i just really want him to hug a cat

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0; what do you think each of the rfa members smell like ;0, asking for a friend, (ok dude btw i really like your hcs i am passionate about them)

Author’s note: I hopeeee you enjoy these ♥


  • Fabric softener like straight up Downy kinda stuff
  • Also once he accidentally bought women’s shampoo
  • BUT, the day after he used it you compliment how his haired smelled, so he still uses it
  • he smells so soft and nice
  • I wish I could bottle it up and sell it 


  • he wears this distinct cologne he wants to have his own cologne line so he keeps experimenting with smells
  • a little bit like smoke, but not strong enough for it to be gross
  • Also sometimes a little minty from brushing his teeth Idk why but his toothpaste his super strong
  • it’s really a really good combination trust me


  • she smells like warmth I know that’s not a smell but it’s true OKAY
  • also a little sweet from her perfume
  • I mean it’s pretty subtle, but imagine a deep dark roast smell it’s pretty great


  • he smells the way puppies look
  • look he’s just so soft and pure and when you get a good whiff of him it smells like home
  • it’s the kind of smell you want to be wrapped up in
  • kind of like a nice summer day after the grass gets cut


  • I’m not gonna lie
  • sometimes when you hug him he smells like cat food
  • you’ve told him multiple times NOT TO FEED ELLY WHEN WEAR HIS NICE SUITS
  • but most of the time he just smells clean
  • like a nice soap that makes you think of a rainy day
  • it’s actually really relaxing unlike his glare after you try to sniff him


  • Intoxicating and addicting
  • It’s hard to describe, but it’s kind of like the night air still, calm, and a little humid
  • It’s the kind of smell that makes you want to steal his jacket just so you can have it with you at all times 


  • he smells like a memory you just can’t quite grasp
  • sometimes he smells a little bit like junk food honey buddha chips are always on his breath
  • also a little bit like his deodorant, which is actually really nice and fresh
RFA + singing in shower

Okay I am so sorry it took so long and sorry for being inactive lately 😔 . Things were hard for me. But here you go! 😊


 - You came back from grocery shopping in a sacred mission to get some snacks you and yoosung were out. Everything was normal at least you thought it was. Welp you were wrong. You heard someone yelling in your house.

- The sound came from bathroom.

- … and it was your boyfriend singing.

- If you catched him singing you bet it was something alike to LOLOL soundtrack with lyrics. I do believe he knows by heart all of the words. Or something he sings to motivated himself before the match begins.

 - ,, Who is the best LOLOL player in the world? YOOSUNG!” (yay references everywhere) he yells from shower tube.

 - No one could resist laughing to that even you.

 - OH BOI is he embarassed.

 - Probably went Red As Tomato™

 - He might wanted to run away from here and accidently slipped on a wet floor.

 - Now he is even more embarassed and even mutilated

 - ,, Y/N I… I am so sorry-‘’

 - ,, Shh thats okay now lets see what happened to your leg”

 - In the end of the day you both cuddle on a couch eating mentioned before snacks ( cheesy puffs hooray!) Just dont tease him about it and he is going to be okay.

 - He still sings but before he do. He has to ensure you are not around.

 - Tho you still know he is singing. Yoosung singing is priceless.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Lets be honest here he sings probably while sleeping.

- He is shameless with his singing and oh boi is he right i mean look at that narcisstic guy.

 - You were sleeping as Zen came earlier from work. He didnt want to wake you up but.. ( i think he cant resist singing)

 - So you got up to do your morning routine  dress up, brush your hair and finally brush your teeth.

 - Were you confused when you saw your grey haired man standing there singing that

,, I have to be someone to protect you my little princess ;)” definetly something about you and definetly something sappy.

 - He was going to start another song but then he noticed you.

 - Then his confidence would lower down i am sure about that.

 - ,,Oh babe how long have you been here standing”  hah..

 - ,, You .. got… AN AMAZING VOICE ZEN! ” you screamed.

 - ( but what is up with those lines.Still hot tho)

 - Hyun was very proud of himself right now.

 - Probably sings more often right know.

 - Making breakfast BAM singing ( if you REALLY REALLY please him you and your boyfriend will sing Bacon Pancakes) doing dishes BAM singing. Driving in the car? Heck its now yours both musical.

 - He loves when you want to sing with him but he is okay if you dont like singing. He respect that.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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- Well thats intresting trust fund kid singing hmm

 - Working in the giant Corporation like C&R is quite exhausting so when he got home he decided to take a refreshing shower. It always helped him to relax.

 - I dont know what were you doing probably you wanted to ask him a question about guest he suggested to invite to party.

- It is too late now.

 - You saw him dancing and singing Baku Baku Nya Nya song OR CANT HUG EVERY CAT.

 - When he noticed you he freezed.

 - Probably didnt talk to about that accident all day ( probably all life)

 - He gets really cold by that thinking that was embarassing.

 - You better pretend you didnt saw his true form.

 - Trust me on this one.

- He just dont want to be a fool in your eyes.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Jaehee wouldnt be herself if she didnt sang songs from Zen’s musical.

 - Knowing her she sings while pretending she is on scene ( she just wanted to see how it is to play a certain character)

 - and then you showed in the door while she was in half of her rehersal.

 - First she is dead inside.

 - How could she let you see her like that..

 - Thinks you are going to make fun of her.

 - You came closer her.

 - ,,Jeahee why dont we pretend together ? ”

 - Hehe i will let you imagine what you want ~

 - JK i meant you both fangirl over something then pretend you are some sort of character.

 - You have great time with her.

 - If you got in some fandom welp you both are falling in it.

 - I mean i know she likes musicals but what if she likes anime or serials? (or even cartoons?!)

 I will have to make headcanons about Jaehee fangirling with Y/N definetly

Gif that shows how she feels about it:

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 - Am I predictable? He sings You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood.

 - When you saw him you were like Wow that hot :D

 - You just wanted to see what takes him so long? What if he drowned.

 - So you just peeked and..

 - You cant believe your ears.

 - I am not sure there are 2 options.

 1.    You pretend you didnt heard that and go back just dissapointed in your boyfriend


- He frigcking loves you.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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I decided to do this one with gifs :3

@yuri-on-a-messenger i hope you like it!(and i hope @ stuff works)

The Cat Cafe(Yoongi)

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word count: 1,566

Request: Okay so what’s up.. I’m thinking of something as y/n is an exchange student that starts to study in Daegu and wants to get a job and then she finds a restaurant that needed a waitress and she applies and gets accepted however the restaurant is yoongi’s Mom’s new restaurant that just opened last week pls make it angsty and it’s (reader x yoongi) as he being an idol and his mom is very protective of him.. anyway add some of your magic to it and surprise me 😎😎❤❤

A/n: I want to make this a series cause it’s gonna take years for me to finish in one whole piece.

Part One//Part Two//

Scattered newspaper were all over your bedroom floor of the two-bedroom apartment you shared with your roommate. The apartment wasn’t much but it was just enough for you to live in. You threw the last sheet of the newspaper off your bed, sighing in frustration, it’s been a month since you’ve been looking for a new job and with your rent payment coming up you started to worry more and more. Being a transfer student, you didn’t have a lot of money after moving to Daegu. You, already stressed with studying and finding work, were on a breaking point and needed a break from the world for a bit. Taking your coat you walked out of the apartment, strolling down the street you glanced at the store window displays, a tiny sign caught your eye. 

‘Help Wanted’ 

The bold red letters seemed to speak out to you, as you looked at the store. It was a tiny cafe, a cute cat cafe. You smiled to yourself, when you saw the tiny cats that were cuddling with the customers, you wondered where the store was a couple weeks ago when you were walking down here. You walked into the store and headed towards the cashier, a lady in her mid-forties, smiled at you. “What would you like today, miss?” She asked as you smiled shyly.

“I was wondering about your help wanted sign, I would like to apply for a job here.” You explained, trying to sound as professional as possible. She smiled brightly.

“Great, do you have a resume I can see?” She asked as you smiled back, pulling your resume from your purse. She looked at your resume and smiled brightly. “When can you come into work?” 

You walked to the tiny cat cafe, opening the door you were greeted with the fresh smell of baked cookies and coffee. “Ah Y/n you’re here early” She smiled, as she took the fresh baked cookies out of the oven.

“I wanted to be early for my first day, do you want me to do anything before we open?” You asked as she nodded.

“Can you feed the cats? I want them to have some food in case we don’t have a lot of costumers” She said as she started to decorate the cookies. You took the cats out, putting some food in their bowls, stroking the cat as she purred and ate the food. You did this for the other cats, once you finished you headed to the kitchen to wash your hands. Putting your apron on, you started to help decorate the cakes and sweets. “What did I do to deserve an angel to work for me?” She praised, as you smiled. “Can you go grab some more flour? We should refill the day starts.” She asked as you nodded. Walking towards the cupboard you tried to get the flour, now on your tippy toes, you stretched your arm out to grab it.

“Need help with that?” A male asked as you looked over, seeing a boy not too far from your age maybe a year older at most, brown hair slightly damp with a towel wrapped around his neck. He smiled gently as he grabbed the flour for you, you smiled and thanked him. “You must be the new worker my mom hired, my name Is Yoongi, Min Yoongi and I live right upstairs.” He explained as you nodded. You couldn’t help but blush a bit, now that he was so close to you.

“Y/n, have you grabbed the bag of flour yet?” Yoongi’s mom called out, as you started to back away from Yoongi taking the bag.

“So your name is Y/n? What a pretty name.” He flirted, as your face heated up. 

“Y/n?” You heard her call again, this time she entered the kitchen. “Ah, I see you’ve met my son, Yoongi.” She smiled, as she gave him a hug. “Yoongi here is going to be a star one day, I wish he would just continue the business but I guess he was always meant to rap.” She smiled softly, as she grabbed the flour from your hands. “Let’s finish up before we open.”

You tried not to slouch as you waited for customers to roll in, there were already a couple customers chatting while petting cats, all of them were couples. You sighed, you wish you could see your boyfriend right now but he always had school when you didn’t and when you had school he would be studying and using his free time to study or do homework. You fiddled with a pen while you waited for a customer, suddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder. Looking behind you, you saw Yoongi, smiling, he had headphones resting on his neck as he grabbed a couple cookies from the cookie tray. “Hey! You can’t just take cookies out of there, they’re for the customers.” You explained, as Yoongi only grinned.

“Relax, it’s fine my mom always lets me grab treats. She thinks it’s a good thing that I’m eating while working.” Yoongi explains, taking a bite out of the cookie. 

“What are you working on anyway?” You asked him, as Yoongi grinned, placing his headphones over your head, grabbing his phone out to play the track. You started to hear a beat as the beat got faster, you started to hear electrical instruments, and soon you heard Yoongi start rapping, bobbing your head to the beat you saw the look of happiness within Yoongi’s eyes. Once the song finished, Yoongi took the headphones off your head, placing them back to rest on his neck. “That was super good, I didn’t know you could rap so good” You praised as Yoongi laughed.

“Thanks, I’ve been waiting for someone other than my mom to listen to it to see how they would feel about it,” Yoongi explained, as he grabbed another cookie before trying to escape but you grabbed his hand, keeping him in place.

“Where do you think you’re going? Give it back” You laughed, as Yoongi turned around patting your head as he handed you a cookie.

“Here have one, you’re probably hungry.” Yoongi smiled, as he picked up one of the kittens who snuggled up against him. “This one’s my favourite.” 

“He’s really cute” You commented, as you stroked the jet black cat, while it purred.

“Table for two please?” Someone asked as you looked over to see your boyfriend, Kiwoo. He smiled, as you smiled back.

“Kiwoo!” You smiled, as you walked to give him a hug “I thought you were studying for midterms right now?” 

“I am, I just thought I would visit my girlfriend while she was at work as a surprise since we never see each other.” He gave you a peck on the cheek as you smiled.

“Do you want some coffee? Or maybe some cake?” You asked as he nodded.

“How about one cup of coffee and one cup of tea and two slices of cake, for you and I?” He asked as you looked at the clock seeing that your break was in a minute.

“Yeah of course.” You smiled, as Yoongi put down the cat.

“Who’s this? Y/n” Kiwoo asked as he pointed at Yoongi.

“He’s my bosses son, he lives right upstairs from here, he’s really cool” You smiled, as Kiwoo nodded.

“Ah…I’m Kiwoo, Y/n’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you” He introduced, emphasising boyfriend.

“Yeah…whatever” Yoongi glared, as he walked back upstairs.

“What’s wrong with him?” Kiwoo asked as you shrugged not even knowing what that was.

A week later since you started your job at the cat cafe, you started to see Yoongi less and less, and even when you saw him he wouldn’t talk to you, he wouldn’t even glance your way. Yoongi’s mom caught on right away and noticed the tension when Yoongi would be in the same room as you. You got to work, decided to start icing the cookies, Yoongi’s mom stood beside you trying to help finish icing the cakes too. “Did something happen between you and Yoongi?” She asked as you shook your head. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t really know why he’s not talking to me.” You told her honestly, as she let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry dear, I thought you two would be the best of friends but I guess he’s having one of those weeks where he get’s moody.” She explained in hopes to cheer you up, you gave her a soft smile as she smiled back. “Now let’s get these puppies on the display case.” 

You grabbed the tray of cookies, placing them nicely on the display tray before placing it in the treat display case. Yoongi walked downstairs, letting out a yawn as he smiled at his mom giving her a hug. “Morning mom” He smiled, as his mom smiled back.

“Yoongi, I want you working with Y/n today, I’m going out to lunch with the girls and I want you to watch over the store while I’m gone” She explained, as Yoongi groaned.

“But mom I ha-” Yoongi tried to explain before being cut off.

“You can take a day off your music career to help your own mother.” She cuts in, as you can’t help but cheer on for the mother.

“Ugh fine” He groans, as he grabs the cakes placing them in the display case.

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Prompt: “We’re neighbors who don’t really talk but your cat might have gotten my cat pregnant?? We must raise this little kitty family together” AU (credit: http://ironinkpen.tumblr.com/post/111911630017/please-consider)

Warnings: Cat fam

Author’s Note: Trying a new layout!! Also, follow our instagram! @/tumblr.sebbystan!!!!!!!!

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Rfa+saeran hc how they cuddle/show affection?

Yay fluff – I had to this first because I need some fluff Im down today and Im also tired


  • Zen shows his affection with words he likes to praise you
  • He likes to cook for you sometimes.
  • A lot of kisses not just on the mouth he kisses the forehead, cheeks and your hands.
  • Zen is the type to just randomly pick you up
  • He needs a lot of affection so snuggles and cuddles you when ever he can.
  • Loves it when you randomly show him some affection like hugging him out of nowhere.
  • When he sits on the couch and you randomly sit on his lap he will not let you you.
  • If you are alone on the couch Zen will join you and cuddle up to you.
  • 24/7 attention seeker
  • In bed big spoon or small spoon cuddles what ever you like more he is fine either way as long he gets you to close to him


  • He is a bit shy at first but he will get over that.
  • For a while he will be holding hands as much as he can.
  • Cheek kisses and heavy blushing – also cooks for you.
  • He will stumble out compliments that are cute and cheesy - like your eyes are as bight as stars probably got them from Zen or a romance movie
  • When he feels more bold he will kiss you randomly -sometimes fails and kisses your nose or chin instead-
  • He likes when you hug him or hold him he will hug you back but it will take a bit till he gets himself to hug you or hold you tightly.
  • When you sit on his lap he will die.
  • Loves to cuddle once he gets used to you being that close to him – wants 24/7 cuddles and affection since he loves you so much.


  • She is not really used to cuddles or showing affection so she will give you compliments.
  • She compliments your clothes and she will always make sure that you eat and get enough rest mom mode tm
  • Jaehee will often text you and asks how you are.
  • When you had a bad day she will give you a back rub
  • You will have to be the one to start a cuddle session for a while Jaehee loves it when you cuddle her.
  • Specially when she had a hard day you then hug her and snuggle her till she forgets her worries.
  • The first time she cuddles you is when you watch a sad movie together but after that she gets more bold with that.
  • Cuddles every evening you sit with her on the couch and cuddle while talking or watching TV.
  • Hugs and kisses you when Jaehee feels like it soft kisses on the lips.
  • Likes it when you hold her hands it makes her feel save.


  • He buys you presents you have to tell him that that is not what you want
  • He makes you pancakes on the weekends.
  • Jumin gives you a lot of compliments full cheese from romance novels that he reads for research
  • - like every time you touch me I´m blessed by a angel- like what are you reading Jumin
  • He gives you nicknames and you give him nicknames you both make everyone cringe
  • He loves t when you sneak a kiss on his cheek.
  • Is is not the best to just cuddle you he probably has a schedule for it – he never hold to it though he ever ends up cuddling you the whole evening-
  • Likes it much more when you are just hugging him and tell him that you want to cuddle.
  • Forehead kisses and head rubs, neck rubs and chin rubs -I´m not a cat Jumin but I enjoy it so its okay-
  • When he comes home from work and you greet him with a smile he melts and forgets his stress right away.


  • Silly puns but really he is just nervous since he never really had anyone
  • He tries to give you compliments but he is like do you come here often -I live here -
  • His nicknames are puns or something cute like angel – but then he double uses the meaning in german what is fishrod – like you are my angel because you fished for my heart-
  • Pulls out the real classics like did it hurt when you fell from the sky - don´t hit him he is trying-
  • You hug him since he is a cute derp – he loves hugs-
  • He kisses you on the cheeks sometimes on the neck when he is playful
  • Sometimes gives you a hickey
  • Loves to cuddle you when you sleep together face to face.
  • Likes to make sure that you are still breathing
  • He makes you sandwiches when you forget to eat he tells you that you can´t do that – you remind him that he would starve without you-
  • When he feels bad you have to hug him and hold him close even when he tells you o leave him alone.
  • He loves attention so give him a lot.

Spoilers just in case-


  • He likes to stay close to you he needs to learn how to show affection.
  • He holds your hand and makes sure that you take care of yourself.
  • Saeran feels often guilty when you help him he feels like he is a burden.
  • He hugs you when he feels really bad after a nightmare.
  • Saeran will need time to be able to cuddle you its needs a great amount of trust from him.
  • He shares his ice cream with you and stumbles out nicknames.
  • When he is at the point to cuddle you he blushes a lot.
  • Loves to get hugs
  • He will hold hands in public with you when he gets insecure.
  • Cuddles on the couch or in bed likes to be small spoon he feels more save that way.

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Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky realizes he wants to propose to you, but he doesn’t know the first thing about proposing, so he confides in Steve

Bucky has a problem. A very, very big problem. Although, Steve seems to think it’s not a problem because how hard could it be? You and Bucky have been dating for a few years now, and he felt so utterly in love with you he found it hard to breathe. He was elated the day he found out you felt the exact same, and you had been together ever since. He didn’t realize this was a problem until he was sitting with the guys in the living room one night, and Sam asked when he was gonna pop the big question.

“What do you mean?” Sam asks.

“Ya know, marriage and shit.”

Oh, that… Bucky thought to himself.

I mean Bucky’s not a douche or an idiot, of course he’s thought about it before.

And of course he knew one day he wanted to marry you, but self doubt and the possibility of rejection of others was still a constant battle in his mind. No matter how many cuddles, kisses, and kind words that you give him the thought of rejection was prominent.

Steve, the silent observer, could tell that Bucky had frozen up a bit at the question, uncomfortably looking at his left arm and quickly changed the subject. But throughout the rest of the night that’s all Bucky could think about. All he could think of was how he was taking advantage of you, that you deserved the world and everything beyond. Hell, you deserved the stars. Even when Steve was reminding him of the early morning they had for their mission, and even after he went back to your shared room, asking him numerous times if he was alright and feeling okay. He still had the nagging thought. You just assumed that it was one of those times that Bucky got like this, cold and unresponsive to the world. Having fought your own self battles, you knew the best help possible was your presence. And even if Bucky knew dark memories of his past weren’t plaguing him, but that nagging question was, how the hell do you ask someone to marry a monster like himself?

Bucky awakes at 4 in the morning to knocks at his door.

Ughh, Steve. Bucky thinks to himself.

Groaning, he sat up and went to the closet to gear up. He turned around and looks back at you to see you still curled up, now hugging his pillow in his place. He smiles and leans in to press a kiss to your forehead.

“Love you,” he says quietly in the early morning darkness. You respond with incoherent mumbling that makes Bucky chuckle. But of course he has to think of that damn question that makes him sigh again, and all sorts of possibilities swirl in his head. Instead, he gets up and walks to meet Steve at the quinjet.

They’re headed in the direction of somewhere in Europe, but Bucky didn’t care to ask where. Bucky looks over to look at his best friend to see him with his head back, eyes closed, and brows pulled together in worry. He knew Steve too well that he couldn’t possibly be asleep with the weight of a mission ahead. No matter how simple of a task, Steve worried about the outcome.

“Hey, Stevie?“

"Ya, Buck?” he answers without opening his eyes.

He’s quiet for a minute before asking, “Do you think (y/n) will want to be with someone like me?”

Steve opens his eyes at this and looks at Bucky with confusion “Course you idiot, you’re already together.”

“No.” Bucky starts, slightly frustrated at Steve’s antics, “ I mean do you think she’ll.. do you think she’ll say yes, if I.. ya know, ask her to marry me?”

Steve smiles slightly leaning back again, “Ya Bucky, I think she would.”

Bucky sighs in relief, at least Sam and Steve both seemed to think she would. But he pushes more, “How do I ask exactly, things are different now, ya know.”

Steve looks at Bucky again with a serious look. “Well, if it were me, I would do it when the time felt right, when you thought, this is who I wanna be with.”

“Okay, okay yeah I’ll do that.”

The mission goes as planned, no complications, but Steve and Bucky both end up battered and bruised, determined to do the very best they could. They arrive back at the tower the next night and the second the elevator doors open to the kitchen floor their met with a concerned (y/n), who immediately pulls Bucky in for a hug.

“Thank god you’re finally back! Now, let me look at you!” You say as you pulls away from Bucky.

Steve smirks knowingly as you look him up and down for any injuries, and your eyes fall on the bandage across his collarbone. You look up at Steve with a raised eyebrow.

"Don’t worry, (y/n), I already fixed it up on the way back.”

“Nice try Rogers, go sit your ass down. You too, Barnes!”

Bucky smiles slightly and silently follows close behind you. Steve’s at the counter with a cloth held to his collar bone, soaking it, and you shoot him a look. You push Bucky in the seat across from Steve and sit down next to him, facing him. You bring a paper towel up to his cheek were he had a semi deep cut running down his cheekbone. Bucky looks at you while you do it, and he realizes how much you care about him and his best friend, no matter how much stupid they get themselves into. And he is so in love with her that he just has to.

“Marry me?” he asks breaking the quiet with a whisper. Both Steve and (y/n) look at him.

“What?” You question lowering your hand and the towel from his face. Bucky grabs his hands and Steve is standing behind them smiling so big it would make the chesire cat jealous.

"I want to marry you, because I love you… will you?” He’s so quiet and hesitant that you can’t help but smile.

“Ya Buck I’ll marry you.”

And then you’re kissing, crying, and just holding each other. Then, Steve’s crying and saying things like “Jesus Buck, really? I didn’t mean this!”

You hug Steve, and Bucky thinks he might have just nailed that proposal.

The Next Morning at Breakfast….

You rub your tired eyes for about the 5th time that morning, you didn’t get much sleep after Bucky got home, you were otherwise preoccupied. You reach for your glass of orange juice and she hears Natasha gasp loudly.

“When the hell did that happen?” she asks, looking pointedly at your left hand, with a gleaming ring on it. This caught everyone’s attention and soon all eyes were on you at the table.

But before you could stutter out a response, Bucky walks in. “Last night,” he says with a smirk. “Oh, and good morning beautiful,” he says placing a kiss on your forehead.

Bucky looks at all their happy and confused faces and then down at you… Knowing everything will be okay as long as he has you.

Wanna One After Your First Date Together

A/N: I will start doing Wanna One reactions/scenarios!! I hope you all can request what ever you guys want and I’ll work hard to make them great! It might take a while though since there are 11 members in the group! Also some of the reactions scenarios might be like BTS but I hope you guys don’t mind and enjoy it anyways! Thank you for reading! 

Edit: HOLY HECK 100 NOTES i know i’ve gotten 100 notes for bts before but still whenever i get 100 notes i get shocked because I don’t expect this many people to read the stuff i create! Thank you guys so much I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this! 


Even though you both had been dating for a good while he never had the chance to take you out on a date because of how busy he was. So after your very first date at the nearby cafe just catching up and holding hands across the table, something simple that you both had liked. He walked you home and when you were about to go inside he pulled you back and embraces you in a tight hug. 

“I had a really great time today and I hope we can do this again. I’ll text you later.”

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You both didn’t really think about the importance of dates but once Sungwoon had taken you on a midnight stroll at the beach as your first date you had began to appreciate why dates were so much fun. You both were just casually walking while holding hands. You occasionally caught him looking at you and it was the same the other way around. Once you had reached your home he was holding both of your hands in his while smiling really brightly at you. 

“I know our first date wasn’t anything important but I think we should start doing dates more often, you looked really beautiful tonight.” 

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Minhyun had decided that the right as to spend your very first date together was at a nice restaurant. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest, it was something that you both had been craving for a while but never got around to actually going to it. Through out the whole date he was just complimenting you on how nice you looked and held your hand, stroking your hand while gazing at you softly. Once you guys arrived back to your place he brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head before leaving you for the night. 

“I think that it was a date well spent. I hope that we can go out like that again, you looked even more stunning underneath those restaurant lights.”

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Seongwoo would probably think of things that would remind you of the things you liked. Even though a lot of what he said was in a joking matter this first date meant a lot to him since he wanted to show you that he really put in a lot of work to make you feel special and happy. You both went to have a moonlight picnic on the hill where you both confessed to each other on You both soon laid down with his arm around you looking at the stars and just casually talking. After the date he would probably give you something special that you can just look at and be happy. 

“I know this isn’t much but I really thought about what you would like and I bought hoping that you would like it. I also enjoyed looking at both you and the stars tonight.”

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Jaehwan would take you guys out on a simple first date. Since you both have really common interests he knew that whatever he wanted to do you would probably end up enjoying it too. With that in mind he brought you to a park and took out his guitar to sing a song that reminded you of when you both first met. He even taught you a little bit about how to play the guitar. After the date he would just give you a long hug and talk about how much he enjoyed today. 

“I know it was simple but I really just enjoyed spending time with you today. Seeing you enjoy my singing means so much to me.”

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Your first date with Daniel would consist of things that he had wanted to teach and show you. He would probably teach you some of his bboying which would cause him to put his hands on you hips and a lot of hands on teaching. You both would probably blush at the contact even though you guy are almost always hugging each other and other stuff. Later you would probably go to his place and you two would play with his cats and he might blurt something out after the date is technically over which would cause the two of you to blush and get all flustered. 

“I can’t wait until we live together and then get another pet that we both can name together.” (pls ignore the beer can HAHA)

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Jihoon wouldn’t really overthink possible date ideas, he would just like to spend some alone time with you as your first date. Since you both like gaming he would invite you over to play some video games and you would end up sitting on his lap while he has his arms around you with the controller and you both are trying to beat each other in game. The date would probably end with him tackling you and then tickling you on the couch because you beat him multiple times at a game he’s really good at. Once you leave to go home he’ll probably hug you and then kiss you on the forehead and tell you that even though it was just like a regular hangout he enjoyed it a lot. 

“Even though we hang out like this often I think I really enjoyed it. I just like spending time with you in general.”

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Woojin might be a little to shy to ask you out on a first date even though you’ve been dating for so long so you would suggest that you would watch him dance and practice and that he could teach some of the moves to you. This would make him overjoyed and he would actively teach you a lot of the dances that he knows. You might end up falling which would cause Woojin to rush over to your side and make sure you are okay. When he walks you home he’ll probably hold you hand and it’ll be a comfortable silence until you reach your house. 

“I thought you looked really pretty while dancing even though you fell over. I hope you feel better! I’ll text you when I get home.”

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Jinyoung would take you out to a place that sells a lot of music since you both really enjoy listening to music together. While you guys are roaming around holding hands and finding music he would often show you certain songs and mention how it reminds him of one of your personality traits for hobbies that you like to do. He would secretly buy a song that reminds him of your guy’s relationship while you were in the bathroom and give it to you when he’s dropping you off. 

“I think this song really reminds me of how our relationship is, you should take a listen and tell me about it later.” 

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Daehwi would want to take you out to a place where you both would have fun. He would take you to a amusement park and would probably buy you a lot of matching things like those cute matching head bands that you were just casually looking at. You would probably ride a bunch of rides together and scream while holding each other’s hands. After the date when he’s dropping you off he’ll take out another couple item that he thought would suit the both of you. 

“Here’s something to put on your bag! I have one too so whenever you look at it, it’ll remind you of me and vice versa for me!”

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Guanlin would take you to a local arcade so that you both could have fun together and that he could also try to get you something from the claw machine. it took him twenty tries and he only got a really small plushie BUT you really appreciated his efforts to make you happy so you both got a lot of tickets and ended up getting something that you could give to him! After the date he would probably smile really big seeing you hold the plushie in your hands and really quickly give you a peck on the cheek before almost running away. He would also probably be so proud that he kissed you on the cheek for the first time that day. 

“I really enjoyed our first ever date and I really love the present you got me from the arcade!” 

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Hello!! I absolutely love your blog!!! I was wondering if you could do RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC that can communicate with animals?? I dunno, weird idea popped into my head lol.

This sounds like an awesome idea to pop up into your head! I will gladly do this request!!


  • He found out in the most ridiculously Disney way possible
  • You were having a good morning, and those birds were just sitting there waiting to be talked to you
  • So, you started talking to them, it was Spring after all and you hadn’t had good conversation with any animals since Autumn
  • And while you were talking you didn’t notice the albino standing right behind you, a look of utter surprise on his face
  • “MC!” You turned around to see a very confused lover
  • “Oh, hey Zen~”
  • Pleasedon’tmentionitpleasedon’tmentionit
  • Yeah, guess what he does
  • “Sooo, what was that?”
  • DammitZen!
  • You told him, although grudgingly, about how you’d just been born with it, it was a part of you
  • “I didn’t plan on anyone finding out.” You grumbled
  • Zen just chuckled and gave you a kiss
  • “Why wouldn’t you tell me darling?”
  • You blushed, man he knew how to make you redden
  • From then on you sometimes talk to animals when he’s around
  • He always finds it absolutely adorable


  • He was such a cutie!
  • A very, very confused cutie
  • You had found a puppy in the bushes at the base of your apartment, and worriedly began to talk to it, trying to find its home
  • Taking it inside, you got it some food, all the while still talking to it
  • “MC who are you talking to?”
  • “Oh, um, the dog.”
  • He nearly fainted, no lie, you had to carry him to the couch
  • When he regained enough consciousness to get in a normal-enough conversation you told him
  • It was your childhood, and your parents didn’t like you
  • So, they essentially sold you out to a scientist
  • It was like you were from a comic book
  • And Yoosung loved it
  • “Wow that’s awesome! Did it hurt at all?”
  • GodYoosungissuchagreatboyfriend
  • You two returned the dog to its rightful owner, and when Yoosung became a vet you were a great help to his harder cases


  • She thought she was hallucinating
  • Yeah, maybe there was something in that cold medicine
  • Because my girlfriend is talking to a bird
  • Not in a cooing sort of way, like actual conversation
  • “MC, I think I’m sick!”
  • “Oh, my goodness Jaehee what’s wrong?”
  • “I hallucinated you were talking to a bird.”
  • “Oh. Um, about that…”
  • She didn’t believe you
  • “Are you and Seven pranking me?”
  • No,pleaseJaeheebelieveme
  • When she saw that upset you however she softened
  • “So, how did this happen?”
  • It was something weird with your genes, you weren’t even sure what
  • Your personal hypothesis was that you were closer related to now extinct relative sto homo sapiens, but you could never be sure
  • “Do you think I’m a freak Jaehee?”
  • “No MC, I think you’re wonderfully special, and this just continues to prove it!”
  • Baeheebestgirlfriend2k17
  • You were so relieved she accepted you


  • Also not a huge believer in anything vaguely supernatural
  • But it was pretty obvious you were having a conversation with Elizabeth III
  • I mean she was meowing back at your questions and statements, and you were in turn nodding at hers
  • He didn’t know what else to call it
  • “MC, why are you, talking, to Elizabeth?”
  • You jumped out of your skin, nearly spilling soy sauce and stir fry all over yourself
  • Thankfully he grabbed the bottle right before anything serious happened
  • Juminbestcatcherofsoysauce2k17
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • “Oh, well, um, I kinda, well.”
  • He looked at you, an extremely concerned expression on his face
  • You sighed, you couldn’t lie to him
  • “It’s just that I didn’t want you to know that, well, that I could talk to animals.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Well, it’s the result of being kicked out of my home, when I was younger, my parent’s thought I was a freak and turned me out of my house.”
  • Jumin’s heart cracked a bit at the notion that something as natural to you as this caused you to be kicked out of what should’ve been loving parents
  • You looked pale, so he swept you up in a hug
  • “MC, you don’t have to worry, I will always love you, there’s no reason for you to be ashamed of something that’s a part of you.”
  • You loved him so much


  • It began with another escapade
  • “Saeyoung, why is there a wriggling ball underneath your shirt?”
  • “What! What ball, I don’t see a ball hahahaha- “
  • “You stole Elly again didn’t you.”
  • T-T
  • He looked down on the ground, and let the cat go
  • Elizabeth was obviously very disgruntled
  • And you didn’t want her to kill someone, mainly your idiot lover
  • “Elizabeth, I’m sorry, that was so stupid! I know he’s an idiot!”
  • Saeyoung would’ve brushed it off as you messing around, but then the cat replied
  • The cat replied?!
  • GodwhyInotalktocats!
  • Likeifyoucrieverytime!
  • LolI’llstop
  • So yeah.
  • It was more awkward than “the talk”
  • You told him that it was a family thing, something passed down generation to generation
  • When you finished talking about how as far as family records and journals go back it was there and how your family was almost all burned as witches in the 1600s he just hugged you
  • “MC! That’s so cool! I wish I had a special power!”
  • You giggled
  • “But you do Saeyoung!”
  • “Really?” He looked at you suspiciously
  • “Yes! Do you want to know what it is?”
  • He lit up like a kid on Christmas
  • “You are the only one who can make me laugh the way you do, and cheer me up when I’m upset. You have the power of changing me for the better, something brighter.”
  • He never wanted to kiss you more in his life
  • It was a good night!


  • He wasn’t sure what to do
  • He didn’t want to take you to the hospital…
  • But he sure as heck thought you were cracked
  • He just sort of froze up after that, giving you enough time to finish telling it to go away, as its safety could not be guaranteed
  • But as soon as it was gone he exploded
  • Needless to say, that didn’t make you feel good
  • “Saeran…”
  • He stopped his freak out when he saw that you were on the verge of tears
  • Shutting up immediately he picked you up, bridal-style, and carried you to his room
  • Sitting you on the bed he wrapped you in a blanket
  • “I’m sorry, MC, I, I was just surprised.”
  • You just let out a whimper, an acknowledgment
  • That caused a stab of pain to go through his heart, the memories of his mother’s hate rippling through his mind
  • Cradling you gently he whispered sweet nothings in your ear
  • “I’m so sorry MC. I was being inconsiderate, and idiotic. I’m sorry if I caused you pain, I know I’m horrible, I’m really trying, please, please don’t leave me.”
  • You nuzzled closer to him
  • “I’ll never leave you Saeran, never.”
  • From then on whenever you talked to animals, whether puppy or cockroach, Saeran didn’t say anything
  • He didn’t want you to feel down for something that you were
  • You were too beautiful for that
  • It would push him back into the void

Hope ya like! And this time I actually posted it all at once omg it’s a miracle!! Lol, hope you enjoy!

Requests are open so ask me!

Jongdae as your Boyfriend
  • Kim Jongdae the king of getting away with things
  • not only is he a sneaky little shit, he’s a sneaky little shit that wants your attention no matter what
  • no matter how busy you are
  • he just *snakes an arm around your waist*
  • *hugs you from behind*
  • *randomly starts kissing your neck*
  • this boy is the definition of h u m a n  i n t i m a c y
  • he got them moves if you know what I’m saying *wink wink nudge*
  • but he’s cute too
  • like 110% cute
  • how can he be so cute???
  • his little pout and puppy dog eyes but he looks more like a cat?
  • that infamous “ah waeeeeee”
  • whoever ties this boy down good luck
  • you can tell him everything
  • he gives really good advice after all 
  • and obviously the queen of gossip
  • you both could probably mess around with makeup cause he knows he can work it
  • he’s the type to sing in the shower
  • free show! amirite
  • or just sing in general
  • cooking? he’s there singing
  • cleaning up? *hums hey mama*
  • your household will be filled with the voice of an angel
  • he’s like the boyfriends you read about in fanfictions or watch in movies. the one that’s your best friend but also perfect?
  • but he’s not perfect, and that just makes him more !!!11!!!11 you get what I’m saying
  • just him being the accepting and caring person he is makes you swoon
  • but he can also be a dick
  • little prankster likes to play too many games
  • *mixes mayo and your hand cream together*
  • then you see that face of ‘Oh shit!’ and can’t help but laugh, yelling at him but laughing nonetheless
  • if you’re ever stressed though he’s there for you
  • “Late night jams with Kim Jongdae and Y/N”
  • and there you are, slow dancing with him a box of pizza by your feet and your favorite songs playing
  • OM G
  • love is truly an amazing thing and he makes sure to remind you everyday

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Per usual, it’s all Stiles’ fault.

But, as his dad kindly pointed out, who would think that a kettle would end up turning someone into a cat? What kind of witch curses a fucking kettle?

If Stiles could speak, he would have yelled out ‘a crazy one!’, but as it is he only hisses and sinks his claws – ugh – into the surprisingly comfy sofa cushion, pointedly avoiding the glare Derek throws his way.

“I’m sorry!” The crazy witch says for the tenth time. “I wanted to make water boil quicker, but I think I must have read the wrong spell.”

‘You think?’ Stiles hisses, but is completely ignored.

Scott collapses on the couch next to him, drops a hand over the fluffy fur that now covers his head and scratches it softly.

Later, Stiles will be angry with himself for giving in and purring, but for now it just feels too damn good to care.

“So what do we do?” Scott says. “How do we reverse it?”

Crazy witch gives them a guilty smile and Derek groans. “You don’t know?”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaims again. “I’m going to call my mom tomorrow morning, I swear!”

“Tomorrow?” Scott groans, holding Stiles’ back so he won’t jump on the woman and claw her eyes out. “Easy, kitty, she’s – ouch! He bit me!”

Stiles jumps out of Scott’s hold, huffing. Kitty, ugh.

“What are we gonna do with him until then?” Derek asks, arms crossed over his chest.

That’s what annoyed must smell like, Stiles figures as he gets close to Derek. It’s nice, being able to smell him, but that must be only because Derek just took a shower, even though Derek sweaty and dirty is something Stiles is weirdly attracted to, he probably won’t smell as good like that.

Although, he sniffs Derek’s leg, barely stops himself from rubbing his entire face over it, Derek must smell good in any way. For Stiles, at least.

The loft is silent, suspiciously so, and when Stiles glances up, he notices they are all staring at him, Scott and the witch both with amused looks on their faces.

As Stiles runs to hide under a chair, he wonders if cats are able to blush.

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Could you do a follow-up to the last one with the students' reactions after Aizawa goes back to his class?

//I’m so happy you asked me to do this haha I was going to add it but thought nah it’s already a bloody novel it’s time to stop

Read part one here

Mic tentatively led Aizawa to his classroom by the cast, assuring him of how everything would be fine and that everyone was there for him.

He’d have complained if he could find the energy.

“Are you absolutely certain you want to go today? I can take them for you and you can go home and sleep.”

“Yamada,” the now-blind man stopped him, turning to where he assumed he was. “I’m fine. The sports festival is coming up and I have to prepare them for it.”

“At least take the stick, then. It’ll help-”

“If I take the bloody stick will you stop treating me like an old woman?”

Mic huffed, prepared to retort, but decided against it; being friends with the bugger since they were children had taught him how immovable he was. Instead, he nodded.

“Good. Where is it?”

Tapping it against one of Aizawa’s bandaged hands to show him it was in his possession, Mic began leading him once more towards the class of 1-A. He could sense the man’s unease, and could barely even begin to think of how terrifying it must have been for him – living in a world of colour and light and happiness, only for it to be replaced by sheer, complete darkness. That on top of possibly losing his Quirk was an awful thought.

As Mic opened the door, he noticed how eerily silent the usually boisterous class was.  All eyes fell on their teacher as he was led to the desk, watching noiselessly as the other Pro checked and double-checked that he was comfortable in the chair that was brought in for him before leaving, leaning the stick on the desk as he passed, even fully aware that the man couldn’t use it with both hands out of order.

“A-Aizawa-sensei, should you really be here today?” Tsuyu’s voice wavered as she spoke; her bloodshot eyes showed how much her teacher’s injuries had affected her.

“Obviously. This is where I work.”

“But, sensei, you almost died yesterday.” It was Satou, eyebrows creased in concern. Several others made sounds of agreement.

“And I didn’t. So I’m here. Now, since I obviously can’t see, don’t put your hand up if you need something; shout out. I doubt I’ll be writing anything on the board so don’t bother with that either – and, no, that doesn’t mean you can draw penises on it. But, more importantly, we have a special occasion to prepare for…”

When the period ended, several students rushed to help him, offering to walk him to the staff room. He would have resisted were it not for the fact that he couldn’t use his arms and wasn’t willing to wait for Yamada

“Do you need this stick, sensei?”

“Yeah, I suppose I should take it or Mic will kill me.”

He heard someone lift it from its place, followed by a shuffling of many feet. Aizawa frowned as he realised there were more than just a few accompanying him. There was an argument as soon as he told them only two could take him.

“But I should take him because I’ve been to the staff room before so I know where I’m going.”

“You’re too short! I’d be better.”

“Uraraka and I should go because-”

“Sorry, kids, but maybe I should go?” Mic appeared with a knowing grin on his face, cutting through them all to retrieve the confused hero. The pupils appeared unhappy but didn’t speak against him.

“Who knew you were so popular among them? You do know that was the entire class there, don’t you?”

Aizawa snorted, but Mic could clearly see how touched he was by their actions.

“I certainly didn’t.”

“The first round’s obstacle course is under-way, ladies and gents! These rising heroes have to complete one whole lap of our special-made stadium’s outer ring – and what a start from Class 1-B’s Awase Yousetsu!”

Mic’s loud voice boomed across the stadium, making the black-haired man beside him wince.

“Why am I here, Yamada? How can I commentate if I can’t see?”

“Because I want you to know what’s going on, Shouta – and what better way than to be with me while I talk about it?”

Aizawa hid his gratitude in a sigh. Behind his mask of indifference was a man who truly appreciated all the blond was doing for him. He felt incredibly helpless in his situation – his entire upper half was wrapped in bandages while he had no use of either of his arms, all this on top of him now being blind – and it was wonderful to have someone there to lead and care for him, like a bright spark in the darkness that was now his world. Mic had even been staying with him at his flat since the attack, not wishing to leave him alone, and was talking about them moving in together so he’d never have to struggle by himself.

“Thank you, Yamada.”
“Hmm? Oh, I just didn’t want you missing out on your class. They’re really something!”

“I mean for everything. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Aww, Shouta!” leaping forward, the slightly taller man engulfed him in a hug, to which the other tensed before returning. “I like this affectionate side of you!”
“I’m not being affectionate,” he grunted. “I’m being grateful.”

Mic laughed before turning his attention back to the group of young adults in the centre of the stadium.

“You know, I take back what I said about you needing a guide dog-”

“I can train a cat instead?”

“No,” he laughed at the excitement in his voice. “I think those kids are going to do a fine enough job themselves.”

//Bloody hell I made it Maizawa again

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Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

  • you were just working at your local pet cafe when a group of 11 guys come inside and take a seat at one of the tables. 
  • but when you look outside there are like a sea of just girls outside the window screaming out incoherent sentences and you’re just freaked out because wow ?? this has never happened in the whole time you have worked here what is happening right now. 
  • but soon one of your coworkers starts almost freaking out in the back room so you just head there and she’s like 
  • and you’re just confused like 
  • “I don’t see an idol group here though?” 
  • but then it hits you. the group of 11 guys just casually sitting in your cafe must be the group she’s talking about. 
  • so since you are ordered to be their waitress bc you are the only one that is not freaking out about them  you go up to them and try talking to them when you hear someone screaming one of the member’s name. 
  • “wow Kang Daniel must be very popular.” 
  • but you hear chuckling and when you look over you see a guy who’s around your age who is holding a cat. and you’re just starstruck because wow he’s so cute but that cat is cuter?! 
  • once you get the order for their drinks and give them their drinks you have some free time so you decide to play with all the cats. while you’re playing with the cats though you don’t notice that the sea of girls are slowly disappearing because security has come to give Wanna One privacy. 
  • so while you’re playing with the cats one of the workers comes next to you and is like, 
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Daniel has been looking at you for quite a while now.” 
  • so you look over and TRY to guess who Daniel is since you don’t really know who it is but it doesn’t take you that long since you meet the gaze of the guy who was playing with the cat earlier. 
  • so sooner or later Daniel goes up to you and you both start making conversations about cats. an he explains that he named both of his cats boy names without actually checking if they were girls first and you are in shock because you did the exact same thing?! 
  • “i literally have named my cats harry potter and Joshua without realizing they are girls too.” 
  • then daniel is like 
  • “you like harry potter?!” 
  • so after that Daniel starts coming over more often and before you know it you start developing a tiny little crush on him because he’s super cute and you both became friends over your love of cats and naming them without checking the gender. 
  • so one day while you’re working Daniel stops by with a couple of roses and just sits down at his usual table but what really catches your attention is that he’s wearing a nice outfit AND that he has roses. 
  • so once you are on your break you sit by the secluded space that he usually sits at and he holds up the roses to you and is smiling that bright smile he always has while you’re just caught off guard and have become a red tomato faced mess
  • “I know that it’s only been like a month since I’ve met you but do you think you’d be willing to go out with me? on like one date i mean.”
  • and ofc you’d accept because who wouldn’t want to date Daniel?! 
  • so you’re first date would be at no other then your pet cafe, but instead of work you are here on your day off. and although you had thought it was just going to be you and Daniel Seongwoo had also joined in because he’s gotta make sure Daniel doesn’t embarrass himself.
  • but it doesn’t really matter to Daniel because he just acts like he isn’t there at all and continues to flirt with you. 
  • but he doesn’t really have to flirt with you because you have already liked him ever since you guys started talking about the names of your cats. 
  • so then after the date he drives you home and he brings to do the doorstep but you don’t really feel like ending the date. 
  • “i really enjoyed the date today, I hope we can have more in the future.” 
  • then he just casually brings you in for a hug and it lasts for quite a while but once again you aren’t complaining because the hug feels nice. 
  • so it’s been a couple of dates and are just chilling at home when the doorbell rings. you open it and it’s Daniel with his cats !! you let him in and you both just sit on the couch for a while just watching your cats play with his. 
  • “so i’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while,” 
  • you look up at Daniel and you notice that he looks ver nervous and you just find it cute because you haven’t seen Daniel like this before. 
  • “would you be my girlfriend, i mean we would have to keep it a secret for a while if you don’t mind.”
  • “of course Daniel! gosh who wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend?!” 
  • you exclaim and you instantly start hugging Daniel which catches him by surprise but he hugs you back and next thing you know you both are just cuddling on the couch watching the both of your cats play together. 
  • you both would be such a cute couple i swear omg like he doesn’t mind pda but he won’t over do it. you both would hold hands in public or he’ll put his arm around your waist while you both are just walking. there are occasional kisses when he just can’t resist you. 
  • but at home he’ll be almost glued to you, casually resting his head on your lap so that you can play with his hair. back hugging you while you are making food. 
  • one time he slept over at your house and you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, 
  • “Y/N don’t go! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!!” 
  • you would just snicker silently to yourself while you just get out of bed to make breakfast. 
  • while Daniel is preparing to leave you go up to him and decide it’s the perfect time to repeat what he said and see if he reacts to it. 
  • “But Daniel don’t leave! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!” 
  • and then you just start laughing to yourself while Daniel is just standing there confused, but then he realizes that he must’ve said that while he was sleeping so he just starts getting all red in the face while you are laughing your ass off still. 
  • so he decides to grab you and start planting kisses all over your face unexpectedly. 
  • fights wouldn’t really happen but when they do they are often solved quickly since Daniel really cares about you and what you think so he’ll often try to talk it out with you and understand your side of the argument while also calmly explaining his side 
  • and then after that you both would probably play with the cats together. 
  • but since he’s an idol he can’t come over all the time so there are moments where you don’t see him for a week or a couple and you just feel really lonely but he left his cats at your place so you don’t feel as lonely. he also left his sweater there but since it’s summer you don’t wanna sweat all over his jacket 
  • he’ll text you often so don’t worry about him ignoring you, in fact he gets all sad and stuff when you don’t reply to him for a long time. 
  • but when he comes back from promoting and all that jazz you better believe that he’ll literally be stuck to you at the hip. like wherever you go he’ll come along with so that he’s near you because he missed you that much. 
  • “I missed you so much y/n I kept on telling the other members about you and they told me to stop at one point because I wouldn’t stop talking.”
  •  you’d just laugh and pinch his cheeks because he’s so cute and also that you couldn’t believe that you scored someone like him.
  •  “I missed you too Daniel, your cats was the only thing keeping me company besides work, but I haven’t told them I was dating anyone.” 
  • In conclusion you both would be a cute couple that everyone would be low key jealous of. 
Good Friend oikawa hcs

Kind of is extra content for this iwaoi fic I wrote but can be a stand alone

  • Likes to add insults with his nice things
  • “Here. Put on these gloves. Wouldn’t want your playing to get any worse.”
  • Is probably the type to leave nice notes when he notices his friends are upset or just in general tbh
  • Obviously they know it’s him and they don’t point it out most of the time cause they know he doesn’t really want people to notice
  • Sometimes though they’ll just run up to him and hug him and he’s like ??? Leave me alone ?!? And they’re like. Thank you and he’s all. Yeah whatever you suck but inside he’s like nice I love my friends
  • Stops to take pictures of cats and dogs and stuff to send to the group chat despite not really caring for animals
  • “Iwa-chan are you my mom” adsgdjfjsl Oikawa we all know who’s the real mom friend here
  • Gets scolded by Iwaizumi for being an idiot half the time and spends the other half scolding his friends for being idiots
  • “Didn’t I tell you it would be cold? Why didn’t you bring a jacket?” “I didn’t think it would be-” “yeah, you didn’t think. Lucky for you I have an extra jacket”
  • Always stealing other people’s food but is also always buying stuff he doesn’t even like so he can complain and give it to people that do like it
  • Stays up making stuff for his friends birthdays bc who even gives store bought items anyways
  • *present is fucking immaculate* “I was only awake for so long because I wanted to make sure it was as ugly as possible”
  • Summary: Oikawa, a shit, but a nice shit. A shit that hides his nice with more shit
Nora, Kunta, & Odd

You & GOT7 In Jaebum

Semi Angst? & Fluff

“Hey Hyung?” Yugyeom began as that’s night practice ended.

“Hummmm?” JB responded packing up his things getting ready to leave.

“Is it just me? Or has Noona been acting strange lately?” Yugeyom asked looking as his Hyung paused from packing.

“What do you mean?” JB asked looking at the maknae.

“She hasn’t been as happy lately. We rarely see her come out from your room now. And the other day when Bam and I were helping her wash the dishes” Yugyeom paused, not sure if he should continue.

“What about the dishes?” JB asked feeling a bit concerned.

“We…we…” Yugyeom was hesitating.

“You what?!” JB exploded a bit, now more concerned.

“We saw cuts on her arms hyung” Bambam said quietly from the side of the room where he was sitting with Mark and Jackson who stayed silent because they too have seen the cuts.

“I heard her crying once when I walked by your room” Youngjae spoke softly from beside JB.

“She really hasn’t been herself lately Hyung” Jinyoung spoke.

JB rushed out of the practice room and headed back to their dorm as quickly as he could. So many thoughts were going through his head. How did he not notice it? How ignorant has he been? He sees you everyday yet he hasn’t noticed a single thing. His members were right though, now that he thought about it. You haven’t been out of the room for the last couple of weeks besides school and food. He came home to you will puffy eyes once but he thought you were just crying from the drama you’ve been watching.

He didn’t even bother taking of his shoes as he ran into the dorm searching for you.
He found you in the living room playing with Nora, Odd, Kunta, and Coco. You were giggling at their silly antics. You didn’t notice him come in. He hugged you tightly from behind.

“Ahhh” you were startled. “Jaebum?” You asked trying to turn you head.

“I love you. So much. And whatever your going through, I’m here for you. I don’t want you going through it alone. I want you to be able to confide in me. I don’t wanna see you hurting yourself. I don’t want to come home one day to see that you’ve taken your own life. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately. But you know I’m always here. And I love you. So, so much. Please babe.” JB let out as he started to tear.

“What?!” You asked as you turned around to face him. You voice startled the four little fluff balls and they stoped playing to stare at the two of you.

“You’ve been crying and locking yourself up in the room. I’m sorry I didn’t notice. The members just talked to me about it.” JB said looking down.

“Babe…. the only reason I’ve been “locked up in your room”“ you said adding. The quotation marks "is because I’ve been cramming for exams and I cried once! And that was because the drama was so sad!”

“What about the cuts on your arms that the kids saw?” He asked looking at you concerned. You laughed causing JB to become confused.

“You mean these?” You asked pulling up your sleeves to reveal the scratches. “These are from taking care you of your kids” you said pointing at the three cats who’ve found their way into your lap. “You have the same ones dummy.”

“So you’re not cutting yourself or going through anything?” JB asked feeling relieved.
You cupped his face with you hands leaning in to peck him on the lips.
You pulled away and smiled.

“Why would I be when I have a boyfriend who lives me as much as you do” You replied.
He leaned in to kiss you again.

“Good.” He said smiling “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You pulled him into a hug hiding your blushing face in the crook of his neck. You suddenly pulled back and looked at him curiously.
“What?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“So which of of those idiots thought I was hurting myself?” You laughed.

“All of them” he chuckled pulling you into a hug. “If it’s possible they probably love you just as much as I do.” He whispered.

~~~~~ hello everyone! Just a short one shot here! I thought I should give a back story on why I wrote this. About a few fan signs ago around the beginning of their comeback, I started to notice cuts on JB’s wrist, and I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but it did make me really worried. But gladly it was all explained by him! Since Youngjae moved out, JB not only has Nora, but two other cats named Kunta and Odd. And so you see, those cuts were actually his cats scratching him. But I also wanted to take a moment and say that if anyone is really going through any of this. Please don’t continue to harm yourself. If you need someone of talk to, please DM me. Everyone’s life is too precious😞



so like this is sorta weird but like

I had a dream where flug had a horn popping out the side of his bag?? So that’s kinda where I got the idea for him to be a Abath ((one horned demon)) and from really liking the theory of flug wearing a bag because of a crash he no longer has his arm intact and has a few scars on his face :(

In this au BH is all bark but no bite. he also just really freaking likes cats

and I wanted to make a cute pastel Demencia ;;w;; I really adore the “opposite” AU where she wears a little unicorn hood so I made her wear a little unicorn thing since she can turn into one ;D;

Also in this AU Flug is Asexual and everyone just wants to give him hugs and high fives ((and for you Paperhat shippers, BH is tottes cool with him not wanting to do the do, they kinda just hang out and talk about cats ;D; ))

anonymous asked:

Oh my god prompts are open!!!!! How about some Adam Kovic where he accidentally proposes to the reader? Like the two of them are just relaxing at home and he just lets it slip without thinking? Please and thank you!!!

A/N - Sneaking in mid-RTX to drop the Saturday fic on you guys! Thanks for your prompt, friend! Kovic’s always a fave of mine, and it has been some time since I’ve written an ‘’accidental proposal’’ fic. I wrote this a while back, so it’s not exactly timely, but I think it still works! Enjoy!

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - Swearing

Word Count - 1, 366

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theemoestdemon  asked:

Can you write another Tom with cat traits fic? I need something fluffy to make my mood a bit better, I'm like irritated and sad at the same time but I have no idea why exactly.

I’m sorry you’ve been upset. It’s okay to just feel bad, you don’t always need a reason. It’s normal. I feel like that sometimes! We all do! I hope this cheers you up! I think it turned out pretty well, so enjoy and try and smile at least three times today! That’s your goal!

“Tom? Tom wake up.” Marco nudged his boyfriend gently and the demon opened up his eyes. He looked at Marco very sleepy and confused for a moment, like he didn’t recognize him. Tom yawned and moved closer, sniffing Marco’s hoodie and then smiling.

“Marco… it’s just you.” He giggled, wrapping his arms around the human’s waist. Marco nodded and put a hand on Tom’s head, running his fingers through his hair. Tom crawled up more and curled up in Marco’s arms.

“I missed you so much.” Marco cooed. He was visiting Tom late at night. He had just made it home from a family vacation, and as soon as his flight landed he needed to see Tom. Even if it meant waking the demon up at one in the morning. “Are you still smelling my hoodie?” Marco asked, pulling back.

Tom laughed a little. “You’ve been away for two weeks. And I recognize your smell more than anything.” He explained. Tom the yawned and fell against Marco, closing his eyes. “I thought you knew that… that’s how kitty-cats know what’s going on.” He mumbled.

“I thought you hated it when I called you a kitty-cat?” Marco asked, scratching Tom behind the ear. The demon purred loudly and nuzzled Marco affectionately.

“Yeah but I’m tired-drunk right now so I’m not really gonna care about anything.” Tom explained. Marco laughed and gave him gently hugs and kisses.

“Okay, you should go back to sleep, I just wanted to see you as soon as I got home.” Marco explained. He was about to leave but Tom grabbed his hand.

“You can stay if you want.” He offered. Marco smiled and sat down on the bed.

“Just for a little while.” He told the demon, yawning himself. “Then I have to… unpack.” Marco mumbled before letting his own eyes close. Tom yawned as well and sat up. He kneaded Marco’s hoodie and let his claws scratch it a little bit, but Marco didn’t care. As soon as Tom decided Marco’s chest and stomach were acceptable and kneaded enough to sleep on, he took his rightful place on top of his boyfriend and fell asleep.


Marco woke up the next morning, yawning. “Oh man, did I fall asleep here? Mom and dad are gonna be worried sick about me.” He decided. He made a move to get up, but noticed a little demon was hugging his arm tightly in his sleep. Marco smiled at Tom, cuddling his arm like it was a teddy bear.

But that cuteness was short-lived. Marco tried to gently pulled his arm away, but as he did, the demon’s claws came out and rested on Marco’s arm. So if he pulled away he’d be scratched. “Tom? Tom wake up, you’re doing that thing again.” Marco whispered. Tom just yawned in his sleep and held onto Marco’s arm tighter.

Marco bit his lip and tried not to move his arm, because he knew if he did on instinct Tom would sink his claws in. Marco groaned and rolled his eyes, deciding to try and move faster than the demon and attempt to just yank his arm out of his grasp and jump away.


“I’m sorry.” Tom mumbled, putting another band-aid on Marco’s arm. Marco smiled and gave Tom a kiss under his third eye.

“It’s okay, sweetie.” Marco assured.

“You know I do that in my sleep, why didn’t you wake me up?” Tom asked, he sounded like a parent scolding a small child. This made Marco laughed. Mostly because Tom had no place to tell Marco to be responsible. The amount of time Tom had done something stupid was uncountable, and most of those times Tom knew there would be negative outcomes.

“I thought I’d be able to slink away.” Marco explained. “And besides, I felt so bad about waking you up, you looked so cute.” Marco gushed. Tom rolled his eyes.

“So you let me slice your arm to ribbons?” Tom asked. Marco laughed and bit.

“No silly, it’s like a cat scratch. It’s not bad at all, you hardly broke skin.” Marco reminded. Tom made a face and crossed his arms, still looking upset about the whole situation.

“Yeah but I’d rather not scratch you at all.” He explained, looking down at his nails. “Maybe I should get declawed.” He grinned up at the human, who laughed at the little joke.

“No, if you got declawed, how would you scratch up all my furniture?” Marco asked. “You know my mom loves that.” He joked. Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“I really don’t even notice that I’m doing it.” He blushed. “I’ll uhm… tell your mom I’ll sew up the furniture… and the mattresses… and the curtains… and bedspreads…” Tom stopped. “You know what, I’ll just buy your parents new-everything.” He decided. Marco smiled.

“Sound like a plan.” He giggled, bopping the demon’s nose. “Maybe I should get you a scratching post.” Marco offered, laughing.

“Are you serious? Because I know that was a joke but I would love that. Where can I get one?” Tom asked, leaning forward excitedly. Marco burst out laughing and pulled Tom down for a kiss by the horns.

“I’m dating a kitty-cat-boy.”

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“The Waiting Game”

Chapter 3 is finally up! And it’s like really long, I’m sorry, which is why I’m just linking this instead of posting it. There are the sexy times, and the not so nice times so go forth with caution, dear readers!

And a little preview for the road?

Tommie moves fully into the room, standing a little awkwardly by the door with their hands stuffed into their pockets. “So…” Trini shakes out of her thoughts and turns off her music, watching as Tommie moves to sit on her bed and pats the spot beside them. “I’m sorry I kind of freaked out earlier.”

Trini sits down beside them. “It’s okay.”

“No it really wasn’t.” Tommie sighs, carding their fingers through their hair and Trini smiles when it makes their hair stand up ridiculously. She reaches up to fix it and they smile at her. “I just kind of, I don’t know, lost it. Thinking about Kim and my baby cousin-”

“Tom, I’m not a baby,” she says, pushing lightly against their shoulder.

“You’re sixteen.”

“Almost seventeen.”

“Regardless,” Tommie says, shaking their head. “Thinking about you, in… that capacity…”

Trini snorts. “Tommie you know I’m not a virgin. In fact I’ve probably had more sex than you-”

“Lalalala! Not listening! Not listening!” Trini laughs and Tommie joins in.

When they’re laughter dies Trini bites her lip and asks, “Is it because she’s you’re best friend?”

Tommie blows at their bangs but eventually shakes their head. “No, not really. It’s just… Look, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Kim, she’s amazing and all, but… Well, she kind of has a reputation when it comes to hooking up with people. Well, with guys… Well, had a reputation, until Ty happened, which I’m still not one-hundred percent certain on what actually went down there, but…” Tommie looks over at Trini and she sees nothing but pure concern etched into their features. “I just don’t want her to hurt you.”

Trini sighs, reaching for her stuffed cat Mr. Saber and hugging him tightly. “Well I think that ships already sailed. And sunk.” Tommie winces but she shakes her head. “Hey, no. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine, honestly. This isn’t my first rodeo, so to speak. Probably won’t be my last either,” she tells them and laughs when their face scrunches up and their shoulders tuck up to their ears.

“Ugh, please no more of that.”

“Are you and Kim okay?” And they nod. “Good. I don’t want to come between you two. You seem like pretty good friends, or at least from what you’ve told me about her. You guys sounded close.”

“Yeah. She’s chill. We started hanging out after detention last year and she just sorta inserted herself into our group, but it was like she was always sort of meant to fit there, you know.” Tommie smiles, a far-away look on their face, and Trini feels her heart swell with affection. She knows how difficult it’s been for them, how much shit they’ve taken in their life, and Trini’s relieved they’ve finally found people who truly care about them. “But are you guys gonna be okay? Like, would it be weird if I had Kim around?”

Trini shakes her head. “Oh no, hun, I wouldn’t ask that of you. She’s your friend and what happened between us… happened. And we’re adults. I think the least we can do is act civil around each other.”

Tommie nods and pats her shoulder. “Okay. If you say so.”

She really shouldn’t have said so.

autograph au

walk with me a moment and let us imagine that both Ladybug and Chat Noir are having an autograph signing event

  • during said event, both partners excuse themselves and de-transfrom to get an autograph from their partner. 
  • Marinette does it first and goes to stand at the back of the line, but Chat Noir sees her and calls her over with an enthusiastic “PRINCESS. MY PRINCESS IS HERE.” 
  • she turns totally red and dies, but everyone giggles and rushes her to the front
  • “can’t resist my purrfect smile, princess?”

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anonymous asked:

heeeey just wanna say that i luv the comic update! Cute as hell with the cute cat-kid ^3^... But now i really want a hug from that 4 arms dude! He looks so cool *3* i never seen a character like him, luv how originally he looks <3 ; Also, he has 4 arms, his hugs must be so cozy and warm ^u^ Cant wait for more pages! :3

Thank you very much for the support and for liking our four armed race! Especially hearing that they’re such an original, special race! 

Either way, have a hug from Lohan from Chapter 3, dear anon!

Four Arms are perfect for giving out hugs and being awkward about it at the same time.