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Just throwing this out there, mostly as denial that this could be ending. What if we went through the game's story, but all from the perspective of Flowey? Part of it is I don't want this story to end, the other is I REALLY want to see Photoshop (Omega) Flowey in your beautiful art style. If it is coming to an end, I'm a sad, but this has been an amazing trip. Been wanting a Flowey story and have been following you since Chaya's beginning. Love you all so much!

(Related to end of Mirror Arc - this just took a long time)

I mean, if anybody is gunna do it it’d be us! Thanks so much for sticking around so long! You’ll definitely see more Flowey in future ♥

Here’s a Photoshop Flowey! I kept working on this at random times and finally finished it! 

ok so i had a band competition yesterday right? and my section was standing in a circle doing this dance beforehand (i’m in the front ensemble so the rest of our band had already left to warm up and we were just waiting for our trailers) and this guy from this other band just walked over and deadass said

“can i join your satanic ritual?” 

and we just laughed and he joined in and we were kinda just dancing around at this point because the organized dance doesn’t start until the chorus of this song we were playing off my friend’s phone, and then the chorus rolled around and we started doing the dance and this guy was just like wHat tHE fUCK???

but my section just really confused this poor dude from this other band who just wanted to join a satanic ritual and have some fun with it. we kept seeing him at random points throughout the night and we’d shout and wave and he’d just dab back. we never found out who he was. 

for the rest of our high school years, my entire section will know him as the mystery guy who wanted to join our satanic ritual. 

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I'm sorry if you could give me your most genuine answer to this I'd be really appreciative! Why is it super adorable when G doesn't give a fuck and posts whatever Shen wants on set and of david but if M posts a cute photo or video of brick or a sunset in Vancouver she's "over sharing" and playing with the fandom? Is it cause we're under the impression she's an employee and it's unprofessional? Or do we just have an unfair double standard. Truly curious to hear what your think!

I think the answer is in your question. It is adorable when Gillian shares pictures of the set or bts with the fandom because she is the fandom. We’re fan of her, of the show she plays in, of her relationship with David. She is in control of what she shares with us, she’s advised, she knows what she does, it is her job. Monique is just sharing bits of David’s private life and places to whomever she decides to accept then block, then accept again. 

Following Gillian on social media is just following Gillian. But following Monique is stalking. That’s the difference.

I think that people don’t understand how to be compassionate toward others who don’t fit in their idea of what a “good” mentally ill person should look like. I think this stems from not understanding that everyone is on their own path in recovery and some people aren’t ready to recover yet.

Some teenager making a meme about their depression might not be the best coping mechanism but it’s pointless to attack those people and be like “well if you would just recover like do then you’d be okay.” Not every coping mechanism works for every person, and that person never asked for advice. They just wanted to vent. 

This has also evolved into making memes about specific mental illnesses and how people with those are “the worst” etc. 

You don’t know what someone is going through, and it’s really none of your business if someone wants to create “relatable” content on a mental illness because they’re most likely trying to make sense of their feelings and find other people who feel the same way. In a lot of ways I think people with mental illnesses want other mentally ill people to share only stories that are positive. However, some people with mental illnesses do shitty things that should be called out. I just don’t like to see it turn to the mental illness and not the action the person did. Mentally ill people should be responsible for their actions, but those actions should not reflect on all people with that mental illness. 

My thoughts aren’t entirely formed but I just think that there’s a tendency for so-called “high-functioning” mentally ill people or mentally ill people who are farther in their recovery process to speak in a condescending way to those who might not be coping as well. Mental health advocacy doesn’t mean always agreeing with someone who is mentally ill or even having to talk to them, but I think a big part is trying to listen to people with many kinds of mental illness and their narratives. 

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Hi! My request is very vague. So anything where the reader for some reason really cares for Penny but he is super mean and beastial towards her. Doesnt have human emotion. Not abusive. Just straight up RUDE and doesn't want to be bothered unless he is bored and wants attention (basically a cat). Please and thank u so much

I love this request cuz YES

BTW, the reader is not Pennywise’s S/O!

  • In most situations, Pennywise is the type who will cling to you but in a more protective manner; here, he’d cling to you when he’s satisfied his hunger and has “nothing else to do”
  • When you try to show your affection, he literally pushes you/shoves your face away before grumbling to himself  about how annoying you are and leaving to his sewers most likely 
  • If for some reason you go to find him, you’ll see him eating his latest victim and throw you a piece of the meat to make you run off while yelling at you to leave him alone.
  • When that doesn’t work, he’ll become irritated and drop everything before turning into his big mode to chase you off through the sewers.
  • In other situations, he will warn you away with a growl. If you don’t leave, he’ll enlarge his teeth and claws before telling you off.
  • In the situation in which he wants your attention he will grab and carry you away, maybe to his lair, and just play around with you however he likes(might make you dance to entertain him, or scare you and have you screaming, etc.)
  • If he feels like it, he will just grab you and bend you over whatever is nearby before ripping off your clothes and ravishing you until he feels satisfied
  • Other times when he’s not feeling very “rude”, he’ll make sure you’re sitting down to force his head onto your lap. If you do nothing, he’ll snarl as if demanding that you stroke his head.
  • If you pushed him away, he would be very angry and would grab your body a bit too harshly before bringing you onto his lap and forcing you to stay on him until he feels bored
  • When he feels like being a dick, he’ll break some of your things as a way of letting out some steam rather than doing it to you
  • Confronting him about these sort of things will only make him push you away more, he’ll tell you that somebody as useless as you should not be with him and it’s pointless to even try
  • Since you don’t really mean anything to him, he’ll most likely hurt you at some point with a bite to the arm or even a slap just to have you leave him alone which most likely will have you do that
  • Seeing you come back with increase his irritation because he wants to be feared yet here you are, still doing your best to show him that you care for some reason. The things he does will repeat, but they’ll decrease only if he finds some sort of value in you/

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Hey there! i just have to say that "Airplanes" is my lifeline right now, it literally gives me life these days. I just read chapter 12 and i'm a crying mess right now. I just love everything you're doing with this fic. But quick question, could it be possibe to write a short drabble from Theo's POV of this chapter? Like what did he do when he left Liam? Did he cry? Did he hit something? Was he angry? Did he scream at himself for all the bad things he's ever done? MY ANGSTY HEART WANTS TO KNOW.

Hey! thank you so much oh my god!!

Totally! I’ve thought about doing a few like drabble things for some of the moments in airplanes from Theo’s POV I’m just really lazy and haven’t gotten round to it yet.

I have literally over 100 prompts to write right now so it depends on what inspirations i get for what fics but I’d love to explore Theo’s POV at some point :D 

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This has been bugging me for a few days, but may I ask which countries do you think would handle a tsundere s/o well. Lovelove~~

Ooh! Here are some of our thoughts!~ Admin Sarah and Jay

America: He grew up dealing with Arthur, but he also doesn’t really care what somebody’s  body language tells him, he just want’s to make them happy, even if that means getting hit a few times.

France: Francis is used to being mistreated by a certain English man, who is often seen yelling and him or hitting him because he made him blush. He’d be able to handle it, and usually wouldn’t correct someone if they lashed out on him.

Germany: Ludwig would get sick of it sometimes, but he’d be able to see through his s/o’s bullshit if they tried hiding behind their actions. He’d know how they really feel.

Spain: Antonio raised the ultimate tsundere, so he’d be used to it. He’s also so happy go lucky, over affectionate, and spacey, so he’d force them to get over it.

Denmark: Lukas would have him trained. He’d learn to ignore the facade and just do whatever he sees fit for them in the moment.

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hey stretch, kudos to you. its really hard to confess, especially when someone's being a mcnugget, but you really rise to the challenge. on the flipside, red, don't feel pressured to do something that makes you uncomfortable, ok? its ok to not wanna date, and its ok to need a break from romance. just don't let it get in the way of your friendships. stretch cares about you, which means it doesn't come with some obligation to reciprocation


“Ah, thanks. Uh, makes me feel a little better about all this, heh. But, ah, they’re right, Red. I-I really don’t want it to ruin this– us, being friends. We can just… y’know. Forget about this, and just go back to hanging out like we were before. If that’s what you wanna do.”

“…fuck, why d’you gotta be all sweet’n considerate’n shit?”

Boyfriend! Jinho

Hello! This was also requested, and I hope you like it! Thank you for your nice feedback, your messages make me really happy, I love youuu♡

Originally posted by yeo1

  • Jinhoooo is sooo cuteeee *screams*
  • I think he would also be pretty obvious when having a crush on you.
  • Like he would randomly giggle when you’re around because he thinks you’re sO CUTE.
  • Everyone would tease him about it tbh.
  • He’d always try to strike conversation with you about the silliest things. 
  • The type to talk about the weather just to talk to you, honestly.
  • But he also really wants to get to know you, what you want to do with your life, what you like, what you don’t, etc.
  • He’d get super shy instead of flirty most of the time.
  • BUT OTHERS the kid would get you flustered just by staring at you.
  • When he finally asks you on a date he’s all like “you can totally say no omg, I mean I understand if you–”
  • But you tell him it’s okay, you’d love to go on a date with him.
  • He shows you some place only he knows and he hasn’t shown to anyone else.
  • And he tells you how much he really likes you because you’re an amazing person and it would mean a lot to him if to be your boyfriend.
  • He’d be so sWEET.
  • When you make your relationship official he’d be just so smiley and ughh so sOFT.
  • He’d be really proud to be your boyfriend.
  • Supporting you no matter what.
  • But I think he’s also the type to advice you and let you know when something’s not good for you or you’re doing something that’s not good for yourself.
  • He would love skinship.
  • Specially receiving, like he’d love you playing with his hair while he’s laying on your lap.
  • When he holds your hand your fingers are always intertwined.
  • When you two are alone he’d sometimes randomly yell “Get back in here and love me!”
  • Even though you just went to get a drink to the kitchen.
  • He’s the type to give short kisses, like just a peck.
  • Loves interrupting you when you’re talking that way.
  • But he also gives slow kisses that are just so full of emotion I’m–
  • Always tells you how important you are to him.
  • Not only as his partner but also as his best friend.
  • Because he trusts you so much, and cares so much about you.
  • Always make sure you take care of yourself, asks you if you’ve eaten, how you’re feeling, etc.
  • He’d make a fool of himself just to see you smile.
  • But also takes your problems seriously and really tries to help you get through them, in whichever way he can.
  • Even if it’s just by listening.
  • He hates fighting, he’d be the one to take the initiative to settle problems down.
  • He just wants things to be good because he really really loves you.
  • And he knows a relationship has ups and downs but he’d get so scared of losing you.
  • He needs reassurance every now and then.
  • So take care of him
  • And love him
  • He’d be such a nice boyfriend.
3 a.m. at the Vol. 5 House

Nora: Hey, Ren.

Ren: Nora, it can wait until morning.

Nora: It is morning.

Ren: Okay, so what do you need?

Nora: I don’t need anything. Tomorrow, can we walk around Mistral? Just you and me?

Ren: I’d like that. I need to make meals for everyone else though.

Nora: Can we make it now? I really want to see the sunrise alone with you.

Ren: Sure thing, Pancake.

-Ren and Nora walk into the kitchen and see Ruby talking with Oscar.-

Oscar: I’ve heard about The Achieve Men but never had enough money to buy a comic.

Ruby: They are amazing. I think you’ll like them.

Oscar: Do you mind if i keep one?

Ruby: Nope!

Ozpin: You know, she is into you.

Oscar: Just shut up!

Ruby: What?

Ozpin: Wisdom, evidently, must be learned.

Oscar: Hey, can I ask you something?

Ruby: You don’t have to pay me back.

Oscar: No, not that. Do you want to…

Ruby: Okay!

Oscar: You, You didn’t even let me finish.

Ruby: My answer stands.

Oscar: Well, where do you want to go tomorrow?

Ruby: Let’s go to the market. I hear there is a restaurant that serves great egg rolls.

-The pair gets ready for bed together, planning the next day step by step. Jaune overhears this.-

Jaune: Soo, everyone is leaving tomorrow. How about we-

Qrow: No.


2017.10.22 👣 5k Walk #OctoberMile

Oh my gosh, so many excuses today! it started sprinkling on me at the very beginning of my walk. I kept going, saying I’d just do the 1 mile if it kept raining, but it stopped about 10 minutes in. I still was really wanting to turn back home and forget it, but I somehow didn’t.  Then, when I was about halfway through, I started getting some stomach issues. There are no bathrooms out here. I managed to somehow quiet my griping stomach down and kept going, actually making it all the way home without a disaster. Sorry if that’s TMI.

Anyway, got the 5k done today, despite all the excuses. 

And, here’s a picture of what fall in Florida looks like in the country – barns full of hay. 

Hi guys! So I hit 3k this morning, and I’m honestly stunned - thank you all so much for being so wonderfully supportive!! I wanted to give something back to you guys, so I’ve decided to do calligraphy commissions!

What can you request?

Anything, really! Your name, a song lyric - I can also make headers, stickers or folder covers for subjects - just let me know what you’d like me to write and what you’d like it to be for! 

What do you have to do to get one?

  • You’ve got to be following me (it is for my followers, after all!)
  • reblog this (likes count as bookmarks)
  • Send me an ask telling me what you’d like me to write - you can also specify a font, colour scheme or general aesthetic
  • This isn’t specifically necessary but it’d be super cool if you could check out my aesthetic blog & my original posts

and that’s it! Once again, thank you so much for being such a wonderful and supportive community <3 <3

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I find the idea of Dan diving in really sweet. No prior thought goes into it, like he forgets to remove his shoes, and when he gets out he has to strip (leaving pants on bc this is a professional work environment) and let his shit air out before he leaves. The whole time Arin is “I’m sore I’m sorry I’m sorryyyy” and dan has to remind him that it wasn’t his fault

he’s so worried he just jumps in, shoes and all. he just wants to comfort the fish boy, clothes be damned. arin feels really guilty but dan says “if i have to sacrifice dry clothes to make you feel better, i’d gladly do it every day in my best clothes. don’t worry.”

he starts keeping a spare pair of swim trunks at the lab so he can jump in whenever he wants. so sweet.

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Do you have any unfinished drawings or things you never posted? Im interested in seeing some

Well they’re pretty bad so Idk why you’d wanna see them but here’s one



I have more but I don’t wanna post them cause they’re really badly drawn so if anyone wants just message me directly

ML spoilers

It’s been a year and a half since we got new content, I still almost can’t believe we got 2 new episodes yesterday. But they were great! I still think Marinette’s storyline so far really needs a lot more focus and some kind of clear direction, and I’d think you’d want to do that in the beginning, but that being said the two episodes we got were really well done and it fit better that the collector picked up right where volpina left off anyway. 

Spoilers for the Collector below the cut. 

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Hey Guys!

two things: one, i’ve recently realized that i am a trans guy !! please use he/him when referring to me thank youuuuu! and two, i recently hit 3k and i really want to celebrate it!! So, just like i did when I hit 1k, I’ll be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and I’ll make a video answering all your questions !!! I’m not sure when exactly i’ll be able to do this so I’ll set a deadline for questions at a later date but start sending them !! (put “AMA” or like “for the AMA” somewhere in your ask so I know it’s not just a regular old ask :D)

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Also 84. "I can't believe you talked me into this" with Logan and Patton? Or Virgil and Patton? :D -cinnamonrollpatton

TW: none that I can think of but just shoot man ask and I’ll fic it

Word Count: 543

Prompt: I can’t believe you talked me into this.

Notes: I’ve never actually been skydiving so I have no idea how accurate this is; also, I suck at fluff but I tried

@fugitive-angel @netzoflix @paragonofsophistication @angsty-anxxiety @kentato-kenreblog @hells-angel-hevens-demon @antisocialili @saltequeen @theanxofthethomas @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @ninjas-forever @cinnamonrollpatton

Logan stared at the clouds as they passed below them, wondering, not for the first time, if Virgil had been right to stay on the ground.

His stomach churned over again as he tried to calculate the distance to the ground. As the numbers got higher, the sight began to swim faster and faster in front of his eyes. He sat down heavily and stared at the wall, trying to regain his balance.

I can’t believe you talked me into this.

Patton grinned in front of him, looking at the instructor. “Come on, Logan, you said you’d do anything I wanted today. It’ll be fun!”

“You say that about so many things that aren’t fun.” For instance, the anniversary before last, Patton had decided they go bungee jumping and that was the exact opposite of fun for Logan. Many things could go wrong, statistically speaking, and one of them almost did go wrong.

“You’ll be fine!”

“Get ready.” The instructor stood up and Logan recalled what he’d been told to do many times before. “Who’s going first?”

“I will.” Patton eagerly stepped forward. “Maybe Teach won’t be so scared if I do it first.”

It didn’t take long for the instructor to remind Patton what to do and before Logan could protest, Patton smiled and fell out of the plane. Logan’s stomach lurched, immediately thinking about the statistics for injury involving skydiving.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes.” The lie was so blatant he didn’t even know why he bothered. They quickly reviewed what he needed to do when he pulled out his parachute, when he needed to pull it, and basic safety. He looked down at Patton getting further away from him, held his breath, and jumped.

The wind ripped at his hair as he hurtled toward the earth, remembering that humans were not made with wings but still found ways to get themselves far too high into the air.

A familiar tinkling made his glance around and suddenly Patton was next to him. Of course, that made little sense since he’d jumped before Logan had. Patton grabbed his hand, pulling him closer.

“Smile!” Before Logan could figure out what was going on, a flash pierced his vision. He squeezed Patton’s hand tighter. “You’re amazing!”

They pulled each other closer until they were nose to nose and abruptly he didn’t feel so nauseous. He didn’t feel like he was going to tell Patton that he was no longer allowed to pick what they did for any anniversary. Logan was still scared, but somehow he felt calmer.

“I love you.” The words fell out of his mouth before Logan could understand why he’d even wanted to say them. Immediately his face began to heat up and he sputtered, trying to save himself.

But Patton didn’t seem to find his spontaneous confession embarrassing. In fact, he smiled so loud and looked so happy, Logan ought to have done it before. There was something about his smile that always made the word seem softer around the edges.

Patton dragged him closer and kissed him softly. “I love you, too.”

Later, much after they landed, Patton would rain kisses down on him, softly, carefully, lovingly, showing the depth of his affection—Logan’s heart raced for another reason altogether.

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how do you feel about maxid

m/a/x/v/i/d makes me want to die and i dislike v much blease if you like it you might as well just unfollow me,,,, david is one of my absolute favorite characters and to make him into something like that,, jes us

but maxid,,, isn’t that from that one blog that had the two of them switch bodies? that’s alright i guess, i don’t really feel anything toward it y’know

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Part of me wants to watch House and part of me really can't bear the thought of another version of Holmes and Watson that goes on for eight seasons of desperately unspoken adoration that never comes to light before one of them dies tragically. If I didn't know what I was in for I'm sure I'd get sucked in and watch it anyway, but as things are . . . I just can't.

i support not watching it but if you do: only and exclusively watch the pilot, and then birthmarks and then Episode 10 of Season Six entitled Wilson. 

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that last golden age chapter was so good! I'm glad Jack can finally access his ice in front of sharpwood. Also sharpwood is such an interesting character

So glad you enjoyed it! :D

I’m actually kind of surprised that folks did? Like I thought it would just be like a ‘regular’ chapter (with some morning sex) so I’m like digging how many other people get really into the hypnosis stuff because *thumbs up* that definitely means I’m going to do it more often, somehow. *squints eyes into the future*

Sharpwood has always been fun to write, but man, he’s way more fun now that he’s basically the breakout star of the whole story lol. :D