i just really love thranduil ok


How is it I had no idea (until this weekend) that Legolas’ daddy was this fine?! Ok so when the Hobbit movies came out I really never plan to see them. To me they looked like lame versions of LOTR, which I loved. Didn’t want something that was just going to ruin that. So this weekend a friend forced me gently to watch them, also bribing me with alcohol didn’t hurt anything either. 

But I then I seen Thranduil…I’m all will fuck he’s gorgeous!! I’ve always had thing about Tolkien elves *sigh*. He made those movies for me. Would rather watch LOTR anything time, but I’ll the Hobbit movies will always be about Thranduil to me. I’m mad that they tried to make Orlando Bloom look younger or whatever as Leggie and failed so badly!! They should of just not messed with him with cgi!!

on immortality

ok but. Bard is given the grant of immortality by a wizard (maybe for killing Smaug). He goes to tell Thranduil, and is really excited because this has been hanging over their heads throughout their relationship. And when he sees Thranduil, Thranduil looks happy too. Before he can say anything, Thranduil rushes up to him and says,

“Bard, I’ve become mortal for you. I love you so much, and I want to live out my life with you. I want to age with you, I want to die with you.”

And I. I just. *cries* Immortality switch au