i just really loved this scene so much

I can’t agree with everyone that TLD is the best episode of s4. I just can’t. The hug, yes, was amazing. Even the entirety of the final conversation was really an amazing display of talent and raw emotion. But. I can’t work past everything else that happened. I can’t work past John beating up Sherlock and almost letting him die. Even when watching that last scene. Having to see Sherlock so beaten and broken physically and emotionally . And in the end once again sacrificing his own self worth and being, never once saying what John did was wrong. I’m sorry, but I love both of these characters too much to excuse any of that behavior. John and Sherlock both deserved better.

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"You look so pretty sat there,you really have no idea how much I love you" Nice quote.... I'm going with a slightly drunk Robert to Aaron. And nobody's going to tell me any different!!! Well not til the scene airs. Lol

Roberts had a bit too much champagne at the wedding and he just showers Aaron with love


Actually, I’m at, like, 57 right now but I saw other rpers making posts like this to celebrate their 50 follower milestones so I figured I’d do one, too. So, in no particular order, here are some rpers I’ve met since joining the Pokemon rp scene.

@blitzybitzy | @sadiebreane

You’re the one who helped me get back into rping and it’s been so much fun. Our rp on Discord is perfection. I love Cataleya and Sadie so much.


You were one of my first rp partners on Tumblr. You and Jasmine are awesome, friend!


Our thread is so pure and wholesome. I love it.


Your Nanu is awesome. Your art is awesome. You’re just…awesome.


Charlie’s Pokemon Verse is really interesting and I’m happy with have Cataleya interact with her. Teach Cat your ways, Charlie.


Tsunami is a little shit and I love him. He’s also very pretty. Like, damn.

@skeletxl | @itsburnet

Emmet is also a little shit and I love him. Also, I’d be down for a future thread between Cataleya and Burnet at some point if you are. ;3c


The way you portray Hapu is so good! Like…I love her. She is great.


I’m really excited about the little plot we’ve got going, and thanks for helping me work out my older!Cataleya AU.


Our thread was cut short due to life being busy, but you seem really nice and I look forward to when there will be enough time for us to rp together.

Man, I am never going to be able to listen to Heroes in public for a long time b/c every time it plays I start to get emotional and then I start thinking of Pops in that final scene and the music that was playing in the background and just…


I’ve never had a show just wrench my heart out and drop it on the floor like this show did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I also found the ending to be really beautiful, poignant, and inspiring but Pops was such a special character and we all made him real b/c we all loved him so much and Part 4 was so well done and so emotional- like goddamn. 

I mean, it’s gonna take me awhile to actually talk about this with people IRL b/c it still feels a little bit too raw RN. I’ve always been a sensitive person and it feels kind of silly to get so emotional over a show but this series meant so much to me and it affected my life in so many positive ways. 

Anyway, I still have more to say but I’ll just leave it here for now. I still have a lot to do tonight so it’s time to get back to blogging and time to get back to work~!  ♥♥♥


i just really want to make sure the tumblr fandom has seen this video of magnus taking chloe (in full stephanie costume) out for ice cream during a break on set feat. stefan at the end dressed as sportacus because this video cured my depression

On Why Viktor Was Absolutely Smitten at the Banquet

So I was rewatching YOI (as you do c;) and noticed this scene:

Seem familiar? 

Viktor had a very similar first proper interaction with both Yuris, and both of them had said startlingly similar things. With how much Kubo-sensei loves parallels, I don’t think this is any coincidence either. 

Viktor being completely enthralled by Yuri made me squeal and make inhuman noises 5AM in the morning, but I never really quite understood what exactly it was about what Yuuri had said that touched him so deeply.. until now.

What Yuri had asked of Viktor was a skating routine – Viktor just had to choreograph it, and hand it over to Yuri. What Yuuri had asked of Viktor was for him to be his coach. 

Yuuri had essentially said that he wanted Viktor’s time and commitment– that he wanted Viktor himself, by his side [as i type this I realise that Viktor taking Yuuri’s words to mean that he’s asking for him to stay by his side, would explain why Yuuri performing his routine ‘Stay Close To Me’ would’ve been seen by Viktor as a reference and reiteration of his request at the banquet!] 

Yuri asked for a routine. Yuuri asked for Viktor.

GOD this anime is so beautiful and well thought out that it does THINGS TO MY HEART. . 

I know I sound bitter and I am but I love YOI I do it’s just like

Did it really deserve best animation? 

And like I know the excuse is “But there’s so much movement!” And I know, but MOB Psycho has that too, and it’s fight scenes, which are often, high intensity, high movement, shot at A BILLION different angles and positions and in different styles, is CONSTANTLY and consistently flawless and clean like I could pause at any MP100 scene and there is a 99.99999999% chance it will look good there AREN’T any “Bad MP100 caps” blogs bc it’s nearly impossible to find bad screenshots in Mob Psycho 100. That’s how clean and incredible MP’s animation was. 

That’s why I’m kind of upset that YOI won. MP100 was a labor of love towards an artist who had his OWN SERIES redrawn by another artist so it could be published bc no one thought it would sell if it was his art. Every scene was given so much attention, so much detail, it employed so many different and interesting and creative animation styles, and most importantly, more then anything, it looked GOOD. REALLY rEALLY good at all times, with a unique and fun style that sets it apart from any anime I’ve ever seen. 


She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.


You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

I’ve seen a couple discussions on the conversation between Mutsuki and Saiko, and I really want to give my take on it. I have no clue if someone already explained it all, but I honestly LOVE this scene so much that I’m ok with just ranting about it to vent my feeeeels

Saiko is pretty intuitive, and I love her for that. You generally see her in the background when it comes to character interactions, observing their actions and expressions. As a result she’s in a good position to see the little details other people miss. Multiple times we’ve seen her have a deeper understanding of the people around her than anyone else.

So when Saiko said that she smelled blood,

specifically human blood, she wasn’t referencing menstruation. She even pointed out that she already knew Mutsuki was a girl way before this and that him bringing it up was utterly pointless. If you look at Saiko’s expressions throughout their conversion, it shifts from wary and uncomfortable,

to first shocked, disturbed, and then tearful.

That would be a pretty strange reaction for someone who was just told something they were already aware of. It was the type of reaction someone had when something horrifying they never wanted to hear was just confirmed. Mutsuki lying straight to Saiko’s face probably didn’t help his case either.

That’s because Mutsuki didn’t misunderstand the situation, he knew exactly what Saiko could have been referencing, and it definitely had nothing to do with his sex. He was most likely panicked over the fact that she may have been catching on to the smell of human blood on his body (probably more than once, considering she thought it was important to finally bring it up to him).

To get out of the situation the best way he could, he basically interrupted her train of thought and instantly told her that he was a girl. He was almost in a rush to get it out, which was pretty unlike him. Mutsuki decided that using the female card as a distraction, which would also imply that any smell of blood would be due to menstruation, was a good strategy. 

But considering Q and human blood smell differently (Saiko specifically taking the time to differentiate between the smell of just blood, and human blood), probably means Mutsuki knew his excuse was shaky, and that he’s now in a pretty bad situation. 

Now the current situation as a whole is something along the lines of: 

  • Saiko knows Mutsuki lied to her and that he’s doing some very disturbing things behind the Q’s and CCG’s backs. 
  • Saiko is crushed and disappointing that Mutsuki lied to her and is actually trying to hide it, which she’s probably taking it as him trying to hide the hobby the best he can so he can continue hurting/killing other people.
  • Mutsuki probably knows his excuse for the smell of blood was very weak and that he’s not in a good situation with Saiko right now. He’s shaken up, considering his nervous tick was immediately present and very obvious once he ran from ended the conversation.

The fact that it’s implying that he’s doing exactly what we think he’s doing to other people in private, shouldn’t be surprising as Ishida has been foreshadowing it a ton this last Arc. If it’s true, then Mutsuki has officially stopped restraining the sadistic part of his personality, (whether it’s natural to him or not) and decided to upgraded from animals to humans.

Where are you keeping your collection of tongues this time, Mutsuki?

TL;DR Mutsuki is probably killing/eating humans, and was scared Saiko was catching on, and as a result tried to use the ‘I’m female’/’I menstruate sometimes’ card as an explanation for the occasional smell of human blood on his body.

And honestly I’m a bit nervous about their relationship at the moment…
Hopefully Saiko won’t do anything drastic about the situation, as Mutsuki’s unpredictable in the fact that we have no clue how far he’d be willing to go to keep his tendencies a secret. Doesn’t help that Ishida has shown us he’s willing to attempt murder hurt a close friend (Akira) if that’s what the situation asks of him.


…”The music was a blade, knifing through the dark. The melody sang and the Corsai arced back as one, as if repelled by the single, massive beam. They hissed like steam and broke apart, and fell away beneath the music…”


These. These are the scenes I LOVED.

PARENTLOCK - awwww cute cute cute :3 this keeps me warm and cozy inside

MORIARTY - I always liked him, the best villain ever-forever and this entrance was STUNNING

SHERLOCK IN A BEANIE - no comment needed, he is so adorable :3

THE HOLDING HANDS MOMENT - wow. Just wow. Idk why I liked this very much


JOHNLOCK - just because their hands were linked together.

SHERLOCK AND EURUS PLAYING TOGETHER -  MASTERPIECE. This was by far my favourite scene and I actually cried a little. Really. This was so beautiful and emotional for me


i love whoever is in charge of isak’s wardrobe because honestly his colour combos are so good?!? so on point all the time?! (and it obviously isn’t tarjei doing this ;) )

This scene is really, really sad. Why? I mean, take a look at Branch: when he sees that everyone is losing hope and finally facing the cruel reality, as he always “wanted”, he just looks around, searching the hope and the happiness he always despised, but he can’t find it. And this makes me think that Branch loved his people so much. He wanted them to be happy. That grumpy, grey Troll that pushed everyone away, didn’t want them to become like him. He knew all along that he was the problem, that he was the strange one, and he unconsciously sacrificed his own happiness to keep everyone safe, day after day, hiding and coming out just to warn them about the Bergens.

And the kids, omg the kids’ scene is so touching. Branch looks at them like that because they make him remember the day when he lost his grandma, his colors, his happiness and his dreams forever. 

Nobody stood up for him that day, no one was there to tell him it wasn’t his fault.

Branch wasn’t the grumpiest Troll, I think he was the bravest. Because being brave isn’t just going on adventures, saving princesses or princes and fighting. Sometimes the bravest people are the ones who stand for the others, even if sometimes they don’t even have the strength to stand up for themself. 

Branch decided to stand up for them. 

Despite he was broken inside, even more than them, he stood up. That grey survivalist, pushed away and despised by a lot of Trolls, still had a little hope inside him (he was a little more colorful than them as you can see, he still had his light blue eyes and brighter skin) and shared it with everyone.

I like him very much, because he stood up for his people. 

Because he stood up for his friends. 

And because he stood up for the person he loved.

Somebody please stop me when I start to write those very long posts.


What’s really interesting is the infinity. All the parallel universes, and all, kind of, how big everything is, and how small we are compared to the infinite parallel universes that exist, and… everything that can happen is going to happen. Or not just going to happen, it is happening. I’m sure that in a parallel universe there’s an Isak and an Even who’s lying in the exact same way in the exact same place, only, like… the curtains are of a different color or something.