i just really really really love this show omg

Mbti Reacting To A Crying Friend ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

INTP: … “look at that weather” … “its nice” 

INFP: “DONT WORRY ITS OK. HERE LOOK ITS THE PIC OF THAT VIRTUAL CHARACTER U LOVE SO MUCH” … “Hey but … you’ll be fine. The world is…” *goes on and on ends up having an existential crisis themselves*


INFJ: if you want to talk I’m here to listen … Really just take your time. You are fine really really. I’m here to listen.

ENFP: “OMG YOU ARE CRYING!! (/゚Д゚)/  OMG TEARS !! ARE YOU OK ?? Wait !!!! What am I saying?? You are crying of course you are not ok” *BIG HUGE HUG* “lets go out for a drink or something” :)

ENTP: *unconsciously cracks a joke* … *shows Memes* … *Puns* … *Cute animal pics* … … … “If you wanna talk I really don’t mind” … *more memes* … “I KNOW LETS GO GET DRUNK!!!”…. “ oh you need a hug???” … … … … … … “Fiiiine” *gives them a hug until they stop crying* … unconsciously cracks a joke again*

ENFJ : “WHO THE FUCK MADE U CRY????” (╯°□°)╯︵   “I’LL KILL THEM FOR YOU I SWEAR” … “Oh oh no no wait you’re alright”  *gives them a hug* *cracks a joke at the end*.

ESTP : “Hey don’t worry it’ll be fiiine like seriously. Please. Stop crying. Look memes. Want to join me in on a prank?? … no? WHAT DO I DO IN THIS SITUATION???”

ESFP : “YOU ARE CRYYYYING (ʘ_ʘ) . LOOK SHE’S CRYING  (/゚Д゚)/. EVERYONE SHE IS CRYING  \(*Д* \) . What to dooo???? X_X” *acts like some clown to cheer them up*

ENTJ : “well, life’s a bitch” -_-

ISFJ : “oooh dear don’t worry. You are ok. I’m here. Its fine”  *a big hug. gets them some food* (idk why don’t ask)

ISTJ: “U can always solve the problem its not the end of the world. want me to help u put out a plan??”

ISFP: (the clumsy one): “oh daamn. uuuuuh hey! i know! wanna go with me see some flowers?? its in this rly nice calm place. And um they r rly beautiful too” *gives a hug* “hey hey hey! don’t worry u can tell me whats wrong! rly … WE CAN EAT SOMETHIN’ TOO …. MUSIC IS GOOD TOO…” *ends up crying with them*  ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)

ISTP: “oh well. wanna go out for a drink?”

ESTJ: “oh…. crying…. uuh…. ok….. welp?…. want me to kick someone’s ass for you? or nah?”

ESFJ: “ TEARS! oh damn. WHO DID THIS???  oh dear. Don’t worry I’m here if you need anything”

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I just had a really cute idea♡♡ Could you do headcanons of the RFA+Saeran when they see their smol s/o in a onesie for the first time? (Bonus if she falls asleep on them in it) Thanks so much 😁😚

This is really cute omg. Heck yeah! Jumin’s is my favorite! I love that one sm. I hope you like it!


  • Yoosung had invited you to spend the night at his
  • He was really excited for you to come over
  • Yoosung had made a nice dinner and had dressed up nicely
  • So, when you showed up on his door step in a Pikachu onesie, he was shocked to say the least
  • You looked at Yoosung and smiled
  • “Why are you so dressed up, Yoo? You don’t sleep in those clothes!”
  • “I made dinner, and I wanted to impress you”
  • You laughed and ruffled his hair
  • “You already impressed me, you don’t have to try hard”
  • After dinner, you two cuddled on his couch while watching a movie
  • You accidentally fell asleep on him, and he nearly died
  • You were so adorable
  • He loved you so much


  • Jaehee never expected you to randomly show up at her house in an owl onesie with matching one in hand
  • You had heard about how she had a bad day, so you bought her a onesie
  • She would NOT put it on
  • You had to beg her
  • When she caved in, she felt ridiculous
  • Jaehee came out of the bathroom with this “im done with ur shit” look on her face
  • “Jaehee! We’re matching! We look so cute!”
  • She sighed, but kept the onesie on
  • It made you happy, and she would do anything for you
  • Jaehee and you laid down on the couch, putting in one of Zen’s performances
  • You ended up falling asleep with your head in her lap
  • Jaehee forgot about Zen and only focused on how cute you were


  • Zen had just gotten home from his rehearsals and found you in your shared bed with a onesie on
  • He nearly melted at the sight of you
  • Zen took so many pictures that you woke up
  • “Zenny?”
  • He just died again omg
  • “Yes jagi?”
  • You yawned and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes
  • Zen is actually dead oh god, you’re too dang cute
  • “Come cuddle”
  • You made grabby hands at him
  • Before Zen actually died, he came and laid beside you
  • All he did was tell you about how cute you were
  • You were his cute jagi omf
  • i love zen


  • Jumin had just came home from a business trip
  • He had a really busy week, and all this man wanted to do was cuddle you for the rest of the day
  • Jumin looked all through the penthouse for you, but he couldn’t find you at all
  • He finally found you in his office, but you were doing something
  • You were sitting in his office chair and across from you was Elizabeth
  • “I’m sorry, Ms. Elizabeth, I am going to have to fire you from the company”
  • Jumin smiled, god you were adorable
  • “I am terribly sorry, Ma’am. You answer the calls and meow at the customers. We have gotten so many complaints”
  • You stood up from his chair and paced around
  • Jumin saw that you were in a cat onesie, and he almost laughed out loud
  • “I know you have kids, miss, but you simply are not compatible with our company”
  • You looked at Elizabeth and smiled at her
  • “Did I act like Jumin? Or should I work on it more?”
  • “I think you did a pretty good job”
  • You looked at Elizabeth in bewilderment
  • “Elizabeth? I didn’t know you could talk”
  • Jumin chuckled and came into your line of sight, causing you to squeal
  • “Did you see all of that?”
  • Jumin just nods and kisses your head
  • “Your little outfit really set the mood of the whole ordeal”
  • You looked down at your clothes and blushed
  • “Juuuuumin, don’t tease me”
  • Jumin just smiled down at you
  • You were the cutest thing in his life


  • You had bought a space onesie to wear around when you got cold
  • Saeyoung always had the house freezing cold, so you felt it was necessary
  • You had the onesie on while Saeyoung was working one day
  • Saeyoung had stopped for a bathroom break, and he found you cuddled up on the recliner in the living room
  • You were watching some anime that you had found out about on twitter
  • Saeyoung felt his heart stop as soon as he saw you
  • You were so cute
  • He literally walked in front of you and took your laptop out of your lap
  • “Gimme it back, meanie!”
  • Saeyoung shook his head
  • “No, you’re too cute to hide behind a screen”
  • You groaned
  • “You sound like Zen, ugh”
  • He laughed and kissed your head
  • “I’m going to take a break from work just so I can hold you”
  • You rolled your eyes and opened your arms for him
  • “C’mere, nerd”
  • “Speaking of nerds, I have a onesie too. Let me go put it on”
  • Of course he had one, he was a damn dork
  • (It was an anime onesie, nerd)


  • Saeran saw you the moment he walked into his bedroom
  • He didn’t understand what it was
  • You looked like you were in a potato sack
  • “What are you wearing?”
  • You looked up from your book and smiled at him
  • “A onesie! Isn’t it cute?”
  • Saeran shrugged
  • “Tch, I guess”
  • “Wanna wear one?”
  • Saeran snorted at you
  • “No, I don’t”
  • You pouted, placing a bookmark in your book before getting up to go grab the onesie from your bag
  • “I bought it just for you, Saeran”
  • He sighed, grabbing it from your hand before going to change into it
  • Once he put it on, he nearly died
  • It was so comfy???
  • Saeran came out of the room and looked at you
  • “Happy?”
  • You nodded and pouted the space beside you, indicating for him to come sit with you
  • “You look so badass in it”
  • He rolled his eyes as you place your head in his lap
  • “mhm sure”
Fall Anime 2016

1. Yuri!!! on Ice

It was so difficult to choose the first and the top 3 all felt so great, but YOI probably takes the gayest spot! Every episode gets gayer and gives new surprises! From hugging to kissing… Well I’m sure I’ve seen enough gay animes mangas fiction, but I guess we can never get enough. And it’s a really pure display of love in the most platonic way possible. Ish. It’s more sweet than everything. I gave it first because I squeal and scream the most and loudest for this, and I wait for the next episode every single day. Warning: serious hangover after every episode that can never be satisfied. The gayness is just so unique that I can’t find in anywhere else.

2. Natsume Yuujinchou 5

I would say Natsume would always be my first… but I’ve read the manga already so it lacks some suspense. Still absolutely fantastic though! Happy to see Nyanko sensei every week, and more Matoba because he’s one of my favorites! Beautiful anime, really. Beautiful friendship, beautiful characters, beautiful art, beautiful OP and ED, beautiful stories. My weekly happiness booster. My favorite (youkai) anime series.

3. Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2

I said in Season 1 that the show would be much better with Dazai for the whole 23 minutes. Guess what? This season it nearly did. For the first few episodes I WAS SO HAPPY it was the background of DAZAI MY BABY. Similarly, I’ve read the manga for this so I know every single thing that will happen in the next arc but I couldn’t get access to the light novel so yes I love the production company for animating it. CHUUYA too omg that was definitely my favourite episode the love-hate relationship between Chuuya and Dazai. Atsushi needs work lol I kind of just skip over his parts haha. My life would be complete if they animated Dazai’s entrance exam too hahahaha.

4. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (continuation from Summer 2016)

I’ve recommend this before, and I’ll recommend this again. Really great show. I mean the characters look really stupid and shallow at first but they are really interesting. Daily dose of humour! Main character is definitely my favourite he’s so tsundere and adorable.

5. Haikyuu!! Season 3

I would say one of my favourtie season of Haikyuu? Not sure why but it feels more enjoyable. Last time I find them draggy or too touchy-feely but this season feels pretty good and really intense! Kageyama is cute as usual, like he’s really good :D

6. Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

I think it is okay but the number of shotas is overwhelming. Then again, number of good looking long hair guys is huge too. My favorite character is Mikazuki but he doesn’t appear much, does he? Never played the game before. I don’t like Yasusada so that takes the enjoyment out a little. I think it fulfils the watch all males (and good looking ones at that!) anime with ZERO females desire within me. I love that. It’s beautiful. I mean really beautiful art. Yeah, especially the ED when there is tradional Japanese art styles I think those make me really happy.

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Tomco fanfic idea: remember how marco did that high kick during a fight one time, that takes slight pratice so that means Marcos flexible, can tom come over when marcos doing yoga And be like GOOOOOD DAMN THAT BOI IS FLEXIBLE AS SHIT

OMG! This was so much fun to write about! I really really really loved it! It was so cute and I made up a bunch of poses just as an excuse to get my boys close together! I hope you enjoy!

“Okay so hold me by the waist like this.” Marco showed Tom. Tom blushed when Marco moved against him and smiled. “And make sure to hold me tight or I’ll fall, and I lean back.” Marco explained. Tom gulped and nodded, being this close to the human boy was doing SOMETHING weird to him. Maybe he was allergic to humans. His skin felt hot and it was becoming difficult to breath.

When Marco leaned Back Tom felt his heart flutter. It was like they were dancing and he was dipping the human down n a romantic motion. When Marco reached up and wrapped his arms around Tom’s shoulders that did it. Tom felt himself choke up and he dropped Marco, jumping away.

“Ow!” Marco cried. “What was that for? You dropped me on purpose!” Marco accused. Tom felt his heartbeat quicken and he cleared his throat.

“Y-yeah!” Tom snapped, trying to sound sassy. “I dropped you because you’re annoying.” He mumbled, looking away. His face was turning redder. Marco grumbled and got up.

“Come on! You promised me you’d help.” Marco reminded. Tom threw his arms up.

“Fine! Fine!” Tom groaned. Marco pulled him close and Tom felt that same blasted feeling swell up in his chest! He growled a little and Marco intertwined their arms. “What sort of stupid thing is this?” Tom asked.

“I lean forward and you support me.” Marco explained. Tom’s eyes widened when Marco leaned over close. Their faces were so close; Tom could lean in less than an inch and kiss the human.

Tom shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts. This was stupid! Why was he thinking about KISSING Marco? Marco was the worst! Tom looked over and he choked when Marco smiled a little bit. He felt his knees go weak and Tom literally fell backwards. Marco gasped and fell on top of the demon.

Tom opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Marco was on him looking down, concerned. “Tom! Are you okay? You fell, did I hurt your knee or something?” Marco asked. Tom felt his face heat up more and more.

“I’m… f-f-fine.” He coughed. Marco sighed in relief.

“Oh good.” He smiled then went back to that annoyed face. “Then why did you drop me AGAIN?” Marco asked. Tom snapped out of it and pushed Marco off of him, he crossed his arms and turned away.

“I dropped you because you’re stupid body is so boney and wiggly you slid right out of my hands!” Tom made this up. “You’re so dumb.” He jabbed. Marco rolled his eyes and stood up. Tom turned around to see Marco was holding his hand out for Tom to take it.

“Well, a we get finished?” Marco asked. Tom took Marco’s hand and felt his heart race at the warmth. Marco offered Tom a warm smile and the demon practically melted. He couldn’t do this anymore. All these new feelings were so weird! Tom ripped his hands away and looked down so Marco wouldn’t see how red he was becoming.

“I-I gotta go!” Tom exclaimed.

“I thought you said you were free today?” Marco asked. Tom bit his lip.

“N-no… I um… I lied! Bye!” Tom practically yelled and ran out of the house, tripping over everything on his way out. He knocked over the coat rack and then slammed the door behind him. Marco sighed and watched Tom go.

“That boy ain’t right.”

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Hi i really love your blog and I just wanted to share the moment that i kinda knew they were real(you talked about this a while ago). Do you know the day Exo went to a radio show and kaisoo were sitting together and kai just casually reaches for soo's hand under the table but you could clearly see that they had their fingers interlocked? It was really sweet and you coul see that DO got really flustered and yeah... I was dead. I just wanted to know what you think of this :) Thanks and sorry!

Hi anon! Thank you very much~ ^o^ 

And omg yes T___T I think I included the moment in my longer “kaisoo is real spam”, it’s definitely one of my favorite kd moments, and very significant ;;; 

the fact that soo worries about the camera catching them 👀

look at that hand… we see you nini  

and then nini lets his hand slide all over soo’s leg, I’m- x’D 

INFP Levels of Friendship...

Level 1

Person: You look nice today

Me: Why thank you, you as well

Level 2

Person: You’re so pretty

Me: Awww, you really, I just, thank you, you are too sweet!

Level 3

Person: Your answer today in class was pretty sick

Me Internally: I really, REALLY like you and I trust you…

Me: Dude, thanks, I panicked like a little girl *laughs*

Level 4

Person: You’re my best friend :)

Me Internally: Pfffffff I love your stinking face I just wanna hug you and protect you and show you my world!!! I love you, please let me just be with you. I just love your presence and the vibes you give off. OMG I love you… more than you’ll ever know but I don’t wanna freak you out!!! AHHH!!

Me: *Hugs* You’re my best friend too

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Hi go check out Ugly original video on youtube, it's a music video and i think it's p suitable for jayseok .v.

i’m choking on my tears this is REALLY– you are very right, it is suitable for jaeseok- 

“you said they make fun of your body
humiliation in your eyes when you told me.
well i’m going to find them, don’t you worry
I’ll make sure they’re really fucking sorry”

Jaeyeol really would go find them-

“You told me you think you’re really ugly.
well my love i know you don’t see
what i see”

t e a rs- 

“anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid”

my heart aches omg

“You said you’re ashamed of you body
you’d rather die than show me
but i would love you
in any form you’d take

o h . oh. I think my chest just constricted - 
Anon, Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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Hiiiiiiiiiii your blog is awesome!!! I love Percico, and it breaks my heart that it isn't canon, but just curious: what's your opinion on Solangelo?

Omg thank you so much!!! You’re amazing!! I keep looking forward to any Percy/Nico interaction too but we don’t seem to be getting any :(

I find solangelo really cute and healthy but I don’t really ship it :p
Yup, like the generic excuse, I found it to be too sudden, like Nico was being paired off to show that he was happy. It’s not really a bad thing that Nico got himself a boyfriend who likes him for who he is, and I really think that Will is good for Nico, but I would’ve loved a single and happy Nico better. I would’ve felt the same even if he had ended up with Percy.

I’m really glad he’s happy with Will, though, because everyone knows that Nico deserves a break after all the crap he’s faced. I’m still salty about how quickly he got over Percy (whom he crushed on for literal /years/) and how out of the blue solangelo was, but as long as Nico’s happy, I’m happy for him :)


How is this even possible omg. I just hit 2,500 followers!

I love every single one of you, thank you so much for supporting my blog and being patient with my writing. You all are amazing. I never thought that I was even possible. 

I’d really like to take this moment to tag a few blogs that have really inspired me on this journey. Please check them out and follow every single one of these people. They are literally the most talented writers I’ve ever come across. These writers don’t know me personally, but I really want to honour their work and show them how much I truly appreciate them.


- Mish xo


Teens React to Attack on Titan

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i kinda love the idea of really really close platonic relationships so could you do suga, tsukki, kuroo and yamaguchi where they catch one of their closest friends (female pronouns) like being really insecure about her body? and she shows herself to be really outspoken and loud but they catch her just being really emotionally down and insecure maybe becuase of a break up or idK ur choice? sorry if that didnt make sense omg

I love the idea of this prompt too! Thanks for this gorgeous request, and I hope you enjoy. Sorry for the wait!

He sees you. Of course he sees you, he’s Suga, and he’s always over on Thursdays and Saturdays to catch up with Daichi on the latest volleyball news. A part of you regrets taking advantage of Daichi’s late shift this afternoon to hole up in your room and pretend that the blankets covered everything that you hated about yourself.

It’s a little difficult to excuse the mellow lull of sad ballads in the room. Your quiet humming along dies in your throat when, from the small envelope of light in your blanket teepee, you suddenly make eye contact with Suga. He’s leaning slightly against your doorframe, eyes narrowed and full lips pressed tightly together. He’s scrutinizing you, and its successful because you feel very scrutinized indeed.

“Hey,” you offer. You hope he can at least catch the corners of your eyes creasing into a smile, because you’re going to do absolutely everything you can to throw him off the scent.

Not that you thought it’d work, but hey, a girl can try. Suga only watches you like a hawk for a few more seconds and then he sighs like he’s creating a raincloud from his breath. You close your eyes and continue humming.

The bed dips next to you, and a hand tugs loose the layer of blanket around your face.

“I knew it wasn’t nothing. Why didn’t you tell me the truth earlier?”

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bbam really deserves more recognition… like they are so… they’re just a really good couple man

They are both memes and it’s amazing. listen like Jaebum isn’t really like that with anyone else 

he doesnt show up on any other member’s media doing shit like this does he?

(my fave pic bc jaebum acutally posted it TT)

And I can’t believe how much bambam trusts Jaebum like remember on got2day like okay Bambam literally went to Jaebum instead of anyone else when he had to actually talk about his problems,, like that’s so :’)

Originally posted by defsouljb

Bbam don’t contradict each other and they don’t complete each other but when they’re together it seems like they just enjoy each other. They can joke around and if bambam steps over any lines, Jaebum doesn’t get angry like when he was calling jaebum by his name

They make fun of each other but, like in real got7 season 2 episode 8 when everyone was making fun of Bambam for his voice, Jaebum asked if he was actually mad while holding onto him. Jaebum seems to actually care for bambam and his feelings,,,

Also the way jaebum looks at bambam…


are you guys happy now iM CRYING ONW ARE AYOU HAPPY AFKJAFKJS 

( 1, 2, 3, 4)

help m


im crying now than kyou 

also lets not forget when bambam gave jaebum a lap dance


The Walking Dead 3x16 and 4x16

Rick and Michonne + heartfelt conversations

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Omg so I just started watching voltron and it's pretty good! But I'm curious, do you have any fan characters for it? Your ocs and their designs are always so cool! So I'm really wondering if you've ever drawn a character in the voltron type clothing xD

!!!!! Ahhh, this makes me really happy, like ahhh!! Thank you! I really like designing characters, so this is like the biggest compliment to me~! Thank you!

Actually for Voltron, as much as I love the show, and as much as I love making OC’s, I’ve never actually thought of making any characters for it, But I really like Alteans (cause they’re basically space elves! ^^) So I doodled out a couple, they’re not very good, maybe I’ll revisit them tho XD