i just really loved this scene between them :d

Justice League highlights

(minor spoilers)

  • martha kent deadass calls lois thirsty
  • wonder woman deflecting machine gun shots
  • before watching it, i thought barry, arthur and diana would own the movie. they did.
  • arthur thinks diana is badass and hot
  • mera doesn’t appear as much as you’d expect from the hype (unpleasant surprise) but also
  • MERA!!!!!
  • barry just wants to fist bump his friends
  • humans are the worst at hiding things
  • it has the same action-humor ratio as wonder woman (i personally loved)
  • pet sematary
  • you’d think they’d overdo batman and superman and give them unnecessary exposure but nO. it was really balanced between new heroes and the ones we already knew. focused on the new heroes (bonus points for that!)
  • save one.”
  • cyborg character development
  • aWeSoMe action scenes
  • barry vs superman is superb
  • in fact, every scene with barry and/or arthur is worth the ticket
  • parademons are basically pennywise
  • arthur doesn’t want to die, he’s “young and there’s shit [he] wants to do”
  • we are blessed they chose jason momoa to be our aquaman

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Hi there! The hardest episodes of arrow man. Not like the season has been treating us well :(. Anyways for my qns why ask your ex-fiance to fix your shit between him and his gross thing i dont even want to mention? Your take?

Because he’s a total dink? 

That still blows my mind that he did that. I was eating a late dinner while watching and when that came on, my jaw dropped, food falling everywhere. It was a very ‘is this really happening… holy shit it is.’



What. The. Hell. Man?! 

I am angry as hell on Felicity’s behalf, because that should never have happened… but after sleeping on it, I can see it fits with where he’s at mentally.

I think this is a painfully clear sign of just how in the dark he is keeping himself to everything around him in his pursuit of being the man he so desperately wants to be. For so long his main goal was focused outward, and this season it’s finally inward. For so long he was all about being the vigilante/The Hood/The Arrow/ The Green Arrow, but this season he’s all about Oliver Queen. It’s like a ramped up version of Season 3.5 except this time he knows he has a team in place who can take care of the crime fighting part. So he can be Oliver Queen without the Green Arrow. He can be. He can. (He says this in the mirror to his reflection every morning - the denial is strong in this one.)

He’s wrong. As usual. He’s still learning that he needs both halves to be whole. This is a lesson he’s been trying to learn since forever. He’s gotten close only to fall flat on the ground and have to start over. He’s an idiot, he’s gonna stumble. (But each time he’s getting closer and closer to that realization - the evolution is there, under all his Oliverness.) 

Part of that stumbling is what he did last night. 

Oliver is hellbent on becoming this person he sees in his mind. He’s got an idealized version of himself in his head and that’s what he’s working towards. Oliver is very good at having blinders on when he has a goal in mind, and he usually doesn’t see the consequences of his actions until it’s too late. 

This was one of those moments. 

Oliver wasn’t thinking. He was looking at the logical solution to a problem - a hack ruined Susan’s career, a hack would put it back together. And who’s the best hacker he knows? Felicity. 

It absolutely was insensitive and stupid as hell. If he’d stopped to think, he would have realized that asking his ex-fiancée to fix his current girlfriend’s life was dumb as hell, especially with the weird air between them and especially with the whole Billy thing. 

But Oliver had simplified it in his mind, which is a thing that he does - it’s a coping mechanism, something to make a decision easier because otherwise you’ll drown in anxiety and emotions and things you can’t readily deal with:

“Felicity moved on. I’m moving on. We’re friends and partners now, so what’s the problem?”

Try everything, Oliver. 

He’s a jackass, anon. He’s blinded by his desire for a life he had with another woman, a life he threw away, and he’s hurt and angry and tired and instead of dealing with these things, he’s plunging face-first into Bad Decision Land. As much as Oliver is someone who has to know every course to make a strategic choice in battle, he’s also the complete opposite when it comes to emotional choices (story of his life, literally, with his two identities). He can physically kick all the ass in the world, but when it comes to relationships - especially romantic ones - he is naive and broken and floundering and choosing whatever pops up into his head. He’s doing this by staying with Susan, by choosing to look past her motives, by denouncing his Green Arrow self, by going to Felicity to ask her to save his girlfriend’s career.

(God, that still makes me want to slap him upside the head.)

It’s a symptom of a larger problem, one he’s still in the midst of learning about before he can stop to fix it. It’s also one that’s intricately tied to Felicity’s in that his desire to keep forging ahead with his Mayor Oliver Queen path has blinded him to what’s happening to her and it’s going to be too late to pull her back as a result. She’s going to fall and he’s going to have to watch it happen (and the full realization of himself will come through because instead of running and hiding under his guilt, he’ll rise up and be the light Felicity so starved for right now, thus completing the next step in his journey). They are two sides of the same coin. This is the season where they’re finding their personal balance before they can find each other again. 

We just have to go through a lot of boneheaded bullshit while they do it. 

(And Felicity knew what a stupid thing this was…

… but because she loves him and is always there for him, she did what he asked. This also served as a sharp contrast to Susan ignoring Oliver’s call from the hospital when she knew he’d been hurt. Felicity would have been there in 2.5 seconds l, regardless of what was happening between them. The scene did serve a purpose, on many fronts, as enraging as it was.)

I’m not trying to justify Oliver’s actions (you just can’t, you really can’t, this was  d u m b), but I can see why he did it, why he thought it was okay (besides being a  j a c k a s s).

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Do you really think they cut out possibly flirtatious scenes between WishHook and Tiana in ep 3? I mean I can see them trying to push him onto a love interest later on in the season (and since I haven't watched since ep 2 I thankfully won't be watching that either) but the episode right after Emma left forever? I can't imagine they'd be that stupid - could they?

It’s a fact that they cut out a scene of them on the bench (in the episode it’s just Colin, but they shot it with her joining him.) And it’s fact that they cut out a story where Sabine goes on a Tinder type date.

You do the math.

And yes I think they could be exactly that stupid and then scramble to switch directions when they realized it would backfire. Think about how gleefully (Butthurt) Eddy addressed these issues over the hiatus.

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I really enjoy the Ash/Gwyn interludes. I love how you put as much effort and importance to it's story as you would the main story. I just really like reading canon extras & seeing their thoughts & their progress in between stories.

I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

I love doing those little extras and let’s be real I’ve always approached my original stuff as a fan, and in a fannish way, where I think AUs and tidbits and extras and scene fillers and even fix its are all totally valid (whether I’m writing them or other people are) and I’m just glad there’s a few like yourself who enjoy it as well. <3 Otherwise it’d all probably stay as side stuff on my computer and never see the light of day. :D


I’ve always thought that Jorah would die saving Daenerys, regardless of if she ever returned his affections and I do think he still loves her as much as ever.  That he will continue to serve her , regardless of what is in it for him…

But now after having just watched the latest scene between Jorah and Sam I think I was wrong…

I still think our sweet JBEAR will die in battle  or somehow sacrificing himself to save another ( though I’d love to be wrong ) but think  and I actually really hope that it’s saving Sam.

If this is how Jorah’s end comes I’ll be totally at peace with it -

That scene between them tonight - Iain and John played off of one another so beautifully - it was perfect. Just perfect -

So many feels

So SAMWELL TARLY I LOVE YOU  - You beautiful,smart, heroic,kind and beautiful man -  and I know Jorah LOVES YOU too ☺

What a beautiful bromance and relationship…

Samorah /  Jorsam lol - LOVE EM…

time to over analyse

so i’d really love to analyse the first scene with Near and Mello so i can get out some of my own thoughts on what I think is going through their heads or what I think the reasons behind their actions are. i find the dynamics between these two characters to be unbelievably interesting and i’ve been fascinated by them for years!! so, i’m not saying what i think is canonically law! of course not! it’s just my own views and anyone is welcome to talk to me about them.

Typically, I change my thoughts on their interactions and the meanings behind what they say/do each time i rewatch the show! I’d just like to talk about the scene and throw in some half-baked thoughts. Don’t take anything I say seriously because I’m just throwing out multiple possibilities!

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Honestly, I really hope the whole hug between Maria and Michael was just to develop them as friends or at the very least an attempt by PB to rile the Michael fans up so they’d be more inclined to buy his diamond scene.

My only reasoning being is that it seems very trope-y imo. Hardworking, studious, perfectionist female falls for the carefree rogue male with the heart of gold? If there are more interactions in the future, genuine interactions and actual development of their relationship before a romance, I might be onboard. Just… not “me man, you woman = love” or “my roguish charm wears you down”.


Zen Moments from 3x13 (Dine and Dash)

I assume this is what I like to call unintentional-zen, but I really like that Jackie is just already so comfortable with touching Hyde (even though this situation is somewhat desperate). I also love that in the next section of this scene (that was too dark to be worthy of it’s own gif), I’m 98.7% sure that Hyde lets Jackie clamber over him while he keeps Kelso trapped. It’s a small moment of unity between them that I love :D

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you ship fyozai?? (even if it was a little bit) its time for me to die im so happy *sobs*

well more than ship them romantically, which would be a little weird, i’d say i’m interested in their relationship as it is in canon? fyodor complements dazai in a lot of ways, like having a touch that kills where dazai has a touch that disarms, or the fact that they seem to have similar personality traits (they can both appear weirdly polite/introverted/almost shy), i really loved seeing them interact in that scene dazai stole fyodor’s hat. and fyodor seems to have no qualms at all about his own violence whereas dazai always regrets his… there’s just a lot of things between the two of them are interesting to think about. i like that fyodor is dazai’s enemy rather than everyone’s enemy. he’s come from dazai’s past and he specifically seems to target dazai with all his schemes and imo it’s like he’s waiting for something from dazai, not just toying with him for no reason. i don’t think fyodor just wants a fight either. there’s definitely a bit of backstory and unknown motives to dig up there. 

that might just be wishful thinking tho, considering bsd wouldn’t know continuity or good story-telling if they slapped it across the face. i’m so frustrated with the current arc, i hope it’s over soon :(

Fitzsimmons + kisses [3x08]

AoS s03e08 Afterthoughts #8

As hurtful as this fight was I think it was something they both really needed. To lay their feelings bare without hiding the ugly parts. To scream their anger, to show that fire and to fight for it, for them. Fitz needed to express his doubts, how he feels like he’s not enough and her’s trying his hardest for her to be happy and Jemma had to express her confusion and ensure him she doesn’t want them to end, not now, not like this, not before it even begun.

The sweetest most Fitzsimmons thing ever: Fitz asks Jemma what she expects. She tells him to get angry. And that’s exactly what Fitz does. 

I guess the reason why Jemma truly got angry is because she’s feeling guilty (x) and some part of her thinks she deserves his anger not his forgiveness, and that it would somehow fix itself if she just get what she thinks she deserves. Poor Jemma. She wants nothing more than for Fitz to be happy but somehow always ends up hurting him and he’s not even complaining, just keeping it all inside.

I am so not surprised that Fitz feels intimidated (as I wrote here (x)) but it still hurts to hear him listing what a great guy Will is and see how little and unworthy he sees himself in comparison. Someone really needs to work on self esteem. And I’m glad Jemma did, in all this shouting, told him just this: how much HE has done for her. 

About the whole “we are cursed” I think that Fitz has right to being furious and frustrated, because clearly it’s not working between them, and it’s nobody’s fault it’s just bad timing and obstacles and literally universe being against them in some twisted way. Apart from that though, I think it’s also part of him looking for an escape, a way out from all this pain and hurt he’s going through. He’s only human he can’t be strong and good all the time. There must be a part of him that’s simply exhausted by it all, and want to just have some conclusion. Even if this conclusion is “We are cursed. It will never work because cosmos wants us apart, I should gave up and let Jemma be happy.” Fortunately, Jemma won’t let him walk away. Because now they are both fighting for their relationship and when one of them wavers, the other is there to catch them. Just as it should be in healthy love. Without talks about deserving, debts, blaming and all this other nonsense that has nothing to do with love. Just supporting the other in the moment of weakness. (addition here X)

I really like how Fitz was the one to initiate the kiss. Because Simmons did her part last week with the whole cottage/clear head thing and now it was his turn but not only, because love is not about turns and scores. I’m glad he did, because I don’t think Jemma should, not at that moment, not when Fitz was angry and hurt and pushing a knife into his own stomach and twisting it. For her to kiss him in that moment would be quite selfish, like she was trying to escape, to shut his anger and just after she said she does love Will. But it was Fitz who kissed her because he got to the point where words were just not enough to express his emotions (x).

For some reason I felt like for Fitz this kiss was meant to be goodbye. It was on impulse and he was not planning it or anything, but when he stepped away that was goodbye. He wanted to step aside after being selfish for a second and taking this one thing he wanted, just before giving up on it. His kiss was all anger, desperation and passion. But Jemma doesn’t let him step away, she chases him, catches him and kisses him to show him that it’s not over and she’s not giving up, not on him, not on them. Her kiss was all gentle and caring and promising.

As Liz said in this interview (x) the kiss could be seen as an ultimate test. Because if that didn’t worked out, if they didn’t like it, then maybe there really are cursed and there will be nothing in the future for them. But it worked, it worked splendidly so THERE’S HOPE. There’s hope for them as long as they both want it, and they do. There’s no more misunderstanding in the “do the other person still want us together and is willing to try” field. Jemma knows Fitz loves her and wants to be with her, even if he believes they are cursed. Fitz knows Jemma loves him and wants to be with him even if she admitted having feelings for Will. It worked because Jemma leaned in fot the third kiss when they parted (x).

As I wrote before (x) I think part of Simmons hoped and wanted Fitz to make some move in the last episode. But she was respecting his need to not rush, not when there’s Will, not where the situation is shaky. But when he did make a move she reacted and answered immediately. Because her first answer to “do you love him” was “I don’t know.” Only then she said “yes”.  Her feelings for Will are complicated and were highly conditioned by situation they were in. As I said (x) she’s chosen Fitz, on her own with nothing to push her. Will happened. And she simply doesn’t know how much of her feelings is loving Will as an actual person, and how much is her loving the idea of not being alone, of hope, of some tomorrow. She doesn’t know. What she does know, is that she loved Fitz long before she came to the planet and that this feeling is not gone it hadn’t go away or disappear, it’s still there.

Also, I really appreciate that Fitzsimmons are aware, just like us, how much obstacles the “cosmos” aka writers put between them and how their communication and timing  is a problem. But hey, that’s the thing with love, you have to fight for it.

And I really like how Jemma was so distracted that she pushed the book from the desk  :D Plus how it helped them solve the problem.

Another so important thing: Fitz was leaving the room. Jemma called him, about a case and he turned to her with this hurt expression and CAME BACK because she called him.

Two kisses won’t fix everything (even if the whole scene was simply GLORIOUS), but they will give them strength and hope to keep trying, to not give up. 

Plus, Fitz’s “we’re cursed” at the end might have a deeper meaning: they are cursed because there is so many problems and obstacles, so many things trying to keep them apart and they both hurt. Yet they can’t stop and give up. They are doomed  to stay in this situation no matter how painful it gets. They are cursed because they have to keep trying no matter how hurtful it is.Star-crossed lovers kind of cursed.