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Hi Ally! What do you use as reference when you draw the BTS members? Do you practice from real life (pictures of the members etc) or do you look at how other artists draw them? I just wanna ask an artist's opinion because I wanna start drawing them soon.. Thanks! I love your art, you're really amazing

ohhh i actually…..don’t refer to anything. it’s a habit that has its pros and cons but i prefer not to use references and rely on memory to craft their faces and choose features to emphasise to make them more recognisable?

demigod!au shin hoseok
  • with such a pretty face and a god complex, it’s obvious
  • he’s the child of hephaestus!!! ha hA h a just kidding ,,, aphrodite
  • he embodies all of his mom’s traits sO well ,,, valentine’s day is ofc his favorite holiday ,,,, All The Ladies Love Him ,,,,, and even when he’s not tryna flirt his movements and his speech are really smooth and suave and fluent and it’s just???? so alluring???
  • when hyunwoo first met hoseok, he questioned his own sexuality
  • “that’s ,,,,,,, the most beautiful man i’ve ever ,,,,,,,,,”
  • all of the younger female campers have crushes on hoseok
  • he endlessly dotes on them so it’s not like ,,,, you can blame them ,,,,, he’ll sit with some of them at dinner and squish their cheeks and coo and kiss their heads and tell them how pretty they are ,,,,, meanwhile the Older girls sit silently and stew because they want that attention >:(
  • he kind of ,,,, gets around though
  • he’s basically ,, programmed to feel an abundance of love and attraction and stuff so he can often be found hiding in the pegasus stables with a nymph or another camper ,,,,,,,, but he doesn’t usually keep his interest and he inadvertently drops them ,,,, he Honestly doesn’t mean to hurt anybody, but it’s just the way he is ,,,,
  • and because of this, there are a handful of bitter female campers who’ll stare longingly at him ,,,,, “he’s such a jerk but why do i still want him”
  • because he’s such a damn good kisser, duh
  • he’s also ,,, got really soft hands ,,, and he knows how to use them
  • he gets up every morning at dawn and jogs around the camp ,,,, shirtless ,,,,, some say that such a sight deserves to be registered as one of the seven wonders of the world
  • h ,,, onestly ,,,, most of hoseok’s friends are at least 10% gay for him
  • hyunwoo’s a good 30% though ,,,, Bless His Heart
  • and even though hoseok’s a huge ladykiller and master of seduction, he’s still a big softy and adores this one pegasus named crossfire and he’s at the stables as often as he can be ,,,,, he spends his spare time teaching the younger campers about the importance of being healthy and active ,,,, he’s achieved ultimate Dad™ status but he doesn’t even realize
  • he actually wasn’t present the day that you arrived at camp because he had taken some of his younger siblings canoeing in the lake
  • so ,,, when he gets back to the camp ,,, his hair is wet and dripping water ,,,, he’s got his ball cap on backwards ,,,,,, he’s shirtless under his life jacket ,,,, his shirt’s in his hand ,,,,,
  • the two of you make eye contact even despite the large crowd of campers that were surrounding you and you sWEAR your heart did ,,, some kind of olympic gymnastic routine in the your chest
  • he ,,,, wants to come up and introduce himself and meet you but he’s instantly approached by some other girls ,,, he decides that he should probably go take a shower and he starts to walk away ,,, but he does offer a couple more glances back at you on his way back to his cabin
  • your dad was zeus ,,, you knew that
  • you’d known for a while, actually, but ,,, you had never visited the infamous camp ,, that he had told you about every single time he contacted you ,,, before ,,, but now, here you were
  • everyone’s surprised, and a couple don’t believe you, but the holographic storm cloud ,, that shoots lightning and everything ,, that appears as soon as you get your first skeptical eyebrow raise was enough to squash suspicions
  • it was around sunset when you arrived, so after dinner, you were able to get to your cabin and get things ready for bed
  • it ,,,,,, was empty, except for you ,, but you didn’t have a hard time making friends since your arrival, so maybe you weren’t too worried about it
  • you had claimed a top bunk for yourself, but you were sitting on the edge of the bed underneath it, reflecting on the past few hours
  • and ,,,, your mind Flashed back to that guy from earlier ,,,, did you see him at dinner??? you don’t remember ,,, you don’t think so ,,, his face is one that sticks out in a crowd, you wouldn’t have NOT noticed him if he was back in sight
  • you also start to think about ,,,, the way that he had made you feel
  • you didn’t even know his name!!! and yet you really, really wanted to,,,,,,
  • you just ,,, try to shake off the feeling because then you remember all of the girls that surrounded him ,, plus maybe he’s gay ,,,, one way or another, there’s no reason for you to try to get to know him like that because he’s probably not interested in you
  • bUT he definitely is??? maybe it’s not ,,,,,,, a permanent interest or anything because He’s hoseok and he’s not good with feelings and romance and ,,,, relationships and love and stuff ,,,,, but he at least wants to know you because????? he might’ve felt a little something something when your eyes met and ,,,, in the tradition ho ,,, seok way ,,,, he wants to indulge in that potential
  • but things are completely opposite end of the spectrum ,,,, you go out of you way to avoid him because you don’t want an awkward confrontation of your possible feelings ,,,, he definitely wants a confrontation of a possible attraction ,,,, It’s A Mess
  • a few weeks go by, and you successfully keep away from him
  • but ,,, unfortunately ,,,, one of the best friends that you’ve made at camp is also a mutual friend of hoseok’s ,,,, once you found this information out, you knew that a meeting would be inevitable ,,,, stupid kihyun and his small circle of friends
  • it was a game of capture the flag
  • not a big game, with all of the cabins, but a small one, one that included you and kihyun and some other people that you all found at the very least tolerable within the camp ,,,, and ,,,,, hoseok ,,,, except he was on a different team than you so you weren’t all that worried about it
  • well ,,,,,,,,,, you should have been
  • as the newest camper, no one had really seen your abilities yet, so you were able to surprise everyone ,, even yourself really ,, when you managed to disappear into the trees ,,, easily making your way to the enemy’s flag ,,,,, and just as you were reaching for it ,,,,,
  • it was snatched away ,, you look around and you see hoseok ,,, he’s got a Wicked grin on your face ,,, you’re like “oh no” ,,,, this is the eXACT thing that you’ve been trying to avoid since you met the dude and here he was, the one obstacle in your way of winning the game for your team
  • “oh ,,,,, y/n ,,,, great to see you”
  • you’re initially like ,, how does he know your name????? but kihyun probably brought you up at one point in a conversation
  • stupid kihyun
  • “i kinda wish you weren’t seeing me right now ,,, and you can make that happen if you just give me that ,,,,, flag in your hand”
  • he just tilts his head, his smile disappearing and a mock look of concern on his face “what if i don’t want to let that happen???? because i’ve been trying to talk to you since you got to camp ,,,, started to think you were purposely avoiding me”
  • “i was”
  • yoUR honesty kinda shocks him there ,,,,, he lets his guard down for a second and you lunge forward, reaching for the flag but he’s still too fast and pulls it away from you “i haven’t done anything ,,, why would you avoid me”
  • ok ,,,,,, now you’re out of honest answers
  • so you just don’t say anything at all ,,,,, you just want the Damn Flag
  • you’re ,, a little ,, too close for comfort ,,,,,, the is the EXACT kind of thing that you were trying !! to !! not !! let !! happen !!
  • because now you’re noticing how pretty his eyes are and how nice is skin is and how ,,,, his teeth ,,,, are so ??????? perfect ?? and how broad his shoulders are and how ,,,, nice his arms are ,,,,, You Are So Far Gone
  • “are you ,,, just not gonna answer????”
  • he notices you ,,, basically Gawking at him ,,,, and he gets a smug little smirk his face ,,,,, but you don’t notice because you’re kinda ,,,, staring ,,,,, elsewhere ,,,,, okay yeah you’ve heard stories about him and his habit of not wearing shirts and you’re kinda wondering if they’re true
  • “you can touch if you want”
  • He Is So Greasy
  • your face ,,,,,, is on fire ,,,,, “i just want the flag”
  • “you want the flag ,,, or you want me??????”
  • you hold out your hand, keeping strong eye contact because ,,,, he’s lifted up his shirt ,,,,,, he’s doing this on puRPOSE and you know you can’t give in
  • “you care about this dumb game all that much?????”
  • “flag, please”
  • “okay ,, sure ,,,,, for a kiS S”
  • at this point ,,,, you’re a little annoyed with his teasing ,,,,, and you kind of want to trick him into leaning in so you can snatch the flag ,,,,, but that’s just too cliche and you’d probably fail ,,,, and he’d probably kiss you ,,,, and then things would probably take even more of a turn for the worse ,,,,,
  • “you can keep the flag”
  • he’s ,,,,, shook
  • you’re really???? turning down a kiss?????? why are you the most stubborn person he’s ever met in his??? entire life?????
  • you ever turn around and start to walk away ,,, and he considers calling after you and just giving you the flag, thinking that maybe you’d be impressed if he did ,,,,
  • but honestly, his pride is as important to him as yours is to you so he doesn’t
  • as you begin back to your team’s territory, there’s a loud clap of thunder and it starts to downpour ,,,,, Thanks Dad
  • just kidding, he’s not the weatherman
  • clearly ,,,, the game is over ,,, and now you’re soaking wet from head to toe so you just decide to go back to your cabin and take a nice, hot shower and just relax
  • ofc you aren’t gonna be able to relax though
  • because of course hoseok is gonna come visit you???? why wouldn’t he
  • thankfully you’re fully clothed when he comes by, but it’s still raining hard as ever and so you have no choice but to let him in ,,, you might be stubborn but you’re not cruel
  • you even offer him a towel, which he gratefully accepts
  • “i want to know why you hate me”
  • you just ,,,,, stare at him ,,,,, you?? hate HIM???? absolutely not
  • “i don’t”
  • “obviously you do ,,,, i can barely get two sentences out of you and you’d rather leave than stick around for a little harmless teasing ,,,, i hardly even know you so it’s kind of frustrating considering there’s literally nothing i could’ve done”
  • “and i literally don’t hate you”
  • “then why do you try so hard to avoid me????”
  • Yik ,,,,, e ,,,, s ,,,,,,
  • you don’t really have an answer ,,,,, and he just scoffs angrily ,,,, “and then whenever i ask you that, you don’t reply!!!!! this isn’t fair!!!!!”
  • you can tell he’s really frustrated ,,,, and you don’t want him to be so angry ,,,, he’s Completely jumped to conclusions and you’re kind of in a corner now ,,,, so you decide to come clean
  • “okay ,,,, fine ,,,, the first time i saw you, i think i had a little crush on you but i’ve heard all the stories and the rumors and i didn’t want to let myself develop any feelings for you ,,,,,, so i just stayed away”
  • he’s ,,,, not shocked this time ,,,, he’s probably used to it
  • “you didn’t have to AVOID me”
  • ????? boy???? “then what was i supposed to do?????? do you even know how feelings work????? they just ,,, appear ,,,, they make u have to be careful”
  • he ,,, doesn’t ,,, really know about feelings though ,,,, life for hoseok has just been a lot of intense attraction that eventually burned out ,,, he wouldn’t be able to recognize if he had a crush
  • u almost ,,, want to pity him ,,, his mom is the goddess of love but he’s never even experienced it for himself
  • “we’re completely opposites, aren’t we??” and you just kinda ,,, nod ,,,, and then he starts to smirk ,,,,,,,,,,,, “opposites attract”
  • you throw your pillow at him
  • but he catches it ,, and his face becomes solemn ,,, “i want you to teach me” and you’re like ???? and ,,,, he says “teach me about feelings and love and all that stuff, duh”
  • ?????????????? “ask ur mom”
  • and he shakes his head and ur just like ,,,, “why do you even want to know isn’t your life fine already???” and he just sighs
  • “i’m gonna want to get married and have kids one day and i can’t do that if i’m just messing around with every girl i see but i can’t stop doing that myself so i need you to keep me in check because you’re probably the only one that’ll be able to do it”
  • he !!!! wow ,,, that was ,,,, Truthful
  • but you agree ,,, because maybe the way you had treated him was a bit harsh ,,, and besides, he seemed genuine and it was pretty endearing
  • it’s a long and hard process, everyone
  • but he was completely serious about it
  • he still keeps up with his morning jobs ,,, but instead of meeting up for sex like he sometimes would ,,, he starts to shower and sit in your cabin while he waits for you to wake up because it’s harder for him to disappoint himself when he has to ,, literally ,, face you
  • he dead ass does not leave your side for anything
  • weeks go by, and as often as he complains about being “deprived” and giving YOU propositions ,,,,, he finally quiets down
  • you’re honestly really surprised, as are all the other guys
  • “i?? can’t believe??? you have him so whipped”
  • you just roll ur eyes ,,, hyungwon is so Dumb™ sometimes
  • but ,,,,, maybe he’s not all that dumb after all ,,,,
  • it’s a few days later ,,,,,, hoseok follows his routine of cleaning off in your cabin ,,,,, but he also climbs up in your bunk with you when he’s done ,,,,, and the movement causes you to wake up but you don’t stir so he doesn’t knOW you’re awake
  • and you can feel him ,,,, brushing your hair out of your face ,,,, covering your exposed body with your blanket ,,,, leaning down to kiss your temple
  • he’s so??? tender??? and gentle????
  • and you just ,,,, lift your head up and look at him ,,, and he’s wide-eyed ,,,, his face reads “oh shit” ,,,, you sit up on your elbow and prop your head in your palm “good morning, hoseok”
  • “ah ,,, good morning, y/n ,,,,,”
  • “and what are you doing??”
  • he doesn’t answer ,,, you start to feel a little anxious ,,, did he go off with some tree nymph?? one of the demeter girls?? the thought kind of hurts your heart ,,, you’d actually grown kind of ,,,, Fond of hoseok
  • ok ,,, fond wasn’t the word ,,, you’d developed feelings and you knew it ,,, but you tried so hard to suppress them ,,, you thought it had been working ,,, Clearly Not
  • “hoseok????”
  • and he just leans in and presses a tender kiss to your lips ,,,, it’s really brief but it’s so gentle and you ,,,, never could’ve imagined something like this from someone like hoseok
  • except hoseok was somebody coMPLETE L Y different than how you used to know him ,,,, so you take that back ,,,
  • “i’m sorry, y/n”
  • again you’re ????? he definitely messed up
  • “i think i like you”
  • oh
  • oH
  • you ,,,,, he ,,,,,, Oh
  • he doesn’t make any kind of move ,,,,, and you don’t offer any kind of response ,,, until you’re reaching up with one hand and pulling his head closer to yours, placing a kiss on his lips
  • you swear there are stars in his eyes
  • and you definitely don’t have to do anything else ,,, he starts to kiss you over and over, going a little longer or a little deeper each time ,,,
  • and ur like ,,, “okay ,,,, stop ,,, let me brush my teeth first”
  • so you do ,,, and you’re back in your bunk in no time ,,,, and you’re making out with hoseok ,,,, and it’s the most blissful experience you’ve ever had ,,,, meanwhile it’s utter chaos outside ,,,, hail and tornadoes ,,,, Yikes sorry dad
  • it was a long time coming, though

jooheon — minhyuk

His hand is meant to be ASL for ‘I love you’ but I could be wrong ahhHH. Anyway, I rebooted this account a little over a week ago and already there are 50+ of you amazing people following me. Honestly it’s a joy to be back in the fandom, especially since I see a few familiar faces here and there, the Undertale fandom was truly one that brought me so much joy back when I was on Comiicsaans and I honestly wish I’d never left but at least I’m back now! Maybe I’ll be able to hold bad movie nights again at some point!

So so so, these are all the neat people you should follow. Even if I’ve not interacted with you, I follow you (on my main blog ‘reclaimedasset’ since this is a sideblog) for a reason, mostly because you’re all pretty dang amazing. Anyway, here we go.

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Why Failure is OK

TW: mentions of a suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts, & self harm

Hi friends! Boy, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth. Just after I’d come up with that really cool drarry Hunger Games thing too, what’s up with that?

Let’s talk about some stuff. Strap in, I have a feeling this’ll be a long one.

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I have this thought and i think it would be okay to tell you: When Onodera finally says I love you to Takano, I want him to absolutely spill over with them. He definitely gets emotional, crying a bit, his face buried in Takano's shoulder while he chokes "i love you" out so many times they both lose count and Takano just holds him and starts smiling and peppers him with ilys back and just god: Im sorry i really wanted to tell somebody this thank you for reading you're lovely, good day

This has taken forever to answer but god yes please.

Both of them just blubbering adorable messes who fucking love each other, yes.

~Mod B

Fuck Flowers, Fuck Spring, Fuck This

Anon asked: Ok, you don’t even have to write this as a fic BUT CONSIDER. Micheal has really bad allergies or a really snotty cold. His face is red, is eyes are watery, and he won’t stop sniffling. So, he shows up to school and everyone thinks he’s crying and they’re all just like “Bro are u ok?” especially Jeremy.

You know what it’s 2 am but fuck sleep I feel productive and as someone with 25+ allergies I relate to this on a spiritual level, let’s g-g-g-GO

You know what fucking sucks? Hay fever. You know what else sucks? Spring. Everyone loves spring but Michael is a big bag of snotty suffering because of all the god damned pollen in the air. Fuck allergies, seriously. He went to bed the night before sneezing and sniffling and only able to breath from one nostril. He was too damn tired from school and more importantly socializing to actually do anything about it, so he slept it off.

But the thing about hay fever? It could last more than a day. Michael woke up with his nose itchy and blocked and his face feeling warm and gross. His eyes hurt, his head hurt, and he wanted nothing more than to curl into his bed and sleep. But his alarm was still going off and he couldn’t skip school over allergies, not with all the stress days he’s taken.

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title: all the lovely unremarkable things
author: Sugarpiper
pairing: Jikook and Namseok
genre: College AU, fluff, angst, speed demons
length: 58k (Chaptered)
warning(s): NC-17

“Do you love him?”

Jungkook turns his head away from Namjoon. “Yeah.” He lets out a deep sigh. “Yeah… I hate it that I do, but I really do.”

Namjoon props himself up on one elbow. “How do you know?”

“What, that I love him?” Jungkooks turns back to face him. He thinks about it for a while. “I don’t think just lust would fuck me up this badly. It’s nothing particular that I can pin down… It’s all the lovely unremarkable things….”

I remember when I was a new harrie, and I was constantly shocked by how extreme harries are. Like I’d see a post that would just say something like “tbh I really need Harry to run me over with his car, spit on me, and then mash my face into his armpit until I slowly suffocate to death” and it would have 3,000 notes, with people commenting “lmao same” and it was just so weird and extra and I love us so much lol

I really wanna know how the meeting with Even’s mum went.

Did she love Isak immediately? The cute little blonde bean who lights up her boys face whenever Even talks about him? The boy that Even never stopped talking about from the day he met him the first day of school. The boy that looked after Even when he was feeling down. And the boy who brought her Even back up again just by being there. The moment she meets him she immediately goes up and hugs this precious little bean with tears in her eyes and whispers “thank you” in his ear. So quiet that Even doesn’t notice. And Isak just wraps his arms around the woman who made the love of his life and he smiles so brightly.

Has Even met Mama and Papa Valtersen? How did that go? Was it awkward as balls at first? And then all the tension just melts away when Papa Valtersen makes a proper dad joke and Even nearly wets himself laughing, banging his palm on his leg and then Isak smiles so brightly at the scene with a slight blush to his cheeks. All the while Mama Valtersen watches the way her Isak’s eyes light up when he sees Even laughing and she knows that this boy has changed her Isak’s life. Her son is finally happy, and so she is happy.

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I look at so many men and just think like 'why are you trying so hard..?' It's annoying and pathetic really lmao & then there's Shawn who's so lowkey with everything what is one of the things that make him so attractive to me! And his immense passion for music like wow... he didn't show his face during the livestreams because he wanted the people to focus on his voice and guitar and don't drop in only saying "you're so hot" "daddy" like stop... he loves music and I respect &I admire that a lot!


Shawn is a BEAUTIFUL PERSON inside and out.

I appreciate his looks, but I appreciate his kind soul and his incredible music more.

I just had this flashback from that short phase in 2013/2014 when I finally started to get into exo-m, and I really couldn’t fall for Jongdae (even though I loved his face since 2012) because every gifset and meme here was about him being a “troll” and acting super sassy, there was nothing about the real Jongdae in my dash.
I remember that scene when Kris is playing like he’s about to shoot him and Jongdae just ignore him and I was like… oh no man, this guys is handsome but he seems a little rude… and I didn’t like Jongdae just because of the way tumblr showed him to be. And then one day I saw this picture of him looking really angry at the camera…. it was, if I remember correctly, a sasaeng’s picture, and he looked really mad. I was like, yeah, this dude isn’t hiding his anger, he’s real and honest.
Like you know how idols have to act kind even with their most horrid fans but he was like NOPE, I hate you, and that caught my attention and I respected him and started to look for actual Jongdae blogs and my mind was changed. Plus showtime happened and I realized that the troll Chen was just a dumb characterization just as satansoo. 

things I love about Steve Trevor
  • He makes sure he actually thanks Diana for pulling him out of the water
  • The only time he ever expresses doubt to Diana about any of her beliefs is when he’s trying to convince her not to jeopardize the mission by killing Ludendorff, and even then it’s a hypothetical (“what if”)
    • He also does after she kills Ludendorff but that’s after her belief is shattered so I don’t really count it
  • He is so duty-bound I love him so much no wonder he and Diana got along so well
  • He just. Wants the people around him to be happy? The scene after they rescue Veld always kills me, and two parts in particular: 
    • When Charlie starts playing piano and singing and Steve says “I haven’t heard him sing in years…” and his face is all soft and you can see the shadow of a smile tugging at his lips but you can also see all the sadness in his eyes from those years of him not singing
    • And when he’s dancing with Diana and it starts to snow and she looks up and is so confused and delighted and he’s like “it’s snow… go on, touch it” and she does (also she has to let go of his hand to do it and he still encourages her to? such a small thing but oh man my heart) and he looks at her with such heart eyes
    • Honestly Chris Pine played him so well, so much complex emotion depicted even when he’s not speaking, like jfc well done
  • I love the boat scene, partly because it’s just fucking hilarious but mostly because their conversation is so respectful. She tells him she was sculpted from clay and brought to life by the breath of Zeus and his reaction is just to raise his eyebrows and say “Well, that’s neat.” 
    • I know that could read as sarcastic but it doesn’t to me at all. It’s funny, sure, but he isn’t making fun of her. It’s genuine and kind, even when what she’s saying is fairly unbelievable.
    • Just the entire way they speak in this scene… He never adopts that Mansplaining Tone™ that is so common, even when he’s actually explaining things. He talks because he wants to share information. It’s a cultural exchange, and I loved it.
  • After Veld, when they’re sitting and watching the villagers dance, he just quietly says, “You did this.” and she’s the one who smiles at him and says, “We did this.” He has so much respect for her and it kills me inside because it’s not “We did this” originally (which could be him pointing out that they’re a good team, him saying they have things in common, or a thousand other things), it’s just “You did this,” because he just wants her happy. He wants her to recognize how goddamn impressive she is. There is no agenda to what he said and it fucks me up
  • The entire scene with the kiss. Like, I’m gay as hell, usually I hate this kind of thing because it feels so unnecessary, but this was so well done I’m genuinely glad it was included
    • When he escorts her up to a room he then starts to leave. Even with all of that tension he doesn’t want to assume that she wants anything to happen. 
    • So he has his hand on the door and he starts to back out of the room and he hesitates just long enough for her to turn around and meet his gaze. And even then he’s reading that as a sign that she wants him in the room so he steps forward and closes the door behind her and then looks up again to confirm that’s what she wanted. And even after that, he crosses over to her so slowly and lets her be the one to actually initiate the kiss. 
    • He gives her a thousand and one chances to change her mind, to give him a small indication that she’s uncomfortable or doesn’t want it to happen, and it’s only once she lets all of those chances pass that they kiss. 
    • Consent-based relationships, man. Fuck me up.
  • Speaking of consent… the scene after Diana returns to Veld and sees the gas has killed everyone fucks me up
    • Steve’s followed her there and is clearly freaked the fuck out because she’s just gone and he physically can’t go in to try to find her because of the gas
    • So when she comes out he’s so visibly relieved and he goes forward and puts his hands around her face, clearly wanting to kiss her, and she shoves him away and says “stay away from me.” and he does.
    • He lets her be furious and devastated and overwhelmed because he knows what it’s like to feel powerless and I think he is genuinely sorry he contributed to her feeling this much pain. He lets her say she’s angry, he lets her blame him, he lets her grieve and doesn’t stop her when she leaves him there.
    • Not only does he not stop her, he sees the smoke from Chief’s fire and yells to her to follow it because he had followed Ludendorff. Their argument from the ballroom still isn’t resolved - she wants to just kill him and be done with it, Steve wants that to wait so they can focus on stopping the gas - but he recognizes that this is her choice and even after she’s basically just blamed an entire village’s deaths on him (and on herself) he tries to help her carry it out.
  • So after Diana’s killed Ludendorff and the war is still going on and Steve runs up to find her, he’s so visibly relieved that she’s alive and (like after Veld) goes to kiss her but backs away without her doing anything because he realizes the “stay away from me” thing has never been explicitly lifted. She might still want nothing to do with him and he respects that.
    • He does touch her a couple times after this but it’s always brief, I think it continues only because she didn’t react negatively the first time, and like they’re in the middle of a fucking war and I think Steve’s about 900% convinced that they’re all going to die so I’m gonna cut him a little slack here.
  • They have that “argument” again, where Diana says “this should have stopped, I killed him, why is this still going on” and instead of saying I told you so Steve just tries to get her to move on and help him save other people.
    • When he says “maybe it’s us! maybe we’re to blame!” (meaning not Ares) and she says that (obviously) she isn’t to blame, he doesn’t hesitate, he just says “but maybe I am.” He’s willing to put that on himself. Also, the qualifier through this scene - but maybe it’s us - is so important to me, because he’s still not saying “you’re wrong.” it’s a maybe.
    • When she refuses to go with him he’s clearly frustrated (again I’m giving him a pass here because he’s frustrated because he knows he won’t be able to save as many people without her) but he still doesn’t try to force her to go with him. He doesn’t guilt-trip her, doesn’t yell at her for not helping. He just gives that desperate shrug and says “I have to go. I’m sorry, I have to go.”
    • And when Charlie and Sam and Chief show up and ask where Diana is, all he says is “we’re on our own.” Not “she wouldn’t fucking help us” - which frankly is probably what I would have said in this situation - just that statement and nothing more.
  • In their final scene, when she’s hurt and dazed and temporarily hard of hearing, he breaks his “no touching” rule, but he breaks it because he’s helping her stand up and then because, well… even if she doesn’t, he knows he’s never going to see her again. 
    • It’s also super important to me that he doesn’t try to kiss her in this scene, because god knows he must have wanted to. He sees that she is in no shape to consent to anything like that and he doesn’t even come close to pushing it.
    • I’m not even gonna get into the “I can save today” part because I’m still too emotionally fraught
    • He says is “I wish we had more time.” before he tells her he loves her and literally runs to his death. That’s it. Nothing that could possibly make her feel guilty, nothing that could have seemed like he regretted anything. Not “I wish we hadn’t gone to the front.” Just “I wish we had more time.”
    • And he then, metaphorically and literally, gives her more time. Because he knows his clock has run out, but that doesn’t mean hers has to… So he runs and saves today and gives her his watch. Gives her time.
  • Anyway I’m seventeen thousand levels of fucked up from this movie, please feel free to add because Steve is amazing and a genuinely good, complex, respectful male character like this should be celebrated

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

I really need some like, otayuri fluff in my life rn?? Like pls

•At the beach and Otabek cant swim so Yuri tries to teach him how to swim
•it turns into a giant mess tho because Yuri is apparently a really shitty teacher
•Otabek kisses his frustrations away and instead they make sand castles

•Otabek can draw?? What?? So Yuri lays down on the couch in the LEAST sexy pose and says “draw me like one of your french girls”
•Beka takes a whopping 5 minutes on it, coloring and all, and they laugh at it for 10 minutes
•Later when Yuri falls asleep during the movie at the other end of the couch, Otabek sneaks down and actually does a very nice portrait of Yuri asleep
•Yuri has them both framed in his apartment next to each other

•Yuri constantly buys shit for Beka because he has like no impluse control
•Guys this boy has like a $1,000 backpack okay dont talk to me
•Anyways one day he buys Beka this leather jacket that looks like it belongs in a Lady Gaga music video. Its a crop top jacket with studs and fringe EVERYWHERE and Yuri LOVES IT
•After mails it, like, a week later, Otabek posts a pic on instagram of him, leaning against his bike, in leather skinny jeans and the jacket with ray bands on and it goes like, viral over night. Yuri is s h o o k. Otabek texts him later like, “Oh, by the way, thanks for the jacket Babe”

Give me the boys being silly and stupid and in love p l e a s e

so i just wanted to make a post with all of my favorite Bakugou moments

(this was gonna be a post about bakugou-isms. like. moments where bakugou has said/done something inspiring or wise. but. ended up getting carried away jkl;agha)

anyway i apologize because. this is gonna be long

1. Bakugou declaring that he refuses to lose to anyone again, recognizing that there are other people who are stronger than him that he needs to surpass.

i just really enjoy this moment, because it was a big wake-up call for his character to realize that he isn’t the best, there are people in the world who can surpass him, and that he needs to work harder to reach his goals. the world isn’t as black and white as he thought, and it’s his first step to his major development later on.

2. Bakugou calmly analyzing the situation at USJ 

i really like this moment b/c it’s s fascinating to watch Bakugou explain that none of their classmates are in danger, and that they should instead go and capture Black Mist, because he’s how the Villains got in in the first place. 

it shows that he’s far more than just a violent, angry, rage machine. underneath it all, he’s actually far more intelligent than he seems, and this scene is one of the first that really showcases that

(this is also the moment where Kirishima finally begins to trust him; before this, he was really wary of Bakugou because of how violently he went after Izuku during the Heroes vs. Villains exams (he was seriously worried that Bakugou would kill Izuku). it’s only after this moment where Kirishima changes his initial opinion of Bakugou and begins to trust him)

3. Bakugou explaining that a quirk is nothing more than an extension of a person’s body

i just really love that, of all the characters to do this, it’s Bakugou that explains that even quirks have their limits. it’s a very introspective moment that reminds the audience that these amazing powers aren’t limitless, and that even Bakugou, despite his pride and stubbornness, knows he has limits to what he can do



5. Bakugou acknowledging Uraraka’s strength 

PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY, TBH. i love how he refuses to cal her weak in any capacity, defending her against Kaminari’s words. he fought her. he knows better than anyone here that she is anything but weak. and this is the first moment where he’s vocally defending another person, which i love b/c it’s another step in his character development

6. Bakugou telling off Todoroki for standing before him without the intent to win

this scene really shows a lot of what motivates Bakugou’s character. He wants to win against Todoroki–who’s one of the strongest in the class–and prove himself as the best. But Todoroki isn’t really fighting back, because he’s going through personal issues, which is understandable and under no fault of his own.

tbh, i think it’s an interesting point to think about, because everyone at the Sports Festival is here to win. they’re all trying their best–Bakugou, Izuku, Uraraka (who Bakugou even alludes to in his rant above), Momo, etc. and it is kind of insulting to fight someone who isn’t even really trying to fight back against you in a tournament where that’s the entire purpose of it all. 

that’s why Bakugou fought so hard against all of his opponents, because they all got to this level. he’s showing them respect by not going easy on them. and Bakugou finds it extremely insulting that Todoroki isn’t. i just find it a fascinating aspect to his character. it’s kind of an off-shoot of a ‘warrior’s code’ sort of thing

7. Bakugou refusing to accept his win at the Sports Festival 

again, i think it shows an interesting aspect of his character, because he feels like this win wasn’t deserved, because Todoroki didn’t give it his all. it’s a hollow win, and Bakugou knows it, and he refuses to accept it. 

8. the strength of Bakugou’s ideal of what a hero should be and his SHEER GODDAMN TENACITY DURING THE END OF TERM EXAM

I just love that his ideal of what a hero should be is based on All Might, the ultimate hero, who NEVER loses. this his why he became a hero in the first place, this is what motivates him in everything he does. to Bakugou, real heroes never lose, so he absolutely has to win. always.

and i love how he just refuses to give up–maybe it’s not always the greatest thing (pushing himself too far and all) but i find that really admirable too. no matter what, he just refuses to give up, and i love that (even if it isn’t exactly the best thing sometimes). he’s gonna do everything in his power to win, because that’s what heroes do, and nothing short of being knocked unconscious is gonna stop him.

9. Bakugou absolutely fucking REFUSING to join the Villain Alliance, practically BLOWING SHIGARAKI’S FACE UP WHILE DOING SO, because no matter what they say, he’s going to be a HERO, and goddammit. 

he was inspired by All Might, that’s the person who motivated him to become a hero in the first place, that’s the person who he’s admired since he was a child, and the person he wants to become like. and nothing in this world is going to change that.

10. Bakugou refusing to lie, even when he’s been kidnapped and surrounded by villains. 

i just find it fascinating that this is one of his personal morals, and that he (like All Might) doesn’t lie. he may be in denial more often than not, but he never lies. 

11. Aizawa defending Bakugou against the reporters

i just love how Aizawa understands Bakugou, how he realizes that Bakugou is no way in danger of becoming a villain. how Bakugou’s motivations come from an different place entirely. how it all comes from his ideal of strength, and of what a hero should be. i just really love that. 

12. Bakugou thanking All Might for saving him.

this is the third time All Might saved Bakugou. the first time, in chapter one, Bakugou was in complete denial. he didn’t need saving. he didn’t need anyone. how dare anyone think he needed rescuing?

the second time, at the Villain’s Alliance base, he was, again, in denial. he didn’t need All Might to come save him; even if he was happy and relieved that All Might was there, he wasn’t gonna admit to it. no way. absolutely not.

the third time… All Might saved him (and everyone at Kamino) by fighting against AFO. by refusing to go down. by using the last of his strength to defeat AFO, revealing his secret to the world, giving up OFA, and retiring for good. 

Bakugou feels guilty for this. he feels like the cause of All Might’s retirement. for getting kidnapped in the first place. for not being strong enough to save himself. so this time, he’s without denial or bluster. instead, he quietly thanks All Might for saving him, because he knows what All Might gave up to do it.

it’s a big moment of character growth for him. prior to all of that, Bakugou never would’ve done that. but the weight of All Might’s sacrifice was just too much, it humbled him. he couldn’t deny it anymore. so he sincerely thanked All Might for saving him, for the first time, quietly admitting to his weakness.

13. Bakugou giving Kirishima back the money he used to buy the night vision goggles for the rescue mission (learning about it from Kaminari), while also cheering the class up after Aizawa scolded them, by making Kaminari fry his brain and making them all laugh. 

just… what a fantastic moment of character growth from Bakugou. he felt guilty for Kirishima using his money to buy those goggles (which ended up getting destroyed during the mission), and he feels bad for being the reason why class getting reprimanded in the first place. so he fixes both situations as best he can, while still being his gruff, grumpy self. 

he gives back the money, and cheers the class up at the same time. and Aizawa totally catches onto it, too. “A farce like this has it’s place once in a while, I suppose.” it just shows that Bakguou actually does care about his class, Kirishima in particular. 

it shows that he cares his friends and his class, and i love that

14. Kaminari talking about Bakugou during the Provisional License Exam 

Kaminari mentions how the insulting words Seiji is throwing at them stings, and Sejii assumes Kaminari is talking about himself. he isn’t. Kaminari corrects him while throwing one of Bakugou’s grenades, which gives a visual cue of who he’s talking about. Bakugou.

Bakugou got angry at Seiji’s words. he charged in recklessly because he couldn’t stand the insults to UA anymore. he got upset at hearing the people he cares about be insulted. and then Kaminari goes on to say/think about how Bakugou wasn’t using the full force of his attacks. 

he was purposefully using lower-powered blasts in order to keep Kirishima and Kaminari safe. he purposefully put himself at a disadvantage just so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt them with the force of his attacks. 

Kaminari realizes this and praises Bakugou, defends him against Seiji’s words. he may not have the kindest or sweetest personality, but he’s serious about being a hero. he’s serious about keeping them safe. he’s serious about everything, and he can’t stand hearing Seiji insult him, the people he cares about, or UA.

15. Bakugou’s guilt at causing All Might’s retirement.

oh my god, save this child. save him. he completely, totally blames himself for causing the person he admires the most, the person who inspired him to become a hero, the man who’s motivated him since he was a child, to fall.

he’s just 15. he’s just a child. and he feels guilty for this, he’s feeling the full weight of it on his shoulders, breaking down from it all, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. he’s scared. he’s terrified. he feels horrible. the number 1 hero in the world was forced to retire and it’s all his fault

he’s been blaming himself for this for weeks. he’s just a child. he isn’t responsible for any of it, but he feels like he is. if only he were stronger, if only he got away on his own power, if only he did this or that, maybe All Might would still be a hero. if only he wasn’t so weak.

i love this moment, as painful as it is, because it shows just how human Bakugou is. it shows that he really is just a child dealing with horrible guilt, among other emotional issues (feeling like Izuku was looking down at him for all these years, being terrified that Izuku could one day surpass him, realizing that All Might acknowledged Izuku over him, having a superiority and inferiority complex that just exploded, feeling desperate for an answer over what he should do, and who was right in how they admired All Might (Bakugou for how he always wins, Izuku for how he always saves people with a smile, etc)).

in the end, he’s still just a child. a child dealing with so much more than he ever let on until this fight, where it all exploded out of him, because he just didn’t know how to handle them. he couldn’t bottle it up anymore. 

(i will never, ever excuse or justify any of the horrible things Bakugou did in the past. what he did was inexcusable. but god.. he’s still just a child.)

i love this moment because he’s so scared, terrified, upset, confused, desperate and just so damn human in this moment, and i love it. he’s not just an angry kid. he’s not just a violent, rage machine. there are so many emotions that drive him and i love it so much.

16. Bakugou supporting Izuku after their fight

i just…. really love this. Bakugou has had so many issues with Izuku in the past, many of them stemming from misunderstandings. as mentioned above, he thought Izuku was looking down on him. he was terrified of Izuku’s growth, feared that one day he could actually surpass him one day. but now they’ve talked. now they understand each other better. now Izuku has the support of All Might… and he can’t be losing. 

(and again, none of those reasons justify what Bakugou did to Izuku for those ten years. but they explain why he did it in the first place. i just want to emphasize that) 

to Bakugou, real heroes never lose. Bakugou is applying that to Izuku, now. he’s got the greatest hero in the world helping him, and he can’t be losing. Bakugou, in his own way, is supporting Izuku. it’s one of the biggest moments of character growth for him. for the longest time, he was terrified of Izuku. scared he’d be left behind while Izuku grew stronger. but now he’s putting that aside. 

Izuku has All Might’s power. he has All Might’s support. they both admired him… and now Izuku is being supported by him. so now Bakugou will, too.

Izuku has the greatest hero in the world looking after him. he can’t be losing now. not anymore.

17. Bakugou encouraging Kirishima

i just…. look at how far Bakugou has come. he went from being terrified of others being better than him–of not being as great as he grew up believing–and now he’s supporting Izuku (the person who scared and frustrated him the most), and now he’s actively giving encouragement and helping his friend. 

hell. Bakugou has friends now. he didn’t have any at the beginning of the series; he was to full of pride to see anything but  himself. but now he does, and he’s giving them encouragement. giving Kirishima encouragement. and he’s doing so by drawing from the Kamino incident, the very incident that gave him so much guilt and confusion and pain. the incident that probably gave him nightmares for who knows how long. 

he’s bringing up that incident to comfort and support and encourage his friend. he’s talking about how there are different kinds of strength out there–that just refusing to go down is it’s own strength. this from the kid who’s entire philosophy on heroism is to never lose. 

he’s not scared of being surpassed. he’s got friends now. he’s helping and supporting them in his own way. he’s not afraid to think of the very incident that caused him so much pain; he’s healing from it, slowly. he’s learned from it. he’s slowly accepting that it wasn’t his fault. he’s admitting that there are other kinds of strength out there, besides just winning. it’s about refusing to go down (like All Might did at Kamino). 

this is one of my favorite moments, even tho it’s so short, because it’s a culmination of Bakugou’s character development so far in the story. it’s a small moment, but it wouldn’t mean anything without the hundred or so chapters proceeding it, showing all of Bakugou’s complexities, and all of his personal issues, motivations, emotional struggles, etc. 

this moment is great because it shows just how far Bakugou has come since chapter one. he’s almost a completely different character than who he was, where he began. and that’s why i love it so much

long story short Bakugou is an incredibly complex kid and i love him a lot

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NCT irl at Kcon2017

Oooohhhh fuck can I just start off with they’re all really fucking attractive and pictures don’t do them justice? Like seriously pictures cannot contain how perfect they are.

Taeil: He’s super cute like really cute. His body is even cute. He’s like right in the middle not super tall but not short. When u look at his face u just wanna smile. Really smooth skin like u wanna rub it, it’s like after u shave ur legs. Has big puppy dog eyes like u finna get lost in them shits sis. His hair is very nice and looks healthy, his hair kinda looks weird sometimes in photos but it really suits him irl!!! Some girl got chosen for Doyoung and Taeil to sing a song to her and Taeil sang a Bruno mars song I’m sorry I really can’t remember what it’s called but you guys know that one Bruno mars love song. His English was PRECIOUS he has a very sweet sing song voice. Everyone melted when he sang the Bruno Mars song like GODDDD boy really can sing well!! He’s a super cute puppy flower boy, he gives off pretty boy vibes 🌸. He was smiling a smol cute little smile the whole time he was very precious and I just wanted to love him.

Taeyong: MY FUCKING BIAS. WOOOW HES SOOO ATTRACTIVE WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I WAS IN THE RED CARPET TAKING PICS THEN HE CAME OUT AND I JUST I PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND STARED AT HIM I HAD TO EXPERIENCE HIS BEAUTY RIGHT THERE MY MOUTH GOT FUCKING DRY AT HIS BEAUTY. Super nice skin super cute lil sweet heart trying to please everyone fan interaction every time u turn around. When he dances he GETS INTO IT his hair flops all around it’s really adorable! He hits all his moves super sharp and it’s very pleasing to see. He had a solo before all the other boys came out and he KILT THAT SHIT everyone was in shock because it was so good. He was very nervous and I was like abt to cry bc that’s my baby and no. He was talking in English and messed up and he DID THE CUTEST SHIT EVER he just looked at the ground and started smiling and all the boys just patted his back everyone said “awww” tho so I hope that made him feel better. Really a perfectionist, tried his hardest to speak really good English, ohh boy his English voice is cuteeeeee. He kept taking his jacket off because he was gettin hot. Has nice arms, the boys weren’t lying ab those veins girl u can see them from miles away, he has nice hands too. He’s kinda like Taeil he’s not very tall he’s more on the shorter side but very nice thin pretty dancer body. He was so pretty?They had a little fan interaction wheel of fortune thingy and he kept doing all the little popular American dances he was gettin it in. On stage he’s got a very sexy idgaf vibe, but in reality he’s cute and quiet. A fan had the same hair color as him and when he walked by her he pointed to his hair and then hers and gave a thumbs up. In all he really works hard and you can tell he really cares for everyone especially his members, he’s very nervous but once he gets past that he’s super cute and wants to make sure fans have a good time. ALSO HES FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANT EXPLAIN.

Johnny: BIG HES BIG TALL LEAN BUT MUSCULAR BUILD HE’S THE EPITOME OF A MAN. Very tall, I was at his elbow. He was right next to me and I almost fainted he was so hot. He has these little patches that look like irritated or inflamed skin on his left cheek near his neck and under his jaw his makeup artists covered it really well tho so I really couldn’t tell. He has flawless pore less skin it looked really soft and dewy. His hair was actual sex, the pictures don’t do him justice he fucking ROCKS this hair and it makes him give off sexy vibes. When I told him I loved him he gave me the sweetest smile ever and ugh I melted. Very polite baby!! Asked how everyone in my isle was doing and waved to everyone! I can’t get over how nice his body was I just wanted him to wrap me up in his arms so badly they looked so strong, his body is actually pretty wide but he’s lean and muscular, like he could engulf you. Bless those stylists tho bc his clothes fit him really well and he looked very cute. He’s a precious pure baby in a big sexy man body, he was smiling the whole concert everyone was PIPING HIS HEAD YO. He was talking and it got quiet and he was asking the members to show something and asking the girl who got picked for the song to pick a singing member and a girl in my isle screamed “I pick you Johnny” and he couldn’t contain his smile and laughter like he was cracking tf up. Every time it got quiet I would scream Johnny along with 2-3 other people in my isle and he would smile SO BIG. He was really happy, lots of Johnny stans there. His legs are big and long, when he dances you can see how big they are, he was smirking the whole cherry bomb choreo bc everyone kept screaming his name. In all he was extremely extremely handsome I wasn’t ready I had no idea how handsome he was! He’s so underrated please love him he deserves it. He’s a cute shy baby with a sexy face and body like he would treat u so well I can just tell. I really wanna meet him again!

Win win: PRINCE OF FUCKING CHINA. Huge eyes like they’re half his face. Symmetrical face with very nice features. Sort of round face. Good hair, pretty doll lips. He’s sort of on the shorter side and he’s thin but not as thin as Taeyong. He was gettin hyped, there were a lot of win win stans with little signs and stuff. He didn’t speak any English but listened very intently when Mark and Johnny and the others spoke English, you can tell he really wants to learn. I feel like he’s a fast learner. Very articulate and energetic dancer, looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. Laughs at anything the members say, he really loves them. I was wearing an nct banner on my shoulders and he pointed at it and gave a heart and I thought I died for a sec. He tries to make sure every fan can see him like when they were waving goodbye he took the longest and kept stopping to wave 😂. He’s a cute baby and sometimes it seems like he isn’t thinking about anything? He loves being on stage and dances amazing I was so impressed by him, the other members all dance very well too. He seems very innocent and sweet, he works very hard and does a very energetic stage. Really tho he’s so handsome like prince of China frfr.

Jaehyun: TALL BABY! HANDSOME BABY! PRETTY BABY! MUSCULAR BABY! He really is tall, almost as tall as Johnny. Definitely most muscular in NCT he has BIG arms, you can see through his clothes how defined he is. His voice is deep, like deeper than on the actual tracks. AMAZING LIVE Singer. He sang live the whole time and everyone was amazed. He’s actually very good at dancing!!! A real man!! The type of guy u wanna wife up. Shy but confident, very smiley and cute with his members. His hair is really nice I wanted to run my hands through it so bad. When he was in the isle with me he kept looking around and licking his lips 😫😫. He’s really built so well and his voice sounds like honey. Actual prince. You think he looks good in pictures? Well if you see him in real life your gonna be blown back by his handsomeness.
Actor like chiseled features, looks like his jawline will cut you. Big eyes, small face. He was very pale, but not extremely pale he was just very symmetrical and perfect looking, he looked like if you could create the perfect man. Overall he seemed like a cute reserved sweet heart, once again shockingly handsome and sexy but also very cute!

Doyoung: BEAGLE! THIS BOY IS TALL AND CUTE! THIS BOY IS BOYFRIEND MATERIAL! He has very circular big eyes, he’s pretty thin. Legs r long as fuck they look like they’re his whole body. Sweet high voice when he sings, he sings very well live. When he was singing to the girl i was shocked how nice his voice really was. Cute hair, it’s also kinda thin. He gives off cutesy boyfriend vibes. Aesthetic boyfriend. Model boyfriend. Very well spoken and articulate. Very chic! Once again he seems like a model or something. All his clothes looked like he was modeling them. Cute stage presence equally cute up close. He wasn’t shy at all he just walked down the isle I was like damn ok. He has this sort of happy but chic aura. This boy knows what he’s doing he’s very good. Overall I just wanna walk through ny with him and take aesthetic pictures, such a boyfriend oml.

Yuta: HANSOME! SMART! LIKE REALLY DAMN HANDSOME! He’s a bias wrecker, he damn near stole my heart. Sexy boy fr tho idk if he knows how sexy he is tho. Good dancer too. DEEP DEEP VOICE FUCKKKK. His Korean is really good too. He’s in the middle for height also. When he dances he thrusts his hips a lot. You know that part in the beginning of cherry bomb the “I’m the biggest hit” part? Boy was thrusting his hips super hard. Nice body, also kinda thin but somewhat muscular. Really attractive and handsome, it’s like he commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. More of a smirk than a smile on stage. Cocky and sexy on and off stage, off stage he’s a tiny bit more cute tho. Sexy without trying sort of dancing. Sweater paws the whole night! He wasn’t sweating super bad despite his million layers of clothes. Seems like the school bad boy. Major bad boy vibes. Watch out tho bc then he’ll do some cute shit and steal ur heart. Overall very sexy with a good stage presence, I feel like he’s very cocky but in a good way like it’s hot, MAJOR BIAS WRECKER.

Mark: SUPER CUTE SUNSHINE BABY TRYING HIS BEST HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU HES A GIFT FROM GOD! When I tell you the cutest most sweetest lil baby ever I mean it. Little baby facial features with big round eyes. His voice is surprisingly deep in real life? Tries to give bad boy sexy vibes on stage but just ends up being a cutie. PROTECT HIM. He can dance very well I would say one of the best dancers. FULL OF ENERGY THE WHOLE NIGHT. His hair was all floppy and bouncing around it was so precious. He was getting down to the wheel of fortune song like he was actually dancing really well to the random tune. He’s just so super cute and smiley UGJ. He will brighten your day. He was nervous and kept stuttering in English and smiling at the floor it was cute. His English voice is so nice to hear it’s like the perfect tone it just sort of flows into you ears. Bouncing around the stage the whole night. TRYING HIS ABSOLUTE HARDEST AND BEST. Really hard worker. Sweating a bit but it was cute. Everything he does is cute. Overall I jut wanna protect him and watch him grow and get more popular, he’s really so lovable.

Haechan: AWWWWWWW CUTE LIL BABY BOY! SOOO EXCITED AB EVERYTHING! When he dances he also bounces around. SMOL! Heart piercing smile! SMIRKING THROUGH EVERY PERFORMANCE. It’s funny because he thinks he’s older than he is and it’s really cute. CUTE PRECIOUS BABY FAT I HOPE IT NEVR GOES AWAY. Sweet baby face and very interesting and melodic voice. I’m smiling while I write this y'all he was so cute in his little shorts. He was so fucking happy and excited just really super precious. He can dance really well too he killed his solo thingy. Really sweet baby you would never know how much of a trouble maker he was. He’s really the cutest lil thing and so excited he couldn’t contain it! God I just wanna protect him.

Today is the birthday of the one and only Wen Junhui!

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Originally posted by withjunhui

It is the birthday of a talented:

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