i just really love those red shoes

Ok but honestly during the break Harry should really give us vlogs with Louis

Harry’s blog 1
Hi I’m Harry and this is my first vlog. Some of you guys asked for it so here it is. Louis has offered to be my camera man today *smiles really big*
*cue really stupid intro music*
Hi so I’m currently in our room and I’m about to show you my clothes. ‘Come on Louis, Let’s start out with my boots.
*gold boots* I really love these I really like how shiny they are
*red blue white boots* these are also my favorite because they have a a variety of color. But I have to say my favorite pair are these brown ones.

These are Louis shoes, not too much just a couple of vans and adidas shoes, I bought him those ysl van type shoes so we could match but he refuses too.

louis: *from behind the camera* they’re ugly Harold I’m not wearing those no matter how much I love you

harry: ok fine whatever. Hey comment down below if you think Louis’ being unreasonable.

Louis: heyyyy

harry: shhh, Now on to my tops! So these is a shirt I bought at ysl and it’s very light and silky and I usually pair it up with a nice satchel, boots, and skinny jeans. And this is a shirt from my friend nicks collection with topman, we actually have matching ones since LOUIS here refuses to.

louis: babe it looks like enlarged sperms I’m not wearing that

harry: fine whatever, anyway I usually pair these up with classic black skinny jeans and a nice pair of Raybans. I’ve got this Man U jersey back here somewhere that Louis insisted I had it customized for his number. But I usually just wear it around the house. My jeans I usually get customized from paige jeans because they make them super comfortable. I think that’s all but next week I’ll show you my rings and other things Say bye Louis!

Louis: byeeeee

Harry: *waving* see you next week