i just really love this camera angle

someone: do you watch game of thrones?

me: not for years, but I have an exquisitely plotted story in my head about how Sansa Stark serves as lady of winterfell and falls in love with another northern lady but she doesn’t realize it’s Love Love because she’s just like “what very good friends we are :)” and the other woman is really good at resource management and where to put latrines so people don’t get sick, and they work together and are best friends and maybe more?? Yes, more. It’s a fifteen episode miniseries about rebuilding after war, peacetime governance, and gentle gay love, sexuality, and trust. I have the camera angles all planned out. Arya is there, and she has twelve direwolves puppies that cause mischief. At some point, the whole north is like “There Must Always Be A Stark In Winterfell And It’s Fine If She’s A Lesbian” 

photographer!peter —headcanons

summary : peter parker + photography + cuteness?

author’s note : i know the past two spideys have done the whole photographer peter angle but fuck it i do what i want 

  • okaY so he doesn’t talk about it that much because it’s really just a hobby and he’s not gonna make a career out of it but peter loves photography so much??
  • his camera isn’t the best one in the world but may bought it for him for his fifteenth birthday so he loves it v much
  • literally cleans it all the time and makes sure the lens cap is always on so it doesn’t get scratched up and he has a carrying case for it and he takes good care of it ok
  • he’s a very careful person in general bUT he’s also kind of spacey and has a severe lack of common sense at times which is where you come in
  • he doesn’t reaLLY know why he expected to get away with taking a super pretty candid pic of you without you noticing but he thinks that he can and obviously he’s wrong
  • honestly he would’ve gotten away with it
  • but michelle is your best friend
  • and she’s observant as hell 
  • peter snaps the pic of you really quickly with his camera that he decided to take to school that day and you’re sitting with michelle and you barely register the flash going off as you’re in the middle of laughing at a snarky comment she’s made under her breath 
    • “peter and ned are such losers sometimes”
    • “mj that’s so mean what the hell” because let’s face it peter is so cute and so nice and it’s hard not to have a little crush on him
    • “he just took a picture of you! sneakily!” 
    • “he what
  • you turn around just as peter’s face goes red and he ducks under the lunch table pretending to have dropped his capri sun
  •  but the juice box is still on the table and he’s not smooth or casual or inconspicuous at all
  • you slide down to where they’re both sitting 
    • “pete peter peter she’s coming over here”
    • “pretend i’m dead!!!!!!”
    • “sorry y/n haha peter is… dead, it was really tragic”
    • “ned i can see him under the table breathing???”
    • “um..”
  • ned awkwardly pats peter on the shoulder and then retreats from the scene before you can break peter’s little heart 
  • except you don’t
  • because yeah it was kind of weird but he’s not a creepy kid or a bad guy 
  • so you just kind of smile at him when he finally meets your eyes 
  • even though his cheeks are flushed so brightly you’re afraid he’s gonna have a heart attack
    • “mj told me you took a pic of me?”
    • “uh, well- yeah, yeah kinda i’m sorry i know that’s creepy you just looked really pretty while laughing and i wanted to capture the moment which is weird- so i’ll just leave you alone like forever okay i’m sorry”
    • “nO no no don’t that’s really sweet don’t leave me alone”
    • “oooohhhhhhh uh okay cool yeah awesome hi i’m peter” 
  • you know his name obviously 
  • but he gives you a really adorable shy smile and sticks his hand out so you shake it and introduce yourself even though peter knows exactly who you are
  • from that day forward peter is kind of in love with you and he always invites you to hang out with him when he goes somewhere in particular to photograph different things
  • he takes a lot of pictures of flowers 
  • he likes to take pictures of the things he thinks are the prettiest 
  • there are a lot of images of you stored in his camera but this time you’re well aware that he’s taking them
  • you’re kind of his model/muse
  • you never object to any pictures and pete always assures you that they look great and that he knows what he’s doing
  • they really do look great but he doesn’t want you to stop hanging out with him
  • because he knows that just watching him take pictures of things can get boring and usually he does this alone
  • he doesn’t mind being alone but having you there makes everything so much better and brighter and just overall makes the experience nicer
  • you really enjoy it too
  • especially since spending time alONE with peter is something you look forward to… a lot
  • he sort of randomly tells you that he always photographs pretty things and yeah he told you that you were pretty that one time when you first became his friend but this is different because it’s like a direct statement at you
  • you take up majority of the storage on his camera roll so like?? what else could he mean ya know 
    • “hey pete, you beautiful artistic genius, how do you pick what you wanna photograph?”
    • he blushes so hard but he masks it by just playing around with the settings on his laptop as he edits a picture to his liking
    • “oh ummm i guess i just take pictures of whatever i think is really pretty or beautiful or just things that make me feel happy”
  • you kind of nod and hum in response 
  • but wOW are you smiling so much it hurts your cheeks and your jaw because you’re positive that peter just admitted that you make him happy and that he thinks you’re beautiful in the same sentence
  • peter sits there for a minute silently because he’s realizing what he said
  • and he’s like oh shit maybe that was too much?
  • but he sees that you’re smiling to yourself 
  • thank god
  • so he snaps another pic of you just so you get the message
    • “how’d that one come out, parker?”
    • “same as the other ones” 
    • “what’s that mean?”
    • “it means……. that- that you look very beautiful”
  • and that’s all he says on the matter 
  • because if he says anything else he’s gonna combust 
  • he’s already sO embarrassed,,, he literally can’t get a compliment out without blushing like mad
  • the next time he tells you to come with him on another one of his photography outings after school you take the camera from him
    • “i’ve decided that i’m the photographer today”
    • whaaaaat why i saw some really nice buildings-”
    • “’cause someone should take pictures of you, too”
    • “not really much to look at”
    • “yeah well i beg to differ”
  • cue the intense blushing and stuttering and fumbling around as he smiles like an idiot at the floor
  • finally he agrees to you handling his camera and taking pictures of him
  • you know how much he loves the thing so you make sure to be extremely cautious with it
  • so you take a thousand pictures of peter parker
  • you make him pose and smile and laugh
  • you get him to do really dramatic poses as well 
  • like him looking out over a lake with the most serious face he can muster
  • which is difficult to manage because he’s so happy right now in this moment with you and no one else and no flash to make fun of him for having this as a hobby
  • you’d never make fun of him and you take him seriously and you love the pictures he takes when he shows you them in the mornings after a long weekend and it makes him light up  !!!!!!
    • “peter put the flower in your hair before i pin it to your skull”
    • “your wish is my command”
    • “if that was true you’d have the flower in your hair by now…”
    • “very lovely mr parker thank you”
  • so he has this dumb flower in his mess of curls and you keep throwing petals on him and he’s acting annoyed but secretly, he loves it
  • then you randomly say you have an idea for a picture 
  • you come around to sit next to him and you hold the camera out in front of you 
  • and he’s kind of just staring at the side of your face so intently that he doesn’t realize you’re kissing him until it’s two seconds in and his eyes are still wide open 
  • and then they aren’t
  • he shuts them and threads his hands through your hair and you snap the picture and make sure that it’s got both of you in it
    • “good idea, right?”
    • “you’re a genius”
    • “nah that’s you”
    • “whatever let’s do that again please y/n right now take another picture too as many as you want”
  • he gets the first picture of you two kissing printed out professional and he frames it and sets it on his desk
  • and then he sends it to his phone and makes it his lockscreen 
    • another picture of you is his homescreen
    • your lockscreen is the same and then your homescreen is a picture of him because you’re both whipped as fuck for each other
  • he hangs another picture of the two of you up in his locker
  • and he loves photography just a little more after that day
  • but of course, not as much as he loves you

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artclutteredhowell  asked:

i love the shots in your videos! you really have an eye for aesthetically pleasing camera angles i'm so in love with it!

Thank you! I just really like depth of field lol, it’s one if the reasons i really want a new camera but i sadly can’t afford it. 

anonymous asked:

which sleepless night is your fave? the second one is the one i always go back to, tbh

yES same!!! that one is so fucking lovely. there are so many individual things i love about it omg

  • he looks so sleepy and rumpled at the beginning and it’s cute as fuck!!!! 
  • the bookshelf tour is so so nice, i love the details we see there like his framed photo with his family and the blobfish stored on the shelf and the photos from the tatinof afterparty
  • the whole interlude of him making snacks is so cute :( i laughed so hard at the editing on the part where he’s making tea and just staring at the pot and waiting for something to happen and then ofc he burns himself on the crumpet AND burns his mouth on the tea like the actual ridiculous dork that he is
  • dan is gone and he’s just re-watching the video where they created dil and even says he is feeling nostalgic :(
  • when he’s gonna go take his contacts out and he’s like ‘wish me luck’ *leans in really close* ‘or you can come with me. wouldn’t that be an adventure?’ 
  • honestly why the fuck is it legitimately heartwarming to see him take out his god damn contact lenses and change into glasses? how does he turn something so mundane into something so lovely??? probs bc he wants to make a nerdy superman reference but just bangs his leg on the door and laughs at himself … i love phil :( 
  • the dan and phil cactus plushies kinda sorta holding hands on the windowsill
  • his commentary over the ‘relaxing games’ is so genuinely funny and the way he’s situated the camera angle to evoke a sense of intimacy like we’re all chilling w phil on his bed while he tries to make himself sleepy ,,, genius filmmaking right there. also he’s cute: 
  • and then the Actual Cutest camera angle of all time and the way that his voice has gone kind of sleepy soft by the end :( sdfskldfsldf fuck 

also all of the context around this video was just fun to think about. he made it and released it all when dan was away on holiday with his family and ppl rightly pointed out that phil stayed up to the hours when it would be morning in sri lanka, so perhaps they wanted to skype or talk on the phone soon after dan had woken up ,,, or maybe phil uploaded the video in general as a way of indirectly giving dan smth cute while he was away ,, i mean it is sappy af but im Here for all of that speculation tbh ahahaha. whether it was partially meant for dan or he was just in a particularly tired/relaxed state when he filmed it, this vid was probs one of the warmest things phil has ever uploaded (which is obviously saying something for phil) and i treasure it dearly hahaha <3 

Supernatural, No-Homo-Style (You’re welcome, SPN writers)

Okay, listen. I’m not someone who tries to tell other people how to go on with their creative stuff, but this is just – an idea. So the thing is, I understand how terribly hard it can be to write a story without homoerotic undertones. They just – happen, you know. All these parallels and carefully crafted scenery to underline a certain subtext, man, just – I know that feel, bro. All my stories? Never supposed to be Destiel. Dean just comes barking in, screams “I’m queer, dude” and then I just – well, anyway. Not that Dean is queer, of course, why would you ever think that.

So what I want to do is: I want to offer you guys, SPN writers, directors, producers, you name it, a way to no-homo your episodes efficiently so no one can tell you that you want us to ship Destiel because that wouldn’t be true, right, right? And man, I know a lot about bro friendships, I watched The Wild Soccer Bunch when I was ten.

Because I’ve noticed that some people – without any indication in the subtext or even text whatsoever – started picking up extremely on the romantic undertones in Dean and Cas’ relationship specifically in the last two seasons. So I’ve looked into this plot and I just found a few teeny tiny things that were of course completely unintentional but could make some weird lunatics think that this is something the writers actually think of.

So let’s start, shall we? Very important in every bro™ relationship: don’t make the entire plot of a season rest onto the special bond between you and your bro. I know this is an easy mistake to make because let’s face it, Cas is awesome, but some people might read into this and think “Man, if he can resist his strange ‘love’ for Amara by looking at Cas, maybe that means he loves him?” and hahaha, what a crazy thought, right? So yeah, rookie mistake no. 1 but man, that can happen to everyone. Instead, maybe make him have concern for his bro but at the same time not be able to overcome his mind control because of his lo broness with Cas. It’s really easy and then the director doesn’t have to put some suggestive shots into the episode where Amara figures out how much these two bros bro with each other and uses that revelation against them!

Also, speaking of this? I know, heart imagery is great and when you only have a cast of male white dudes it gets hard to portray it without homoerotic undertones, but yeah, it’s still a bad idea to have the main villain hover over the heart of one bro and then get a magical connection to the other bro through this heart. I mean, I get it, keep your friends close and your bros closer, but some people might think that the heart imagery connects to the feeling of love and that would be ludicrous, right?  A good alternative would be to simply scratch this whole plot line. Maybe make Dean doodle some hearts while talking to Amara if you want heart imagery so much because hey, she’s a FEMALE and she’s RIGHT THERE so by every television standard they HAVE to copulate!

Next – the pining and caring for Cas. I mean, is that really necessary? Cas is a big boy. He can take care of himself. And Dean, you should really just listen to Sam when he says that Cas will be okay and you should make the smart choice instead of the heart choice (and there it is, the heart imagery again! I KNOW heart rhymes with smart – but here are a lot of others things that you could have used instead: fart, cart, bard, pop tart – you’re welcome to use them! Let Dean make a fart choice next, guaranteed no homo™ and also fart jokes are awesome and funny and original!)

Why not have Dean have a roll in the hay with Mildred? Man, that woman was badass! But having her insist that Dean was already pining for someone else and watch the sunrise together, an imagery that has been associated with Cas consistently, that just was plain bad writing. I get that you wanted to write you out of a corner because Mildred was coming onto Dean and that it wasn’t supposed to make us think of Cas at all but next time just so the full route and let Dean have his way with the ladies, he loves it because he’s a LADIES man and he loves the LADIES or the fellas I don’t judge wait what Dean shut up!

And all these talk about Cas and Cas and where is he and Cas and Caaaaaaas (shut up Lucifer)? It’s great talk, really, but maybe replace it with a significantly less gay word: BRO! Why care for Cas when Dean can care for his BRO?! There’s no reason against it! And if it’s not necessary for the plot, maybe don’t make Dean talk about his bro at all. You gain precious minutes that you can instead use for the brother bond you value so much! (What, you say, you want to end this co-dependency? DON’T! Then you may have Dean ready to enter a healthy relationship and man, people could think this relationship could be gay, urgh)

Next mistake: the scene in that barn? Don’t get me started. You started so good, SPN writers! You had Dean say a really bro-like thing, “don’t worry, I’ve had worse” - good on you, Dean, that was very manly and very good at ignoring the glaring (and oozing) problem right in front of you. But then of course someone had to turn it around and put this silly “I love you” in there and repeat it. Your script probably just fell into a printer and got copied twice so they thought “ah, heck, now we’ve got to say it twice and make it sound like the first one was specifically for Dean, and let’s throw some suggestive camera angles in there while we’re at it” so maybe next time, I don’t know, try to keep these rogue scripts in check. You don’t want anyone to think that Cas actually loves Dean and only Dean.

And also, I know, bros love bros and they love their quality time with each other, but still, bros don’t just leave the room when they talk to their bro and the phone and then sound suspiciously like they forced themselves to have a completely different conversation when they re-enter the room. And maybe, because you all just love the Sam-and-Dean-codepency have Sam talk, too! Let him interact with his bro! People could think that the fact that Sam has a completely different dynamic with Cas means that Dean’s love for Cas is more than just family and that’s obviously not true *cough* who would think that *cough* Lucifer maybe *cough* and every other villain on the show and a few friends too *cough*

… I’m sorry, I got something stuck in my throat. So anyway, let’s get to the next point: I LOVED that scene in 11x23 where Dean told Cas that they’re such BROS and Cas means so much to them as BROS and I really hoped that means we could have some BRO action in Season 12 but no! Somehow Cas still didn’t feel like he belonged because apparently being a BRO wasn’t enough for him? He still wanted to prove himself to Dean specifically with no talk about Sam? I know, guys, guys, I know you want drama in your show, we all know this, this is SPN, but next time, tone it down a notch. You may just want to have drama where Cas is part of the family as a BRO and everyone accepts that and he too and he doesn’t have to get PERSONAL GIFTS by Dean to maybe show him that he belongs and still not getting it because something is still missing -  because then people might think that this something missing is something absurd like LOVE and not in a platonic way.

Oh and the last thing: 12x23. Boy where do I start. I mean I loved that you had separated them the last episodes (because people may think that they would start to kiss or something like that if you left them alone for a few minutes) but was it really necessary that Dean just stopped functioning as soon as Cas died? He could have instead, I don’t know, have a few pimples that he needs to squeeze and that’s the reason why he couldn’t face Jack with Sam together. I get that this was all great foreshadowing because Sam and Jack do have a weird connection but really, don’t make the mistake to pair Dean off with Cas again and make them look like they share a special connection! Pimples, man, I tell you. They’re almost as original as fart jokes and very heterosexual, trust me, I never had them and I’m as queer as can get. 

So please, enjoy this free advice on how to no homo your episodes efficiently because just throwing in a few hook-ups with waitresses now and then just isn’t the FULL no homo experience™ because some weird people still think that Dean could be something like, I don’t know, bisexual, and we all know that bisexuality doesn’t exist and even if it did, Dean couldn’t possible come out at this age because that’s just unrealistic, amirite???

Thank you for listening.

PLL 7x14 Power Play - (long, sorry!) Thoughts

- Yep, one of the best episodes of the series. Call me dramatic, whatever. But in my opinion, it was. The story was constantly moving and I loved that. That is all I need to classify a PLL episode as good. And, combined with answers.. they had a formula for success. I wished I recorded myself watching it because I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to end, and two particular reveals got a great reaction out of me. Even the romance scenes I appreciated. Ugh, such a good episode! So many feels. Happy, intense, OMG, frustrated, emotional.

- Well… after this post, you know where I’m off to… my unanswered questions post! Finally I get to cross off more! SHOUTOUT TO US TUMBLR FANS FOR THEORISING EVERY SINGLE ANSWER WE GOT TONIGHT WITH 100% ACCURACY!! 

- I don’t know how you guys did it, but theorising that Ted is Charlotte’s father… what the hell! I always dismissed that theory. I thought it was too out-there. But it happened! I was sooooo shocked. I thought Ted was just a random guy from the church that liked Ashley. End of story. Apparently not end of story! Loved it. There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Then they created the Charles story and realised “oh shit, we need a male to be Charlotte’s father. Lucky we made a character like Ted!” I refuse to believe they intended to use Ted for more than just a pastor in love with Ashley. Anyway, not that that matters. I’m happy with this answer.

- Last week I complained that PLL has severely lacked good production since the dollhouse episodes; production in the sense of unique camera angles, music, etc. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate. 

- The reveal that Lucas knew CHARLES… wow!!! OMG!! I actually said “no fucking way” for once in a few years in PLL. They’re going somewhere with this. Lucas built that board game, he is an app developer and has the resources/money. 

- Another reveal that made me actually throw my blanket off and sit up… when they actually SHOWED that scene from 4B of Mary creeping up on Spencer!! We all kind of guessed that it was Mary in that scene, but to actually SEE the writers SHOW US that link very explicitly rather than let us just guess… it was AMAZING. I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links. Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that.

- Mary killed Jessica. I knew it! I was not shocked one bit. But hey. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. “Sydney killed Jessica!” like no. Get lost. Zero logic. Mary killed Jessica, yeah, I’ll take it!

- People are probably disappointed that it was Sydney under the hoodie… I told myself it’s not AD so I was expecting someone like that. I was happy with that.

- Aria going dark.. I’m all in. But please don’t cause a massive divide in the group. The small divides it causes now is fine, but I don’t want to spend the final 6 episodes with the girls pissed off at each other/Aria.

- Amongst all the storylines going on, they still managed to have scenes relevant to Archer. Thank god! See, that’s what we want. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. We don’t have to solve the side mystery, but just keep mentioning them in the ‘filler’ scenes. That’ll keep us going until the finale.

- I thought finding out who killed Jessica, and that Ted is Charlotte’s father, would be enough for this episode. Nope, they revealed what we’ve all been thinking since August last year! Emison fans on Twitter telling Marlene to go kill herself: fuck off. NEVER wish that upon anyone. As if I’m actually saying that. I know Emison fans are really passionate, and rightfully so, but chilllllll. Spencer said it very well: they are feeling violated. Emily isn’t saying “yippee, let’s have a baby Ali!!” Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s diving into areas of rape, but don’t tell a woman to kill herself.

- Not gonna lie. I did laugh at AD’s hoodie talking to Aria. The concept was cool but it looked far too fake. This show never is good with visual effects and stuff like that (*cough* CeCe watching the girls in the window in 610 *cough*)

- Shoutout to Paily. I really enjoyed their scenes. All of them. I was a shipper of Paily during season 4 and so this brought me right back to those good old days. Paige has barely smiled since she came back in 7B so it was so good to see her be happy for once. 

- There was one thing that someone said that really made me think Spencer has a twin!!! I can’t remember what it is! I’ll rewatch later in the week and update you all.

- Thank god Ezra is being dismissive of Nicole. I mean, it’s sad for Nicole, but at the end of the day and putting realism aside, just get lost Nicole. Ezria is endgame and you’re just making PLL fans frustrated.

- Next week’s promo!! Directed by Troian!!!!!!!!!! Wren’s return!! “Every theory I come up with leads back to you” is Furey hinting towards a Spencer twin? Not that he knows, but if all his research keeps pointing to a Spencer, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something? It is in 2 weeks but I’m so happy because it means the finale is pushed out to when my uni exams finish!

- 9/10. I can’t give it 10/10 because I’ve forgotten what a perfect PLL episode feels like. It’s been way too long. Maybe this is what a perfect PLL episode feels like? Again, I can’t remember. But it’s up there!

- Sorry this is long, but hey, 6 to go. Need to summarise it all and it’s better than sharing thoughts all over the place with scattered messages. Compare this to 712, which never even got a post!

Along for the Ride – Prompto x Fem!Reader // Chapter 1: Photoshoot


Word Count: 3666 
Adult Themed but SFW (Later chapters will be entirely NSFW. We’re building to it. I’m a sucker for sexual tension, ok?)
Reader specifics: She has some sort of fashion color in her hair. It can be any color(s), in any amount, but it’s there. 2. She has a small tattoo on her right bicep. That is all. :D

Author’s Note: This little chapter was what started my journey into Prompto hell. It has since taken over my entire damn life and it’s all thanks to someone else’s photoshoot one shot. It was fine, but it left me un satisfied. I’ve tried my hand at modeling before, so the flow just felt inorganic. I also just couldn’t wrap my head around (the canon version of) Prompto just banging a chick he just met during a photoshoot. So I was like…I’m an ok writer…I could write it…then I needed it…and before I knew it, I was neck deep into 9 chapters and I now have an overarching plan to fix the end of the damn game. (Facepalm) I’ve been consumed.

I ALMOST didn’t post this. I’ve been reeling, trying to make it perfect. Then my dumb ass muse was like, “PREQUEL!” 

Then it was like, “ONE SHOTS!” and I started like 4 that are currently incomplete because I keep going back to this damn chapter and fixing it. If I don’t just post this, I’m going to find a reason not to. 

So here you go my lovely Prompto fans. I hope you enjoy it.


(If I tagged you, it’s because I’m pretty sure you appreciate Prompto. I hope that’s ok!!  ⁽˚̌ʷ˚̌ʺ⁾)

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714 recap and thoughts.

Wow. What an episode. We’re going to skip over a lot of the boring subplots and storylines that have nothing to do with the current mystery, and rather talk about the answers (which were mainly already predicted) and theories we have formed after watching the episode. 

- This episode was everything. I wish the first three episode of 7B were just like this. The first half of the episode wasn’t as great as the second half, but the episode overall just gave us early PLL vibes and it was amazing. We got answers to old mysteries, and even got flashback scenes explaining things.

- Let’s start off with Mary Drake and Pastor Ted Wilson. Hanna and Spencer visit an address that Peter Hastings private investigator has found that is linked to Mary Drake and when they get there, they find Pastor Ted there. Apparently she’s been on his couch for a couple of nights and when Spencer and Hanna leave, Ted finds out that he’s the father of Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis. Apparently he and Mary dated when he was in college and their relationship resulted in them having Charles. Ted however, never knew about Charles. He did, though, meet Charles at a camp he held for troubled young boys. He pulls out a photo of himself, Charles and Charles only friend, Lucas Gottesman. 

- Aria finally get’s an interesting storyline. What’s in her file that is so bad that would make Ezra choose Nicole, and that Nicole would be visiting Ezra in jail? “Jessica kept excellent records.” Whatever is in that file is pre 5x01, so before Jessica died. Aria leaves a vulnerable Ali to go meet AD and when she arrives who takes the hood off? Sydney Driscoll. She tells Aria that she shot Spencer, helped Jenna escape and made up the new A game. BUT, she accidentally reveals an ear piece. AD was feeding her lines the whole time. She’s just a decoy. And something tells us that she’s being blackmailed to be on AD’s team. 

- Alison + Emily’s eggs = apparent endgame? Now 90% of the fandom predicted this storyline, but there was some sort of hope that the storyline wasn’t going to make it onto the show. Remember when AD stole Emily’s eggs all that time ago? Well he/she fertilised them and implanted them into Ali that time at Welby whilst she was being tortured by her former husband. 

- Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? That would be her crazy, unhinged twin sister Mary Drake. There’s just something about Mary. Let’s go back to 4x22, Mary Drake, pretending to be her sister Jessica, sneaks up behind Spencer one night. Before she can say anything, Veronica walks into Spencer’s room. Mary tries to sneak out of the Hastings house but gets caught by Peter Hastings. “I had to see her. Just one look. She’s beautiful, isn’t she Peter?” This was kind of sad. You’ve gotta feel for Mary. ANYWAY, Mary found out that Charles wasn’t really dead (as Jessica had told her) and set out on a mission to kill her sister for all she had done to her. Mary asked Peter to help and when he denied, she took his pills and used them to kill Jessica. The use of wrong medication made Jessica’s heart stop, with Mary ultimately killing her sister. 

- When Peter revealed Mary used his medication to kill Jessica, he says Mary killed Jessica and buried her in the Hastings yard. This clashes with what Charlotte had said in 6x10; she found Jessica in front of the DiLaurentis house and buried Jessica before she went to New York to see Ali. This could go two ways; either Charlotte lied to cover up for Mary, which means she knew about her birth mother not being Jessica before the time jump, OR, it’s just Peter assuming that Mary buried her in their backyard because he wasn’t there to hear Charlotte say she buried Jessica. 

- We sorta knew Lucas was connected to Charlotte/Cece somehow, but we didn’t think it would go all the way back to childhood. Were Cece and Lucas dating? One scene that stands out is in 5x05 when Lucas talks to Hanna about his mysterious new girlfriend who apparently is coming into town. At the end of the episode, Cece/Charlotte moves into a new lair (as she is back from Paris and 5x05 marked the return of Big A). 

- Alison gave Aria a weird look at the end of the episode when Aria’s turn was skipped. It was super sketchy and suspicious, but it’s probably just Alison becoming super suss of Aria. She went missing, is acting shady and now her turn is skipped? Ali is totally catching on already. 

- The acting in this episode was everything! Especially Sasha, she did so well! All round good job! And the music and camera angles, this episode was just brilliant! I really, really hope the rest of this season is like this, because that would really be the love letter we were promised! I’m giving the episode a 10/10 because I am completely satisfied with the episode!

Dubsmash Wars

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Request: hey Grant Gustin one shot? Where you and him have a dubsmash war (like the one the Marvel actors did and you both post them on Twitter and all the fans ship it and then you end it with a really cute one of both of you and everyone just really loves you together?

Notes: I’ve never experienced what the logistics of Dubsmash are so some of the technical things might be wrong. Otherwise I hope this was kind of what you were looking for, there are only a few ‘dubsmashes’ because otherwise this would be super long hahah. Hope you enjoy!

Y/F/N is “Your friend’s name”

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Ok so I've been wondering about this for awhile but what would the bros do when they accidentally see their 4'11 smol s/o wearing their clothes, high and mighty, while impersonating them, but really flustered when they got caught, ex. Iggy heard his s/o say something like "I am the coolheaded Ignis, and all of you are grounded for, uhh, something" or Noct's s/o "bow down before your prince, ohh, and as the future king, I hereby declare that carrots are banned" thank you :3

This is adorable


  • He will legit fall to the side and lean on the door frame when he walks in on you.
  • He’s wheezing and practically booming with his dorky laughter.
  • Honestly, he loves seeing you in his clothing, especially his leather jacket that just swallows your arms.
  • He won’t be able to stop laughing at how adorable you are and will possibly fall to the ground from not breathing.
  • “You should wear my clothes more often babe. They look good on you.”


  • Cue the Mom Face.
  • He’ll stand there from the doorway with a cocked brow and give you that look.
  • Although seeing you in one of his blazers is cute, it’s your impression of him that gives him his utter mom friend charm.
  • He won’t take the blazer from you, instead, he’ll sigh and just accept it.
  • “I do not sound like that, kitten, I know that for a fact.”


  • Like Ignis, he’ll stop in the doorway and just look at you with one of his jackets on your small body.
  • He has to do a double take when he realizes you’re doing an impression of him.
  • He can’t help but smirk while he watches you, mentally agreeing in his head that vegetables should be banned.
  • He’ll pull you down n to the bed and just sprawl out with you entwined in his limbs.
  • “I really wish I could ban carrots now.”


  • As soon as his eyes are on you, he gasps. Loudly.
  • He quickly rushes around and destroys the house looking for his camera. He needs to get this!
  • He basically does a photoshoot for you. Different angles, lighting, etc. He loves you in his clothing.
  • He doesn’t even mind you doing impressions of him! He thinks it’s adorable you’re doing this!
  • “Have I ever told you how adorable you are, (Y/n)? Because you are.”

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Top 5 WestAllen kisses

I think I’ve done this particular top 5 at some point in the past, but here we go again!

1) “I love you, Barry” - “I love you, too, and I always will.” (2x23)

Originally posted by captainswaan

This moment is just so sacred to me. It means so much, and even in season 3 to the very end we saw how it is such a sticking point for him. The first time Iris told him she loved him (in a romantic sense). She was willing to wait for him. She put him first. And he was able to reciprocate that love and that desire to be with her. It may have been just a simple brush of the lips, but it was everything. (plus music + slow mo = WIN)

2) “I have not been able to stop thinking about you…I didn’t want to.” - “I’ve never stopped thinking about you.” (1x15)

Originally posted by quickflash

I don’t think I really need to explain this one, but uh… heightened near-death experience, Iris finally realizing what she wants and it’s Barry, Barry not even needing a full-on love declaration because he understands, him reciprocating even though two episodes back he insisted he didn’t have feelings for her anymore, the swoonworthy facial expressions both before and after, Iris literally having tears streaming down her cheeks when it’s over… oh, and then follow that up with Barry revealing to her that he’s the Flash - himself. Oh, and epic music and the 360 camera rotating angle. Um, yes. So much to love here.

3) “You’re just really handsome.” - “You are not so bad yourself.” (3x04)

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I don’t think I really I need to explain this one either. By far the hottest makeout session (or the only one?) in all of season 3. I still have to fan myself watching it.

4) “Now that is the Barry Allen I know and love.” (3x21)

Originally posted by awestallendevotee

Second hottest kiss of season 3. I’m done. END ME.

5) “I love you.” - “I love you.” (3x14)

Originally posted by nikascott

This whole scene was EVERYTHING. The little kisses, the ILYs, Barry being extra as hell, Iris being shook to the core… The whole thing was just so sweet and domestic, I DIE. This kiss in particular is my fav b/c you can see Iris’s little bit of tongue peeking out, making the kiss unbelievably adorable with that little bit of sizzling hot. A++

Those are my top 5 westallen kisses!! Thank you for being the first to send something in, Anon! :D

If anyone else wants to know my top 5 or 10 of anything, send your ask in!

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you and your art are seriously so inspiring. im in awe. any tips for an aspiring storyboarder on art and characters and stuff? id love to hear what you know

Oh geez that’s really sweet to read. To be quite honest, I’m still working on my storyboard stuff, myself, so I can’t say I have any big pro tips or anything. But I guess something really helpful would be to just… watch movies. Pay attention to shot composition and angles. Learning about camera angles and the rule of thirds is really helpful in making the subject of a shot stand out more.
One thing my teachers had me do was while watching a movie, I’d pause each time the shot changes and quickly redraw it. Like even if it’s messy, you just gotta get the point across. That’s something that certainly been helping me out a lot.

Bella On Beauty

On skincare

I’m not even just saying this – I know I’m a walking Dior commercial – but I love the Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser, it’s the green one. It’s the perfect foamy face wash. So I use that and then I’ll moisturise with the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème because it’s really light – it feels like you have nothing on. My face is always so dry, so it sucks up all the moisture. Then if I’m doing proper hair and make-up I’ll use the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask first. It just kind of plumps your skin up and makes it super moist and sort of tightens it… I don’t know what it does or how, but it’s something incredible.

On her beauty sins

I do sleep in my make-up sometimes but I always wake up at 2am, freaking out and feeling completely guilty about it. My body knows! So I’ll get up, wash my face, moisturise and go back to sleep because I hate waking up in the morning with make-up on – it’s the most horrible feeling. But I’m usually a good girl about taking my make-up off at night.

On make-up

I usually do concealer under the eyes, on my chin and around the nose, and then always a good bronzer and a good brow. That’s my top three for everyday. I love my natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And I love mascara. What’s so amazing about the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara is that it looks like you’re wearing false lashes. It’s a perfect mascara. I always do a top lash, but I rarely put mascara on my bottom lashes. But with this mascara I’ve started doing my bottom lashes and it really opens up your eyes. And I always use a curler. With or without mascara, you always gotta curl.

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Top 5 favorite storyboarders, go!

1.  Raven Molisee

I feel like her style shows the most analysis of the show’s artistic strengths.  Every character in every shot Raven directs has a specific pose or expression or interaction, and she gives careful thought to color design and tone and looseness.  I think the most impressive thing about her work on EEnE is that it is exclusively in the digital era– don’t get me wrong, all the artists were on fire in the digital era, but I still feel like her scenes are the most consistently in tune with the classic episodes. like there’s an increased sense of continuity.  My favorite characters she draws a lot are Edd, Eddy, Kevin, Sarah, and Jimmy.  Here are some examples:

2.  Scott Diggs Underwood

Everything Raven mastered about the style? Scott invented it.  ,,,Or so I choose to believe.  Scott’s solo episodes, like Pain in the Ed and Dueling Eds, have such a great sense of organic visual mayhem. Could anyone else get away with an ending as ridiculous as Ed turning into a fish? His scenes also produce some of the best animation, whether they’re cel or digital.  I consider him the best at drawing Eddy, and he is great at using the trio dynamic to its full potential.

3.  James “Wootie” Wootton

At this point, I stop being able to tell styles apart, honestly. Everyone’s got their own version of drawing the characters perfectly.  But Wootie’s episodes stand out to me as cinematic and technically advanced.  Whether it’s cel or digital, his episodes make memorable use of effects, like a handheld camera or an electrical mushroom cloud.  I really wish he had been around to contribute to the movie, I’d love to see more of his dramatic camera angles!

4.  Sabrina Alberghetti

Now we’re getting into less familiar territory for me, unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble telling apart the multiple artists who draw within each episode. I just know I love Sabrina’s art, that she works well with Raven, and is fantastic at drawing Rolf!

5.  Big Jim Miller

Responsible for Evil Tim and probably drew my favorite Eddy-in-socks scene.  Enough said.

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ok but what if,, genderfluid mc+seven dressed as each other???? "woah, seven i thought u were taller!" "haha, no, its just;; uh,, camera angles,,," and "wow, mc did u get a growth spurt?" "yeah definitely;; haha... u got me,,,"

-you guys probably dress as each other ALL THE TIME

-cue zens confused screaming, he doesnt know how to feel about this

-seven really loves wearing your clothes because you have more than three outfits (he only has three outfits help him)

-you both have some pretty gender neutral clothes, so you guys pretty much came to an agreement one day to just share all your clothes 

-so really you guys dress up as “each other” quite often

-sometimes it’s sad because he’ll see a really cute shirt but IT DOESNT FIT!!!!! 

-why is this his fate

-he’ll wear it anyway

…Okay so I chose to rewatch once again the J/D meeting scene…As I love Jonsa, I really tried to watch it as if I was watching game of thrones for the first time in my life and forget everything else…I am sorry but I still do not see any chemistry at all…She really sounds and looks crazy/insane in that scene (eyes wide open, way of talking, camera angle,…)…And the way Jon looks at her…He just seems scared and worried, saying to himself “omg why did I come here”…Please someone tell me how can we see something else from that scene?

Spoilers guys. So. many. spoilers. (For Race to the edge, season 5)(Just so we’re clear) Warning: this will be long. 

But I finished it. I’m a bit sad right now but I’ll survive, maybe. Wanna read my thoughts? Doubt it. But I want to write them down.

Overall, I liked it. I was on the edge (hehe) of my seat a few times, I laughed out loud, I screamed (read: cursed) and I aw’ed. Cause you know why. Hiccstrid
My problem is that I just simply don’t care about Dagger or Heather. So the two last episodes were kinda “eh” to me. Especially the twist. I saw it coming and I hated it. (I won’t touch on it yet cause it’s .. Idk.) 

I think previous season got better at the end but this season was the opposite. The strongest episodes were at the beginning. (In my humble opinion)

‘ First things first, Hiccstrid. Holy moly I love these two characters. I especially love their healthy relationship. They talk to each other about their problems, feelings and struggles. It’s so refreshing. When Astrid found him at his “thinking spot” at Berk? It wasn’t romantic, it was just two best friends/battle partners discussing their common enemy and how to defeat it. I love it. They had romantic moments, but not so much as it overtook the series. It wasn’t about them but they’re romance was still a part of the series. Snotlout’s “power couple” comments had me laughing. I also loved that forehead kiss guys. Full on make out sessions got nothing on sweet forehead kisses. (I know it’s animation but you know… overall.) Also, their training fight. I want more of that please.

‘ The relationship between the riders. I remember writing about this last season but this season took it a step further. I wanted a lot of Snotlout/Hiccup scenes and I got it. It was fantastic to see how much they’ve developed their feelings towards each other. When Snotlout stared at him and Hiccup asked why and he just said: “It’s really great to have you back here that’s all.” my emotions flew out of the window. He really respects him and accepts him as leader now and that is just… sweet. (I love you Zack Pearlman please don’t leave us.)

‘ Speaking off, I think the Fishlegs/Snotlout relationship developed great this season too. Snotlout hugging Fishlegs and being scared for his safety? That was great. 

* Astrid. Thank Thor, she finally levelled up. Or we’ve already known what she’s capable of but the writers are finally catching up. She straight up ran towards the poisoned dragon and punched it. Ran back with the poison to Stormfly, even though she was poisoned herself. Bad ass, I love it. I think she also… was a bit softer? She didn’t roll her eyes as much, she didn’t ignore the twins as much and she definitely didn’t argued with Snotlout as much. (They’re never not gonna argue.) I don’t know, she just felt little softer and I think that’s great. Cause previously I feel like the writers didn’t really know how to handle her but they did a good job this season. 

A few little things I loved:
Hiccup being known as an inventor. I love that. 
His puppy eyes. (You know what i’m talking about, he looks so sad.)
Spitelout being all kinds of awesome. 
Astrid and Stoick teaming up. 
I think the voice acting was A+ this season as well.
The camera angles? They were just so well done.
The shot when Hiccup stares at the statues when he’s at Berk and that music is playing. Chills I’ll tell ya.
The Villains knowing the riders last names. I don’t know why but when Viggo said “Ingermann” when Fishlegs fell I kinda lost it. 

I have way more to write down but this is already a little too long. 

The Dual

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The fight between Peter and Miraz is one of my favorite scenes in both the books and the movies. (yes, I have lots of favorites, its Narnia okay?) In the books I love how the fight is described from Edmund’s point of view, (which is a great characterization of the two characters and their relationship) creating a sense of panic because you don’t know if Peter will live or not. I also love that you read the reactions of the fight instead of the fight itself. (just like the HHB battle)

The movie version of this fight gives me chills every time even though I know every beat by heart. The camera angles are amazing. You really get to see the experience that Peter has from being High King. And you can tell that Will is in his element and enjoyed shooting. And the nod to the books by having Peter stab Miraz in the arm pit shows the thought that Andrew put into these movies.