i just really loved 3x01 okay!

“There’s not enough Jonnor in the 3x01″ “I thought we were going to get Summer Of Jonnor??” can you just stop? It’s just the season premiere, I mean four scenes in one episode, it’s great! There will be more Jonnor in the next episodes, just wait. And the show can’t just be full of Jonnor. There are other characters. Maybe some of you just watch for Jonnor and it’s okay but stop saying that only Jonnor matters. I love EVERY characters and when someone says “only Jonnor matters” it just pisses me off because it’s like you don’t care about the other characters. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE JONNOR TO DEATH but stop acting like the other characters are nothing. They are all great and amazing.

Okay I’m done, I just needed to say this. Sorry, I love you all.