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Going Bare

Bucky x Reader

Summary: based on this ask from @bucky-plums-barnes

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

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I sighed as I slowly got ready for one of Tony’s wretched galas. I hated them more than paperwork after a mission. My hands run over the crinkles of my suit and I adjust my tie for the umpteenth time. I huff out a breath, running a hand through my hair. A frown etches its way onto my face as I move to shut the light off in the master bathroom. Y/n pops in, still in her underwear. I try to hide my frown, but nothing gets past my wife. She rests her chin on my back. Her arms wrap around my waist, and I know if I wasn’t wearing this fancy suit, I’d be able to feel her mouth press against my skin.

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Reggie Mantle - Forgiveness

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Request: “could u do were the reader has a fight with reggie and he regrets fighting and trys to make it up to her!! xx”

Requested by: Anon

Requests are: Open

(I do NOT own the gif)

Note From Author: Hello, Anon! Thank you so much for requesting! I really hope you enjoy the imagine. It’s not as good as I would have liked it to be, and I do feel as though it’s a bit rushed, but I always have trouble with writing anything about fighting and making up because it’s a lot of story line in a small amount of content, so I hope you enjoy none the less! Thanks again! :)


“Babe, I said I was sorry! Would you please just talk to me for a second?”

You looked at Reggie and scoffed, a laugh of disbelief quickly escaping your mouth as you continued to ignore him. Ever since you and Reggie had had a fight about your tutor sessions with Archie, you had made it a point to ignore him at all costs. Not only had he been acting like a child over something so innocent and simple, but he actually had the audacity to accuse you of cheating on him. After all the time you had been together and after all the two of you had been through throughout your relationship, you weren’t okay with that, and you definitely weren’t going to forgive him as easily as he wanted you to. 

“Go away, Reggie.” You hissed, looking at nothing but the homework sprawled out in front of you in hopes that he would just give up and leave.

“Please, Y/N.” Reggie begged, his warm hand lightly resting on your thigh as he knelled in front of you. “How many times do I have to apologize before you forgive me?”

“You accused me of cheating on you, Reggie.” You hissed again, your voice stone cold and full of venom. “You accused me of cheating on you, and you accused me of cheating on you with Archie, my best friend! Do you really think I’m not going to be pissed about that?”

“I know, and I’m sorry!” He apologized, his voice so full of guilt and regret that it almost made you give in. “It’s just that you had been spending a lot of time with Andrews lately, and I knew the two of you were really close, and it just…I don’t know. It worried me.” 

“Why would that worry you, Reggie? You know we’ve been best friends since we were kids?” You asked, your curiosity slowly getting the better of you. You and Reggie had knew each other for a long time, and you knew he was one of the most confident people in all of Riverdale, so you didn’t really understand why he would worry about something as simple as a 30 minute algebra session.

“Because you deserve better.” Reggie said suddenly, his voice so pure and true that all the walls you had built in order to make yourself ignore him came tumbling down before he had even finished his sentence. 

You turned toward Reggie quickly, your eyes automatically meeting his and your hand lightly touching his shoulder. “You know that’s not true, Reggie. Why would you think that?”

Reggie gave you a small smile, his hand that had been resting on your thigh giving the skin a gentle squeeze. He let out a sigh, his eyes boring into yours before slowly making his way next to you rather than in front of you, the warmth of his body quickly radiating onto your skin and tempting you to melt into him.

“C’mon, Y/N. Andrews is nicer than me. He’s smarter than me. He’s better at football than me, and he has more actual friends than me.” Reggie whispered, his eyes looking into yours so deeply that you felt as though you were drowning. “Hell, I mean, the only thing I had that he didn’t was you, and with all the time you guys had been spending together, I thought that maybe he was trying to take that away.”

You looked at Reggie and sighed, your heart breaking into a million pieces as the words rolled off his tongue and into your ears. You had no idea that Reggie felt that way, and while you were still upset that he would ever think you would cheat on him, you couldn’t help the guilt and pain that was weighing on your heart. 

“Reggie….I didn’t know you felt that way.” You whispered, you hand leaving his shoulder and making its way into his. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry!” Reggie insisted, gripping your hand tightly and pulling you closer to him. “I’m the one who should be apologizing! You never gave me any reason to be worried or insecure and I was a total ass. I made accusations and said some mean things and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Y/N. Please believe that.” 

“I believe you when you say you’re sorry, Reggie.” You confirmed, your hand gripping his as if you were adding emphasis. “But I’m still really hurt that you thought I was cheating on you.”

“I know, and I’m sorry!” Reggie apologized again, his hand leaving yours and gently resting on your cheek. “ Just please let me make it up to you. I’ll do anything, Y/N. I swear.”

You looked at Reggie once again, your breath shaky and weak as his smooth hand gently caressed your face. You knew he was sorry, you did. You knew that he was being true and sincere and, despite your still slightly hurt feelings, you couldn’t be angry with that. Truth and honesty is all you ever asked for from Reggie and he had always given you exactly that. How could you not forgive him? 

“Fine, I forgive you.” You reassured, lightly poking him on the chest before packing up your belongings. “But you have some serious making up to do.”

A huge smile made its way onto Reggie’s face, his tanned skin and pink lips instantly taking you breath away as he quickly pulled you against him. “Thank you, Y/N! Thank you! I promise, I’ll do anything you want, and I mean anything! Movies? Shopping? Netflix and chill? Ghost Hunters marathon? Makeup sex? Just pick something and it’s done, but just know that personally, I really like the last option.”

You let out a soft giggle, the old Reggie coming back into view as his once sad and vulnerable personality quickly started to go back to normal. You continued to pack up your stuff before making an abrupt stand, your hand pointing towards Reggie in order for him to take it.

“Me. You. Pops.” You said, a small smile on your face as you pulled Reggie off the couch.

“Seriously?” Reggie laughed, his eyes shining with a love so pure that you could feel it in your bones. “You really want me to make it up to you by buying you a cheeseburger?”

You gave him another smile, your hand instantly linking with his before quickly pulling him towards the exit of the room. “You’re not just buying me a cheeseburger, Mantle. You’re buying me the whole damn menu.” 

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FP Jones/Andrew’s Family/Riverdale imagines - Oh Dear Part 13

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A/N: Oh my god. We’re back. I haven’t really edited this chapter since I just wanted to post it but oh well… lets hope for the best. 

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)(Part Four)(Part Five)(Part Six)(Part Seven)(Part Eight)(Part Nine)(Part Ten)(Part Eleven)(Part Twelve)

Overall Summary: You’re Archie’s old sister and you have a thing for a certain serpent

Pairing: Reader x FP Jones, Sister!Reader x Archie Andrews, Daughter!Reader x Fred Andrews

Word count: 2,320 (ish)

Warnings: Depressing themes, dying father, some light smut, mentions of blood, spoilers (you must watch season 2 episode 1)

(I listened to ‘HAEVN - Fortitude’ during the first part of this chapter)

You slowly sat up, the ringing still muffling all sounds around you. 

You tried calling out for Archie but you couldn’t hear yourself. However, you must have spoken because Archie’s head turned back to you. 

His cheeks were damp and his mouth moved silently. You could see he was trying to talk to you but the ringing in your head was only just fading. 

You tried to stand but wobbled and fell again causing Pop to drop the phone he was on and lunge forward to catch you. 

“You alright?” Pop asked, his voice quiet but coming through to you. 

“Dad.” You reached forward, ignoring Pop, and Archie at that moment, stood up. 

“The ambulance is on it’s way.” Pop told Archie, his voice clearer now. 

“Th-there isn’t time. H-he’s losing too much bl…” Archie shook his head, he knelt down and took the truck keys from Fred’s pocket and then helped him up. 

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jughead is in prison and meets betty through a penpal programme

“Jones. Mail time.”

Jughead jones looked up from his bunk, peering over his worn out edition of “Howl”. He never got mail, not anymore. People had stopped trying, friends had given up, family never cared. Nobody loves a criminal.

Rykers island was one of the worst federal state penitentiaries in all of New York and Jughead Jones was one of their most frequent inmates. The dark haired 25 year old had been in and out of prison since they day he turned eighteen, being a part of the Notorious Southside gang “The Serpents” jail was something written in the stars, he was currently finishing up a three year stint for drug distribution. Unlike his gang mates, he wasn’t proud. He didn’t want this life, didn’t even choose it, he was born into it, molded by his father from the time he was five years old.

That brought him back to the current situation, no one would write him letters, he’d told his sister he didn’t want her having any part of the jail system and his gang members were either alongside him in jail or merely didn’t care. His mother had left him when he was younger and his father had a gang to run.

“You sure it’s for me John?” Jughead entered the mail room, his hands shoved in his pockets as the older guard handed him a tiny white envelope with a floral stamp in the right hand corner, the hand writing distinctly feminine.

“Sure is Jughead, never smelt a letter so pretty, you got someone sweet on you at home?” The seventy Year old southern man grinned as Jughead blushed and shoved the letter into his grey body suit.

“Nah. Probably spam.” He threw a lazy wave and practically sprinted back to his bunk, dropping back onto the bed and removing the letter from his pocket.

“Smells good, don’t know what that old mans talking about.” Jughead mumbled, pausing a moment before looking around quickly and shoving the envelope under his nose. Well damn, it did smell good.

Peaches and vanilla, kind of like the smoothies they had at the gas stations back home. He scanned over the handwriting, his eyes landing in the name written in the corner.

Betty Cooper
134 Elm Street
Riverdale OH

Who the hell was Betty Cooper and why was she writing him a letter? He sighed deeply, nothing good could come from a letter, more bad news, maybe his father had kicked the bucket finally and this was one of his many women letting Jughead know.

Jughead tore the letter open, slicing through it like a pro.

“Dear Jughead Jones,
Hello! My name is Betty Cooper and I’m from Riverdale Ohio. I know that this is very strange, to be receiving a letter from an absolute stranger! I should start off by saying I recieved your name from a pen pal program my school is doing for the fall semester. I should also start off by saying I am 24 years old and not a student, I teach first grade. Now, I have to admit I was very hesitant to allow my students to do this penpal program, I mean first graders writing to felons? It’s a bit odd don’t you think? Never the less my boss insisted so here we are! I do not know anything about you, much as you do not know anything about me! I hope to change that though, I do hope you answer me. I should tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Riverdale and went to community college where I got my teaching certification, I love my job but it is only part time. I also own a bakery in town, most of my efforts go to perfecting my cakes and cookies! Perhaps I can send you some? If you like sweets that is. Oh I really hope you do. I do not have any animals but I’m in the market to get a dog! I just bought my very first house! (Very exciting) well that’s all I can think of for this letter, please write back about yourself! I hope to hear from you very soon Jughead Jones. Stay safe and be loved
- Betty Cooper”

Jughead traced the words on the paper, his fingers looping over her swirly cursive, she was eccentric and quirky and he could almost feel the sunshine she put out into the world. He found himself wanting to know more about her, it was an odd feeling… to care for someone. He wouldn’t write back, he couldn’t write back. What would he say? Hi, this is Jughead, I rob banks and sell drugs. Dropping the letter over his face Jughead sighed.

Pathetic. He was pathetic.

He placed the letter on his bedside table.
He would keep it but he wouldn’t write back.

Two hours later Jughead was covered in crumpled paper as he held up a page long letter and shoved it into an envelope.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Hey I kinda really like this. Possible multichapter?

The Proud and Confused Wolf

Brett Talbot x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: NSFW, hints of smut, language.

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You walked in the direction where Lori’s been pointing out to you earlier, looking for Brett who’s been away for too long from the rest of the pack for their liking.

The sound of a howling wolf echoed in the forest and you soon found Brett by following the sound. He was tied up to one of the big trees in the grove and you saw him struggle like a little puppy with getting loose from the ropes, surrounded by a purple cloud of powdered wolfs bane that affected him negatively.

“Ah! There you are!” you cooed and you walked towards him. Your voice made him tense his jaw and he snap his head towards your direction before he sighed loudly. “Oh great, it’s you.” He snarled and you flinched when you got aware of his already infamous, shitty attitude.

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I forgot something

Betty Cooper never forgot anything. Well, usually. But lately, there has been so much going on in her life that she could never remember any of the basic stuff, like what she learned in class or what her mom said she was making for dinner. She had school, homework, working at the blue & gold, and her boyfriend, Jughead Jones the Third.

At the moment, she was in the blue & gold office, trying to remember what time she had to get home for dinner with her mom. She could feel the question pounding on the inside of her head, but no matter what happened she wasn’t able to figure out the time. It was at the tip of her tongue but she just couldn’t grasp it. 

She remembered that during her first kiss with her boyfriend she had a moment of clarity, and was able to find the car that Jason and Polly stashes on the side of a road. She started thinking, and thought that maybe if she kissed Jughead again she would be able to have another moment of clarity. 

She ran out of the office trying to chase down her boyfriend. She ran into Archie and Veronica and almost ran into the lockers she couldn’t stop herself. 

“Have you seen Juggie?” she asked, out of breath. 

“Uh no. Why are you looking for him?” Archie asked, but she was already running away to ask someone else. 

She turned around but continued running, her blonde ponytail swaying behind her. “I forgot something!” she yelled, quickly turning back around to keep on running. 

She ran up to the two people she really didn’t want to see. Cheryl and Chuck. But she had to ask them. She needed to find Jughead. She needed to remember. 

“Cheryl, have you seen Jughead?” she panted, ignoring Chuck completely.

Reggie chuckled and barged in. “Wow Cooper, not even a hello? After what we’ve been through I think I deserve a hello.” he said, leaning against the locker. 

Betty just glared at Chuck and turned back to Cheryl. “So, have you seen him?” she plead, hands clenched into fists. Cheryl just shook her head and told her to maybe look in the cafeteria. Betty gave her a small thanks and then bolted away. 

She made her way into the cafeteria and instantly spotted him in the corner by his grey beanie. She ran up to his, out of breath and planted one on him before he could start talking. She pulled away and sighed.

“Right. 7:15. Got it. Thanks Jug!” she says, starting to turn away before he grabbed her by the wrist and turned her to face him. 

“Bets, you wanna tell me what that was about?” he asked, pulling her down to sit on one of the benches. 

“Sorry, I just forgot something. And when I kiss you, I get clarity and then I can remember stuff.” she said, grabbing his hands in hers. He lightly blushed and kissed her again on the lips. 

“Ok Bets, makes sense. I gotta go. I have writers craft next.” he said, as they both stood up and started to walk out of the cafeteria. 

In the next few weeks, Betty running to kiss Jughead had become a normal thing. Whenever she forgot something, she would run up to him, kiss him, and remember. 

About two weeks after the cafeteria kiss (as Veronica liked to call it) Betty couldn’t remember something again. She thought and thought but she just couldn’t remember. It was pounding on the inside of her head. She knew the answer but she just couldn’t think about it. 

Jughead was in Math at that moment, and she knew that he had a test. She couldn’t just barge in and kiss him in the middle of a test, could she? She thought about it for a bit longer, but couldn’t stand it. She needed to remember! 

She stood up from her spot in the student lounge and raced to the classroom that Jughead was. She took a deep breath and opened the door quickly, making her way over to the beanied boys desk. 

“Ms Cooper! We are in the middle of the test!” she heard the teacher scream, but she ignored it. 

“Uh, hey Bets” Jughead said, looking around at his equally confused classmates. “What’s up?” he said, looking up at the blonde. She looked around the classroom and took another deep breath, planting one of her soft kisses on his lips.

Jug just smiled as she pulled back. “Forgot something?” he asked, and she shook her head yes. They were both snapped out of there daze when the teacher screamed at both of them.

“Ms Cooper! Mr Jones! Both of you, detention. After school!” she yelled, but neither of them cared. The rest of the class giggled and Betty blushed and made her way out of the door.

Later that day Juggie and Betty were sitting side by side in an empty class fro detention. ‘NO TALKING’ was scribbled on the chalkboard. 

“I’ll be back, I need to go get some paperwork. No talking while I’m gone.” Professor Flutesnoot said, walking out of the nearly empty classroom. 

Jughead turned to Betty while adjusting his beanie on his head. “So, Bets. What did you forget today that was so important that you had to bust into my math class?” he asked. Betty just blushed and looked down at her hands. “Bets?” Jughead pressed taking her hands in his.

Betty just sighed and chuckled. “Ok, I may have forgotten that Scooby Doo’s name is actually Scoobert Doobert.” she said, laughing while looking back at her hands. 

“That’s my girl.” he said, laughing with her.

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Serpent Jughead takes good girl Betty to Prom, like in an old car of a motorcycle. Maybe like he wears his Serpent jacket instead of a tux and maybe they are questioning their fate but Archie and Ronnie rig the votes for them to be prom king and queen

Oof, this was actually a little tricky to write.

“What’s up Arch, I got your text?” Jughead asked as he slid into the booth across from his best friend. The red haired boy staring questioningly at Jughead.

“You either don’t know, or you don’t care.” He said agitated. Causing Jughead to look up at the sudden shift in his tone.

“Don’t know what?”

Archie pulled his backpack onto the table, digging inside of it and pulling out swatches of different colored fabrics
“Do you know what these are?” He asked.

Jughead stared at them for a few seconds, trying to find the answer to this ridiculous riddle Archie seemed to be playing
“They’re.. pieces of.. clothes?” He questioned hopefully.

“Wrong!” Archie slammed his hands on the table, sending Jughead flying backward into the booth in shock
“These are bow tie, fabric samples! I have gone over them thirteen times with Veronica, do you want to know why I have done that?” His eyes shifted crazily and Jughead opened his mouth to speak


“Because Jughead, it is Junior Prom. And every girl wants the perfect Junior Prom, therefore it is up to us as boyfriends to make that Junior Prom Perfect. Imagine my surprise when my good pal Betty tells me she’ll be going alone, now I know you’re caught up with your Serpent stuff and I know you don’t go to Riverdale anymore but Betty being happy is important to me, you should have seen her face when she told me she was going alone.. I mean it was…”

Jughead jumped out of the booth and skidded to his feet, running towards the door and cursing as he gripped his Leather jacket, shitshitshitshit. She had mentioned it, and he had been meaning to ask her, he was still thinking of a plan to do it. She had been completely supportive of his new life on the south side and he knew how hard it was for her, he had wanted to do this for her, makeup for the homecoming dance that had been ruined, but he damn well forgot. He stood in front of her front door, glancing at his phone, she would be coming out any minute now, she had late night cheerleading practice and he usually walked her to the school, lately he had been so busy he hadn’t had the time, she said she understood but he knew how badly he had been hurting her lately. He was such an asshole.

Right on time, Betty walked onto her front porch, her eyes widening when she saw her boyfriend before she broke out in a beaming smile
“Juggie” she said softly, pushing her pompoms into her backpack, the surprise and happiness on her face should have made him feel better but it only cemented the fact that he had been incredibly neglectful to his amazing girlfriend.

“Hey Juliet.” He smiled miserably, dropping a kiss to her cheek and swinging an arm over her shoulder

“To what do I owe the honor.” She teased, looking up at him and snuggling into his leather clad side. Jughead took a deep breathe, inhaling the peaches and vanilla of her shampoo, the soft feel of her silky blonde curls spurring on his confidence
“I’ve come to ask the fair lady to the ever cliche Junior Prom.” He said cornily, wrapping an arm around her waist. Betty stiffened before pulling away and laughing sadly

“That’s okay. It’s totally unnecessary, I’m sure you have better things to do than hang around some school dance with a bunch of your old classmates.” She pulled her backpack over her shoulder and he quickly took it off draping it over his own shoulder, he looked down at her, his eyebrows furrowed, did she really think he didn’t want to go with her? That she wasn’t important enough for him?

“I want to go Betty, I want to go with you.” He reassured her, stopping her in her tracks, and moving a hand to cup her cheek. Betty melted into his embrace before sighing

“You don’t have to do this Jug, I know how busy you are with the serpents, it’s just a silly dance.” She shrugged, standing on the steps of Riverdale

“Bets, we’re going and it’s going to be the perfect night okay? It’s our chance to forget about the serpents and everything in between, it’ll be just us. got it?“he said sternly, a goofy smile playing on his face as she leaned towards him, brushing her lips against his

"Okay Romeo, whatever you say.” With that she headed into the gym and left Jughead alone with his thoughts, it had to be perfect, she deserved it.

Unfortunately nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to either Betty Cooper or Jughead Jones, the night of the dance Jugheads truck broke down leaving him without any vehicle to pick up his girlfriend for their perfect night. To make it even better when he was trying to fix the engine, oil splattered all over his tuxedo leaving him in his suit pants and his leather Serpents Jacket, the only way he was going to get Betty to the Dance would be with his fathers motorcycle, the entire bike filled with Southside serpent bumper stickers and emblems. He pulled up to the Cooper Residence and took a deep breath, she was going to leave him, there wasn’t a doubt in his mind. Standing by the bike, leaning against the offending object his jaw nearly dropped to the floor when Betty exited her house.

She was wearing a long light yellow dress, it was strapless and showed off her toned arms, the top was folded pieces of soft fabric and the bottom billowed when she walked giving her the appearance that she was flying, his gaze skimmed the tan skin the dress left bare before landing on her face, her long dark lashes were thicker and framing her gorgeous light green eyes,her lips were shiny and her cheeks were rosy. He admired the way her long blonde curls were pushed out of her face but still left to fall down her back, clipped together by some sparkly contraption. She was going to be the most beautiful girl in the room and he couldn’t wait to take a picture and show the guys at Southside High.

Betty skeptically eyed the motorcycle and he instantly remembered what an asshole he was.

“The truck broke down, and I got oil on my tux its the best I could do.. Betty I’m so sorry, I..”

She cut him off with a simple peck and mounted the motorcycle

“There’s a first time for everything right, maybe I should have worn my ponytail, I’m not sure how well my hair will hold up on this thing” she giggled slightly as he slid in front of her, still feeling absolutely horrible but the feel of her tiny hands around his waist made him feel slightly better as she held on tight.

When they arrived at the dance, he immediately heard the murmurs from his classmates

“He’s a serpent!”
“Look at his jacket”
“Did you see what he showed up in?”
“Poor Betty, he doesn’t even care”

Betty sensed the tension in her boyfriends shoulders and gently tugged him towards the dance floor, wrapping herself in his arms.

“Thankyou for taking me tonight Juggie.”

The dark haired boy let out a sigh as he pushed a strand of hair out of her face
“You shouldn’t be thanking me for this Betty, I should have asked you sooner, I should have been more prepared. I ruined this night. I know that you have a lot on the line dating a Serpent and I haven’t made it any easier on you, I’ve been horrible to you. I’m so sorry, I love you so much and I just…” Betty cut him off, pressing her lips to his.

“I love you too, tonight was perfect because I was with you. I don’t need all the flashy business , I just want you. Gang member and all.” She teased, running her fingers over the logo on his back.

“You really are something else Betty Cooper.” He whispered dreamily, wrapping his arms tighter around Betty and sending up a silent prayer to whoever was up there for giving him the absolute best girlfriend in the world.

Maybe the town would try and divide them but together? They were stronger than all of the white noise.

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Dominance || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:  

Your (e/c) eyes struggled to stay focused on the phone in your hand, and you found yourself yearning to just sneak a glance at the red-head sitting in front of you. In his hands sat a football, and meaningless words continuously tumbled from his plump lips. He was rehearsing football plays, and it was going to take a while to get his attention. “Take your pants off.” You growled, leaning back onto your elbows. His gaze shifted from the strangely-shaped ball to your relaxed expression. “What?” “You heard what I said, Andrews. Now do it now! I don’t have time for hesitation.” You growled, standing up to pluck the ball from his hesitant grip. His fingers quivered as he pulled the jingling belt from its loop, letting it drop to the floor. His long fingers hooked in the waistband of both his pants and his boxers, and he pulled downwards. The aftermath of your words was quite a sight, and you sucked in a deep breath. You constantly failed to remember the girth of the talented boy. “And now.. you’re going to make me come three times. And you’re going to have to wait you’re just going to have to turn.”  He groaned in response. “God, I love it when  you’re dominant.”

Jughead Jones:

Your fingers grasped at the cool metal door handle, a smirk playing idly on your lips. You observed the new Serpent shrug on the sexy leather jacket, proud that he finally found some place to fit in. With this, you imagined that Jughead would have some more confidence, and have a sudden urge to dominate you. But life didn’t work that way, and you would most definitely find a way around it. As the leather jacket-clad boy closed the door behind him, you crossed your arms. “So now you’re a serpent.” You stated, cocking an eyebrow. “Yep.” He sucked in a breath, rocking back on his heels. “That means you’re a bad boy now. And bad boys get punished.” You purred. “I want you naked in my room in 2 minutes. And you don’t even want to know the consequences.” You growled, watching as he struggled to find words to speak. He just merely nodded, his hands already tugging at the midnight-black jacket that he had just put on. Who knew that it would actually work? And who knew that Jughead was a sucker for being submissive?

Betty Cooper:

“God, you really don’t get it, do you?” You grunted in frustration, combing your fingers through your knotted hair. “What don’t I get?” The blonde mewled quietly, her green eyes looking up at you. “You’re perfect. You’re so damn perfect.” You sighed softly, shaking your head. “And I have the perfect way to show it.” You grasped her face roughly, kissing her with lust. There was little passion, but it was full of power and dominance. She kissed back happily, trying to wind her hands in your hair. You quickly shut her down, pinning her struggling hands to her side. You weren’t going to make it that easy for her. “You will be naked in under 20 seconds. And you will be laying on the bed in 30. Don’t test me, Betty Cooper. I just need to show you how beautiful you really are.” You purred, crossing your arms. While the struggling girl attempted to get her clothes off in the minimal amount of time, you slowly started tugging articles of clothing off of your own body. As she turned to fall onto the plush mattress, she received a hard smack to the ass. “It’s been 40 seconds.” “Sorry babydoll. I guess I have to be more… compliant.”

Veronica Lodge:

“You did it again Veronica!” You yelled at her, your breathing shallow. “I can do whatever the hell I want.” She seethed, growling in your face. “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to call your girlfriend a self-obsessed bitch.” You hissed back, anger pulsing through your veins. “Oh, you’re really going to get it.” You seethed, pushing her back onto the bed with one swift motion. Veronica gasped in surprise, fisting the sheets to regain her composure. Pushing your way in between her closed legs, you gripped her thighs roughly. She mewled at the sudden contact, her hips bucking upwards anxiously. “What, did you really think I was going to be nice?” You growled, releasing your grip on her. Tugging her shirt roughly from her body, you unbuckled her bra, throwing it across the room. “You make me so mad.” You hissed, blowing cool air on her erect nipples. “I-I know. I’m s-sorry. I didn’t mean it!” She whimpered, anxious to get some contact. She was heaven, and she didn’t want it to stop. “Of course you didn’t. We’re talking about me here.”

Cheryl Blossom:

“Cheryl?” You asked quietly, crossing your legs under you. “I-I know that you like to be all dominant and all, but would you mind if I tried it? It really gets me wet just thinking of you…withering under my touch.” You purred, suddenly gaining some newfound confidence. She glanced up at you, her brown eyes going wide. “I mean, as long as you’re okay-” “Take your uniform off. I don’t have time for games.” It was as if you were made for this. When you were in bed, it was a surprise that Cheryl was the dominant one in the relationship. You liked to have things your way, and if they weren’t, someone was getting punished. You could guess who that would be. Pulling the tight clothes from her gorgeous form, you could see the smirk still resting on her lips. Oh, how she was enjoying this in every way. As long as you were comfortable, she was comfortable, so there was no issue. “Now when you eat me out,  you’re going to drink every last drop. For every drop you miss, it’s one smack for you baby.” “Yes Ma’am.”

‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ Season 2 First Look  ||  Yahoo

“I met Dave… he’s a Walking Dead fan, so I met him at a [season] premiere in Los Angeles like four seasons ago,” Reedus said. “I met him, and we started talking and got along really well and swapped numbers and stuff. Then just after we [were renewed for Ride]) Season 2, I was walking through SoHo, and I heard this, ‘Norman!’ I look around, and he’s across the street. He goes, ‘It’s Dave Chappelle! I want to be on your motorcycle show!’ He was like, ‘I called AMC, nobody called me back.’ And then he said, ‘Bradley Cooper, too, he wants to be on your show, too!’

“I was like, ‘That’s happening. I’m going to make that happen.’”  Norman Reedus

like i'm gonna lose you | jughead jones x reader

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written by: gaby

edited by: rosie

anonymous said: heyy could you make a jugheadxreader with 16 & 77?

prompt: 16- “you make me feel like i’m not good enough” & 77- “i can’t.. i can’t lose you”

chapter song: medecine // joji

y/n’s shoulders slouch in disappointment as jughead walks past her without any greeting.

y/n jogs up to catch up to him, panting because of the lack of exercise, “h-hey jug! what’s up?”

jughead keeps walking, looking straight as he strolls to the exit.

she hadn’t talked to him properly this past week, the jason murder was solved, so why keep secrets when relationships are supposed to be about trust?

on the other side, jughead has been hiding something and he never wanted her to know that something is happening behind the scenes with betty. betty cooper.

he honestly had never planned for this, in reality, he had fun playing with y/n’s emotions and he didn’t like it.

jug had never expected to turn out this way, playing with girls hearts? he’s getting himself into some really deep shit.

they respected each other’s personal space for they are both just introverted teens who needed a getaway with their thoughts and emotions, but jughead not saying a word to y/n for a week didn’t make her anxiety any better.

she had never felt anything like this. her stomach flipping upside down, her legs feeling weak, her head feeling light. she felt as if she never met to everyone’s expectations, she didn’t want to be claimed a people pleaser but she y/n doesn’t want to be involved in drama that lasts for a whole damn year.

y/n stops in her tracks, watching his broad silhouette shrink from a distance.

“jughead, are you sure you’re not with y/n.” betty interrogates jughead, making the beanie-clad boy scoff.

being at the blue & gold meant more quality time together and hiding things that aren’t meant to go out into the outside world yet.

“why would i cheat? i swear, i’m not a liar.” he laughs, kissing her nose. 

little did she know, he is lying. and he’s still with y/n.

“hmm,” his eyebrows raise, “fine, i trust you.”

“he’s literally so dreamy and the way he talks is so soothing, it’s like- music to my ears!” betty exclaims, daydreaming of the boy she had been working with.

“are you sure he’s not with y/n? it might cause drama.” v skeptically asks the poor girl, unaware of their on-going relationship.

betty nods furiously, answering with, “jughead reassured me they weren’t.”

ronnie mumbles under her breath, “oh boy.”

as soon as the conversation ends, y/n comes into the room calmly.

“yo, what’s up?” she asks the two girls, they shrug and talk about their days as per usual.

the noise of the television entering as white noise to y/n’s ears, waiting for a reply from her beloved.

she had never felt so deprived of waiting for something that she knows won’t come back to her.

‘this is hopeless.’ she thinks to herself, rising up from her sitting position ad leaving her phone on the coffee table.

she heads out the door, hoping for a —somewhat— relaxing walk outside.

the subtle evening breeze hits her face, making her squint a bit.

the sound of silence was always her way to flee from anything, really.

the trees rustling quietly as the wind blew them away. people have ways of relaxing, being alone or with jughead was always her escape.

the dim lights coming from houses at night made it more relaxing, the scene becoming more subtle and safe in her little idle town.

she gets closer she gets to pops, the neon lights define her face creating shadows in the features.

whilst passing by the window, seeing friends & families bonding over dinner she spots someone sitting in the back of the booths or rather two people sitting together.

y/n cautiously turns over to the window to see her acquaintance and beloved, on a date.

now you may say, ‘they’re probably just hanging out, ya know?’ nope, i don’t think feeding your friend fries while fiddling with each other’s hand is just a friendly thing.

her thoughts and emotions clash in her mind, creating a breakdown and the confidence to face them, through the window.

‘are you fucking serious?’ y/n mouths, making betty and jughead’s eyes widen in shock.

she furiously makes her way back, her chest heaving from the stress. jughead scrambles and slips out apologies to betty cooper, the girl he had been dating behind y/n’s back.

“y/n, wait!” jughead exclaims, chasing after his, now, ex girlfriend.

“was this really all a game to you, forsythe?” he cringes back as he hears his real name dripping from her mouth.

he soon regains his confidence as fast as he can and mumbles, “don’t call me that.”

“what have we become? huh, jughead? was i just a dummy for you to get what you really wanted? was i just a practice target?” y/n breathes out, obviously fuming about the scene she has just witnessed with her own two eyes.

“i-i’m sorry,” he places his hand on her shoulder but she resists, his hand falling back to his side.

“you know, you make me feel like i’m not good enough, even the from the fucking beginning of all of this i’ve never felt so- so pathetic!” she growls back, tears streaming from her face.

“y/n i- i’m sorry. but i just- i can’t.. i can’t lose you.” jughead’s words fill with guilt and sorrow for the girl he had just broken.

“if you don’t love anymore, say it,” his head snaps towards her, tilting his head, “just fucking say you don’t want me! stop lying, it’s pointless.” 

“i don’t love you, i-i love betty cooper.” he whimpers out in pain, creating y/n to sob quietly.

“say it louder, let riverdale know who you’re loving behind my back.” y/n’s eye’s roll, the tears still dropping and her voice weakening.

“i love betty cooper! i don’t love you anymore!” he yells at her as she simply nods, turning her back to him. 

“i’m sorry, y/n.”

“good to know.” her tears cascading to the concrete, leaving jughead in disbelief.

You Know Better - Part 24 – The After

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: What happens after your tryst with Peter.

Warnings/Labels: None? @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales

Approx. Word Count: 1,700

A/N: I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER. I’m an awful person. I’m not giving up on this though I promise!

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anonymous asked:

I adore your writing! It makes me so happy :) can you do a thing where Archie admits to Betty that he's jealous of the Bughead relationship and Jug fears that Betty is going to leave him for Archie. But of course that won't happen ;)

I like this one a lot! THANKYOU SO MUCH by the way! You make me super happy by being super happy! ****
“ “Archie..I’m.. I don’t know what to say.”
Betty felt sick to her stomach, why was he doing this, why now?

“Please don’t say anything, just listen okay?”
Archie placed his hands on her shoulders, staring her straight in the eyes.

“I love you, I know maybe it’s a little delayed, but I do. I love you, not having you around as much, not being with you all the time, it helped me realize how important you are to me, I can’t be without you. So be with me, be my girlfriend.”

Betty stiffened, pushing herself out of the redheads grasp.

“Archie I’m dating jughead, you know that I..”

Cutting her off, he shook his head, reaching for her hands.

“You don’t have to be with him anymore, we could be together, he’ll get over it. He’s not capable of loving anything.”

Neither of the two knew that jughead had been standing behind the lockers, listening, jaw clenched.

He heard Betty speak up

“Excuse me? Archie you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The deep baritone of his ex best friend answered finally

“Don’t give me an answer yet, think on it. I’ll talk to you tommorow.”

As jughead peeked over the lockers he saw Archie place a slow kiss on Betty’s cheek, before walking away.

Betty stared after him an odd expression on her face.

Now was a good enough time as any to make his presence known.

He coughed slightly shaking Betty out of her thoughts.

“Juggie! When did you get here?!”

He would play along, he wanted to cherish his time with Betty, the little bit he had left.

“Just got out of last period, everything okay.”

She smiled that beautiful white toothed smile and took his hand.


He was confused. Was she planning on breaking it to him gently? Or was she gonna rip it off like a bandaid?

He couldn’t sit still, fidgeting in their booth at pops, taking ages to type one sentence, while she was on her third paragraph of an article.

The final straw came when he hadn’t touched his burger, after ten minutes.

“Okay enough!”

His eyes snapped to the agitated blonde.

“What’s the matter jughead? You’re jittery as a firefly, and you’re not eating! Something’s wrong and I want to know.”

Finally jughead pushed the laptop away, resting his hands on the table.

“You should take him up on his offer.”

Betty looked confused before it hit her.

“You heard Archie.” She frowned

“Yeah, and this is what you’ve always wanted, I’m not gonna stand in the way.” He moved to pack his bag up when the sharp voice halted his movements

“So that’s it? You’re not gonna fight for me? That’s what this relationship means to you? One little bump in the road and you’re gone, breaking up with me?” Her eyes were watery and her voice was shaky.

He immediately dropped his bag, eyes going wide.

“No! I’m not breaking up with you! You’re breaking up with me.”

She looked up at him, laughing bitterly.

“Says who? I sure as hell never said that.”


She wiped her eyes and slammed her hands on the table, attracting glances from other diners.

“No! don’t “betty” me, you think I would be with you if I didn’t want to be? You think I would spend all this time with YOU if I wanted Archie? No jughead, I’m with you because I’m in love with YOU, not Archie. But apparently it’s a one way street.“

She took a shaky breathe, standing up and walking out of Pops.

Staring after that gorgeous, amazing, fiery blonde he hopped out of the booth, abandoning his backpack and his burger.

He caught up with her just a street away from pops.

“BETTY” he was screaming, it was obnoxious, he really didn’t care.

Her shoulders stiffened, but she kept walking.

“Leave me alone jughead, I don’t wanna hear it.”


She stopped abruptly, keeping her back to him.

He smiled

“ I LOVE ELIZABETH COOPER” he shouted even louder, drawing the attention of nearly the whole town.

She turned slowly, tears streaming down her face.

“Really?” She all but whispered.

He ran to her, taking her by the waist.

“Really, I love you, I don’t want to lose you. I’m gonna fight for you, as long as you let me.”

Betty reached up her hands to clutch his face, as he brought his lips to hers.

“ I love you too” she whispered, inches away from his mouth

He broke into a grin

“I know.”

Wicked Games Chapter Twelve

(this is my third time trying to upload this because my laptop sucks holy shit)

but anyway! 

so sorry for what you guys are about to read. 

thank you to my girl, @itstenafterfour, for always fixing my trash and making it better. i adore you. 

Betty spends five hours in the police department. She’s questioned by several different detectives, because now she’s front and center in the murder investigation of Veronica Lodge.

She’s asked, right up front, if she had any motive to kill Veronica after their very public fight. At first it had been a complete insult to her and she had yelled and cried as they accused her of killing her best friend in cold blood. Then, when she calmed down, she began to answer their questions in a cold, calculated voice. She told them the entire truth, about her stalker and everything, and now they were one step closer to finding the killer. At least that’s what they said. She knew they were full of shit. They weren’t going to find Veronica’s killer. They hadn’t been able to find Betty’s stalker this entire time and it was the same person after all. She wonders if they ever even took her case serious or if it only now phased them because there was a death.

The detectives look at her throughout the interviews with gazes like they don’t know whether they should feel bad for her or not. Betty doesn’t want them to feel sorry for her; not anymore. This is all her fault. Veronica is dead because of her. If she hadn’t walked away from her, or if she had followed her into the cab, or called her a little earlier, or gone over to check on her when she didn’t answer any of Betty’s calls; if she had done any of that then maybe Veronica would still be alive, but she didn’t. She didn’t do anything and now Veronica’s blood was on her hands.

“Are you ready to go home?”

She’s only half startled by Jughead’s steady voice and the hand he places on her shoulder. She’s currently seated on a chair outside of Officer Ruiz’s office, a pudgy man with a beard that reminds her of a grizzly bear.

“They’re releasing you,” Jughead tells her, taking in her questioning look. “They’ll call you if they need anything else from you, but they don’t have any reason to hold you anymore.”

Betty nods and stands up. Jughead immediately wraps his jacket around her shoulders as he leads her out of the station’s lobby. He keeps a protective hold on her, like he dares anyone to come up to her and Betty is thankful for it.

“There’s a crowd outside,” he warns her. “There wasn’t anything we could do about it. Just ignore them.” It’s not a comforting sentence and she almost wishes she could stay inside of the police department all night. She’s not ready to face the world. She doesn’t know if she ever will be again.

“Betty!” She whirls around at her name being called and sees Office Chris Matthews walking towards her, a card in his hand. “This is my personal number,” he tells her as he gives her the card. “I want you to call me if you ever feel like you’re not safe or if you feel like you’re around someone you can’t trust. Send me a text, call, whatever. I don’t care what time it is.”

He’s so kind to her. He’s always been so kind to her and it makes her almost want to cry. She needs someone to yell at her right now, to tell her all the things that she’s currently thinking about herself.

“Thanks,” is all she says. He takes a step towards her and holds his hand out like he wants to touch her, but Jughead yanks her back and away from his grip. Officer Matthews looks at him in shock but Betty doesn’t even question it at this point.

“I’m here for you whenever you need me,” he tells her but his eyes are hard and he’s looking at Jughead instead of Betty. “Be careful who you trust.” He stares at Jughead for a beat longer before giving her a nod and leaving. She looks down at his card in her hand and flips it over before tucking it into the back of her pocket.

“You’re really going to keep that?” Jughead asks. His voice is strained, like he wants to say something else but he’s holding back.

She just shrugs. “It can’t hurt.”

Jughead doesn’t say anything back. He just leads her to the front entrance of the building. She can already see everyone with their cameras and recorders and her stomach clenches at the sight. Jughead must see the way her face completely changes because he holds her closer to him.

“Just ignore them,” he tells her again. “I’m right here with you.” The words should make her feel a sense of protection or ease, but they don’t. They’re just words.

As soon as they step outside, the cameras flash at her and the questions begin.

“Betty, how long have you had a stalker?”

“Is it an ex boyfriend?”

“Is this all an elaborate PR stunt gone wrong?”

“Did you kill Veronica Lodge?”

The last one startles her and she stops in her tracks before Jughead tugs her along and urges her to sit in the back of the car. The words echo back in her head. This is what people will think of her from now on until the real killer is found. They’re going to think that Betty killed Veronica all because of a stupid fight they had outside of a Whole Foods Market. It doesn’t matter that statements have already been released saying otherwise. People need someone to blame and right now Betty is all they have.

Cheryl’s in the car and Jughead goes to sit up front next to James. James just sends her a pitiful look through the mirror and Betty looks away. She doesn’t want anyone’s pity anymore.

“I’m sorry,” is all Cheryl says.

“You hated Veronica,” Betty tells her, voice monotone as she stares out of the window at all the reporters. “You’re not sorry.”

“I might not have liked her, but that didn’t mean I wanted her to die,” Cheryl says and she sounds insulted that Betty would even suggest something like that. “I’m sorry that you have to go through this. No one should have to go through this, but especially not you.”

“Is there a reason you’re here?” She sighs out, finally looking over at Cheryl. The redhead looks upset at her question and Betty almost feels bad. She doesn’t want to be mean to Cheryl, the last friend she really has, but she doesn’t feel like faking her feelings right now. And truth be told, when she looks at Cheryl all she can think of is how her agent had told her that she was glad Veronica was finally out of her life. It’s like she knew what was going to happen. Betty shakes the thought away as soon as it enters her head. She can’t think that way about Cheryl. Cheryl hasn’t done anything wrong. She just wants someone to blame. Right?

Cheryl pulls out a box from the bottom of the car floor and hands it over to Betty. “They were for the Golden Globes next month but you don’t have to go anymore. No one is expecting you to.”

Betty pulls the top off of the box and looks inside of it. The pair of Ralph and Russo shoes she’d been pining after for months are staring right back at her. She reaches out and touches the rose gold leaves on the pumps, enamored by the beauty of them.

“I got them for you as a present,” Cheryl says a bit shyly. “You’d been saying how much you wanted them and well, you really deserve them. You’ve been through a lot, and I know a pair of shoes can’t fix your problems but retail therapy helps sometimes. You can just save them for whenever you decide to step back out again.”

The Golden Globes are a little over a month away. Do people really expect her to be hiding out even then? Probably so. Everyone’s probably expecting sensitive Betty Cooper to completely give up and shut down after everything she’s been through, but she’s thinking the exact opposite.

If the cops won’t do anything about it then she’s going to find out who this person is on her own. She’s tired of letting everyone else deal with her problems. She’ll find whoever’s doing this and she’ll kill them herself. Not for her, but for Veronica.

There’s a funeral, close family and friends only. Really it’s only Veronica’s parents, Betty, and Archie plus a few other family members. Veronica’s mother is sobbing so loudly that Betty has to scream in her head just to drown out the noises. Mr. Lodge stays stoic and completely still. Veronica had been his baby girl, his entire world. Veronica was such a daddy’s girl, it makes perfect sense for this to hit him harder than anyone, but Betty doesn’t think he’s truly processed it yet.

And Archie.

Archie looks so lost, so broken, and so alone. Halfway during the funeral, he starts crying silently, and Betty walks over to him and intertwines their fingers together as she holds his hand. He doesn’t look at her, he doesn’t even acknowledge any of it until finally he squeezes her hand back tightly.

She gives her condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Lodge who both thank her for being a good friend to Veronica. It’s almost as though they’re unaware of the fight, as though they don’t know. She wonders if telling them is the right thing to do. She wants to tell them not to thank her, she doesn’t deserve it. Because of her Veronica is dead. Veronica is six feet in the ground all because she didn’t follow her after their fight. She didn’t take care of Veronica the way a friend should.

She sits in front of the newly dug grave for a long time after that. There are things she wants to say, but she can’t find the words.

“No one blames you,” a voice says gently from behind her. She turns around and sees Archie standing with his hands in his coat. He looks so small for someone who had always seemed a bit larger than life. “This isn’t your fault.”

“I didn’t follow her,” Betty whispers as she touches the ground beneath her. It’s a lump of dirt. This is all Veronica is now; a lump of cold dirt. “The last things we said to each other…”

“She loved you,” Archie says. “She loved you so much. She was worried about you and you know how she got when she worried.” He laughs softly, but Betty can’t laugh because he’s saying everything in the past tense and she doesn’t know how to handle any of that. “I talked to her that night. I guess it must have been before… everything, but she told me she was worried you were going to hate her for all the things she said. I told her she just needed to call you and apologize and you’d understand. She said she’d call you in the morning.”

Betty closes her eyes tightly as a lone tear falls from them. If she had just gone to Veronica’s house when she didn’t answer the phone then she might still be alive right now. Betty could have prevented all of this and she didn’t. Veronica’s blood was on her hands and nothing anyone said could change that. She didn’t do the killing but indirectly she had a hand in it, and Betty couldn’t fathom how she’d live with that.

“We’ll find out who’s doing all this,” Archie promises as he places a hand on Betty’s shoulder. “Take care of yourself.” And then he’s gone and Betty’s all alone.

“I’m sorry,” she finally whispers to the grave, tears making their way down her cheeks and falling onto the cold dirt. “I’m so sorry.”

She doesn’t know why she apologizes. It doesn’t change a damn thing.

She’s sitting with Jughead on their couch, watching a game show, when she gets a call.


“May I speak with Elizabeth Cooper?”

“Speaking.” Jughead gives her a questioning glance, but she just stands up and walks over to the kitchen. “How may I help you?”

“Hello, Miss Cooper. This is Detective Reyes.” She remembers him. He had been a bit of a hardass while grilling her with questions, but she could respect that. “We usually don’t do this, but since this case connects to you as well, I’ve been given the okay to fill you in.”

Her heart begins to slam against her chest as she thinks about what he could possibly have to tell her.

“A piece of hair was left at the crime scene and it doesn’t match Miss Lodge’s DNA. We ran it through the system and came up with a match for a kid who was arrested whenever he was seventeen, some street fighter, gang banger nonsense. We can’t release his name to you due to him being a minor at the time, but he’s our first stop.”

“What color was it?” She asks, needing to know. It doesn’t matter that they might have the killer in their database, she still needs to know.

“A dark brown, Miss Cooper. It was curled too so we’re looking at someone with dark, nearly black curly hair now. That’s really all I can tell you at this moment.”

It’s a start. After months and months of chasing absolutely no one, they now have a lead. It’s more than she could have ever dreamt of. The idea that they might have the killer locked up soon is too much for her to imagine. It’s also a little too easy.

“Thank you, Detective Reyes.”

“We’ll let you know when we bring him in,” he says before hanging up.

She pulls the phone away from her ear and stares down at it for a good while. It’s a big city they all live in. There are four million people in Los Angeles alone and she knows that over half of those people fit the description that she now has. She wonders who the person in their database is and why he’s doing all of this.

“Betty?” Jughead calls out. She turns around and looks at him. “What happened?” He pulls on the dark curl that’s always falling into his eyes. Betty tilts her head at him, studying his movements, before answering.

“They found a piece of hair at the crime scene,” she tells him. “A piece of black, curly hair.”

“Do they know who it belongs to?” He asks, as he stands up from the couch and walks over to her.

“Yes,” she says, not believing the words that are coming out of her mouth. “They think they do, but even if it’s a mix up… it’s all I need.”

“All you need?” He scoffs. “Betty, you can’t go after this person. You’re already in enough danger. We know this stalker is capable of murder, which means you could be next! You need to leave this to the professionals.”

“Yeah?” She asks, sarcastically. “Because they’ve been doing such a good job, right? If I leave it to the professionals then someone else ends up dead. Me, you, Cheryl, the next person who looks at me ugly; it doesn’t matter. I won’t have another person’s blood on my hands.”

“So what? You’re just going to go out and find this person for yourself and kill them?”

“If I have to,” she says as she turns away from him. She doesn’t know where she’s going, but she can’t look at him and his condescending face right now.

“Betty, come on,” he reaches out and grabs her forearm. “You’re being irrational. You’re hurt and you don’t know how to handle it. You can talk to someone, you can talk to me. We can go back to Riverdale like you wanted. Cheryl will let you.”

“I don’t want to go back to Riverdale!” She yells at him. “I don’t want to talk to anyone. I talked to all of you in the past and where did that get me? Nowhere. Talking to people doesn’t help. I’m not running away from this person anymore. If they want me then they can come and get me.”

He looks at her, torn but Betty doesn’t care. She means everything she is saying right now.

“You can go,” she tells him. She watches as his eyes widen in shock and then narrow in confusion. She didn’t mean for it to come out so harshly, but it’s something she’s been thinking ever since Veronica was killed. She can’t have anyone else in her life get hurt and that includes Jughead.


“I’m firing you,” she says with absolutely no emotion in her voice. “I don’t need you anymore.”

“Fuck that!” He yells at her, eyes ablaze. “You need me now more than ever!” She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t move. Jughead grows angier. “You can’t fire me. Even if you wanted to, I’m your boyfriend, Betty! I’m not going anywhere.”

“I don’t need you anymore,” she says, repeating the words again. They hurt more than anything she’s ever said before. This hurts more than when Jughead had turned her down the first time. Her heart is breaking inside of her chest, it’s the first real emotion she feels since finding about Veronica and it sucks, but it has to happen. She’s an omen of the worst kind.

She forces herself to stay calm and stoic as she looks at the way Jughead’s face falls as he begins to let go of his anger.

“What are you saying right now?” He asks, voice losing the fire it had held just seconds before.

“You need to leave.”

“Don’t do this,” he begs her, eyes watering. She hates herself for doing this to him, but she has to. She needs to. “I’m here for you, let me be here for you, Betty.” He tries to grab ahold of her hand, but she tears it away from him.

“You can’t fire me,” he tells her, but he doesn’t sound so sure anymore. “Cheryl’s the only one who can do that.”

“I know,” Betty says. “She just did.” She had talked it over with Cheryl earlier and while the redhead hadn’t understood Betty’s reasoning, she agreed. Betty knew she only agreed because she wasn’t about to tell her no after everything she had been through lately, but it didn’t matter. She’d take what she could get.

“Betty,” he tries once more, voice just as broken.

“I’m not trying to break up with you,” Betty tells him. “I don’t want this to be the end for us, but I need you to understand where I’m coming from right now. I need to do this by myself. I don’t want you putting yourself on the line for me, not anymore.”

“If something were to happen to you and I didn’t do anything to stop it, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself!”

“I need you to trust me,” she says as she puts a hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes and leans into her touch. A part of her realizes that this is the most vulnerable he’s ever been with her and she wishes that it could be under different circumstances.

“So what,” Jughead says with an uneasy laugh, “we’re on a break or something?”

Betty smiles. “I need you to be my boyfriend, not my bodyguard. If you want to help, be the kind of person I need right now.”

She knows it’s a lot to ask from him. She can see it in the way he looks at her, completely torn. Does he even know how to not be her bodyguard? She doesn’t know, but they can work at it together.

“I never cared about the paycheck,” Jughead says randomly. “You know that, right? It was never about the money for me.” The conversation with Veronica comes running back to her. “It’s always been about you.”

“Then let me do this by myself.”

Jughead seems to be thinking it over before he finally nods.

It shouldn’t feel like she’s finally free, but for some reason it does. She doesn’t have anyone holding her back anymore and with that in mind, she turns away from Jughead and walks out of the apartment; one destination in her mind.

She turns off her phone as soon as she leaves. She doesn’t need anyone trying to get ahold of her right now. She’s finally in the mindspace she needs to be in and she can’t risk anything pulling her out of it.

She’s dropped off in front of the building and takes a deep breath, feeling nervous for some reason. She knows what she’s doing could definitely be marked as stupid, but she doesn’t care. She needs to do this. Jughead had refused to teach her how to do this, so she has to go to someone who will help her out.

Out of the corner of her eye she sees someone take a picture of her and she has to refrain from smiling. It’s just what she had wanted.

She enters the building and walks up to the front desk. The man standing behind the counter widens his eyes at her and she can tell that he recognizes her.

“I need something small but powerful,” she tells him. “And I need you to teach me how to shoot it.”

She leaves the shooting range with a brand new Desert Eagle and a sense of power. She knows she’ll have to hide the gun from Jughead; he won’t be okay with any of this. She needs to prove that she can take care of herself and that she doesn’t need to rely on others, so she’ll keep it from him until she knows he won’t freak out over it.

When she gets back to the apartment, Jughead’s locked up in his room and she doesn’t feel like bothering him so she puts the gun away in her bedroom and then goes to the kitchen to find something to eat. She settles on making herself a bowl of fruit and is in the middle of cutting up a pineapple, whenever there’s a knock on her door.

She answers it and is surprised to see Officer Ruiz and another cop standing in front of her.

“Good evening, Miss Cooper,” Officer Ruiz nods to her. “Is Forsythe Jones in the vicinity?”

Betty looks at him in confusion, not understanding what he needs with Jughead, but she nods either way. At that exact moment, Jughead comes out of his room, hair bushy and eyes lidded. He must have been asleep.

He pauses as he takes in the sight before him and gives Betty a confused look.

“Officers,” he greets, uneasy, “how can we help you?”

Before she even knows what’s going on, Officer Ruiz nods to the younger cop by his side and the man walks over to Jughead and clasps his hand around his arm.

“Forsythe Jones, you’re under arrest for the murder of Veronica Lodge.”

“What?” Jughead yells out as the cop reads him his rights. He looks at Betty, eyes crazed, and Betty just stares back at him dumbfounded. “I didn’t murder her! I didn’t do that!” He tries to tear his arm out of the cop’s grip, but it’s no use.

Betty turns to Officer Ruiz in disbelief and he gives her a pitiful look.

“He was matched to the hair we found at the crime scene,” he tells her regretfully.

She shakes her head slowly. There’s no way. There’s no fucking way. That doesn’t even make sense. No… She looks over to Jughead who is still yelling at the cop. She looks at his hair; the lone curl of his falling into his eye as he thrashes around.

“Betty,” he yells out, breaking her out of her trance. “Betty, I didn’t do this! You know I wouldn’t do this. You know me!”

She locks eyes with him, but doesn’t say anything. He’s pleading with her, practically begging her to listen to him and she can’t.

“Why was he arrested before?” She asks Officer Ruiz even as she stares at Jughead. He gives her a broken look and shakes his head, begging her not to press the issue, but she has to know. If it was for theft or breaking and entering, then it doesn’t matter. Jughead wouldn’t do this. He couldn’t have done this.

“Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

All of her breath leaves her and she watches in horror as Jughead’s dragged from the apartment and this time when he tries to talk to her, she turns around and shuts the door in his face.

Can you imagine Bughead finding the room of requirement? Hufflepuff Betty and Ravenclaw Jughead being kicked out of the library by Pince because she doesn’t want “anymore dreadful business” among her books. Imagine them walking down the halls together, arms laden with all their research and investigation into Gryffindor Jason Blossom’s murder, before seeing Cheryl coming and quickly ducking into the nearest room - which is full of desks and cork boards, shelves and sofas and filing cabinets. Imagine them arranging their Hogwarts “Blue and Gold” newspaper which doubles as their secret detective agency. Imagine all the secret meetings and schedules that they share, which leaves all their other friends perplexed as where they both disappear too. Imagine them falling asleep there constantly and waking up cozyed up on a sofa together, Jughead’s cloak wrapped around them. Imagine Betty creating an invisible ink in potions that only she and Jughead can see to hide all their findings, but them ending up just using it to write sweet notes to each other or send letter over the holidays. Imagine Betty decorating the room of requirement with fresh flowers that she found outside in the forest, that Jughead enchants to make her feel calmer.

Imagine the room of requirement just becoming their safe haven in a way that the library never was. Imagine all the secrets and kisses and hugs and tears that the two share within it’s walls. Imagine Valentine’s day and they come into the room of requirement and it’s covered in paper hearts and love seats and a huge banner saying “Happy Valentine’s Betts and Juggie” - what I’m basically saying is imagine the room of requirement high key shipping Bughead. And imagine Jughead being really blushy and embarrassed when he sees this (“Ummmm lets-lets just do work, i guess, if you want, that is-”) And Betty just smiling softly and kissing his cheek. And then Jughead wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her full on the mouth before going back to being the best detectives since the Golden trio.

I just think they would really find each other there, y’know?

Mrs. Malfoy (Draco Malfoy)

Requested: Yes, I hope this is what you imagined

Summary: Draco proposes to reader after dating for a long time

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Enjoy :)


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That's life.

“Jealousy definitely doesn’t look good on you Jughead, the color of envy really messes with your complexion.”

The feminine and familiar voice of Veronica Lodge spoke from beside him as she dropped her tray on the space next to his, a knowing smirk playing on her sharp features.

Faking obliviousness did not come easily to Jughead, he enjoyed knowing things, ached to know The happenings of Riverdale twenty four seven, but in this case? He was gonna fake it for as long as humanly possible.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Veronica, I’m just eating lunch.” He mumbled over his sandwich, holding up the other half as evidence.

Veronica poked her salad daintily
“Oh of course, well you might want to tell that to Reggie Mantle I’m sure he’s going to need surgery from all the holes you’ve been burning into his back with your glares.” She grinned, popping her salad into her mouth.

Jugheads turned his eyes back to the scene he had currently been observing. Betty was leaning against the football players lunch table, her tiny cheerleading skirt riding up against the cool metal of the pull out table. Reggie Mantle had her caged in as he tugged on her ponytail and whispered something in her ear, something apparently inappropriate based off of the way Betty blushed scarlet red.

He was pissed off, Reggie Mantle of all people? The biggest tool in all of Riverdale? What could she possibly see in him? There was no way he matched her intellectually, sure they had their natural altheleticism in common but that was about it. Jugheads fingers clenched his lunch tray, come on?! How was Betty supposed to breathe when Reggie was taking in all of her air? Breathing in her space like that?

“You broke up with her remember?” Veronica’s voice broke him out of his stare down, he glanced at her irritated.

“I know I did, but still! Reggie Mantle?!”

Veronica shrugged, a sympathetic smile on her face

“I guess he’s been asking her out ever since you two broke up, she hasn’t said yes yet but I think he’s wearing her down.”

Jughead couldn’t hide the low growl that bubbled inside of him.

He had broken up with her to protect her, the Southside had changed him. Sure Jughead was back at Riverdale but his semester at Southside High had turned him into a bitter, paranoid mess and Betty deserved better. Not to mention Jughead was still a member of the Serpents and there was no way he was getting Betty tied up in all that drama.

“She can do better.” He turned away from Reggie and Betty, his eyes glued to his tray.

Veronica snorted uncharacteristically
“You said that about Trev Brown, and Adam Northman, not to mention you flushed Moose Masons history text book down the toilet when he
Told Betty she looked nice last week.” Veronica was looking behind Jughead at something or someone over his head “are all those guys not good enough for Betty?” She asked

Jughead slammed his fist on the table

“Yes! No one is good enough for her! Do you get it now? This whole town is just a stepping stone for the great things she’s gonna do, all any of us would do is hold her back and I’m not gonna let that happen!” He panted, rising from his seat in frustration.

“I really wish he boys I love would stop telling me I’m too good for them.”

The familiar voice had Jughead whipping around and coming face to face with Betty Cooper.


“No. it’s my turn to talk.” She started, fierce determination in her eyes “ I am strong, and I’m smart and I know what I want. I’ve lived my whole life having everyone decide what’s best for me and I’m sick of it. I love you Jughead and I want to be with you. I know that you don’t see how much you’re worth but I do, and you can try and push me way and break up with me but it won’t work. I’m always going to come back to you.. no matter what.” She placed her hands on her hips and stared evenly into his eyes, waiting on his next move.

In an instant his shoulders seemed to deflate and the fight left his body.

“I love you too Betty.” He sighed, relief ebbing through his system.

Betty grinned from her spot across from him.
“Well okay then. Now get over here and kiss me Jughead Jones.” She held her arms out towards him and in two long legged steps he had her wrapped up in his arms, her lips felt like home and he finally let go.

And if he shot Reggie mantle a cocky smile over Betty’s shoulder… well…

That was life.