i just really love this movie and this scene lol

Scenes leading up to Reylo

I can’t stop thinking about how Reylo will (possibly) spend more time together in “The Last Jedi” and Episode 8. Because they didn’t interact much in TFA - and previous SW-movies have always showed us a good amount of development before making couples canon. Just look at Anakin/Padme and Han/Leia, for example. That’s why this really excites me about the upcoming Reylo scenes that keeps me up at night (lol).

We all have our theories but I think in order for them to spend more time together (and fall in love), Rey will either join the Dark side (temporarily - to save Ben, or because she goes dark) or The Resistance will capture Kylo (making Rey visit him in their prison) OR (what’s most likely to happen perhaps) - Reylo will get stuck on Ach-To together (hating/wanting to kill each other at first, until they go all Mr&Mrs Smith ;). Or it could be a mixture of everything - shared dreams, finding out about their respective tragic pasts, connecting and so on…

But I’m more interested in what you guys think…so what are your theories?=)


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.



So, just came back from watching Moana (finally) and YOOOOOOOO!!!!! What the fuck is that animation?! So damn gorgeous!! The songs are awesome as hell too!! That Mad Max reference! That chicken! That shiny crab! LOVED IT!!

Just arrived home after watching Last Game! I’m pretty sure some of you already read spoilers but I’m still going to try to keep my lips tight lol.

It was really nice to see the boys being animated again!! I really enjoyed it! As the match began my mouth was hanging open like wow as expected of movie quality. It feels so satisfying to see the match in a big screen and good sound system. As in the extra game, every one got their shining time and I can feel my love for them being reawakened. Also that last scene was really emotional I actually teared up a bit :’DDD

They had to cut some scenes to focus on the match (I was a bit surprised bc I thought the match in manga was short but I guess my memory failed me) and I got a bit disappointed in that my akkr soul is questioning, but I didn’t regret watching it. I’m even considering to buy the dvd later lol

Anyway if you love the boys and you’re lucky enough to have the movie played in your country, I think watching it will be worth it :D

I just watched Beauty and the Beast and holy shit fucking nostalgia!! The visuals impressed me so much though like I’m still raving about how far our movies have come in such a short amount of time. I really loved the scenes where he gave her the library and the scene where both Belle and the Beast had a snowball fight cause those were my favorite in the Disney classic. But then there was Plumette like holy shit when she was pulled out of the bundle of feathers I was just astounded by her beauty FACK.

zackbilly  asked:

ALRIGHT i didnt want to ask but the curiousity is literally eating me up, but i kinda wanna keep floating in the zack x billy boat so, how is this movie going to treat me in that aspect? do i get some shipping material about them? (feel free to answer either publicly or in private, i just wanna know --also, sorry this isnt a trini related question but uve answered p much all i want to know abt her before i watch the movie :3)

I loved every single Ranger so much so I have no problem with any questions on of them lol. There’s a little bit of Zack x Billy stuff in a few scenes, not too much dialogue, but I think Billy’s strongest bond was with Jason in this movie, because they’re the first two that interact together and Billy really looks up to Jason. But Billy really is the heart of this team so everyone really connected with him even if we don’t see them have as much dialogue with him as we see him have with others. Plus during the zord fight when Jason had everyone split up, Billy and Zack were teamed up together. So even if it’s not much, you can really see how all these kids care for each other so much and that was my favorite aspect of this movie.

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(P&P anon) ohhh so you haven't seen Persuasion (1995)? That one and 2005 P&P (but I would have loved a wedding scene ugh) are probably my faves like if I'm ever feeling down I watch those, which is why I agree with you on 1995 P&P being hella long lol I love when things are concise. I would suggest watching Zombies simply for the fact of Darcy in leatherrrr. I found it enjoyable in it's own way. And the BBC Northanger Abbey was really fun to watch too!

nope i haven’t seen the ‘95 persuasion just this one from 2007:

and okay thank you for the suggestion i’m definitely down with watching the movie version of p&p&z because i feel like it’ll be way more entertaining than the book version was.

and okay cool i’ll check out the bbc’s northanger abbey and the 95 persuasion when i get a chance!

ALSO AGREED I WANTED A WEDDING SCENE. we get a post-wedding scene but tbh i find it embarrassing and cringe and pretend it didn’t happen (as far as i know it’s only in the american version of the movie too which is hilarious)

So I finally saw WuFan’s “Somewhere We Only Know” and it was a beautiful movie. Wufan did a really good job there playing the role as a violin playing-I had a baby when I-was-19 single father- and a love interest. But when the romantic scenes came on, the times when I saw him put his hand up to caress the romantic interests face and I thought, my god his hand is big ass fukk, this bish bout to smother her. Or was it just me? 

I really cannot wait for all the domestic captain swan scenes we now have the potential of getting since they’re moving in together 

  • Emma and Killian waking up together, Emma draped across him and their legs all tangled together
  • Emma teaching Killian how to use all the various kitchen appliances and making breakfast together and Killian constantly stealing kisses while Emma’s trying to cook and her playfully rolling her eyes but loving it. 
  • Family dinners between the two of them and Henry
  • Three words: netflix and chill 
  • And to go along with that, FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!
  • The two of them curling up under a blanket in front of a fire, enjoying some hot cocoa
  • Decorating their house and making it a home (sobs)