i just really want them to be sisters okay

things I need now that alex and maggie are dating:

  • holding hands in public places
  • calling each other “babe” or other pet names
  • Kara giving Maggie the official Talk (”if you hurt my sister I will throw you into space”)
  • Maggie at game night
  • dates!!!! going out to dinner, or movie nights in! I want to see them going on dates!
  • 100% more kissing in every episode
  • Alex kicks some ass in full tactical gear with big guns and after Maggie’s just like “okay that was really hot”
  • Kara walking in on them pls it’s homophobic not to include this

Well first off this is going to be really fuckin sad with a happy ending?? Theory I guess. But listen.

Okay so we all pretty much agree that the possibility of Tamlin having Rhysands Mother and sister wings hanging in his room is really high right? Okay now here me out.

What if there actually is a way to resurrect them? But what if it comes down to having to only pick one? Or only having enough magic to save one??

In my opinion, I really honestly think that (with a lot of fighting with himself) that Rhys would ultimately pick his little sister. Give her a life she never got to live. I imagine her to probably be around 5-7 years old.

Somebody gotta raise that child. I bet Feyre & Rhys would most definitely raise her like she’s their child. And imagine a mini version of Rhys cuttin up and fighting and laughing with the inner circle. That sounds pretty adorable to me. And I imagine a very happy mama watching from the stars.

jungleflora  asked:

If Charlie and Sue do in fact become a couple, who would move? I hope Charlie would move to La Push and be a cop there, rather than Sue giving up her position as an Elder in her community. Plus then Seth wouldn't have to move.

I think that’s probably the biggest obstacle to them actually getting married, they both have some pretty serious commitments to where they live now. 

(Okay the other big obstacle might be Leah not wanting Bella as a step-sister lol) 

I could see it going either way, really, especially if they wait until Seth is out of school/out on his own. I do think they might all find it weird if Charlie moved into the house that the Clearwaters had shared with Harry for so long, so I sort of imagine them getting a different place to start fresh and make memories together rather than live in the old house always in Harry’s shadow. That just seems healthier to everyone involved to me? There wouldn’t be quite the same feeling with Sue (and Seth?) moving in with Charlie, since Renee only lived there for a few years, and it was decades ago, and she’s divorced, not dead. 

But I think Charlie, who grew up with the Quileutes, would largely be welcomed in La Push, and feel comfortable there. I don’t know what sort of employment opportunities would be open to him, but I think he would want to be accommodating to Seth and to honor Sue’s commitment to her community and her role as an Elder. Also, if he DOES ever get clued in about vampires, he’s safer there as part of their community than being a bit more isolated in Forks, especially when the Cullens inevitably move on. 

Plus the fishing! 

Or maybe they just never get married and keep splitting time between the two houses, but I don’t think SM would necessarily go that way. She seems pretty keen on the settled nuclear family thing. 


DAY 3 Jealousy
TITLE: Online Date

Hope and Lightning moved in together after reunited in the new world.

Serah always visit them every two times a month until one day, she came with unexpected news.


Lightning shouted with eyes widened, she can’t believe what her sister just told her so goes the one who sat beside her that is Hope, who hold himself from burst out the coffee that he was drinking.

“I said… I set you a few dates on online for this month” said Serah while smiling at both of them.

“Bu-but” Lightning was trying to think of how to make an excuse.

“NO BUTS! You’ve been single for a really long time, I want you to at least try” said Serah to her sister.

Lightning let out a heavy sigh “Okay fine how many of them?” . She cannot refuse, if she did she will go to face her sister scary face and she is also doesn’t want to disappoint her sister.

“4 guys for each Saturday in this month” said Serah while she sips a cup of coffee before she continues.

“Oh and Hope, I want you to make sure that Lightning went to all of her date” She gave Hope a million volts of death glare that makes Hope freaks out inside, ‘Gosh she made the exact same face when she’s destroys my machine back then’.

“Got it??” Serah wants a confirmation from both of them.

They both nodded…. slowly.

“Great!” Serah puts a cup of coffee down on the table, after that she grab her purse then she pursues her steps to the exit door and opened the door, before she steps out, she glares at both of them for one last time “I’ll give you the details”. The door is fully shut, leaving Hope and Lightning with a confuse look on their face.


Lightning went on a blind date with the three guys that Serah set up for her.

The first one didn’t turn up really well, a guy named Ryan is really a pervert , on their first date at a fancy restaurant that only a few block away from Hope’s workplace, Lightning can’t stop Ryan from praised the beauty of her face and body in a pervert way that makes Lightning totally annoyed. At the end of their date, Ryan ask Lightning if she could come at his house. Lightning gets so mad until she punches Xyan through his not-so-handsome face and leave him alone.

On her second date, she went on a date with a guy named Maxi who’s brought her to eat at a different restaurant that was also a few blocks away from Hope’s Workplace. He is a sweet talker but there is something about Maxi that makes Lightning not comfortable about, the way he looks at Lightning AND the way he looks at the waitress and a few random girls who stepped inside the restaurant, at the end of their date Maxi asked if Lightning wants to go out for another date, Lightning politely refuse and leave him alone.

On her third date….. nothing much really… It was a raining evening at a small cafe that is also placed near Hope’s workplace, which makes her raise suspicion, she dated a guy named Evan… and nothing much going on. Evan is a quiet person and he didn’t ask much only her name, place she live, her favoutire color and all those boring question. Lightning almost want to fall asleep when going on a date with him.


When Hope was walking to find his car at the parking lot, it has been third time  he saw Lightning went on a date with other guy at different places but yet near his office.

Hope acts so uneasy whenever he saw Lightning eating and chatting with other guy. He decided to ignore it since he knows that Lightning will definitely reject everyone…… Right???


it’s Friday night, Lightning tells Hope about everything that happens during her dates and Hope was cringing during their conversation.

‘Lightning should be respected, non of this guy deserve to be with her, does every guy already forgot how to treat a woman properly???? But these 3 unknown guy is lucky AF to spend one evening with Lightning than me who gets to live with her but don’t get a chance to spend time with her because he was too busy’. Hope thoughts.

He was actually  jealous but just don’t want to admit it.

Before he goes to his bed, his phone rang and it turns out Serah the one who was calling him.


Lightning greeted a guy named Wayne at the……. here’s the clue it’s few blocks away from Hope’s workplace, to Lightning he looks kind and polite person compare to other guy that she dated. They both sat on their table that specially reserved for them, it’s actually went well from what Lightning expected they both are talking, talking and talking didn’t realize that someone was watching them.

A few minutes later Wayne gazing around the restaurant and saw two pairs of couple that only a few table away from them. He made that uneasy face but he still wants to keep chatting with Lightning. Then his phone was ringing and Wayne decided to answer his phone call.

Lightning noticed that Wayne always took a glance at a table number 7 that’s a few tables from them while he was in a middle of phone call with someone else, Lightning turned her head back and saw a young silver-haired man who wore simple black tuxedo with a woman with long brown Tifa’s Hairstyle that wore long red dress.

Her eyes widened after she saw the stunning silver-haired man while she was gazing at him, she made the uneasy face when she saw Hope was happily chatting with a woman.

“I’m really sorry miss but I can’t do it anymore” Said Wayne.

Lightning turned her head back to Wayne with a confuse look. Wayne stood up from the chair and walked away from her.

She was just watching at Wayne’s action who made his way to the table number 7, Lightning saw Wayne pulling the woman left wrist that forced her to get up. Lightning was surprised by his action but his action doesn’t effect the silver-haired man to do something at all.

Wayne pulled the girl out from the restaurant while everyone’s watching them. After they both gone, all eyes are on Lightning and Hope. They both don’t know where they can hide their face.
Lightning just sat there until her wrist got pulled by the silver-haired man, luckily the food that they order haven’t arrived yet.

Lightning was surprised by his action but she didn’t mad at him to just pull her hand like that. After they got out from the restaurant, Lightning looked at Hope and said.

“Okay that was unexpected”

“Umhum” is the only respond from him.

“By the way, Who is she?” Asked Lightning that almost sounded like she was angry.

Hope was looking at Lightning and said

“Whoever she is, It was just a fake date”


“It’s all part of my plan to ruining your date”

“Thank you for that but why???” Said Lightning while crossed her arms and stopped her movement

Hope stopped his movement, he look at woman beside him then put his left hand on his shoulder then he hold her chin using his right to titled it up,   gently so  that Lightning was facing him.

“Because no one knows how to treat you like the way I am my dear”

Lightning realized what Hope said, he was flirting with her, so she flicked his forehead.

“Ouch” Hope let go off her.

“Fine, if you really can treat me better than the other guys do, I want you to cook for me back at home, because of your stupid plan, I can’t get to eat anything.

“As you wish milady”


Getting Together

Anon request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Hayden’s sister and Liam’s best friend and they try to set you up with Brett?

A/N: I didn’t know if you wanted Liam and Hayden to be dating, so I kind of just made them friends. I also don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, but I tried! Hope this is okay!

“Oh my god, I knew it!” Liam yelled with delight written all over his face. “I knew you lik—”

Brett quickly threw a hand over Liam’s mouth, “Oh my god, really? Stop talking so loud. What kind of friend are you? She’s literally right over there.”

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And Sister came back and everything was okay again.

Sorry if this is a long post but I wanted to post it all together.

Miles Luna has nothing on my fantastic plots and stories.

I'm crying

So I just got finished watching les mis with my sister (who’s never seen it) and lemmie tell you about some of the things she said
• “isn’t that wolverine??? I’m starting to think this is an alternate universe in which the mutants were enslaved”
• “those kids are being dicks to wolverine. What the fuck did he ever do to them?”
• “if wolverine really wanted that silver, couldn’t he just have asked? The bishop was so willing to give it to him”
• “okay but that transition tho”
• “that guys eyes are so blue”
• “wtf. Why did they do the do in a bathtub??? That’s so uncomfortable holy shit”
• “isn’t that bellatrix?”
• “seriously? How many sex scenes does this movie need to have??”
• “of course he drank the piss wine”
• “wolverine is so done with their shit”
• “he just dropped the rope. How the fuck is he gonna get down??”
• “russell crowe gonna fall off that fucking ledge if he don’t get off the edge like that”
• “they let those kids do that???”
• “who the cutie with the bootie?”
• “why is that booby ignoring the hot one?”
• “wait is she from mean girls?? She IS from mean girls”
• “wait so that booby basically just hired the girl who has a crush on him to find the girl who he has a crush on??? And panini isn’t even getting paid??”
• “oh my god they ALL cuties with booties!!!”
• “so are blondie and green waistcoat together??”
• “they’re not together?????”
• “wow look at that sass”
• “why they makin fun of the booby tho?”
• “omg is blondie crying????”
• “conclusion: they’re all gay”
• “why did panini lead the booby to cosette’s housseee??”
• “oh and now I’m gonna cry over this stupid love triangle”
• “why the fuck are there so many people singing at once wtf”
• “so they’re just starting the revolution at this dude’s funeral? How rude”
• “who let the booby ride a horse???”
• “ok but who is that badass using two pistols”
• “russell crowe just tried to nope the fuck out of there”
• “oh shit”
• “oh sure noooooow the booby realizes that panini loves him”
• “lmao there’s like 10 guns pointed at him”
• “omg green waistcoat tho I just can’t”
• “oh hey I kinda ship them”
• “mmm watchya sayyyyy”
• “ewwwwwwwwww whyyyyy”
• “wow never do close ups on the booby bc he’s ugly af”
• “wolverine bout to give the booby the talk”
• “that’s the best exit song ever”
• “oh wow wolverine looks so gross”
• “so their heaven is a better barricade? Nice”

i went to a wedding ceremony today (my friend’s sister was the bride) and managed to take some photos! i am posting some of them under the cut and i beg you not to reblog them because i am deleting the post later (and by respect for the couple). i am just really proud of how they turned out to be and i wanted to share them with you! :>

what do you think? do they look okay? :)

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Okay, this does actually go against Berthier’s characterization in the manga, where she says that she’s not like Koan, she doesn’t want to play with her enemy, but… I can’t say I especially mind, because it gives the scene a chance to show more of Ami’s story, to have a showdown match between the two of them that I enjoyed a lot!

I really am enjoying just how pretty everything is and I love that we get to see two women having this REALLY INTENSE CHESS MATCH with these incredibly high stakes and, if SMC is going to put this story in, having it be for the possibility of winning Sailor Mars back versus handing “Rabbit” over, it’s a solid reason for Berthier to play with her for awhile.

Mostly I’m enjoying this scene, though, because AMI AMI AMI AMI I LOVE HER SO MUCH, I love that her intense battle scenes are sometimes over things like chess, which is important to her, not because “smart people play chess” but because her father taught it to her and that was one of the things she clearly remembered about him.

Just.  Imagining little Ami playing chess with her father, holding onto those moments so tightly because she’s kind of a lonely little kid and probably wants her father’s attention and now maybe I have to go have a lie down because chessmaster!Ami is badass, but also gives me all the feelings for wee!Ami playing this game with her father.

Girl meets Texas part 2



After the campfire scene NOBODY and I repeat NOBODY can tell me that Lucaya is a one-sided crush from Maya’s side NO WAY 



As much as I want them together I’ll be okay if they just decide to be separate for the sake of their friendship because if they get together now there’s a really big chance that they’ll break up before the end of the season and I don’t want that.

And I really hope that Lucas and Riley continue behaving like brother and sister because I love their FRIENDship

I’m just so excited!!

Just look at them:

Little Brother Ward

Okay, seeing lots of discussion about Thomas Ward and whether or not he’s a reliable narrator and whether or not it’s “fair” of him to blame Grant for things in childhood…

Let me tell you right now, siblings are terrible at seeing each other objectively. First, you just have the sibling dynamics in there. And second, they always think they know everything about each other but so often they DON’T. Talk about the definition of an unreliable narrator.

I’m the oldest of four children. I have an okay relationship with two of my siblings, a really rocky one with my middle sister. There’s a LOT of shit that happened in my life, a lot of it involving other family members, that I have never told them about, and a good part of that was to protect them. I didn’t want to ruin their memories of certain family members, or to scare them about the things that happened.

The sister with the rocky relationship? SO many times she’s claimed that I had everything so easy, our parents gave me everything I wanted and gave her nothing… there were SO many times I just wanted to smack her with reality. But I didn’t. But she’ll still claim that she knows everything about me, knows what motivates me, what hurts me.

Grant has been pretty up front about what his relationship was like with Thomas. As the older brother, he wanted to protect him, but the eldest brother, Christian, “forced” him to hurt Thomas. Let’s just take that at face value. From the memories we’re given with The Well, Thomas was still really young when all of this was happening. Even if Grant tried to explain somehow, a young child like that wouldn’t be able to understand what’s going on. Furthermore, Grant was removed from Thomas’s life again when he was still pretty young - probably somewhere from 10 to 12 when Grant was sent away to school and then arrested and subsequently disappeared. So this gave the rest of the family several more formative years to convince him that Grant was the one responsible for everything. And based on what we saw in Season 2, “spinning the story” was Christian’s biggest talent.

So, yeah. It’s not at all surprising that Thomas sees Grant as the bad guy. He’s been told this, he has experiences in his life that support this, and finally Grant was an absent figure that was unable to either argue his side of the story or present anything new to counter the narrative. And, being gone, he’s also the easiest target for any anger that Thomas may have felt about his childhood. It’s safe to blame someone who’s not around to argue about it.

Anyway, this is all why I’m just wondering why anyone is really that surprised that Thomas isn’t Grant’s biggest cheerleader right away. Yes, it’s possible that Thomas could have understood things differently and held onto some love for his brother. But in a messed up family like that, it’s really not the likely option.

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Okay so let me just say I’m hopping on the bandwagon and saying I agree with the theories that it was probably Eiffel trying to save “the kid.”

I believe it was either /his/ kid that he didn’t have custody over but the child’s legal guardian was probably horrible and he was trying to protect his child


The kid was a younger sibling who was younger than 18 so still technically a child. We get Amber Alerts all the time about older siblings running away with their little sisters/brothers because the parent was abusive or something.

I think Doug was probably just trying to protect his child/sibling from someone who had legal custody of them, but due to technicalities etc he was put in jail despite doing what he thought was best for the kid.