i just really really really love these two okay

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

okay but i really love the whole apology scene like, alec having trouble but trying his best and the way that magnus kinda helped him apologize by saying ‘continue’ and ‘for…?’ bc alec has a hard tim expressing his feelings and i think magnus gets that and is really trying to help alec while at the same time not automatically forgiving him, and i really liked how magnus got to be angry and wasn’t demonized for being angry and just, a relationship is a two way street & i just really like how they portrayed all that 

I wish people understood that there’s a huge difference between woobifying a character and humanizing them.

Woobification looks to erase or excuse the shitty aspects of a character– prejudice, cruelty, shitty life choices, whatever.

Humanization doesn’t deny those aspects exist, and doesn’t deny that they’re bad or excuse them, even if it sometimes finds REASONS for them– there’s a difference between a reason and an excuse– but really humanization looks at other aspects aside from the bad things. 

Like, okay just because I decided this character is a nerd who loves their so and really likes animals but pretends not to to upkeep their image doesn’t mean I’m denying that they’re prejudiced, short sighted, and destructive. Like, the two things are not mutually exclusive. Most people who are shitty in some ways are also great in others. It’s why we’re so shocked  when someone who is REALLY FUN and great and we really like spouts out some awful bigoted opinion and completely ruins our idea of them.  You have that Prince of Egypt moment where you slowly back away. But all the things that made you like that person are still there, even if the one bad thing is a relationship/opinion killer. The good things are not erased, even if they stop mattering to you, and you’re still sad about it because there were those good things.

IDK, people are complicated. Very few humans are all good with no bad points or all bad with no good points. Sometimes the good points stick out really well, and sometimes the bad points do, but there’s always the other part.

Like you can humanize good guys too– by finding their bad aspects. Maybe that person who is really altruistic and kind for the most part is elitist or classist or something. Maybe they seem nice, but they’re only nice to the “right” people– the right type of poor person, or the right type of addict– but not the wrong type. There’s a certain narrative that’s acceptable to them, and one that isn’t. Maybe they litter. Maybe they’re negligent pet owners, maybe they play favorites with their kids. There’s all kinds of reasons someone who seems like a nice good person might have really shitty aspects.

In both cases, you’re fleshing a character out rather than erasing their original personality by either “woobifying” them, or demonizing them. 


A King only bows down to his Queen.

or in this case his Prince but okay haha. i just really really REALLY love these two ships sdfgsd;asdf ;A;

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INFJ anon again... CAN YOU TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR MOM PLEASE?! I'd like to know about mature INFJs but I don't know any INFJs irl

INFJ Adults

So, okay, I know only two. One was my literature professor last year, and the other is my mother. 

Here’s what they have in common:

  • LOVE literature
  • They love celebrities and fictional characters and will often psycoanaylze them just for the fun of it
  • Get REALLY passive aggressive really fast
  • Will hate you if you are a lazy slob who does nothing like me ehehh
  • Respects people who are genuinely kind with no hidden motives 
  • Also respects people who volunteer to do things that others wouldn’t
  • Really good with money and health
  • Fantastic parents
  • Miss being young, yet they still look really good for their age?? Like they just don’t age? I mean you can see wrinkles but they look young ?? TELL ME YOUR SECRET
  • Can go from “wow that guy is cute” to “I wonder if he is the type that would be a serial killer. Look at the way he walks and that glint in his eyes….oh, his mother abused him, poor dear” in 5 seconds
  • Think they know the meaning of life (they probably do)
  • Ti can seem like it’s dominant over Fe sometimes

*read the ending of this post for more on the psychic part lol 

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              WOW !! okay, shit. i started this blog on a whim after only seeing the movie once, and tbh i really didn’t expect it to get anywhere. there were already a ton of really good blogs for moa, and i was one of the last to join. but tell you what, this has been one of the most fun rp experiences i’ve had in a long time. in just under two weeks, i’ve made a ton of friends, plotted new great ideas, and just really had the time of my life. i’m so grateful to all of you, so here’s me saying thanks & happy holidays !!

          MAKE WAY !!     those of you who i am lucky to call my friends. i love writing with & talking to each one of you.

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Lily and Lo’s day → Oh, how far they’ve come. 

“In the very happiest moment of my life I learn three things:

I am strong.

I have powers.

And my soul meets Loren Hale’s in every kiss. When the curtains on my universe close, he will still be with me. That, I’m sure of.”

Friendly reminder that Eridan only had about two friends in his life

One rejected him when he finally confessed how he really felt for her

And the other one hated him and yelled at him for a reason he didn’t understand or know yet

No wonder he snapped and went grimdark and basically fucked a lot of things up

He lost the only two people who actually tried to be nice to him and both times he had done nothing wrong, and even if he did he was not aware of it

(He is also the only troll in the whole comic who hasn’t been seen smiling. Ever.)

The Twelve Circles of Kylux Hell

Circle 1: Kylo Ren and General Hux? lol wtf.

Circle 2: I mean yeah, okay, it’s pretty funny.

Circle 3: Wow there’s some really talented artists in this fandom.

Circle 4: I guess there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Circle 5: Some amazing writing too. Just the PG13 and under stuff though, thanks, let’s not be gross.

Circle 6: Although force-choking is pretty hot. Not really. A little.

Circle 7: Wow this song really reminds me of the two of them.

Circle 8: You know what, I should make a playlist.

Circle 9: *forms very strong opinion about who tops*

Circle 10: Children, Wake Up is the greatest love story of our generation and I will stab anyone who questions me.



Circle 12: *in a darkened room, crayon in fist, furiously drawing porn and weeping profusely*

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okay so blitzstone fanfic prompt: hearth does something really reckless, and the two get in a really intense argument which ends up in hearth turning away. blitz, exasperated, signs something either very sappy or 'I love you' or something, but hearth is turned in the direction of a mirror, so he ends up seeing it.

Hearth tries not to get angry, he really does, but Blitz just won’t let it go. So what, he risked his life? It’s his life to risk. Hearth doesn’t want to be angry with him, but Blitz keeps bringing it up, over and over. 

At some point, his patience is just… gone. And he signs, ‘Leave me alone! I don’t need you to babysit me.’ Frustration and petty anger makes him turn away, not wanting to see what he has to say next. He didn’t anticipate the mirror behind him, and he can clearly see his best friend wilt like a sad flower. His hands drop, and an anguished expression is plain on his face.

‘But…’ Blitz’s hands form, fingers shaking. His shoulder heave a visible sigh, eyes on Hearth’s back. ‘I don’t want you to be hurt. I care about you too much.’

Hearth wheels around with his eyes wide. Blitz stares back, surprised. There’s a moment where Blitz’s hands hang in the air, in between words. 

‘I’m sorry.’ Hearth signs, very slowly. ‘I don’t want you to be hurt either.’

The surprise multiples, and Blitz’s lips say, “How did you…”

Hearth turns back around, locking eyes with Blitz in the mirror, and very purposefully signing, ‘I care about you too.’

Madness is realizing that just about everyone in the fandom is obsessed with the same goddamn thing.

and it hasn’t updated in TWO MONTHS.