i just really ship this okay

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babe i'm not a native english speaker can you pls write it what jeremy said in that video i didn't understand anything lmao

long transcript:

fan: i’m your boyfriend

jeremy: oh - oh! okay!

fan: (laughs) really? 

jeremy: i mean i - i don’t know! i mean, are you? i don’t know, i don’t know (smiles)

fan: the internet ships keith and lance like nothing else

jeremy: (laughs) that i DO know. uhhhm, so here’s what we’re gonna do: so you’re going to be playing keith in this scene, as you know. uhh, and you’re gonna hear 3 beeps that go beep, beep, beep, and that’s where your first line is. second is my line, then next line is this, so you’re just gonna be watching, uhh, your character. obviously, you know who the character is so, you know - your boy. watch him on screen. here we go

fan: and your boy

jeremy: (smiles) yeah

fan: (laughs)

[3 beeps and they start keith and lance’s “saving shiro” scene in episode one]

jeremy: NIIIIIICE, good stuff! would you like me to sign some of your, uhh, voltron stuff here?

short transcript:

jeremy: lauren if you’re listening i just told everyone klance is fucking canon 

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It's okay to be a gay or having a gay ship or whatever, but please understand that TG is a seinen manga.

I’m just sitting here staring at this trying to figure out where the correlation is. You’re trolling me. You have to be lol

Sienen just means the target audience is predominantly college men and up, but really it just means it deals with mature content and a more complex plot. Ultimately it’s just a category, like “horror” or “romance”. Sexuality is not even on the table. It has nothing to do with it. 

I mean, there are seinen boy-love mangas, you know. Holy shit.

Kastle and Mattelektra

okay no offense to people who ship kar*devil because in fandom you can ship whatever you want and even if Karen and Matt never have a scene together again people are allowed to ship them to the moon and back

Buuuut, in the context of both shows and going forward in canon, I just really REALLY hope the writers don’t put them back together….I don’t understand how they’re gonna pull that off considering we saw in the defenders Elektra is Matt’s no.1 and in the punisher Karen is Frank’s no.1…

and yeah yeah apparently kastle and mattelektra are toxic and what not and Matt and Karen are two wholesome beans out of those ships…..but they’re actually not. they’ve both got darkness in them and Frank and Elektra understand that quite well and accept it too

(also Matt treated Karen so terribly and she was wayyy too forgiving honestly please don’t let him off the hook next time he’s a shit boyfriend)

idk it’s just both kastle and mattelektra makes so much more sense to me and I really hope we get to see the writers delve into these two relationships than put back together two characters that clearly work better as deeply caring friends than romantic partners

(also imagine them all going on double dates, that would be hilarious xD)

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Oh shoot I forgot to send a ship! Virgil and Roman please if that’s okay?

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Hey! So I really just need some advice and to hear someone say how I feel is valid. I identify as genderfluid and non binary but it has taken me a long time to figure it out. I went from cis female to non binary to ftm back to non binary and I have changed my pronouns several times with my family and partner. I really want to go back to they/them but I feel like that ship has sailed because I have changed so many times already and I don't want to make it hard on my loves ones. Am I okay?

that ship has not sailed. that ship is anchored firmly in the marina and it’s not going anywhere. 

no such thing as “too many times” here. you’re keeping your loved ones updated with how to treat you with respect and dignity- you telling them about your status/pronouns is a gift, not a hard time. 

some peoples’ pronouns even change multiple times a day. but anyone who has the slightest bit of care for them is happy to stay in the loop instead of hurting that person by misgendering them unintentionally. 

you are okay. and honestly, it sounds like your family and partner are supportive and have listened to you this many times already, so it would really be quite odd and hypocritical for them to say “no, THIS time is too many changes.” 

you’re self-aware and brave and i’m so proud of you for grappling with these labels and working so hard to find one that feels right. this is hard work. and coming out multiple times isn’t a cakewalk either. 

so this pronoun change? you got this!

-Mod Artemis

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

For beginner witches ✨

Learn the phases of the moon and what each phase contributes for you. Also, search up “tonight’s moon phase” and it’ll tell you what moon is there that night and tell you when to expect other phases!

•full moon: love magick, charging, healing, banishing, cleansing, clarity
•Waxing gibbous: motivation, attraction, success, good health
•Dark/new moon: deconstructive magick, curses, banishing, soul searching, divination
•waning crescent: balance, success, attaining wisdom, atonement, illness
•last quarter: breaking bad habits, relinquishing, breaking curses, banishing
•waning gibbous: relinquishing, undoing bindings, cleansing, undoing curses •Waxing crescent: constructive magick, attraction, wealth/success, luck & friendship

Use this for magick and making moon water. To make moon water you simply put some water under the moon, it’s okay if it’s cloudy, and you only need to put it out for an hour or more. Store it in a dark space.

Sun water: for ego, dignity, power, pride, self confidence and leader ship
Just leave water under the sun and store in a light/open area.


Candles! : buy them from the dollar store , it’s much cheaper there. I have a few witchy shops in my city as well and candles can be 60 cents each! Here’s a post for candle colour correspondences:


What type of witch are you? : Here’s a master post and it’s HUGE on types of witches with a detailed description:


No material spells: Here’s a few one word spells to get you started! :


Secret witches master post:


Importance of salt in witchcraft:


How to cast a circle (many methods) :


Reminder to tell fic authors and artists how amazing they are

The reason:

besides them spending a lot of time on their pieces and putting all their heart into it (and being bloody amazing at it),

most of them - okay, I mainly speak of me here, I don’t know about others but I just assume it’s the same for them - can’t get compliments from their friends and family and people close to them cause

1) they don’t get their obsession with the show/ship
2) they are homophobic
3) you wouldn’t really want to show explicit works to your parents either, would you?
4) they write in English which is not their native language and not many people around them understand it

So it’s our responsibility to show them that they are doing an amazing job and that we enjoy seeing/reading their work. They need the confirmation and motivation.

So leave comments.

leave comments.

leave comments.


ahhhh im so glad!! that makes me very very happy, its really comforting knowing other people feel the same way /o\ 

and you can always, ALWAYS request cute jaspearl!!!! omg!  i feel like theyd be really good for each other ;;;


top ten eleven rwby relationships (as voted by my followers)

6. neopolitan & yang xiao long

“you two go on ahead. this one’s mine.”

It’s a metaphor.

Made for @tswwwit ​‘s Familiar AU: Faking It. I reread the fic for I think the 4th time yesterday and I’ve realized I’m really going to never grow tired of it. It’s my absolute favourite example of Bill and Dipper’s relationship and honestly  I could go on for hours talking about it (and my friends can attest to that, I’m sure they’re all tired of how much I rant about this story) so I’ll cut this short and sweet:

I give this fic my highest recommendation. Anyone who hasn’t read it (heck I even got someone who doesn’t like billdip to read it and they love it), go read it now. And get ready for the ride of your life because hot dang this au is amazing.


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.

listen the fact that a 14 year old tried to tell me it’s not really pedophilia is a sign that you assholes on here talking about how “it’s just ships uwu even though it is child porn it’s not bad” LIKE how are y'all gonna talk about protecting kids when you teach them this shit? do you understand how harmful that behavior is? you’re literally grooming them into thinking this shit is okay (i know this bc i was victim to this when i was 14 as well lmao!) like you guys Aren’t Helping

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SOPHIE!! i don't have Twitter so i have no idea what everyone is talking about Tyren and camren and L's tweets so pLEASE update me, i want to know e v e r y t h i n g !!! pls and thanks❤️

Okay, so it started when Ty posted this pic :

In a way confirming his relationship with Lauren.

The fandom got insane over it. Basically people are calling Lauren an hypocrite for dating a guy like Ty, who is known to have questionable opinions on women and the LGBTQ community, when she’s a proud feminist and bisexual.

Now there are three types of “haters” in there : 

1. The basic idiots, who don’t know anything about Lauren and who are just there to hate for pleasure - the real “fake fans”

2. The basic idiots who pretend to be “real fans” - often mistaken to be only Camren shippers when really most of them don’t even really ship Camren, they just want to piss Lauren off

3. The real fans, who are actually not hating on Lauren but are just worried about her and her decisions lately - but are still respectful about it - there are Camren shippers in there, respectful ones.

Anyways, earlier today Lauren lashed out in a few tweets about all the hate she was getting for maybe dating Ty

Until then it was okay, Lauren’s usual “I pretend that I don’t give a fuck but really I do” tweet - but then shit hit the fan when she replied to this tweet :

Once again, Lauren put every haters in the Camren shipper basket. Basically going back to the “sick pleasure” tweet she did a few months ago and once again not having any respect for the fans that are genuinely worried about her or other Camren shippers, like myself for example, who never bothered her.

Once again she made fun of a ship that helps and matters to a lot of people. 

Once again, she’s not thinking about the consequences of her words.

And to further illustrate my point, she also liked this tweet : 

There you go again, we’re the pervert CS who always hate on Lauren and imagine her having sex with Camila while we’re doing ourselves 🙄🙄🙄

Anyways, all of this hurt a lot of people - because Camren has a very deep meaning for many of us. So now people are pissed and sad because the artist we love, who is part of the community, who is supposed to represent us, is belittling us and making us feel guilty for just wanting to find comfort and representation in a ship.

Ch. 63

↓ Okay so does everybody remember this little scene right here? ↓

but wait, there’s also this

Call me a huge fuckin dork but I live for interactions like this between the two. Like I’m not trying to ship them or anything here. But like, it warms my heart to see both of them enjoying themselves and being competitive dorks. I’m just so happy Yana decided to base a drawing off of that scene because it really shows a huge development between the bond of a master and his butler, as did the entire chapter. So kudos to Yana for making me a pile of mush. :O

how i describe gay ships with male rwby characters, a nustshell:

Jaune/Ren: two boys hugging it out and much comfort in this ship

Sun/Neptune: bluenette finds out he’s gay for his best bro-friend-buddy-partner

Any Ship involving CRDL: ….moving on….

Sage/Scarlet: spicy and that is literally all i can say about it

Fox/Yatsuhashi: he has a friendly giant boyfriend and that is important

Bolin/Nadir: just let these two be in a cute relationship

Brawnz/Nolan/Roy: he gets two boyfriends figh t me

Oscar/Whitley: “oscar use the cane to hit this idiot”

Porter/Oobleck: it just kind of happened i don’t know where this came from

Ozpin/Qrow: “qrow no” “qrow yes”

feel free to add more descriptions of other ships with the boys