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Notte Stellata || Yuzuru Hanyu 2016-2017

Unfailingly beautiful and calming—always a good fix for a stressful day. The Ina Bauer on the high note has given me so many goosebumps. Of his three programs this past season, I think I’ll miss this one the most. I hope he will perform this again someday.

i ….dont think we talk about harrys statement about his sexuality enough. i’ve been thinking about it lately and im so enthralled by him, im so proud of him! we all know how hateful the world can be and we all know the pressure to label yourself. we’ve probably all felt it, i know i have. and tumblr may be accepting of people who don’t label themselves but lots of other forums and people and places aren’t; they’re confused by people who don’t use labels. so for harry, influential as he is to so many young people as well as older, to say he doesn’t label his own sexuality is just like. beautiful? he’s always strived to make people feel accepted and he’s now doing exactly that just by being himself. he’s a beacon of hope for all those that may be scared of not fitting into any of the standards society has set for us. if his fans who are struggling with their own sexuality see him say he doesn’t label his, it’s almost like saying that it’s okay, that they don’t have to label it because it doesn’t matter. and i’m so so thankful for harry styles.


as promised, here’s the full dan and phil segment from vidcon this year! i was pretty far back in the balcony so i’m sorry the quality isn’t as good as it could be but the audio is still pretty good. 

It kinda makes you feel bad when you tell someone you’re tired because you did something, and they respond with how much they did, as if you shouldn’t be tired.

Erwin works as a volunteer at an animal shelter in his free time. He only has one arm and that’s why he started to adopt disabled animals. He has a one-eyed black cat he named Captain Blackbeard and a three-legged dog called Tripod. The cat follows them always a bit when Tripod and Erwin take a walk together.

The animals at the shelter love him dearly and everytime he enters a room to feed them, he gets swarmed by kittens, dogs, bunnies or whatevers in there.

One day a small scowling man comes to the shelter because he is searching his mom’s chihuahua Ravioli that escaped. He’s lucky and he got found and has been brought to the shelter just this morning. He already took a liking to Erwin while Levi holds him in his arms and is just starstruck bc of Erwin.
He meets Erwin again on one of his walks and after he makes a snarky comment about what a strange trio they make, Erwin just smiles at him and invited him to join and have a coffee with him.

Kuchel gets suspicious when Levi borrows her dog for a walk quite frequently because they tolerate each other but nothing more. She always says that it is because they are too similar: small, grumpy and soft inside.

Levi takes the lil dog on walks as an excuse to spend more time with Erwin. Ravioli goes on more walks than he can actually stomach so they carry him around once he is too exhausted. The weird pack earns quite some reputation at the park they always frequent and when Erwin FINALLY asks Levi out there are people actually cheering.

I really wish I could write because I desperately want a fic about this.

I came up with the HC today and @survey-corps-rookie was kind enough to help me making it a bit better by adding tripod and one-arm-win :* :*


       Happy 30th birthday Lionel Messi

I can’t believe that it’s he king’s birthday, just thirty years ago a king, a legend was brought into our world. I find it so hard to believe that I’ve been so lucky enough to watch this superhuman with my own two eyes. For everything he has done for Barcelona and the Argentinian National Team. For being the best in the world, and giving me so many memories. I’ve learnt so much from him, and as much as I can tell you about Lionel Messi none of my words are enough to describe the art that is Lionel Messi. My dad use to tell me so many stories about him when I was younger, and I never believed him about what he use to say. But the first ever match I watched him play, he left me speechless. Magic, superhuman, a king and a god. Happy Birthday Leo♡

Okay but seriously

Who all would be interested in a discord and/or Linkshell specifically for planning events for Tribal/miltitribal Xaela RP? Like the Naadam, other meetings, trade, games, tournaments, etc.

because I’m down to set one up if people want it, and I can find a few people to help me run it.

Hello friends I am a bit sad today please rec me your fave fluffy fics :’-( I don’t mind any pairing!

Fun idea - Stop mocking aro culture for once. I keep seeing posts joking telling people to go outside in reference to aro people trying to explain squishes and other alloromantic people are mocking the idea of queerplatonic relationships and saying it’s literally just friendship and that people are idiots.

Please, just… Stop. If you don’t understand it, that’s okay! You don’t need to, but if you don’t have the experience you can’t tell people that the way they experience things is invalid or identical to some other thing.

tl;dr: mocking squishes and queerplatonic relationships isn’t funny and I really hope some of you guys will understand that and stop.