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Headcannons for dating Zack Taylor (from the reboot pls) bc I just rlly love him a lot!! Thank you!

Ohhh you aren’t the only one! He’s so perfect! I think I might fight you over him… but here you go! Hope they meet your expectations! Xoxo

(I made the reader the white ranger)

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•He met you the same time as everyone at the mines 

•He flirted with all the girls at the beginning which really annoyed all of you, but eventually he just focused on you

•During practice you two were always paired together because Jason and Billy worked together, and so did Trini and Kimberly. 

      -It took a bit of work but soon you two were excellent at fighting each other, and when fighting the creatures of Rita’s army- you worked as a great team. 

•The team always called you guys exact opposites, Zack was always willing to run head first at anything, while you were more cautious and analytical  

      -When you morphed for the first time- Zack into his Black ranger suit and you into your white suit, the two of you burst out laughing- looks like the team had been right 

•He’s overly protective, like… anyone who might hurt you should watch out, and  

      -During fights, he’s willing to do anything just to stay by your side.  

•So much PDA, but I mean… it’s Zack so you don’t mind. 

       -He almost always has some form of physical contact between to two of you, especially at school 

•He asks you to go meet his mom, “I want the two most important women in my life to meet.”

      -his mom adores you, and even Though Zack has to translate, you still love spending time with the both of them 

•He’s high key super romantic? Like you would never guess but between all the cheesy pick up lines and the ass-kicking he’s sooo sweet. He brings you roses or candy if your feeling down and just always knows what to say

       -for your birthday he planned this adorable moonlight picnic at the mines above the lake and you guys just sit and talk all night long

•He’s a nerd omg, ask him about superheroes or classic movies and he’s got about 40 random facts about each 

       -and then “You know who my favorite superhero of all is?” And he  leans super close and look you fully in the eye “me!” And then he starts laughing so hard cause he thinks this is great and you just roll your eyes slowly grinning at how adorable he is

•Zack is a great listener, like no matter what you want to talk about he’s ready to listen 

•You just love and support one another  and are always there whenever you are needed 

(Feel free to add onto it!)

I was just like “what do I ship in this game?”
I enjoy drawing these so if you have any pairing to suggest, maybe?

Okay. So I’ve been seeing some people who’ve read Killing Stalking and have been responding with “I wish I was Yoonbum” or “I want Sangwoo to be my boyfriend”. And you people fucking disgust me.
This shit is not beautiful. Stop romanticizing this shit. I appreciate this comic for existing, it opens eyes to a lot of people, including me, but some people are so blinded by the obsessive love that you don’t see how disgusting it is. Both Yoonbum and Sangwoo are two fucked up characters now using each other to balance off their wrong tendencies. Now, in this situation, I would understand these two because I think this comic is aiming towards how two screwed up people could work together, but the habits that this pair is still wrong nonetheless! You people are just as sightless as Bum is for thinking like that (*cough* Stockholm syndrome). KS is a really cool story, and shows us the emotions of what these two wrong people could have whem mingled together, but you DO NOT want to be like these people. I doubt you people reading KS are much like this, and if put in the situation, this would be very emotionally scarring. I recommend everyone read it, but read it openly. You all are under the Stockholm syndrome spell, and that, my friends, is nothing beautiful.

Ship war au!

IT IS DONNNNNNE! Hi everyone, Mr.E here with a new story. So in case you hadn’t heard, @moringmark came up with an awesome au and i highly recommend you go read his comics to find out. in general really go read his stuff.  In short Jackie and Marco’s child named Jam and Star and Marco’s child Elizabeth come back from two different futures to make sure they are born. Jarco and Starco child are at ends with each other. I wanted to write a story for this epic au and i also pitched some ideas to moringmark about oc love interests for the two because PEOPLE KEEP PAIRING THEM TOGETHER! I’m sorry bu they are half siblings. no, just no. in any case i tried my best to give them love interests to better suit everyones shipping needs. Elizabeth’s best friend from the future Dart who is a gentlemanly teen who believes in standing up for those who can’t and Jelly, a present day girl who is a little dazed but heavily into conspiracies. I’ll write more stories, throw more time travel goodness in there *coughnova* and all that jazz but for now it’s time to give the spot light to moringmark’s amazingly well crafted ocs. I hope you and everyone else enjoys them

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Ok, so I saw Moana last night and guys, I really loved it! It’s really fun and vibrant PLUS it has some really good G/t material!

I mean, first there’s Moana and Maui. One’s small and cute and the other is just a big ol dude. That’s pretty fun size difference right off the bat. Plus, like, the two characters aren’t really romantically linked in any way? So it’s just like a big/smol pair running around having adventures together. It’s really great!

Second you have all kinds of giant and small monsters. Like, they had a lot of fun with playing with scale in this movie. I wan’t expecting so many different types of giant and small monsters in this musical! Plus I went to see Moana in 3-D, so the really REALLY big size-difference scenes had a bit more impact on me.

And finally there is Te Fiti, who is a goddess who is an ACTUAL FREAKING ISLAND. She is gorgeous and that is all I have to say.

So yeah! Moana is a great movie! And the G/t stuff just kinda propels the movie even more IMO! Go see it!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why didnt faberry ever happen? quinn was obviously so in love with rachel. in season one, theres a shot of quinn drawing an ugly drawing of rachel and yet she adds hearts around it? rachel always looked out for quinn, especially during the pregnancy. she gave away a pair of her panties just so the school paper wouldnt write about quinn being pregnant. in season two, in the scene at prom where quinn slaps rachel across the face, she feels so sorry afterwards. and even though shes just besn slapped, rachel wipes away quinns tears and holds her hand. like what the hell? when rachel wants to get her nose job, quinn is the only one who takes her seriously. shes the one who goes with rachel to the plastic surgeon and is supportive of rachel's decision. plus, it was quinn's nose that rahcel wanted. and in season three, quinn says the words "you were singing to finn, and only finn, right?" like she wants rachel to be singing to someone else, ie, her. how gay can you be quinn fabray? and quinn is so adamant about not wanting rachel to marry finn. she tells rachel that shes a star and doesnt need to hang onto the boys in high school, that she needs to let go and be her own person. quinn is the only person who truly recognizes rachels talents and capabilities and appreciates her drive and ambition. plus, quinn gives rachel metro passes so that the two of them can keep in touch. after giving her the passes, the two hug, and the pain in quinn's eyes is so clear. her gay little heart was in love with rachel throughout the entire series and yet it was never explored.
My Mission (Part 1/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2600 

Warnings: Language, and some angst kinda (hella sad!Bucky)

A/N: If my two lovely anons that requested a Bucky x Reader fic where the reader is Tony’s niece (plus other plot points I don’t want to reveal yet) are reading this, this is for you!! Sorry this took so long, this series has been giving me a bunch of difficulty. I hope everyone enjoys this series - despite its difficulties, I really like the direction of the story. 

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @xenaathena @tol-sam @andhiseyesweregreen @caplanbuckybarnes @lilasiannerd @pandarosita @heismyhunter @ailynalonso15 (if you’d like to be added or removed to this list, either for this specific fic or just for my tagging in general - just shoot me an ask or message!)

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Suffering Through The Pain

A/N: Hey anon! Don’t apologize for loving my writing, I am glad that you enjoy it. And I love that you were very descriptive on what you wanted, it gave me a better outline of what I was going to write, and what you wanted. :)

Request: Hey could you do a Dean X reader kinda fic where she was a hunter before getting into an abusive relationship and basically just stuck/ unable to leave due to injury and Dean and Sam find her and help her because Bobby asked them to find her. You totally don’t have to do it and if you do write it you can change whatever use that artistic license. Sorry I just really love yo writing

Warnings: Domestic violence, abusive relationship, abusive asshole Matt (boyfriend), injuries, torture.

Pairings: Matt(OC) x reader, Dean Winchester x reader

Word Count: 3,333 (Possibly one of the longest fics I’ve written in two hours)

PSA: To anyone out there who is in an abusive relationship, please get help, stay strong, loves!<3 

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 512-685-6298

Tags are the bottom!

Feedback is accepted with joy (as always)!<3

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You woke up to an excessive beeping sound, it was constant and loud, it sounded so familiar, like you’ve heard it way too many times before.

You blinked open your heavy eyes, you squinted for a few moments, trying to adjust to the bright lights above you and the blinding sun gleaming through the window. You closed your eyes back for a moment, then moved your neck slightly to the left, which didn’t help at all. It felt you had been run over by a semi-truck.

You looked around the room, that’s when it struck you, you were in a hospital, but how did you get here?

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Ease My Mind - Part 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

Warnings: violence

A/N: i really really really love this part…. hopefully you guys do as well! theres only one or two parts left in this series :( im gonna try and make them good ones for you all :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Nat waits until you’re both in position for your recon mission before bringing it up. It’s hot as balls in Jakarta and you pulled the short straw, so you’re stationed outside on a rooftop with your sniper rifle digging into your shoulder while Nat gets to watch from an air conditioned hotel room. You’re surveying an influential businessman who has expressed a little too much interest in AIM, and you’re already getting sick of watching this guy eat his expensive lunch and throw back whiskey like it’s water with his other rich businessman friends.

With sweat dripping in your eyes and your rifle scope fogging up, you’re really not in the mood to examine your colossal fuck up back at the Compound. Nat has other ideas.

“Sooooo,” she drawls over comms, halfway through hour two of recon. You sigh. At least you got an hour and a half of peace before the interrogation started. “Care to explain why you kissed Bucky like you’re a suburban married couple?”

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What happened to Lance's sniper team?? There's always at least a group of two, but usually three. There's the sniper, the spotter, and the security. Sniper shoots shit, spotter calculates distance/wind speed/temperature/etc. and the security makes sure no one sneaks up behind them and kills their asses while all this is going on. (Usually at least one person has some kind of more advanced medical training) Not that I don't like ur au, I love it!!! I'm just curious. You're amazing tho!!!

OKAY THIS IS honestly something i should have researched because i never really thought about sniper actually having teams consisting of two or more people and after you sent me this it clicked into place. SO THIS IS COMPLETELY MY BAD i never thought about Lance having a sniper team of his own at all. 

I do have it thought out that as a single team the Voltron Force often switch pairs depending on the mission. Shiro and Keith being the most close quarters combat capable out of all five, usually serve as the infiltrators or the front lines. But if the mission doesn’t require as too many roles to be fulfilled, the support team will get someone else to back them up, or vice versa. 

Coincidentally, Lance and Hunk have more advanced medical training than the other three! :) But now that you brought this to light i’m just like lol i should have thought this through…. Perhaps before Lance joined the Voltron Force, he was with a sniper team of his own. 

I Love You, You Asshole

Requested By: @grace-for-sale

Drabble Prompt: “I love you, you asshole.”

Pairing: Cas x reader

NSFW warning

A/N: this is a teeeeeensy bit longer than a drabble so I put some of it under the cut. hope you like it!


Something was up with Cas.

You had been dating Cas for almost three years now, the two of you practically inseparable…until last week.

Ever since last week, he had been avoiding you; he stuttered every time he talked to you, would look everywhere but you. At first, you just shrugged it off, thinking nothing of it, really. But after several days, you began to wonder if you had done something wrong. Now that it had been a week, you were just plain anxious. You were starting to think maybe he wasn’t happy in the relationship, and that he wasn’t sure how to break it off with you.

Whatever the reason was, you needed to talk to him about it before you lost your mind.

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No Regrets - Eating For Two

Request by @percywinchester27 : Can I request a drabble about how Y/N told Jensen about the Pregnancy? Like was it a surprise? And how did he react?

By @loveitsallineed : How did Y/N tell Jensen that she was pregnant with Baby 2.0? ;)

By @chaos-and-the-calm67 : You know, I would really love to know what Jensen felt when Y/N told him she was pregnant with Baby #2.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none just fluff

Wordcount: 423

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fits into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place between the part 9 and 10 of LWR. Jensen and Y/N are on summer hiatus from filming SPN. They are at their house in Texas.  



“Hi,” Jensen smiled as he felt her arms wrap around his waist as he stood at the stove cooking dinner for the three of them.

“Hey, what are you making?” she peeked around his shoulder and Jensen turned in her arms enough he could steal a kiss before answering her.

“Just some pasta. I just got home. Jared asked if I wanted to go fishing with him and Tom,” Jensen replied, smiling at her. She looked so happy. There was something different about her but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was, he just knew he liked it. Jensen’s eyes rested on her as he watched her test out the sauce. A smile graced his features when she let out a satisfied moan.

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Cowboy Courting

Pairing: AU!Cowboy Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,849

Warnings: None, just fluff

AN: Okay so Cowboy Dean makes me a wordy bitch apparently and it honestly wouldn’t take much convincing to make another part or two to this because it was really fun to write. All of this was inspired by a dream and the below picture. I hope you all enjoy reading some 1840′s Cowboy Dean! Thanks to my wifey @jalove-wecallhimdean for reading this one over for me and making sure it came across okay!

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You loved your job as a teacher. Your group of kids ranged in the ages of 4-13, and they were all wonderful kids in their own ways. Yes, the boys were a little rowdier and the girls a little more giggly, but they always respected you and regarded you with a, “Yes, Miss Y/N.”

One aspect of your life that you were not so thrilled with, was being 20 years old and having no male prospects asking your Pa if they could court you. You had recently started wondering if maybe you needed to take your Ma’s advice and put more effort into your appearance to attract a suitor.

“Alright boys and girls, please open your penmanship books and begin where you left off yesterday.” A chorus of groans met your ears before you had even finished speaking. “Is there a problem?”

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Interruptions (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1675

Genre: Mostly fluff…humor?

Request/Summary: “[{(MODERN AU)}] Can you plz do a tjeff x reader where you’re Washington’s niece and you invite Washington and everyone from the offices to a festival that you are helping out with. Then, Thomas starts to flirt with you, but Washington gets really protective.”- @winniepoohffg​ (this request was originally sent into @daveeddiggsit​ (check out her blog if you haven’t already, look you can just click on it right there. go homies. I belive in you. k I’ll shut up now) but I stole it because her requests are closed (: )

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: One or two dirty pick up lines, probably cussing

A/N- Thank you so much for letting me steal this @winniepoohffg​ sorry this probably kinda sucks, I tried my best, I just loved the idea so much, I couldn’t help commandeering it. Also sorry this took forever.

Standard TJeffs a/n: Yes, I do write Jefferson but keep in mind that I think historical Jefferson was an evil dick. I write for Jefferson from the play

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“What do you need me to do?” You asked your uncle.

“Thanks for helping, (Y/N), can you put these on that table over there?” He requested, piling several boxes into your arms so you could barely peek over them to see where you were going. After you set them down on the table, you opened the top of one of them to see several holiday decorated cookies stacked on display inside.

“Hey uncle George? You want me to set these out?” You called across the room.

“That would be great!” He responded. You set out each cardboard box one by one on the table, tearing off the lids to put the various sweets inside on display. Afterward, you went back to your uncle, who was now hanging up a cluster of fake mistletoe in the doorway.

“Do you… have anything more… festive to wear?” He asked you, eyeing your jeans and gray sweater.

“At your place.” You replied.

“Here are the car keys.” He dropped the keys into your hand. “Come back in half an hour looking like all the best parts of December threw up on you.”

You slipped into the dress you’d brought along on your trip to spend the holidays with your uncle, you didn’t have much other family, and he’d invited you to come, so you did. The dress had a short flowing skirt that hung around your mid thigh, a scarlet bow was sewn around the waist and the back dipped low, some might say it was a bit revealing, but this wasn’t your office party.

“This isn’t gonna be completely gone for at least four years.” You muttered to yourself as you applied glitter eyeshadow. “But hey, I’m all ready for next year now.”

You hopped back into the car and drove back to the office, the stairs proved to be more of a challenge now that you were in three-inch heeled booties, but eventually you made it back up to your uncle.

“‘Kay, what’s next?” You asked, noticing that you still had a little bit before people would start arriving.

“Hey you’re back! You look great. Can you finish labeling these and listing all the allergens? I already wrote them all but you know full well that no one can read my handwriting, so if you could just make it look neater, that would be really helpful.” He recited, gesturing to the sweets on the table.

Just as you had finished labeling the last box, the first person arrived. He was tall and had curly hair that poofed nicely all around his head. And let’s face it. He was as hot as a thousand suns clustered in hell. You stood up and brushed imaginary dust off your knees from kneeling on the floor as you’d written the labels. His eyes not-so-subtly scanned your figure as he made a beeline for you.

“Thomas Jefferson.” He introduced himself, leaning down to press a kiss to your knuckles.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You breathed.

“Ah. Jefferson you’re here, if you wouldn’t mind helping me with something?” Your uncle interrupted. “I need someone tall.”

“But we’re almost the same height.” Thomas muttered confusedly.

“Come on, no time for conversation, let’s go.” Washington beamed, dragging Thomas to the other room. You stared at his poofy hair bouncing as he walked away but it didn’t take long for your eyes to drop down further.

“You mind if I call you google?” His warm breath near your ear sent shivers up your spine, “Because you’ve got everything I’m looking for.”

“Ah, we’ve begun with the cheesy pick up lines.” You said, turning to face Jefferson. Now it was your turn to not-so-subtly scan his figure, and you couldn’t say it wasn’t more than worth the effort.

“(Y/N), how’s it going?” Your uncle stepped in front of Jefferson, pushing him backward in the process. You raised an eyebrow skeptically, he was definitely up to something.

“Great.” You drawled sarcastically.

“Good, good, why don’t you come meet Hamilton’s wife Eliza, I’m sure you two will really hit it off.” He offered, dragging you across the room. You looked back over your shoulder at Thomas, who was scowling intently at his boss’ back, gripping his plastic cup so tightly, his knuckles grew pale. You held back a laugh as your uncle came to a stop.

“Mrs. Hamilton, this is my niece (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” George introduced you. You smiled politely at her and held out your hand for her to shake.

“It’s great to meet you.” She beamed as she shook your hand, you glanced back to where Thomas was standing previously, but found it empty.

“Yeah…” You nodded awkwardly. Silently begging your uncle to leave.

“I’ll leave you to it.” He finally read your thoughts.

“Ha. That’s what my sister said when she set up my husband and I.” Eliza reminisced, staring off into the corner of the room.

“Cool. I gotta go… do… something…” You told her. “I’ll talk to you later?”

“See you around.” She smiled. You left her and walked back over to Jefferson, who was now eating a cookie and standing by the table.

“Hey, you like sleeping? Me too. We should do it together sometime.” You smirked as you stepped in front of him. The cookie dropped out of his hand and he tried to hide his strong blush. You burst out laughing at his reaction but the blush only grew

“Cheri, I think we’ve begun a pickup-line war.” He decreed slyly.

“Oh bringing out the french I see. I’m still gonna win.” You bragged.

“Go ahead and keep telling yourself that but be prepared to find out just how wrong you are.” He teased. By this time, your noses were only inches from touching each other, having slowly gravitated nearer as you talked.

“Jefferson.” A new voice interjected.

“Goddamnit. What do you want?” Thomas groaned, stepping away from you.

“Washington asked me to get you.” The man who’d interrupted shrugged.

“You’re so annoying, Hamilton.” Thomas muttered as he walked past his coworker, shoving his shoulder.

“Mature as ever.” Hamilton sneered under his breath. “So you’re the bosses neice. Hot.” He commented.

“You’re name was Hamilton right?” You queried.

“Alexander Hamilton at your service.” He bowed flirtatiously.

“Interesting. I just met your wife.” You told him, raising an eyebrow in warning. The color drained from his face for a half second.

“Huh.” He nodded. “See you around then.” After that he bolted away as quick as he had come.

You sulked your way over to the next room but got stopped in the doorway.

“Je vais faire semblant que c'est une ligne de ramassage chaud parce que vous ne pouvez pas me comprendre.” Thomas murmured into your ear.

“Et je vais faire semblant de ne pas te comprendre pour ne pas écraser ton cœur délicat.” You responded with a smug grin.

“I will admit, the French is hot, no matter what you’re saying.” You confessed with a shrug.

“I could say the same for you.” He shrugged. “Look up, angel.” You turned your gaze upward, above you was a small cluster of leaves, white flowers scattered amongst the green with a scarlet ribbon tied around the two or three stems.

“Hmm, that’s interesting.” You hummed, hooking your arm around his neck. His hand spread out on your lower back and pulled you against him. Your eyes fluttered close as your lips drew nearer to one another.

“Oops! Sorry!” Your uncle apologized, crashing between you two with a large box in his arms.

“It’s fine.” You fumed. “Do you need help with that?” You growled.

“Nope.” He smiled.

“You can’t seem to see over it, let me help.” You snapped, walking over to help your uncle.

“What are you up to?” You hissed once you were out of hearing range of Jefferson.

“What do you mean, what am I up to?” He asked innocently.

“Every time I start to get somewhere with Thomas, there you are.” You stated.

“Thomas? You’re on a first name basis?” He grumbled, setting the box down on the floor by the door to the stairs.

“Yes. We are.” You responded indignantly.

“Look, you’re my niece… and he’s… well he’s…”

“He’s what?”

“He’s… Jefferson.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“I just… I don’t want to see you hurt. He’s broken a lot of hearts.” Your eyes widened. It wasn’t as though you weren’t expecting him to be a somewhat-player, but it still somehow managed to surprise you.

“Look. I really like him, and I won’t let myself fall into that trap. I promise.” You bargained.

“No.” He shook his head.

“What? Come on. You can’t stop me, I’m not a little girl anymore.” You narrowed your eyes.

“How are you going to stop yourself from falling in love with him?” George argued.

“I’ll know when he doesn’t feel the same and back out, that was it’s not so abrupt. And what makes you think I’ll fall in love with him?” You retorted.

“I’ve seen the way you look at him, it’s bound to happen eventually. But you’re right. I can’t just keep interrupting and expect you to stop liking each other.” He conceded.

“So you’ll back off?” You questioned hopefully. He nodded,

“I’ll back off.”

You finally found Thomas and took hold of both his wrists, turning him to face you. You stood on your tiptoes and pressed a firm kiss to his lips, his hands tangled their way into your hair and eventually you melted into a softer, more lov-liking kiss. Maybe George was right. Maybe you were bound to fall in love with him eventually. Maybe he would break your heart. He began to pull away and you plastered a smile onto your face.

“I felt like we weren’t done.” You shrugged.

“Well I can’t say I disagree. Surprised my boss didn’t interrupt again.” He mumbled.

“I took care of it. He’s a little too overprotective of his sister’s daughter, I’m not ten.” You agreed.

“Wait, you’re his niece?!”

Shifted - Part 6, Chapter 2

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 6 - The Honeymoon

Lallybroch, Summer 1763

Chapter 2

 “Be good for your father,” Claire whispered in William’s ear right before he mounted his horse. “Do you have your medicine kit? I packed two extra pairs of socks and some apples in your rucksack. And because I always know you forget to –”

“I’ll be fine, Mama,” William sighed. He loved his mother, he really did, but she was just so worrit all the time. He’d be a grown man soon – and he could take care of himself just fine. Da knew that, and understood that.

Claire sighed and kissed her son’s cheek. “Watch out for your father, then. Don’t let him do anything to wrench out his back again.”

William climbed the stirrups and settled on his horse. “Aye, I will. Dinna fash, Mama – I’ll take care of him.”

William checked the straps in the horse’s bridle, watching his parents make their own goodbyes out of the corner of his eye. He saw his father touch his mother’s cheek softly, murmur something in her ear, and then kiss her deeply – in front of all his cousins and the servants.

He and Brianna discussed it from time to time – just how much in love their parents were with each other. Aged sixteen, Brianna thought it romantic; aged ten, William thought it odd. They knew that their parents’ marriage – similar to that of their aunt and uncle – was different than most, especially when he overheard talk by his classmates in the village school.

For one thing, his mother was the unreserved equal of his father – they made all decisions together, and he never made any decision without first consulting her. Second, Da had no problems with Mama doing her own work healing people – even if that work caused her to take trips to the far-off crofts or other areas of the estate where people needed doctoring. Mama was a rare fine healer, and Da not only understood that – he respected it. He’d told his children that part of the reason for that was because he had first met Mama when she’d patched him up after a battle – and that her spirit and independence was what he loved the most about her.

Third, his parents acted at times like the lads and lasses who giggled at each other and sneaked behind haystacks during the gatherings after the spring planting and autumn harvest. Mama and Da were always touching each other – his hand on her back, her hand on his arm, his arm around her shoulders even at the supper table. And he minded how, a few weeks ago, Brianna had told him she’d risen early one morning and gone to their parents’ room down the hall to speak with Da – only to hear noises coming through the door that clearly indicated that while their parents were awake, they certainly weren’t ready for any kind of conversation.

“Are ye ready, William?”

Startled, he turned to his right to see his Da mounted on a horse and settled in the saddle.

“Aye, I’m ready.”

With a final nod to Claire, the Fraser men eased their mounts into a trot and clopped out of the dooryard.

"New OTP"


I love it, I really do. It excites me, it makes my heart happy, it makes me fangirl in places I know I probably shouldn’t. Buuutttt, it could never replace what will forever and always be my love, my life; Ereri

I spent too much countless hours, writing, reading, laughing, crying and screaming over these two idiots for a beautiful CANON ship to get in the way.

I have no problem and nothing against people who do just the opposite, but for me, three years of loving this anime and this pairing is too much to throw away.

Femslash February, day 10: Sunlight.

I wanted them to look like they’re glowing in bright daylight, protected. I really, really love Usagi and Seiya together, the pairing hit me like a sack of bricks ever since I read the Stars arc in the manga for the first time (and yes, I always depict Seiya as a woman, as she is in the manga and in her Senshi form). I just always loved their chemistry, it was so sweet, if unrequited.

i’m just really curious as to where these people screaming pedophilia at a relationship between a 19/20 year old and an immortal were when a 15 year old was a 30 year old’s love interest in Mirror of the Witch, or when a 16 yr old was opposite a 27 yr old in Lets Fight Ghost or when a 16 yr old was opposite a 23 yr old in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

if people made as big deal about minors being paired with adults than they are about two actual adults (KGE is 25 btw) maybe this trend would have stopped by now.