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Only Us-Dear Evan Hansen {S.M}

imagine six from broadway series// imagine based off of a song from the critically acclaimed and tony winning/nominated musical Dear Evan Hansen, and also one of my all time favorite musicals!

author’s note// i love deh more than i love myself but i also love shawn im seeing him july 29th i wanna cry 

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trigger warning!! anxiety mentions,,, reader suffers from anxiety,,, not too graphic,, i know i don’t do trigger warnings but the musical dear evan hansen deals with anxiety so this imagine will as well thank you!! doesn’t mean you can request triggering imagines thank you !!!

“Listen, I just don’t know that you know what you’re getting into, okay?” You had exclaimed, flailing your arms around as you stomped around the room. “It wouldn’t be a horrible decision if you just cut it off now!” Your voice lowered ever so slightly, but it wasn’t a whole lot if we are being completely honest. You were yelling a good bit. You probably would have been yelling if his parents were home, so you were so incredibly grateful that they weren’t. 

“What the hell are you talking about?” Shawn chuckled and folded his muscular arms across his chest. You instantly stopped in your tracks, not quite noticing how much you were pacing across the carpeting in his bedroom, that was packed up pretty much since he was about to move into his own place. 

“You said you wanted to talk!” You flung your arms up again, the sleeves of your light blue sweater swiftly falling down your arms. It was like, two sizes two big. You really only wore too big blue sweaters. And khaki’s. It was basically a uniform, you needed it to keep yourself sane. You didn’t like change, you didn’t like big things. “Whenever someone says they wanna talk they wanna break up with said other person!” Your arms plopped down to the sides of your body. His eyebrows raised, and you instantly regretted the statement that had just left your mouth. “Oh my god, not that we’re like officially together I shouldn’t have assumed I real-” You hadn’t noticed that Shawn had taken a couple of steps towards you, and pulled you right into his huge frame. His arms that you thought were physically perfect wrapped around your small frame. 

“Stop it, I don’t want to break up with you!” He chuckled again. 

Oh, what a heavenly sound. 

“I’m so sorry if it worried you when I said I wanted to talk. I should have known better. Please don’t think I want to break up with you oh my god.” His hands went to your head, pulling you more into his chest. 

“You should.” You squeaked out, finally pulling your arms around him, locking your fingers together. “I can’t go to your concerts unless I’m backstage and even then i’m…” You trailed off, pushing back the tears that willed themselves to fall from your eyes. 

“It doesn’t matter!” He pushed a kiss to the top of your head. “You don’t need to come to my shows!” He squeezed you just a little tighter. The pit of nervousness that started forming in the bottom of your stomach when Shawn had said he needed to talk to you when you came over was starting to disappear just a little bit more. 

“I can’t go to events with you, I won’t be able to go out in big public spaces with you.” You added on. You had horrible anxiety and you hated whenever anyone knew too much about your personal life. You didn’t like masses of people crowding around you, and that would be anywhere you and Shawn went. You couldn’t handle people following you and crowding around you. You’d have panic attacks every single day. “I’d embarrass you.” You grumbled. 

“You could never embarrass me!” He reassured you quite passionately. “Of course, I’d never want you to go to anything that could cause you a panic attack. I want to be with you, but I want you to be happy when you’re with me, not scared. Don’t worry if you can’t.” He didn’t pull you closer, but it felt like he was with the words he was saying. 

“Okay.” You stated, still unconvinced. He knew it too. 

“Listen, who cares what everyone says! It’ll be us, only us. You don’t need to find reasons for me to want you or even to not want you. I like you for you, nothing else. I promise, I promise more than anything. It doesn’t matter what happened before, it doesn’t matter!” He continued to cause that anxious pit in your stomach to shirk even more. “No one else, okay? Just us. Only us.” It completely disappeared and all you knew was Shawn and that you loved him. It didn’t matter if he was in the public eye, it didn’t matter he was famous and everyone expected him to have a famous girlfriend he could be seen in public with. He liked you for you. It wasn’t impossible to make this work. 

And damn, were you grateful. 

author’s note// i really wanna quit this blog no one cares about it anymore im dying off kidss this was short but i loved it

secret santa

Lily had been shocked to find out that Secret Santa was a muggle tradition only. She had suggested in the common room that her and the Marauders do a Secret Santa once they return from Christmas holiday, but was greeted simply with vacant stares from all four boys. After about an hour of a question and answer session between Lily and the boys, (most of it being her setting rules for what the gifts could be as Sirius suggested hundreds of inappropriate gifts no one would want), she finally created the slips of parchment with their names written on them and everyone’s Secret Santa was chosen

The night people began returning to Hogwarts, still the weekend before classes actually started, all of the Secret Santas got together in front of the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone had their wrapped or bagged gift in front of them and Lily had brought them all Christmas jumpers to wear as they did this Secret Santa. No one protested this, since she was the expert and they all just assumed that the Christmas jumper was necessary to do this. 

Lily, with her french braids and snowman jumper, decided to be the first to give her gift since she was very proud of the gift she had gotten him. “I was your Secret Santa, Sirius!” She exclaimed as soon as the boys stopped talking and were ready to begin the gift exchange, her excitment evident in her voice. Sirius took the neatly wrapped gift from her, warmly smiling as he sat up a bit from his previous lounging position against the coffee table in the common room. 

As Sirius unwrapped the gift his warm smile transformed into a wide, excited grin. Lily had gotten him a muggle leather jacket to wear when he would ride the motorcycle she knew he had been working on. Sirius had shown in interest in the muggle ‘biker’ look, as he really did care about looking cool. Immediately, Sirius slipped on the jacket - which he noticed had a patch near the right shoulder depicting a black dog - over his Christmas tree jumper and reached over the circle to give Lily a big hug. “I’m going to wear this every chance I get. Thanks, Evans.” He told her earnestly, making her smile right back at him.

Sirius, being reminded it was now his turn, grinned and tossed his gift to Peter who caught it. Sirius’ gift, which was in a bag under a pile of parchment, was full of Peter’s favorite sweets, which seemed to give him a similar reaction to Sirius receiving his leather jacket. “I knew you were out, Pete, so I figured I’d save you a trip to Hogsmeade. Also, you’re out because I’ve been taking them every once in a while, so it’s the least I could do.”

Lily was positive she had never been happier than watching the boys get immediately overjoyed as they received their gifts. James wore that oh so familiar crooked grin when he opened his Quidditch posters and t-shirt with a small graphic of a broomstick from Remus and nearly tackled him in an appreciative hug. Remus even got a bit teary eyed when Peter gave him a handmade coupon book full of friendly and helpful things he was willing to do for him for free. (The one that really got Remus was ‘skip class after the full moon to provide you with snacks I will sneak from the kitchens’ with a crudely drawn full moon). 

Once only James was left it was clear who he was the Secret Santa for, (and was immediately met with accusations of rigging the drawing), he had drawn Lily. 

“First of all, I did not cheat. Though I greatly appreciate the accusations from my closest friends of dishonesty. I feel all warm and fuzzy.” James began, standing up from the circle to make a speech in classic James Potter fashion. “Second of all I would like to give the highest praise to our woman of the hour Ms. Evans, who introduced us to this brilliant muggle game. I think everyone here agrees that this was a much better idea than having to buy four gifts.” James actually paused for laughter. This speech was extremely well rehearsed. “Now, Evans and I have a complicated relationship, I will not get into details since you all know them but I knew that this gift could make or break me. It could get me to the highly sought after position of Lily Evans’ boyfriend. So, I present to you all: the ultimate Lily Evans’ gift.”

With that, Lily was handed a very neatly wrapped box - wrapping job courtesy of Dorthea Potter - about twice the size of any other present given. Once she opened it it was an actual box on the inside, filled to the brim with everything she had ever spoken to James about. Three books from her favorite muggle series she had not yet gotten around to reading and a t-shirt from the Wizard band that James had introduced her to that they constantly spoke about. Along with the wizard band shirt was a shirt from the muggle band Queen that Lily had introduced him to that they both loved. A few pieces of parchment full of notes they had taken the first time she helped him study for a test, a small porcelain poodle referring to a time they teased Sirius mercilessly for needing to be groomed like one, several lilies, naturally, and a stuffed doe which James knew from memory was her patronus, as he took great joy in the fact it was a counterpart to his, were also in this box. The bottom of the box was lined with her favorite candies both muggle and wizard. 

“Merlin, Potter, this is by far the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten. Like, in my entire life.” Lily commented, reaching forward to give him the biggest hug she could. He grinned, wrapping his long arms around her.

“Thoughtful enough to convince you to go out with me?”

“Thoughtful enough to consider.” She promised, taking James by surprise. Did that really work? Was that all it took? He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, scratching his head.

“Well, naturally. Yeah.” He tried to deflect his clear flustered nature at the moment, receiving a snort of a laugh from Sirius.

“Happy Christmas everyone.” Lily smiled happily, not even asking James to remove his lingering arm from around her shoulder.