i just really love this moment

What I love most about The Scene™ is that to me it is a realistic picture of two people passionately in love. This is what we have all been waiting for, really: not just the hot kisses - which were… YOWZA - but to see them blissfully and completely lose themselves in each other.

It was such an intimate scene: emotionally, they were sharing feelings; physically, they were sharing LOTS (including tongue, if one gif is accurate). They just looked so comfortable and so close on every level.

I think it’s why Snow’s interruption was so jarring. Jen and Colin sucked us into that private, special moment because they are such good actors. No one wanted to leave it, including the viewers.

It was utterly believable and just perfect. I’m going to go back to watching it on a continuous loop now.

me watching the harry potter movies is a freaking emotional roller coaster because i go from bitterly counting how many of ron’s lines they give to hermione to loving and laughing the films to being bitter and judgmental again by counting how many uncanonically harry and hermione romanticized moments they add to just whistling loudly hedwig’s theme by the end. i don’t understand myself.

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I'm obsessed with the way you have Will and Hannibal interact. There is always this playful push-pull between them, whether it's fluff or angst or smut. And I love that about them. Even at it's darkest there is still that edge of everything being a game. And either of them could win at any moment, and as a reader I never know who is going to end up with the upper hand. (Even more so when Will apparently 'wins' but you just know that Hannibal is secretly pleased with the outcome.) <3 You're Fab!

꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ᴗ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱!!! Thank you! 

It took me a really, really long time to be able to write any dialogue whatsoever and then an extra really long time to write Hannibal and Will talking even just a little (they use a lot of metaphors and I have yet to capture any of that) so I’m super happy you like that aspect of my writing!

Please enjoy some s2 Will and Hannibal playing poker together.

The motel room was musty from the combination of the windows being caulked shut, the old heater which emitted a burnt scent trying to keep up with winter, and two grown men occupying a tight space.

It had been Hannibal’s suggestion to accompany Will to Colorado, to inspect a fresh murder scene and possibly apprehend the serial killer, despite how high a risk it was for him to spend any time at all with Will. But he had made the offer and had been surprised when Will had accepted it.

The thought of spending three days with Will to himself was too great a temptation and any suspicions he had he packed at the very bottom of his suitcase.

They sat at the small table, Will on one side and Hannibal on the other. Will had stripped himself of the armor he wore when surrounded by FBI agents and Jack Crawford. He sat in only his under shirt and boxers, legs kicked up on the extra chair. 

He was the picture of a man relaxed and comfortable with his company and a pleasing sight for Hannibal to witness, knowing he was one of very few who would ever see him like this.

Will pulled out a worn deck of cards from his messenger bag. He shuffled them and skillfully dealt the cards.

“Will we be making a monetary wager?” Hannibal said lightly, scanning over his cards and placing them face down. 

“Too boring. Plus, I didn’t bring that much cash with me.” Will thought for a moment. Hannibal spent that time admiring how the lighting, though dull from the two small brass lamps in the room, illuminated and curved around Will’s features, highlighting the curls around his ears in a very attractive manner. 

“How about,” Will looked at him from under his lashes, “whoever wins has to answer a question truthfully.”

“Are you insinuating I lie to you?”

“Maybe I’m the one lying to you and I want to come clean. Why, do you have a guilty conscious?” Will said with forced levity though the smile behind it was slight and real.

Hannibal was captivated. 

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I think that one of the sweetest things is texting late at night about how you just want to cuddle and wish they were there next to you. And of course the goodnight and sleep well texts. And the way you fall asleep thinking about them and missing them. And the last i love you texts before we try to sleep. I love those moments. Not quite as much as being with her but those moments are really nice and sweet.

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Just curious. If you could go into the AOT universe and change the outcome of one thing, what would it be? (For me it'd probably be Marco NOT overhearing Reiner and Bertolt)

I’m going to be super predictable. Having Erwin survive his injuries on the roof will always be my thing. It’s purely selfish. I miss him. And I really think the walled world could use him. Let the serum bowl happen exactly as it did–just let him miraculously pull through. Have him wake up with a scruffy beard in a hospital. Hange would give Levi side eyes and say, “Tell him, and don’t hold anything back.” I’d pay money for that conversation.

Because we’re playing pretend, I’m granting myself a second moment. It would be Kenny surviving his injuries. I’d love to see him interact with Mikasa, and tell embarrassing kid Levi stories to Hange (you know she’d be the one asking for them). I expect Kenny’s relationship with Erwin to be frosty. Kenny baiting and Erwin actively ignoring. It would be fun to see.

Thanks for the ask anon. It’s nice to dream!

Haechan ; 95 (Drabble Challenge)

Haechan Scenario

Prompt: “Why’d you hug him? You love him?”

Genre: fluff; Drabble

Words: 211

a/n: 5 drabbles done 2 more to go. Sorry this ones really short

  Proud. Happy. Overjoyed. Those were all emotions you were experiencing at the moment. The kid you had been tutoring for months had just told you that he had done really well on the exams and you were ecstatic. Keeping up you give the boy a quick hug before saying goodbye. You walked over to your boyfriend you seemed to be less happy about the matter.

  “Why’d you hug him? You love him?” Haechan asked as soon as you walked over to him. Jealousy present in his voice.
 “Who him?” you asked pointing to the boy you had just been talking to. Haechan nodded. “ I didn’t hug him because I loved him, I hugged him because he did really well on the exams and I was proud of him” you explained

  “Sure you did.” Haechan scoffed.

  “I hug everybody in my life for different reasons. I hugged him because I was proud of him. I hug my parents because they’ve done so much for me and I appreciate and love them for that. I hug my friends because they’re always there for me. And lastly, I hug you because you are the sweetest, most adorable and caring person I know and I love you.”

 “You mean it?”

  “Of course I do.”

Requested: ✅

Up next: Haechan ; 32/33 (Drabble challenge) ~

- Ary 💞

do u have a name, or can i call u mine? (´• ω •`) ♡

genre: angst + fluff

characters: taeyong, you

word count: 2,000+ words

author’s note: i just felt some of y’all needed some happiness in your lives! and i also wanted to announce my new love for taeyong so yes. excuse my lousy english and shitty plot, but here’s my first scenario! woohoo! 

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A conversation with @skywalker-anakin because it really made me laugh:

    Okay but why do I feel like Anakin and padme’s wedding night sex was awful. I can’t imagine anakin being naturally good at sex tbh. Like, enthusiastic, but no skill.

    Anakin is TERRIBLE at sex at first. The wedding night is only saved from being a disaster because he’s so enthusiastic and emotionally into the moment and also Padme doesn’t know that much better.
    It was so wooden and awkward, but neither of them knew any better and they were SO IN LOVE but also just. Just imagine this in context of Obi-Wan joining them for an OT3. And they’re SO BAD AT THIS.

He’s just sighing internally. “Okay, now let me teach you how to do this.”

    Padme’s like, “You’re a Jedi??? How??????” Do????? You???? Know???? This??? Stuff????“
    And Anakin’s just as confused, “WHEN DID YOU EVER HAVE TIME TO GET LAID????”
    They look at him like he’s the most Sex God person they’ve ever known.
Meanwhile, Obi-Wan is scrubbing a hand across his face and trying to gently explain that knowing the basics of what’s good does not mean he’s a sex god.
    They really, really don’t believe him.

    Padme’s first orgasm with a partner. Anakin is like “how did you DO that‽ can you teach me??” And Anakin’s like “what’s lube?”

    Anakin see-saws back and forth between UTTER AWE, a desperate desire to have Obi-Wan teach him that and also have Padme learn how to blow a guy really well!! VERSUS NOOOOO YOU’RE BOTH MINE DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO EACH OTHER PAY ATTENTION TO ME.
    Also, Obi-Wan having to coach Anakin through going down on Padme. Obi-Wan having to teach BOTH these idiots about foreplay. This is his life now.

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Hello! Your answers are always well thought out and meaningful, so I was hoping to get your insight. I saw the new Power Rangers movie and I really loved it! There is a very important autistic character and I adore him but since I'm not autistic I'm not sure how great the representation was (also very much not happy with how he was treated partway through at a Big Moment, the directors could have made a much better choice). Have you seen the movie? If so, what are your thoughts?

Hi! I actually went to watch it just for you! (And for my girlfriend, who is a nerd (if you’re reading this you’re a nerd)). Here is what I have to say about the autistic representation in that movie:

There were a few things that bugged me somewhat, namely that the character played a bit into the “autistic genius” trope (even though I’ve seen much, much worse elsewhere) and that some of his traits, mainly his difficulty with social rules and “awkwardness”, were sometimes played for laughs.

His character wasn’t really fleshed out, but then neither were any of the others, it is, after all, an action movie. And that’s what I liked about it: we get to see a canon autistic person, represented pretty much accurately, whose autism is stated on-screen, be a friggin Power Ranger and fight bad guys and be an action movie hero. And that sends a message miles away from the usual “autism is such a tragedy boohoo”. No one’s gonna pity a Power Ranger. 

This paragraph will get a bit spoilery, so if you want to see the film you might want to skip it. Billy is as capable as all of the others rangers, he needs to be rescued sometimes but so does everyone else, and he’s even the first one to morph. He’s shown as a very empathetic person, which was a nice change from usual representation. He does have a “die to further the plot and create *drama*” moment, but then he’s resurrected so that’s ok.

All in all he’s sort of this “funny sidekick” character, which doesn’t sound ideal but actually it’s better than what we usually get so I’m pretty happy with it. He’s not the most fleshed out and well-rounded character with a detailed backstory, but that’s normal since it’s not that kind of movie. And we also need funny autistic superhero characters, and to my knowledge it’s the first one we’re getting. So all in all, I’d say it’s a great character and a good example of the kind of representation we need. I also like to point out the fact that he’s black, which is very nice since poc autistic people tend to be hugely under-diagnosed because of their race, and showing more explicitely autistic pocs in media is a way to counteract this.

Overall, I’m sure more than a few autistic children will stumble upon this movie and know that one of their heroes is like them and that they can be heroes too and this simple fact is making me very happy so…yeah. This is good representation and I encourage people to watch this movie.

-Mod Cat


iii. favourite mother and son moment

My mom loved tongue twisters. Seashells … pickled peppers. It’s one of my only memories of her. She passed away? Yeah … when I was a little boy.

Sometimes life just really sucks. 

I have some feelings that I need to get out. I’m really upset with Emma ignoring her family for hook. She spent countless years trying to find her family. The first season was about that. Emma’s relationship with her mother is incredibly important. I’m very, very close to my own mother. When I’m away at college, I really miss her and when I’m at home I always spend as much time as possible with her. It just hurts me seeing Emma distance herself from her mother and her son. My mother has sacrificed so much for me. She has supported me through everything. Every bad moment. Every good moment. I just love my mom so much and my relationship with her is incredibly important to me. So seeing Emma spend more time with hook than being a mother and a daughter, it hurts. How could I believe that a man is more important than my perfect mother? My mother who has done everything in her life for me! My relationship with my mother is just so important to me and I hate seeing Emma not have that relationship with her mom or be that kind of mom to her son.

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If you're not too busy can you share some of your Chansoo headcanons? As you may already know, French presidential elections are a mess and I really need a break right now :/

hi~ sure 💕

- yeol tends to tell soo how much he loves him when they’re with other people, and he’s really open about it, but when it’s just the two of them he still gets kinda bashful and struggles to say it in serious moments
- soo bought them one of those sweaters made for two as a joke gift one christmas and has never told yeol that’s what it is, because he was so happy about soo buying him a hugely oversized sweater
- yeol covering soo in lipsticky kisses when he’s practising applying ! (using make up wipes and soo :TTT because they taste bitter and kind of like cucumber and yeol is always kissing him so he doesn’t have to suffer the taste alone)
- cooking dates that are mostly soo cooking and yeol gathering ingredients/reading out recipes/being dj/dancing around the kitchen
- cooking dates that are entirely yeol baking and soo sitting on the counter being fed the mix as official taste tester
- toenail painting dates while they’re watching tv~
- sharing a grocery list in an app and going on long shopping dates late at night when the store is empty. which are mostly soo shopping with yeol trailing behind with his paws in soo’s back pockets, reaching things on high shelves when needed :3


Harry was leaning on the window sill talking to Ginny. Legs stretched long in front of him and crossed at the ankles, he gesticulated wildly with one hand using the other to make sure he won’t completely slide down.

“I swear the kid is crazy! We all thought he was just going to crash into the stands but he still caught the snitch!”


“Well, he did crash a moment…”


Draco loved Pansy, he really did, but sometimes he just wanted to murder her. She started talking the moment she saw him in the morning and haven’t stopped for a minute ever since there. Not a fucking minute. Draco counted. There was a single moment when she seemed to run out of breath that lasted 43 seconds. And Draco could only ignore her so much for his own sanity. He half-turned to her keeping his brisk pace.

“Pansy, I swear if you don’t shut up…” He choked on the next word as his foot caught on something and suddenly he was falling. He waved wildly his hands and managed to grab onto something- a tie? But there wasn’t a time for relied as the person attached to the tie made a surprised, half-chocked noise and a moment later they both ended in an ungraceful heap on the floor.

“Are you out of your mind, Potter?! What the fuck are you doing?” One of Potter’s knees was digging at his side and Draco sounded more breathless than he would have liked.

“What am I doing?! You are the one who suddenly decided to chock me and now you are asking what am I doing?!”

“Get off me, Potter!”

“I would if you weren’t… ompff…!” An elbow to the stomach stopped Harry mid-thought. Malfoy scrambled to return to the upright position trying to restore some of his dignity, which wasn’t easy with Ginny nearly chocking trying to stifle her giggles, Pansy openly laughing without any reservations and steadily growing gaping crowd of younger students.

“Fuck you, Potter!” He stormed off, the tips of his ears visibly red. Pansy took a moment to catch her breath before jogging after him, loudly announcing:

“I can’t believe you haven’t seen him with the way you’re always stalking him!”

The last they heard of Malfoy was: “Shut up, Pansy!”

*few months later*

Draco was lying on the coach with his legs on Harry’s lap. He was reading, enjoying the uneventful evening and the warmth of the fireplace. Harry has been unusually quiet for some time. He was fiddling with some muggle toy, occasionally dropping it on Draco’s legs and earning himself a grunt. Suddenly he straightened up.

“Admit it, Malfoy. You have fallen for me.”

Draco lowered his book, giving him an incredulous stare.

“I didn’t FALL for you, Potter. You fucking tripped me.”


So I was on the train and this post was stuck in my head.

I always have in my mind that AU where Sebastian is king and Jim a servant. (Not a sex slave, I hate it, something like idk, it works at the castle or strategist maybe … not really important) and Sebastian has a crush for this intelligent man and evolves evidently they have a relationship but arrives the moment where Sebastian doubts. Seb does not know if Jim really loves him. It’s not difficult for the rest, Jim flirts and it both fun, it’s not difficult to ask if Jim really agrees for sex. They both appreciate that. But love, Seb’ took it for granted before realizing that he knows nothing about it.

When Sebastian asks “do you love me?” Jim answers “Want the servant’s answer or mine?” This is not unusual, Jim had already said that before, but this time, Sebastian did not know how to answer, because he is “afraid” of the answer.

Bangtan in Bangkok

The boys literally lost their shit today, they posted so much, back to back, and they were actually having fun. I think it’s because they really enjoyed their stay there, and the whole credit goes to the fans! They showed the whole Fandom how you should treat your idols, they maintained their space and privacy and let them be. They carried out beautifully executed fan projects in the concerts which in turn made our boys happy. So overall, Bangtan babies were really happy and pleased. They didn’t feel obligated to post anything, they posted whatever they liked, it was not prethought but just have-to-do-in-the-moment thing and I love this side. They all posted, not just one member and I feel blessed. Thank you Thai ARMYs! I hope y'all enjoyed the concerts and had a lot of fun! Stay blessed and healthy!!


A little bit late but I didn’t forget today’s “A Jeller a Day!”

I love all the elements of this clip.

It’s great to see Kurt arguing for Roman’s freedom, and I think he’s doing it as much for Jane as he is for Roman.

And then, of course, we have the lovely moment of Zapata telling Jane that “When someone’s really right for you, you make room,” just as Kurt steps out of elevator.

Last but not least, the beautiful moment of Jane learning Roman is getting out, knowing that Kurt made this happen for them.

Kurt’s support of Roman throughout the whole episode is so wonderful - he knows it’s what Jane would want and so he steps in in her absence.

The start of a beautiful, unconventional family.

Can I just … be an asshole about this, super quickly? Cause you REALLY shouldn’t get to SHIT on people’s days and just walk away feeling justified. 

YES, Deathstroke is an complicated character that gets little love. Mostly because people have only seen or know one iteration of him, or have VERY narrow perceptions. But by virtue of you BEING HUMAN, you’re allowed to fundamentally dislike him. 

What you are NOT ALLOWED TO DO, is confuse your OPINION for a FACT and then try and RAM it down the throat of someone who has a conflicting OPINION

Take a moment, refocus and REMEMBER that this is a STUPID FUCKING WEBSITE and that you can LITERALLY make all your Issues™ go away by hitting the universal RED X at the top of the screen. 

But don’t be a mingy little prick and try to CORRECT people who LIKE characters you don’t. It’s called being a decent human being, maybe you should try it some time.