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I just read your fic of Keith and Lance in like a freezing ocean approximately 5 times in a row because i loved it so much and it gave me so many feels. Idk if you're taking ideas but i am a sucker for hurt/comfort + fluff (especially when it's relatively canon-compliant) and i would love to read more fluffy stuff

Yoooooo, really???? 

Well…..uuuuh, I got a few few??? In my Ao3 account that I can think of them right this moment: 

Throught Out My Fault 

An Everglow Feeling

When You Fail To Be

Truth May Vary

It Might Be Nice

Steady Beat Goes

Aiming For The Sky

Hope you find something there???? They are all mine, bc I can’t really think of any recs at the moment D: (it’s 12 am, im tired) 


Perhaps I’m just imagining it, but I really love how Groot almost instantly latches onto Peter in the first movie.

Pretty quickly, the talking tree stays close to Peter like he stays close to Rocket, and I caught him smiling at Peter once or twice, too. And not to forget the moment in Ronan’s ship, where Groot beats the henchmen to a pulp and then turns to smile at Peter and Drax much like “Did I do good?”

That could either be because Groot is just gentle and kind and easily likes people - and let’s be hones, Peter is also kind and Groot probably knows that - or because Peter actually talks to Groot, even though the other says only one sentence the whole time.

From the beginning, Peter answers each of Groot’s comments. First with sarcasm (“That’s gonna get boring really quick”) and later with interpreting the words (“Thank you, Groot” or “Groot gets it”) . He’s the only one, apart from Rocket, who really reacts to Groot’s words. The others just, let him talk, because they don’t understand him, anyway. Or they go over him and turn to Rocket to ask for a translation.

 I really like to think that Groot takes an extra liking to Peter because Peter is actually trying to talk with him.

Older Noctis, with beard head canons

So I decided to to write a few head canons I have of older Noctis, and in particular with his beard. I am just such trash for him and I love him without end. Also, I am tipsy af atm so I thought why not, better do it now or never. Perhaps a little NSFW?

  • Noctis tends to his beard upkeep, regularly. He always keeps it trimmed, and uses various nice oils and mixes it with irresistible fragrances. These oils really come to its full right when Noctis is outside and when the sun shines upon his face, highlighting his beard in all its glory.
  • Sometimes when Noctis watches himself in the mirror, he’d sometimes see his father stand before him. It startles him for a moment, but recovers swiftly, tilting his head up, knowing his father would be proud of him.
  • His beard might be scruffy looking and rough, but damn is it actually really soft. He loves brushing his beard against your cheeks and going further down your neck. He adores hearing you squeal and giggle. He aims to tease and please with that fine beard of his.
  • Noctis has these certain gestures he makes with his beard. He often rubs it with his thumb and index finger, when lost into deep thoughts. This is a common trait of his, also when he has to make certain important ‘kingly’ decisions.
  • He also loves to make these gestures to seduce you, taking your hand and kissing it gently and afterwards rubbing his beard over your fingers, pulling you in more and smoothly rubbing his beard over your arm, which ends at your collarbone. placing soft and ticklish kisses.
  • Noctis doesn’t really try out many different styles of beards, though he is open to it. The bros often tease him about the matter. making the joke of: ‘A different beard for every royal  occasion’.
  • Noctis prefers to shave his own beard lightly, but he also has his very own royal barbers. These are the best barbers of Lucis.

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while I love jikook evolution and just them changing as people over time, I still find it funny that we go from: clingy, fanservicy jimin and shy jungkook > shy yet more open to affection jungkook and jimin is spreads his love with everyone now > boyfriends who have slowly learned to love one another and spend real genuine time together (before getting caught lol) I'm not really good with words, but its just nice to see them go from.fanservice to the real deal if u get me

honestly same!!!!!! sometimes i go back to like 2013, 2014 jikook and im like ????? how did we go from this to where we are now?? because it’s just such a change, and it’s not that it’s abrupt or anything, it’s just shocking. like 2015 me never would’ve expected to have jikook moments like what we get these days. heck 2016 me wouldn’t have expected it even. i don’t know why jikook have had such growth and change with their relationship but i really like that they have. and yes!! idk how people can call jikook these days fan service yet they thought jimin openly pining after jk and jk rejecting jm was real like ?? what lol. i don’t know how to get my words out either, i just know that i really love jikooks development and i can’t wait for the years to come because they are so freaking cute and real lowkey right now i cna’t even imagine what the rest of the year and the next years are going to be like. all ik is jikook is real and they’re in love. so. 

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Klaus: “I should have never left your side. I was gone for one moment..” (he sighs) “She knew how much you mean to me.”
You: (smile weakly) “I’m just glad I’m back.”
Klaus: “Me too. I promise this will never happen again.”
You: “.. I’m just.. really tired.”
Klaus: (smiles) “Ofcourse. Go to sleep, love.”

He slowly stroke your cheek before he gives you a kiss.

Klaus: “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

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So what are your top five?

This was really, really hard and I cheated at a lot and the number of fic I still had to leave out is heartbreaking. Basically you get two top sevens (in no particular order), one for WIP and one for completed.  I tried to limit myself to one per author (sort of successfully if you only look at one category at a time and ignore honorable mentions).

This is kind of long so the recs are under the cut:

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i have absolutely no energy to get emotional over the the last clip i really dont. its like when i start to think abt it but chest tightens and my mind quickly starts thinkin abt smth else. pls s4 was a fucking mess but this is too much. for so many months this has been something i looked forward to and thought so much abt, no joke sometimes it saved me at my worst moments. just breathe, stay another day, i told myself, skam isnt over yet dont you wanna watch the characters you love on screen till it ends? dont u wanna have a good excuse to stay alive and completely submerge yourself in a fictional universe so you wont have to think about or feel how much your life is going no where. and yeah, it helped. even that long ass 4 month hiatus was pretty good. but then s4 happened and well. yikes. it wasn’t all bad but… yeah, a lot of it wasn’t great. after all the shit ive experienced in the past 2 months with this fandom, im not too sad to see the show end, well, i am, but im more sad to let go of the feeling of happiness it gave me. it used to be the only thing that brightened up my day for just a little bit before i got too bitter, im sad to see that go. but alas dont they say all good things must come to an end.

Chapter 2 | This Thing Called Love
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“It’s Joffrey,” she said, sniffling. 

He handed her a paper napkin, then grimaced as she blew her nose. “What’d the little shit do this time?” 

As always, his gravel-over-concrete voice had things clenching deep inside her. Usually she enjoyed the futile sexual tension, but that night it just made her feel even worse.

“He’s just so bad at sex,” she sobbed into the snotty napkin.

Sandor was silent for a long, shocked moment, and then he laughed. Really hard. For a long time. And then said, “If any woman I’d been with ever said that about me, I’d kill myself.” 

Sansa sniffed. “That’s because you’re the type of person who takes pride in a job well done. I don’t think Joffrey even knows what a job well done is, at least where sex is concerned.”

Sandor began laughing again.

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Okay may I first just say the only reason I found your comic was thanks to Facebooks suggestions and Always Human became the only reason I downloaded Webtoons and the only comic I would read. I would plug my earbuds in and just listen to your beautiful music while reading your comic for almost an hour. I really love Always Human and I hope to see more sketches of it in the future (hopefully a wedding sketch or after life). I'll never stop reading it! What will your next comic be called? If I may

Awww, gosh, thank you so much ;_____;

I’m 100% positive I will draw more of the characters and I’m 90% positive I might try writing some short stories about missing moments from the comic. Always Human is over, but there probably will be more!

Unfortunately I can’t yet talk about my next comic - but as soon as I can, I will :)

Also, if you enjoyed the mix of sci-fi and everyday life in Always Human try Space Boy. If you want to read more LGBT+ comics with characters who will emotionally compromise you try Shootaround, Under the Aegis and Power Ballad. There are lots of really good comics on the app <3


Thank you so much, nice to have you here :D

Anonymous said:Random question but, do you watch Orphan Black perchance?

I do not, though I have heard good things, and may check it out on Netflix one day :)

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Today I watched their SSW episode and their hospital engagement episodes and I just feel in love with them more,they really are a unique couple.

There have been so many amazing moment that I take for granted sometimes. It’s easy to be caught up and consumed by what’s happening in the future and not appreciating what we’ve already been given.
Their story is a unique one that is a true gift! We need to remember and relive the good times when we’re going through a tough patch because it will get better, we will get more incredible moments. :) let’s enjoy the magic that is Robron!

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Hi! I love all of your work with a passion, and I think what you do for people is amazing! Unfortunately, I don't have any way to pay for anything of yours at the moment, but I just wanted you to know that you will soon have another customer!!

Awww thank  you so much for the kind words! They really mean a lot <3

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Barack and Michelle Obama are really cute with each other. I haven't seen those photos before. Almost like Harry and Emmy, yea?

They really are cute! I loved these photos, and they did remind me of Harry and Emmy 😊 and then, for some reason, I wrote this. I think of it as an article that something like Buzzfeed would have published before the birth of baby clarence. Tbh it just killed some time and I enjoyed it. Hope you guys enjoy it 😚💖


Ahead of the arrival of another royal baby, we look back at our favourite PDA moments between Harry and Emmy. Looking back at these, it’s really not surprising that a pregnancy was announced so soon.

1. The balcony on their wedding day

Even Harry and Emmy’s wedding day suggested that their marriage was going to be unlike any other royal marriage. Our first look at how touchy-feely they are was at their wedding. After the ceremony, there was never a moment where they weren’t touching – Harry’s hand on her back guiding her, holding each other’s hands, and, of course, the balcony scene. Not just one kiss, but two, and the second was so intense it had us fanning ourselves.

2. Giving out prizes at polo

During their visit to Florida earlier this year for the 2016 Invictus Games, Harry took part in the Sentebale Polo Cup, which Emmy attended before giving out the prizes. And Harry got more than just a prize – as she gave him his gifts, Harry gave her a huge kiss which had us, and probably Emmy, screaming. We live for Harry’s cheeky disregard for rules.

3. That time Emmy nearly fainted

Still during the American tour, upon arriving to the opening ceremony of the Invictus 2016 Games, it appeared that Emmy nearly fainted upon getting out of the car. Protective hubby Harry was there, and we got some amazing hand-holding, some cuddling, some angry glares at the paparazzi from Harry, and Harry even cupped her cheeks so that she would look up at him to make sure she was alright. Gah!

4. Football match cuddling

Back during the engagement now, and Harry and Emmy went to watch English football team Arsenal play. Emmy was bored, and we got some super cute snuggling, with Harry even kissing the top of her head. This was back before we’d had the amazing balcony kiss, and we lost our minds at how cute they were together.

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KCon Day 1 😶

So, because I talk about them so much I feel like I need to share how I feel after seeing SF9 live tonight.

They are truly incredible performers. There was not one moment during their stages where they didn’t look like they were giving 100%. They were very interactive with the crowd during both their audience and their performance. They all did their best to speak in English even though it seemed a bit harder for some of them and I thought that was really sweet. And, they’re hilarious. Every time they were allowed to just say whatever they wanted they had the whole room cracking up. I am extremely proud to call SF9 my ult group. They deserve every bit of love and attention they receive.

Also, Highlight.

What guys. They’re live stage was so fun and they were very cute and funny. Not to mention they killed every song. Like, my boys can sing, lemme tell you. Nothing but pure talent.

And as for G-Friend, Zion.T, and KNK, Grade A talents. KNK was first to perform and they were incredible. Their stages were flawless. Gfriend, amazing. Vocals on point, I was shookt (Yerin wasn’t there due to being busy with a different schedule so I was a little sad because she’s my bias). And I never really listened to Zion.T before but he was very good. He’s so sweet and his live performance was so good.

That caps off day one. Everyone slayed and SF9 snatched my soul.


YOORAN Week Day 6

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! We are coming to the end and I am sad!!!!

Sigh….anyway, here is Sleepover for @yooranweek

“It’s really coming down out there!” Saeyoung stared out the window, the sheet of rain was so thick he couldn’t see anything. “Um, I could drive you home Yoosung, but, I think it would be better if you just spent the night.”

“Thanks Saeyoung, you don’t mind do you?”

Saeyoung turned to the blonde, “Of course not! But, I’ve got a lot of work to do, so, you’ll be mostly on your own.”

“Yeah, that’s ok, I’m used to it. I’ll just play LOLOL, or watch some TV if that’s ok.”

“Sure! You know where the Honey Buddha Chips are, help yourself. I’ll bring you a pillow and some blankets so you can sleep on the sofa, I hope you don’t mind. I mean, I guess you can sleep in my bed if you really want to. I won’t be in there for hours.”

“No, the sofa is fine, it’s very comfortable.” Yoosung said, smiling at his friend. “Don’t worry about me.”

Yoosung spent the next few hours trying to play LOLOL on his laptop, but he just couldn’t get into it. His mind kept flitting back to Saeran. He’d been unusually quiet while he was over and eventually he’d shut himself up in his room. Yoosung had asked Saeyoung if he’d done something to irritate Saeran, other than the usual. Saeyoung hadn’t answered right away, chewing on his cheek as he thought, finally telling Yoosung that it was probably better to ask Saeran about it, then refocused on the game they were playing. Yoosung hadn’t pressed it, but he couldn’t let it go. He decided to just try and go to sleep. He’d hoped Saeran would come out of his room, but, he hadn’t heard a peep out of him.

He stripped down to his underwear and socks then slid under the blanket. He could see the rain out of the bunker window. It still came down in sheets, the lightning bright when it shot down from the clouds. Yoosung’s eyelids were heavy and they slid over his eyes as he finally fell asleep.

He shot up suddenly, the thunderclap so loud it sounded like a train was about to run him over. His heart raced and he clutched at it as he tried to catch his breath. Another thunder clap shot through the bunker and Yoosung fell off the sofa. He wasn’t scared he told himself. He was fine. He’d been through plenty of thunderstorms before. But somehow, this one seemed as if it was going to crash through the walls. He scrambled to his feet and grabbed his pillow, hugging it to himself. His eyes were wide and when the next thunder rolled, he ran towards Saeyoung’s bedroom. He burst in, but, the red-head was not in bed. Yoosung whined. He must still be working. He was too embarrassed to run in there and ask him to go to bed so he could cuddle and feel safe.

“Idiot!” he berated himself. If he did that Saeyoung would never let him live it down. “It’s just a stupid thunderstorm!” he shuffled towards Saeyoung’s bed, he’d said he could use it. Maybe if he was in a proper bed, he might not feel so insecure.

Two more crashes of thunder rumbled and Yoosung jumped back, hitting the wall behind him. When the sound died out he ran to Saeran’s room, before he could really think about what he was doing, he opened the door and jumped into bed next to Saeran’s vague form. He wrapped his arm around his waist and buried his head between Saeran’s shoulder blades.

“What the fuck!” Saeran was startled awake, he was very firmly being held. At first, he thought it was Saeyoung messing with him, but then he felt the body pressed against him shivering, and soft sobbing from behind him. He looked down and recognized Yoosung’s delicate wrist, and his hand clutched against his belly. His eyes went wide. Why was Yoosung in his bed? Why was he clutching him close? Saeran closed his eyes and gulped. This was not happening!

Thunder rolled again overhead, the rumble so loud Saeran almost missed the whimper from behind him. He twisted around to face Yoosung and the younger man looked up at him sheepishly, tears in his eyes.

Saeran narrowed his eyes and tried to extricate himself from him. But Yoosung was not letting go.

“Sss…sorry…Saeran…I…I…” the thunder rolled through the air, it felt as if it was rattling the windows. Yoosung hid his head in Saeran’s chest, throwing his leg over Saeran’s and capturing him in a vice like grip.

Fuck, Saeran thought. He wanted to push him away, wanted to throw him out of his room, whatever his reaction to the storm was. But he couldn’t lie to himself. He liked Yoosung in his arms. He liked being able to sooth him, much like Yoosung had soothed him during his anxiety attacks. He brought his hand up and stroked Yoosung’s sweaty hair. He tried to calm his heart. Yoosung was just scared, he wasn’t here because he felt the same way about Saeran as Saeran felt about him.

Saeran sighed, he’d come to terms with the feelings he had for Yoosung. He’d tried to deny them, tried to hide them, tried to push them away, but every time he saw Yoosung, they came flooding back.

Yoosung looked up at him, his amethyst eyes wavering and afraid.

“It’s ok Yoosung, it’s just a storm, you can stay here as long as you need to.” Saeran ran his hand across his cheek, sliding his arm under Yoosung’s head so he could settle on it comfortably.

“Are…are you sure?” Yoosung sniffed. Saeran smiled and nodded, pressing Yoosung’s head against his chest. “Thank you Saeran.” He was muffled against Saeran’s chest. “I…I’m not usually like this. I don’t know why the thunder is affecting me like this.”

“It’s ok, sometimes our bodies do things we don’t want them to.”

Yoosung relaxed against Saeran, acutely aware of his naked skin under his cheek and chest. And, everywhere else. “Um, Saeran?”

“Mmhmm?” his lips were buried in Yoosung’s hair. It smelled of his shampoo, a crisp almost citrusy scent. His fingers ran through the yellow strands, his other hand running up and down Yoosung’s back, his fingers playing on his spine like a piano.

“Are…are you naked?”

Saeran’s eyes flashed open, “Uh, oh, well, yes, I mean, I get really hot, and, uh, well, I….” Saeran’s face was bright red but Yoosung had not let go of him, or he would have slipped out of bed and put something on.

“Right, it’s ok, I surprised you. I…I don’t mind.” Yoosung swallowed, his body breaking out in a cold sweat. “Cc…can I ask you something?” Yoosung pressed against Saeran briefly when another loud crash sounded overhead. Saeran kissed the top of his head and Yoosung sighed into his chest.

“What did you want to ask me?” Saeran prodded.

“Oh, yeah, did…did I do something wrong?”

“What? Why would you ask that?”

“Because, because you’ve been avoiding me.”

“Oh, that.”

“Saeyoung said I should ask you about it, he wouldn’t tell me.”

Saeran took a deep breath, resting his cheek on the top of Yoosung’s head. He wanted to tell him, but, he didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. But how much more uncomfortable could he be? He was already snuggled up against his cock, and it was far from soft.

“Yoosung, you didn’t do anything wrong, you never do anything wrong.”

Yoosung pushed away from him so he could look into his eyes, “Then why?”

“Can’t you guess?” Saeran whispered, his mint green eyes wide and fearful.

“Do…do you like me?” Yoosung breathed, his hands felt clammy, waiting for the answer. He knew which one he wanted to hear. He’d realized how he felt about Saeran a while back, but thought that he would never find someone like him interesting enough to want to be with. He was just a kid, a stupid, naïve, gullible kid with no idea about his future.

“Yes.” Saeran barely opened his mouth to let the word out.

“Really?” Yoosung bit his lower lip, his nails digging into Saeran’s skin.

Saeran nodded and Yoosung grinned. He moved his hand to Saeran’s cheek.

“I like you too.”

Saeran licked his lips and stared into Yoosung’s lavender eyes, frozen. He wanted to kiss him. He wanted to lean in and claim those pink lips as his own, but he hesitated. Yoosung was very aware of all the skin to skin contact, his underwear being the only barrier between them. He blushed and buried his head in Saeran’s chest once more.

“I…I didn’t think you would ever like someone like me.” Yoosung whispered. The hair in the back of Saeran’s neck stood on end at the warm breath Yoosung was expelling across his exposed flesh.

“Someone like you?” Saeran asked, making circles with his finger on Yoosung’s back.

“Yeah, you know, a nobody, naïve, and gullible. You’re so tough, and scary sometimes, and really edgy.”

Saeran laughed, and Yoosung’s blush brightened. Was Saeran laughing at him?

“Yoosung.” Saeran tilted his head so he could look into his eyes. “I’m not tough at all, I’m always scared, everything out there scares me. It isn’t just Saeyoung that keeps me here, I’m too scared to step into the real world, I’ve never been a part of it. I don’t understand it. And to me you are so very brave, a lot braver than me, and you’re not a nobody. You make me feel safe, and you have no idea how much that means to me. How much you mean to me. You’re so full of light, why would you want to be with someone that will only drag you into the darkness?” his eyes brimmed with tears and they began to flow over his cheeks.

Yoosung’s lip quivered and his heart pounded. Could Saeran hear it? Could he feel it?

“I can share it with you. My light, I’ll make it burn bright enough for us both. I promise.”

Saeran couldn’t help but smile at how earnest Yoosung looked. There had been several loud thunder claps overhead while they had been speaking, but Yoosung had not reacted to them in the least.

“I’d like that.” Saeran’s voice quavered and he sniffled, trying to stop his crying.

Yoosung wondered at how they had ended up like this. Yoosung was usually the one that ended up sobbing. He wiped the tears from his cheeks and kissed the trail down to his chin. They were so close, their breath mixing. Saeran closed the distance between them and pressed his salty lips against Yoosung’s. They were as soft as he imagined them to be. Soft and pliant. Their breathes became heavier, their chests heaving against each other, Saeran pulled Yoosung over him and Yoosung straddled Saeran, kneeling to either side of Saeran.

They smiled at each other and Saeran continued to run his hand down Yoosung’s back and over his ass. Yoosung hummed and glued their lips together once more. The thunder shook the windows but Yoosung was beyond hearing it. His body thrummed with Saeran’s touch.

He was flushed as he felt Saeran’s semi hard cock. He couldn’t believe how assertive he had been with Saeran. Yoosung had never done anything like this, but he couldn’t stop himself. Maybe Saeran was right, sometimes your body did things you had no control over.


Saeyoung finished his work around three in the morning. He walked itno the living room to grab some water and check on Yoosung. He was rubbing his eyes, attempting to hold back a yawn, but failing miserably. He tried to be quiet, so he wouldn’t wake him up. When he peeked over the sofa, there was nothing there but the blanket he had given Yoosung to sleep on. He looked around, but there was nowhere else Yoosung could have picked to sleep. Scratching his head he guessed maybe Yoosung had taken him up on sleeping on his bed. Grabbing the water, he headed towards his room.

He opened the door quietly, but as he approached the bed, it was clear Yoosung was not in it. He was beginning to get worried. He decided to check Saeran’s room. Saeyoung had begun to worry about Saeran’s feelings for Yoosung. To Saeyoung, they were clear, but Yoosung was oblivious. He’d spoken to Saeran, suggesting that he tell Yoosung how he felt, but it had ended up in an argument with Saeran stating that he was not good enough for someone like Yoosung. Saeyoung had told him that it was up to Yoosung to decide that, not Saeran. Saeran had shoved past him and slammed his bedroom door shut, they had not spoken about it since.

He opened the door slowly as well and was stunned to see the two wrapped in each other’s arms, Yoosung’s head on Saeran’s chest and they looked like they were both naked. Saeyoung’s eyes flew wide and he had to resist the urge to fly into the room and jump on the bed. He backed up and closed the door.

Morning time would be early enough to start teasing them. He grinned, happy for his brother and his best friend.

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Lately I've had a lot of moments where I just don't really feel.. real? I guess? I've tried some grounding techniques but it hasn't done much.. It'll go away for a bit and come back when I'm down again. Like a distraction. :/ Same if I do something I enjoy or whatever. Can I get a star please? I love your blog! ❤

Kind of like depersonalization? It sounds like your lack of feeling real is connected to low moods, which could be related to past experiences, trauma, or different thoughts.

I would see if you can talk to someone about it, someone who can help you isolate the cause and provide a plan of treatment. You are here, you are real, and you are important.

I hope everything goes well! Remember that you are not alone in this <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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do you still like to visit other people's dream addresses? if not its fine u can ignore this ahehe... but mine is 5F00-0032-DF59 !! it's almost complete and i'd love some feedback :0 only if u want to tho~ have a really nice day!!

yes, I sure do! I will post my trip there in just a moment ♪ thank you for sharing~ and congrats on your town being almost complete! please have a lovely day as well ♡

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I'm an artist and have done many portraits and I really like your style. The thing is, when you're drawing a person or copying a photo you don't necessarily want a perfect reproduction. That would be rather boring and you don't want to be a human xerox machine. I like that your portraits are uniquely yours. That's what makes them interesting. And the feelings you capture are wonderful. Well done you.

Wow, thank you @buffyandhenrietta, what an absolutely lovely message to wake up to.

I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me, and I am so humbled by your words.

You are right in that each artist has a style of their own - I have always gravitated towards realism, but yes, I do love trying to capture the emotion of a particular moment, and if people believe that I have been successful in doing that in some of my sketches, well that’s just the best news this amateur artist could have. 😀

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Omg the full circle anon you just answered. Boom!! What if Mona finds out at the moment she slaps Twincer? And she's in her -A outfit because she's facing who stole the game from her!

Yes!!!! It kind of perfectly parallels Mona’s reveal if so. Except instead of Mona being revealed, she’s the one doing the revealing! I love this. I really hope this happens. Full circle to the FULLEST!