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You Bet [Part 2]

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Request(s): A freaking lot

Word Count: 3233… too long I hate it

Song: Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC for no reason other than I love that song

Summary: Steve is awfully distracted by your getup for helping out at the Snow Ball

Warning(s): Smut (duh), Swearing (have you met me), arguing (Nancy and the reader), Jonathan being the coolest, Dustin being a little shit, this is really basic honestly it’s pretty bad

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE! FUCKING FINALLY! THIS HAS BEEN DONE FOR LIKE A WEEK I JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN AROUND TO POSTING! I’M SO SORRY! Anyway, this probably isn’t that amazing but it could be worse i’m somewhat okay with how it turned out

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GLEE MEME: Eight Friendships
2. Kurt Hummel & Brittany S. Pierce


Here’s some more development stuff for “Sing a Worried Song”. The ghost is, of course, JD Wilkes, frontman of the band.  He came along pretty fast, all I really had to change was his nose. Then I just drew a crap ton of old timey looking monsters and picked the ones I liked the most. The “Pig boy” and “Rooster” are references to Legendary Shack Shakers album covers.  The Snake Priest was a fun idea but didn’t make sense for the video. I really loved that boar with the axe too.  And finally the Devil, whom I designed last.  JD said the first pass was too scary and not fun enough. Also that design seemed too hard to animate.  A lot of rubber hose devils look the same so I didn’t want to do that.  JD mentioned a horned skull idea.  I think I finally nailed it with the “baboon” skull look.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out here!

BTS Reaction to: Meeting their celebrity crush at an award show

Anon asked: “Hello!! I love your page❤️ Can you please do a bts reaction when you’re their celebrity crush and they see you at an award show?”   

Author’s note: Thank you! This is gonna be fluffy. Gifs aren’t mine.x 

He was pretty nervous to be going to this award show abroad. They hadn’t been to that many award shows outside of Asia and since English wasn’t his first language it made him a bit nervous. Once he heard that you were coming he only got more nervous than he already was. Ever since your first song he was a massive fan. He always watched your music videos, interviews and the videos you posted on social media and YouTube. When he saw you were sitting next to him his breath hitched in his throat and he nervously fumbled with the hem of his shirt. This was his chance to finally talk to you. If he was gonna do it he had to do it now. So he took a deep breath before saying, 

“Euhm Hello.” 


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Seokjin tried to be as confident as possible but you simply made him nervous. He really liked you and wanted to make a good first impression. Once you noticed how nervous he was you started to smile and gently took his trembling hands in yours.  

“Seokjin, I’m honored to meet you. It’s okay to be nervous because I am too.” 

“Really? You’re nervous to meet me?” 

“Yes! Because you’re an amazing artist and I really like you.” 

After that Seokjin’s confidence came back and he even started flirting with you. Obviously cracking some dad jokes too to try to win you over. Which worked because at the end of the evening you two exchanged phone numbers and kept texting for the rest of the night. 


Originally posted by jimiyoong

Just like Seokjin he’d be nervous but he played it cool. He gathered his courage to talk to you and when he saw your sweet smile he felt all his nerves vanish into thin air. 

“Hey I’m Yoongi.” 

He reached his hand out for you to shake, which you happily did. Flashing him a bright smile as you introduced yourself. 

“I know. I’m Y/N. I’m a big fan of you Yoongi.” 

Yoongi’s eyes widened at your words as a gummy smile spread across his face. You two spend the entire show talking about your interests and your music together. Finding out that you had a lot more in common than you both initially thought. 


Originally posted by jaayhope

Hoseok was really excited but also extremely nervous. He couldn’t believe he was about to see you let alone meet you! Once he found out you were sitting next to him he totally freaked out internally but tried to keep his cool on the outside. When he introduced himself to you he couldn’t help but smile brightly. He literally resembled the sun, that’s how bright his smile was. You felt your heart melt at the sight and gently shook his hand. 

“Hi Hoseok, nice to meet you. I really love your music.” 

“Really? I really love your music too!” 

You two smiled brightly at each other as you talked a bit, talking about shared interests during the breaks of the show. Hoseok definitely wanted to keep talking to you so he skipped the after party just to be able to keep talking to you. 


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon was used to feeling nervous and knew how to handle the situation. But when he was face to face with you everything he knew seemed to have vanished. He tried to keep his cool but failed miserably. When he saw you smiling at him he felt his heart starting to beat faster. He let out a nervous laugh as he made some small talk with you.  

“So I’ve heard that you’re working on your new album.” 

“Yes! It takes a lot of time but I really do believe that this will be my best album yet.” 

“That’s great! Maybe we can collab someday?” 

You stared at him with wide eyes as you nodded your head eagerly. “Yes that sounds amazing! I’d love to do a collab with you!” 

So the two of you spend the night discussing ideas for your collaboration while you watched the award show. 


Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Jimin blushed furiously when he saw you smiling at him. He tried to be smug but obviously failed miserably. Jimin thought he was embarrassing himself but you just thought he was absolutely adorable. So you tried to make him feel a little less nervous by flashing him a charming smile. 

“You’re a great artist Jimin. I really love listening to you.” 

Well if he wasn’t blushing before he definitely was now. Your words really meant a lot to him and he simply couldn’t believe that he was actually talking to you. 

“Really? Wow thank you so much! I really love listening to you too Y/N. You’re really pretty.” 

Now it was your turn to blush. This was how you and Jimin spend your time together. Giving each other compliments as you both blushed furiously.


Originally posted by bwichim

Taehyung would be smiling uncontrollably as he was talking to you. He really liked the sound of your voice and how your eyes sparkled when you spoke about the things you love. You were smiling just as brightly. You had liked Taehyung for a while now and still couldn’t believe that he was literally in front of you. Taehyung had the same and couldn’t believe that he was finally talking to you. The members wouldn’t stop making fun of him for having a crush on you but now he was the one talking to you as he felt their eyes boring through his head. 

“So you actually write your own songs too? That’s amazing Y/N.” 

“Thank you! I really think you’ve a beautiful voice Taehyung.” 

Just like Jimin he turned into a blushing mess after your compliment. He even hid his face behind his hands as he tried to calm down. You chuckled at his adorable behavior, feeling glad that you weren’t the only one who was nervous and a bit shy. 


Originally posted by dailyjeons

Just like Taehyung Jungkook got made fun off by his hyungs a lot. They always teased him whenever he was watching one of your new interviews but now he was the one talking to you and not them. Obviously you talked to the other members as well but Jungkook was sitting next to you, so you talked to him most. Jungkook was very happy with this as he finally had the chance to ask you some things he always wanted to know about you. Like how you came up with lyrics for your songs. When you realized that you wanted to be a singer and what your favorite color was. You smiled at the last question as you told him your favorite color. It was obvious that Jungkook was nervous but so were you. 

“How do you come up with lyrics for your songs?” 

“Euhm, from personal experiences really.” 

“That’s pretty awesome.” “You know what else is pretty awesome?” 

“No?” “Your voice. It’s beautiful.” 

Jungkook turned into a shy little ball of fluff after hearing your words, making you and the other members laugh. He really was too cute for words and he found himself liking you a lot. That’s why the two of you kept talking for the rest of the show and even agreed to meet up later that week. 

Comfort ~ Remus Lupin

hello cutie pies! this request comes from the lovely @stxxphi! It was a joy to finally write about my bby Remus, I love him with my whole heart. I really, truly hope you like it Steph, you are heckin amazing! :)

Request: Hi Marissa!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ can i request a little something with Remus? Maybe aftercare after a bad full moon? Or even just a long day of studies? Anything ya got 😁 pls and thank you!

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/H/C: Your Hair Color

Warnings: kinda angsty, sad Remus :( 

Word Count: 1580

The fire in the Gryffindor common room crackled quietly as you sat on the couch waiting for Remus to return. You knew that tonight’s transformation was going to be the worst he’s had to endure in a while. He had been on edge all week; snapping at you and anyone else who tried to comfort him. He had left his homework in a pile on the desk in his dormitory, but you, James, and Sirius divided the work amongst yourselves and finished it for him. This had triggered Remus to scold the three of you; saying that he didn’t need any help and that if he had wanted to do his work he would have done it himself. He apologized profusely for his behavior and after that, he hardly spoke to you the rest of the week. He barely ate, and you swore you hadn’t seen him smile in days. You were so thankful that it was the weekend, and that Remus wouldn’t have to worry about anything but recovering for the next two days.

The sound of the portrait opening lifted you from your thoughts and you turned to see James, Sirius, and Peter helping a barely conscious Remus walk towards you. They placed him gently on the couch next to you, laying him down with his head in your lap, and Sirius gave you a look that you knew to be a look asking if you were alright.

“I’m fine, Sirius, you three head on up to bed. I’ve got him.”

“You’re a bloody angel, Y/N, Remus is so lucky to have you.” James muttered as the three boys trudged up the stairs to their beds.

If Remus’s eyes hadn’t been open, you would have sworn he was asleep. You reached into the bag that was sitting next to you, pulled out a warm cloth, and began to clean his face with it. You stopped for a moment when Remus’s tired voice broke the silence in the common room.

“I don’t deserve you.” He said as he looked into your eyes.

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Can we talk about how great tonight’s episode was?!

1) Loving the new villain couple and can’t wait to see what their storyline will bring! Also their chemistry is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

2) Finally a westallen scene! I swear it has been forever but I can’t wait to get more these next few weeks!

3) WALLY IS FINALLY BACK! I’ve missed his presence on the show and it honestly just hasn’t been the same without him

4) This is definitely my favorite episode so far this season. I’m really excited for what’s to come!


robertdoc  asked:

Last devastating detail of the Rebecca/Paula hospital scene you just gifed - the score at the very end of it is a piano playing a few slow bars of "I Have Friends" In an episode that ends with Rebecca perhaps finally realizing that, for everything her anxiety/younger self told her in 303, she really has them. And ends with Valencia confessing her fears over the first real friend she's ever had. So basically "I Have Friends" is really/should be S3's unofficial non theme song anthem at this point.

Okay but how when that song was first on in S1 the joke was about how Rebecca wasn’t popular and barely had any friends and now she has this group of incredible people who have seen her at her absolute worst and still LOVE HER no matter what and just want her to be happy and healthy and safe. 

Somehow this group of complex, flawed individuals who on surface level appear to not have much in common have all found each other and came together to make a beautiful supportive family and I am SOBBING and am just SO PROUD OF THEM ALL. 


anonymous asked:

welp ive never really requested anything here i believe so... haha. could i request maybe for my fave boys kirishima and tetsutetsu (broness goals tbh) when they witness their crush who's usually quiet but nice to others in general, get as scary of an expression as eraserhead when mad? (maybe it could be triggered by something they witnessed they didnt like like a pair of ruffians bullying someone or smth and they step into the situation) headcanons are cool for me thanks

Finally a Tetsutetsu request! Love this boy! :D

Kirishima Eijiro:

Originally posted by bugbuttrainbow

  • He just so happened to be walking to lunch with his friends when suddenly someone from Gen. Ed. is tripped by an upper class-man in the hero course.
  • Right as he was about to intervene, his crush rushes onto the scene and helps to poor Gen. Ed. Student up. She’s shaken from being pushed, but Kiri’s crush’s smile fades.
  • Before the older peer can ever say anything she’s staring at him with the scariest most intimidating face he’s ever seen. This girl can rival Bakugou on his worst day!
  • The upperclass man rushes off, not wanting to get mixed in with her. When he’s gone, her face returns to normal and she carries on with her day.
  • Meanwhile Kirishima can’t figure out why he’s that much more interested in you… maybe it was because you were more then meets the eye, or maybe it’s cause he’s a victim to love.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu:

Originally posted by sydrianxoxo

  • The day was going per usual in B-Class. So when free period rolled around, it was not against the usual order for Monoma to start dissing class A like he usually did.
  • Like the rest of his class, Tetsutetsu had gotten tired of hearing it. Before he knew A-Class he agreed with the blond boy’s statements, but know that the iron boy had a few friends in A class, he was sick of it
  • Before anyone could smack Monoma, Tetsutetsu’s crush rose from her seat and stalked over. Everyone watched as her usual cheerful face melted into annoyance
  • She glared holes at Monoma until he shut up. And even after she walked away, he didn’t continue on. She had actually shut the boy up… a literal miracle!
  • Tetsutetsu laughs at the display after his initial shock passes by. She might be scary, but that was damn cool and he had even more respect for her now.

I probably said this in 2014 but for the love of god can someone stage a modern Newsies like some people stage a modern Les Mis?


-More direct application of the revolution, misogyny, capitalism commentary, etc.

-The Refuge being juvenile detention and The a Letter being the final phone call on voicemail

-The death of print

-Crutchie with a beanie

-Cool fuckin sets

-I can’t think of more but I just really want a modern staging of Newsies ok

so the kids finally enter high school and what I can really see is that Lucas and Max are definitely TOGETHER but they refuse to call it anything. They hold hands EVERYWHERE, whenever they show up for the DnD campaigns at Mike’s house they’re on the same bike, Max chilling on the handlebars, and whenever you can’t find Max she’s inevitably playing video games at Lucas’ house

but they never label it anything, it just sort of is what it is, Max will sometimes give Lucas a peck on the cheek when he says something extra sweet (but she’ll deny it) and they’re just, inseperable

and by the time they get to their senior year of high school, they’re sort of the unspoken power couple of the school. They’re not really ones for public displays of affection but they go with each other to every school dance and Max is horrified when they somehow get nominated Homecoming King & Queen (Lucas eats it up though, and never lets his friends forget it) and Max wears his geeky letterman jacket but snaps at anyone who tries to make a comment about it

they end up going to different colleges (Lucas studies engineering, Max studies computer programming) and dating long distance for a while. They both drive their roommates crazy by staying up all night on the phone with each other, every few weekends one or the other will make the drive and they’ll hang out

Lucas has been trying to figure out how to bring it up for months when Max finally says, punching his arm, “So when are we gonna like, do this? You know, get married?” He proposes like, the next week. They’re engaged for the longest time, not feeling any particular rush to set a date, finally doing it just to get it out of the way. It’s a small ceremony, El is Max’s maid of honor (”Pretty” she says with a wink right before Max rolls her eyes, scuffling her converse under her wedding dress). 

they move into a small house and adopt like three dogs and order chinese every night since neither of them particularly enjoys cooking or doing the dishes and Max falls asleep with Lucas’ arm around her every night and she smiles more in her sleep than she’d ever admit.

you’re cute (bill denbrough)

eggobitch asked:

Hello! if not too much to ask could you do a fluffy bill x reader with the prompts 67, 68, and 70? I would mean a lot, thank you love. :)

67. “stop being so cute.”

68. “you’re making me blush.”

70. “this is why i fell in love with you.”

i feel like i didn’t do good on this rip but i still hope you enjoy this

pair: bill x reader

warnings: fluuuuuuffffffff (but like you don’t understand, it’s just pure fluff, rainbows and puppies fluff, relationship goals kind of fluff)

prompts | request here

it masterlist

“bill? bill, come on!” you rap on your boyfriend’s door, you foot tapping impatiently on the front porch. to fill the time, you checked the woven picnic basket hanging from your arm. 

blanket? check. waters? check. sandwiches? check. 

the only thing you didn’t have were napkins and you trusted bill with that because that’s a thing you just couldn’t screw up. finally, the front door opened and bill came out with his red flannel and khaki shorts. 

“s-s-sorry, i w-was t-trying to c-comb m-my h-hair,” bill apologized and you couldn’t help but smile. he’s such a pure soul.

“it’s okay, bill. let’s go before we lose daylight,” you walk over to your bike and waited for bill to mount his and began to pedal to over to the quarry. once you got there, you stashed your bikes and headed over to a space over a big tree. bill helped you lay out the blanket and unpack the small amount of food you brought.

“so, how’s school?” you ask, taking a bite out of your sandwich.

“j-just th-the u-usual, k-kids t-teasing, b-b-bowers, s-s-stuttering b-bill,” bill replied in a nonchalant tone. bill always felt comfortable telling you about these things because you respected his wishes about leaving it be and comforted him about it. “how about you?”

“okay so, you know how jake and stephanie broke up yesterday, right?” bill nodded, taking a sip of his water. “well, jake started going out with stephanie’s cousin, erin! what an asshole, right?”

“y-yeah, wh-what an a-ass,” bill agreed, patting you on the shoulder.

“and then, maddie had the nerve to say it was my fault that they broke up because i ‘encouraged’ jake by throwing myself at him!” you were waving your water bottle around, splashing the water all over your surroundings. bill wanted to say something but he knew better than to interrupt your rant. “and i said, ‘uh no, i have a great boyfriend’ and ugh! can you believe that? she thought i would do that but i have you billy, i don’t need another guy and- why are you looking at me like that?”

bill couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “b-because y-you’re s-so c-cute wh-when y-you’re r-r-ranting. s-stop b-being s-so c-cute.

you slapped bill, playfully of course, and started to laugh with him. this is why you loved bill, he makes you laugh wherever and whenever and he’s a really great listener. you scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder.

“anyways, to those who kept teasing you, i will fight them. i know you don’t want me to but i will. i’ll be damned if they make you feel bad again because you bill are-” you got cut off by bill’s soft lips on yours. you started to kiss back and you gently leaned back until you were lying on the blanket and bill pulled away. 

“i didn’t even get to list off why i love you,” you pouted and bill laid down next to you. “b-because i a-a-already k-know, y/n, y-you t-tell m-me e-every w-week,” he smiled at you.

“then i’ll stop if you hate it so much, gosh billy,” you retorted, your voice sarcastic but your face in a grin.

“n-no, i-i’m s-s-sorry, i d-don’t h-hate i-it,” bill shook your arm in fake mercy and you were giggling as he was doing so. “it’s why i fell in love with you.

you rolled over on your side to pinch bill’s cheeks, “aw billy! that’s the sweetest thing i’ve heard from you!” bill pulled back his head to release his cheeks from between your fingers. bill leaned in close to you, his mouth close to your ear.

“y-y/n, g-get o-off th-the s-sandwiches,” bill whispered and your face contorted into confusion. 


“y-you’re l-laying on th-the s-sandwiches,” he chortled and you rolled off and you were laying on the sandwiches. you threw one at bill and he threw it back but blessed with bad aim, the sandwich landed in the dirt.

“bill! that was a good sandwich!”

you and bill end up going to the cliff overlooking the quarry and made the great decision of taking a swim. you didn’t mind swimming, the jumping off the cliff part was the thing that got you nervous. you’re all the way up here and you jump to all the way down there? no thanks. but someway somehow, bill always got you to jump with him.

“bill, you know we can just take the long way right?” you whine, a bit scared as you look down into the waters.

“y-yeah b-but, wh-where’s y-y-your s-sense o-of a-adventure, y-y/n?” bill nudged you forward and you squealed, gripping on his arm.

“william denbrough, i will fight you.”

“c-come o-on, i-i’ll j-jump w-w-with y-you,” bill coaxed and you sighed in defeat.

“be lucky that i love you,” you grunt and peel off your dress, not wanting it to get wet. bill took off his shirt and shorts and grabbed your hand.

“r-ready?” he looked at you and before you could reply, he jumped off and pulled you along with him. you screamed your lungs out, swearing like a sailor as you plunged into the water. you swam up to the surface and saw bill laughing to himself.

“every single time we go here, you do that!” you huffed, splashing him with the water. “will it kill you to let me finish my sentence?”

“y-yes, yes i-it w-will.”

“smart ass.”

“y-your s-smart a-ass.”

“stop you’re making me blush.”

after a while, you and bill leave the quarry and pedal back to town. by the time you neared your house, the sun has almost halfway set. you get off your bike and throw it on your lawn, bill following suit.

he walked you to your door and before you opened your door, you turned around and kissed him on the cheek. “see you tomorrow, bill.”

“b-bye y-y/n,” bill beamed at you and walked towards his bike and started to pedal back home. you smiled to yourself and walked into your house.

what a blessing.

anonymous asked:

2p allies +germany with a shy crush who confesses their love to them via love letter. I love your blog!!

This is so old that it’s cringe-worthy but it is quite lengthy and I just finished it up (if you can’t tell). Sorry that it was so late. It is only 2p FACE and 2p Germany. The last three are really short as I was trying to finally finish this ask. Sorry :||||||

2P America:

-when he receives the letter, he’s confused

-”who writes letters these days???”

-once he reads it, on the outside he’s cool while on the inside he’s squealing because he hopes it’s the shy cutie that he likes (he thinks that they’re out of his league and deserves better than him) (*cough*theysentit*cough*)

-he grabs Matt and they become Sherlock and Watson, coats and everything

-he randomly stalks people and looking over their shoulder as they write

-Finally, this boy figures out that the one who sent it was actually his crush and he’s sooooooooo happy, he confronts them with 12 bushels of different flowers because he couldn’t decide which one would be best

2P Canada:

-he reads it and at first, thinks its a joke from Al

-when he confronts Al, his brother tells him that he had nothing to do with it

-blank Canadian stare at a wall, contemplating life for a while

-he doesn’t understand how someone could love him

-Ends up writing a letter back

-this starts a long chain of secret admirer letters back and forth

-Matt starts to get creative, trying to get to the bottom of who it is

-he starts to send rocks and stones, asking if they match eye color or hair

-when that doesn’t work, he sets up a trap, there’s a spot where the letters are dropped off and picked up but he never runs into this person but this time he waits

-he’s surprised to see that it’s his crush, the one that he’s absolutely terrified to approach because he’s afraid he will make an idiot of himself

-He confronts them which then leads to a happy journey back to his cabin

2p England:

-thinks it really sweet

-tries to figure out where it came from and who it came from

-will figure out a way to send a letter back asking to find out who it is

-once he finds out who it is, he would be excited

-he shows more love than any of the other 2ps, so be prepared because he would be nonstop

-especially if he likes the sender

-is overall blushy when he finds the letter and happy when he finds out who sent it

-showers that person in love and gifts and cupcakes

2p France:

-doesn’t really think the letter is meant for him

-like who really wants to love him

-kind of like Matt but wouldn’t think about finding the sender

-but once Oliver finds out, Oliver will force him to find out who sent the letter

-”Someone cares about you, the least you could do is find out who and stop being so heartless”

-it’s tough for him to really get involved with a relationship especially coming from a letter

-he would have to really mull it over when he’s in a brooding mood and then maybe chances of returned love will happen

-kind ‘meh’ when he finds out who sent the letter as that’s just his overall attitude about life (it would improve over time with the right s/o)

2p Germany:

-kind of like Al

-wants to know who sent the letter

-but is more brash about it

-like he will have a few suspicions and who walk straight up to the person and go “So, written any letters lately?”

-will be quite excited when he does find out who sent the letter

-if there is a relationship that follows, he would keep up the letter sending, especially if his s/o is quiet and doesn’t like talking a lot or just doesn’t like straight social interactions

-plus he would think that it would be something really cute and special that the two do together (Lutz is such a romantic sweetheart underneath his bad boy persona)

I really liked the RWBY RW sneak peek. I loved seeing JNR and RWY just sitting around a table, laughing, and catching up, something Weiss and Yang just have not had the chance to do in the several months following the Fall of Beacon, and I think it’s exactly what they needed upon finally leaving the shitstorm that was Raven’s Tribe. 

BUT, I think it should be equally as important to focus on not just what RNJR did in the time since they’ve left for Mistral, but also the things that Weiss and Yang went through during that time, and I feel like once RNJR are done focusing on themselves, and it’s time to focus on Weiss and Yang, the tone is going to shift, and suddenly it’ll be clear there’s still some serious shit going on in Remnant right now, and that Weiss and Yang didn’t have the luxury of having friends with them to pick them up during the hell they faced in Volume 4. I want it to be made clear that Weiss and Yang are still very much on their own little emotional island, dealing with things that RNJR can’t possibly comprehend or sympathize with. That just because they’re all together again, it doesn’t suddenly make everything okay. 

I want them to laugh, and enjoy each other’s company, but I want them to finally both have those breakdowns they’ve been holding back ever since Volume 4. They need to know that it’s okay for them to feel those things, now, that they’re not being forced to hold back those emotions anymore. And I want to see that so much in the next episode, I want to see them have that support, to finally just…. let go

skitzofreak  asked:

I have 2 for you: #1 (which of your stories is your favorite), and 10. What are some facts readers may not know about "He's a Goalie, She's a Keeper?"

1. Of the fics you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

Of the 14 I have published yet: The Goalie AU, because I loved the setting, the mountains of fluff and I spent so much work on it. The Indy AU I love for different reasons, it is my one large WIP and I really like how the characters fit into it (at least IMHO) and the Turtledove AU is just funny to write. The fourth candidate would be the “Galaxies League” finale, as I wrote it for myself mostly and it was tons of fun using all the soccer terms I’ve learned through reading match reports and watching games in English.

So these four are the favourites, but if I have to pick one, it would be the Goalie AU.

The rest of those ten, I either find decent, o.k. or I (almost) abhor them.

10. What are some facts readers may not know about “He’s a Goalie, She’s a Keeper?

Apart from the long writing process I mentioned earlier:

- All the jokes used are from the year 2010 and Robert Green’s blunder while playing for England against the USA in the FIFA Men’s World Cup.

- I have no idea why I renamed Kes “Gabriel”.

- Jyn not being able to decide whether to protect herself or to keep a hold of her food and drink was based on a real event.

- I’m still not quite sure if the Spanish word “Chiquitita” and “Caramba” were used in a way one would actually use them.

- The part about Saw was written months after the scenes surrounding it.

- Bodhi is a very successful musician/actor in this AU.

- The World Cup Cassian wins takes place in 2022, but not in Qatar, but in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Mexico does win the final, which is played in the Azteca, thus fulfilling his dream in an even more special way. [These three not having to qualify paves the way for other CONCACAF nations to secure a berth at the WC. Apart from Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, El Salvador and Jamaica are the ones to qualify.] It also makes Jyn very happy, as for the two years Mexico would normally be qualifying, they have friendlies all around the world.

- Currently stands at 49 comments and 49 kudos. (Which is weird, as it seems many people commented without kudoing, perhaps it would have been better to split the story for easier reading and to get some more readers through more chapters than through one big oneshot?)

- Many people loved the title, I spent quite some time thinking about it and was very unsure about the pun.

- It was named “Goalie AU” and “The Happy Story” before getting his name, because writing it was my way to “recover” from angsty stories, annoying and frustrating work days etc.

- I think the statue was over-the-top, but hey, I wanted them to have a lasting legacy.

- Cassian staying with one club for his entire career (at least after going to England) is meant to be a nod to his loyalty. I had a rough idea about having Cassian mentioning in the bar scene that he “was goalkeeping since he was six years old”, but I felt like that would be disrespectful considering the original context of said phrase.

As you see, I’m WAAAAAAY too invested in it!

sukriya  asked:

I saw your moving. May I know from where to where? Just curious

Hehee, sure! I’m living in Poland at the moment, I’m not really polish but still, I’ve been living here… whole my life actually? XD But uh, this country is, honestly… sad, just sad and I have to leave as soon as possible. I am moving to the UK very soon, that is why I’ve already changed my description and everything~ I’m just so excited don’t mind me haha ♥ Together with my Fiance, we found a house that we fell in love with and so we decided to live near lovely city called Huddersfield - and the most important - finally together! The city is really nice, but I need some quiet and calm place to cure my dying soul, so our house has a forest, soome lakes, rivers and a lot of parks very near > w < no, it’s totally not like McDonald’s is only 15min away and that’s what convinced me

“How could you not like Caulifla and Kale”

Me: -takes breath-

Really hope I don’t get hate from anyone for this but here goes -

Honestly I like the fanon that people make up that goes with them more than anything I’ve seen in series. (I love the shit I see pertaining to them as a couple, I really do) While I admittedly haven’t seen all of this arc of Super, I did find an interest in the two Saiyan females (because YES FINALLY AMIRITE?) and I’ve secretly been keeping watch on episodes and moments where they’re present (shhh don’t tell my sis)

And honestly, I’m just disappointed with what they have to offer. I like to see more struggle in my characters, I guess. I thought everyone did but I guess I can be proven wrong. I, personally, don’t see so much struggle with them to get their abilities or much of anything else tbh. Goten and Trunks aren’t in my top favs either probably because I don’t see them struggle as much with stuff in series, though Gotenks is hella hilarious. The fight scene(s) with Caulifla/Kale and their fusion (and especially this most recent one) could be argued as having been amazing, I don’t care. That’s not what matters to me.

Second off, I don’t really care for their designs? Once again, I think the fans and their fanart do them more justice than anything in the series actually does. But that’s a personal preference, I guess. I can’t stand this Super art in the first place, like at all, ick.

Jeezus. While there IS a lot of sexism and anti-lgbt+ stuff in this fandom (oh lordie anyone who says it isn’t there must be blind lol), I don’t think every single person who dislikes these two badass female Saiyans is right off the bat sexist or anti-lgbt+ buuuuut again, there is probably a lot of that out there. I’m not hanging in the tags or anything. Won’t deny it. Still not fair to generalize everyone like that, imo.

…anywho… I’m still sitting here in my own little world pretending Pan goes Super Saiyan in GT…

…look at all this Super discourse tonight holy hell this fandom…

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Hey, I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to ask this, but I'll just go ahead. I've finally come to terms with internalized biphobia and been identifying as bi for a few months now. (Yey) So today, I found out that a boy likes me, and I kind of do like him too. It's like a really deep friendship, he does mean a lot to me. But now I feel like biphobia's rising again and telling me I'm not "actually" bi because I haven't been (or in love) with a girl yet and that I'm just pretending. Halp?

This is exactly the right place to ask this.
A lot of bi people experience a rise in internalised biphobia when they are attracted to/in love with someone of the other binary gender. I’m assuming you’re a girl from the way you’ve phrased your message, correct me if I’m wrong… crushing in guys doesn’t make you straight! Neither does a lack of same-gender experience make you less queer. I would recommend you try to be open about your bisexuality with potential future partners. First of all you wanna weed out the biphobes and also it helps you to not feel like your sexuality gets erased because of the gender of your partner.