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So, You Wanna Talk to Other Bloggers

A Guide

We all have those bloggers or mutuals we adore, and we’d love to reach out and plant the seeds of a bomb-diggity friendship, but then the anxiety sets in… I’m not interesting! I’ll just be a bother! I’m sure they have better things to do! I feel you, trust me, I think most of us feel shy, awkward, or anxious trying to make friends or join in on conversations (welcome to tumblr, home of anxiety-ridden everyone). BUT NO LONGER SHALL WE KEEP TO OURSELVES, MY BRETHREN. Really, though, booklr needs to rise and the number one way to do that is through conversation, comments, and reaching out to make friends. 

Here are some tips for overcoming that pesky social anxiety!

  • Bloggers are just people! I don’t care how many thousands of followers they have, bloggers are all just people. I have a higher follower count, but I’m really just trying to manage adulthood without crying, like the majority of us. Whether they’re a super popular blogger or new on the scene, all of us are just people trying to live life, which really makes us all equal. We’re all on the same team so it’s okay to talk and reach out to one another <3
  • Bloggers love hearing from others! I think most of us wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to talk to anyone. I’m sure there’s a few of us who aren’t too concerned with being social, but numerous bloggers love seeing comments, getting messages, or having people join conversations. This is social media, meaning being social is expected and conversing is welcome! Nothing makes me more excited than hearing from others! I used to have a lot of interaction on this blog and I miss the community feel. I know I’m not alone. Don’t you want to hear from others too? We’re all ready to talk but one of us has to make the first step.
  • Public platform. You’re watching a post as two bloggers discuss a book you love. You want to add something but… would that be butting in? NO. It’s not butting in. Blogging is public, all of this is out in the open. If people wanted others not to contribute, they’d have the conversation private on messenger! These conversations are out there, on your dash, and we’d love to hear what you’d add to the conversation!
  • You are not annoying. Really, friend, this goes with “all of us are people”. You think you’re annoying? I think I’m annoying. We’re all our own harshest critics. Chances are if you send me a message, I’ll be too busy trying not to seem super lame while thinking you must wish you never instigated this conversation. Take a deep breath, remember your perceptions of yourself are often too critical and send that message or post that comment!
  • Everyone is busy. Have you ever sent off a message and after a day or two of no response, you begin to deconstruct your message, noticing how ridiculous you are? No wonder they didn’t respond! I’m an idiot! Nope, nope, nope, you are not. We all have lives and sometimes that keeps us from responding right away. Don’t panic after reaching out and thinking you said the wrong thing. Nine times out of ten, people are just busy and haven’t got around to responding. 

Okay, you think, I’ll try joining conversations or adding comments. But what if I want to shoot a message to someone but don’t know what to say!? Breaking the ice can be painful and if you’re not sure what to say, it can be a major roadblock to talking to someone. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about something the blogger recently posted! If a blogger just posted a photo/review/discussion/etc you really liked, it’s a great way to segue into friendship! Send them a message with your thoughts and build from there!
  • Compliments! Everyone loves compliments! Is there something about this person you really like? Are they super nice? Do they take excellent photos? Do you rely on their book recommendations? Tell them! Telling someone you admire something they do are something about them is a great way to introduce yourself!
  • Talk about books! THIS IS BOOKLR. We’re all obsessed and armpit deep in books we want to read and obsess over. Ask about their favorite book! Give them a recommendation! Talk about that new movie adaptation! Books are an easy start because we all love ‘em! So use that love to help you make friends!
  • Be honest! I’m usually pretty frank with my messages. I’ll send someone an “I think you’re really cool and would love to be friends!” message and move from there. I now have several incredible friendships I’m immensely grateful for. It may seem awkward or blunt, but sometimes it’s easy just to be up front.

And remember, sometimes you just won’t click with people. Sometimes you’ll reach out to someone, the conversation fizzles and you don’t talk again. THAT’S OKAY! We’re all different and we’re all not going to become inseparable friends. If your attempt to reach out or talk doesn’t go anywhere, remember that it’s not you. And don’t let it stop you from trying again! Maybe the next conversation you join will introduce you to a lifelong pal! <3



For anon…enjoy!

“So, I might be able to stop by,” your boyfriend stated over the phone.
“Really?” you asked in surprise, “Are you sure your boss won’t mind?”
You could hear his smile through the phone. “That’s actually why I’m in town.”
“You’re already in town?” you chittered.
“Yeah. Driving to work right now, actually.”
Tony, your coworker, drove over a speed bump. “Ow!”
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, Spence. My idiot coworker decided to speed over a speed bump.”

You smacked Tony’s chest from the passenger seat. He smirked while raising a brow. You rolled your eyes. You realized how close you were to the crime scene.

“I have to go,” you told Spencer, “I’ll call later so we can meet up.”
“Of course,” he agreed before whispering, “I love you.”

You smiled softly before remembering your coworkers were in the same car.

“You too,” you stated shortly, “I’ll see you later.”

With that, you hung up. Feeling Tony and Ziva’s stares on you made you sigh.

“You seeing someone, Y/N?” Tony teased.
You clenched your jaw to hide the blush. “Shut up, DiNozzo.”
Ziva laughed. “He’s incapable.”
“I’m just curious about this ‘Spence’ you were talking to,” the man defended, “Nothing wrong with learning a little about each other’s personal lives.”

You and Ziva shared a devious glance. She leaned forward, arching a brow.

“Is that so, Tony?”
The man nodded. “Yeah. It’s like learning each others favorite colors.”
“So,” you began to drawl, “you wouldn’t mind sharing where you sprinted off to last night?”
“More like leapt,” Ziva chimed.
Tony swallowed, parking the car. “Oh look, we’re here.”

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Q: How are you today?
A: Good … thank you !! Though THIS traffic …. #shame

Q: How many days till you are able to go home?
A: Just a bit over a month … counting down the days !!! #summerfun

Q: #AskClaire are you watching anything good? Binge worthy? 
A: Did someone say @SHO_TwinPeaks

Q: Where’s Eddie while you’re away? You must miss him! 
A: I do miss HER … (i won’t let her know you made that mistake !!) She’s waiting in Scotland for some SA treats !!

Q: You gonna be long? #onbehalfofmycompadres 
A: If I said another hour …. would you a) cry b) explode c) just go home ..????

Q: What do you consider to be your best scene from Season 3?
A: 🌴…. that’s a clue !!!

Q: What book are you currently reading? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal …or is it Mirror, Signal, Shoulder … anyway .. It’s GOOD.

Q: Will you get time off this summer before Season 4 filming begins?
A: Well I’d better … I hear people might want us to promote it #AskClaire

Q: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned since coming to South Africa to film? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: People’s incredible capacity to forgive and heal … and that it’s a process … LOVE SA ❤

Q: When will you come to France ? #AskClaire 
A: Soon, I hope !!

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Anonymous said: i kind of want to rewatch shippuden but only the kakagai moments yknow?? so if its not much trouble could you list ur favorite ones?

HI ANON i’m so sorry, i’ve been sitting on this for ages since ive been in school and wanted to give you a proper answer..

ok since kakashi is technically a supporting character (& gai is a side character) there arent many episodes that are exclusively centered on them.. but since i’ve been collecting footage for amvs anyway, ive made a quick guide of their scenes and moments, starring my favorite ones! (it’s a dash stretcher, sorry if you’re on mobile)

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somebody else // stiles stilinski pt. 3

Summary: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. They remained friends, but she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive Stiles and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he can’t stand. Overtime, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Requested: no, collab with @minhosmeanhoe 

Warning: no, mature language & themes throughout 

Inspired by this song


As soon as the bell rang Katalina breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t stand to be around Theo any longer and the confusing feelings she had developed for Stiles were messing with her head. One minute he’s starting small talk with her at a party reigniting her feelings for him and the next he’s acting like she doesn’t even matter to him.

She was relieved when she stepped into the library and was immediately engulfed by silence. Knowing that she still hadn’t finished her English paper, she took out her laptop and opened the document. She read over it again trying to think of how to strengthen her argument when her phone went off, causing multiple heads to turn in her direction. Quickly silencing the device, she rolled her eyes when Theo’s name appeared on the screen. Ignoring it, Katalina tried to redirect her focus back on her paper. 

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anonymous asked:

Heyo I just absolutely love your blog! Would you mind doing a classical musician au (orchestra or solo, doesn't matter) for Yoongi, Seokjin, and Taehyung? Like they play classical music and instruments like violin or piano? Thank you so much! 💖💖

ummmm listen to me anon i love orchestras,,,,i love listening to harp concertos,,,,how did you know,,,,,,


  • he’s the conductor 
  • and he takes it very seriously. like he does not play around 
  • with him it’s all about perfection and it’s not because of some sort of complex he has,,,,,it’s because people like to look down on younger conductors like him,,,,people who might not have years and years of knowledge so he pushes himself and his musicians to play their best even if it means hours of tireless practice
  • fluent in italian + french because he needs to know how to read choral writing 
  • plays piano,,,,but rarely shows it to people outside of his close musical friends and mentors.
  • known as ‘stone yoongi’ since he doesn’t change his expression ever,,,,,,not even when the tempo rises or something goes wrong. he’ll correct people with the same tone of voice as he praises people
  • some of the musicians don’t like his very practical, hard-work over everything approach but everyone in the orchestra puts their trust in his leadership because they know he’ll never let them down
  • and you’re one of those people, you play viola and you’re seated right in front of yoongi and no matter what piece of music you’re playing or how well or how bad the practice is going you can’t help but admire his complete grace and unwavering expression
  • ,,,,,,,but also you’ve made it your own personal mission to make him smile. at least once
  • because you remember seeing him smile,,,,,,during the new years dinner where one of his mentors had complimented him on his improved skills and how,,,,,,,,you’d seen this beautiful gorgeous smile you knew you’d never be able to forget
  • and so from making faces, to making musical puns, to even using two bows to give yourself antennas,,,,,,,,,you’ve tried to get a laugh. a chuckle. a hint of that smile
  • but it hasn’t worked 
  • not until you end up late to practice, running past everyone’s stares, hair a mess and yoongi goes “why are you late”
  • and you, out-of-breath, admit that your case had gotten stuck between the closing doors on the train and you had to literally put your foot against the door and tug it out, falling over onto your back in the process
  • but you grin and pull out your viola and you’re like “thankfully, she’s fine!” (referring to the instrument)
  • and this,,,,,,,,this pulls the corners of yoongi’s lips into a small smile
  • but enough of a smile that it shows his gums and his eyes scrunch up 
  • and you’re like holy,,,,,,,,i did it,,,,,,,,,,he smiled,,,,,
  • and after the practice you go up to yoongi and you’re like “im sorry for interrupting the practice-” but yoongi just shakes his head and then suddenly he’s ????? smiling again
  • and you’re like someone pinch me he’s so freaking cute
  • and he’s like “it’s fine, but really the way you were most worried about your viola really-” and he looks into your eyes and he’s like “really shows that you love it,,,you love music right?”
  • and you nod, because of course you’ve always loved it from the bottom of your heart
  • and the next thing you hear you can’t believe but ???? yoongi is like “me too,,,,,,,not a lot of people truly care for their instruments and their talent,,,,,,,also - aren’t you happy, you finally got me to smile.”
  • and you’re like Omg,,,,,did you figure out what i was up to?
  • and this time it isn’t a smile but a smirk more so and yoongi goes “it was obvious, but since i smiled - how about you do something for me?”
  • and you’re like well,,,,what? 
  • and he’s like “do you want to go get coffee with me?” and you get a bit flustered and taken aback and you’re like,,,,,,,are you asking me to hangout?? 
  • and yoongi is like “hmm, no im asking you on a date.”


  • instrument: the harp 
  • “if you bother me during practice again i will strangle you with all 47 of these strings. do nOT test me”
  • deserves more solos ,,,,,,, like yes jimin’s tchaikovsky violin solo was great but,,,,,,jin has this really good boieldieu piece,,,,,
  • people are always like “he’s so perfect for the harp,,,,it’s the most beautiful instrument in the orchestra and he’s just as beautiful tbh”
  • and yes he looks magical playing it, long fingers gliding across the strings and a very handsome composed face it’s honestly like watching a prince
  • so many other members have messed up by looking over at him and just being mesmerized and basically missing their notes 
  • and you’re new to the orchestra, replacing one of their flute players who’d gotten sick and on the day of your first rehearsal
  • you get there super early and you see this tall boy with this HUGE case and he’s looking at the door to the practice room and you’re like !!!! he needs help
  • and you go over and you’re like “let me hold the door open for you!!!”
  • and you don’t even look at his face, you just get the handle open and look at the case and try to guess ,,,, like it’s not a cello it’s not the right shape,,,,,an octobass??? no,,,,,,,
  • and then you hear him laugh and he’s like “thank you!” and it’s a very unique laugh it’s kind of squeaky??
  • and you look at him and holy moly is he????? an???? angel????
  • how can someone look like that
  • and jin is just like “my harp is such a pain to move,,,,,it’s the worst part about this instrument.” and he like slowly begins to move it through the door and thankfully the case is on wheels, but it’s still gigantic 
  • and you get bumped a bit by jin’s shoulder as he’s moving past you but you’re like more concentrated on making sure the harp gets inside unharmed
  • and once jin gets it through the door, he gets it into his position and he’s like opening the case and you’re like “let me help!!”
  • and jin is like “oh, thank you! by the way are you new?” and you introduce yourself and tell him you’re the new flute player and he’s like oh im jin,,,,,,as you can tell i play harp LOL
  • and you’re like “i love the harp!! it’s such an underrated instrument,,,”
  • and jin claps his hands and is like EXACTLY,,,,,you get me i feel like we’ll get along
  • and you guys start talking and it’s kind of funny because you’re on one side of the harp and he’s on the other and like you can see him through the strings
  • when finally you peek from the corner and you see jin’s face once again you’re like what ,,,,,,,, art,,,,,,,am i looking at tbh
  • and he’s like “oh here let me show you how to play a note on the harp!”
  • and you’re like !!!! ok
  • and he takes your hand and gently guides it over onto one of the strings and tells you to put your foot on one of the pedals
  • and you notice how long and elegant his fingers are and you’re like he really is perfect for this instrument
  • and his warm breath is against your ear as he’s telling you to play an ascending note
  • and it’s like a scene out of a movie,,,,,,,
  • until you hear someones voice and you look over to see a younger boy going “hyung!!!!!! are you two having a MOMENT?”
  • and jin is like “jungkook come here - what did you just say?”
  • and you’re blushing because,,,,,a moment,,,,,,and jin’s ears are red too but he’s too busy running to chase jungkook who has dashed out of the room saying he’s going to tell the rest of bts that jin is being a big flirt LOL 


  • instrument: the bassoon
  • his instrument is the largest one in the woodwind family and therefore can play the lowest notes and everyone says it’s fitting because his voice is p low too
  • someone: “taehyung has anyone ever told you,,,,,you speak in like a B flat?”
  • taehyung: “honestly i don’t speak that DEEP im not batman please,,,,,though that would be really cool should i try speaking like batman from now o-”
  • the whole orchestra: “PLEASe god n o”
  • he really likes it when kids ask what kind of instrument he’s playing because it looks like a really big flute??? with lots of keys??? and shiny parts??? and he’s just like very very excited to tell kids about how cool the bassoon is and how it is very very important to the orchestra family
  • and tbh most people look at him and their first impression is that he can’t be serious,,,,,,like he can’t actually play classical music well with his torn up jeans and vibrant personality,,,,,they’re just like “shouldn’t be in a punk band or something?” but taehyung,,,,
  • when he plays,,,he’s 100% serious and committed and you can see the shift in his face. like he goes from all soft smiles, big eyes, sparkling laughter to concentrated, sharp focus 
  • and you don’t know taehyung at all, to be honest you’re just an usher that works at this concert hall and during the practice you’re doing the usual check up to see that the seats are all clean and there isn’t any safety hazards
  • when you look up you see this grinning boy, with pretty brown eyes and a really cheerful chuckle walking up onto the stage and he’s holding the bassoon and you’re like huh he looks kinda playful,,,,,is this orchestra not famous yet?
  • but literally ten minutes into practice you look up again and spot him,,,,,the same smiling youthful looking boy playing with such a stark expression of seriousness that you almost trip over yourself as you’re going down the aisle of chairs
  • and taehyung notices the way you keep throwing glances over your shoulder
  • and even after practice as everyone is going back out and the theater is being opened for the night,,,taehyung passes by you and gives you a smile and you’re like ?????
  • but shrug it off as you start helping people to their seats and passing out programs
  • but then you hear people talking with other members of the orchestra and when you help over an elderly couple to their front row seats you see him,,,,,taehyung,,,,,,standing there too and you kind of blink a bit because shouldn’t he be mingling with the other musicians and people??
  • but taehyung tilts his head and gives you a wink and you’re like !!!!!!! blushing and looking around and then giving a small wave
  • which in turn makes taehyung break out into a grin, slight pinkness in his cheeks
  • and you don’t get to talk until after the performance but taehyung finds you as you’re pointing out the bathroom to some people and he’s like “hi ^^” and you’re like omg,,,,hi?? and he’s like “so which do you like more,,,,,,,musician me or plain me?” and you’re like huh and he’s like “smiley, cute me or sexy, serious me?”
  • and you get that he’s referring to how he is off and on stage and it makes you giggle and he just wiggles his eyebrows 
  • and it’s cute,,,,,,his sense of humor matches yours and taehyung asks if your ushering shift is over soon and maybe you two can get dinner? 
QUARTET NIGHT LIVE Evolution 2017 - 2017/02/12 - REPORT Part ①

Do NOT repost
You can post the link but not the content.

As usually, not 100% accurate with the order, especially the talks, so much happened but I’m surprised with how much I remember.


I went to the Live Viewing at Saitama.
They sold goods at each cinema during their open time.

My cinema opened at 8am and I got to the the place just after 7am, there was already about 60-100 people lined up.

There were Shoutan fans!! They wore the PRISM long Tshirt and had the bags, I briefly acknowledged them. I had my PRISM Itta bag with me too (and a tiny Ai-chan itta bag).

We started moving a few minutes before 8am.

I kept thinking how they are selling the goods, do we tick what we want from a sheet? Do we buy at the till and tell the staff what we want?

I was too distracted while walking in, my eyes briefly glanced at the goods on the table to my left. I kept walking on.


I realised you just pick up what you want along the way and quickly snatched the pamphlet!
The next thing, oh the clothes…  It’s pretty dark grey, hmm, just one left…
Picks up to look at, about to put it back
I quickly held it close to me tightly.
THE LAST ONE!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
Most things were gone already! 😭
Only one Live towel left, I think there was 2 bags, I’m sure there was tshirts, but again my mind was somewhere else and never picked them up 😭
The next thing I picked up was Ai-chan’s brooch, there was some left along with Reiji’s, barely any character towels left.
Some light sticks

The charms were all gone too, but I wasn’t going for them.

There was quite a few fans left, Ai-chan’s had the most.
I made a last minute decision to get one to make up for not being able to get the other goods I wanted.

So, I got the pamphlet, cardigan, brooch and fan.
Plus 2 random keychains for spending over a certain amount
*Will upload pics later*

I opened the first random packet, Ranran came out, not too bad, next one was Camus.
Ai-chan~~~~ 😭

I went to the crowd of fans to try and exchange for Ai-chan, and if possible the QN logo

I seen the Shoutan fans again, they obviously would want Ai-chan, skip.
Where’s Ai-chan~~~

Ah!! Ai-chan!!
I asked the girl who she was looking for and she said “Camus-sama” SCORE!
Put Ai-chan’s one away, kinda still want the logo~

I stood for a while holding Ranran’s one
And then a girl came to me asking if they can get Ranran for the logo
Mission complete 💜
And now to roam about for 6 hours or so before the live (omg I was SOOOO bored! 😩)

Came back to the theatre and went to the screen, my seat was 7th row from the front

The girl next to me was wearing the Long T! Yeyy
Fan: are you Mikaze Ai’s fan?
Me: Yes~ Shoutan’s fan? ✨
Fan: Hai sou desu (yes that’s correct)
Me: Yatta! XD
Fan: Yatta ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Me: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

I asked her name, she’s Yukina.

The screen was showing the Live logo and then changed to the goods

Not long after it showed the venue!!!!

Ahh!! It was beautiful!! All monochrome
Part of the stage set was decorated with their character colours

We were saying how amazing it looks and she said it’s very QN-like ✨

She was like “yabai yabai!!”
I’m so glad a Shoutan, and a vocal fan is next to me!!
For the past lives I’ve been to, apart from Shoutan’s Osaka live(sat with a friend)
Every stranger I’ve sat next to are SO quiet!
Yeyy! It’s gna be fun! XD

We both freaked out

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I hate that I love you (Young! Sirius Black)

Request: Could you write a (young) Sirius Black (Marauder’s Era) Year 6/7 one shot (long one if you can :)) where the reader and Sirius pretend they hate each other because they are secretly in love with each other, but have their own reasons to keep their emotions to themselves. But one day during potions, they have to make the Amortentia potion together and finally realize they are perfect each other, fluff, kissing, and more fluff! Thank you!


Originally posted by breakfreemodel


The familiar, loud, frustrated voice of Y/N rang out clearly through the hall, ending the peaceful breakfast for many students. Some first year students looked terrified at the girl while others moved out of the way, everyone trying to stay away from the livid sixth year old witch as she marched with fire in her eyes and fury in her step towards a shoulder-lengthened black haired, grey eyed wizard, whose eyes shone with mischief and false humor.

Almost all of the students knew what was coming, another row between Sirius and Y/N. Even though this clearly happened before, most students were still scared of what to come, as with Sirius and Y/N it’s impossible to say their next actions. It’s impossible to predict their movements.

At the front of the hall the teachers sat still watching the scene play, it’s not like they could stop either student if they wanted to. First an second years flinched as they met Y/N’s gaze while the rest just had fear in their eyes. One thing everyone learned, never anger Y/N. However, that rule didn’t apply to Sirius black, who was smirking at the girl while sitting comfortably at the Gryffindor table.

'Y/N! Hello there love!’ Sirius said with a shit eating grin on his face 'you look dashing darling. You changed something, did you loose weight? Or is it the uniform?’ Sirius taunted as his grin got replaced by his famous smirk 'it’s the hair, isn’t it?’  James Potter cringed at his friends actions, while Remus Lupin pressed his lips in a thin line and close his eyes and Peter Pettigrew looked like he was trying to hold in his laughter but he was failing miserably as splutters of laughter came out of his lips.

Narrowing her eyes at the Gryffindor in front of her, Y/N placed her fists on the table as she leaned forward 'take it off’ the girl hissed as she narrowed her eyes at the boy, but as Sirius black was as idiotic as he was good looking, he ignored her and turned to his friend, making plans.

Getting worked up by every second, Y/N slammed her palms on the table, making a few students jump out of surprise as James let out a 'JEEZ! Woman!’

'I said, fucking take it off’ looking at Y/N, Sirius smirked as he leaned in closer to her 'you know love. If you wanted to see me naked so badly, you could’ve just asked nicely’ Y/N’s jaw clenched as her hands closed into fists around the edge of the table, glaring at the Black, Y/N took a deep breath and spoke through gritted teeth 'I am talking about the damn spell’ Sirius faked a disappointed expression as his smirk turned into a frown, however, as soon as the frown appeared it disappeared, replace by a grin as he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest 'I think I’ll pass’

Standing back up straight, Y/N didn’t dismiss the glare directed at her housemate 'okay, here’s how this is going to play out’ Y/N’s voice was calm and anger-free, which made the marauders and the few students that were listening confused ’– you are going to take the spell off or I’m going to cut off your dick, feed it to a squirrel and then feed you the squirrel. Capiche ’  

Sirius looked at the girl with the same stupid grin on his handsome face, that Y/N longed to punch 'interesting tactic. But the answer’s still no’  before Y/N could utter another word, a seventh year student called her out 'Y/N! Love the hair! Brings out your eyes’ the student joked and before he could say “Hogwarts” his eyebrows were purple 'hey! Dickhead! Nice eyebrows! Brings out your douche attitude’ smiling sarcastically at the boy, Y/N added 'DOUCHBAG’

'Y/L/N!!’ Professor McGonagall’s voice ran through the hall as she stepped down from the teacher’s table 'My office. Now!’ Sirius snickered 'you too Mr Black’

'Can you just fuck off already’ Y/N snapped as she placed another book on the right shelf, or what she hoped was the right shelf.

'My goodness! You are so salty’ Sirius started as he knocked the same book down to the floor, causing Y/N to let out a frustrated scream with a glare fixe on the boy 'no wonder no one likes you’ Sirius uttered under his breath, even though he knew this sentence is completely wrong, as he himself couldn’t help but like her. Either if she’s just livid at him or forcefully being his partner in a subject.  

'Just admit it darling’ Sirius  grinned 'your life would be so boring if I wasn’t in it’

Biting her lip to hide a smile, Y/N didn’t notice the heat rushing to her cheek. Sirius smirked 'awwww, you’re blushing like a rose!’

Y/N’s eyes widened as she noticed the heat creeping up her neck. Y/N smiled sarcastically 'oh yeah, I am blushing from just thinking about what I want to say to you’

'It’s 6 o'clock in the bloody morning, Y/N!!’ Lily Evans’ voice came from behind the sofa as she held the bottle of fire-whisky tight in her palms 'I’m not letting you get drunk. That was allowed yesterday as it was a party but now it’s not! Besides we have classes. So get off your arse and get ready for class’  

Huffing, Y/N rolled her eyes and got up from the couch before turning to Lily and glaring at the girl as she mentioned that they have double potions 'double potions? Really? Damn it’ shaking her head at her friend, Lily took a seat on the couch as she watched her friend climb the stairs

Sitting next to Lily, Y/N groaned as she heard the door of the potions class slam open. She only knows two people who will make this entrance, James Potter and Sirius Black. But hence James Potter is currently behind Lily trying to ask her out, that only left Sirius Black to do that entrance.

Shaking his head, the professor decided that he wasn’t going to re-explain what Sirius missed and decided to pair him off, but hence the only one that didn’t have a partner was James Potter, the old man decided to split another pair up as he didn’t want James Potter and Sirius Black working on the same potion with each other. He didn’t want chaos in this class, and he certainly didn’t want his death cause to be “got blown up in his Potions class”.

'Lily Evans, if you would please pair off with Mr. Potter. Miss Y/N please with Mr. Black and fill him in while you’re at it’

Y/N’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the teacher, and then her glare turned to Lily who shrugged 'I’m too sober for that shit’

'Oh my god! Shut up! Just shut up!’ Y/N groaned as Sirius started talking yet again about a prank he is planning to do 'Shut up and work!’ Sirius raised his eyebrows at the girl and tilted his head in a “are you ordering me around” manner but decided against saying anything and got to helping her make the potion silently.

'I can’t believe I let you talk me into this’ Y/N mumbled under her breath, trying to stay as quite as possible. When Sirius didn’t respond she looked over up at him

to see him staring at something in his hand, a piece of parchment. Narrowing her eyes at him, Y/N snatched the parchment, but before she could look at what the words formed by ink Sirius had already snatched it back with a scowl on his face 'what! I want to see what is it’ opening his mouth to reply a familiar cat appeared at the end of the hall causing the boy’s eyes’ to widen and snatch the girl’s forearm and entering the closest door, praying that the cat didn’t see where they went.

Facing Sirius, Y/N playfully hit his chest 'what was that?’ Shrugging Sirius told her about the cat and that means that Filch was coming in a few seconds or minutes, so he just saved her ass from getting a detention. Realizing that both of them entered a broom closet, and that their bodies was too close due to the lake of space, they decided not to talk or meet each other’s eyes. They both looked anywhere but the other’s eyes, it was a silent agreement.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Y/N decided to ask about the parchment that was now in Sirius’ pockets when she felt a poke on the middle of her inner thigh. Eyes wide she looked up at Sirius 'what are you doing?’ Eyebrows furrowed, Sirius didn’t hide his confusion 'what? I’m not doing anything’ his reply was in a whisper, reminding Y/N that Filch could be right outside 'well a part of you is’ Y/N pointed out his erection as she bite her lips. After a few seconds, realization hit Sirius and his eyes widened that Y/N wondered how they didn’t fall out of their sockets 'oh’ clearing her throat Y/N mumbled a few words that Sirius couldn’t make out but then she turned around, causing Sirius to gulp 'you just made it worse’  

It has been a week since the cupboard incident, since then Y/N and Sirius didn’t utter a word to each other, and they were too embarrassed to look at each other.

A week.
Two weeks.
Three weeks.
A month.
And that’s when Y/N decided that she had enough. Getting up, Y/N marched with a set goal. Talk to Sirius Black and admit feelings.

Seeing the familiar black hair in front of the lake, Y/N walked over until she saw him having a heated discussion with his friends 'Well, we can’t exactly tell the professors! We’re unregistered–’

'Y/N’ James screamed, panic very clear in his voice. Turning around, Sirius saw that Y/N was, indeed, standing there with her arms hugging her torso. It was very visible that she’s nervous, she was shifting more than normal and biting her inner lip while her fingers were shaking a bit. Raising his eyebrows at the girl, she let out a sigh 'I need to talk to you’ the girl muttered, looking at Sirius 'but you know what, I can just wait for you to ummm finish your discussion’ her voice trailed off as she took a few steps back while pointing to a place behind her, indicating that she will be standing over there. And with that she quickly turned around and walked with a fast pace, biting the skin on her fingertips, around her nails.

'Moony, Wormtail, please tell me I’m not the only one that saw Sirius Black blushing’
Sirius could hear James’ voice in the background but he could honestly careless about that, right now. Standing in front of Y/N, Sirius gave her a small smile. Sighing, Y/N took a deep breath and started talking 'So, I was ummm- if you ummm- would you— you know —- oh my god! Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that!’

Sirius’ famous smirk found its way onto his lips 'sorry darling, can’t help it’
Huffing, Y/N narrowed her eyes at the boy before closing them and blurting out the words that were caught in her throat 'would you like to get lunch sometime or butterbeer if you’re busy’ releasing a breath she didn’t know she was holding, Y/N peeked at Sirius through her eyelids 'you know, I’ve been wanting to ask that for years. Fourth year to be precise’
'Then why didn’t you?’
'I was scared..’
'Of what?’
'My family! My family, Y/N. They might’ve disowned me but they will hurt you–’
'I don’t know if you haven’t figured it out but my family is labeled as Blood Traitors, I’m in Gryffindor, and my parents are alongside with Dumbledore and the Order! So they are bound to hurt me someday and if it’s not today, then it’ll be tomorrow if not then– mhhmmm’ Y/N’s voice got muffled by a pair of lips resting on hers, making her eyes widen before they’re shut, seeing stars in the back of her eyelids, and his palms grabbing her cheeks, her hands moving from her side to the back of his neck, pulling him close. The kiss was slow, filled with adoration and love.

And in this moment, the two needn’t anything that they don’t already have. Each other.


Hope you liked this and sorry for any mistakes :)


His Brightest Star Was You - a missing Wish!Realm scene

AN: This wouldn’t leave my brain so I had to write it. For @acrobat-elle who I love a lot. I’ve been wanting to write you something forever and this is a gift for keeping it real about this episode and just generally being awesome and lovely. I hope you like it darling.

Word Count: 1198 



Even if the man sprawled, open mouthed and snoring on the bed before her was only barely recognizable, a grim shadow of the man she knew, Emma took comfort in the fact that his home was for the most part unchanged. He always took impeccable care of his ship, even if the same couldn’t always be said of himself.

There were new books lining the mantle, a few things replaced or slightly off from the Jolly she knew, but the feel of the vessel, the warmth and care shown on the spotlessly clean deck, in the tidy and efficient cabin, everything arranged just so, was exactly the same.

Emma laid his sword carefully on the table, and looked around, finally feeling some measure of peace in the day’s recent chaos. The palace she had called home here wasn’t a world she knew, the years of growing up there, of her marriage, and raising her son in the endless echoing corridors, elaborate balls and parties, were familiar in the way dreams are, intangible, fleeting, curling and fading around the edges with every moment after the dawn.

This ship however, she knew this ship.

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Remember when the Shadowhunters fandom was positive and happy and filled with love? Yeah, I miss that fandom.

(I’m not saying people can’t be upset that they were tricked into thinking there’d be a sex scene, but I don’t understand how people can relate this to Jace as if Jace wasn’t a mess this entire episode.)

anonymous asked:

Hey V!!! Can i like ask for a request with either Got7/BTS or Both when Y/n has an illegitimate child and they find out later in their relationship when they surprise visit her from tour. Like her kid lives with her parents when she's with one of thr members and when he leaves for tour, her kid stays with her? I hope it isnt much (Like she was raped and stuff) -Tweety

Of course, hope you enjoy it! (So, if I got it right it’s that before you met them you had an illegitimate child through rape or something, but you have been hiding it through you’re whole relationship, scared that they might think of you different afterwards, and DON’T WORRY I’LL WRITE THE GOT7 VERSION TOO!~)


[S/N = Son’s name, D/N = Daughter’s Name]


“Sweetie I’m hooome~” You walk into your apartment, surprised to see your son not in his room as always. You throw your backpack onto the couch. “Honey?-” You walk into the kitchen just to see your 5 year old son admiring your boyfriend Jin, who is currently cooking something. You were shocked, he wasn’t supposed to be here. He was on tour, but what is he doing here? Your son saw you and directly ran to you. “MOMMMYYYYYYY!” He jumped at you and hugged you tightly, and you hugged him back, not noticing the tears rolling down your face. “Mommy, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Why didn’t you tell me about daddy?” He pointed at Jin. Jin looked back at you with a reassuring smile, placing the knife down on the counter. “I’m sorry S/N… Sorry Jin.” You started sobbing and placed your son back on the ground. He went to Jin and grabbed his hand and pulled him over to you. “Do something, daddy!” Jin then placed his hands on your shoulders. “It’s okay Y/N, don’t cry, we can talk about this later okay. I love you Y/N, please stop crying.” He placed his lips against yours, sharing his love with you through a kiss. His hands wiped the tears from your face, and you could hear your son clapping in the back from excitement, he hasn’t had a real father and you guess he was just really happy to finally have some type of father figure. “Y/N, no matter what happens, you know I love you no matter what.” He looked deeply into your eyes.

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lets talk about 520 spoilers stravaganza shall we?

After what felt like eons we finally started to get Olicity spoilers for 5x20 (love me some parallels) I almost forgot what being hyped felt like in this fandom!

Originally posted by beanpolefucker

Most of the spoilers are comig from “the other side” of the fandom, which make the experience funny af. also kinda reliable info if you ask me. Their pain is our gain, fam!

Originally posted by timetravelersloth

so lets see what we got so far:

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Plus-one (4)

Hello friends. For those who are just joining me in this journey of Finn & Rae, this is an cross-over of The Wedding Date and My Mad Fat Diary, where our golden boy Finn is an escort. The fic definitely veers off from the plot at some points, but I think it probably stays true to the story for the most part. (There is one line that I’ve taken from the movie, but I’ll point that out at the end) I’ve enjoyed writing this bit for sure and hope you enjoy it too! 

I want to thank everyone that has liked, reblogged and commented on this fic and all of my fics really. It’s such a delight to hear from you all and is much appreciated!!

Let me know what you think, please and thank you. xx

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Imagine road trips with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 is hereeeeeeeee. :D Read Part 1/Part 2 here. I’m tagging @ateliefloresdaprimavera @widowsfics @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @m-a-t-91 @katiew1973 @winter-tospring@mrs-captain-evans (I know you didn’t ask me for a tag but you caught my attention with your constant support. ❤️️) Tags are still open so inbox me if you want to be tagged.

You stared at your MacBook, at the open Pages document with your latest screenplay that was- in your standards- far from done, and watched the line blink. You reread the final scene for what felt like the hundredth time and still felt like something was missing. You were working on a romantic drama; a genre you would’ve written with ease three years ago, but not now. Let’s just say that since Chris became a part of your life, there has been a lack of dramatic experiences.

There was no such thing as perfect but Chris came pretty close to it; he was sweet and kind and compassionate and loyal. He loved you with everything he had and he always made sure you left him after each encounter with a smile on your face. You were living a fairytale so how were you meant to write a tragedy?

“What’s wrong?” Chris reached for your hand and pulled it to his lips. “You look stressed.” He mumbled against your skin then pressed a tender kiss to the back of your hand. “Well- more stressed than usual.”

“That’s ‘cause I am more stressed than usual.” You answered, taking your hand back from him. “I’ve been working on this script for- God knows how long and it’s still so-” you groaned exasperatedly, “unfinished. Alex will probably give me an extension but- it doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to write it.”

“I think you do know how to write it and you’re just overthinking again.” He said as you turned off your MacBook and put it in the backseat. “Baby,” he chuckled softly and entwined his fingers with yours when you reach for his hand, “you’re a really good writer. I know because I’ve read all your work, whether it’s your personal writing or stuff for work- it’s all good.”

“Your judgement is askew,” you chuckled softly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend?” He quizzed rhetorically. “How dare you?” He scoffed, feigning offense. “I don’t mix work with pleasure.” You rolled your eyes because that was how the two of you got together. “As an actor and a man who’s dabble with directing- I think I know good writing when I see it, and your writing is amazing.”

“Really?” You countered, trying not to laugh. “And how is my cooking?” You asked and answered for him. “Amazing, right? And my makeup skills? Amazing, also.” You answered before he could and he chuckled softly; you had a point. “And my photography skills? I believe you said that-”

“I’m sorry you’re perfect and amazing at everything.” He cut you off, trying not to smile. “God, it’s not my fault your parents made you so freaking flawless.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t contain your smile. “Sorry, you are flawed. You are a chronic over-thinker and a perfectionist, and not in a good way.”

“Yeah? Well- you’re too perfect and the reason I can’t get this script done.” He raised an eyebrow. “It’s a romantic drama and you don’t cause me enough heartache and angst to give me the experience I need to write it,” you told him and he laughed. “Honestly,” you bit back your smile as you pretended to scold him, “can’t you just be a douchebag for a second of your life?”

“You’re an idiot,” he shook his head, laughing.

“It takes one to know one.” You shot him a wink and kicked your feet up on the dash. “Speaking of, why’d you shave?” You raised an eyebrow at him and he shrugged, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “I can’t believe you had time to, you basically dragged me out the door in my pajamas.”

“Don’t be dramatic,” he rolled his eyes. “You’re not in pajamas, are you.”

“Yeah, because I fought you to go get change first.” You grabbed the iPod and pulled up the playlist, narrowing your eyes at the unfamiliarity. “Kanye West, seriously?” You scrunched your face in annoyance and he laughed. “As a fan of Taylor Swift, I am not happy to see his music on here. Christopher Robert Evans,” you chuckled as you teased him, “I guess you’re not as perfect as I thought.”

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not mine.”

“So Captain America steals,” you smirked, “who would’ve thought?”

“Captain America has done worst than steal an iPod, and we’re borrowing.” He pulled his hand out of yours and tapped your knees. “Take your feet off the dash, Missy. Your feet are perfect but I don’t need your footprints on my dash to remind me.”

“Why are guys so protective over their cars?” You quizzed as you did what you were told, plugging out the iPod to plug in your iPhone so you could play music you actually wanted to listen to and could actually sing along to.

“We’re protect what we love, it’s an instinct.” He answered then glanced at you, smiling. “We’re protective over our girls too,” he told you. You chuckled softly as the memory of him causing a scene at the bar came back; another patron tried to hit on you- in a less than polite way- while you were getting a drink, and Chris- well, he was not happy. “But you already know that.”

“Yes, and I love protective Chris.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I also love caring Chris, he always takes care of me after I decide to go out and get wasted.” You said and he chuckled. “And reassuring Chris, he can always make me feel better about the things I feel worst about. I just- I love you,” you smiled at him.

“I love you too,” he smiled back.

“I’m actually really glad to be getting out of town,” you admitted and went back to fiddling with your music. You pulled up your 'Favorites’ playlist and put it on shuffle, the song that came up- 'I Do’ by Colbie Caillat- brought a smile on Chris’ face because it reminded him of his upcoming proposal. “I could use the distraction, it’s not like I’m going to do anything productive at home.”

“True,” he agreed with a nod. “Stress you would probably just pace the hallways while eating Fruit Loops straight from the box, or Gummi Bears. It’s quite disconcerting,” he glanced at you and chuckled when you rolled your eyes. “But you’re cute, so- I don’t mind.”

You tapped your finger on your lap to the beat of the song and smiled at how sweet the song was; it was an oldie but definitely a goodie. It was the perfect song to listen to, really, considering how many of your friends were about to do what the song said at their upcoming weddings. You loved weddings and you couldn’t wait till you finally had your own with Chris. It wasn’t a subject the two of you had to verbally discuss, the longing looks and knowing smiles were always enough. Both your parents and his had been begging the two of you to tie the knot for years now, but with his schedule and yours- the timing hasn’t always been what you needed it to be. It was fine, you weren’t in a rush; you loved him and he loved you, that was more than enough for now.

“I can’t wait for Carly and Ben’s wedding,” Chris said and drew you out of your thoughts. “I think it’s going to be lovely, even though it’s happening a week before Christmas. It’s strange, really. But- hey, each to their own.”

“I think a December wedding is nice, but- you’re probably right about having it clash with the holidays,” you agreed and he nodded with pursed lips. “Personally, I’d have a wedding in September. I always think a Fall wedding would be beautiful, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “September sounds like a perfect time to have a wedding. We should probably put that in the books,” he told you and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face. “You know,” he glanced at you then turned back to the road to hide his excited smile, “for our future reference.”

“I’m not putting anything in the books until I see a ring on my finger,” you joked.

He reached for your left hand and drew it to his lips, pressing a kiss on your ring finger.

“Duly noted.”

[TRANS] Bazaar June 2017 Park Hyungsik Interview


Park Hyungsik calmly walked into the Hawaiian nature where sun, wind, fog, and sudden showers changed one another in unparalleled fashion like special effects. A full-fledged 26-year-old actor, who is slowly discovering the taste of acting, without a touch of fear or hesitation explored the unfamiliar world. The diverse Park Hyungsik’s prism that radiates between an innocent boyish face and a wild manly appearance. —-By Editor Kim Areum

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Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 (Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole)

Part 2 (The Tres Spades)

Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

I’ll admit that “game” Eisuke had always turned me off. I found him far too arrogant for my liking and borderline abusive in his behavior towards the MC.

However, standing in front of the “real” Eisuke Ichinomiya, I finally got what all the fuss was about.

Unlike the others, Eisuke was far more handsome than his sprite ever let on. In our world, there’s no way he would ever have been a hotel mogul - he was far too beautiful for that. He would have been given a reality show like the Kardashians, and toured the world making appearances at clubs, all the while promoting his male skin care line or clothing brand.

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Alec and the Mute w/ Alec Lightwood x Reader

Request: Can you write an Alec x reader where she is a Shadowhunter but she is mute and is dating Alec. Then during a mission she gets hurt badly and almost dies and after she recovers she finally talks and Alec like cries because he’s so happy to hear her voice and can you make it with lots of fluff please?

A/N: At the anon who requested this, I hope it does match your expectations

I am a loner, not because I don’t like people, but because I am afraid of losing them. This is not an unreasoned fear, I lost my parents when I was little and I had to stand by and watch it. They died protecting me and my older brother, but no one knows that, because I don’t talk. With no one, not even my own brother, I just forgot how to. After witnessing my beloved parent’s death I shut down completely and stopped talking. And because now everyone thinks I am a mute, I don’t bother to change that, at least no one forces me to talk. I and my brother Jonah were both sent to the New York institute after our parent’s death, due to our uncle working there. Life was hard, but we had to learn to cope with it, a Shadowhunter never shows weakness. At least it brought something good, the Lightwood siblings whom were now my best friends, even without verbally communicating we understood each other perfectly, especially me and Alec, there is such a strong connection between us, that I sometimes wonder if we are really just friends or if there’s more to that. Anyways how you can probably guess, I am not really a fan of working together with other Shadowhunter on mission, not that I don’t think they’re not capable, but not talking makes some situations difficult, so I only go on solo missions, no talking more doing. Well, and that is exactly the reason why me and Alec are fighting at the moment. “Y/N, you are not going on this mission!” Alec said a bit aggregated, I pulled my eyebrow up, as if to say ‘and why’s that?’ “You know exactly why! It’s a suicide mission even with a partner, I wouldn’t let you go, it’s too dangerous and you can’t even shout for help, so my decision is clear and as the head of the institute you have to obey or else it will have consequences even for you!” HE said getting louder and louder towards the end, trying to bring his point of view across of me. Reacting to Alec’s outburst I threw him a sarcastic smile, turned around and left. Alec knew me well and understood that I was beyond pissed. This was definitely not the first time this happened, he knew that I was one hell of a fighter and had my priorities set, so why wouldn’t he let me do my job? Even Jonah, who was more than skeptical to let me off alone, accepted it at one point and let me do my own thing, but Alec wouldn’t get it in his head that I can take care of myself, sure I may not talk, but that doesn’t mean that I am weak, who does he think he is. My thoughts making me angrier than I already was, I didn’t consider Izzy’s words of wisdom, maybe Alec liked me and doesn’t want me to get hurt, but I consider that bullshit, Alec doesn’t like anybody, at least in the romantic way, “Shadowhunters’ don’t show feelings, or else it gets them hurt” those were Alec’s wise words. While my mind was running wild with angry thoughts I geared up for the mission I was not supposed to go one, indeed it might be a suicide mission, but I know I can handle it, there’s a reason I didn’t die on any of my hundred solo missions. Sneaking past Alec who stared intently at one of the monitors in the main hall, I quickly made my way out of the institute and of to find the rouge demon clique. As soon as I got there I understood why Alec wouldn’t let me go alone, there were way more demons that I thought.

Meanwhile at the institute

Alec was focused on one of the monitors in the main hall, at least it seemed like it. “What’s going through your head, bro?” Jace asked his Parabatai, who experienced a near heart attack from the sudden noise. “Don’t do that, Jace!” “Well than, what’s going on with you?” “I and Y/N fought, again… and now she is pissed and I don’t know how to fix it. She just doesn’t want to understand why she can’t go on this mission!” Alec said frustrated. “Dude, you know that she didn’t listened to you, right?” Alec gave Jace a questioning look “Alec, she went on that mission, I saw her gear up like an hour ago” “What?!? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier??” “How the hell was I supposed to know that you told her not to?” After that being said Alec dashed out of the room, went to grab his bow and quiver and went to find Y/N in the fastest way possible.  Jace was right behind him, not letting his Parabatai do this alone.

As the two Shadowhunters arrived at the fight scene, it was already a big mess. There were at least twenty demons and Y/N was still standing strong at least that’s what the boys believed, the second Alec cried out Y/N name, she got distracted and missed the demon she was supposed to slay. From this moment on everything went downhill. The demon took advantage of the very moment and got Y/N bad and Alec watched in slow motion how the silent girl he adored so much cried out in pain and made contact with the asphalt ground. In this moment of blind rage Alec took nearly every single demon out and the ones he didn’t kill he left for Jace to take care of. As soon as the area was cleared out of demons Alec kneeled down next to Y/N and his heart died a bit. His mind was still working in overdrive, he drew a healing rune on her body and took her in the quickest way possible back to the institute.

33 hours later- Y/N POV

Darkness was surrounding me and I didn’t understood why, I don’t remember going to sleep, so why is everything so dark? I tried opening my eyes but they wouldn’t budge, was I dead? Is this how being dead feels? Weird, it feels kind of nice, sure my body hurts, but it’s so comfy and warm, my hand is a bit sweaty too. As I try to wipe my hand off, I fell some pressure there and suddenly hear a voice. “Y/N?” it calls, still trying to force my eyes open the voice keeps on talking “Come on, I know you are in there, please just wake up, I can’t live any longer if you are not here with me. I love you, please wake up!” The voice actually sounded a lot like Alec, but why would he say such things? What the hell happened? Having enough of the darkness I pulled all my strength and will together and pried my eyes open, only to see white blinding light and a tearstained Alec. I groaned, trying to get his attention, him still holding his monologue. The second he looked me in the eyes a grin slit across his face, but vanished as fast as it came. “Y/N, I am so sorry this happened, I was the reason you got hurt, if I hadn’t distracted you none of this would have happened…” I waved a hand in front of his face again gaining his attention and pointing to the water on the bedside table. Man, was I thirty. Alec, being the sweetheart he is holding the cup to my mouth and enabling me to drink, clearing my throat I spoke my first words since at least 10 years “I love you too” The look on Alec’s face was priceless, he looked so shocked, either because I talked or because I told him I felt the same or maybe both, but I didn’t care. Those were my first words ever to him and I don’t regret them. “You… you can talk, I mean you just talked… and you love me” Alec was flabbergasted, his one true love was feeling the same way.  His dream finally came true. What happened next, I would’ve never thought that mister shy-pants would ever make the first and final move. You wouldn’t believed me if I told you that he kissed me, like in on swift unexpected move his lips where on mine and we were both moving in sync. And let me tell you this was definitely not my first kiss but it was by far the best, there was so much passion and love in just this one simple kiss. As the oxygen got less we both pulled away and it was as if the time stopped moving, we were just staring at each other and trying to realize what just happened and while doing so it happened again and again, it was like some magnetic force was pulling us together. In the end I scooted over to make room for Alec in my infirmary bed and all we did was cuddle and talk, well Alec was talking and I was listening, because you can’t just go from ten years without even muttering a word and then suddenly hold long conversations, so I stuck to listening and even sometimes answering, which still is a weird feeling. But with Alec by my side I would master this mission of finding myself again too. There sure was a lot more to come for me.

The End

RvB Rec Day

I have a theme this month and it is SIDEWINDER. Because I absolutely cannot ever read enough versions of how the Reds & Blues decided to adopt an ex-Freelancer, or how Wash felt when he woke up and found he was being adopted. 

(If you know of any gen Sidewinder fics that aren’t on this list, MESSAGE ME PLZ. I want to read them all.)

Not Like This by @darkfrog24 (Gen, 2.3k)

“Look, if you want a diabolical master plan with contingencies and secret alien tunnels, you should probably stick with Project Freelancer. ‘Switch the thing with the other thing’ is about as advanced as we get.”

So this one is Wash’s POV on waking up, and it just…beautifully captures how utterly gobsmacked he is by the situation. How being helped is such a foreign thing to him, it nearly makes him short-circuit. Also it has great voices for Tucker and Caboose, and Grif gets his arms stuck in two different vending machines, so there is nothing not to like about it.

Extend the Olive Branch by @silvokrent​ (Gen, 7.5k)

"We can’t just leave him out here to die! It would make us no better than…well, him. And I technically can’t turn away an injured soldier since I took an oath. Besides,” Doc said, “I don’t want to have his blood on my hands.”

“Son, you already have Wash’s blood on your hands!” Sarge gave an ominous chuckle.

Oh. Right. From coming into contact with the bloodied armor.

Canonically, all we know about the Reds and Blues deciding to help Wash is that Caboose kept asking “Can we keep him?” So one thing that’s really interesting to me about Sidewinder fics is seeing which characters push to save him, and which ones have to be persuaded. In this fic, it’s Doc, and it’s great because you get to see him being a (mostly) decent medic. There’s also a fantastic part for Caboose, who gets to say so much more than just “Can we keep him?”

Bah Humbug by @momfrienddonut (Gen, 3.6k)

Epsilon’s avatar shrugged. “Look man, I don’t know. All I know is that you royally fucked up, and I’m supposed to send you on some kind of soul searching journey so you don’t end up like me.” 

“Trapped in a memory unit?” 

“I was thinking more along the lines of alone, isolated, and responsible for the pain of people who could help me, but yeah let’s go with that.”

So far as I know, this is the first Christmas Carol remix fic in the fandom. Which is kind of surprising, given RvB’s themes of memory, ghosts, alternate selves, and nightmare simulations. ANYWAY. While he’s sick after Sidewinder, the ghost of Epsilon informs Wash that he’s going to be visited by three spirits (Delta, Sheila, and the Meta). Christmas Past is an adorably heartbreaking memory of Freelancer; Christmas Present is the Reds and Blues arguing about whether or not to keep Wash; and Christmas Yet To Come is … great, but I don’t want to spoil it. Snappy character voices, utterly heartwarming. PASS THE EGGNOG.

Under the Weather by @eponymous-rose (Gen, 18.7k)

“Sorry,” Maine says, after a moment. “I had orders.”

“I know,” Wash says. “It’s okay. I owe the Director, too.”

Maine’s shoulders roll once, signaling discomfort, and Wash looks down, focusing on peeling back the lid of the jello one-handed. “Hey,” he says. “South told me earlier there’s a storm coming. You ever get that feeling, too?”

Maine gives a long, slow sigh. “Always.”

This isn’t just a Sidewinder fic; it’s a story about Wash’s entire relationship with Project Freelancer and Maine, and how it ended at Sidewinder. There are a lot of different ways to characterize PFL and the Freelancers; this is one of the more hard-edged, military takes on them. It’s still incredibly human, and the end is guttingly tragic. Also, this fic has probably the most hurty Wash-wakes-up-on-Sidewinder scenes I’ve ever read. And did I mention that the prose is gorgeously elegant?

The Long Road Back to Good by @littlefists​ (Gen, 55k)

There is a line drawn in the sand, Wash thinks, and he is on the side where there is nothing but cold iron bars and static on dead radio frequencies and purple handprints. He could stay here, he knows. He could leave, turn away, and tell himself that he tried, and over time, he might even be able to make himself believe that.

Or he could step over the line on the long road back to good, and he could say—

“I’m sorry.”


So this one starts with Sidewinder, but covers all the missing time between S8 and S9, as Wash bonds with the Blue Team and Red Team and starts to reconstruct himself. It’s beautiful and it’s heartwarming and it’s what got me into RvB. Seriously. 18 months ago, RvB was just “that really confusing thing that half the people on my dash are so excited about, maybe I should check it out, BUT IT’S SO CONFUSING.” Then I saw somebody rec this fic, and I was like, “Oh, is this a guilt trip story? I like those. I understand them.” So I started reading it and I fell in love with Agent Washington and I started watching the show and HERE I AM.

Also, this fic has Caboose writing self-insert Harry Potter fanfic, and if that’s not the most perfect thing in the history of ever, I don’t know what is.

the story of a very successful adoption by comatoseroses (Gen, 0.5k)

I’m not quoting anything because this piece is so short, but it’s just a little Wash POV full of Blue Team feels that WARMED MY HEART AND RIPPED IT OUT in the same minute. ❤️❤️❤️

prinsesopdepingpongbal  asked:

Hi Steph! I'm new to tumblr but was introduced to the TJLC fandom through the TJLC explained videos (which I still really love). I have some ideas and want to write metas, but have no idea how to do that. Do you have some tips? Aside from sharing my weird ideas about BBC Sherlock, I mostly want to write metas to hopefully meet some new people and talk about TJLC with them. So I guess that would be a second question, on how to make friends on tumblr. Anyways, I love your whole Nonny Q&A thing

Hi Lovely!!

I’m so happy you’ve come into our corner of the hell hole, LOL. For meeting new people and interacting with the fandom, I’ve actually written about that before, so you can check out these posts here and here. Plus, English doesn’t have to be your first language ;)

As for meta writing, some people have a method, like brainstorming it all out on paper in really complicated steps, but for me personally: I just jot down whatever comes to my head (sort of a “thesis” line") and springboard from there. I literally have no direction whenever I write original meta, and it’s mostly lines of shitposts to refine into a cohesive narrative written in a style that will appeal to my audience. That’s honestly it.

My advice: don’t write a meta just because there’s a place for it; write about it because you are PASSIONATE about your view on the topic you are writing, especially if there is some sort of personal experience involved. For instance, I write passionately about Mary’s character because it helped me understand the motives of a person in my real life and helped me come to terms with the fact that I can’t change said person, so cutting them out of my life was the healthy option. I write passionately about Sherlock’s character because I too feel like a lonely outcast who loves too much and tries to hide it. I write passionately about the narrative arc because I hate things not making sense, and in order for me to make sense of it, I thrive on connecting the dots and helping others do the same. Your readers will KNOW how much love and thought you put into your meta if you’re writing it not for the views but FOR YOURSELF. The notes and additions to it are always a lovely bonus to it. One of my fave metas turned into a community discussion about people’s life experiences, and it REALLY was so amazing to me to see people just as passionate about a character and his life as I was.

Also: don’t be discouraged to write just because you think someone has already written about it! No one has written how YOU view the scene or story or character, and adding your two cents always helps to engage the fandom in your meta! As well, especially if you’re starting out, cite other meta or posts that may have inspired you to that conclusion, and DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAG “MORE POPULAR” PEOPLE" who share a similar viewpoint; they’re all just like you (many of them just not even aware they have any pull in the fandom) and are always up for interesting discussion about anything.

What else? OH If you’re going to write your meta directly into Tumblr rather than in a word or textedit doc, THE “SAVE DRAFT” BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND. Dear lord, after every paragraph or if you leave your browser window for a few minutes to make accompanying gifs or to find links to add to your post, SAVE DRAFT. I cannot tell you how many meta I have lost and said “fuck it” to because I just wrote it all for hours and didn’t save and my browser crashed or I have accidentally closed the tab instead of going back to the tab (which is mostly MY problem, because I literally have 50 tabs open on any given window, so it gets… small)… this happens more when I do asks (which a large portion of my meta are nowadays) because it’s easy to forget to save it as you’re writing.

Pictures as supporting proof is always a great way to break up walls of text as well. Even if the pics are just used as section headers, it just really gives the eyes a break. Sometimes our eyes get tired, and showing with canonical proof often leaves a greater impact. Have a nice ratio of images to text, your readers will thank you for it :) Image width for tumblr is currently 540px for the dashboard. Though all blogs have their own ratios; find out what yours is, and tumblr *should* auto-resize that pic to fit the dash ratio, so long as it’s over 150px, I believe.

Finally, as you write more and more, I recommend keeping an RTF document of EVERYTHING you’ve ever written, especially if you’re gonna post to tumblr. I myself do have an efficient tagging system, but after awhile it gets messy and harder and harder to find some of my posts since tumblr doesn’t have a way to look at the tags at-a-glance, so I have been cataloguing my posts and replies on a document so I can find them later so I can reference them. Referencing your own posts keep you from not only constantly repeating yourself, but also saves your regulars from reading the same thing over and over again – a link will give people the option to read your extended thoughts on a topic if they so choose. Eventually, your blog will become a Wikipedia of meta – as in THERE’S NO WAY OUT LOL…. Seriously though, people appreciate if you tell them what your posts are referencing or if you just keep a succinct liner about your thoughts with a link to additional thoughts.

Other than that… JUST HAVE FUN. Seriously, just enjoy it! And if-when you do write your meta, feel free to DM it to me! (I get tagged on a lot of things so I tend to miss them, LOL)

Happy writing, Lovely!! <3

Home // Carl Grimes Imagine

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

PROMPT: The reader got separated from the group years ago when she was a child. When she returns unexpectedly, She’s not a weak little girl anymore. Reader and Carl were best friends, & when she arrives back, she realises her best friend never forgot about her.


This is v long lol, but I’m proud of it! remember my asks and messages are always open if anyone wants to chat!


C A R L // P R I S O N // 2 2 7 0 //


I came to rest in an old house, and after checking it thoroughly for walkers, I went upstairs to bed. It had been a long day, hell, it had been a long day every day for the last 3 years. It wasn’t easy on your own, scavenging and fighting for your life all the damn time. Whenever I did come across people, it was usually big hairy men who thought finding a lonesome teenage girl was the best thing to ever happen to them. I usually get away, but I had been… used… a few times.

I plopped down on the small bed. It was filthy and smelled like sweat and mould, and was itchy as hell. To me though, it felt like heaven -which is probably why I feel asleep instantly, without locking the doors.

I was so exhausted, I slept through most of the day, only to be awoken by groaning coming from downstairs, I immediately jumped up, cursing myself for being so careless. There were at least 3 walkers downstairs, but I managed to fight them off… just.

I ran into some bushes to hide from the small heard that was approaching. I squatted there for a bit, and when I figured it was safe, I jumped up and made a dash for it. Only just making it away with my life.. and a huge gash on my leg.

Life was getting tougher. I wasn’t going to last much longer out here on my own.

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