i just really want that avatar

the filler episode we deserved for season 3: Awkward Zuko trying to fit in with the Gaang, weird jokes at dinner, teaching Zuko to fly Appa (imagine that grumpy boi begrudgingly saying “yip yip”), Toph taking her revenge for him burning her feet, KATARA’S ATTITUDE AND REMARKS TO HIM, awkward trips to find food with Sokka (man’s job of course) (zuko finds absolutely nothing, of course), other shenanigans of everyone getting used to each other with all the awkwardness and hilarity that would follow

the filler episode we got: The Beach

i just sat down and thought about how bex is openly lgbt, has ocd, is Jewish, likes drag, likes the avatar, is basically a huge nerd like us, is open to talking about ships, accepts voltron head cannons, reblogs shippy art and just regular art, and faces hate head on and almost cried shes amazing and i want there to be more bex taylor-klaus’s in the world pls

New rule: if someone says “Avatar”, they mean, y’know, fucking Avatar; no further clarification is needed or should be volunteered. If someone wants to talk about that James Cameron movie with the blue people (I don’t really see this coming up, but, y’know, just in case), they can just say “That James Cameron Movie With The Blue People”.

I’m rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and you know what I just realized I really want?

A prequel story about Kanna (Gran-Gran). This is a woman who, when she was barely older than Katara, left her home, escaping from an arranged marriage, and traveled across the entire world, presumably alone most of the time, in the midst of a world-wide war.

That’s some badassery right there, and I want to know the details.

Guys how depressing is it how young Azula was?

see I watched Avatar before I turned fourteen, so I never realized just how YOUNG fourteen is. Now I realize how fucked UP it is for a fourteen year old girl to be manipulating, threatening, and killing people.

Like she’s this brilliant little political strategist, she’s blackmailing and lying to people and starting coups and she’s powerful and talented…

But she’s also really, really fucked up, like, remember when you were fourteen?

You were just a kid, really, you just started high school, you had acne and you said painfully embarrassing things and watched anime.

What was Azula doing?

Well argue that she’s evil, but she wasn’t born like that.

She was made that way.

Unlike Zuko, her personality took their father’s bullshit the OPPOSITE way.

She became what daddy wanted and that made her want his approval more than anything and guess what that brought her?

Misery and mental instability and the inability to connect to others.

Now Zuko’s character development is the greatest development ever written.

But hers is damn close because they HIT THE SAME POINT but Zuko hit it and realized oh shit…my dad sucks.

And Azula hit it and thought I need to become better. I need to become perfect. I’m the problem not daddy.

But she could never be perfect, you see, the world doesn’t go according to your plans, and your father doesn’t love you and won’t, because he’s using you as a pawn and your BROTHER realized this before you.

Your brother decided he wouldn’t be your father’s tool anymore.

I think one of the greatest scenes was when Azula was mangling her own hair.

Like that scene where she imagines her mother…

Earlier she had said “my own mother thought I was a monster” and then looked solemn…but light heartedly brushing it off by saying “she was right of course.”

But that always seemed to me like a quick cover.

Like me when I say “so I’m complete scum…how’s your day?”

You laugh off the things that hurt most.

Maybe she thought her mother hated her because she acted like her father.

Maybe she grew to resent her mother because she loved Zuko more for his compassion and the fact that they were probably more alike than she and her father.

It’s kinda common, actually, for a parent to be more fond of the child that more closely resembles them, it’s an ego thing.

Maybe she subconsciously knew that her father was more like her, but that he doesn’t truly love ANYONE cuz he’s an ass, and she told herself that his approval was enough.

But she didn’t get AFFECTION from him like Zuko got from their mother.

So in that scene where she sees her mother being affectionate but mocking as she tells her she looks lovely, maybe that’s all of her insecurities come back to haunt her.

It’s just.

Avatar is amazing.

Azula being 14 and THIS FUCKED UP.

Like incredible, you will never hate a villain more than Ozai.

He fucked up nations and fucked up his own family, and by all rights Aang should’ve killed him, like you wanted that to happen…but then he doesn’t.

And you realize Aang is a damn monk and all of these people, even if they can’t be saved, deserve compassion.

Azula, I believe, was saved. Zuko had more compassion for her, as he always did, than she ever had for him, but in a way, it’s really not her fault.


So, a Water Tribe Betrothal Necklace is, traditionally, a hand-carved piece of jewelry given by a bride-to-be’s intended. It’s clear that a very traditional theme to have is a sense of roundness. This is shown by the first four necklaces shown.

The bottom two, Bolin’s, and Kya’s, differ highly from this, making them non-traditional. Now Bolin’s makes sense in the context we’re given from the show. Eska was shown to be slightly deranged and didn’t understand that Bolin wanted to get out of their relationship. The heavy-gothic themes help to show the dread, despair, and chain-like quality Bolin must feel. Despite this though, it still features a somewhat-round centerpiece like the traditional necklaces do.

But, Kya’s is also different. We found out via Word of God that Kya is LGBTA+. If she’s wearing a necklace, does this mean that her (assumed) wife carved it for her? Did Kya carve out one similarly for her wife? 

I like to assume that the design Kya wears also symbolizes how her relationship is non-traditional, just as her necklace is.

Also don’t picture Korra and/or Asami carving and giving the other a necklace.

oh god im thinking about the avatar universe again and like…

the only way i could see even republic city becoming a thing is if the gaang got really drunk one night in their early twenties, and someone just suddenly blurted “WE SHOULD MAKE A CITY” ala 2013 “what if tumblr had a school/island?” style.

then you’ve got toph calling dibs on being the cop, cus sure yeah they only need one cop right? cool. Sokka wants to be Supreme King Emperor in Charge but Sukki barters him down to councilman. Zuko’s just passed out in a fucking corner, man. he already has an entire disaster nation to run so he doesnt really give a shit. “oh! oh! oH! Im gunna make an ISLAND for AIRBENDERS!” Aang declares, then promptly throws up. nobody has the heart to mention he is quite literally the only air bender left

just let the kid have his damn island 

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can you share why you think avatar is bad?

hoo boy man ur asking for a lot bc that show is a complete and utter M E S S. first, heres the main phrase my tibetan ass wants u to think about: its a show using asian/indigenous ppl and their devastating histories made by ignorant weeaboo white men. I want to write about it in detail bc i’ve always wanted to say something about this but never rly got around to doing it. maybe ill send this in letter format to the writers lol. anyways im going to split this up into parts. I’ll put a readmore bc its kinda long

@bryankonietzko take a nice long look if u still use tumblr lmao

Keep reading

I really want an avatar series that follows the gaang after atla and before lok; maybe even a little past Korra’s birth. And I’m not talking about the comic books. I just want to see them grow and transition into adulthood –and eventually deal with getting old. I just have so many questions about their lives. What other crazy adventures did they go on? What other villains did they face? How did Aang find the other air bison? What’s the story behind Aang and Katara’s engagement? Did Sokka and Suki stay together? Who the frick did Zuko end up with? For a girl how hates authority and rules, what inspired Toph to be the chief of Republic City PD? What other whacky inventions did Sokka create? Did he contribute to the technological changes we see in lok? Did everyone in the gaang maintain their close relationships within the group? How did they deal with the inevitable drift away from each other as commitments drew individuals elsewhere? What was domestic life like for the gaang? How did Aang find out Tenzin was an airbender? What was his reaction? What were the first few months of motherhood like for Toph? What was Zuko like as a father? Did his relationship with his own father create fears of becoming one himself? How did Zuko deal with Ozai’s death? How did he deal with the loss of his uncle? Was Azula still alive in lok? How did she live her life? What was her relationship with Zuko like as time continued? When did Appa die? Like the avatar may have sustained Aang’s youth, but what about Appa’s? How did Katara deal with her brother’s death? With Aang’s death? How did she react when she first saw Korra? Etc etc etc…

I just want to know everything there is about these characters I grew up with.

So I just really want to share my opinion about something that has been on my mind lately. So, I really like the show Avatar: The last airbender, and my favorite character is Toph Bei Fong. I just love how strong, independent she is and she knows it. She knows she is probably the greatest earthbender in the world, ever. That is something I really appreciate, just as much as I love how she is blind, but that just makes her stronger. She is a great character.

The thing that is bothering me, however, has to do with Toph. Actually, more the fact that she, in the show does not get enough credit by her friends. Like, she freaking INVENTED METALBENDING and they acted like it was normal. At least, what they showed. They also did not show the Gaangs reaction to finding out TOPH WAS FREAKING KIDNAPPED!!! I think that is something the makers should have focused on much more. I want to see more of Toph Bei Fong. I want to know and see everything about her. I want more credit to how great she is.

I also think that no one really understands how strong she is. Like, the picture at the top. I just can’t fathom how strong she is. She deserves so much more credit from the producers and the fans. I just… Writing this made me angry. I love her so much, I would, if I could just jump in their world and freaking marry her.

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My main problem with LoK is the Avatar state, to be honest. In Last Airbender, the Avatar state was a last resort, almost undefeatable power, while in Korra it's just a small power boost. That said, the characters and the antagonists are amazing, and I love LoK to bits.

I guess I hadn’t thought about it before, 
personally i think it has more to do with the differences between Aang and Korra. 

Aang is a pacifist, he is shown a lot as not wanting to really use extra force when he doesn’t have to. So while I could be wrong here I think it comes down to that Aang just never really uses his bending for fighting when he doesn’t have too. On top of that, his early experiences in the Avatar state weren’t really good ones?
1. He froze himself for a 100 years
2. He went into it after finding out about the destruction of his people
3. That general tried manipulating him into it by messing with Katara
4. After going through unlocking all his chakras, when he finally does get them all he almost gets killed
I think the reason it feels like the Avatar state was used as a last resort a lot more in airbender is because for Aang that was his literal, last resort. 
Even in Lok, his fight with Yakone, he doesn’t use the Avatar state to attack him, doesn’t use it until he takes away his bending. 

Now Korra, I’m pretty sure came out the womb ready to fight, by the time she arrives in republic city she has had years and years of training and was already this power house of a bender and hadn’t even learned to airbend or being able to tap into the avatar state. 
In Korra’s first scene of book 2, she uses the Avatar state to boost her speed so she can beat the the kids in a race and Tenzin gets upset about it. 
So I think it makes sense that Korra would figure out a way to integrate the Avatar state into her bending to give her a boost when she needs it. 

I guess for me I think it comes down to that Korra is a lot more liberal with her use of the Avatar state where Aang was more reserved and only used it when necessary 

🌟 💫 ✨ my notes
  • Saturn is seen as a malefic planet because it causes struggles, delays and insecurities wherever it is placed. However, without Saturn’s lessons in our charts, there would be no reality, no structure and no growth…what is so malefic about that? Saturn is only trying to do what’s best for you, to teach you
  • Having harsh aspects and debilitated planets are good, they are not bad. It is the most difficult aspects that give the most genuine lessons that will allow growth and evolving, especially when Saturn is involved. An abundance of harmonious aspects and placements won’t get to experience the same empowering self-journey.
  • As each sign progresses to the next, they take on traits from the sign before it. That is why Aries is the youngest of the zodiac and the most genuine expression and Pisces is the oldest with the most changeable expression; Aries is a newborn baby, there is no sign before it to inherit traits from and Pisces bears the burden of All.
  • Cancer and Pisces are the manipulators of the zodiac. Cancer is the moon and like the moon, it reflects and redirects and only shows you the side it wants you to see. Pisces is Neptune and like Neptune, what you see is just an illusion and what you want to see, not what’s really there.
  • There’s nothing wrong about being biased or having favorite signs. Unless you’re the avatar and have a balance of all the elements (or planets, signs, modalities), you will inevitably be biased about other placements. You will be biased because of your birth charts. This is not the same as the “based on people I know” scenario, which by the way, is an awful mentality. “I’ve had a few bad experiences with ___ so I’m iffy of them” is not a justification.
  • Enough with the “down with the archetypes.” Gemini’s archetype is actively chatty (among other things), Cancer’s archetype is emotional and whiny (among other things), Virgo’s archetype is picky, analytical and critical (among other things) and so on and so forth. Now. Understand what the houses mean, then look to where that sign is placed in your chart. For example: Gemini on the 4th house cusp=chatty with family and at home, were more chatty as children vs Gemini on the 12th house cusp=chatty when they are alone, chatty without realizing and chatty in their own minds. Same thing goes for the planet archetypes. Archetypes are never wrong, people are just not applying them correctly. Archetypes do not come out of nowhere, they come from the signs and houses the signs rule, the planets that rule the signs/houses, the elements they reside in, their modalities, polarities and more. We all have the 12archetypes in us, people are just rejecting the ones they don’t understand.
  • Astrology is neutral.
  • Stop wasting your time trying to convince skeptics. I’m not even going to elaborate, just stop doing it.
  • Don’t ever look at placements as a standalone, you’re setting yourself up to “not relate” to it.
  • If you “don’t relate” to a placement, you’re rejecting it/being selective/not coming to terms with it/are unaware or you’re just still learning, you know?
  • Not everything you read about your chart and about astrology is going to be sparkles and rainbows. You will be offended and you will see negative [archetypal] traits to your placements. I’ve seen and know people who have looked at their birth chart, and who have been explained their placements, but refused to accept it simply because what they read wasn’t what they wanted to hear (negative archetypal traits). Instead of being upset over facts, know that the stars may impel but they do not compel. In other words, the stars influence and persuade, but it’s you who makes the ultimate choice.
  • “””Compatibility””” is a myth. We have all of the archetypes in us, proof that anyone can be with anyone. Of course, you’ll be biased and lean towards certain placements that appeal to you and that fact is what people confuse as compatibility. Instead of the needless “down with the archetypes” lets root for “down with compatibility.” If you’re still dead-set on seeing if someone is “”compatible”” with you, look into to synastry. Even then, synastry will never tell you if the relationship will work, because it’s how the people involved are making it work.
  • Air moons have the most unpredictable and unstable emotions. Earth moons have the most predictable, yet stable emotions. Fire moons have the most genuine but explosive emotions. Water moons have the most complex but self-destructive emotions.
  • Having the same sun and moon makes a person surer of themselves, their identity and of their wants and needs especially if conjunct, while someone with sun square or opposite moon have an internal struggle concerning their wants and needs.
  • 7th house is a shadow house. Anything that resides there or any planets conjunct the descendant will be parts of you that you reject about yourself, yet hypocritically project onto others.

[Todoroki Shouto: The Origin]
“You can become the man you want to be.”
At some point along the way, I totally forgot.

Once again I got carried away from my “to draw list” with another avatar of Todoroki Shoto… Hum…

But well, I was just too impatient for it to be animated that I did this… I guess.
On a side note it was really stressing for me because I wanted it to stay as close to the original as possible… I think I still have a long way to go.

I had this really funny dream last night

where I was zuko and it was literally just the scene where iroh asks if he wants tea and he just blows up “I DONT NEED ANY CALMING TEA! I NEED TO CAPTURE THE AVATAR.”
Except I was zuko and when iroh asked if I wanted tea zuko/I shouted “I DONT NEED ANY CALMING TEA! I NEED TO PASS ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!”

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hey!! do you have any multi-chapter zutara fic recs?

DO I?! 

Originally posted by positivegrunge

Okay before I start, here’s a link to my original masterpost of fanfic recs. A lot of the masterpost is made up of one shots, but I do have some great multi-chapter fics on there as well. 



Once Around the Sun by eleventy7 (RATED K+)

Oh MAN. If you’ve been following me for a little while, you would know that this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Zutara fanfiction. HOLY. CRAP. It’s so good. Taking place shortly after the end of the show, this post war fic is the slow burn we all deserve. Starts K//at/ang and M/a-i/ko, and it beautifully highlights the flaws of both endgame ships without demonizing either Aang or Mai. AND we get an amazing Ursa and an AMAZING Azula. Sometimes if I need a pick me up I just read the last two chapters and sob at the beauty.  

Fall of the White Lotus by Boo-82 (RATED T)

Do you love soap operas? Do you love sweeping romances? Do you love the idea that the entire Avatar-universe would be DESTROYED if Katara and Zuko didn’t fall in love??? If yes to any or all of those, than this fic is for you. An epic of a post war fic, this story could take the alternate title of ‘Road Trip of LOVE: A Zutara Story’. Has some Taang on the side, so if that’s your thing you’ve got that added bonus. 

Such Selfish Prayers by andromeda3116 (RATED T)

Didn’t you hate how in the comics Katara became a shell of herself who did nothing but wait on Aang hand and foot? Yeah, so did the rest of us. So here’s a story where Katara’s just chilling, watching the acolytes, and is like “Uhm wtf am I doing this isn’t me”, leaves Aang, and goes on to change the world because she’s that awesome. And yeah, Zuko just happens to be a part of her epic world changing. So beautiful. 

Our Fortunes Together by NomDeGuerre (RATED M)

Like arranged marriage tropes? Love slow burn? Well here have both of them in the SAME FIC. Yep, that’s right, a slow burn arranged marriage fic. Really awesome AU where rather than be banished, Zuko has to suffer with Azula and Ozai after the Agni Kai, and the slaughter of the group he tried to save is blamed on him. His final shame is being married off to a member of the Southern Water Tribe, our babe Katara. Excellent story. 

i didn’t know i was lonely (’til i saw your face) by raisindeatre (RATED T)

brb just sobbing over the beauty of this modern AU. I don’t like modern AUs. But I LOVE this one. It’s just… the best thing ever. Honestly. It’s so fluffy and cute and I’m blushing right now writing this summary for it. It’s the "I hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in hospital" AU none of us knew we needed from Zutara. Also anyone else think of The Raven Cycle when they hear this song? Just me? Alright sorry this is a zutara fic rec I’ll stay in my lane

What Fortunes Lent by lewilder (RATED T)

Even So is one of my all time favorite one shots, but What Fortunes Lent by the same author is also an amazing worthwhile read. In this AU, the Southern Raiders mission comes when Katara is older and they take her prisoner rather than kill Kya. There are so many moments where you’ll clutch your heart and just want to cry but the ending is just beautiful if not horribly ambiguous… absolutely all around lovely fic. 


Southern Lights by colourwhirled (RATED M)

Now, I don’t really like drastic AU’s. They just aren’t what I’m typically interested in reading. But this one, oh man. I’m so in love and invested. It takes place in a universe where there is no Avatar (but there is Aang) and Sozin successfully conquers the world. The worldbuilding is FANTASTIC, characterization is amazing, and at this moment the plot is really picking up and getting interesting. Slow burn is absolutely fantastic in this story, and I’m so excited to see what happens. What I love the most is hints of events that happened in canon are sprinkled throughout, giving this feeling that some events are always meant to be, even in drastically different scenarios. 

Brightest Nights or Darkest Days by Kittenshift17 (RATED M)

I want to give a warning with this one. This Zutara fanfiction will not be for everyone. This author is mainly a Dramione writer, and you can absolutely see that in how she writes the dynamic between Katara and Zuko. If you love Zutara but hate Dramione, you probably will not like this. However, as someone who likes both, I can say that this is a really well written season 2 AU and in the last update we just got an interesting addition to the plot that appears to be here to stay. 

HOPEFULLY these will keep you busy for a while. Happy reading!!! 

Thanks for 500 followers!! Seriously, wow! I wanted to draw something big for this special event but I think I was a little too ambitious and I’m already tired of looking at it so… here’s the unfinished cropped version.

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could you recommend some good langst fics? im gonna binge read so langst and i need good fics, please

Hmmmmmmm I have a few! 

If Fireflies Cast Shadows by SeaBreezy

-Klance, soulmate AU. 

-I read this one a few months ago and I honestly love it so much, the langst isn’t that strong but it’s still an amazing fic 

Beginners Guide To Living by Milk_bud

-Klance, Collage AU but Lance has a terminal illness 

- I haven’t read the most recent chapters due to lack of time but I really enjoy this fic 

On Thin Ice by Minadora 

- Klance, Figure Skater/Hockey AU 

- Again haven’t read past chapter 8 but I really enjoy this fic and it is written so well. One of my favorites (Chapters are long though) 

Just Static by Jessadilla (wobblyarms) 

-Klance, Lance goes missing

- I read this fic as it was still being posted and I love it with all my heart. It’s so good and the langst is strong 

Book 1:Freedom by Crescentdescent 

-Klance, Avatar: Legend of Korra AU 

- This is probably one of my favorite fics of all time. Like I literally cried reading it.

Tethering by Fairyuphoria 

- Different universes (You need to read the discription) 

- I really like the concept of this and my heart hurts whenever I read a chapter 

I’ll Love You Even When You Can’t Love Yourself by YunaDragneel 

- Klance, Depressed Lance 

- I don’t remember much about this one but I did like it 

Feel free to add to this! These were just my top picks! I hope you like them!!!!

(If you want more you can DM me!)