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I’m in love with that last page.

Also just want to make this clear: the text on pages 5, 6, and the top of page 8 are MEANT to be difficult to read. Near impossible to understand. He says stuff, sure, but it’s more of a visual display of his emotional state. You can pick at it if you’d like, but it’s more for visual and emotional effect. Since ya’ll are smart cookies, I’m gonna not answer people’s questions about those pages being ‘too hard to read’, since I’m sure everyone here has read this little blurb and hence, no one’s gonna ask about it, I’m sure ;)

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!

Underswap belongs to @popcornpr1nce!

Having trouble reading the text? You can read a transcript of just the dialogue over here.

Doing a series of sketches for my based on my headcanon of Hanekoma’s game week. He lived in rural Osaka at the time and the noise the area were a lot bigger than the Noise in urban Shibuya. Games back then were a lot less controlled because they were trying to figure out how to work them.

The noise I ended up designing is based on the Mukade- poisonous Japanese centipedes known for being difficult to kill. the official name is decided on is Tremolo Mukade, since I want to stick with the musical theme Noise tend to have in name.

Coming Out - Asexual Reader X Asexual Jughead Jones

i just sent in a request where the reader and jughead are both come out to each other asexual. i was a victim of sexual assault which led me to being sex-repulsed and i just discovered asexuality. but i’m still struggling to feel like i would be accepted for it (you can include that if you want but if it makes you uncomfortable i totally understand). i just wanted to say thanks in advance if you can do that request <3

hey i really love your riverdale imagines! you are such a talented writer and i’m always checking your blog to see if there’s something new :) i was wondering if you could do a jughead x reader where they are in a relationship and the reader comes out as asexual to jughead and then he comes out as asexual as well and it’s just really fluffy and sweet?

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I love this idea soooooo much! I finally get to write Asexual Jughead and I’m so excited! I’m sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it!!

The game was on and the clock was ticking down. Your plans with your boyfriend had been marked on the calendar for about a week, but you still felt anxious. You studied your reflection in the mirror, making sure your outfit was suitable for your date. You felt your phone buzz in your pocket and you say the text you got from Jughead.

Jughead <3 : if you keep me away from my burgers any longer…

You let out a laugh as you grabbed your jacket and walked out of your bedroom. You marched towards the front door and opened it with a grin. Jughead was waiting on your porch, arms crossed over his chest and looking at you expectantly. “Took ya long enough, jeez,” he said dramatically. You shut the door behind you and placed your hands on his waist. “You really want to start this date by pouting?” He smiled and you dropped your hands. “Shall we,” you asked, holding out your hand for him to take. He took your hand, with a playful grin and your heart sank a little. Your plans not only included this date with Jughead but telling him that you were asexual. You sought advice on the Internet and heard the horror stories of people telling their significant others of their asexuality and then being dumped shortly after. Despite the relationship you and Jughead had built, there was still a bit of worry.

You looked up at him as you both made your way towards Pop’s and found him looking at you as well. He gave you a softer smile than before and the look in his eyes, which normally soothed you, made you feel uneasy. He looked worried as well, or maybe lost in thought. You looked away and bit your lips due to your nerves. Possibly, hopefully, it was just your anxiety about simply broaching the conversation with your boyfriend. It was probably just that.

After choosing a secluded booth in Pop’s, you and Jughead started talking. “So have you heard anything from Archie after the whole,” you raised your hands in the air to imitate that drama that went down. Jughead shook his head and fell silent. “Still angry about the Twilight,” you asked and Jughead nodded, he still hadn’t told you why he was so angry, not exactly. His gaze averted towards the window and you felt a pit in your stomach. Maybe you were wrong and Jughead was worried about something. Maybe he knew, somehow and was trying to think of a way to break up with you. You swallowed hard, but before you could speak, the food the two of you had ordered was placed before you. You just picked at your food, not hungry due to how up tight you felt. Jughead noticed this and furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s wrong? You normally finished before I do,” you let out a small laugh, still not meeting his eyes. His hand reached across the table, placing it on top of yours gently.

“Please tell me what’s bothering you,” he whispered and you looked up at him. His green eyes were laced with concern and you felt suddenly hopeful. Riding on that confidence, you spilled your truth. “I’m asexual,” you gushed, staring into his eyes which had grown wide. “What?” You swallowed at his reaction, “It means that I,”

“I know what it means Y/N, I’m,” he started but laughed a little, “I was just going to tell you the same thing!” You raised your eyebrows in disbelief. “You’re ace too?” He nodded, with a grin painted on his features. You felt a weight lift from your shoulders. “I was going to tell you when we first went out,” he said, “but it went so well, I couldn’t risk messing it up. I’ve known I was asexual since Freshmen year during our health class.” You laughed, smiling at his story. “I kind of recently figured this out,” you said, lifting the hand that wasn’t held by his as emphasis. “I’m glad,” he said, smiling at you and you couldn’t help but realize that this was the first time this week since you had seen him so happy. “Beyond glad, I was so nervous,” he said, a blush appearing on his cheeks.

“I was too,” you said, squeezing his hand gently. He peered up at you from under his eyelashes and raised his head once more. “That’s not the only thing I wanted to say either,” you raised an eyebrow, wondering what he could possibly mean. “I love you.” You grinned widely at his words, “I love you too Jug.” The rest of the date went smoothly, you both finished eating and started talking about asexuality and the community around it. “We need more representation in the media, in my opinion,” Jughead said and you nodded. “Who knows Jug, maybe your novel will turn into a TV show and you’ll be the first to have cannon asexual characters.” He gave you a sassy look and you rolled your eyes, “you never know. Your writing is really good.” He shook his head, “I love the confidence you have in me Y/N, but I’m not nearly that good.” You reached your hand across the table, squeezing his hand, “you so are.” Your conversation was interrupted by Veronica and Kevin walking into the diner. You looked up at them, giving them a smile. Kevin gestured to your pocket and then proceeded to shake his cell phone in the air. You let go of Jughead’s hand and reached for your phone. 

“What’s wrong?” Jughead asked, turning around only to see Kevin and Veronica leaving with their take out. You laughed when you opened your messages. “What’s so,” before he could finish, you held your phone up for Jughead to see the screen.

Kevin : I swear to god if you and Jughead Jones the III do it, I NEED details.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled, “if only he knew about the conversation we just had.” You nodded, still smiling about the text. You were about to speak when your phone buzzed again. 

Kevin : I mean it, Y/N.

You let out another giggle and Jughead got out of his booth. “C’mon, let’s go before you die in this booth,” he said and held out his hand. You took it and the two of you walked out the doors of the diner. You took a breath of fresh air and let out a sigh. You felt another wave of relief wash over you and you couldn’t help but relish in the feeling. You felt so undeniably happy that you could be you with Jughead, that there would be no more hiding. “You good?” You turned to face your boyfriend and you nodded. “I’ve never felt better.”  

help me immigrate? (repost)

hello! i’m an autistic queer/trans immigrant of colour. i have been dealing with various financial issues (link), mainly due to my residency status, but: i can finally apply for permanent residency! and with the recent turn of the election… i really want to finish this long, long journey

the only problem is that the actual application costs a lot of money. i need $550 for just the initial application processing fee, as well as $200 for the medical exam, and $490 for the acceptance fee. this doesn’t include fees for FBI check, keeping up with my other bills, etc. as explained in the post linked above, i can’t afford to save up for this right now, so i’m asking for help

the support i’ve received has meant more than the world to me, and i am so thankful for all of it. i don’t know how to pay back all the love and generosity i’ve received. i hope this will be the last time i have to ask for help, as getting permanent residency would open so many doors for me. i want to make things right for myself, and for all the people who believe i can and have helped me

i have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate directly to me at shinjiabrahams@yahoo.ca. if you are uncomfortable donating, i can do $5 sketches right now. either e-mail or PM me if you are interested in that! (this post will be updated soon with a place to view examples, sorry)

thank you, be gentle with yourself, thank you, thank you

Same Mistake

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: I fricken love your blog!! Can you do an imagine where you and Shawn meet at a John Mayer concert and just have a really special time jamming to John Mayer?!

Note: I’m sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for nonnie! but I hope you enjoy it!! Xx


“C’mon Y/N! It’s John freaking Mayer you have to go!” Your friend, Chloe said pacing around your room.

“I cant Chloe, I have finals coming up and I need to study and I have a lot of other things to worry about!” you said reaching for your text book

“But we still have a week left till finals!”

“Which gives me more reason not to go and stay here to study.” your eyes never leaving the text book

“Y/N, I promise I’ll stop annoying you if you go with me! Plus you love him so its a win win.” she pointed out, you only sighed

“Fine, I’ll go with you.” you agreed and she started screaming and jumping around causing you to roll your eyes and went back to the text book in your hands.


“WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!” You jolted awake by the sound of Chloe barging into your dorm

“A simple ‘good morning’ would’ve been nice.” you sighed getting up.

“The concert is in a few hours, I’ll be the one picking you up. Don’t be late.” she warned, and you nodded going to take a shower.


“Y/N! Chloe’s here!” Your roommate called from downstairs. You took your purse rushing downstairs to Chloe’s car.

“Ready?” she asked starting her car

“Ready.” you sighed

“You think you’ll meet any cute boys?” She smirked

“No Chloe, and I honestly dont care.” You said looking out the window, she tried to bring the subject again but you made her drop it, soon you two started talking about things that you would talk about on a normal daily basis until you arrived.

“Well we’re here.” Chloe stated as you two walked through the entrance, you two walked to a place where there were other people standing waiting for the concert to start.

“Chloe, maybe we should just go inside.” You said not wanting to be around a lot of people

“Y/N! Can you let loose for one second and have fun?” She hit your hips with hers causing you to stumble back on the guy behind you causing you both to fall.

“I am so sorry.” You apologized

“Its okay, don’t worry about it.” The guy smiled, and to say the least he looked hot and awfully familiar.

He got up and pulled you up as well, you two looked at each other for a bit, until you realized that you were both staring at one another.

“Shawn.” He lent out his hand stopping the secret staring contest between you.

“Y/N.” You gladly shook it, you were about to turn around to find Chloe only to see her talking to another guy.

“Looks like our friends are getting along well.” Shawn chuckled a bit

“I guess so.” You smiled back, soon he began to ask about your life and you did the same soon one conversation led to another.

“Slytherins are better sorry.” You said looking away (I am not a Slytherin so I am totally against it lol)

“Nope sorry, I disagree.” He chuckled, but before you could say something you were being pulled away.

“What’re you doing?”

“The concert is about to start!” Chloe said pulling you away, and you look back to see that Shawn was being pulled away too.

You had a fun time at the concert, watching your favorite singer sing on stage gave you a bit of a happy feeling, but your thoughts kept drifting away to the boy you met, Shawn.


“Well I’m sorry!” Chloe apologized for about the millionth time tonight for pulling you away from the guy.

“Who was he anyway?” She asked obviously curious

“All I know is that his name is Shawn, and he was friends with the guy you were with before.”

“Is that so?” She smirked and you were too tired and exhausted to ask what the hell was going on in her twisted little mind

“Whatever can we please go back? I’m tired.” You stated and she nodded taking out her phone. You both got into her car and began driving to your apartment, Chloe checked her phone every 5 minutes and you were getting suspicious, you thought you’d ask her tomorrow, right now you weren’t in the mood.

Chloe parked the car next to a Tim Horton’s and looked at you.

“Stay here.” she said getting out of the car, you sighed scrolling through your social media accounts till she came back.

“Where’d you go?” you asked not taking your eyes off your phone

I could ask you the same thing.” your eyes widened at the realization that in the driver’s seat next to you, wasn’t Chloe. You slowly turned around to see Shawn smiling with a bag of muffins and coffee for the both of you.

“What’re you doing here?” you asked returning the smile

“Chloe texted Brian everything and set this up, now I’ll be taking you to your dorm.” he said happily and you smiled, Chloe always had a way to make up for things.

You gave him your address and continued your conversations from where you left off.

“Okay, Okay wait, you what?” you laughed

“Hey! In my defence I was already supposed to sing so why not have a little fun while doing it.” he chuckled

“How’d you get to go on the Magcon tour anyway?” you asked

“I used to do Vines.”

“So you’re a Viner?”

“I was something like that, I used to post covers of songs on there.” then you slowly realized who you were talking to this whole time.

“Hold on a second, Shawn? As in Shawn Mendes? The guy who’s songs are on the radio everyday?” you asked putting your head in your hands laughing dryly

“Guilty?” he chuckled, now knowing why he looked so familiar, soon your conversations were back on track and started talking until you reached your dorm.

“I guess this is it.” he said parking the car

“I guess so.” you smiled sadly, about to leave the car

“Wait, before you go I’m not making the same mistake twice.” he said reaching for your phone and put his number in and took yours.

“There you go.” he smiled handing you your phone back as you both got out of the car and walked to your door

“I’ll see you soon?” you bit your lip nervously

“Definitely.” you smiled at his response and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he slowly backed away giving you a shy smile, giving Chloe her car keys back and drove away with Brian.

“Okay, so you told me you were with a guy named Shawn, NOT THE SHAWN FUCKING MENDES!” She yelled in your ear

“Jeez Chloe, I think I need to get my eardrums checked.” and she just rolled your eyes at you as you both say your goodbyes.

You entered your dorm taking a nice long shower and were changing your clothes when you received a text.

‘Had a really great time 2nite :) -Shawn’ You smiled at the text

‘Me too :)’

‘Hey, you busy Friday night?’

‘No, I’m not actually’

‘I wanna take you out, if that’s okay with you’

‘Sure, I’ll see you then Xx’

Maybe missing a day worth studies wasn’t such a bad thing after all.


Well, fine then, Academy, if you’re not going to honor Robert Francis Vaughn, then I will–proudly.

His was a face I’d seen many times before I realized who he was–and when I did finally realize who he was, I fell in love.  It was his portrayal of Napoleon Solo that made me fall for him, but it soon became clear to me that any character he brought to life was wonderful and memorable–not just the brave, loyal international agent, but the skittish Old West gunfighter, the wealthy private eye, the authoritative General who could command anyone in the world except his former partner, the most adorable con artist in human history, and so many more.

But he was so much more than just a really good actor.  He was a true Renaissance Man–a man of the stage, the screen, the spoken word, and the printed word.  He was the biggest fan of Hamlet.  And he was an activist–speaking up for what he believed in, ready to take whatever consequences that resulted.

He was an actor.  An activist.  A writer.  An inspiration.

But, most of all, he was a wonderful, kind, and caring human being.

Joker Imagine - Used & Tortured PART 2

Anonymous said:can you pleaseplease please do a sequel to “used and tortured” where y/n finally grasps the courage to tell J who did it and he tortures him and gets revenge? its probably really lane but i just love it sm

Part 1 *click me*

NOTE: The bad character/kidnapper in this imagine is just someone I made up.

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Joker’s P.O.V.

I was all alone again. She wasn’t here by my side. Half of our bed was cold. Y/N was just gone

Our penthouse seemed colder without her here. So I was outside as much as possible. ‘’Y/N!’’ I yelled loudly, feeling a mix of emotions running through my veins. Feelings I hated. Anger, misery, pure rage and confusion. It was dark. So dark that I couldn’t see. I only felt things. Now I was cold. ‘’Y/N!’’ I tried again, but my only answer was my own echo.

Suddenly I felt tired, really tired. A light came out of nowhere, beaming on the ground in front of me. I saw a lifeless body. It was Y/N. ‘’No’’ I growled and stepped closer. My legs were heavier as I got near the body. She was naked, full of bruises and bleeding wounds. Then I saw her eyes, dull like a doll’s eyes. She looked dead.

I collapsed on my knees next to her and let her blood soak my clothes. ‘’Who did this to you?!’’ I shrieked out loudly, feeling a stinging pain in my body. I wasn’t an expert on naming these sad feelings. ‘’Speak to me’’ I demanded, but she didn’t. I put my hand on her face and I held my breath in agony. Instead of seeing her normally, her face fell apart in my hands. My eyes widened and I let go immediately. What the hell?

‘’J! Snap out of it!’’ Her lifeless body told me. I stood up and looked at her in confusion. ‘’You’re..’’ I tried to speak, but then my mouth felt like it was glued shut. ‘’Wake up’’ She told me again. Suddenly my vision blurred until I saw nothing but darkness. I opened my eyes and now I was in a safer place, our bedroom.

Y/N was right in front of me and she seemed worried. Her hand was on my cheek and her body was close to mine, under the same warm blanket. We were home. Right, we found her. She’s safe now. ‘’Was it a nightmare?’’ She broke the silence, bringing me back to reality. God it felt good to see her there instead of waking up alone with an awful unsure feeling.

Y/N was the only one who could make the voices in my head go away.

‘’Something like that’’ I sighed, not wanting to admit it to her. Then I pulled her body closer so I could be as close to her as I could without hurting her. She scented like her favourite shampoo because we took a real long bath before going to bed. Then I recognized gunpowder and my cologne. It killed me to think that I didn’t take care of her better. I was so stuck with my criminal job that I totally ignored Y/N and she got kidnapped. Damn I’d tear those men limb by limb the second I could. They’d regret hurting my queen. I repeat my queen.

‘’J’’ She whispered quietly, making me look into her pretty E/C eyes. It relieved me to see that glimpse of life in them. ‘’Yes?’’ I purred tiredly then gently running my fingers across her bare arm. ‘’I remember what they called the boss’’ She admitted, kinda surprising me because I didn’t expect to hear that in the middle of the night. Bloodthirst and anger ignited in my heart as I remembered.

‘’Tell me’’ I demanded seriously, ready to get up and get those motherfuckers now. ‘’Cosmo’’ She whispered to me. First it didn’t ring any bells, but when she continued, I saw his ugly face in my mind. ‘’He had a jacket with ‘newblood’ written on it. Then he had red hair and yellow contact lenses’’ Y/N continued with a fragile voice. The girl who was usually so happy and crazy was now so small and broken. It made me so angry. So fucking full of hatred. 

‘’Cosmo’’ I growled and then sat up in bed. Cosmo was a stupid wannabe gangster. He came to Gotham a while ago with his little squad and they made ‘newblood’. They wanted to get rid of the biggies like me so they could take over Gotham.I should have guessed! ‘’I’m going to kill him’’ I promised Y/N and got up. I was ready to leave now. 

‘’J’’ She said my name a little louder. I groaned and turned to look at her. She was covering her almost naked body with the purple blanket. I tried my best to stay as calm as I could, but it was hard. Most people knew that I had trouble controlling myself. ‘’Where are you going?’’ Y/N asked me. I looked away from her and grabbed my black jeans from the end of the bed. ‘’I’m going for a ride baby. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with a surprise’’ I promised her, but I sounded a little wicked. I could already picture how I’d torture that sad pathetic piece of shit in my mind.

‘’I don’t want to be alone’’ She told me and looked away, almost like she was ashamed. It made me stop doing what I was doing. Y/N was really sad, like so sad that it was hard to understand. I didn’t know what to do. ‘’You’re safe here you know that’’ I tried to reassure her. Suddenly she faced me with glistening eyes. ‘’I’m coming with you’’ She let me know. ‘’You sure you want to?’’ I cleared my throat and then crawled back in bed. I put my hands on her face and looked deep in her eyes. I could tell that she was scared, yet she nodded.

‘’Let’s go kick his ass’’ She tried to smile. Although she had gone through that, she still had to spark of cruelty in her soul. ‘’That’s my girl’’ I smiled back, happy that she wanted to come. Damn Cosmo would be sorry and so would his men.


Frost had been nice enough to gather my best henchmen and we were now at the hideout for the ‘newbloods’. It was a stupid of building at the west side of the city close to the old factories. We were going there with seven black cars with me, Y/N, Frost and four more men in the lead. I was dressed in my black pants, my maroon button up shirt and my silver jacket. Then I had the perfect torture plan in my head, driven my anger and the hunger for revenge. 

Frost parked the car near the doors and I hurried outside. Y/N and I were surrounded by my goons as we all got ready. I bet Cosmo noticed us already and he was behind a window wetting his pants. ‘’Knock knock!’’ I yelled loudly, loading my gun that I would use to hurt him, not kill him. Oh no shooting him would be too kind. He’d be tortured so bad he’d wish he was never born.

‘’It’s polite to open the door since we don’t want to barge in’’ I yelled again, but the truth was that I was more than happy to explode the door and the wall around it. Nothing came back. So I looked at a goon dressed in a batman suit and I gave him a nod. You see fake batsy had a rocket launcher. Everyone stepped back to a safe distance and then we watched. A few seconds later he launched the deadly gun and a loud explosion ruined the door completely. I giggled happily as I saw fire and a few of Cosmo’s goons burning on the ground.

‘’Let’s get him boys!’’ I declared loudly and then most of us hurried inside. I grabbed Y/N’s hand because I wouldn’t dare to lose sight of her. She grabbed my hand a little tighter and then we went inside as well. Oh no one, I mean no one would get away with disrespecting my queen. The only person I actually cared about besides myself. Cosmo Cosmo, such a shame he was so dumb.

My goons did the job for us, making it easy to find Cosmo. They shot every single man under Cosmo’s command. Soon he’d just give himself to us. The place smelled like drugs, dirt and blood. Gunshots echoed through the dark building as men fell down dead. Y/N and I could just walk though smoothly. I kept glancing at her tho, because I was worried. She looked a little nervous, but she wanted this.

‘’Cosmo!’’ I called out for him. We all stopped on the second floor with loads of guns, dead bodies, cameras, dirty beds and locked doors. I saw cocaine bags and it smelled like it too. As the gunshots calmed down I heard women’s cries. Not that I was a saviour or anything but I couldn’t help but to think of Y/N. Just two days ago she was here, behind those doors. It made my anger ten times worse. ‘’Let them out for fuck’s sake. He can’t keep anything’’ I spat harshly to some of my goons. They nodded and walked to the doors. Then I looked around angrily, scanning everything I could.

Then I saw a door just a little better than the others. I knew that the rat was hiding there. So I walked over and shot the lock a few times. ‘’Come out come out’’ I growled and kicked the door open. My goons ran inside first, but I followed closely. There was was, trying to get out the window.Oh hell no. I ran over, letting go of Y/N’s hand at the same time. Then I grabbed Cosmo’s black leather jacket and pulled him inside and smashed him on the floor. He landed on his back and yelled like a little girl.

Now that I saw him like this I felt like I could kill him right here and now. He was so dirty, full of sin. He hurt my girl. He touched her! I couldn’t even say anything until mu anger got the best of me. I started punching his ugly face. I wanted to smash his skull into a billion pieces. He coughed out blood after a few punches, but I kept going.  ‘’How does it feel like? Huh?’’ I hissed and grabbed his jaw tightly, making him look up to me. My breathing got heavy and I felt like a wild animal. Cosmo was panting , but he didn’t reply.

Then I punched his nose so hard that I could hear and feel it breaking under my touch. ‘’You have no idea what I’m going to do to you’’ I laughed darkly. After beating his face until he bled a lot, I cupped his cheeks. ‘’We’ll have a good time, right?’’ I snickered, wiping away some blood from his face. Cosmo tried to speak, but I covered his mouth and nose, not letting him breathe.

‘’I’d love to kill you right now, but I have better plans’’ I pouted, speaking slowly.Cosmo tried to hit me so he could breathe, but I slapped him. It was really hard not to kill him on the spot, but I knew it would be too easy for him. So I got up and let my henchmen take him to the torture room back home. I turned to look at Y/N. I couldn’t tell if she was happy or disgusted perhaps scared.

‘’You’re bleeding’’ She told me. Then she walked over and grabbed my hand, showing me my knuckles. She was right. ‘’It’s worth it’’ I shrugged and then took a deep breath. Y/N kissed my hand gently and then hugged me. It took me back a little bit, but I didn’t mind. It took me a few seconds to hug her back, even tho I didn’t tend to show affection on heists. This one just happened to be different.

‘’Thank you’’ She whispered gratefully. I just nodded and ran my fingers through her soft hair. I’d do anything for this girl, but I didn’t know how to say it out loud. Even tho I was bad at showing my feelings, she could tell. She didn’t need normal love, because she could read the little signs. ‘’Now let’s go home. I’m sure you want to get your sweet revenge’’ 


A/N: Haaaaa I actually think that..this has to continue in part 3 :)

This is not a goodbye. Not quite...

I know I said I’d take a month to decide this, but it actually took me about two days, and a week to finally admit to myself that this was really what I wanted. So here it is… I want to delete my account content.
This didn’t take me long because I’ve started to stop enjoying running a YouTube fan account, and it’s just become a bit too much. I want to remodel my account. There will still be photoshop and shitty art, just probably not YouTube related.
I can understand how people may misinterpret this as me leaving the communities. That’s not what I’m doing, I’m just reducing my part in them. So why delete the account content? I want to start fresh with my photoshop. Take time to properly learn and not just teach myself as I go. I know some people may still not understand, and that’s okay. It’s just what I feel like doing. Don’t worry I’m not going to change my url as well, just what my account is centered around.
I still want to keep the friendships I have developed on this account. We can still talk. This goes for anybody following (or maybe not following) at the moment, even if you’ve never talked to me. You of course are still welcome on here, and can still talk to me if you so desire. I love you all, if you ever need anything you can come to me. Thank you if you’ve ever interacted with me, sent me an ask, sent me a message, reblogged, liked, followed, all of that!

I doubt Mark, Jack, Ethan, and others will see this, but here’s a few words “directed” at them that are more for me to just get my thoughts out. Thank you for having such wonderful communities that immediately accepted me. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for being the sunshine in my life. Thank you for everything, I can’t write it all down. Whenever I interacted with you, I smiled the rest of the day. Whenever I saw your faces beaming at me from my phone or my computer, I could just forget everything. Thank you.

I don’t think people will even care, but I needed to get all my thoughts out in one post and make sure people knew what was going on (although it’s pretty unlikely anyone’s read this far). Right now I’m thinking about March 25th or April 2nd for this change, which should give some time for my content to sit on my account before I delete it. If you have questions or anything, just leave a response on this post or shoot me a message/ask.

Here are some cool and creative people in the communities that you can follow:
Basically Everybody!

Thank you to everybody that has been supportive and kind to me on here. I know I couldn’t directly mention all of you, but I’m definitely grateful. It means a lot to me, and often times makes my day. I hope that whatever happens to my blog next, you’ll find it worth sticking around for.

Also I may or may not have deleted my first month of content to check if it worked. Apologies.

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ALL I CAN IMAGINE WHEN LYDIA GOT INTO MIT(AS A FUCKING JUNIOR) IS THIS: stiles says "lydia you're so smart i could kiss you right now!" and he DOES because he CAN because THESE CHILDREN FINALLY GOT THEIR SHIT TOGETHER AND REALIZED THAT ITS OKAY TO BE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. (okay im done now (not really) i just can't believe we're this fucking blessed)

Honestly I feel like when Lydia offhandedly says one day that she’s going in as a junior, Stiles just gets a boner there and then and they fuck in a closet. 

Idk I don’t make the rules

I was hoping for Kubo to win best Animated film. But then, this are the oscars, it really seems like they don’t even watch the films, just pick on Disney’s new film.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED Zootopia. But Kubo and the two string was truly a masterpiece and I was hoping that Laika finally got the recognition it deserves.

Sorry to keep posting but also I love when sick characters are really unconcerned about what’s happening to their bodies

Like “huh, I just woke up on my kitchen floor and I don’t remember what happened
I should probably drink water or some shit idk”

So that their friends/SO can worry about it when they finally find out


Hey guys! I decided to try drawing Raven and Bibi again because it’s been at least a year since I last drew them.

I am SO HAPPY about how the first picture came out! The leather effect came out really well, if I can say so myself! I love to draw outfits and I’m happy I finally learned how to paint leather since it looks absolutely sick!

Second picture is just something quick I did to try out a more cartoon-ish style.

Let me know what you think about them! :D

Art © Blueem

Teen Titans © DC Comics

Super Happy!! 💖💕💖💕

So I finally found an amazing little boy and his name is Gavin and he is actually the sweetest thing like omg💕 We just started dating today (2-26-17) and I’m really really happy and I feel really really loved!!!


Guess who had an AMAZING weekend and Q’d all 10 runs!!!!

This is a huge accomplishment for us. It was our most successful trial yet! 

I’ve struggled for over two and half years trying to get her to this point. Prior to our agility career, Baylee was very dog reactive, had tons of anxiety, and was often completely out of control. There were times I really doubted myself and her…times I almost quit. But with my trainer’s encouragement and praise, we pushed on.

Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into this dog…and it’s been so worth it. Just look at her now!! We’re finally working as a team and becoming more successful. I’m so proud of my girl. I love her to the moon and back.

Your Enemies are Mine

John x Male Reader


Word Count: 2746

Request: Hello. Can I request something like, Reader is a boy who wears dresses and skirts and everyone judges them but John thinks they look adorable. Sorry if it sounds weird I love your blog!

Warning: Mentions of abuse

A/N: Heyo! Sorry it takes so long for me to write these you guys. This request has been sitting on my list for awhile now, and the plot for it finally just hit me. I hope you like it, and whoever requested it, I really really hope I did the idea justice. I couldn’t resist from making it a 100% supportive family because those families are the real MVPs. And I didn’t really focus on the bullying and judging because I wanted this imagine to be a break from that and focus on family life and fluff instead, idk. Also, I shamelessly threw a wlw relationship in here because WHY NOT. Anyways, enjoy!

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39, 44 & 54

*is already tearing up*

39. Talk about someone who abandoned you.
Umm my mom? Idrk what to say about her. She moved away when i was like 2 & went to Dubai where she got married again & had 2 other kids. I guess i still have a lot of resentment towards her cuz i really missed her presence in my life. I really needed her, i needed a mother, i needed MY mother & she just… wasnt there…she was with her other kids..

44. Describe your Worst heartbreak?
My father. When i finally met him, after 16years, he told me to my face that he wishes he had nothing to do with me and that he doesn’t love me, he repeated it over & over. I think that was the most hurtful thing ive ever had to endure in my life. I think i died a little inside that day, because i spent my whole childhood praying to god that i’d meet my dad & just hear him say that he loved me. just one time. that’s all i ever wanted. i walked out of the door & never went back. I saw him again the other day for the first time in 2.5years, he hugged me & said he missed me….lol

54. Have you ever been cheated on?
My ex. He took me to one of my fave restaurants to tell me that he got some other girl pregnant “by accident”. it’s been a year, i still can’t eat there. He was one of my best friends. I think I’m more hurt because of how close we were in terms of friendship, like we were buddies, he should’ve just told me if he wanted to fuck someone else. But u cant trust a single soul these days. It’s all good tho. i healed.

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what would you do with a hitman au??

As much as I love reading rival hitmen aus, if I were to write it myself I’d go down the “hitman falls in love with innocent civilian” route because that’s honestly not done enough. And for Taekook, Taejin or Taegi, with Taehyung as the hitman 

And I mean just hitman au with flower shop/coffee shop/or bookstore au where Tae’s finally free in between jobs and goes in for the sake of it but ends up finding the guy at the cash register super cute and it starts off as harmless flirting with no serious intentions because well Taehyung’s not dumb and he was the one that had to pick Jimin up after Hoseok was shot in a messy power battle with a rival agency,  but then he’s staggering home, gritting his teeth and trying to walk as straight as possible because yeah it may be the middle of the night but there’s still people on the street and they wouldn’t react so kindly to seeing him collapse and his mind just decides that it’s a perfect time to take a detour and he finds himself banging on the front door of the shop, chest heaving and eyesight going blurry with the blood finally soaking through his coat from where he’d been pressing the fabric down on the wound and he’d stay conscious long enough to just stagger in but from that point it’s all downhill … or uphill depending on how you look at it because after weeks of harmless flirting that became a little more than that every time Jungkook showed him some new flower and told him about it’s meaning and how it got its name, or every time Jin slipped him a muffin or a cookie that he never ordered and every time,  or every time Yoongi got so worked up while talking about the latest book that he’s been reading, Taehyung’s occupation is finally open and in the air and he doesn’t go back for weeks after waking up in the back of the store to either Jungkook, Jin, or Yoongi sleeping propped up on the wall next to him and sneaking out but when he finally manages the courage to go back he gets punched square in the jaw cause “you shit how could you just leave like that!!” and he’s so startled that he can’t help but laugh and it’s beyond dangerous and he’s risking not only himself but his partner too but it’s a risk they’re both willing to take.

Taehyung would be fiercely protective and always on edge and secretive about the whole thing but at the end of the day when he goes home and finally feels like he belongs, it’s worth it.

and there’s just so many different places to go from that point. 

I can see this as Yoonseok too though, with Yoongi as the hitman 

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So, I saw your post saying Scorpio men are trash butttttttttttttttttt can I just say that I really just want a taste 👅💦 and if they have a Taurus Venus.....🌾👀🌾 Lmao (can you tell I just wants the sex?) I'm a Virgo sun/moon/venus btw.

Why do so Virgos thirst after Scorpio men….love yourselves….


PB&J: Hi Clover it’s so nice to finally meet you

Clover: thanks, it’s nice to meet you too.You see, like such an amazing person with a lovely personality. 

PB&J: You got all of that from ‘nice to finally meet you’? Not that I don’t appreciate it or anything

Clover: *laughs* I’m just really good at reading people’s aura… I am a fairy y’know. 

~chat ~compliment personality 

score (relationship): 23.12

How mental is it that I start an almost sold out UK tour in a couple days!?? Just to think back to 2009, how a bloke like me can get to the finale of X Factor, lose, and still be a UK pop sensation! But then I remember people still can’t spell my name right…and that even though I did a song with Flo Rida, still never met the man. You may not know me since I’m really not internationally know, but I’m Olly Murs, and it’s lovely to meet cha!