on the community around me, dependent on my hair, dependent on who I associated with. And this is also why sometimes, I find my experiences as a mixed person empowering. I was so elated after getting into MIT that I didn’t really even notice those whispered comments, which were never actually said to my face and just circulated back to me somehow through my friends. I’d even venture to say that the vast majority of people didn’t really question why I got into MIT, since I was still one of “the smart kids” at school, and I had been telling people that was where I wanted to go to college since middle school, and also, most people simply didn’t care that much. Comments about my qualifications in getting into MIT only came from people who considered themselves “smarter” or better qualified than I was, which was relatively speaking not that many people. And after I was actually at MIT, I had no reason to think about them, except in the context of reflecting on why society is broken, such as right now x) I actually completely forgot about it until my roommate brought it up one day because one of our classmates is working with her project partner over the summer, and we also had a speaker on the Model Minority Myth in my humanities class. 

It actually feels good to have been successful in the face of all that. It makes me think, in concise internet terms: 

u mad, bruh? x)

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Blank Canvas

Summary: Dan is an extremely talented but unrecognized tattoo artist, his body a black and white masterpiece. Phil, on the other hand, has everything against tattoos. When he’s dragged along to his sister’s addition to her collection of ink, he realizes that perhaps turning one’s body from a blank canvas into a work of art is something to find beautiful instead of repulsive.

a/n i rlly dont have much to sya other than thanks to @weedsintowishes for being my beta,, fangz fam

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: smut, angst, swearing

Previous Chapter


It had been just a week. Only seven long, dragging days since Phil had seen Dan. Phil craved the taste of his kiss, the way he smirked before leaning in to touch his lips with his own, the feel of his damp curls between his fingers.

It had been a week since Phil had seen Dan, but that didn’t mean they hadn’t talked. Phil’s phone was constantly blowing up with texts from him.

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Summary: In which Phil is the Hash Slinging Slasher and Dan’s a bear except not really or the one where Dan meets Phil and it’s cute and shit.

Warnings: None, it’s pure fluff.

Tags: Fluff, 2009Phan, CaramelMacchiatos

It’s a drabble but I like it.

Dan could feel himself shaking as the train announced that it would be arriving in Manchester within a few moments. He shakily typed out a text to Phil

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so i was that eh hair stalker thing that asked how you make the hair look natural i was referring to your doodles like hOw do you even like jajaegsjsnhxidsknbsshjs i feel dumb right now eh inanahbssK //whispers i love you

//i love u too bby 

so, HAIR. First things first, you have to consider the way the head looks. Easy enough, yet a lot of people somehow just ignore that part…

You see the lines above/around the head? That is where your hair goes. Hair is puffy, no matter what, so it will always look as if it’s bigger than your head. Naturally, that’s how you draw it. It also gives the drawings more personality.

You can see where the lines of the head are and where the hair starts. It looks nice no matter what weird hair style you give the characters, and it also makes everything look really cute (idk why, but it does)

There are a few things you need to consider when you draw the hair,

All hair has volume, even the sickly straight one. And, even more important, the waves. Now, “waves” refer to the way the hair moves aka, the way you draw it. Look at the arrows in the drawing above, that is how the pencil moves to draw the lines. It makes it look surprisingly natural. If you understand how to do it, you won’t even need more than a few lines and it’ll look perfect! There’s no need to complicate things.

Now, look at these ones:

The most essential thing I want you to understand is that hair moves, is fluid, it’s fluffy and it has its own volume and weight.

  • It moves: no matter how you move your body, hair will still have its own movement. that’s natural (unless you put a crazy amount of hair spray on are are inside of a shonen manga)
  • It’s fluid: Hair falls very elegantly, on everyone. No matter how curly or straight it is, which is why you usually use ONE hand movement to draw one strand of hair. That’s how you make it work. There are some people who just throw an ungodly ammount of lines to draw something they could have easily done with one fluid motion and that ruins the flow. So consider it.
  • It’s fluffy: everyone knows this. Move your hand through anyone’s hair and it will be soft and fuzzy and you’ll want to keep playing with it. Even the really straight hair is fluffy.
  • Volume and Weight: these are really important. Because you want (or, at least I think that’s what you want) your hair to look as natural as possible, but still contain that cartoonish feel. And hair is heavy. It has weight and when you give your characters different hairstyles, ypu should alwyas keep that in mind (Unless you’re Dragon Ball Z)

You should practice a few haircuts on your own. Take a dummy, like the two kids/people/idk I used for the examples and draw all kind of hair cuts on them. Also, look at pictures and other people’s drawings. Compare and try them out and sooner or later you’ll master it and develop your own way of doing it :D

I hope this helps!
Please don’t hesitate to ask me for other things or if you didn’t understand something, ok? :)

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omg i'm tunisian too! hi!!!


Anonyme: I like how you draw jungkook always lowkey staring at jimin, it’s creepy but also endearing.

I love how tall Jungkook looks next to Jimin in the new drawing u made! Jikook is so cute when they argue about their heights. Jungkook likes to let jimin know that he’s a small bun xD

Thank you a lot!!!!! ;<;<; BUT TBH IN THE LAST DRAWING I DIDNT EVEN WANTED TO DRAW HIM LOOKING AT JIMIN. Since the drawing was pretty small i needed to zoom a lot. So when I drew Jk’s eyes they weren’t supposed to look at Jimin. But my Jikook brain was like “bich fucking draw jikook” then I realized and I didnt want to erase it :^DD. My brain is a big jikook trash im sorry. AND YES JIMIN IS A SMOL ANGEL EZOIGHOZIGH

Anonyme :OMG I love your art it makes me feel so much better after a shitty day♥️💓♥️ also you’re like totally gorgeous✨ 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very glad to hear that ziuegieu tysm babe ;<; ;<;  


*i was looking at ur snapchat story and i have to tell u that ur laugh is so cute ahsjdkabfk ;-; anyway hope ure having a good holiday break and happy chanukah 😌😌 

**happy Chanukkah!! I haven’t celebrated it in ages but I hope you have a good 8 days and new year 

***Happy Hanukkah!❤~I love you 

THANK U ALL SO MUCH FOR WISHING ME A HAPPY HANUKKAH EUHFIUZG Yall are so kind ily all so muchpeozupoezug

@idekwhatsgoingonanymore :WELL HELLO ISNT SHE A CUTIE 👀👀🙌🏽 lololol




Anonyme :I was just looking at your merry Christmas drawing and I notice yoongi was looking at jhope and jevskwjsgxns its so cute I wanna see a fanfic of this where yoongi is always looking at hoseok lovingly when he isn’t looking >.< is this weird idk 

ehehehhehe yes I thought it was rlly cute  👀👀👀👀 AND TBH SAME I ALSO WANNA SEE A FANFIC

Anonyme: Is it bad that I’m still upset I couldn’t get the wings concert tickets I wanted and I’m just letting it affect my mood now? I feel like I should just get over it, but I guess I’m just jealous that one of my friends got them, but I couldn’t. Sigh TnT

awwwwwwwwwwwwww babe I understand that you’re feeling upset but this soesnt have to affect ur mood eozihfoihz im sure ull have an other change to see thel its ok ♥♥

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5sos Imagine: Good Girls (Damned if I Do Ya)

Pairing: You/Ashton

Rating: M (Smut)

Tags: Student Teacher!Ashton, Student!You, College!Ashton, High School AU, Smut, Porn with feelings kinda??

Word Count: 3560ish

Dedicated to: emotionally5sauce. U rad bitch. Happy birthday!

Note: Don’t sleep with teachers. Just a good rule. Fantasize quietly, but don’t follow through.

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Part 30 - Gail & Holly - Texting saga ENDS

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27 | Part 28 | Part 29 | Part 30

You still here?

Yup. Not going anywhere.

Okie doke.

How bout now?

I promise, Gail, I am still here.


And now? Lol.

U tool. I’m fine. I’m reading.

What are you reading?

Found some material on Myocardial infarction. Though I already know everything there is to know.

Of course you do. So is it any good?

Pretty sure this pamphlet has just informed me that I suffered one earlier today. I had all the symptoms.

Shit! I do tend to have that effect on people.

I’d like fair warning next time.

But sneak attacks are my thing!

Are they really?

Only when nerds called Holly are talking too much.


If you are wondering, I am still here glued to my seat. Was a little worried, you hadn’t asked me of my whereabouts in the last 5 minutes.

Chris is staring btw. Does he know something?

Err yeah, bright-spark!

Hey! I have had 3 minor heart attacks today remember? Cut me some slack! I am hypoxic. My brain function is very depleted. Pretty sure my motor functions are on the way out too.

You sure? Because I think you broke my hand earlier.

Whoopsie daisies. Well I hope that hug we shared wasn’t too much for you either.

It was ok, I think my plan is finally starting to work.

You mean you have noticed the 4 pounds I have added to my ass?

Is that all? Come on, nerd! I need you to try harder than that!


This hospital has good vending machines. The one up near radiology has Cheese puffs. Maybe you could go stock up? Lol.

I don’t think I like the fact that you know each vending machine intimately.

Don’t be jealous.

Did you want me to get you something to eat for when you grace me with your presence again?

Not what I meant but yes please. I think they also have those Curly Wurley’s you seem to like so much.

How do you know I like Curly Wurley’s?

I’m a cop.

What does that mean?

It means I snooped through all your drawers the other week when I stayed over after our last hospital visit. You have quite the stash! Didn’t know you had such a sweet tooth.


I know! You have quite a few secrets don’t you, Dr. Stewart.


You said that already. Hypoxia is in full effect it seems.

Which drawers did you look through exactly?

All of them.

All of them?

All of them!

While you were in the shower.

Even the one in… never mind.

Yes, even the one in… ;)

I don’t what nothing huh.

Yeah, that didn’t make sense, nerd.

Btw, your ass is fine. I am pretty sure you gained 4 pounds of boobage.

So you are saying my boobs aren’t “fine”?

No, I am saying your boobs are huge.

Lol, you’re a nut.


I only just noticed this, but isn’t it funny how the number of heart attacks you have apparently suffered has now increased from 1 to 3 in the space of 15 minutes.

What can I say? Thinking about you makes my heart skip beating.

That was too much wasn’t it?

Enough to make me blush, Dr. Stewart. ;)

You have to stop calling me that.

Lol. Ok then, Dr. Stewart.


Should we be using our phones right now?

It’s just a myth. Cellphones work off a different frequency than all the equipment.

It is however very impolite.

Since when have I ever been polite?

Beats me.


I made Dov go take a breather and now I am sitting alone with Chloe. She is hooked up to so much stuff! It’s fucking scary.

I know, I’m sorry. No change in her condition?

No. She is so annoying.

Um, Gail? I think you might need to work on your bedside manner. Lol.

The one time I actually want her to open her stupid mouth she decides she wants to be in some sort of stupid coma. Typical. She has some esplainin’ to do!

That stupid coma is keeping her alive at the moment and I don’t know how one explains themselves out of getting shot like that.

It’s not that. Dov told me earlier that she is married. Her husband (her next of kin) showed up and took control of everything. Dov is pretty cut up about it.

Shit! That’s just whack!

Whack? You always know exactly what to say, don’t you?

You can thank my oxygen-deprived brain.

I thought I revived you in the interrogation room.


So what are you up to now? 5 heart attacks?



And you didn’t revive me. You caused it to happen. Try harder next time.


Chris is still staring. Was there something on my face?

Nerd, have you looked in the mirror lately? It is very hard not to look at you. Even Traci said the other day she wanted to rip her own hair out at the very sight of you. That face of yours? It’s like drawing a moth to a flame.

Who’s blushing now?

Shut up!


You could go home. One of us should at least get some sleep tonight.


You sure? It’s ok if you want to go. I’d understand.

I don’t want to go anywhere! Not without you.

Ok. Settle down, nerd. Eat a Curly Wurley.


Oliver is still doing well. Detective Swarek is out of surgery and stable. Doctors are hopeful he will pull through just fine.

Thank fuck. How did you find out?

They know me here. I asked. Steve is the passing the info around now.

Such a helpful meerkat :) Thank you.

You’re welcome.


So are Traci and Steve a thing?

No, don’t think so. Unless she has allowed my brother to make a move.

Well she just walked into the waiting room and he hugged and kissed her.


I could go into more detail if you like?

Lol, no thanks. What a loser. Good on him tho. Pecks for the win!

Now they are both staring at me.

Well I was talking with her about u all weekend and I am pretty sure he figured it out the moment I hugged you earlier. It’s not usually how I communicate.

 So you’re okay with people knowing that something is going on with us?

Yes. Are you surprised?

No, I guess I’m not.

Good. Because it’s a non-issue.


Traci is smirking at me. It’s freaking me out.

Hey, quit staring at Holly! You are freaking her out!

Lol, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Where are you?

Sitting with Chloe while Dov takes a break and no, I have not pulled out her tubes if you were wondering.

Will you do something for me?


Freak out Holly some more? I am barely holding it together. I need some amusement.

Lol. You are weird. But ok.

OMG! Gail! They hate me! They both just motioned to me that they have their eyes on me! What the hell?

They did what?

And Steve just pointed at me and then pretended to slit his throat!

That’s weird.

Do I need to go talk to them?

Lol, if you feel you need to. Go for it.


How was that?


She looks pretty uncomfortable. You are so evil.

Shit. She just got up and left.

Go and fucking grab her!!

It’s ok, she just went to the bathroom. Lol.

I hate you.

Yeah right.

Now that you and Traci have had your fun, you better make it up to me.

How do I do that?

I dunno. What do you usually do in theses of situations?

Have sex.

Lol. How about we just stick to dinner?

Side stepping the fact I am totally offended right now that you are passing up sex with me, are you asking me out?


Did you want me to ask you out?

I wouldn’t mind sharing a meal with you, but why don’t we just forego the pressure of a calling it a date seeing as we basically have done this every other night?

Dinner at mine then, Thursday?

Ok, but no sex.

Fine. As you wish.

So how you doing? Are you okay?

I am not great and I really need a hot shower.

What can I do?

Nothing. You are doing it already.

I really need to get out of this room though.

How about I send Chris up? I think he is a little anxious to see how Dov is doing and I wouldn’t mind seeing you again either :)

K. Thanks for waiting for me.

I said I would.


Found him. He will be up shortly.

And I just found I have an email from you.

You might not be in the best state of mind to be reading that.

Why not?

There are feelings.

Well I am feeling pretty numb at the moment so maybe a few feelings will help?

Okay. But I warned you!

Have you finished?

Yep. You are something “special” Holly Milo Stewart.

You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for it…

I forgot to attach that better drawing I had promised you.
[1 image attached]

Come find me. Now.

Did that pic send? I can’t tell.

Room 304.

Stupid technology. It is always bloody something with this phone. I need a new one.

Actually I am pretty sure all technology hates me. My computer in my office at work decided it wanted to restart every time I press the letter Z, which mind you isn’t as often as you’d think but totally annoying when it does happen.

NERD!!! Shut up! I got your adorable drawing!


Your mother drew this didn’t she?

She did not!!!

Bullshit, Holly!! Face it, you suck!

I will deny this forever. I am really REALLY hurt right now.

I am little embarrassed that you brought your mother into our insanity.

Well lucky for you it is I who drew it!

How am I supposed to look her in the eye when we visit in December? I don’t think she is gonna appreciate knowing that I perpetually live up  metaphorical trees.

So now that this cat has jumped out of the tree and into your arms and according to that picture that you DIDN’T DRAW, landed on top of you, what are you gonna do now?

Come find you in room 304?

Far side of the room, behind the curtains. Next to the little old lady.

Will you come lay with me? Have a few more heart attacks?

OK. But only because you asked so nicely and because I am quite enjoying these heart attacks.

If you hurry up I may let you chew on my neck… and if you are really lucky… hump my leg.

FFnet link

That was the final chapter folks. Thanks for reading.

Living in a Phantasy — Part 3 | Love’s Troubles

Summary: When you realise you’re gay and dating your best friend, you also realise there’s a lot of difficulties that come with it. And after spending time together, Dan and Phil realise they’ll have to face them eventually.

Genre: fluff, love, romance, phan, domestic (sort of)

Word count: 1440

Trigger warnings: none

A/N: Okay so from now on all my following phan stories will be part of a one-shot series called Living in a Phantasy, until the series ends or whatever. Hope you enjoy!

Part 2

Part 4

You know what’s bad? Waking up in the morning to find you’ve run out of instant coffee. You know what’s worse? Realizing you’re gay and dating your best friend which will eventually be discovered by the millions of obsessive people that watch you on the internet.

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Get to know your AC Blogger! (Completed)
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📷 Means you should post a photo with your response! This is optional of course, and you can tag this ‘no photo’ if you don’t want to answer those :)

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✦All Better ✦ a fluffy Harry One shot for Carly ❤️

Hello! :) May I request a fluffy Harry one-shot? So could it be that I’m a really shy art student that has gone to school with harry since kindergarden all the way to university and I’ve always had this big crush on him but he had never noticed me? Until one day Niall and Harry are hanging out and like idk something happens and I somehow get Harry’s attention? I know it’s a little cheesy, but thank you! Oh, my name’s Carly! Again, thank you! :)

 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Be sure to message me your requests! 

 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“Who wants to share their thought about the evolution of earth?” My professor asked , and I lowered my head , not wanting to be chosen for this question. Or any for the matter.

I smiled in relief when someone volunteered , before doodling on my paper.

I couldn’t help but start writing H+C on the corner of my paper , adding a heart and smiling to myself.

Before I knew it , my last class was dismissed and I gladly picked up my books and walked out of the classroom , walking to my dorm room .

I stopped at the dining hall to get some coffee , when I noticed him .

I bit my lip , trying to shield myself from his eyes as I watched him .

Harry . He was the cutest boy on campus . Strong male features that made any girl swoon ,long curly ish hair that I’d kill to run my fingers through , pink plump lips that I’d dream of kissing every night .

I felt like such a stalker hiding behind a sign as I watched him .

He was with Niall , another extremely hot guy on campus , and I watched as they both laughed about something .

I bit my lip as I watched him smile and I felt as if I’d pass out at any time .

I watched as Niall said something and pointed my direction , making me immediately jump up and turn , which caused me to bump into the person behind me .

I gasped as I felt steaming hot coffee fall onto my white shirt , everyone laughing .

I turned around , Harry and Niall both watching me , and I bit my lip to stop myself from crying before running away.

“Carly wait!” Someone said but I kept running until I reached my dorm room , slamming the door shut behind me .

I let the tears fall down my face as I ripped my shirt off .

Great , I thought to myself . The one time Harry Styles , my life long crush , notices me , its when I get coffee spilled all over me.

I quickly cleaned the steaming coffee off my chest and stomach , before putting on a clean t-shirt .

I changed into some pajama shorts , before grabbing my sketchbook from under my bed and loosing myself in my drawings.
A few minutes later someone knocked on my door , and I sighed . Thinking my roommate forgot her key or something .

I opened the door , my heart dropping to my chest as I stared at the tall figure in front of me .


“I-” I started , but I lost my words , not sure if I should believe my eyes .

“You run pretty fast , I lost you once you turned the corner . I’ve been knocking on every door” He said , a small smile on his face that made my insides warm.

“You looked for me?” I asked , shocked .

“Well , you seem pretty upset . I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He said sincerely , and butterflies erupted in my stomach .

I smiled shyly at him . “I-I’m fine , thank you” I replied , unsure of what to do.

I’m finally speaking to my crush of years and here I am , not knowing what to do. I’ve dreamed for this moment.

“Can I come in?” He asked , and I nodded quickly , too quickly .

I wanted to face palm myself .
I opened the door wider , letting him step inside , before closing the door behind him .

I watched as he looked around , trying to guess which side of the room was mine .

I smiled when he pointed to my side , looking at me questioningly .

I nodded . Walking over and sitting on my bed .

He sat down too , his eyes immediately drawn to my sketch book .

I bit my lip , praying I didn’t have drawing of him in there or something .

I watched as he picked it up , flipping through the pages . I felt myself grow anxious , what if he didn’t like them ?

“Those are just doodles I like to do , they’re nothing special” I put in , watching as he looked up at me .

“These are incredible Carly , you have a real talent.” He said sincerely , and I nearly fainted .

“T-thank you” I mumbled , a blush creeping to my cheeks .

“What’s this?” He asked , his finger brushing over a small doodle I did.

I felt my heart in my mouth when I saw the small drawing .

H+C , in a heart.

“U-uh , t-that’s “ I stumbled on my words , my face reddening .

Harry chuckled , closing the book .

“You’re really cute when you blush” He said , and that didn’t help at all .

If my cheeks weren’t as red as a tomato now , I don’t know .

“Stop” I said , looking away and he laughed .

“So , how come I’ve never seen you around?” He asked

I looked at him .

“I don’t know , I guess I’m pretty quiet.” I said .

“You seem really familiar to me though” He replied , and I bit my lip.

“Well , I’ve kind of went to school with you since kindergarten” I said honestly , watching as his eyes widened.

“No way” He said , his accent thick and making my head swim .

I nodded .

“I surely would’ve remembered such a beautiful face” He said cheekily , and my heart tugged .

I bit my lip again , and he reached up , tugging at my lip so my teeth would release it .

I felt sparks where he touched , and I lightly gasped .

We looked at each other , and I swear I thought I was dreaming when I saw him lean in .

Once we were a millimeter apart , where I could literally feel his sweet breath on my lips , he whispered .

“Lets check that belly of yours” Before bringing his large hands to my sides , making me shriek with laughter .

“Harry!” I giggled , his hands slowly bringing my shirt up.

I felt myself stop laughing as he stared at me , placing a light kiss to my stomach .

I drew in a deep breath.

I watched as he slowly drew up my body , our faces an inch apart .

“All better” He whispered , before placing a light kiss on my lips .

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ I HOPE YOU ENJOYED AWEE

Be sure to message me your requests! 

 ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡