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husband highs — tom h.

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author’s note: GUYS IM SCREAMING because i hit 1k and wow i just wanted to thank you guys by posting something. i love YOU THANK YOU FOR READING MY STUFF and since i never leave a link to my masterlist i thought i should this time so here it is.  → masterlist

  • tom would be the most extra fiance ever like he wouldn’t ever not talk about how he’s engaged to the most beautiful girl ever
  • especially in interviews like he’d be on press tour to promote his movie and the interviewer would slip in a congratulatory and tom would be like
    • “thank you, thank you so much, really. i’m happy, my wife is amazing”
  • and the interviewer would be like tf i thought this kid was engaged
    • “it says here you announced your engagement yester-”
  • and you’d always tell tom that he couldn’t go around telling people you two were married when you two JUST GOT ENGAGED
  • it was sending mixed signals everywhere
  • especially since tom liked to wear a ring on his wedding finger
  • he’d just wanted everyone to know that he was taken because if you had a ring showing the entire world that you were his, why couldn’t he have one to show off he was yours???
  • it was the cutest thing ever and it never failed to make you smile whenever you saw his hand 
  • anyways since he had to finish filming a movie and do a press tour you guys decided that your wedding would be after he finished both
  • that’s probably one of the reasons he couldn’t shut up about you to everyone because he was SO EXCITED
  • while he was away he’d always facetime you
  • sometimes he’d be so hyper
    • “it’s the second-”

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Day6: dating Jae would include


▪ honestly, if you’re the type to take everything seriously, this sunshine will change your view of life 

▪ always preaching about taking life easy and not over worrying about anything

 ▪ funny thing for him to say bc he’s always internally freaking out every time you smile or even glance towards him 

▪ you and Wonpil constantly teasing him and Brian over their bromance

▪ constantly tweeting some shady shit about you, but making it hella vague so you never know if it’s about you or Wonpil

 ▪ did I mention you and Wonpil are partners in crime when it comes to picking on him?

▪ prank wars are always on between you and Wonpil against jae and his other bf

▪ with Sungjin and Dowoon (not so) silently judging you all

▪ he can’t believe he picked a prankster as a gf, he can never catch a break

▪ sometimes, tho, you’re both really sweet to each other 

▪ not very good with expressing his feelings at first, but he just feels so strongly about you-

▪ so one day all the feelings that were bottled up came out like word vomit 

▪ all you could get out of the confession was “I love you sm ok like I literally never knew how much I needed a person until I met you, bruh, like I’m so in love with your face and everything-”

▪ that was all it took for you to tackle him and kiss the life out of him, RIP jae

▪ back hugs are a must. Will actually make up excuses just to hug you from behind “I saw some lint on your sweater” “ You just looked really cold" 

▪ you always having to initiate kisses, he’s actually very shy when showing some intimacy 

▪ loves playing with your fingers and your hair, especially when you’re telling him about your day and just chilling. He’s sitting there with a stupid grin, listening to your every word 

▪ so so so supportive of everything you do and stand for

▪ your personal cheerleader. Feeling sad? Cheesy memes coming up. Feeling exhausted? Jae’s there in .0002 seconds. Feeling hungry? Jae’s already at your place with chicken wings and soda

 ▪ actually very deep and will talk to you about everything going on in his beautiful mind

▪ not a casual cuddler, but you quickly convinced him otherwise

▪ pls never ever let this chicken nugget go, I promise he’ll treat you like a princess 💖

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“You’re warm...”

How would bts members react to their s/o randomly nuzzling their face into his neck because they’re cold

(I hope you don’t mind but I changed up the request a bit so that it can be for everyone)

Thank you for requesting I hope you like it!

{Gifs do not belong to me, all credit to rightful owners}


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He probably wouldn’t have much of a reaction because he’d be used to your randomness. But he would find it really cute still because you would be basically hugging him while hiding your face in his neck. “Babe, what are you doing?” You wouldn’t say anything and just nuzzle against his neck more (if possible) and enjoy the warmth he gave you. “Y/n,” he smiles, leaning his head on yours and  petting your hair. “You okay?” You hummed, “you’re just really warm.” His smile grows wider and begins to feel all shy. “Ah, cute.”


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Jin wouldn’t mind that you decided to snuggle against him. He’d get comfortable wrapping his arm around you to get closer. “Are you ok like this?” You nod and a small shiver ran up your spine so you hid your face more into his neck. “You’re warm,” you said. “Am I?” you nod again. “It’s making me a bit sleepy,” you hear him chuckle feel him kiss the top of your head. “it’s ok, we can stay like this for a while.”


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This random little action would probably catch him off guard but not in a bad way and of course he wouldn’t mind. You two were sitting watching a movie but it was a bit cold, and being to lazy to get up you scooted closer to your boyfriend and nuzzled your face into his neck. “What’s this?” he ask playfully as he tried to look down at you. You shook your head and kept yourself close to him and that’s when he felt you shiver. “Oh I see,” he laughs, “my jagi is cold.” “just keep me warm hobi.”


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He would enjoy feeling you against him because honestly you’d be really warm to him to despite you being a bit cold and shaking like a Chihuahua. It was just another lazy day for the both of you and you two were still in bed having small talk. But it was really cold in your room for some reason and you really couldn’t listen to him talk because of it, and the blanket wasn’t helping. “What are you doing?” he’d ask mid way through speaking seeing you roll over to him and nuzzle you face into his neck. “It’s freaking freezing in here and I need your warmth.” Yoongi just grins and brings his arm around you, “weirdo,” “shut up you like this to.”


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This young man right here would find it absolutely adorable. Why you ask? I don’t even but it seems like he would. You would be sitting on the swinging bench on the balcony of your home cuddled with a blanket and enjoying the city view. You were sat between his legs and the small yet cold breeze gave you a chill despite the blanket. You twisted your body so that your legs draped over his right leg and quickly hid your face in the crook of his neck. “Cold?” he giggles. “Yeah, don’t move around too much you’re warm.” He can’t help but grin and hold you once again. “Ok I’ll keep you warm.”


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Taehyung is soft ok, (Physically I’m sure he is to, anyway). He’ll love the fact that he just gets to hold you and all that junk. He’d be sitting on the couch minding his own business but then he sees you waddle in wearing a hoodie. “Tae can I sit with you?” Of course he says yes and beckons you to come over. You hurried over and instead of sitting by him like he expected you sat on his lap, hiding your face into his neck. You sighed happily and slung your arm around his neck. “You’re really warm babe,” your words make him blush and kinda holds you tighter out of shyness. “You need to stop being so cute.”


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You don’t do it often when your with him but whenever you nuzzle your face into his neck he always giggles because your nose or the warmth of your breath hitting his neck always tickles him. He really likes it though because he just likes being near you. “Kookie I’m cold. Can you turn on the heater?” Instead of that he gets up and plops down right next you pulling you onto his lap. “It gets to hot in here really quick, we can just cuddle.” Your lips purse together trying to hide your smile so you nuzzled into his neck. The second you do he laughs and pulls back. “Are sure about th-” “It’s fine I like this.”

Hope you like it☺

Much love~💖

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Top ten memes inspired by Viktor "Extra" Nikiforov? :D

Because I feel that Viktor would be just as meme-worthy, could you do a top 10 Viktor inspired meme post? Haha, probably including the variations of his “why not both?” comment!

Top 10 Memes inspired by Viktor Nikiforov? (because surely Yuuri isn’t the only ultime walking meme source, Viktor is as extra as him, even more)

Top ten Viktor Nikiforov memes? He’s so extra and then there was the doping scandal and him yelling at the reporter and the kiss at the end and how he looks at Yuuri ;-;

Oh man now I want a “top 10 memes inspired by viktor nikiforov” post! I bet no. 1 is “fall in love with a guy who hates your guts and then pine after him for five years …”


You guys really wanted this one! Ok so…

Top Ten Viktor Nikiforov Memes:

10) ‘Nikiforov level pining’ is a commonly used phrase for the maximum amount of pining/being hopelessly in love that anyone can possibly be doing

9) In reference to the Yuuri Top Ten Memes, ‘creating your own Katsuki’ is also applicable to Viktor and is used as a cautionary tale to celebrities about why you should always be nice to your fans no matter what

8) Viktor ‘skating my feelings’ Nikiforov becomes a joke after everyone watches back his programs over the years and sees what a romantic dork he was. It becomes the figure skating equivalent of songwriters writing entire albums about their breakups, skating entire programs about your hopeless love life

7) In reference to the TMI Top Ten, Viktor saying ‘why pick one?’ in response to a trashy reporter asking him who tops and who bottoms in the relationship becomes a popular reaction gif along the lines of the one from Road to El Dorado ‘both is good’ and the little taco girl ‘why don’t we have both’

6) ‘Don’t do a Nikiforov’ is a line used when someone is involved in a rivalry/has someone who really hates them as a joke about not falling in love with someone who you’re supposed to be trying to beat

5) Once a reporter talked about Viktor’s grey hair and Viktor got really offended like ‘It’s s i l v e r  not grey’ and Yuuri was just like ‘it’s ok honey I love your grey hair’ and so ‘it’s silver not grey’ and Yuuri being casually savage became a running joke among Viktor’s fans

4) A screengrab of Viktor’s face when Yuuri did the quad flip in YOI became a really popular reaction picture

3) A running joke that Viktor only married Yuuri to get more medals for his trophy collection after he posted a picture on Instagram of their combined trophy cabinet and it was ridiculously big

2) Whenever anyone mentions loving Yuuri the automatic response from fans is ‘no-one will ever love Yuuri as much as Viktor’ or ‘but viktor loves him more’ and variations thereupon as a joke reference to the  fact that Viktor is pretty much the no.1 Yuuri fan and won’t let anyone forget it

1) To match Yuuri’s CAH one, Viktor also has a card dedicated to him in Cards Against Humanity. His one is a black card that reads ‘This time, Viktor Nikiforov has spent five years pining after_______’. You can imagine some of the combinations it makes when it’s being played in the game

Game on //Draco Imagine//

Requested By: @imagelover2

Request: Can you do a Draco Imagine where he pranks Y/n and she gets “mad” so she gives him the silent treatment and he does everything to make her talk to him?

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: none

A/n: okay so I said I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t really have to do with it, so I’m just gonna post it now :) hope you like it!


“Y/n! Come sit over here!” You glanced around the room until your eyes landed on your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. He was waiving his hand and you made your way to the bench beside him.

“Hey!” You greeted as you sat down and smiled at your boyfriend.

“We made you a plate.” Draco smiled as he slid you a plate filled with eggs, toast, bacon and a cookie with a jelly filling. “No need to thank us.” He beamed and you laughed quietly.

“Well thank you anyway.” You smiled. You listened to Draco complain about Granger and her pesky know it all mudblood brain as you ate your toast and bacon quickly. You picked up the cookie and took a large bite, getting all of the jelly in one bite. Although it didn’t taste like jelly….

“Draco…what’s in this cookie?” You asked as you examined it. It didn’t taste like jelly at all. In fact…it tasted more like…

“Hot sauce!” Draco exclaimed before erupting in a fit of giggles.

You threw the rest of the cookie onto your plate and grabbed the nearest napkin, spitting whatever was left in your mouth out….but it was too late.

“Ohmygod!” You gasped as the spice suddenly hit you. It felt as if your mouth was on fire. You grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down but nothing changed. “Draco!” You yelled through clenched teeth as you stood up and ran from the room towards the Slytherin common room. You ran right into the bathroom and brushed your teeth, not one, but four times.

“That filthy pure blood prince.” You cursed as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You brushed your fingers through your hair and straightened the collar of your jacket.

You jumped out of your skin when you saw Draco standing just outside the girl’s bathroom.

“Ok listen Y/n, I’m really sorry for pranking you back there, I thought you wouldn’t react so badly to it…forgive me?” He looked at you with puppy eyes. You straightened your back and walked right past him, bumping his shoulder as you passed.

“Oh no Y/n. Not the silent treatment. Please don’t play this game love.” Draco pleaded but you weren’t going to let him win so easily. You walked into the common room and planted yourself on one of the green couches facing the fire.

Draco sat down beside you and you turned away from him.

“Y/n…I’m sorry…what else do you want me to say?”

You stuck your nose into the air a little and Draco sighed. He got up and sat on the other side of you so that you were looking at him. You quickly shifted your body so you were now looking the other direction.

“Don’t look at me if you love me.” Draco said. You didn’t move. “Aha I knew it.” He chuckled. “Don’t face me if you don’t love me.” Again, you didn’t move. “Damn..” he sighed and you hid your quiet laughs.

“Y/n if you don’t talk to me….I’m going to put my foot in the fire.” Draco said as he stood up and moved towards the fire. You turned towards him but you folded your arms stubbornly. “I’m going to do it,” he sneered as he lifted his foot and moved it towards the fire. “Just one word and I’ll stop.”

You didn’t even raise an eyebrow as his foot hovered closer and closer to the fire that was raging in the fireplace. He pulled his foot away right before it was about to touch the flames. “Ughh Y/n, baby please talk to me!” Draco pleaded as he moved towards you again.

“Please don’t make me beg Y/n!” Draco pouted, his bottom lip protruding and his eyes widening just enough to give them a puppy dog appearance. “Fine.” Draco got onto his knees in front of you and pressed his hands together.

“Im begging you Y/n! I beg for you to talk to me again! I’m sorry for what I did and you have every right to be mad, but I just hear your serenading voice again or i’ll risk going mad!” Draco pleaded. You didn’t even smile as you turned your body away from him again and moved your eyes back to the fire.

“Fine.” Draco stood. “You want to play hard to get? Two can play at that game!” With that, he stormed past you and out of the common room.

“Game on.” You smirked to yourself as you laid back on the couch and looked at the ceiling.

It’s been two days since the games started between you and Draco. It’s been two days of noses in the air, crossed arms, and ‘humphs’.

Draco had been holding out rather well, considering he was more than completely obsessed with you and usually couldn’t go four hours without touching you, nevertheless talking to you.

He stuck his nose in the air whenever he saw you and turned his back towards you. He was obviously determined to win. But you were even more determined. You were at the point where you wouldn’t even look at him when he entered the room and you pretended he didn’t exist.

“This has to stop Y/n.” Pansy told you one day. “Soon the whole school is going to think that you had some tragic breakup. Plus he talks about you nonstop when you’re not around.” Pansy rolled her eyes and you smiled to yourself.

“I’m not stopping until he gives in. I’m not going to lose.” You replied. “And what kinds of things does he sa-” you ended your sentence short as the door opened and Draco walked into the room. You closed your mouth and looked towards the fire. You heard Pansy scoff.

“Good evening Pansy,” Draco spoke as he sat next to your best friend. “I wanted to tell you that Blaise was looking for you. Last I saw him he was headed to the great hall.”

“Alright, thanks Draco. See ya later Y/n.” Pansy waved and you waved back. You watched as she left the room, letting the common room door slam behind her. It was just you and Draco now. You leaned forward in the chair and began to stand up but draco stopped you.

“You win.” He said to the ground and you froze. He looked up at you, his gray eyes twinkling. “You win. I can’t go another day without seeing you and talking to you. I miss your voice and the way you feel in my arms. And it’s only been two days!” Draco scoffed. “I’m completely obsessed with you! Please talk to me again. Please?”

“That’s all you had to say.” You smiled at him and his eyes went wide.

“What? I only had to say please? This whole time I could have just asked you and added please!?”

You nodded and Draco scoffed. “I got you this by the way,” you said as you picked up a plate from the ground and handed it to him. “A peace offering.” You smiled. It was a Boston cream donut.

“Well you’re too kind.” Draco smiled at you. He leaned back on the couch and took a large bite. Not even a second of the food being in his mouth, he spit it back out.

“Toothpaste!!?” He yelled as he threw the donut onto the ground and began coughing. You burst out laughing, having to hold onto the arms of the chair to make sure you didn’t fall onto the floor. “You’re disgusting Y/n!” Draco scolded as he picked the donut up and put it back on the plate. You could tell by the playful smirk on his lips that this meant nothing more than a joke to him.

“Now we’re even.” You giggled as he stood up and put the plate on a desk. He stood in front of your chair and leaned in so close your lips were mere inches apart.

“Yes darling. I guess we are.” He closed the gap between your lips and the two of you shared a passionate kiss.

You made a face when you pulled away. “Ew…tastes like toothpaste.”

“Let me get one thing straight ! ...I’m not” - Batmom x Batboys

Summary : What if one of the batboy was gay and he was scared to tell Bruce and Batmom ? 

I couldn’t choose just one batboy, so I wrote a mini-story (ended up actually being longer than I anticipated…sorry for the long read ? Each story have a different title and the name of one of the Batboy is always written so if you wanna skip some of them, and just read the one you want, it’s easier :-)) for each of them…I have no idea where this idea comes from, but I just wanted to write it. So here’s for an unplanned story that just somehow showed up today in my head, and wouldn’t leave until I wrote it. Hope you’ll like it

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Fear of what you might think - Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson was the kind of young man that never had trouble talking his way out of almost any situations. He wasn’t a shy guy, he was charming and cute, full of empathy and always had kind words for anyone in trouble. 

And with you ? Well, he had been calling you “mom” since he was but an eight years old child (he will always remember the day he was scared that his actual mom be mad at him for calling that…and the hug and soothing words you gave him after, reassuring him that, of course she wouldn’t, she loved him, she would only like the best for him), and talking to you always been extra-easy. 

So…This was new for him. 

Never before had he been afraid to tell you something. And yet, here he was, pacing up and down the Manor, gathering the courage to finally go to see you in the Batcave (where he knew you and Bruce were), to end up avoiding the grandmother clock that would lead him to said cave…

After almost two hours of incessant pacing, finally, Alfred stopped him, and, putting a tray of tea, coffee and biscuits in his arms, said : 

-Well Master Richard, if you’re that restless, could you please bring this to your parents ? I feel a bit under the weather today, and I fear that going down in the coldness of the cave will truly make me sick. 

At the time, Dick didn’t really thought much of it, but now that he was looking back to it, he was 98% sure that Alfred knew, and just gave him that little push that would help him finally say what was on his heart. 

His heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour as he was getting down to where you and Bruce were, taking one slow step at a time. Two steps back up, one step down. Alfred had told him to hurry before the tea and coffee would turn cold but…Why was this so difficult ?! 

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some Sehun headcanons

•   the other members really underestimate how much of a gentleman he is when he’s w/ you
•   like they see yall roughhousing all the time, just rolling all around the floor and having tickling wars and smearing ice cream all over each other’s noses but…….. like Sehunnie is so sweet and thoughtful
•   esp when they’re not around, I mean ESP CHANBAEK
•   bc he knows the teasing is just started when they sit on either side of him on the couch after you’ve just left their place, eyeing him and smirking “so uh, you really are in love with y/n, aren’t you ;;;? Yeol, I can’t believe this baby’s grown up so fast we ain’t ready" 

•   but seriously tho, he’ll open doors for you and pull out your chair 

•   even lets you sleep on his arm when you abandon your pillow in the middle of the night aw
•   tusendre KING tho
•   like he’ll throw in a compliment out of nowhere so suddenly, acting all cool and nonchalant
•   sarcasm is his well-known trait ofc, and you’ve become a master at deciphering whether he’s being serious or not
•   bc let’s face it no one can ever tell w/ his pokerface :^)))
•   he’d find the stupidest excuses just to keep texting you late at night when you’re both supposed to be sleeping
•   "hey y/n, what time is it?” “Sehun you’re literally on your phone right now”
•   “I can’t sleep I’m having nightmares ;(((( come cuddle me and play with my hair” “ok sure, lemme just fly out to China real quick”
•   “don’t be mean jfc I just wanna keep talking to you. I’ll just cuddle vivi instead bye.”
•   high key has taken the Harry Potter sorting quiz a million times
•   and gets mad every time yall end up in different houses
•   “I know I shouldn’t have let a Slytherin into my house smh, vivi come here n lemme take this quiz for u real quick”
•   + nonstop texts full of meme replies
•   he’d use his long legs to wrap around you when you’re cold and can’t sleep
•   esp if you’re always complaining about him hogging the covers
•   offers to feed you food
•   and proceeds to laugh for 20 mins bc now there’s sauce on your chin and he’s a literal child
•   but then he’s a weirdo bc he’s like I’m offering to lick it, and you’re like ???? Wtf no <<
•   one time he tried cooking for you to surprise you
•   and when he saw your disgusted face he was a lil butthurt, ngl
•   “?? Aren’t you supposed to at least lie and say you liked it so you wouldn’t hurt my feelings? So cold hearted”
•   “Well I think you permanently damaged my stomach so a ‘no thank you’ is all you’re gonna get, Oh”
•   he hates being away from you and the members totally pick up on it
•   so at least 3 times a day you’ll be getting calls and snaps from suho and chanyeol of your grouchy bf
•   only bc he’s too stubborn to call you and say he misses you himself bc he’s sure he’ll cry
•   or worse…………
•   say I love you and you might not say it back yikes
•   well I mean one time you heard him snort over the phone while he was laughing sooo………you never let him live it down
•   always stares at you before waking you up but he’ll never admit it
•   Sehun is intrigued by the way you always talk with your hands, sometimes even chuckles and calls you out on it
•   “no babe, I mean it’s cute. ur cute”
•   he’s extra cuddly in the morning, I’ll just leave that up for your imagination
•   no but really
•   his lips will unconsciously be at your shoulders and neck, while he’s completely aldeep and unaware
•   sometimes he’ll lightly bite you???????
•   and when he finds the little red marks when he wakes up he’s like “!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who did that?? Was it vivi???? Baby :(”
•   “Sehun is2g”
•   movie nights are his favorite nights I bet
•   bc at some point yall would always end up making out halfway through the movie so ;;;;
•   he’d love to hug you from behind and press his lil nose against your neck
•   “u smell good babe, is that my cologne lmao”
•   when he’s feeling cheeky he’s a ball of energy and fluff
•   like he’ll straddle you and presses kisses all over your face, proclaiming his love for you for the 5th time that day
•   grins when you smack his booty “wow it always bounces, how are you so thicc”
•   ALSO when you call him baby………………..get ready to be snuggled for an hour
•   gosh he loves to be pampered by you and when you call him cute lil nicknames like that, that’s when he feels most special and loved by you
•   like yall are just hella goofy w/ each other
•   listen he’ll complain and whine and be clingy sometimes, but I bet he’ll always be thanking whoever it is that made you walk into his life and change it for for the good 💛

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BTS Reaction | having your first big fight with them

Kim Seokjin 

“I really hate arguing with someone, that I actually love, do you know that?” He said while looking into your eyes. You sat down on the couch a few meters away from him. “Of course I know.” He went a few steppes forward, “And you also know how much I love and need you?” You nodded in response. Jin sat down besides you and laid his hand on your leg, gently stroking with his thumb. “Let’s forget about. I don’t want to see you sad ever again.”

Min Yoongi

You wanted to leave but he held onto your wrist to stop you. “Please don’t let this turn into something it’s not“, He begged. “I’m sorry, I just need some time off now.” He released his grip and let go of you. You just throw over your jacket and slipped into your sneakers and went outside to the park to get your mind free. Is was your first big argument with Yoongi and you felt terrible. You didn’t want to be any more minute away from him so you decided to turn back but he wasn’t at the apartment anymore, but he left a note. “Meet me at the Studio”. Of course he would drown himself in work if he’s sad, that was always his way. So you went to his Studio, knocking at the door and then entered. It was already pretty late at night and he looked exhausted. He turned his chair around to face you and reached for your hand. “I’m sorry for what I said. You know that I love you more than anyone else could.“ He said while gently stroking over the back of your hand. “I know I don’t want to fight either.”

Kim Namjoon

“It’s nonsense. We should stop.” He said finally after a while of silence. You two fought for the pretty much the last hour and at this point didn’t even know why you started his argument in the first place. You sat side by side on the couch but not facing each other. You nervously scratched your hand. “The thought of breaking up with you scares me, Namjoon.” He turned around surprised by your sudden confession. “Don’t say something like that, we won’t break up because of some silly fight like that.” He tried to comfort you and pulled you into a hug. You cuddled yourself into his shoulder and rested your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He whispered into your ear: “Don’t ever think of that again, can you promise me that, baby?”

Jung Hoseok

“We have got through so much worse than this before. What’s so different this time that you can’t ignore it?” You asked him with a shaking voice. He quickly looked away, incapable of looking into your eyes. “Just say something, Hobi. You can’t just let this stay like that, without saying anything.” You demanded. He took a deep breath and rubbed his neck. “Maybe I should let you some time alone, that you can think about it.” You wanted to leave but he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind and pulled you close to him. “No don’t go. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave”, he whispered and you could feel his hands tremble slightly. Was he so afraid that you might leave him? You turned around and put his head between your hands. “I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Park Jimin

You got shocked over his aggressive tone. You’ve never seen him like that before and it scared you. Tears started rolling down your cheeks so you covered your face with your hands. Jimin stood with his back towards you and turned around as he noticed. “Oh no, honey don’t cry. I’m sorry, It wasn’t my intention to get that loud. I’m so sorry.” He hugged you tightly and stroked the back of your head to make you feel safe again. The thought of you being scared of him made him so sad, that he started crying too and wouldn’t let go of you for a while.

Jeon Jungkook

As soon as he saw your tears he did completely forget what this fight was about and run over to you. He wiped away your tears and wrapped his arms around you, without saying anything – because he clearly didn’t know what to say. Until you calmed again he just hold you and didn’t keep his hands off you for the rest of the day, trying to show you how much he was sorry for causing you to cry. “I’m so sorry that this fight turned out like that, baby.”

Kim Taehyung

“Is this really worth it?” You asked him honestly, as you were tired of fighting. You weren’t fighting often but his time it was awful. He looked at you with wide eyes – did you really just say that? “Do you want to quit?” He said with a low voice. You sat down and covered your face with your hands, whispering: “Of course not.” Taehyung kneed down in front of you and pushed your hands to the side. “I love you more than anything in this world. We’ll get over this, ok?” He gave you a comforting smile and then wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “Everything will be ok. You can count on me.”

suju’s 83 line are the ideal brotp. they’re the brotp to end all brotps. they eat your brotps for brokfast. they’re the broiest to ever tp. no really… they’re such fucking bros.

look at heechul’s face when he’s taking the pepero from kangin

yeah yeah whatever ok sure and then he turns to leeteuk and they’re both like

yeeaaahhhh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

i feel like all their extra fanservice with each other is how you can tell they’re really close. well, one of many ways.

Originally posted by crazykidunderangel

they’re just too extra… like that “i have a zit on my neck” “not a love bite?” “yes, leeteuk kissed it last night, he kissed it so hard” remark

or the “in 2016, i will date leeteuk” thing

or a bunch of other things i can’t find videos or gifs of right now for you

are they actually, you know, into each other like that? mm, i really don’t think so. super junior’s fanservice is known for being over the top. but these two together in particular are so cool and comfortable with it that they’re pretty much incapable of being awkward about anything. it’s like the reverse of a “no homo” complex. they have more of a.. “if it’s not already homo, make it homo, because i’m doing this with my bro” complex.

they’re such bros i could talk about this for days your brotp will never be on this level

Wanting More

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him. He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.




 This is my first time writing a little bit of smut so hopefully it’s not horrible lol. Tell me if you want a part two!! 




Harry calls you multiple times a week. The words I need you or I want you always made you feel a fire inside your belly.

He called you, he wants to be with you, you think to yourself. But then there’s times when you second guess yourself. If he actually wanted to see you or just have his dick sucked off.

You knew deep down the real answer but you pushed that in the back of your mind as you walked towards his flat at 12:30pm. He called you when you were at home lying in bed watching friends. You were going to have a night in this Friday, but harry rang you when you were in the mist of a laughing attack after the scene that just played out on your tv.

Not looking at the caller ID you picked up your phone, “hello?”

“What are you doing right now?” Harry quickly said with no introduction.

“Hello to you too. I’m fine thanks for asking.” You say sarcastically as you stuff your face with popcorn.

“Can you come over?” He asks eagerly.

You roll your eyes to look at your clock beside your bed side table.

“Harry it’s 12am…”

“I know, I know. It’s just….” Harry stops, trails off, and sighs.

“I need you, I really fucking need you right now.” His voice becomes low and husky.

Your cheeks turn red at his statement, he’s said it so many times, but it still makes you blush. You try and cover your face only to realize no one was actually here.

There was a long silence before you said, “ I’ll be there in 15.” You start getting up to brush your teeth. You didn’t want Harry to taste kettle corn on your lips.

You can hear Harry sigh in relief. “Ok drive safe, love.”

“I will bye.” You hang up the phone and your superego mentally yells at you. You ignore it even though you know you shouldn’t.

You and Harry have been doing this for awhile now. You don’t even know what it’s called. I guess it’s friends with benefits but you hated that term. You guys were just casual friends. But you always felt as if there was something more…

You made it to Harry’s door, you rummage through your little bag to try and find the spare key harry gave to you, after this became a regular thing. But before you could get it you hear the door unlock, and harry grabs your wrists and brings you inside.

Before you had time to even greet him he had you pushed up against the door frame and connecting his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but quickly kissed him back. Harry’s hands were on your waists as he brought his lips down your neck leaving trails down your neck.

“Someone’s a bit eager?” You says in between breathes. Harry has already got you flustered, hot, and bothered and you just came in the door.

“What took you so long?” He’s now kissing your collar bone, as he places his hands up your hoodie. “You said 15 minutes, that was bloody 30 minutes.”

Your heart was racing. “ I’m sorry, you called me at a very inconvenient time. I was in my Pjs looking like a mess. I had to get cleaned up a bit.”

Harry shakes his head and you frowned. He makes his way up your neck to your ear and whispers. “You look good in anything, you know I don’t give a fuck.”

You smile into Harry’s kiss cause you knew that. Harry would always make an effort to tell you that you don’t need to dress up for things like this. But I guess you were compensating for wishing you could get all dressed up and go out to dinner with Harry or something like that.

You quickly threw that thought in the back of your head and locked it up, for now. You didn’t want to think about that right now.

Harry brought you up to his room, and lays you down. It was dark but the street lights seeping through his blinds was enough to get a good look at Harry. Everytime you saw him you couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. His green eyes scans over your body as you take your hoodie off and he smirks at his favorite bra that he likes on you. You come towards him and slowly kiss his neck as your hands slowly went to his waist band and you started touching his hard.

“Oh fuck Y/N” Harry groans. You push him on the bed and take his boxers off and he flung up. He watches you as you take it in your hand and lick the tip. Harry shutters.

“Tell me what you want Harry” you whisper as you rub his balls.

“I-I just su-ck me off. Please just-” before he could finish you took him in your mouth. You could feel the veins of his cocks rub against tongue and you pushed harder. Bobbing your head as you placed your hands on his thighs feeling them up and down.

Harry was trying to control himself he always does, but he can’t help taking your hair in between his fingers and pulling your head closer. But you loved it when he did that, you loved his dominant side.

“Oh my god. Y/N… babe yes yes.” Harry grunts as you can feel him quiever inside your mouth. “I’m so close, can I… in your..” you knew what he meant and you agreed like you always did. But he was always so sweet to ask first. And soon after I looked at him with his cock in my mouth, he came in your mouth and you swallowed it all.

Before you could even catch your breath Harry had you on the bed and pulling off your pants. “Now it’s my turn.” He tells you. He pulls down your panties and gently glides his fingers over your slit.

“Already so warm and wet for me.” He says while hovering over you and you couldn’t wait to have him inside you.

“What do you want, love?” He asks as he brings your bra off your shoulder exposing your bare chest.

“Just fuck me Harry, please.” You whine cause you know he was teasing you. He likes too see you beg.

Harry looks like he’s thinking for a second and then shakes his head. You sigh and was about to yell at him that he made you come all the way here at 12am-

You Moan as he bent down to place your plump nipples in his mouth. He licked in between your breasts and left you sweet kisses.

“You are very pretty.” He says between kissess and you blushed even more then you already are.

Suddenly you felt Harry’s warm fingers on your clit and you jolted. He placed two fingers there and started moving in circles while still kissing your chest. You were panting.

“Harry… oh my gosh.” You felt him slid in two fingers and you couldn’t help but move your hips deeper into Harry’s fingers.

“Faster Harry, c'mon.” You pleaded.

“I want you to fuck my fingers babe, you do it.” You almost wanted to scream but Harry liked watching you move your hips.

You started a movement as your hips were trying to get the right angel, and when you did you couldn’t stop. You arched your back and started bouncing.

Your boobs started banging against your chest as Harry watch you in awe riding his fingers.

“Harry, im clo-se” but you need more movement you needed harry to move his fucking fingers.

“No not yet.” Harry demands.

“Harry….I need more-” before you finished he pulled his fingers out and you gasped, but before you had time to yell at him. He slide his cock right inside of you and both of you let out a huge Moan.

“Fuck, your so tight. I love it.” Harry pants. You could see the sweet on his forehead as he thrusts into you. You both were uttering curse words and on cloud nine because sex together is always the best.

Harry leans down and places wet kisses down your body and you just wanted him closer, even more closer then this.

You wanted him, all of him.

Harry grabs yours legs and spreads them even wider as he places his thumb back into your clit and rubs it. Pleasure was coursing through your whole body now and you didn’t want it to end.

“Tell me how it feels Y/N, tell me.” He demands.

“So good harry!” He thrusts harder “oh my gosh so fucking good I love your cock it fits perfectly.” You tell him and he smirks as he watches how you react to him. How every body part wanted him, and he loved it. He loved doing this with you.

“I’m close” Harry tells you as he grabs your hips and pushes you harder. And you were too.

Harry leans over and kisses you like his life depended on it while he slammed inside you and that’s when you both came undone.

You were coming down from your high when Harry was still hovering over you. You were both just staring into each others eyes, and you would do anything to know what he was thinking.

But he leans and gives you a slow and passionate kiss. It wasn’t like the few you shared while you were getting off.

But this was sweeter and slow.

Then Harry tumbles to the side of you. The room was silent for a little with both of you still trying to catch your breath. No matter how many times you do it with Harry, your body is still exhausted every damn time.

“I’m sorry if I called too late.” Harry’s face fell as You looked over at the his clock behind him and saw that it was 1:47am.

“It’s alright, Harry. I wasn’t doing anything just watching Tv.” You reassure him. Even if you were busy you always had time for him, or you would make time. You couldn’t help but tuck the little strand of his curl behind his ear. Your hand was on the side of his cheek as you gently strocked it.

“I know but you have to drive back home at almost bloody 2am.” You quickly take your hand back from his cheek and frown.

“Wait what?”

Harry yawns “I said that you have to drive really late at night to get back home.”

Then it dawned on you.

He wanted you to go home.

He didn’t want you here.

He did just want you to suck his dick.

You’ve never been to his house this late before, so the option of spending the night was never an option. But you thought maybe tonight… wow you felt so stupid.

You quickly got up and turned your back to him and started to get dress, suddenly feeling weird naked around him.

“I mean you don’t have to leave right now, you can wait a half hour or something if your a little soar or something.” Harry tries pulling your wrist back to him but you snatched it away.

“No, I should go. Your right.” You slip your underwear and pants back on and throw on your hoodie. You could feel him staring at you, and you just wanted to leave. You shouldn’t of even came you told yourself. You grabbed your phone and without saying a word, went downstairs.

You could hear Harry’s footsteps following you as you put on your shoes and picked up the keys you dropped on the floor. The memory of tonight’s events still fresh in your mind. And even when he is kicking you out you still wanted to stay. You wanted to smack yourself.

“Y/N are you alright?” Harry turns you around before you could leave with an frown on his face. You mentally sighed. You shouldn’t blame Harry. He understands that this is a casual thing. I shouldn’t be mad if he didn’t want anything more then just this.

Rule number one of this arrangement, don’t catch feelings. He clearly hadn’t so that’s that.

You crack a fake smile “Yeah I’m good. Next time don’t call me too late!” You fake laugh trying to wash away the sadness.

He smiles and nods and it looks like he was about to say something. You were hoping for him to tell you to stay. That he wanted to lay with you and just hold you in his arms, because that’s what you wanted so badly.

But he didn’t. He just placed his hand on the sides of your face and kisses you. You didn’t want to feel those butterflies in your stomach but you did, and you knew you couldn’t help it.

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him.

He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.

So you leave knowing you would make it back. You liked Harry he was a good friend, you didn’t want to ruin whatever you had going on right now. So as you got in your car and started driving away. You decided to burry your feelings just a little deeper.

You wiped away the small tear that was falling down your cheek. He would just break your heart anyway. Forget your feelings.

This was for the best.

Part 2: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/158552976554/wanting-more-part-2 *






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221, Otayuri? (This ship is killing me I s2g)

Yuri had a plan, dammit, he had a plan, but now it’s the last day of Otabek’s trip to St. Petersburg and he’d asked for a quiet night in and Yuri still can’t find his fucking spine. He did find the bottle of whiskey Mila had given him as a housewarming gift though, so at least there’s that.

The two of them are strewn across the couch, Yuri’s head in Otabek’s lap and Otabek’s fingers running through his hair, the history channel or whatever boring program Otabek likes best on the TV. It’s perfect and nauseatingly domestic and Yuri wants nothing more than to pull Otabek down into a kiss but he still can’t manage to find the words to tell him he wants more.

“Almost hard to believe Barcelona was three years ago.” There’s the smallest smile on Otabek’s face and Yuri wants to remember how that looks for the rest of his life.

“How so?”

“Things have changed a lot, we’re both older and much different but here we are, still drinking liquor much nicer than we have any business drinking as fast as we do.”

Yuri shifted uncoordinatedly to his knees and planted his hands on Otabek’s thigh.

“I shoved my hand in your mouth and you pulled my glove off with your teeth. Unchoreographed. That’s like a binding contract, good luck ever getting rid of me.”

“I wouldn’t dare.”

There’s a flush to Otabek’s cheeks and Yuri can’t tell if it’s the alcohol or something else, but god it’s unfair how beautiful he is, all bronzed skin and perfect Cupid’s bow and summer freckles Yuri wants to count over and over again.

“Hey Beka? Maybe…this is bad timing but this entire week has felt like bad timing so I might just be a big fucking baby. I’m gonna start talking and I just need you to let me, ok?”

Otabek shifts to lean his back against the arm of the couch so he can face Yuri directly.

“Of course, Yura. Whatever you want to say, I’ll always listen.”

Yuri can practically feel his heart spasm in his chest.

“D- dammit, Beka! You can’t just sayshit like that, I’ll lose my nerve!”

And then that shithead laughs, but in the way that makes Yuri’s chest swell and face flush.

“I think - I think I love you? Really love you, like, lazy Sunday mornings and hand holding and getting to kiss that stupid perfect mouth of yours whenever I want. I don’t know if it was at Park Guell, fuck, maybe I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, but after Grandpa I knew for sure. Maybe I’m a fucking idiot and now you never want to talk to me again but - there’s this part of me that has a disturbing amount of faith that I’m not crazy and - oh screw it.”

It’s better than the whiskey, kissing Otabek. So much better, it’s everything Yuri had dreamt about and then magnified tenfold. His lips are warm and his hair still smells like Yuri’s lavender shampoo and god, Yuri just wants to run his fingers through -

“Holy shit, Beka I’m so-”

But the space between them closes with a firm hand behind Yuri’s head and the other snaked around his waist, it’s closed with the kind of searing kiss Yuri had all but resigned to only ever dreaming about. Otabek’s hands find their way to the sides of Yuri’s face, touch tender and sensation dizzying.

“Tell me it’s not just the alcohol, Yura. Tell me you mean it.”

“Wh- of course I mean it. When have you ever seen me fuck around with anything like this? I don’t - dammit you know I haven’t felt like this about any-”

Yura stop.” Otabek is smiling, that small, warm one that Yuri would sell his soul for if it meant it’d never leave his face. “I love you too.”

How they would react to their s/o being depressed

~shower you with compliments everyday
~tell you not to give a damn about everyone else
~would beat the livingg daylights out of anyone that dares to hurt you
~remind you every day how lucky he is to have you and how important you are to him
~every time you say bad things about yourself he’ll be like “what are you talking about, all I see is perfection” or something like “I wish you could see what I see everyday cause if you did all you’d see is an angel”

~would be confused at first beacuse he would never thought that someone as beautiful as you would hate themselves
~would no will try and comfort you the best he can
~cuddle and make out
~give you compliments about yourself every chance he gets
~he’s be extra possessive towards you
~will never stop looking at you like he’s looking at a masterpiece
~tell you stuff like “you know that you’re beautiful to me right?” and even like “trust me when I say you’re amazing”

~like leo he’d be confused as to why you feel this way
~would probably give you a scientific explanation telling you how amazing you are and saying that you shouldn’t feel this way
~being the adorable dork he is he’d say “I love you” shyly to you
~remind you every freakin mili seconds just hoe much he loves you
~he would spend more time with you
~would tell you cheesy pick up lines to cheer you up
~say stuff like “well technically speaking you have no logical reason to feel this way”

~he would immediately tightly embrace you
~tell you words of comfort
~kiss your face like a million times
~he’d say “aww, angelcakes you don’t need to feel this way you’re so pretty and amazing”
~after a while of him panicing he’d say “just know that no matter what I love you ok babe”
~he would really be there for you no matter what the problem

written confessions
  • ok ok so vernon
  • is in love with you 
  • like that kind of love where you just want to spend all your nights screaming along to harry styles songs and eating pizza with kind of love 
  • you’re in his mandatory English class and it’s honors cause ur a real smart b in this shit 
  • and you’re a fucking legend in your college for being real good with writing and once you had to peer edit each other’s papers and he took it back to his dorm expecting to be bored af cause he doesn’t think the rumors are true and is ready to make small comments and he literally cries instead
  • like wow??? you literally moved him with your paper???
  • and Vernon wants to be a rapper and move people with his words and he’s just blown away with how you’ve managed to move him to tears with your paper 
  • he takes his time commenting back on your paper and even adds a lil gold star sticker from his sticker collection cause he’s so stoked 
  • but when he gives your paper back to you you mention the star and he gets rlly embarrassed and starts apologizing and turning all red but you just smile at him 
  • and it takes his breath away 

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BTS When You Think Marriage is Unnecessary

“ Can you do a BTS reaction where s/o says they don’t want to get married because they because they find it unnecessary? ”

— b4 you read just wanna say that u can slide into my messages anytime :) i need people to talk w/ ok im done —



“I don’t want to get married. Yeah, I love you but it’s just..pointless, you know? I don’t need an expensive ring or big expensive party to know you’ll always love me.” When the words left your pink lips, Jin turned to look at you with a surprised look on his face. Your teeth bit down at your lip, worried that you’d done something wrong. “Y/N..you really think that?” he’d ask. You nod your head. “As long as we love each other, I guess it doesn’t really matter.” You look up to see your boyfriend smiling at you. He really did love you.


As soon as you told him how you felt about marriage he’d stay quiet. He was confused. You always seemed like someone who wanted to get married and have a family; the basic fantasies of every women. Either way, he accepted your feelings about the topic. He wasn’t mad, he could never be mad at you. “Can I ask why?” You let out a breath, knowing he wasn’t mad. “We love each other, it’s obvious. Why do so much work? It’s just ‘oh look at us! According to law we’re together!’ You don’t need to be married to have kids, to raise a family or to do anything. It’s a waste of time and money.” Yoongi listens and nods. “I..I never realized that. I see your point. I’m just glad I didn’t find this out while on one knee.” You laugh, taking his hand in yours. That would’ve been embarrassing..


“Y/N, what’re your thoughts on marriage?” Namjoon asked you one afternoon while you two latched onto each other on the couch. “Do you really want to hear it?” He nods, sending you a dimpled smile. “It’s unnecessary. All we get out of it is a loss of money and title of husband and wife. How is that much different from boyfriend and girlfriend? Getting married doesn’t really do anything.” It’s quiet after you finish speaking. “I guess opposites do attract. I actually love the idea of getting married.”


He’d pout cutely, squeezing your hand. “You really think that?” You nod, a small smile plastered on your lips. Marriage was a touchy subject. Your parents were married but what was the point, really? They didn’t even love each other anymore. Their love faded. Filing a divorce was a lot of work. You loved Hoseok and couldn’t see yourself without him, but what if you were wrong? Besides, marriage wasn’t necessary in a relationship. Sure, it was a nice title but that’s really it. “I love you Hobi, and I know you love me. I don’t need anything else.” you whisper to him. He smiles. “I mean, I see your point..” His head lays on your shoulder, a serious look now on his face. “Either way you’re still the love of my life.”


You got off a call with your mother who was ranting to you about your father and their marriage. It wasn’t even your problem but it frustrated you. Their marriage. “Marriage is so unnecessary..” you murmur. From the dining table, your blonde boyfriend stops eating and looks up. “So you wouldn’t want to get married?” he asks you. You turn to look at him, brows raised. “It’s pointless, Jimin. I mean, we already live together. All we need is kids. See my point? Marriage is just a title people like to have. You don’t need it to have a good relationship. I love you, you love me.” Jimin blinks, then looks back to his food. His face held a blank look. “Oh..I always wondered what’d you look like in a wedding dress; walking down the aisle, walking towards me..”


You spilled the beans, you spilled out your feelings about marriage to Taehyung. He didn’t say anything. He laid next to you, his arms enveloping you. “Y'know, ever since we got together I knew I’d always love you.” Taehyung says, breaking the silence. You smile against him, “Really?” He nods. “Nothing is ever going to change that. We were made for each other.” Chewing on your lip, your brows furrow. “So you’re not bothered? I didn’t ruin any plans of a proposal?” Taehyung shakes his head, chuckling. “You made me realize that marriage is unnecessary. As long as I know you love me just as much as I love you, nothing else matters.”


You laughed loudly under Jungkook, your hands cupping his face. “I love you.” you breathe out. “I love you more.” “You’re wrong, I love you the most.” “God Y/N we’re like newly weds.” he laughs. You shake your head, patting his cheek. “No, because marriage is unnecessary.” Jungkook raises an eyebrow, getting off of you and sitting up straight. “Wait, what?” You sigh and sit next to him. “Marriage. It’s pointless.” you say. Jungkook turns his gaze towards you, a look you couldn’t describe on his handsome features. “Why are you looking at me like that?” you ask quietly. “Because we really were meant for each other. We think the same.”

the timing is all wrong pt. 2- h.s imagine

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after the many requests and messages, here’s part 2!

“Well technically she broke up with me.” Harry quickly added.

You wore a confused look on your face before you sighed and quickly told him to come inside. Harry entered your apartment and headed over to the kitchen. You sat on one of the barstools and looked at him from across the counter. “What do you mean she broke up with you?”

Harry sighed and leaned against the counter. He played with his bottom lip before answering, “She claims that lately I’ve been neglecting her and focusing on you.” He looked at your expression before continuing, “She admitted that she’s always been jealous of how close we were. She made me choose between the two of you.” Your mouth dropped a little. Amazed that something so evil could come out of Brooklyn’s mouth. Harry stood back up and ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. I was so mad that she would even think to ask me that. We started fighting and I just told her that i didn’t want to be in this kind of a relationship anymore.” You raised your eyebrow, beckoning him to continue. “So what happened?”

Harry sighed and looked down at his fingers. “So she took that as a sign and officially declared us broken up.” You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist., giving him hug. “I’m sorry, H.”

Harry wrapped his arms around you and gave you a kiss on the top of your head. “Don’t be. I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t respect our friendship.”

You leaned your head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. “I don’t want to be the reason why you guys broke up though. Maybe I should call her. Talk this out.” You stepped out of Harry’s embrace and started to reach your phone before Harry grabbed your arm. “Y/N, me and Brooklyn weren’t right for each other. It was bound to happen at some point.”

You sighed and nodded. “So what do you wanna do then to forget about this? Do you want to throw eggs at her house?” You smiled, remembering the last time a girl broke up with Harry, the two of you got shit wasted and started to egg their house before running away when you heard police sirens.

Harry threw his head back in laughter, clearly remembering what you were referring to. “Actually, I have something else in my mind.” Harry replied, a smirk on his face.

“To be fair with you, I would rather be egging someone’s house right now.” You laughed, cracking an egg into a bowl. Harry came up beside you, hands full of all the necessary ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. He chuckled before saying, “I know but I’m in the mood for something sweet. And you know your chocolate chip cookies are to die for.” You flipped your hair back, “Oh I know.” Harry smiled at you before beginning to measure out the sugar. A devious thought popped into your head as you watched Harry. Slowly your hand started inching towards the flour bag. You grabbed a handful of flour and called out, “Harry?” As he turned to look at you properly, you released the flour into his face. You laughed loudly before adding, “Oops.” Harry smiled brightly and grabbed a handful himself and throwing it at you. The two of you began a food war, throwing handfuls of sugar and flour. Just as Harry was about to crack an egg above your head, your phone started to ring. “Time out!” You quickly yelled. Harry chuckled before nodding, starting to clean the mess you guys made. You giggled and pulled out your phone, “Hello?”

“Hey beautiful. Was wonderin’ if you wanted to grab some dinner tonight.” Louis replied on the other side of the phone. You picked a chocolate chip out of your hair and replied back, “Actually, I don’t really want to get ready to go out. Why don’t you come over with some takeout?” Louis nodded his head, already heading out the door. “Sure thing, beautiful. I’ll see you in a bit.” The two of you exchanged your goodbyes and hung up. You walked back into the kitchen and saw Harry beginning to scoop out the batter and forming little balls of dough. Harry looked at you and smiled before continuing to roll out the dough, “Who was that?” You stood beside him once again, “Louis. He’s coming with dinner. You’re more than welcomed to join.”

Something in Harry suddenly clicked. Maybe he was enjoying the alone time you guys were having together but he suddenly he found himself jealous of Louis coming in the picture. He cleared his throat before subtly trying to ask, “What’s going on between the two of you anyways?”

Your cheeks instantly went red and you paused before saying, “I don’t know. We haven’t made things official but..I really like him.”

Harry nodded, his stomach instantly forming into knots. “I think I might just head home.” He then started to rinse his hands under the sink. You placed the cookies into the oven. “What? You don’t want to wait until the cookies are done?”

Harry shook his head before making his way over to you. “I think Jeff mentioned something about going out tonight anyways. I’ll see you later, ok love?” He placed a kiss on your cheek before giving you a hug.

You wore a confused look on your face before retuning the hug. You walked Harry to the door while he waved goodbye. After he left, you furrowed your eyebrows together. Weird. You quickly ran to your room and started cleaning yourself off before Louis arrived.

“God, it smells amazing in here.” Louis said while placing the Chinese takeout on the coffee table in the living room.

“Yeah. Me and Harry made some cookies earlier!” You called out, grabbing some plates and utensils from the kitchen. Louis sat on your couch, eyebrows furrowed together. “Harry was over?”

You walked back into the living room and placed the plates down. “Yeah. Him and Brooklyn broke up.” Louis nodded while staring at you opening a takeout box, “How is he?” You began scoping some rice onto your plate and replied back, “He’s actually fine.” Louis started to feel a pit of jealousy. Now that Harry was single, he could suddenly realize the perfect girl was right in front of him and..Louis couldn’t have that. He grabbed the plate out of your hands. “What are you-” you began to ask but was quickly interrupted when Louis brought his lips to yours. You instantly kissed back, hands reaching behind his neck. He slowly laid you down on the couch and started to run his hand underneath your shirt.

The two of you were tangled together on the sheets of your bed. Clothes were scattered around in the hallway from the living room to your bedroom. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to Louis’s naked chest while he snored the night away, hand resting on your lower back. You were about to drift off to sleep as well until a faint knock on the door made you open your eyes. You looked across Louis at the clock on the bed side table. 2:20pm. You slowly untangled from Louis. He stirred a little before cuddling more into his pillow. You grabbed his shirt and put it on before looking out of the peephole on the door.

“Harry? What’s wrong?” You asked, opening the door to see a disheveled Harry, smelling of alcohol. Harry’s eyes quickly went over your attire before he called out, “Oh no! I’m already too late aren’t I!”

You quickly shushed him and beckoned him to come inside. Harry entered your apartment and quickly but gently pushed you against the door. He started to place kisses all over your face. “Harry? What’s going on?” You asked, gently pushing him away from you. Harry shook his head and tried pulling you closer to him. “Don’t be with him. We belong together.” You gasped quietly. Before you had the chance to respond, Louis came into the room with his boxers on. He looked between you and Harry. “Y/N?”

thank you guys so much for the requests and sweet messages about part 1! i hope i did everyone’s justice lol. let me know if you guys want a part 3! are you team harry or team louis? 

When the Cock Crows

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A/N: This is pure silly fun. Basically it’s the kind of trash conversations my ass blesses subjects my friends to. Seriously though, it’s a result of a post from @impala-dreamer, I yelled at her for it and then she was a terrible influence and encouraged these shenanigans by talking to me about it (oh yeah she beta’d it too because she’s an angel). I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: So many swears…l mean cock is in the title ffs…also we’ll call it smut adjacent (nothing graphic it’s just on the road to bang town) Gratuitous use of a Sam gif for no other reason than chest hair.

Words: 2,060 (I’m not even sorry)


“Did anyone catch what she said before the…the uh poof?”

“I got nothin’ Sammy. Y/N?”


“It’s…I’m fine. Just knocked the wind outta me. Babe, I’m ok really.”

“Ok well maybe she didn’t do anything? Maybe she just said stuff for the poof.”

“Sure Dean. Because stuff like that always happens to us. She was looking at us, Y/N was behind her so most likely if any of us are cursed it’ll be either me or you.”

Sam wasn’t looking at Dean while he spoke. He was checking you over to see if you were hurt. It was sweet. Sweet, and so annoying.

“Hey I’m fine. Let’s just get back motel and figure out our next move.”

“She’s right, Dean you want to pull the car up and I’ll help Y/N out?”

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Camila’s Dilemma Show-Camren related! 2017

The show was taken place on May 31,2017.So i took my time to watch the show twice and the questions were screaming Camren.So i took my time to gather all the evidence i could and here i am presenting all the camren/related questions.

At 4:17 a fan submitted a question that said “Dear Camila,how do let someone go that’s not good for you anymore” (btw not the same question i just wrote it shorter lol) Camila had a relationship where she says that it was so toxic that she had to let it go,and she also said that this relationship was romantic.Camila has not dated anyone for long term,my question is who can it be about.Camila can date anyone she wants but if she does we would know who it is.My guess is that she was romantically involved in a relationship with Lauren,like come on guys,it’s right in front of your face.Camila had a lot to say about this question and she could also relate to this,plus Camila tried to act straight using the pronouns “he” and “boy” but her gay is like above 100 on the charts so camila can’t escape from her gay showing but besides that,this question just screams camren,plus a toxic relationship can relate to her album in a way.

The next question submitted by a fan at 12:45 “Dear Camila,my girlfriend wants to keep our relationship a secret because she is afraid of coming out” When i heard this i was hollering on top of my lungs honey boo boo,i almost shit myself when i heard it cause that question was just OOOH WWEEE LIKE OH MY IM GETTING THE FEELS HARDCORE RIGHT NOW! Ok so back to the question sorry,Camila says that make sure that she feels safe and supported etc. BTW it was really good advice but then she says “I’ve learned that” SO DOES THIS MEAN THAT CAMILA WAS IN A SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP CAUSE SHE LEGIT EXPOSED HERSELF and then she says just love her.So Camila,you just legit blew your cover.

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Like Father, Like Daughter - Kakashi Hatake x Reader

Summary : The death of your father hits you full force right in the face, and you don’t think you’ll ever be able to feel ok again…Fortunately for you, a certain Copy Ninja is here to try and cheer you up the best he can. 

Well, I thought I’d just jump into it. Something completely unrelated to DC/Mavel, a bit of love for Kakashi from the anime “Naruto”…I just really wanted to write this piece with the scarecrow. Tell me if you want more of those (I’ve been binge watching Naruto, One Piece and Full  Metal Alchemist particularly lately so…send request about that if you wanna) I’m really REALLY unsure about that one…But hey, I’m posting it anyway. Hope you’ll like it 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


-Go fuck yourself you fucking stale baguette !!

…Stale baguette ? Where were you even finding your insults ? How was he suppose to punish you for using bad words when you were being so damn hilarious ? Stale baguette. He had to remember that one. 

Jiraiya looked at you tenderly. You. His daughter. A daughter he never even should have had. His daughter than never let anyone walk on her feet. His small little baby girl…who was already sixteen. Where have the years gone ? 

He was staring at you, his eyes full of awe and love, as usual, and couldn’t help but think you looked a lot like your mother right now, mad as Hell and ready to kick some ass. 

Your mother. Tsunade. The only woman he ever truly loved (though he’d never admit it, as the love was unrequited…or so he thought). Most people were quite…surprised to say the least, when they learned that you were the biological daughter of the two famous sennin, Jiraiya, and Konoha’s fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju. 

You were the result of a very drunken night of passion, the only one they shared…It was Dan’s (your mother “only love”) anniversary of death, and she felt particularly bad. So she went out to drink her sorrow away, and your father went with…The rest is history. 

Nine months later, you were there, a surprised to both of them, but one they gladly accepted. They had a lot of flaws, those two, but being bad parents wasn’t one of them. 

You lived in Konoha until you were six, until your “Uncle” Orochimaru turned dark, betrayed the village, and your parents’ were too heartbroken to stay. Your life was shared between them. A few months with your dad, a few months with your mom…And you loved it. 

Ruffling your hair mischievously, your father lets out a loud laugh and says : 

-You’re a terrible flirt. Not as in you do it too often, as in, you’re bad. Like, really bad. Soooooooo bad.

-Yeah I know ! Like father, like daughter right ? 

-I don’t think I ever called anyone a “fucking stale baguette” while trying to flirt with them…How did that even come up ?

You shake your head vigorously, you have no idea how you ended up insulting the guy you were flirting with…Was it because he kept making stupid remarks about your boobs ? Or maybe your ass ? You couldn’t even remember, that’s how important to you it was. Yeah, you definitely couldn’t care less.

-No, but remember that time you waited an entire day in the public onsen just to see naked women ? 

-…Point taken. 

-Aren’t you suppose to scold me for using bad words anyway ?

-…If I buy you your favorite flavored popsicle, will you shut up and not tell anything to your mother ? 

-Buy me two and we have a deal.  


You nod, and he puts a protective arm around your shoulder (as a reflex, because if he was honest with himself, he knew you didn’t need protection…You were your parents’ daughter, a very powerful kunoichi, bound to even surpass them one day), his giant frame dwarfing your small one…That, you took from your mother. 

It was moments like that that you loved the most with your father. Just silly time with your big idiot of a dad. You two had always been close, ever since the moment you were born. He swore, the first time he held you in his arms, that he would never let anything happen to you…He just didn’t plan on leaving you so soon…

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Damaged Not Broken

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Damaged Not Broken
[It’s never too late to make things right│Bloo]

“What the hell I-I gotta call you back” you spoke into your phone before hanging it up and dragging Daniel into your apartment. “What the hell happened to your face?!” you hurried into your bathroom to grab your first aid kit and a few paper towels.

“Relax, it’s not as bad as it looks.” He chuckled sitting on the counter, watching you scurry around the apartment “Who were you talking to this late?”

“Not as bad as it looks? You come knocking on my door at 5am with a black eye and it’s not as bad as it looks?” He shrugged and smirked as you came closer to him with the first aid kit. “Seriously what happened? You drink too much?”

“Something like that…” he muttered under his breath.

“You didn’t answer my question…” You opened the alcohol pads.

“Who were you talking to?” he pouted, looking everywhere but at you.

“It was just Nafla”

“This late?” He rolled his eyes.

“This isn’t late. It’s early.”

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Monsta X: boyfriend Hyungwon

•   So tbh I could only imagine him falling in love with a close friend of his

•   Like slowly getting to realize his feelings for them, bc he’s not gonna want to rush anything bc he’s like !!!! Wow I love y/n but I can’t be an idiot and ruin our friendship if I actually confess

•   He’d fist notice how close you two were getting one night when you were working together hella late

•   And that you were just ALWAYS there for him

•   That just makes him inch closer and closer to you day by day, in hopes of you noticing and making a move first

•   (save him ahshskdlf what an awkward bean)

•   But eventually it would work and he’s like “?? Wow okay so I guess my flirting was obvious bc I cant stand the sight of another human being than you……….didn’t think that through :’)”

•   Listen he’s a tol man so you gotta expect short jokes to come flying outta his mouth whenever he sees you reaching for something

•   Ik I’ve said this before but lmao listen

•   Just imagine him strutting over to you w/ his long ass legs, just to barely reach up and grab the box of cookies you’ve been wanting

•   “Need some help, y/n?” *wink wonk"

•   “Oh myfkingodbitch gimme the cookies hyungwon”

•   He really would be the least annoying boyfriend ever

•   He’d never force you to tell him why you’re upset, bc his shoulder is always there for you to cry on until you’re ready to spill it all out

•   And tbh he’s the same w/ you

•   He’ll always come to you when he feels ready, even if you’ve been noticing his weird and sad moods lately

•   So ofc there’s lots of makeouts and kissing involved bc he lives for those

•   Also he’s just really chill about it like he never has to ask if he could kiss you, he knows you’re always down for a couple hours of your lips pressed against his

•   Lots of cuddles bc he’s the perfect cuddle buddy w/ those long ass legs lmao I’m never getting over how tall he is

•   Lets you borrow his fashionable coats in the winter

•   And always laughs when he opens the door and sees you wobbling inside, basically being swallowed up by the coat

•   And he kinda just wraps his arms around you as you’re cuddled into it and kisses the top of your head

•   “You’re so cute, y/n :((((”

•   *cue the other members vomiting*

•   “Yall get a fkin room!!!!!!!”

•  "It’s literally my house, stop raiding my fridge and get out"

•   Low key getting disturbed by horror movies like you do but never admitting it

•   But he’ll hold you in his arms and conveniently bury his face in your neck while you hide your own face in his chest

•   Lmao he ain’t slick

•   But hey lots of comfort food and cuddles later so win win 

•   Watching Game of Thrones together and crying when your favorite characters get killed

•   Esp if you warn him not to stan a particular character bc they’re gonna die, he won’t believe you and is emo for the whole week when they die

•   “But I loved joffrey”

•   No one really believing yall are dating bc you always messed around w/ each other in a best friend manner

•   So then he’ll just grab your face and kiss you yolo

•   Ok so yall would always joke around getting each other’s names tattooed on you, so one day he-

•   Omfg he cried bc he thought you got a really tattoo of his name on your arm when you showed him the fake sticker

•   “I can’t believe u love me this much, wtf, y/n we have to go get a tattoo of ur name on me, grab ur coat,”

•   Having hella movie marathons

•   For some reason he’s always buying you perfumes as a present bc he’s scared that you might not like anything else

•   But then you’re like ummmm you’ve known me for how many years now???

•   He seriously doesn’t get that you’d love anything that he got you

•   Winter dates are his favorite bc he could snuggle up to you in public and actually having a reason for it “I’m cold, hold onto my arm and make me warm ;(”

•   Having to get the other members off your back bc they’re always wanting to know what you two are up to

•   Bc yall keep your relationship mostly secret even to them lmao

•   Him tracing his finger over your lips before kissing you idk like it’s just a habit now and yes it probably kills you inside

•   Also when he grabs the back of your neck and kinda massages it when he’s giving you one of those passionate kisses oml

•   Your causal dates consisting of coffee and people watching as you cuddle together on a bench or a cafe loveseat

•   Ughhh those quiet moments w/ him are the best bc you just feel so at peace

•   Bc it’s always so chill when you’re together 

•   And ofc, being giant memes together 💚

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