i just really love this movie and this scene lol


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.




“The one I want to protect  more than anyone else… is you, Chizuru. Please, stay by my side from now on. I won’t let you go even if you want to, keep that in mind!”

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Because you just mentioned the werwolf scene in POA... do you prefer the book or movie version? Personally I love that we see Snape shielding the kids with his body in the movie. Obviously he's all about working in the shadows and going unnoticed (duh, he's a spy) and I do love his cunning of course, but seeing that somewhat reckless, Gryffindor style bravery in him where he's risking his life to protect his students from a werwolf is just... really really really cool. Lol.

I nearly always prefer the book, and this is no real exception - I love the idea of Snape running down to the shack once he realises that’s where the kids, Black and Lupin are, and I love how his story slowly unfolds.  Put under scrutiny, that scene in PoA is endlessly fascinating - especially Lupin’s speech, and when you realise just how little of it Snape has actually heard.

However, despite all of that, I really love how the scene in the movie encapsulates Snape’s entire character.  He’s literally in the middle of tearing a strip off the kids when they’re truly threatened, and he immediately stands between them and harm’s way.  It isn’t just his protection of Harry, but his protection of all the Hogwarts’ students.

I love that juxtaposition - that he’s hateful in his outward behaviour, but that he’s always secretly watching out for them.  It’s evident, yet far more subtle in the books, but given that subtlety is lost on some, there’s definitely something to be said about spelling it out clearly in the film…

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Hello. What are your favorite Lucifer scenes.

mmY g*d here are SOME because i truly love every single episode of lucifer so

- every deckerstar scene. this is a cop out but it’s true. like i was gonna list them but it was just all of them lmfao. i think we all know the big ones but i also love the one where he calls her beautiful when she lets her hair down, and i love their emotional speeches abt each other at the trial and their cute flirting on their date!!! i love them all!!!! i can’t choose.

- all of 1x09 honestly, but i especially love the scene where lucifer talks to god cause it was so well done and bc i relate a little too much to what he was saying dsbfjshbfb. and of course the piano scene at the end but we covered that in the every deckerstar scene bullet.

- “B E C A U S E I T W A S L A B E L E D.” #mood. that’s so latinx. me too, dan. i also love luci being like “but we’re friends now!!” it’s rly cute and so funny!! 

- i also love all the scenes between dan and luci in 2x07, esp at the end when they laugh and stuff together. blessed.

- when trixie and amenadiel hugged. it was so pure. truly. not in the tumblr way, but literally… pure. i also love that amenadiel was like “i’m lucifer’s brother.” and trixie’s like yeah that makes sense bc why wouldn’t it. i actually love that no one ever questions them being brothers much. 

- when lucifer was cryin lightning the blade and amenadiel noticed and put his hand on his shoulder stop i’m cryin again thinking about it……..

- all of lucifer’s puns. all of them..

- bye when lucifer was like “it’s like you always say detective, shake the tree until the truth flies free.” or something stupid like that and chloe’s like?? i don’t think i’ve ever said that idk why it cracks me the FUCK up.

- when he keeps tryin to touch the charred crotch!! lmao

- maze n linda thru the door… gay

- holy fck when chloe thought ella n lucifer were doing it and she was demonstrating how the murder happened and chloe was seething and lucifer was so uncomf it’s so fckn funny…


- oh that scene where linda tells lucifer he’s god’s fav son, it’s so intense and well done. and i think it’s… true. lol

- all of his scenes with god johnson were so great, but especially when he’s asking him to apologize because the way he’s talking is so scary??? like not.. not his anger but the actual words he’s saying. he’s all “YOU MUST ATONE FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE.” and it kinda feels like a glimpse of what he was like in hell. also it was hot.

- the scene with the satanists and lucifer freaqs and opens the door in chloe’s face when the dude comes out dressed like a goat. bc he doesn’t even like their cheese. i think abt this and laugh all the time.

- when maze was too gay to function about candy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, esp her like little stretch/shiver thing lol

- when maze kicked all those guys asses during girls night out. that whole ep actually. Girls <3 i want more of them together

- maze and trixie sleeping watching a movie!! so sweet, maze has such good dev.

- “HOW CAN I HELP WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO KILL MY OWN FATHER??!!!” kills me legit every single time.


- oh my god i’m gonna shut up now. i didn’t forget any scenes i just need to shut up bc i’ll go on forever.

Scenes leading up to Reylo

I can’t stop thinking about how Reylo will (possibly) spend more time together in “The Last Jedi” and Episode 8. Because they didn’t interact much in TFA - and previous SW-movies have always showed us a good amount of development before making couples canon. Just look at Anakin/Padme and Han/Leia, for example. That’s why this really excites me about the upcoming Reylo scenes that keeps me up at night (lol).

We all have our theories but I think in order for them to spend more time together (and fall in love), Rey will either join the Dark side (temporarily - to save Ben, or because she goes dark) or The Resistance will capture Kylo (making Rey visit him in their prison) OR (what’s most likely to happen perhaps) - Reylo will get stuck on Ach-To together (hating/wanting to kill each other at first, until they go all Mr&Mrs Smith ;). Or it could be a mixture of everything - shared dreams, finding out about their respective tragic pasts, connecting and so on…

But I’m more interested in what you guys think…so what are your theories?=)

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heyyy so i started shipping valki like just a few mins ago and what is this ‘deleted scene’ y’all are talking about and also pls are there any more valki stuffs i should know about thank you!!!

I’ll just do this in rant form lol -

It’s mostly just a guess for right now, but Marvel and Tessa herself admitted that Loki and Valkyrie had a love hate relationship in the movie. Since we never really saw that in the movie explored in depth, there has to be deleted or cut scenes. Taika admitted himself that the original movie was twice the actual run time of the TR we saw, so I’m guessing that’s where they explored it. This theory is just a guess but it’s very plausible considering both Marvel and Tessa advertised their relationship in a way we never saw.

Here is the link to Tessa admitting it: http://ew.com/movies/2017/08/14/thor-ragnarok-valkyrie-loki-fight/

And the thing about that article ^^ is that Thor’s official twitter reposted it so it’s not fake news either. This is what I mean by Marvel advertising it too.

But in the end, these are just theories since no one truly could ever know what went down, even the anti-Valki shippers. And about the Anti-Valki shippers, I think that Marvel decided to cut it bc either 1. They were running too long on scenes and decided to delete the latter 2. Or they didn’t think they’d get a good rep pairing up Val with a villain instead of a hero. (The Anti-Valki shippers have very well proven that they don’t like her with Loki, so I’ve just about proven my theory with that). Those are my conclusions to why Marvel did what they did possibly.

And it could be very well that we never did have deleted scenes in TR of Valki, but taking into thought what Tessa said, that doesn’t mean they won’t have a relationship in further movies or at all.

In the end, thanks for joining our fandom and glad your shipping Valki with us!! 𗀃𗁧

So @prezdabeast and @porkcutletfatale and some of our other friends watched Love Actually tonight and it was. Well. It was something. Like, it was Heterosexuals: The Movie. And then @prezdabeast got upset that they used a Beach Boys song in the airport reunion scene so I said I’d fix it for her.

So here it is.

i watched death note 2017 tipsy with some friends last night, it was Bad but here’s some thoughts I had on it that aren’t just “lol it sucked”

  • my biggest fear for mia was that she wouldn’t be unhinged enough to live up to misa. up until “where’s much fucking death note denny” i felt like they actually did a decent job at making her love-crazy, but then they forgot that she’s REALLY dedicated and not just power-hungry

  • light’s reaction to meeting ryuk for the first time was the best goddamn scene in any movie I’ve ever seen. I finally got to see (a version of) light scream like a small child. 10/10

  • it honestly felt like there were two different teams working on the writing: one that was really into the original series and one that skimmed wikipedia. mia’s death and light’s reaction in particular is what stood out. it seemed like Team B was like “he thinks a loophole might save her!” and Team A let out a long sigh before explaining that it doesn’t work that way.

  • L very distinctly runs like he’s high on cough syrup, which is funny because I’m almost absolutely certain that the original canon version of L recreationally abused cough syrup. take one look at that man and tell me he’s not somebody who got high off of an over-the-counter legal drug at some point in his life.

  • the “burning a name can save their life but it only works once” thing was actually a neat addition, but most of the other rules, especially the whole “only the note’s keeper can see ryuk” thing, was dumb

  • to the surprise of nobody, ryuk was the best part. ryuk is always the best part of every adaptation of death note, what did anybody expect

  • the ending where they remembered the series was about mindgames and not just an action movie was pretty neat, if only the whole movie was on that level. if only it wasn’t plot hole swiss cheese.

  • L and Light’s interaction in the coffee shop or wherever the fuck, was actually pretty good up until L started yelling because “uhh american audiences can’t empathize with someone who doesn’t express their emotions outwardly in a very loud manner” according to this movie’s team

  • actual conversation I had with my friend as we were watching it:
    “What if this is going to be a stealth-sequel, and Light Turner is a different person in-universe from Light Yagami?” “That’d be really cool but the writing’s not good enough for that.”

  • thanks for your contributions celine dion, the true mvp

overall it served as a good movie to MST with friends, we lost our shit laughing at how bad it was from Light’s very first line and honestly never let up

ID #81894

Name: Lauren
Age: 16
Country: USA

So I think I’m looking for a pen pal because I want to learn from people. I want someone who I don’t know and who doesn’t know me, with a completely different background to just talk to about anything and everything and have fun.

I literally have so many random interests that i could not write them all down but here’s the basics: I live on the east coast (USA) and I’m a sophomore in high school. I love animals, reading (when I have time which is rarely rip), volunteering and being slightly obnoxious (in the best way possible). I really enjoy listening to music and the way it can change how you feel and I would be so down to share music. Literally I can vibe with any genre, I’m not picky. I also really like movies and TV shows. When I’m older I plan on being involved in the film industry because I just really love movies and the way they make you feel. You know after watching a good movie (or TV show) scene or even a trailer, and you get those goosebumps and you have that “holy shit” moment? I love that feeling and I just really want to be a part of the industry that gives that feeling to people. Also I’d be down to find someone to just send funny memes to lol. So I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of stuff but the whole point of this is to find someone who’s not super similar to me and to just have a good time with it. In conclusion, hmu

(sorry if there are typos it is 3am lol)

Preferences: Someone 16+, not against cursing, and open minded but thats about it

Rey’s force vision?

Gif by @1captainswan1

There has been a lot of speculation about a new force vision in TLJ. I for one didn’t really believe there would be one. Lol. I think the theories and the speculation are amazing. I love reading about them.

But so far all the scenes we have got from the trailers and bts, I was not convinced any of them were from a force vision. I still think there won’t be any new force vision. At least not like the one she had, when she touched the Saber in TFA.

Because I think she had enough foretelling for a trilogy and now they’d have to explain those scenes somehow during the movie. Putting another vision would just be too much and they can’t possibly make them reality in the next 5 hours.

But there may be a tiny vision when Rey starts her force journey. Like Luke did in Dagobah. Short and more about self discovery. Not one showing future and past events. Rather one just showing her what’s within her. Maybe the tree here is in her dreams. This scene has a ethereal quality to it as well. There are few more such scenes with grey undertone to them, that are not clear like other scenes. Like this one here, where she is probably coming out of a vision.

Originally posted by tatooineknights

Just a thought I had when I saw the new TV spot clip of Rey. Looking dazed and confused. I’m sure some of you guys have more interesting ideas to share. 😊

So I’m rereading Gruenwald’s run to nab panels for my I Heart Steve series and am on the comic where Steve and Rachel Leighton meet for the first time.

Freaking LOL. Not exactly love at first sight…

That said, there was definitely lust at first sight… I mean, the struggle is real, did she really want to rid the world of Dat Booty™ (the answer is no and tag yourself, I’m Rachel).

Sooooo…. there you have it. That time Steve was spared because he looks damn good in spandex. :D

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a scene we might have seen played out had the Russos been serious about a Cap Serpent Society movie and not just using that title as a bait and switch (yes I’m still bitter, okay).

Captain America #313 - Mark Gruenwald

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I love the vote scene in new moon, specially Carlisle's "you've chosen to not live without her and this gives me no choice" (i saw the movies dubbed so forgive me if it's incorrect) this got me thinking, what was your favorite movie scene? Love your analysis :)

My favorite scene (books and movie) is probably the Stitches one because it’s the closest we get to Carlisle actually telling his own story, and movie-wise, the only hint of backstory we get about him at all (no I’m not still upset we didn’t get his backstory in the movies, why do you ask?).


It has to be the extended version from the DVD, really, because the way the one in the movie is cut it makes it seem like he does believed they are damned/doomed, which is missing the entire point of the conversation: ie, that he doesn’t think they are, but Edward does. 

I also appreciate that the scene wasn’t originally in the script and Peter Facinelli lobbied to get it back in. I mean, obviously it was in his interest as an actor to get more screen time, lol, but Chris Weitz the director agreed that it was important to the story. 

Outside of that, I really do love that kitchen scene that was invented for the first movie. The scene in the book is so … stiff, and it felt like she came over to meet the family and then like, immediately just hung out with Edward ignoring everyone else. The movie version showed this really sort of charming earnestness on the part of the Cullens of wanting to make her feel welcome, versus just standing still as statures trying not to scare her like in the book. This is warmer, more human, but still the vampire reminders (you do smell nice!). 

Non-Cullen stuff, pretty much anything with Charlie, and I sort of love that scene with the wolves when they are all teasing Jacob about Bella.  “Maybe Bella will call.” “Maybe Bella won’t call.” “Maybe I’ll call Bella!” “Maybe I’ll call Bella and hang up!” 

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There's also an entire scene in the emoji movie that's literally just set inside of Candy Crush, shameless product placement lol the scene was made to be a Candy Crush ad. I can get behind subtle product placement but this is pretty much the equivalent of writing "wow this is some really good PEPSI, don't you love this PEPSI that we're drinking right now? Mmm such good PEPSI *looks at the camera* I think you need more PEPSI in your life" into your movie script lmao


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Since its the 3rd of Halloween do you have any headcanoons on Rucas couple costumes? Or just them during halloween?


Couples Costume Ideas:

  • Jim & Pam (The Office)
  • Noah & Allie (The Notebook)
  • Zack Morris & Kelly Kapowski (Saved By The Bell)
  • Mary Poppins & Bert (Mary Poppins)
  • StarLord & Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy) WHICH YOU KNOW IS LUCAS’ IDEA he lowkey and by lowkey i mean HIGHKEY loves starlord
  • Captain America & Peggy Carter (The Avengers) which again you KNOW is lucas’ idea hahah


  • because theyre too old to trick or treat (according to their friends + ya know society lol) and halloween parties in hs arent really their scene because its mostly just drinking they use it to get in a date night while the rest of their friends do w/e they want
  • they watch classic halloween movies like hocus pocus and beetlejuice and halloween town and pig out on candy & snacks
  • before they start their movie night its tradition to take auggie, ava and dewey out trick or treating and lucas lowkey drops subtle hints about what their kids will dress up as on halloween and riley thinks its adorable and playfully teases him about it
  • basically theyre couple goals af on october 31st

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X and Y for the character thing?


  • Why I like them: if im being completely honest i love the ‘i wanna die’ memes of him lololol HE’S RELATABLE
  • Why I don’t: he gets too much of the spotlight in the xy arc??? idk i really wished the spotlight would sometimes shift to y but it was nearly constantly x :c
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): tbh i’ve read bits and pieces of the xy arc but i dont know enough of it to have a specific favorite scene 
  • Favorite season/movie: see above tbh 
  • Favorite line: this isn’t a canon quote but im like 420% convinced he thought this at some point: seeing the grunts die: “God I wish that were me.”
  • Favorite outfit: he looks so good in xy outfit like legit, its such a pretty outfit!!! good fashion sense
  • OTP: laverreshipping 
  • Brotp: him and green tbh he’s a good son
  • Head Canon: he and shauna r v good friends due to their extremely laid-back and i-dont-care-attitudes eg. “hey x you have plans for today?” “rotting in this flesh prison until my soul will finally ascend to the release of full unconsciousness” lies down next to x “bitch me too the fuck”
  • Unpopular opinion: HE’S SO EDGYYY GOD
  • A wish: to live happily and the way he is happy and not forced to do stuff he doesn’t like 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: die
  • 5 words to best describe them: edgy, laid-back, sleepy, introverted, nice, kind


  • Why I like them: she’s really cool and does her own thing and is strong in her own way and i love it!!
  • Why I don’t: stop sexualizing her kusaka. she’s like 12. just stop it no girl is stupid enough to randomly take her clothes off.
  • Favorite season/movie: idk the volumes of xy from the top of my head legit
  • Favorite line: idk
  • Favorite outfit: her normal one, i love that, also the one at the start where she has long hair, i loved her long hair the most.
  • OTP: laverreshipping 
  • Brotp: her and shauna 
  • Head Canon: “Senior Blue! You used to be scared of birds? You know what you have to do to get over a fear of birds?”
    “Yes, catch three legendary bird poké-”
    holding up sky suit: “You need to become the bird. (:”
  • Unpopular opinion: tbh she’s not popular enough and deserves better 
  • A wish: for kusaka to stop sexualizing her she literally does not deserve it in any way 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: die
  • 5 words to best describe them: free-spirited, bird, headstrong, passionate, loving
  • My nickname for them: how to shorten Y tho.