i just really loved 3x01 okay!


stelena quotes (long post)

otp: never mind you’re here (1x01)
otp: i will see him again (1x02)
otp: i will see her again (1x02)
otp: we’re a pair (1x03)
otp: i would be honored to accompany you miss gilbert (1x04)
otp: the pleasure is all mine mr. salvatore (1x04)
otp: he saw that i was happy with you (1x06)
otp: i can’t lose the way i feel about you (1x07)
otp: you saved her life i’m sorry stefan i thought that i couldn’t be with you but i can you don’t have to push me away i can do this (1x09)
otp: if you walk it’s for you because i know what i want stefan i love you (1x10)
otp: you’re the woman that i love i love you (1x11)
otp: no vampires but you (1x16)
otp: i trust you (1x17)
otp: i love you so much (1x18)
otp: i love you too (1x18)
otp: can you hear me? thanks for coming i’m nervous but i’m happy that you’re here i love you (1x21)
otp: i’m so glad you’re okay (1x22)
otp: i’m just gonna check on jeremy before i go to the hospital can you meet me there? okay i love you stefan (2x01)
otp: it’s just so nice to see you laugh (2x02)
otp: i hate it but i love you (2x03)
otp: what part of i’m worried about stefan didn’t sink in? (2x04)
otp: it’s you and me stefan always (2x05)
otp: i love you so much and i know how much you love me (2x06)
otp: i wanna be with you stefan you know that (2x07)
otp: i can’t think of a better reason to die (2x08)
otp: you don’t have to worry i’m not gonna let anything happen to you (2x09)
otp: stefan is in there damon! how could you let this happen? (2x10)
otp: i care about damon but i love stefan (unaired scene 2x12)
otp: i don’t want us to be apart anymore ever (2x12)
otp: i’m trying to keep you safe (2x14)
otp: there’s no reason for you to get hurt i love you (2x20)
otp: stefan? stefan if this is you you’ll be okay i love you stefan hold on to that never let that go (3x01)
otp: you want me to make a wish? i just want to know that he’s alive (3x01)
otp: he would never give up on me i’m not gonna give up on him (3x02)
otp: come home (3x03)
otp: there’s the girl with the necklace you love her you’d do anything for her and you have all to keep her away from klaus (3x04)
otp: stefan i love you fight stefan don’t give up (3x05)
otp: you really do love her don’t you? (3x05)
otp: now this is fascinating i’ve never seen this before the only thing stronger than your craving for blood is your love for this one girl (3x05)
otp: i knew you’d catch me (3x06)
otp: i know who you really are better than anyone stefan and i’m not giving up (3x06)
otp: i haven’t given up stefan i still have hope (3x07)
otp: it’s no secret that i want klaus dead he has a hold over stefan’s life (3x08)
otp: stefan would never dream of killing her well crazy or not that kind of love never dies (3x11)
otp: you’re better than both of us (3x12)
otp: i love her damon (3x13)
otp: i feel i feel everything (3x14)
otp: are we talking about alaric here or are we talking about you? because i wasn’t planning on giving up on either of you (3x17)
otp: stefan i never stopped loving you (3x18)
otp: i love you i will always love you (3x18)
otp: i’m going to the dance and i’d like to go with you (3x20)
otp: she’s a pretty special girl (3x21)
otp: i love him damon (3x22)
otp: stefan listen to me you did the right thing you did what you always do you respected my choice (4x01)
otp: i had to choose and i picked you because i love you no matter what happens it’s the best choice i’ve ever made (4x01)
otp: you’re in hell which means that i’m in hell (4x02)
otp: i love her and i don’t want to hold her back (4x03)
otp: do you have any more lessons for me? i’m all yours (unaired scene 4x04)
otp: listen to me you are the one who’s getting me through this no matter who teaches me how to feed (4x04)
otp: i envy that you and elena i envy the love you have (4x04)
otp: i’ll always love her (4x05)
otp: i love you so much for wanting to find this cure (4x06)
otp: it’s not like i don’t love stefan anymore (4x07)
otp: i was completely in love with stefan (4x09)
otp: you’re still protecting her (4x10)
otp: i’m not gonna let the people that i care about get hurt not jeremy not elena (4x12)
otp: you know how much i’ve wanted a human life with you (4x14)
otp: i remember our sex and it was good sex (4x16)
otp: you ruined my relationship with stefan so you’re not a good person (4x19)
otp: you deserve whatever you want out of life you deserve this (4x23)
otp: she’s the love of my life i’d go back to her in a heartbeat (4x23)
otp: stefan’s been… he’s been suffering for months while i’ve been rolling around with you a self-proclaimed serial killer (5x02)
otp: where is stefan? what happened to stefan damon? WHERE IS HE?! (5x02)
otp: stefan we missed you (5x03)
otp: i surround myself with amazing people who help me through it like you you’re one of those people (5x04)
otp: you’re the strongest woman in the world (5x04)
otp: you were the perfect boyfriend (5x04)
otp: you hated yourself for a century but then you found her (5x06)
otp: thank you for just being you (5x06)
otp: come on stefan you got your memory back you know me probably better than anyone else (5x07)
otp: i miss you (5x07)
otp: i think you’re still in love with elena (5x09)
otp: one night an eternity you would never look at me the way you look at elena would you? (5x10)
otp: it was paradise actually i saw a perfect life stefan and i were married and we had kids it was everything that we wanted (5x18)
otp: i will always love you elena (5x18)
otp: i will always love you too (5x18)
otp: i loved stefan the entire time (6x02)
otp: i’m just happy to finally see you again (6x03)
otp: i have always loved you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you (6x04)
otp: silas (stefan’s doppelganger) was definitely hot (6x13)
otp: who gave birth to the two epic loves of my life (6x17)
otp: you were so quiet earlier when i was tearing into elena i was scared you were feeling sad for her (6x19)
otp: people are uncomfortable around salvatores in tuxes it stirs feelings (6x21)
otp: i love you so much (6x22)
otp: you knew me better than anyone you always have (6x22)
otp: i mean you were even sitting next to elena so of course you only had eyes for her (7x03)
otp: take it from me elena gilbert never really goes away (8x09)
otp: i can see why you both love her (8x14)
otp: it’s good to see you elena one last time (8x16)
otp: i owe it all to stefan when i met him i had lost my parents and i was dead inside but he brought me back to life (8x16)

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or he just doesnt like ianto as much as he likes everyone else??

Wow, really? I must have missed all of those signs in the show that shows that Jack doesn’t like Ianto at all, I mean, when I was watching it, I picked up on a few things that I thought of as Jack liking Ianto, but I must have been wrong.. Because.. None of what they showed in the show can show he actually cared for Ianto? Could it? 

Well, lets have a look..

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Hello everyone. It’s been a long day.

We’ve got lots of messages, we didn’t really answer most of them because all of us are too broken to believe it’s really happening. Some of us made gifs and some of us weren’t capable of it and I’m so sorry.

We’re going to ‘answer’ some of the asks, or at least post them so you can all see that you’re not alone in your pain and lots of people feel terrible after Wes’s death. 

We’re not going to delete the fyeahwaurel. I can’t tell you how long we’ll keep it active because I don’t know it for real, I haven’t even figured out if I’m able to watch the next part of season 3 without Wes Gibbins. We’ll for sure though add some icons of Wes for you, or gifsets, we’re planning also to make Wes Gibbins Week full of his appreciation just for us, for the fandom to remember him and waurel forever. Some of our members want to write alternative ending for htgawm 3x09 where Wes and Laurel just leave the city and he never dies. (Just please be patient.) 

We’ve got some asks to tell Pete how it affected us. We’re not going to do anything negative towards the show because it still has representation for many people and a lot of you all still love it. We’re all broken and if you don’t want to watch the show - that’s totally okay (I will probably do the same). You can tell him on twitter how you feel, I’m sure he will see some of these tweets even though he didn’t tweet really anything. 

I made this tumblr account after 3x01 only for fun because I love waurel so much. It’s you guys who did everything else. I’ve never expected for it to come where we’re now. No matter what happened I will always remember Wes as the black young man who finally found his happinnes after everything he has been through and was just safe and happy with the girl he loves. 3x09 didn’t happen for me.

Ships aside, Wes and Annalise were the core of the show. The plot, the history, the way they wanted to protect others.. It was always about them. S3b is still going to be about him even after his death but you will see s4 will never be the same HTGAWM we used to know. Antis willl see it too. It’s your decision if you want to watch it though.

His death was important. It was huge for me and for you all. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. No matter what ugly messages from antis you’re going to get, please remember your pain is valid even if it’s ‘just a tv show’. If you were represented by Wes or even you don’t and you just loved his character - your pain it’s valid. You’re the most important after all and just remember to be happy.

Thank you all so much for all support we have been getting from you.

Remember only a good things please, don’t have in your mind his image UTS, remember how happy he was around Laurel. Remember his dimples. Remember how much he has been through and how much he deserved this happiness. Remember how he kept on going even though so many people were ‘against him’. Remember how he said to her that ‘it’s real for me’ or how he said ‘I’m gonna be there too’.

He was real and he will always be here.