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Saerwyn And The 13 Dwarves - Chapter 8

Before you read this, I just wanted to thank all of you for telling me that I could write my first series. I know it only took me a week, but I usually give up after the second chapter. I’m really proud of my work. So yea..thank you all. So here’s the final showdown between Mereth and Saerwyn. Who will win?

Saerwyn had just awakened from what seemed like an unsuspected end to her life; Bard had miraculously given her true love’s kiss. Now, the dwarves, with Bard and Saerwyn, were on their way to defeat the evil queen Mereth once and for all.

In the palace of Dale, a guard announced visitors to Mereth’s court. They were all dressed in black cloaks and claimed to have the hearts of the dwarves of Erebor. Mereth agreed to let them in.

The cloaked figures, fifteen in all, slowly approached Mereth’s seat. One of the figures stepped forward and bowed, whispering, “We have a gift for you my queen.”

  “Ah yes, the hearts of those dreadful filthy dwarves.” She said, laughing at the supposed demise of her enemies.

  “Not just that my lady. There’s one more thing.” The figure said and slowly rose to make eye contact with Mereth. The figure then pulled the hood of the cloak off of her head. “My resurrection! Kill ‘em boys!”

The dwarves, with Bard, all took their hoods off and began fighting the oncoming sea of guards.

Saerwyn turned back to her sister and said gracefully, “I have been waiting for this moment nearly all my life. It’s time we fight face to face. Sisters?”

  “Don’t you dare use my words against me you little brat. You should be grateful I didn’t throw you to the dogs instead of giving you shelter in the tower!”

Saerwyn pulled her sword out. “There’s one thing you didn’t learn while you were training to be royalty; it’s how to fight properly. You don’t have a weapon!”

She thrust the sword into Mereth’s chest and killed her. To some of the dwarves, it seemed too quick and too easy, but it’s what needed to happen.

Dale, and all of Middle Earth, were rid of Mereth’s power over them.


Three months later…

Balin stood at the front of the watching crowd and said, “Bard, Saerwyn, will you take each other to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse?”

  “We do!” They said in unison.

  “Then you, master bowman and king of Dale, may kiss the bride.”

”“”And they lived…happily…ever…after“”“


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we should talk about bilbo dies aus because we both seem to have a strange affection for them

Idk why I like to watch Thorin suffer it’s so weird man. Or maybe it’s because Bilbo. 

 I’m going to very quickly put links to the fics I have in which Bilbo dies because hey, self-promotion is important (older stories have shittier writing, fair warning). Then I’ll go on an incredibly long-winded discussion about why having Bilbo die and Thorin live is exponentially more interesting (to me) than vice versa, as well as some headcanon that explains Thorin’s “more grocer than a burglar” in AUJ to HEART EYES MUTHA FUCKA in BotFA.

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Alright, here we go:

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