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hi! if it's not too much trouble, can you explain the hunter-gatherer analogy from that one post you reblogged? i haven't heard of it and i'm really curious. (and i love your blog, it's helped me a lot!)

Thank u! (I’m sorry for just answering I’m so bad at checking my inbox y ikes)

Ok so the hunter/gatherer thing is an analogy in which they compare the attributes of ADHD to the needs of hunter/gatherer societies, where ADHD symptoms and behaviours would be beneficial for hunters to keep moving, stay in hyperfocus, make impulsive/split-second decisions, etc.

The problem with this analogy is that it ignores the struggles ADHD individuals face in the society we have. It tries to be positive! Like, look how useful ADHD could be in human evolution!!!
Except the demands of our society now don’t line up with that. Now we have to stay seated, pay attention, stay organized, and plan ahead.


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Parent headcanons? Parent headcanons. Imma go ahead and request one for Sam, because he's an adorable dad and I'm curious to see how your headcanons compare to my own. And maybe some bonus uncle Vincent? Please and thank you, this blog is looking great so far :D

(Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy these, and hey, feel free to message me your headcanons, I’d love to hear them!!!!!! :D)

- Really fun dad! He’s not about that strict parent life, and just hates to discipline (much to his partner’s dismay). 

- Is an adult child himself, but he does mature once he becomes a parent. Although, sometimes his childish nature does shine through! “Aww mum/dad, do I have to go to bed? “Yeah babe, we’re playing!” “Sam…” *stern face* “…ok lil dude, it’s bed time.”

- Is naturally a fidget, he can’t sit still and read a book to his kids, so he is constantly using big gestures, and a lot of expression in his words “and then next thing you know kaBOOOOOOOM, the palace was blown to smithereens”

- Will sing lullabies to them to help them sleep, particularly after nightmares. (Bonus cuteness if his spouse joins in!!!) 

- Wants their child to take advantage of their freedom, but is also super caring and careful. He tried to teach one of his children to skateboard once, but they fell and scraped their knee (it didn’t even hurt). Next thing you know, Sam has decked them out, head to foot, in protective gear. 

- Family Disney movie nights!!! (Sam is a huge secret Disney nerd. Only the farmer and Sebastian know)

- Vincent is similar to Sam with energy, and was terrified of the child when it was a baby, because he didn’t think he could handle the responsibility of being an Uncle, but he soon warmed up to them, and came to absolutely adore them.

- Sometimes he even brings them bugs to show them how much he cares!

- (One time the baby ate one of the bugs, and Vincent cried for a week because he thought he killed them. Sam had to comfort him whilst simultaneously holding back his laughter)


I hit 200 followers a week ago, but I waited until I was at a stable number. I’m honestly surprised a lot of people really like Lily and want to see all the crazy stuff she gets herself into. I’m blessed really so without dragging this on lets get this started.

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Dating Choi Seungcheol Would Include-

- ok but he’ll call you sweetheart, honey, babe, etc

- he doesnt mind pda but he wont do it often 

- ok but he really likes to kiss you when you’re in private he just really likes to do it

- he loves how you’re so cuddly when he cuddles you

- ok but he’s a mix between the little spoon and the big spoon

- sometimes he wants to be held and sometimes he wants to hold

- ok but he’ll buy you whatever you want and you’re just like BBY NO

- it’s just because he wants you to stay ok 

- and he’ll explain this to you and you’re just like seungcheol ily bby i would never leave you

- ok then he gets really happy and a puppy smile comes onto his face 

- he likes to make you laugh a lot and says you look your best when you’re smiling

- he’ll compliment you 25/8




- ok but he loves when you compliment him it would mean so much to him

- he would do literal anything for you to keep you happy

- he would tell u he loves you everyday

- ok when you cuddle and he’s the big spoon he’ll kiss your forehead a lot and he just likes giving you forehead kisses

- he’ll call you whenever he has the chance when he has a schedule

- ok but you’ll be like movE OUT THE WAY JEONGHAN I’M THE NEW PARENT 

- and then jeonghan will be like what will i be then will dino still be my baby

- and seungcheol would just say jeonghan can be the aunt and it would make u laugh and he would get a big smile on his face

- honestly he’s the type to buy large sweater and force you to wear it with him at the same time to cuddle and you’re just like o shit this was actually a great idea gr8 thinking boyfriend

- ok but he just wants to make you happy a lot and likes a lot of cuddles and stuff ok just please date this puppy

Dating Series Masterlist

imagine rapper line working on some new songs in the studio and when hoseok reads through namjoon’s drafts he lets out this exasperated sigh and says, “are you rapping about your dick? again? seriously namjoon, at this point i’m just wondering if it’s really as big as you say–” before yoongi pipes up absent-mindedly “yeah, it is” then going completely still when he realizes what he just said but it’s too late bc hoseok’s face is already morphing from confusion to realization then finally to Pure Horror as he whips his head from yoongi to namjoon, who is looking Very Smug and Filthy while watching yoongi get 3 shades pinker, “i don’t even want to know” is all hoseok says as he scrambles to put his headphones on before namjoon can even throw in a dirty comment

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//I don't want to upset you and I really really love your art style, but, can I comment on something? I've noticed that sometimes you do strange hands, like, you put them upside down, as for the point of view of the viewer, and it's a little weird (aesthetically speaking) I know my art is crap tho, I was just curious when I noticed that :3






omfg ok but like seriously yea that’s one of the things I struggle with most in art, getting things to face the right way and putting body parts where they’re supposed to go, lol i’m a mess but thanks for the critique!! 

and shh you’re art is amazing ok?????

“to see you standing tall, with your back straight, looking down on them! the fire swirling around you!…

you looked beautiful!”

-ysengrin from gunnerkrigg court, chapter 44, page 27

For some reason, I just really, really like that quote. Also, the image. I had some creative license with it (I just LOVE it when hands do the magic thing!) but otherwise, that’s her outfit and everything. So it’s sort of a panel redraw????? (not really) Also experimented with some weird cel shading with the hair. It was NOICE.

Also, those of you who HAVE NOT HEARD OF GUNNERKRIGG COURT - I wholeheartedly recommend it! It’s got humor, cute, and hecking magic! Plus, Coyote. That should be reason enough.

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I saw your snapchat story and I just wanted to say that your face is absolutely beautiful and so are you. You have one of the most visually pleasing faces I have ever seen. Acne doesn't make you less beautiful it makes you more beautiful. Just wanted to say you are lovely and kind and gorgeous ok bye

Thank you, you kind kind stranger. Really. My acne drives me insane so thank you. 

ok so i’m not seeing the actual shitshow on my dash rn, i’m just seeing all the posts about it, and this is something i’ve been meaning to touch on but never really got around to but here it is: it is impossible to be racist against white people. if you prioritize white feelings over actual problems people of color face every day and think jokes about “white people things” is on the same level as police brutality against bpoc or racial slurs, please just…. take a step back, listen to poc, do some googling, read, unfollow me, whatever. i don’t have the patience to deal with this.

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Hi sweetie. I just wanna thank you for bringing all this lovely newtina things in my dash. It's really helping me right now. I'm so devastated. Umployed, have to get back to my mother's house, and almost have to quite my college. I'm feeling such a loser. But your fics always bring a smile to my face, such as your gifs and movie maker editions. I hope you're OK. Love, anon.

Oh, honey, you’re NOT a loser. If it makes you feel any better, I’m working a job I kinda hate, am struggling with my university course, am currently £9k in debt (if I do all three years it’ll add up to about £27k) and I live with my parents and sister still…I share a room with my little sister, which sucks balls.

I am so happy that you’ve managed to find enjoyment in my fics/gifs/move maker edits though - I LOVE it when I manage to make people smile/laugh, or when I somehow manage to cheer them up. It honestly makes my day hearing that it’s made other people so happy too.

If you ever want to talk privately/off-anon then please feel free. I don’t know if the time zones are vastly different but I’ll still reply as soon as I can if you choose to message me. Usually when I don’t reply it’s because I’m asleep/at work/at uni - but I do still care!

I hope things start looking up for you soon - you deserve only lovely positive things <3

Dear Sherlock fandom

No I don’t want any of your tjlc
No I dont ship Johnlock
I am quite happy with shipping Sheriarty
Does that mean I think its really freakin canon? No.
It’s ok if you ship Johnlock you go, it’s also ok if you ship Sherlolly, Adlock or whatever the fuck you want.
But for the love of god stop rubbing it into my face, stop hijacking tags that don’t even belong to THIS FANDOM
I want to enjoy my destiel without reading how Johnlock is going canon 2017 and Destiel isn’t. I don’t need that.
Have you heard about queerbaiting?
And how the hell are you all getting super excited about the idea that Jim Moriarty really wants to drug and rape Sherlock?
Why do you hate Mary so much?
What the hell is going on in this fandom?
Get some freakin chill.


Imagine you heard that zoom had Barry and he was gonna steal his powers so you ran but the door was locked when you finally broke it open you ran right in front of Barry than zoom had his hand through you. When he noticed what you did he just crushed your heart enough to kill you slowly. You dropped but Barry caught in time. Barry started to tear up but you grabbed his face and told him “it’ll be ok, I love you.” He said “I am so sorry i got you into this mess. I should have pushed you away” but you stop him and said “its ok Barry really.” “I love you..” You started to close your eyes and Barry broke down and yelled no..

Hell House - Part 3

Word Count: 4315

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: blood, language

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Series Rewrite Masterlist

You stormed in the front door of the music store looking for Craig, finding him sitting in the corner looking pathetic. The boys were following behind you. “Hey there Craig! Remember us?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

He looked up at you and frowned. “Look, I’m really not in the mood to answer any of your questions, Ok?”

“Oh! So you do remember us! Perfect!” Dean placed a hand on your shoulder, indicating you should probably calm down.

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Ok, I mean it, CLAMP have to STOP with the “cross-things” with Kurogane and Fay, because my brain keeps telling me it must have some sexual symbolic meaning and it’s not sane for me. At all.

(Kurogane, really, where are you putting that damn stick?! Can’t you direct it elsewhere?! You have that smile on your face because you’re doing naughty things and you know it, don’t you?! Stop it.)

Let’s play a game called “How many times Kurogane and Fay are caught crossing long, hard..things. “

Oh and my favourite:

I won’t say anything about the positions of that sword and that thin stick Fay’s holding, just that it’s really, really evocative. They are linking them on the top and…my brain begs for mercy.

Conclution: Shameless CLAMP is shameless.

ok but consider this: forsaken body/cosmetic care as in

  • Forsaken making thread specifically for sewing body parts back together (it comes in purples and pale blues and greens to match their skin)
  • Forsaken having a routine of ointments and perfumes and formaldehyde that they apply every day, not unlike washing your face before bed or something
  • Forsaken getting their backs cracked/straightened regularly by some quasi-chiropractor so that they can stay upright
  • Forsaken women making hair extensions

imagine: the jock with the soft spot for the male cheerleader who’s always wearing a skirt. them celebrating after a game in the back of the jocks car. handholding. wearing matching outfits on spirit days and having their face painted the same way in their school colors. kisses on the cheek. driving off campus for lunch. going to prom together. having a preshow routine and good luck kisses that work every time. piggy back rides. cuddle sessions. the jock secretly loving being the little spoon bc his own personal cheerleader never fails to make him feel safe and secure


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Requested by anonymous: if the last imagine was about cheating i want something similar but something completely different, could you write an imagine about stiles and reader in which the reader is really cheating on him and he finds out it. an imagine without happy ending:( ps i love your imagines, you have such a talent!


WORDS: 233


A/N: Thank you so much! Enjoy it :)

Stiles’ P.O.V

I couldn’t believe that she was cheating on me. I thought she would never do that. I loved her and I did everything for her.


I sit next to Scott and he smiles.

“What’s up?”

I just shake my head.

“Are you ok, Stiles?”

“Yeah. Totally.”

I see her walking at my direction with a smile on her face; she hugs me and kisses my cheek.

“Hey, babe. Hi, Scott.”

“Hey, how are you doing, Y/N?” Scott asks.

“I’m fine.” She smiles.

Scott looks at me confused, I always kiss her back. But I didn’t.

“Stiles, is everything alright?” Y/N asks.

“Can we talk?”

She nods and we get up. We walk to one of the classrooms and Y/N looks at me.


“Why you did that to me?”


“I saw you with him yesterday.”

Y/N looks to her shoes.

“How could you do this to me? I always gave you everything you needed. I was always by your side. WHY YOU DID THAT?”

“Stiles, I… I-I didn’t me…”

“Just tell me why!” I scream. “I fucking loved you, Y/N.”

“I know. I-I’m sorry, Stiles. I was going to tell you. I-I was…. Sorry.”

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and she gets closer.

“Stiles, I’m sorry.” She tries to hug me.

I stop her.

“I’m sorry.” She says again.

I turn around and I run.

I couldn’t believe.