i just really loved this moment

Like holy shit guys can you believe captain swan happened? Like can you believe we got to see every moment from ust to banter to trusting to friendship to fighting to making out to I love you’s and separations and the best kind of reunions and fighting for one another and learning to open up and just these two amazing lonely people who had spent most of their lives searching for love and family, actually finding it and finding true love and such ridiculous happiness like



What a time to be alive

When asked about her golden globes nominations, the ever gracious and humble Cait responded:

It’s such a nice thing to get recognized. It’s a testament to the writing. You know I especially last year had some incredible episodes and I think when you’re given material that you can really sink your teeth into, it’s just such a joy as an actor…None of these moments happen on their own. You’re only ever as good as the person in scenes with you. And so when any of us get recognition like that, it’s really nice for all of us because we work bloody hard, and it’s nice to get invited to a nice party, you know those things are really lovely. But at the same point, this job is just bloody brilliant anyway, so I kind of feel like I’m one of the lucky ones.


BTS Reaction to: Their s.o becoming blind after an accident

Anon asked: “Hello! Can i ask a bts reaction where their s/o become blind after an accident? Thank you!“

Author’s note: This is really sad but I added some fluff in it. Still the feels though! Gifs aren’t mine.x 


The moment the doctor said those words Seokjin felt his heart break. Not just because you could never see him again, but also because you lost your vision. He knew how much you loved to look at pretty fields of flowers and sunsets but now you were blind you would never be able to see that again. When you broke down Seokjin quickly rushed to your side in attempt to comfort you. 

“Y/N, I can’t even imagine what you must be going through right now but please know that I’m not gonna leave you, okay? I’ll be here by your side to help you through this.” 


Yoongi couldn’t even start to imagine what must have been going through your head. He thought it was awful that you could never see again but he was the one with the vision while you just lost it. Yoongi would push his own feelings aside and would make sure that you were somewhat okay. He wasn’t crazy and knew that it would take you a very long time to accept it but he’d make sure that he’ll always be there. 

“Y/N, baby, I love you. Please remember that. You’re very strong and you can get through this, okay?” 


Just like you he’d break down. As if your car accident hadn’t been bad enough already, the doctor also just told you that you were blind. You’d never see again. Hoseok couldn’t even imagine how you’d feel but he was too caught up in his own thoughts. He’d tightly hold your hand as he slowly started to realize that you’d never be able to see him again, or your future kids if you’re luckily enough to have those. Just those thoughts alone made him cry harder but he always wanted to be there for you. So he just held you tightly as you both cried together. 

“I’m so sorry all of this is happening to you Y/N. You really don’t deserve all of this. I love you so much” 


Namjoon would be the most mature one in this situation. He’d try to be strong for you while on the inside he was completely breaking down. Just the thought of you never being able to see again made tears swell up behind his eyes. Namjoon quickly wiped them away as he gently rubbed your back while you listened to the doctor. He felt the need to be there for you even more than he already was. Namjoon would do everything just to help you. He’d make changes in the house so it would be safer for you. He knew he could never make you able to see again but he could make it as comfortable for you as possible. 

“Y/N, I know that I can’t give you your vision back but the least I can do is trying to make you feel comfortable and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” 


Just like Hoseok Jimin would get very emotional. He knew this would have a big impact on both of your lives but he loves you so leaving you didn’t even cross his mind once. Jimin wanted you to feel comfortable so just like Namjoon he’d to whatever just so you’d feel a little better. He’d make sure to be by your side at all times because he knew just how much you needed him during this hard time. When he noticed that you were starting to feel bad he’d instantly rush to your side to embrace you tightly, knowing that his hugs would always make you feel better.” 

“Y/N, just know that I’ll be here no matter what, okay? If you want to go somewhere just let me know and I’ll come with you.” 


Despite being young he knew this had a bigger effect on you than it did on him, so he’d put your feelings before his own. Just like Namjoon he’d make sure you were okay first. He’d try to convince you that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and that he wouldn’t leave you over this. Once he was all alone he’d break down completely. Taehyung couldn’t even imagine what it would be like from now on since you couldn’t see him anymore. So your relationship changed a little. You two became a lot touchier because it made both of you feel more comfortable. It made you feel comfortable because you knew he was there and Taehyung because it made him realize that your relationship was still worth holding on to. 

“Y/N. I know you might not be able to see me anymore but as you can tell I’m always by your side. I just want you to be safe.” 


His whole world would come crashing down. You were his everything and if there was one thing Jungkook absolutely loved about you it was the way you looked at him. Because of his young age he still had some insecurities and was scared that you’d leave him. But when he saw the way you looked at him he’d always be reassured. Knowing that that would never happen again just made his heart break. Jungkook realized that he had to come up with a way to show you that he wasn’t gonna leave you. So for the next couple of weeks he was practically glued to your side. He’d do everything for you. He’d do your paperwork, help you around and cuddle with you when you felt sad. Jungkook knew that this was obviously harder on you than it was on him so he tried his best to be strong for you and to be a good boyfriend. 

“Are you sure you don’t need anything else Y/N? If you need something just tell me, okay? I’m supposed to take care of you and I will.” 


I swear these are the last screenshots I’ll post, but I just really want to talk about this scene. I’ve wanted to since the first time I saw it, but now I feel like I finally know what I want to say.

I cannot stress how much I absolutely loved this scene. It feels like this was the first glimpse of Adventurer!Donald we got.

He saw Dewey was in danger and looked around. In less than a second, as Dewey was jumping onto the bridge of lazer sensor things, he had a solution. And man, he went for it. Look at that awesome posing during this sequence. Donald wasn’t being played for a laugh at this moment- in fact, he was juxtaposed with Dewey, who wasn’t taking this seriously at all. Donald was the serious character in this scene. 

So this shows us a little bit of what Donald is capable of, and this scene is one of the reasons I was so, so disappointed in the more recent comic. I was hoping to see more of this from Donald, not… what we got. I’m hoping beyond hope that this Donald is what the show gives us when the time is right.

Donald is clearly able to think on his feet, which shows that he’s a bit more clever than his other animated iterations (if, you know, the way he tricked Scrooge into agreeing to take the boys for the day didn’t already clue you into that fact).
He’s also risking his own safety here- the way he’s holding that shield, if this wasn’t a cartoon his fingers would be burned. In fact, we see near the end of this sequence that his hands are burning.

He holds that shield there as long as he can, until the pressure builds up and the burning-hot shield knocks him aside.

If this weren’t a cartoon, Donald would be so injured right now.

The bottom line is this scene is probably my favourite from the entire show so far, and gives me high hopes for how DuckTales 2017 (the show, the comic’s already let me down) will treat Donald. I really, really hope to see more moments like this, where we can actually feel like he used to be an adventurer. Where we can actually think Webby’s words, “Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!” was truth and not just inflated fangirl dreaming.

Give me more Donald thinking on his feet and risking himself to save his family (which he did a surprising amount of times throughout the comics), give me a Donald who is confident and competent at least sometimes, give me a Donald who can be bad luck and clumsy and still have his adventurous BAMF moments like this, as small as they might be. We got some of it in Daytrip of Doom and House of the Lucky Gander, but in a more comedic fashion than this scene. This scene just… really caught my attention, and I hope for future scenes that do the same.


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GUYS! THAT SON OF A BITCH DID ALL OF THIS ON PURPOSE!!! In the livestream, “I Explain Everything”, he told us to calm down and that the van videos were just for fun. YET A FEW MORE VIDEOS OUT AND HE PULLS THIS BULLSHIT! He told us that to get into our heads and to distract us from what was really going on!!! EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY!!! LIFE IS A LIE!!!! 

(so, my brain is basically fried from trying to figure out theories about the recent video, so I just did this for shits and giggles.)

P.S.: I love how everyone suspected the T.V. the moment we all saw it, and a few videos later it actually does become suspicious. Hell, maybe the van will be the next spooky video

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Hi ! May I request a scenario with Mccree being really flirty with a new overwatch member and what would he do when he realize he fell in love? Thx you ♡

I love this stupid cowboy more than the times I’ve said it lol

He wasn’t sure when it happened, just that he would have sudden moments of clarity and he’d understand just how far gone he was when it came to you. The moments would fade and he’d be engrossed in the words coming out of your smooth, flushed lips as you told stories of your day and asked him questions. You never judged him, he could be completely at ease around you and not need to be concerned with you taking advantage of him, you were too kind to him. He thinks it was the moment you offered to make him a real southern dinner that he realized just how in love with you he was.

The way you’re clumsy but somehow poised elegantly, how you smile when you simply see him walk into a room, how your voice sounds when you talk about something dear to you. Everything about you screamed to him, begged his attention and his adoration, you had him in the palm of your hand and he doubts you even know it. But he wanted you to know it, he needed you to know it. He’d never pressure you into anything, that was the last thing he wanted. And he’d never stop being your friend but he had to get this off of his chest, had to tell you just how much you meant to him.

He needed to talk to Ana, ask her how to properly woo you without being creepy or making you uncomfortable, he wanted to do this right. So he picked himself up off of the carpeted floor of his living room and went to find her, hoping desperately that she could help him because lord knows he needed it.

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Hey! How're you? I just read your Gaster nightmare post and I loved the angst, but if you wouldn't mind could you do something where the S/O coaxed the nightmare out of the Gasters, and when they admit what happened the S/O comforts them and assures them that they love them, just something loving and fluffy? If you don't want to though I understand, thank you!~ p.s. I love you and your blog! *hugs*

( nightmare chrono here)

(Heyy, here’s the gaster nightmare)

UT Gaster: He get’s distant. But also clingy. He avoids you, just to suddenly latch onto you the next moment. Like he doesn’t really know what he wants. And he get’s so much more afraid of the dark.

He got better, he did. He was able to walk through the dark to the nearest light switch, but then from one day to the other, he suddenly couldn’t anymore. He suddenly collapsed again in fear, shivering in a heap on the floor until you turned on the light for him.

It takes you a long time to make him finally open up to you. He doesn’t want to talk about it, he is so afraid you will think bad of him, leave him. But he can’t take it any longer and finally tells you about his dream, finally lets it all out.

And you stay. You stay, hugging him as he clings to you, telling him that it was just a dream, that he wouldn’t do something like that. That you trust him and know he would never hurt anybody like that.

It doesn’t help completely, but he can walk through the dark to the nearest light switch again.

UF Gaster: He stops being actually enthusiastic about his job. Every time he does something, every time he starts some kind of experiment or just looks at his instruments, he can’t help but see flashes from his dream in front of his inner eye.

His frustration with his job turns into frustration outside his job, he is just a growling, stressed, grumpy man. And he can’t tell you, he can’t tell you, because it is something he could actually do one day. One day his curiosity will be the only thing left of him, and he could do it. He could hurt you.

So he stops sleeping. No problem with nightmares if you don’t sleep, more time to fix this problem. Somehow. Of course, it doesn’t work, he is just tired. So tired. He barely knows whats going out around him anymore. So he ends up spilling everything to you, not even registering that it is you and that he is talking about his dream, the one he can’t tell you.

He only notices two warm hands around his body, a mattress under his bed, and soft words telling him that he is alright and everything will be fine until he is suddenly asleep.

US Gaster: He lived long enough not to be bothered by silly dreams. He lived long enough to know that it was just something from his imagination, fueled by the movie you two where watching.

But he can’t help it, he is so tense since he woke up in your lap. His hand feel wrong, sticky, wet. Like there is blood on them, but they are clean. He keeps rubbing them until they are raw and hurt, but he can’t stop it. He hates it. He hates how something so silly is affecting him.

He gives up trying to solve it on his own too. He is old enough to know that he can’t solve everything himself, and this is one of those things he needs help with. So he talks to you, tells you about his dream. 

He is prepared for you to lash out that you would dream something like that. To tell him not be such an idiot, and just get over the dream. He knows you wouldn’t say something like that, but he can’t stop being afraid of it.

Instead, you pull him close to you, stroking his back and telling him that it’s alright, kissing his hand gently. They stop feeling strange, they finally feel clean again.

SF Gaster: He ate more than ever before. Like he was afraid to be hungry, he ate even when he was full, making himself sick more often than not. You are starting to worry, how he desperately shoves any food in his food like he is starving, just from one day to the other. 

He doesn’t talk to you, he keeps away from you. He always smelled your hair and rubbed his face over your neck and shoulders. But he suddenly stopped. And you don’t know why. He is so afraid that you will smell like food, that he will just want to sink his theet in you and tear you apart.

After you find him, kneeling in the bathroom and throwing up more food then he should have eaten, for the god knows what time this week, you ask him again what happened. And this time you push until he finally gives away and tells you. He feels terrible and he can’t keep doing this anymore. He just wants to hold you again.

You hug him, holding him as he tries to struggle against the touch. He smells your hair, he strokes your arms, he presses himself against you. Everything is alright. He isn’t hungry. He won’t eat you. You don’t smell like food.

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Hiya! I just wanted to talk about the way Timmy, or Elio, says "no" when Oliver asks him if he'll hold what happened last night against him, when theyre at the lake. I've seen the film twice and that part really stuck with me and i wanted to see if anyone else remembers it

Of course we can talk about this! I think about this part often - thank you for bringing it up!

Timothée’s delivery of that “No.” was so perfect and just what I imagined from the book. The book passage says:

As we were swimming back, he asked as though it were an afterthought, “Are you going to hold last night against me?”

“No,” I answered. But I had answered too swiftly for someone who meant what he was saying. To soften the ambiguity of my no, I said I’d probably want to sleep all day.

Tell me Timothée didn’t play that perfectly?! To be honest, Armie sets the “No.” up beautifully as well. But you can really see that Elio is trying not to hurt Oliver - he knows the right answer is no, he’s not going to hold it against Oliver. Because he knows his own issues are not to do with Oliver, they’re to do with what they spent the night doing. But his “No.” was so utterly unconvincing… it honestly broke my heart a little bit, to see Oliver’s reaction. To hear how Elio wanted to be kind, but couldn’t muster up enough with the way he was feeling to make Oliver believe it. It’s such a small moment but it’s so significant. I love it.

Anyway… tl;dr: Timothée is a genius and he literally became Elio and every choice he made was taken right from Elio’s mind because he absolutely nailed it.

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I always love it when you draw Eddie smiling bc he always seems like a tiny bomb of rage ready to pop at any moment and seeing him smile just makes me weak- okay this has been a spa

Thank you!! I really agree with that lol eddie always frowning. (but cute though)
well, I want to draw happy, funny moment for everyone. 😁😁

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What are some of your favourite Naruto moments? Like the more important ones and then those less important but really funny ones? I loved Sakura blossoming in the forest of death. I also loved when Ibiki explained that if one teammate gets a zero the whole team fails and Sasuke and Sakura immediately choke haha

It’s hard to say, I’m not sure I can decide on what my favourite overall moments were, there are just too many, lol.

As for the more light hearted and funny moments though, 3 come to mind.

The first was when Naruto essentially gave Kankuro a proverbial slap to the face, where despite the latter’s compliments, Naruto gave no fucks:

That moment made me chuckle, lol.

The second was when Naruto was pleading with Sasuke to return to the village when they met at the Valley of the End, informing him of how much the others had sacrificed to get to this point. And Sasuke’s response? “Good for them”! Yet another case of giving absolutely no fucks

That also made me chuckle.

However, the funniest thing in the series for me has always been one thing, and I can’t see it ever being beaten - The filler from the anime where Shino was made to uncharacteristically laugh hysterically. Despite this being a filler, it actually made me laugh out loud; nothing else in the series had made me reach that stage of laughter:

That filler was absolutely masterful; watching Shino laugh out loud like a crazed lunatic never ever gets old XD it was by far the funniest thing to ever happen in Naruto, and it will live on in my memory for a very long time :)


it’s my birthday ! and i really hate days like this . i could spin a sob story that’d span decades but i wont . thats not what this is about . i just wanna give a huge shout out to some of my favourite people here , people i’ve formed a close bond with and people who really make me look forward to logging on . writing noctis has become something of a coping mechanism for me ,  i see a lot of myself in him and then to come to a place where people just… love him , and are so excited to write with him , its really - its really amazing .  life’s been tough as shit lately , im hanging on by a thread and i can say without a doubt you guys make getting out of bed worth it .  so this is more a birthday gift to myself. just a quick moment of wow, so this is what its like to be  cherished  thank you all . seriously just . thanks . i owe you all in ways i couldn’t fathom with words . 

                                            — yours truly , dolce , your weird friend . 21 / 11 / 17

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Final Fantasy XV

I got Final Fantasy XV thinking it was just a fun action adventure game about four friends on a road trip. 

“It’s a light-hearted, but really powerful story, and the game gives you heaps to discover” -EB games sales person

Originally posted by littletaro

Light-hearted my ass. I had never been left so emotionally impacted by the end of a game before, and I absolutely loved it (once I took some deep breaths).
It’s stories like this- powerful, full of memorable moments and emotion -that stick in your head.

As I followed the tale of Final Fantasy XV, I quickly fell in love with it’s main characters as they bonded over the course of the game.

Like Prompto, a deep and relatable character hidden beneath a generally optimistic, childlike demeanour.

Gladiolus, a hard headed, duty driven character, who has a tendency to push others to their limits, and perhaps, on occasion, beyond them.

Ignis, the voice of reason in the group, who always has his friends best interests at heart. Notable achievements include deciphering Kenny Crow’s secret recipe and world’s best flame roasted toast.

And of course, prince Noctis, the main playable character that the story primarily follows. As he matures throughout the story, he goes from an occasionally insolent young man, to a great king, who quickly learns the importance of his role as the prophesied ‘chosen king’.

I think what makes this game so special to me is that I really had no idea what I was getting into when I popped it in my console. It was an amazing game by all rights, and if nothing else, it deserved this post… yea, I’ve been wanting to preach about this game for a while now. Well, I’m off; gonna go see what Ignis has cookin’.


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Overgirl is like RedK Kara 3.0 and I am sooo hyped! I love Kara's darker moments and even though Kara from Earth-X isn't really the Kara we know its still fun to watch Mel play a dark role.

I love to watch Melissa playing dark roles. She’s such an outstanding actress. The way her facial expressions and demeanor change so drastically is just pure talent. Give her an oscar already. 

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I just read the most recent Open Tab chapter and I LOVED it. My favorite part was definitely that little kiyoyachi moment. It was the highlight of my day (I LIVE for kiyoyachi) and it was so goddamn cute I almost fell off my chair squealing. The bit where you touched on sexuality, etc. was really nice, too, and well appreciated. Anyway, good job on getting it done and out of the way! Love, Radiant Anon

KiyoYachi is so pure. I wish I had the guts to write more of them but I’m sure I would RUIN them so itty bitty moments is all I can manage. (In Open Tab.)

Next chapter is gonna blow over better than this one.

I can feel it.

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My niece killed herself yesterday, and so we won’t do Thanksgiving this year. Blog probably won’t lapse bc I have a lot of reblogs queued up. All the love and prayers for our family, please.

Please remember, suicide in the heat of the moment to show someone they’d be sorry doesn’t just affect that one person. And really, no pos is worth your life. If someone doesn’t appreciate you or love you like they should, that’s on them, not you. Live your best life while they’re wasting theirs.

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Do you ever look at Jaehwan and just kind of melt? Because he’s such a good soul and a delightful person and it doesn’t matter too much if you’re not really happy right now, Jyani can lend you some of his until you find your own again..?

LIKE UMMMM….EVERY TIME???? but literally, when i have a bad day i spend an hour or even more just watching fancams from his musicals or other moments when he’s with his starlight babies. HE’S SO LOVING??? ♥♥♥

I was tagged by @matildaswan - thank you!

1) How many works in progress do you currently have in progress?

Actually, probably the least I’ve had for ages! concerto for two is drafted barring the last chapter and I’ve got a couple of smaller bits at various stages. Plus a few prompts sitting in my inbox waiting for me to attend to them (if one of them is yours, I’m sorry). And of course the obligatory selection of ideas that haven’t progressed beyond just that (and might never do so). I also have two original ideas that aren’t really progressing at the moment but are still in the back of my mind.

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Smells like warm, gatorland, oh jemima :)

What is your favorite DnP quote/moment? Definitely when Dan read out “I love you Phil” not because he said it, but watching Phil’s reaction, that “Are we really doing this right now?” and then a hesitant “Is that you saying that Dan or did someone say it in the chat?” because like, if he and Dan didn’t have something going on, Phil would have just known it was chat and laughed along. But to him there was a chance Dan was just telling him he loved him, and that makes me all warm and fuzzy.

What is your favorite DnP trip? Singapore for all those married-ass pics.


What is your favorite pinof? I will always have a soft spot for pinof 2, I mean..

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I’m here.


#steve gets dustin through the week and nancy gets him on weekends