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I loved Betty at the start of season 1 but legitimately grew to hate her towards the end because I was so sick of seeing her shoehorned into every plot and seeing every plot centred on her. I know that's not rational since she's obviously a fictional character and it's not her 'fault', but if they make season 2 Betty centric as well, I'll stop watching because I just can't stand her anymore. And there are a LOT of fans, especially on Tumblr, who feel that way too.

you’re on the wrong blog, my dude. i’m not really sure what to say. i love betty and loved her screen time. she was also the character (out of the core four) who needed the most development– from the starstruck school girl in the first episode to the girl who takes no bullshit in the finale. it looks like next season is going to be veronica centric, so are people going to bash her if she gets the same amount of screen time betty did in the first season? i doubt it. it might not be the case with you, but a lot of people just look for reasons to hate on betty 

I need help.

Could you help a depressed queer enby out and help me pay my bills & feed my cats (and myself) @ paypal.me/theamia (.me NOT .com) ?

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I’m running into some really really hard times right now and just really need some extra flow to get by until business takes off again. This time of year is really slow for me.

Paypal is under GF’s name (shared account) but I do have full access.

Please please spread around and please consider. I love you. 🌻💛

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I really need to get some sleep but just the possibility of Louis potentially dropping Back To You is keeping me awake

I don’t think he’s going to drop it out of nowhere, it looks like they have a plan and they are starting to create the hype with fans and engaging on social media… we’ll see how it goes but i think they are going to announce the date and release it (my bet is on friday 30th) 

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Hi Emma, I'm currently in year 11 and I'm just really behind in my classwork any advice on how to catch up with work? thank you.

Hi! How I’d go about catching up would be:

  • prepare yourself in the morning - have breakfast, brush your teeth, wash your face/shower, drink some water, stretch, get dressed! Getting yourself ready and not staying in your pj’s will really help! I always will do a little morning routine before I study/revise/read/etc.
  • organise - make sure everything you need to sorted, all your notes are in order and any incomplete worksheets are flagged.
  • figure out what priority everything needs to be done in - depending on how you like to organise you can either plan it out in subject order or use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which decides the urgency and importance of each task. If you need an example, here is one! It can just give you a bit more structure on what needs to be done first.
  • plan it out - make a schedule for everything and be realistic. Make time to spend on each subject, task, assignment. It is better to give yourself extra time on a task than end up ‘behind’ and then stressing out more. You might find my study schedule printable useful. Check this page to download it.
  • avoid procrastinating - yes, that is extremely difficult but is the best way to make up the time you’ve missed. Take breaks and time to relax but if the more you can avoid stalling, the faster you’ll be caught up. It may take time to fully catch up but it will be worth the work! Some more tips are here.
  • make your environment promote studying - make sure it’s bright, tidy and functional. Have everything you need close by. Maybe put up a few motivational things like pictures or quotes. This also means avoiding using your bed for studying. Use your desk, the kitchen bench top or a dining table.
  • take breaks and refuel - break up your study time with casual breaks and time for lunch! These small breaks can help you refocus and be more productive.

Hope this helps xx

I think as a fandom we should really appreciate the work that @notafayz and the whole cast are doing for us, because honestly, they could call it quits at any time, and we’re really taking what they’re doing for granted.

They don’t have to make a series, they don’t have to spend money to fly the cast out and accommodate for them, they don’t have to do all this work on casting to get the best people for the parts. They do not need to do any of this.

There are some people who’ve just been downright nasty to them these past few days, and it really just is incredibly rude and unnecessary. 

Don’t like a cast member? Well, too bad buddy, they’re what the casting director deemed best for the part, and, as you’re not a casting director you can’t do anything about it. So keep your negativity to yourself.

Don’t like the way your questions are answered? First of all, go back and check to see if it hasn’t already been answered before, because if you’re asking about ‘Is casting international?!?!?!?’ it said on the casting page, it doesn’t need to be asked 28438548593 times a day. If you went a better response, send an email to them, it’s not that difficult. 

Everyone needs to just stop and be thankful that we’re even getting a series in the first place, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to participate in the fandom, you don’t have to watch it. Just block it out and ignore it, because your negativity will ruin it for everyone else, and I’d feel terrible for the cast if this is what they get trying to do something amazing for us.

I would like to personally apologise to Noah that someone would say that to him. He’s an amazing Sam, and I’m sure he’ll be incredible for Caine. Telling someone to kill themselves is the lowest of the low, and you should really think before saying that to anyone. 

That’s enough of my rant, I just felt like there were some things that needed to be said.

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I'm in my third trimester (of an unplanned and highly unwanted) pregnancy and dealing with a lot of suicidal impulses and ideation. I've spent the past few days trying to find an inpatient facility that'll accept me and none will without my OBs permission. I just moved to this state a few weeks ago so I have no OB. The insurance I'm getting is bottom level and usually only really dingy psych wards will take it. I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. I need help and nobody is taking me seriously

I strongly suggest reaching out to two types of organizations. The first is anyone that offers aid, resources, or information for young mothers. The second is postpartum depression organizations. If you plan on going through adoption routes, reach out to the agency or agencies you’re looking to work with. Anyone and everyone who could help you get aid.

-Lou the Lobster


So for those who may not have heard me shouting it from every rooftop, I adore Sirena von Boo. She is hands down my absolute favorite character in the whole franchise, and finally getting her doll was like a complete dream come true for me. However, she needed some…TLC when she came out of the box. I wanted to keep her as close to the original as possible (unlike most of my makeovers, which I tend to change every aspect about the doll). More before and after pics under the cut, for those interested!

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My fandom pet peeve.

Im sure you’re already guessing and it’s not the shipping discourse, or rabid fans… it’s taking multi-dimensional characters and turning them into one-dimensional characters and having that skewed version of the character spread everywhere and claiming it “canon” or better yet, taking one trait from a character and turning that into their WHOLE personality.

I’ll use Neptune and Yang for example.

Neptune is either seen as this nervous, awkward nerd who can’t get a word out around Sun, Or is a smooth fuckboy

When he actually is just a chill person with a nerdy side and feels the need to “be cool” all the time.

Yang is seen as a woman who’s every other word is a pun and she can’t take anything seriously and can’t say anyone’s name other than BLAKE.

When really Yang is a extraverted badss woman who likes to joke around but takes relationships with her teammates very seriously and to heart.

And trust me, Yang and Neptune arent the only ones this happens to, its pretty much every character ever. just wish the fandom and other fandoms wouldn’t turn these beautiful multi-dimensional characters into people with ONE personality trait.

Bouncing back after a binge

I don’t have all the answers but this is what I know seems to work for me like 85% of the time. It’s not perfect, but the odds are quite good, so obviously i have to share. 

1. You need to get out of your skull. 

Your thoughts and feelings after a binge can be absolutely toxic, suicidal and never-ending. I am not joking. It is enough to drive someone to the brink of their sanity. 

2. You need social interaction

You need to laugh out loud, bitch and just have an exchange with another human being that really brings you into the present moment on that you can stop living in your skull because it is a painful place to be right now. You need to get as far away as possible from self-hate and endless chatter in your brain.

So schedule to go out with friends, with family, spend time being not alone or alone in your own skull. Don’t let yourself be alone with your thoughts for too long to ruminate and go into dark places. 

3. Get rid of the binge food. 

You’ve probably bought a huge stash of binge foods .. chips, chocolates, maccas, whatever….. right? It’s time to throw it out or give it away. 

IF you think its a waste of money, it’s not. You already spent the money when you purchased it. It either goes in the waste or to your waist. 

I guarantee, everytime you see the binge food, you will be tempted to go and grab it and binge some more in a freaking heartbeat. Looking at it will cause emotional turmoil and unnecessary temptation.  You know you can’t eat it in moderation at this point, it’s literally all of nothing. Also, visually and psychologically, getting rid of all that trash is like clearing away all the negativity and toxicity out of your life and starting over a clean slate. 

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Do you have any advice for making comics? Digital or traditional, which do you prefer?

Hi! Ah, idk– honestly I’m kinda just figuring it out as I go along. Personally, what’s helped for me is to just… make them. Like, even if it’s a tiny one-pager, it really helps to make something start to finish. That way you get a feel for what you enjoy, what you need to work on, etc. 

And I prefer digital! It’s cheaper and I can ctl+Z on my inks :P 

So excited.

I’m going across the city this afternoon to meet with a lady who runs a rattery.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a rat, and it’s well and truly time, I miss them so much. I’ve only ever had boys, which are big lazy couch potatoes. This time I’m getting girls, who are more active but don’t scent mark, which is difficult to train some boys out of. I don’t know if I’ll pick up girls today, it’ll depend on what litters she has going/planned. She breeds show quality and some beautiful markings, but I don’t need that, I just want to find a pair of friendly healthy girls who want to come live with me, and she’s got a really great reputation for having good health/temperament standards.

You know it’s a good rattery when they don’t let people just pick from photos, you have to go over and meet them and the rats and talk about your living conditions and choose rats in person.

And tomorrow, it’s my birthday! I’m turning 24 and my mum is even coming down to visit which will be really nice. It’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow too, I was his birthday present.

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i hate when people go "how did you know you were gay/lesbian/bi/trans/etc" bc like theres really no reason?? it just is??? it kinda pisses me off tbh like do you really need a reason

DUDE I KNOW!!! sometimes i even get asks on here like “how did you know you were nb” and i literally???? don’t know?? like i found out being trans was a thing and i recognized it as myself, i don’t know

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Ash, listen. That last chapter of 🌴 caused me to have a pre-9am ~deep~ conversation over whatsapp with friend several time zones away. I totally get where both Rick (hurt before! refuses to get needlessly hurt again!) and Michonne (self-sabotaging! perhaps out of self-preservation!) are coming from. And you did it all so skillfully... but I needed them to just put aside their shit. For once! One time, dammit. You've got me sweating, Ash. I love it. BUT I'M SWEATING, SIS. *waits impatiently*

I love this so much, lmao. I’m generally not capable of conversation before 9am, so I’m fascinated by this on multiple levels.

But seriously, I frustrated myself writing this chapter (I really wrestled with just upending the whole plot and dealing with it later), so I feel you! Watching these two people possibly blow up their relationship because they never properly dealt with their feelings in the first place? It’s a bit of a mess.

I wish I could promise they’ll be able to clean it up and live happily ever after (well, I could since I know the answer), but I’ll admit, it’s much more fun to watch you guys sweat. 😄

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Caroline is trying to get work done but Klaus keeps distracting her.

Thanks lovely lady! I enjoyed this one if you can’t tell : )

We Can Work it Out

“You can’t work without a pen,” Klaus insisted, placing it beneath the waistband of his jeans. “Or this pencil.”

“If we were in the olden days,” she joked, watching him stretch out across her bed like a cat. “Or I could just use my laptop like a twenty-first century gal.”

“My appendage may be impressive in size, love, but don’t think I won’t put your Mac in my pants too.” Caroline looked at his pants, the blush creeping across her cheeks telling her his bizarre ploy was working. 

“As entertaining as that would be to witness, Mikaelson, I really need to get this assignment done otherwise you’ll be sleeping with an unemployed, wannabe journalist that has flunked out of college.”

“Says the overachiever,” he drawled. “Must you be so melodramatic when I’m writhing around on your bed. You know how hot that control freak act gets me, sweetheart.”

“I can tell,” she grinned. “What with you writhing around on my bed and all.”

“You’re revelling in my pain,” he pouted, shooting an unexpected dimple her way. 

“Your pain?” Caroline scoffed. 

“You are more than welcome to touch it, you know if you don’t believe me,” he offered, gesturing to the bulge in his jeans. 

“We all know where that leads,” she smirked.

“Exactly why I think you need to take a break and tend to me,” he insisted, patting the spot next to him on the bed. “I’ll even reciprocate and you and I both know how that ends.”

Caroline knew the burning sensation between her legs wasn’t going to subside, especially given how adorable he looked splayed out and aroused on her bed. She wasn’t one to give in easily but maybe a break was what she needed to get some much needed inspiration. 

“Fine,” she relented,watching his dark blue eyes fill with lust. “But on one condition.”

“Anything,” he replied before she could finish her sentence. 

“You leave here straight after so I can finish this thing without distraction,” Caroline ordered. 

“Your wish is my command,” he murmured. “Now get that gorgeous body over here.” Caroline didn’t waste any time, shedding her clothing and pouncing on top of him clad only in her matching black, lacy lingerie. 

She leant over to kiss him before he placed a finger over her mouth temporarily. “Hang on, no one studies in black lingerie.” 

“Excuse me?”

“You planned this all along,” he deduced, tracing his hands over her nipples through the lace fabric and relishing in the shudder that overtook her body. 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she mumbled. “But I suggest we don’t waste any more time chatting.” 

Klaus smirked knowingly before pulling her body against his and plunging his tongue into her mouth as he unsnapped her bra strap. Planned or not, sex with Caroline was always the best part of his day.

“Ow,” he cried out against her mouth unexpectedly. Caroline pulled back, her concerned expression not lost on Klaus.

“Did I bite your lip again?” She questioned. “Although last time I drew blood you said you liked it.”

“I did,” he admitted. “It’s, uh, just my pants.”

“Ah yes, that uncontrollable pain you were experiencing,” she muttered sarcastically, gyrating against his impressive erection on purpose. 

“Turns out it wasn’t just that,” he winced. “How sharp do you keep your pencils?”

“What do you think? It’s me after all,” she grinned knowingly. “Serves you right for shoving my stationery down your pants, Mikaelson.”

“Just get this thing out so we can pick up where we left off,” he grumbled, nipping against her neck playfully. 

A/N Prompt me guys! Still going…

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how have you found the biology exams so far? it made me really angry and annoyed that i learnt biology for two years for barely any actual content to come up. good luck on the third one x

Hello! I totally agree! I feel like even though I revised a decent amount, I was making up random shit on the spot because all the questions were so far from what we’d learned. I get that they need to show biology in a context in the questions, but I think they’ve just gone too far with it this year so that in order to answer the question you have to like analyse it a tonne just to figure out which topic it’s from and what the hell you need to say! It’s just really frustrating, like why can’t they just ask one simple, straight-forward question concerning the actual specification?!! And to not have to edit the question paper ourselves would be pretty nice too! Hopefully Monday will be better… Good luck to you too! x

So it’s been a while...

…and it has not been great. I’m basically back where I was in January. It always amazes how a few weeks can erase months of work.

Three weeks of back to back work travel, just really took it out of me and I didn’t work out other than the added walking that being in DC always adds. And I tried to stay on point with food (I ate a lot of salad and grilled salmon), but with travel it can never be as healthy as making my own food. And flying often makes my tummy upset, so I end up just wanting processed carbs to settle it.

But I’m going to get back on track this week. Healthy meals, tracking my food, reducing refined carbs, and exercising again.  

I also need to start “training” for the Fall Feast 5k at Disney World in November. I’m not worried about running the full time or even have a time goal in mind. But with my foot injuries, I want to make sure that my body is prepared for the stress of a 5k. And I’d love to be at least a few pounds lighter to reduce the stress on my joints…maybe 10 or 15? 

But here is a current weigh in to keep me accountable for this mini-restart.

2017 Starting Weight – 330.0
Last Week’s Weight - N/A
This week’s weight - 329.0
Loss - N/A
2017 Loss – 1 pounds
Current Goal - 313.6 (5%) – 15.4 pounds remaining

good morning!!!

today is my first day off with no commitments in awhile, so t and i were going to spend the entire day hiking or going to the beach or something, especially since he’s been doing these side jobs and i’ve barely seen him in the last couple weeks. then he gets a call at 6 am to see if he can come in for work… it was for 6-2, we said no, then he gets fomo and i told him to go in for a few hours haha. so now i’m enjoying the early morning sunshine on the deck with coffee.

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I have a new approach for feeling things which involves listening almost exclusively to indie acoustic and watching sundance dramas because they portray such a simple lifestyle full of peace and living in cabins etc. etc. and my problem is I spend too much time thinking about big concepts that I get so zoomed out of everything and I just need something that’s earnest and simple and doesn’t really understand irony and honestly it’s working. I feel much more aware of myself and less like angry I’m just here chilling honestly

“Did you honestly think that you could trick us into performing the ritual without telling us the entire truth?”

“You and your family are not my problem. The only thing I’m concerned about is that little girl and the monster that’s inside of her.”

“Is it hard to see me from up there on your high horse? She is my niece, of course we will do whatever we have to do to protect her, but you can damn well be honest about it!”

“See, your reaction right there is just proving my point. You Mikaelson’s are a selfish, ego-centric fanatics. It is not my job, nor is it my inclination to convince you to do the right thing. If you really wanna save your niece, you’ll get out of my ear and let me do what I need to do.”