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Hylink Time!

Title: As We Are [AO3]

Rating: G

Mood Music: Hymn #1 (Eluvium)

Notes: Sooo, this is the entirely unsolicited fic I wrote based (loosely) on this lovely headcanon by @meibara34​. I do hope I did it justice. The manga is only marginally relevant to this fic lmao. Also, this fic was meant to be just the final section, but it turned into a pseudo-character study for Hylia. Whoops. My own headcanons are rampant in this fic and if y’all want to talk about them, shoot me an ask :) 

Anyway, without further ado:

During one of the last days of peace before the final battle with the Demon King and his hoard, Hylia and the remainder of her army settled near the banks of Lake Floria. They set up camp with low spirit, but feeling restless. Hylia had walked among mortals long enough to find herself similarly affected, and so she directed her forces to the lake before the met the Demon King at the temple. They were ahead of the hoard, she reasoned. They needed the rest. Exhausted as she was, however, Hylia slept but little that first night. She was easily awoken by the light of the dawn – the kind of light that made everything look soft to her war-worn eyes.

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I’m so proud of NCT 127 because they worked so so hard for this comeback even practicing 12 hours a day to finally get their first win and they deserve it so much!!!! But I’m also extremely proud of NCTzens, everyone who streamed the MV and their songs on different music sites, everyone who bought their albums, everyone who voted on various platforms and everyone who gave our boys unwavering support and unconditional love!!!! We really came together to help them win, we did it!!!!! I’m so happy to call you all my family ❤

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Ahhh I love the MC proposing hc, but it is missing one important thing! Saeran! (And V if you'd like ,,,) Love your blog A++ content ✌✌

yaaaaaaaay i finally got this done!! -Green


-you think you’re finally ready. and you think that saeran is too

-you two never really mentioned the idea of marriage, but… you want it. You want it bad.

-all in all, you think that the idea of marriage is ridiculous, and you know Saeran does too. you don’t need to be married to be bonded together forever.

-but just thinking of it… the two of you at the alter, hand in hand… it feels too good to be true for someone like Saeran, but you want to at least try. And try not to get your hopes too high.

-you want to make it somewhat of an event, because what if he says yes? you want to have some kind of a proposal story to brag about. that’s half the reason to get married anyway

-but also oh god what if he says YES

-god dammit now you have your hopes up look at what you did to yourself

-but when you actually finally get the courage to propose guess what happens

-you propose to saeyoung instead because he wanted to fuck around with u but woops now you’re proposing to me what do i do

-the only reason you know it’s saeyoung is because he drops to the floor and starts sobbing

-you kick him


-now you’ll never propose because not only did you propose to the wrong twin but now he’s telling you how lame it is and you couldn’t be more mad

-though you don’t get too mad because saeyoung is pretty helpful with figuring out a nice proposal for saeran and is very supportive 

-you take saeran out for a drive in one of his brothers babies, you don’t really tell him where you’re going 

-the two of you end up in his old hometown, just outside of it parked on the side of the road. he’s hesitent to get out but since you brought him here… okay.. 

-you’re parked right at the bridge and there’s a small lake, and you go down there 

-it’s very very quiet. there’s a huge tension being held right above your heads and honestly saeran is panicking a little 

-all the sudden you just tell him how much you love him and want to be with him and?? he doesn’t know what to do with all of that all of the sudden A aA a a???

- “i know that you’re not really hand in hand (haha) with the idea of marriage… and neither was I. but… I want to try it with you. You’re the only one I want to do this with. So will you let me, saeran??” 

-you take out the ring, and mentally pat your back for being so smooth

-now you have to deal with him being basically frozen in place and crying

- “bABE?!????? oh my gosh are you okay???” 


- “why did you bring me here of all places to propose, you dork?” he’s still sobbing but manages to call you a dork

-you are h u r t 

- “i don’t know?? i know this place sucks for you and you don’t really have any good memories here so… i wanted to make this place good. so when you remember it, you don’t think of… everything. you think of us.

-just because of that he’s hugging you and telling you to put the dumb ring on his finger already

-you two stargaze there that night and while saeran thinks it’s really fuckin cheesy

-he loves it


-man oh ma N

-the cutest

-you decide to control date night and you tell him this and he’s pretty excited

-you won’t tell him what’s planned so he’s hurrying you out the door because he’s so excited to see the idea you have for date night

-you two walk for awhile and it’s dark at night with a nice familiar chill in the air; you spend the time getting there flirting and talking about everything

-once you get close he can hear the rush of water

- “Where are we? Did you take me to the water bridge?

- “not quite. There is a stream though.”

-you took him to a quiet little garden park; flowers are everywhere and different exotic trees.

-you sit him down at a cute little table with two chairs and a prepared dinner, little white Christmas lights around your sitting area so you can see

-you are seated right next to the river and can see the city lights

-needless to say he’s very flustered! you were so thoughtful, and this is so cute of you… you even got his favorite dinner?? and he can practically see everything in his head with all of the different, wonderful smells.

-he says thank you 300 times

-when he’s finishing up his meal that’s when you grab his hands and smile at him, saying you have a gift for him and he almost cries because you’ve been so thoughtful and he didn’t get you anything???!!

-you walk around the table and get on both of your knees, telling him how much you love him and how proud you are of how far the both of you have come in your relationship

- “i know… that there’s still a lot we have to cover. that old wounds take time to heal. but i want to do it together. I want to be with you as long as I can, Jihyun. And if you would let me, I’d be honored if I could do it with you as my husband.”

-the boy can’t see much so you put the ring in his hand and curl it into a fist before kissing the back of it

- “you don’t have to answer right away, it’s a big step. I just want you to know I’m ready for it. I’m ready for you.”

- “I’m ready for you too.”

- “what?”

-v is smiling so beautifully under the wind and flowers, the lights shining down on him that you really think he is a fallen angel. he’s so beautiful. “I want to be yours.”

-your so happy that you almost make him fall over the chair when you try to hug and kiss him

-you just laugh it off, because it’s a beautiful night, and who cares about awkward moments when you just got engaged?

Ahh its actually really refreshing seeing more nu'est relating things everywhere <3

Like remember before pd101 it was hard to find vids that are fully subbed for years, and there weren’t many fan accounts about them? I remember scrolling through tumblr with the nu'est tag last year to find things that are as old as 2014 still trending xd I’m really happy to find more nu'est blogs and finally having the opportunity to post nu'est related things~

And the fan taken pictures!! There’s so many more and the quality is just ajfjsjsnfjd

Even though it ended on a sad note during pd101, I’m really happy that Nu'est is getting the recognition they deserve! Thank you new fans (individually and loves) for working hard for the boys!

Sincerely, a very grateful love

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A looooong time ago (like three to four years ago) I sent you a message asking if you have ever revealed your face, and you said no, but once the show was over you might give us your Instagram. (Sadly I can't find it now because it was years ago.) Do you remember this, and will you do it? I'd love to put a face to the lovely person who's created an amazing place for us PLL fanatics all these years ❤️ If you don't want to, I understand, it's totally your choice, just thought I'd ask! 😊😘

I do remember saying that! Back then I thought I’d be okay with it but now that the time has actually come, I kind of don’t want to. As the follower count has exponentially grown since then, I’m not really comfortable with this many people judging who I am if that makes sense. But I’ll give it some more thought over these final days! I’ll definitely share something about me. And that reminds me to get working on my series finale post. I have a lot to say in that post! But anyway thanks for showing that enthusiasm and care for me as a person rather than just a nameless faceless person, that’s appreciated ❤️

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I think one thing that helps me not be a bitter cas fan/bitter destiel shipper is truly looking at not just the quantity of the destiel stuff and Cas's character focus, but the *quality* of it. Of course i'd love for cas to be in more eps, but sometimes that's just not plausible reality for whatever reason. But i think the show makes really good use of the time they have with Cas, which i can't say for other shows with characters like Cas. I think SPN struggled at times, but they keep trying:-)

Same, dearie. After feeling like Cas was just sort of standing around in the background for a while during s10 especially, it finally feels like we’re back on track.

And I will never get over how strange it is to talk about how Cas’s character development is “on track” while he’s spending the hellatus lying dead on the ground, but heck this is Supernatural…

I personally hope (like I’ve done every year) that maybe this will be the season where we start getting MORE Cas, but yeah. At least the Cas we got in s12 was excellent character-wise and even during the interminable stretch between 12.15 and 12.19 (and heck it was only three episodes but felt interminable because of the mini-hellatus and our– and Dean’s– generalized worry about Cas). It took the “where’s the angel?” fandom outcry from the past and shoved it into in-show active “WHERE’S THE ANGEL?” from Dean.

Little Baby

Freya Mikaelson x Daughter!Reader

Originally posted by mikaelsonsource


Imagine: being Freya’s daughter and finally reuniting with her again.

Warnings: none, just pure fluff. perhaps a few bad words. but hey, we live for them. 😂

Word Count: 971

Being a Mikaelson witch, I was never really given the chance to think about having a family to call my own. And I mean an ordinary one.  Kids, lover. All of that simply wasn’t for me. I was made for war. To fight for those I loved. My siblings above anyone else. Always and forever.

And, despite my love towards them remaining intact, things within our lives had changed considerably throughout the years. We have through thick and thin too many times.

I watched both Finn and Kol die, come back, then succumb again… Rebekah become human, switching​ from body to body until she came back to her original one… Klaus embracing fatherhood… Elijah finding a woman who loved him just as much he loved her… Nevertheless, nothing of that changed me more than the news I was pregnant. With an actual human being. Conceived by a drunken night and a werewolf friend. It was messed up, sure, but I had never felt more fulfilled.

“Are you ready?” I heard Klaus whisper, giving my hand a gentle squeeze, gazing at me with darkened eyes. “To see Y/N again?”

“I don’t know.” Sighing, I looked away, trying to set my mind on the fact that, after five long years, I was going to be finally holding my little baby on my arms again. The realisation hit me like a rough punch. No, I was not ready. “What about you?”

“I dreamt about Hope each night I spent imprisoned. Wondering if she missed me like I have missed her. I’m scared, of course, but I can’t help to be excited as well. I love her, you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” Tugging at the hem of my shirt, I thought about the damage my abrupt leaving had caused on her life. I knew Hayley took care of her like my kid was her own child, own flesh and blood, but losing her entire family at sure as hell wasn’t easy. Fuck, I just hoped Y/N wouldn’t hate me. “Want to get inside now?”

“We probably should.”

My brother chuckled, hopping off of the vehicle, going straight to the beautiful white house, and leaving me alone for a bit. He was aware I needed a time to prepare myself. I was completely scare of what so many years would do to the relationship I had with my daughter. It sounded silly, but my hands were shaky. My breath uneven. I looked like an idiot.

Exhaling, I opened the door, slamming it shut as I trudged to the dreadful place. It wasn’t so late in the evening, so Y/N was probably still awake. I could still remember her Y/H/C locks from when she was an infant. The way her nose crinkled whenever she laughed. Or how she would go to my room crying because she was scared of the thunders. It was all stashed within my brain. Carved. Unforgettable.

“Freya?” Hayley called, snapping my out of my trance and making me realise I was froze on the porch, my eyes locked on the cosy living room where my whole family gathered. “Y/N is her room, why don’t you go upstairs to see her? She is really looking forward to see her mother again!”

“She is?”

“Of course!” The brown haired woman friendly patted my shoulder, pushing me through the minor crowd and leading me up the stairs, not stopping until both of us were in front of a blue door, butterfly sticks glued all over it. “Go ahead.”

“I don’t know if I should…”

“Stop that.” Marshall gave me a reproving look, crossing her arms on her chest. “In all those years… Every single day Y/N asked me to tell stories about her bad ass mother. The type of witch she so desperately wants to be.”

“Y/N doesn’t hate me for leaving her?”

“It wasn’t your fault, you know that. She knows it too. And upon learning about your sacrifice… It only made her more proud of you. So drop the act, get inside and give her a proper hug.”

I swallowed thickly, nodding and knocking quietly on the wood twice. Within two seconds, a high pitched voice answered a polite “get in”, which pushed me into opening the door, finding a beautiful​ girl splayed on a twin sized bed, flickering the pages of an old book. A goofy smile grew wide on my face. She looked so damn peaceful, so nice. So everything I had dreamt about!


“Yes?” Her glance perked up from what she was reading and met up with me, shock flooding her traits. She was only a little girl when I was forced into the slumber, but I understood she could remember me well. “Oh, damn. Mum? Is that you? For real?”  

“For real, baby.” I muttered, feeling my eyes well up with tears, them streaking down my cheeks in no time when she wounded her little arms around my waist, squeezing me tightly. “I’m here for you. Always and forever.”

“I can’t believe you’re here! I have so much to ask. So much to know.”

“I’ll answer all your questions. Anything.”

Intertwining our fingers together, Y/N started to show me her writings. The spells she had learnt and how her magic had been blossoming ever since she turned ten. Told me about Hope sometimes being awfully annoying, but that she loved her little cousin no matter what, because aunt Hayley told her that it is what a Mikaelson does.

Gazing amazed at my daughter, only one thing wandered in my mind: I could not be more happy to finally be back on her life. Feel the warmth of her hands on my own. It was wonderful.

All I ever dreamed about, but never knew I wanted until I got it.

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Can you do one with the Phantom Thieves boys have S/O who's a diva/primadonna?

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


  • Would find it somewhat cute tbh
  • S/O was a person who knew what they wanted and how to get it
  • Even if it meant being a little overbearing
  • A lot of people did not like for that reason S/O
  • Not at all
  • Pretty much everyone doesn’t like them except Akira
  • There were times that it got way overbearing
  • Even for Akira
  • But he loved really liked them, flaws and all
  • He would finally say something once S/O got them kicked out of a restaurant/movie theater/typical date venue
  • “Just… tone it down a little I guess? How am I supposed to take you out on dates if we get kicked out all the time?”
  • S/O would huff and puff but agree to work on their behavior a little bit
  • Because they did want Akira to be happy
  • “I don’t want you to become a different person though, S/O. I like you the way you are.”
  • They still ended up getting kicked out of places though
  • Not as frequently which Akira was grateful for
  • So almost all of their dates ended up being at home with S/O cooking for Akira happily
  • “I’m only doing this because I love you, you know.”
  • Akira would be a mess of emotions since S/O never really (outwardly) thought about anyone other than themselves


  • Wouldn’t notice it
  • Probably not at all
  • Him and S/O didn’t really go out for their dates
  • So he had just assumed their behavior was normal
  • It was actually pretty complementary for his abrasive self
  • Even when someone would point it S/O’s diva-ness, Ryuji would be genuinely confused
  • “So? That’s just how they are. They’re absolutely perfect, and you can fuck off.”
  • After that point, Ryuji had made it a point to let S/O know just how much they meant to him every single day and how much he looooooved them
  • Which gave them a much unneeded ego boost
  • But whatever
  • It was always cute coming from Ryuji
  • They would calm down with their ways after a little while
  • Psssh like two or three years at the very LEAST
  • Which in turn made Ryuji want to grow up as well
  • S/O still loved to gossip and cause trouble, that was something that could never change
  • And Ryuji being a completely responsible adult was a thing that no one ever saw happening
  • And they lived happily ever after, trying to figure out how to not fail at being adults
  • But let’s face it, that would take them for fucking ever


  • Would honestly notice it right away
  • And would try to out do them whenever he could
  • “My day was so hard, Yusuke. I don’t think anyone’s ever had a worse day than me.”
  • Would look up from his newspaper, staring at them over a pair of reading glasses
  • Drinking a cup of black coffee that had little lobsters all over it
  • He would buy all of this stuff to set up the perfect scene
  • “I bet it went more smoothly than my day had played out, my love.”
  • “Since when the hell do you even wear glasses?”
  • “Since none of your business, that’s when.”
  • Yusuke found that trying to upstage them in terms of being overly dramatic and ridiculous was a good way to enforce somewhat better behaviors
  • But there were always those days that S/O would come in, lay their head on Yusuke’s lap and just vent about their day
  • Everything they listed off weren’t actual bad things, but minor inconveniences
  • They really weren’t even things worth complaining about
  • But that didn’t bother Yusuke
  • He would listen to them while running his fingers through their hair to help ease their tension
  • “Yes, my darling. How could the coffee shop possibly run out of mocha syrup? That’s just criminal. Would you like for me to go there and demand they stop treating you so unfairly?”
  • In the middle of their complaining to him they would stop, staring at Yusuke in awe
  • “I love you so much, Yusuke. More than you know.”
  • That would be the first time S/O said they loved him and Yusuke would stammer and blush like an idiot for like an hour before saying it back


  • He had known S/O ever since childhood
  • They’d ended up in the same foster home at one point
  • S/O must’ve come out of the womb being a diva because they were terrible in the foster homes
  • Their behavior was so off-putting that they were often ignored in any living situation
  • Knowing what it was like to not be wanted, Akechi and S/O spent a lot of time together
  • And you better believe that he was beyond heartbroken when they’d been transferred to another home
  • It wasn’t until ten years later that he found S/O again
  • And it was in the middle of a large crowd
  • So it was slightly hilarious to see Akechi pushing through hundreds of people, screaming S/Os name before dropping at their feet
  • “God, Akechi. You’re gonna get hurt that way, you know.”
  • But they would help him to his feet regardless, holding on to his hand a little longer than they really should have
  • “Please don’t leave me again, S/O. I don’t think I’ll be able to go on without you now.”
  • “You’re more dramatic than I am holy shit.”
  • Their relationship would be quick to turn serious from the get-go, emotionally and physically
  • Akechi wouldn’t even try to bring up S/O’s bratty-ness because he was so blinded by his love for them that it pretty much didn’t exist
  • Everything about them was absolutely perfect and he wouldn’t let anyone tell him otherwise
  • He would do anything that S/O asked no matter how ridiculous it was
  • Because what if S/O left when he didn’t do what was asked of him?
  • He knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle losing them again

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I just want to share this because I am so happy. I finally sent letters to BTS! And those are successfully delivered to Big Hit! ♥ Yey! I know I really love them, but it is their influence to me (more than my overwhelming love for them) that prompted me to write to them. So, I thanked them for inspiring me and for being empathetic to ARMYs worldwide. I wrote the longest letters to Yoongi and Jin ♥. But I aint expecting any replies. It's enough for me to let them know how much I appreciate them.

thank you so much for what you’re doing sweetie. i believe it means so much to them and i do hope they’ll receive your letters soon!!! <333

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I want to listen to Dear Evan Hansen. My friends say it changed their life. I loved Ben's speech at the Tonys. Would you recommend it? Also I've really been wanting to send you an ask because I've been following you for quite some time and you are just wonderful.

I heavily recommend Dear Evan Hansen. The music is spectacular, the story is so cry-worthy like, it makes me bawl every time, the characters are spot on and the cast??? I cri. I love them all I just— REALLY recommend. 

:) I’m glad you finally sent me an ask. Hi there, friend. Nice to meet you :D.

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I didn't realise how intimidating the disabled/chronic illness/spoonie community could be for someone with severe anxiety... For my sanity I'm quitting tumblr but I just wanted to thank you for being the blog that showed me it in the first place and for not being like that. Hope your move and job and everything goes really well! Glad to see you hopefully finally get away from your crappy father. Love and spoons xxx

I’m so sorry you find the community intimidating. I can see that. I totally understand leaving Tumblr for your health. You do what’s best for you. I’ll be here to chat if you decide to come back. Good luck and sending spoons ❤❤

The Natsuyuu roku finale has me crying. It’s just so sweet and beautiful and what I really loved was that bit at the end. When Natsume was getting deep into his thoughts and maybe just seeming a little upset… So Madara made sure to distract him and make him laugh. And Natori didn’t want to take the book of friends just wanted to protect Natsume from it. I loved how when he suggested Natsume was bearing that heavy burden all on his own, Takashi looked back and suddenly realised he hadn’t. That it wasn’t always a burden; there were many, many times when it brought him great joy - because it was a Book of friends. Yes I am very emotional right now because that was a very emotional season finale

I absolutely love how the night version of this background turned out! It looks like it could be perfectly still water, or a mirror.

I will briefly describe how I made this in GameMaker using surfaces which are really awesome to mess with.

I start with the dark background color then I draw the stars on by using a particle system. The stars are actually just randomly burst all over with a few concentrated patches of extra stars. Then I overlay the pink glow by drawing a gradient rectangle and messing with the blend mode. Finally, I alternate between a layer of land and a layer of fog with an additive blend mode. This whole thing should be drawn onto a surface which I then draw normally onto the screen. Then I draw a copy of the surface but I flip this one upside-down and blend it with a bluish color to get that darker tint on the reflection.

If anyone really wants more details on how I made this or anything else then please feel free to ask me!


Hey,so, i know nobody cares really, but i wasn’t so much “active” these recent weeks and all that was because the admition test of mine……and…aghh i’m so dead, but it finally end. Aaaaaand be ready for a LOT of new drawings ‘cause this mama is back!! >:D and i’ve been working on a lot of them, actually, but you know how this stuff works, you have a sketch, but you don’t want to post it BECAUSE, or you actually have a finished drawing but you then realize that you have to add some (or a lot) of things because it “isn’s good enough to your followers to watch” and you just can’t post it. And sorry for being inactive, and thanks for be so patient with me :“3 .
I miss you all so MUCH! ( @feraguay25 @superstars20141 @djcartoonist14 @saralibrary @danitza-drtc Yep, i still love you guys ;3)
So, wonderfull people, keep being patient please, because i’m not gonna be here so much because i want to finish some draws and stuff okay? Okay ^-^

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What happened? Are you okay?

aw angel child, you are so sweet to check up on me. recently it’s come out that pocrppositivity was run by a white user with ill intent. she wanted to “prove” that poc were celebrated while white users were discriminated here. she pretended to be a poc, pretended to be for us, all in order to “expose” us and prove how oppressed she is. it’s all really manipulative, racist, and disgusting. i don’t usually like being negative on the dash but things like this are so beyond negativity, things like this aren’t right and need to be spoken out against. when we see something that makes us feel safe and wanted FINALLY, finally we feel included and not pushed aside for white people, it’s all just a rouse ……. i love you anon, please stay safe !!

Debuted Group Members in PD101

I love love love the fact that Nu’est is getting so much attention after all these years. It makes me so happy to see them being nominated for a music show. They are finally getting the love that they deserve. I could go on for days about how happy I am for them. BLESS. But I thought about something today that concerns me a little. I haven’t really seen any love for Hotshot, Topp Dogg, or any other groups that had members in PD101. Maybe most people don’t realize that these guys are in groups? I can’t understand as to why they are not receiving just as much love as Nu’est. Nu’est going on PD101 was a pretty big deal before the show even started, but no one really said anything about the others (at least not from what I heard). Maybe I just haven’t seen anybody giving them love? Either way, let’s support these groups too because they deserve it. 

Callout Post!!!!

So after thinking for awhile I’ve finally created a callout post for @justthatstarboy

- Literally one of the cutest people I’ve ever seen/met. Like like whenever they send me a selfie I get tongue twisted cause like??? What??? They’re so cute

- Sends me post ALL the time! And I love all of them. Like my blog is literally 60% of post that they have sent me

- Has a tag just for me on their blog. Like thank you?? What did I do to deserve that??

- Always knows what to say to make me feel better. Like I don’t think they realize how many times they have stopped me from falling into a full blown panic attack or just made me feel so much better about myself or a situation

- Has a really cute cat and sends me pictures of it (Thank you for that! I love cats!)

- Is one of the sweetest people that you will ever talk too

- Every time I get a message from them I smile like an idiot, cause you’re amazing and I don’t derseve you attention

- One of my first followers on this blog. So they are loyal af

- I just want the best for them and will fight anyone and I mean ANYONE that is mean to them. Like I don’t condone fighting but I want to protect them

- They are one of my FP’s (just saying)

- Overall they are incredible and I’m so glad that they seeing my life

Feel free to add if you want. Love you Star!! 💜💜💜

Feel free to check them out!! You won’t be disappointed