i just really love these two and this is the cutest thing ever i cannot

// THE!! BEST!! GIFT!! EVER!! IS!!
M E M E S!!!!
kind of nsfw, at least implied.

{ Valentine’s day special }


- He’d gotten the whole shebang, like every cheesy gift imaginable. Everything. Who is this man, why is he like this.

- You just slowly slide an envelope over the table– he gets really excited and starts to open it with a huge smile on his face; you have to bite your cheek to contain yourself.

- When he gets it open, it’s literally pouring out valentine’s day cards with memes on them

- ” Wait what is this? Spell lana backwards? … OH”

- He’s laughing while he’s opening them because he didn’t know what he expected but not this?

- “ Looks like someone’s getting cremè bru-laid toni– M C ”

- Keeps them because he thinks they’re funny and just so you. Trust me, he’ll go through with everything that’s written on those cards if you know what i’m dayin wink wonk


- Honestly don’t give it to him out front like hide little sticky notes around the house for him to find

- He’ll be at work two weeks after valentine’s day and he just finds
“ you’ll be making MY kitten purr tonight“ WITH A PICTURE OF ELIZABETH THE 3RD

- Calls you and asks how many of these you made because he finds them at random, he found one in the oven like?? when did you have time for this

- He recognizes V’s ugly writing on a few of them and he’s going to fight that man for helping you with this


- He was so so scared for valentine’s day– what if you didn’t like his gift? He just went with what Jaehee told him to get and rolled with it.

- He’s stuttering and nervous, you slide him a card. incognito. If you had sunglasses, they would have been worn.

- You got him a video game!! And he’s excited, but confused when there’s no disk?? it’s just cardboard with something written on it

- “ the only thing you’ll be playing with is me tonight. ”



- she’d have none of your bullshit honestly

- She saw you making cards and she just cannot believe this she runs whenever you chase her with them in hand

- “ damn girl, you optimus fine ”

- S TO P

- “ let’s get together and have some shrex because i’m not ogre you ”

- N O

- “ id let you in my swamp ”



- oh look at that you both had the same idea

- He makes his hand made memes into paper planes and sends them to you via flight through the living room

- “ let’s bop bop bop ur top off ”

- of course you HAVE to send one back I mean it’s just common courtesy!

- fucking looses it at
“ ravioli ravioli give me the dickioli ”

- this goes on all night until the living room is COVERED in these cards

- poor saeran is surrounded by your sins when he wakes up look what you’ve done you’ve soiled him


- V is the sweetest on valentine’s day okay he gets you roses, gives you massages with nice vanilla candles all around, ( he’s a god with his hands trust me trust me) kisses, chocolates, wine, he’s basically your servant for the day and you over here givin him some memes? smh who are you

- no but seriously, he would think it’s the cutest thing. especially handmade, look at your creativity! what a nerd

- hey he can spice things up too– He’s not stale, he’s a cool kid too MC. But his memes are wholesome with some sexual innuendo but mainly wholesome

- “ You take my breath away ”

- Most sexual has to be
“ Ill turn you on! ”
on top of your laptop, he’s so cute and blushy when you find it


- he’s concerned for your wellbeing because you’re laughing so hard at the stack of valentines in his hand

- “ I think you’re eggstaordinary?? I want to see your hard drive— MC what is this EXPLAIN”

- He’s laughing too because he honestly can’t believe this you worked so hard on these

- He loves you so much his heart hurts because of it— you’re so silly and goofy and it makes him so happy? but these are terrible who taught you how to meme? let the master show you how it’s done ~

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Hey, can you recomend me some fluffy one-shots please??? I would appreciate it soo much

OMG I’ve read soooo many good fluffy fanfictions that I had to condense this post down by so much. 

  • In Need of a Proper Hug - by Faithwood (2k)
    Draco rescues a poor, poor koala, which won’t stop hugging him.
    (Koala!Harry is the cutest thing ever, and Draco is so adorable when he fawns over Koala!Harry)

  • ‘Arry - by DorthyAnn (2k)
    Malfoy had always spoke french, over the years the occasional outbursts of french lessened and his accent became less pronounced, except when he lost his temper and would swear at length and quite colourfully in the elegant language.
    (Harry & Draco confess their love through Parseltongue and French)

  • 101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes - by who_la_hoop (26k)
    Harry is a trainee Auror, and Draco is living at Malfoy Manor, bored and petulant with nothing to do, and no career prospects. Draco’s attempt to heal himself via Muggle psychology – including writing a series of ‘why I hate you’ letters to Harry – backfires when an overanxious house elf delivers the results to Harry. Harry is bemused, Draco is angry and together they have a lot of issues to work out.
    (Omg the letters Draco sends to Harry to help “cure” himself are hilarious! Basically the summary says everything, but I absolutely loved reading this story!)

  • Teddy Bears, Polyjuice and an Overdose of Pink - by Vinyaya (5k)
    In which Draco is petulant, Harry is amused, romantic gestures play havoc with the Statute of Secrecy, and everyone wants to steal some of Draco’s hair.
    (The banter in this story is so well-written! I loved the friends-to-lovers vibe this fic gives out andI especially loved the scene where Harry walks in on Ron polyjuiced as Draco)
  • Silent Confessions of the Obsessed - by Windseeker2305 (15k)
    Harry wonders why he can’t stop thinking about a certain Slytherin; Draco despairs over why he’s been doomed to fall for a straight Gryffindor.
    (So very hot and so very perfect. An absolutely fabulous read!)

  • The Best Gift - by Crimson_stained (7k)
    Harry takes his Secret Santa assignment a little too seriously. 
    (A highly funny and enjoyable fic! So many funny points throughout the story, and I loved reading all the little facts Harry learns about Draco)

  • Freudian Slip - by jennavere (10k)
    Two years after graduating from Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy is still obsessed with Harry Potter. Fed up, his father makes him get therapy.
    (Featuring obsessive boys who are too god damn oblivious for their own good)

  • Storm in a Teacup - by Faithwood (8k)
    For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.
    (This was so lovely to read and it’ll leave you smiling for days!)

  • The Liplock Jinx - by Cassis Luna (21k)
    It’s a jinx that renders the victim mute, unless he/she serves the purpose of the jinx and kisses the person that they desire. It’s just Harry’s luck that he’s in love with Draco.
    (Just like the summary says, Harry has to kiss Draco if he ever wants to get his voice back. A really nice feel-good story!)

  • Talk To Me - by Saras_Girl (15k)
    When the usual channels of communication are shut down, the most surprising people can find a way in. A strange little love story.
    (Saras_Girl seems to do no wrong with her stories! Such a cute fic <3)

  • The Wolf Pack - by dracogotgame (14k)
    Nobody said achieving your animagus form was easy. Draco could handle being a wolf pup for a while, right? How bad could it be?
    (A story where two wolves regularly meet in the Forbidden Forest, yet neither of them know that the other is an animagus. Love, love, loved reading this story!)

  • Edible Smudges and Insufferable Potters (and Insufferable Smudges and Edible Potters) - by Faithwood (2k)
    All Draco wants to do is study. That’s what libraries are for. Study History of Magic, that is. Not Potter.
    (This is such a perfect fic with ridiculous amounts of fluff! An absolute delight to read!)

  • Hold My Hand - by bafflinghaze (4k)
    Harry has been with Draco for a number of years now. So when Draco gets injured, Harry has to storm St. Mungo’s.
    (A really sweet and wonderful fic!)

  • Timer - by JulietsEmoPhase (2k)
    “If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?” Of course, Harry had to miss the moment his clock ran out.
    (Soulmate au’s are always fun to read! There was just the right amount of angst in this fic and the fluff levels were skyrocketing through the roof!)

  • And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree - by lauren3210 (8k)
    Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.
    (A coffeshop au with copious amounts of fluff and flirting thrown in)

  • A Choice of Wings - by Lomonaaeren (18k)
    A Choice of Wings is Harry’s matchmaking business for Veela who have trouble finding mates. And Draco Malfoy is his most difficult client.
    (I loved how the author put a unique spin on the veela trope - it made reading the story 10x more entertaining! Such a cute and original story!)

  • The One Time Ron Learned Something Before Hermione Did - by slashedsilver (4k)
    Ron expects Eighth Year to be more of the same—classes, homework, new professors. He never expects it to bring new revelations. 
    (It was so thrilling to read about Draco’s and Harry’s relationship from the POV of Ron)

  • Greenhouse Lessons - by Cheryl_Dyson (14k)
    Harry and Draco have detention in Hogwarts greenhouse. Dangerous plantlife and several varieties of euphoria ensue.
    (Brilliantly written, fantastic plot, and some really fluffy and hot scenes!)

  • Painting Potter’s Portrait - by Yo_mamma (10k)
    When a painting of Harry and Malfoy doing the ‘afternoon delight’ makes an appearance at the Ministry. Harry makes it his personal duty to chase down the artist who drew this…disgusting…piece of art. Enter Draco Malfoy who also sees the painting as a personal affront and decides to join Harry in search of the painting and it’s artist.
    (Pornographic photos of Draco and Harry are released to the public. Draco seems a little bit too smug about the whole ordeal)

  • Cruppy Love - by Writcraft (2k)
    Harry Potter is forced to rescue Draco Malfoy from being made into soup when he gets turned into a crup in Knockturn Alley.
    (Crup!Draco is definitely one of the most adorable things ever!)
Incoherent Screeching about 403

We start with SO MUCH BRAVENLARKE I am enjoying this even if they’re bickering.

I honestly can’t decide if Clarke’s snappish reaction to Bellamy’s “I’m not going to be one of the hundred” is a sign that this is an argument they have been having for days and she’s sick of it because you will live if I want you to live, dammit or if it’s the first time she heard of it and she’s caught off guard.  Either one would make me flail like a turtle on its back, though.

So @ponyregrets pointed out that the way Bellamy knocks on the window of the rover and makes Jaha get out is a clear sign he watched a bunch of cop movies on the Ark, and we both agreed that this was because Octavia was super into Lethal Weapon and both Blake siblings probably really liked Speed and long story short, it’s now officially canon that Bellamy Blake has a crush on Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality is the official movie of the Blake family as it unites Bellamy’s two great loves (Sandra Bullock and feminism) with Octavia’s two great loves (makeup and punching.)

I am going to deal with the Raven arc in one fell swoop because eventually I’m just gonna be screaming about bellarke, so here goes:  I feel AWFUL for Raven.  She’s making decisions entirely on her own because she’s literally the only person who can, and fucking no one is stepping up to be her shoulder to cry on.  I was definitely on her side over Abby in the medicine debate, and it really hurt to see her sort-of-mom challenge her, even if Abby truly believed she was doing the right thing.  Raven’s arc is clearly not over and I do like where it’s going, but god, someone draw her a bubble bath and pour her an entire bottle of wine because my girl needs it.

I also really, really, REALLY loved the brief scene with Bellamy and Luna.  I was surprised by how it was initially presented with Luna thinking she doesn’t deserve their help because she didn’t help them with the flame, though, because I never saw her decision as wrong?  Like, yes, it would have helped them immensely, but the way they went about it was SO AWFUL and TERRIBLE that I felt Luna was totally justified in being like “no fuck you get off my rig.”  So to have Luna frame her decision as having hurt them was surprising, but also very in character for our lovely pacifist mermaid.

HOWEVER, what I loved about that scene was the genuine remorse and understanding on both their sides.  Luna basically admitted she would get it if he saw this as her just rewards, and Bellamy flat out refused that interpretation.  His “no one deserves to suffer” was just the right amount of heartbreaking, because he probably does resent her a little but he never, ever wanted this.  I also think he understands her pain better than most, and I have to move on now because if I don’t this will be too fucking long so check back this afternoon for 2k on Bellamy/Luna parallels.

To conclude the radiation arc: absolutely none of us are surprised that Luna’s nightblood makes her resistant to radiation, but that pales in comparison to that gutwrenching death scene.  I cried and cried and thank you show, for remembering what you’re good at.

Murphy and Emori: god I love those two grifters so fucking hard, and I am really glad they at least addressed the complete lack-of-consent bullshit that was Murphy/Ontari.  I also love that Murphy is ingratiating himself to Abby as a way of making sure he and Emori survive because that is On Brand for those two assholes and I could not be happier.

Before we finish with the bellarke flailing, back to Polis!  ROAN’S ELVEN CLOAK IS EVERYTHING TO ME as is Indra having a daughter and backstory and an arc for this season that has almost nothing to do with the Skaikru.  I am here for it, and I am here for Indra and Gaia having a complicated mother/daughter relationship that is just as deep and nuanced as Clarke and Abby’s.  I am also really pleased with Octavia’s “fuck it, she’s family” decision to go against Roan, because that is insanely reckless and probably the wrong call politically but it is from the heart and in that respect it is 100% Blake and that makes me happy.

Also making me happy: Murderous Elf Prince!  He’s so handsome and angry and yeah, I’m into it.

Okay, so….The Road Trip and the List.  First of all, I laughed at Jaha sitting in the back while people young enough to be his kids drive the van, because….god, Jaha.  Of COURSE you would think a cult can save everyone.  That’s literally your first instinct: You know what could fix this? A cult!  However, (and there will be MUCH MORE IN DEPTH FLAILING ABOUT THIS IN A SEPARATE POST) I really appreciated that his role in that scene was to a) present Bellamy with an easy option to assuage his guilt and b) lampshade the role that Bellamy fills in Clarke’s life, and then Bellamy rejected them both.  He does not think that “it was for my people” is sufficient justification for the massacre (which: agreed, it isn’t) and I think that line was more about Jaha than Bellamy.  Jaha has decided that so long as he thought he was doing the right thing, it’s okay, but Bellamy is following Beard Dad on this one, which I think is the right call.  Bellamy also cannot see how important he is to Clarke, but he can see how important she is to him.  It’s like, instinctive– Jaha says “you center her” and Bellamy is like “lol no she centers me.”  He doesn’t even take a beat to consider it, it just is.  However, while he was right to reject Jaha’s solution for guilt, he was definitely wrong to reject his place in Clarke’s life buuuuut it’s also understandable because a lot of Clarke’s feelings for him are still buried deep down inside of her and only come out when he’s sleeping.

Sidenote: so clearly, some of Second Dawn survived and guys, this means Grounders are descended from Scientologists.  I find this utterly delightful.  Thank you, show, for being bonkers.

And then, we get a brief moment of peace.  I am going to go with “Bellamy fell asleep and Clarke chose that moment to write out the list”  as my headcanon for this scene because I don’t see a scenario where Bellamy is like “you do this awful thing; Big Boy needs his nap.”  That’s not how they operate, and while I could maybe see him falling asleep due to pure exhaustion while they work on the list together, that also doesn’t feel very likely to me.  So unless I hear otherwise, that’s the interpretation I’m going with.

So Bellamy falls asleep and Clarke watches him, glad that he’s getting a moment of peace in the oncoming hell.  I suspect she kept his name off the list for several reasons, but the most important one here is she knows he doesn’t want to be on it.  She’s trying to honor his wishes, but then she looks at him and is like, “I cannot imagine a world where he doesn’t deserve to survive.”

And then she breaks down.  Because Clarke is never going to put her own name on that list, and it means she’s going to lose him.  (Of course, she’d also lose him if they BOTH died, but she has already decided that is Not An Option).  The weight of everything hits her at once, and Bellamy’s Clarke Alarm goes off and he wakes up.  (Aside: Bellamy being kind of snort-y and noisy when he wakes up is like, the cutest fucking thing in the universe A+ work Bob).  He knows right away what’s going on and he does the only thing he can think of: he offers his life in exchange for hers.

Except this time, they’re not dying– they’re living.  He’s saying “fine, you want me to survive?  I’ll survive– but only if you do too.”  Clarke just can’t bring herself to say “yes I deserve to live” so Bellamy does it for her, and then he touches her– gently, and just the once– to show her she’s not alone, and then he makes himself leave.  I have SO MANY thoughts about why he chose that moment to walk away, but I think the main reason was that he needed to, because he’s on the edge too and breaking down in front of Clarke wouldn’t help her.  And that’s his only goal in that scene– help her, lift some of that burden, remind her that she’s not alone.  She’s his center, so he does what he can for her and then he walks away before he has to ask her for something, because to him that would be adding to her burden and that is unconscionable.

Because guys…he loves her so much.  And she loves him too.  

white knight

Lukas isn’t used to his dad taking pictures of him. He isn’t really used to anyone taking pictures of him but Philip. But his dad is standing alongside Helen and Gabe and all three of them are smiling and Lukas doesn’t feel as stupid in his cap and gown as he thought he would. He’s seen other schools in bright oranges and blues and shit, but they lucked out with black. Philip looks fucking adorable, and Lukas plans on telling him later, when they’re alone, just how goddamn cute he is. But for now he wraps an arm around his waist, pulling him a little closer, and grins for the camera.

“How many more pictures?” Philip asks, through gritted teeth.

“As many as we want,” Helen says, snapping a couple more.

“You took about a hundred before the ceremony,” Lukas says, raising his eyebrows at his dad. People are still streaming out of the auditorium and Lukas sees a bunch of other kids having to deal with the same crap they’re dealing with right now.

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My fic recs :3c

I’ve been reading like a ton of fics lately, and figured I’d share some of my favorites! Honestly, I will probably end up making several of these lists because I had a real hard time narrowing it down to just a few haha.

****Disclaimer: mostly Klance uwu;

Keith who has never really had a favorite color. Then one day at the Garrison he catches a glimpse of Lance’s eyes and it stops him in his tracks for that moment.
“That’s it?” He realizes, “That’s my favorite color,”
It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.

I’m a hecking sucker for pining Keith, first of all. Second of all, it was just generally a nice change to not have his favorite color be red for once lol. This fic is so cute and sweet and I’m love it

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

Wow can I just like.. this fic was so good. It resonated really strongly with me, as I am basically Keith from this story lmao. Easily in my top five Klance fics ever of all time. Bls read it

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.
Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

Ongoing, amazing fic where Lance and Keith are both traveling and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Features Japanese Broganes, Pidge speaking Italian, and Lance poledancing on the Eiffel Tower. Seriously like a really great story, I love it so much, and I always get so excited when I see the notifications of chapters in my email. :3

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”
“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

A real cute Shatt fic. Pining Shiro is the cutest thing ever, I swear.

It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way - and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.

So cute. I love everybody taking care of their Space Dad. Great family moments all around, honestly, it’s freaking adorable.

“How far are you willing to go?”
“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly and feeling sick – at himself, at his mother, at the world in general.
How far was he willing to go for somebody he’d never met? Yet, or ever?
AKA Lance is ace and full of love, Keith dives headfirst into office shenanigans, things are suspended in Jell-O, coffee is a gift, and the office mascot is a domesticated goat named Annihilator.

I am 100% in love with everything about this fic. As someone who is ace, I literally cannot even express how much this amazing story means to me. Everything about it is great. There’s also some drabbles, and a followup from Keith’s POV. (..also I just like recommend bwyn in general??? read all of their fics pls, their writing is so good)


Headcannon of werewolf!Mccree finding that his human s/o is pregnant with a small litter of werewolf puppies?

I would like to just start this off by saying that I love anything to do with werewolf McCree and demon Hanzo so if you have any McHanzo fic recs (that don’t have anything explicit in them) including these two topics in any way shape or form I would die happily.

Also at the moment of me posting this, my puppy has currently trapped himself in an existential crisis called a leash and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

I’m going to free him.

Hope you have a lovely day friend!! <33 

-Mod Cherry

I love you for sending me this request thank you.

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the parent trap pt6 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (6/12)

Words: 1k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

AN-OKAY SO I’VE NEARLY FINISHED WITH THIS AU!!! I was thinking of doing another au based off a film, so i was thinking 27 dresses with Jughead but idk idk send in your ideas bc it’ll probably be better than mine lmao!

previous masterlist next

(Y/N) sat on the porch with Fred, staring off into the distance. “You know, (Y/N), my son can be a pain in the ass but he really does care for you. God knows how much that boy loves you and normally, I wouldn’t believe that people of your age would be in love but you guys, you guys have been dating since forever. Don’t let this rough patch you’re going through ruin you two as a couple because, you guys understand each other more than the older couples in this town.“ 

(Y/N) laughed at the situation she was like but her laughter turned into a scoff “I can’t be with someone who believes I can’t achieve my dreams though, Fred. You know we fell out because he believes I don’t spend enough time getting to know you but you have been a better father to me than my own father every will be. I’m sorry if it seems like I don’t want to spend time with you, it’s just I get homesick, even after nine years of being here.”

“You see, (Y/N), unlike my own son, I understand why you spend so much time with your family. You’re still sixteen, you shouldn’t be away from them. Archie should understand that and I’ll speak to him about that but for now (Y/N) don’t give up on him and most importantly, don’t give up on yourself.”

Aria noticed two things about Riverdale. The first thing she noticed was that it seemed to be practically empty. It was nothing compared to the busy city life of London. The second was that although the town was basically a ghost town, everyone seemed to pulled towards ‘Pop’s Chock'lit Shoppe’. She had instantly recognised it as the place in which many of her mum’s childhood and teen life was spent. Her mother’s description of the place was accurately perfect. The neon lights buzzing gave somewhat a satisfactory feeling. Something that seemed to calm Aria’s nerves. Her father watched her as she slowly made her way towards the entrance. He noted that she was almost hesitant to enter.

“Morning, I brought breakfast.” Jughead grinned at his niece. “Your mum wants to see you in her office after this.”

“Sh-She doesn’t know, does she?” Amelia asked, looking down at the tray her uncle had placed in front of her. She noticed that her uncle had written ‘Welcome Home’ on the pancake himself, making her grin.

“Your secret is safe with me Amelia. It was about time you two were made aware of each other.” He pushed himself off the bed and strode towards her bedroom door. “By the way, nice work with the accent.”

Amelia picked up a pillow from her side and threw it at her uncle who dodged it. "Good throw, Amelia, your dad’s been teaching you well.“

Aria frowned as Jessica barged into the room she was staying in without her consent. “Jess, you idiot! I could’ve been getting changed.”

“Calm down, you’re as flat as an ironing board, Amelia! There’s nothing to see!” she exclaimed, shutting the door with her foot. “So Tom Mantle has heard about your doppelgänger at camp and wants to see pictures because he doesn’t believe it.”

“Tom Mantle?” Aria raised her eyebrow, he definitely wasn’t spoken about by Amelia.

“Amelia! Don’t tell me camp has made you forget all about Tom Mantle! He’s only the cutest guy in Riverdale!”

Aria’s mind wandered between playing along or telling Jessica her true identity and then finding out the truth between Amelia and Tom. Aria thought it’d be the best to do the latter, despite knowing that it could lessen the time she had with her father. She sighed, barely being able to look Jess in the eye, too embarrassed to tell her she had no clue who Tom Mantle was. “Er, Jess, who’s Tom?”

“You can sto-NO! NO!” Jessica gasped “You two did not swap places! Please tell me, you’re joking! Please tell me, you’re not Aria Jones!”

“Can’t exactly lie to my favourite cabin mate can I?” She shrugged, a smile spreading across her face “You cannot tell anyone, Jessica!“ 

 Jessica nodded eagerly and wrapped her arms around Aria.

Betty knocked on Archie’s door once again, mentally begging for him to turn the music down. She couldn’t stand to hear ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline played once again. She was pretty sure the lyrics would forever be imprinted in her mind. She knocked on Archie’s door for a final time, not even waiting for a response before she entered and found the flame haired boy sat at the foot of his bed, his hair everywhere, dark circles around his eyes and his daughter peering at him through her crib. Ever since, (Y/N) and Aria left, he had made sure Amelia wasn’t alone in her room and made his father move her crib into his room. She stepped over Archie and made her way over to the girl, who kicked in joy at the sight of Betty. “You know, Andrews, you don’t have the right to sulk.” Kevin commented from the door, his eyes never leaving his heartbroken friend. “You being the idiot you are pushed her away.”

Archie looked over to Betty who just nodded at him. She knew Archie was aware he was the reason she left with Aria. (Y/N) had warned him on multiple occasions she was ready to leave with both the twins. He just didn’t know that arguing with her brother would be the final straw. He could recall the moment so clearly. It repeated in his mind. It was the day he lost his girlfriend, best friend and daughter.

“How do you act as if you’re not interested but interested at the same time? I’m so confused!” Aria groaned “I’ve never met this guy before, how am I supposed to show him I’m interested? Oh my God, we’re eleven, my mum would actually laugh at me if she heard me say that.”

“Your mom would what?” Archie asked, taking Aria by surprise.

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hello, hello, i love the way your headcanons are written. like, they're hilarious. how would RFA + minor trio react to a suave motherfucker MC? a hella smooth and cool MC who could charm the pants off a snake and absolutely loves making people blush. bonus points if they're a tall crossdressing woman

A/N AH YES SMOOTH MY MIDDLE NAME I had a lotta trouble writing this, I’m the least smooth person you’ll ever meet I once bit it standing for the pledge of allegiance. I just; stood up, hit my knee on the chair in front of me, recoiled my knee, and fell flat on my ass. Thank you though!!??? I love you muah <3 I don’t think I’ll be able to get those bonus points this time around im sososo sorry but I can’t think of a way to work the crossdressing in well >.<  feel free to send in a purely crossdressing request when they open up??  -mod cozy <3

- Yoosung, much like yours truly is SO unsmooth he’s constantly tripping over his words and his feet and everything in between
- So he’s S U P E R impressed by you it’s not even funny he asks to become your apprentice at least once a day
- “Oh yoosung, darling, it’s not just something you learn.”
- Also a HUGE blushy mess when ya use your charming powers on him like you thought he’d be
- Picks up on the role reversal quickly and is not happy about it
- Wants to be a maN (Swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon)
- Starts having zen coach him on the side but just really cannot do it rip

- She herself is pretty unfazed by it and she’s just all polite and stuff unless you get her flowers, she Is WEAK to like a bouquet of roses she’ll swoon and blush and the whole nine yards
- Baehee has picked up on it and is hella impressed despite being relatively immune due to her training herself to be unfazable
- Asks you to teach her just a few tricks that she can use when dealing with customers and the like
- You guys actually make a game out of it sometimes
- You’ll like count the amount of people who trip when you strike a certain mini-pose and compare results
- or Or OR
- You take you and your natural charisma to restaurants or bars with baehee and see if you can eat for free by having people around you buy you drinks and meals without directly asking for them
- It’s really funny and you usually have to take home leftovers riP
- You guys are the ultimate duo she makes the plans and you execute them watch out Seoul

- He REFUSES to be outdone
- Cheesy romance lines are his thing???? Wyd MC?????
- Everyone around you guys together needs to wear fucking sunglasses or something because the amount of suave (not the hair product) is dangerous to the naked eye
- You guys don’t get into like, smooth-offs; you get into smooth WARS
- “MC, you look gorgeous as usual.”
- “Oh Zen, you’re ever the charmer. I actually got something for you!” cue a cute lil kiss on the cheek from MC
- “Oh really? Me too, we should go at the same time.”
- “1.. 2.. 3!”
- You both simultaneously pull out the E X A C T S A M E extravagant bouquet of flowers from behind your backs???
- This is just the tip of the iceberg????

- He’s a lot like Zen not that he’d admit it
- He’s lowkey trying to outdo you the whole time bc he’s been RAISED on charisma it’s part of his JOB and you have it down just like that?? Just naturally??? Burn the witch
- He’s used to be on the giving end of charm though so it is a nice change of pace
- If you buy him chocolate or roses or “something that reminded you of him” though
- He’ll return it ten- no, twentyfold
- Will blush and then deny blushing when you give him particularly well-said compliments
- You charm the stockings off of any reporter that comes your way which makes the relationship A THOUSAND times easier like thank our lord and savior Elizabeth the 3rd

- He’s going to embrace the “maiden” roll 110%
- All for swooning and being swept off his feet sign *clap* this *clap* boy *clap* up
- He does shoot back a few “Mcccc you’re cringier than ZEN~” or “Mc, how can I be the cutest when YOU’RE the cutest” so it’s not all one sided at least
- He’s a switch in multiple ways trust me, sometimes he totally likes to be the charmer and sometimes the charmee
- Is incredible in both positions I promise you’ll get the exact reaction or comment you want every damn time
- Turns redder than his ding dang hair if you say something about space or science or anything dorky and relate it to romance or some shit,
- mod cozy isn’t good at being smooth so use your imagination on the dialogue here

- He’s so polite about everything it doesn’t stop here
- At first you’re just making comments like “can I take a picture of YOU this time as proof that angels exist?” yes I stole that from cookie anon
- And he’s just like “Thank you very much sweetheart that’s a lovely sentiment but I’m far from an angel as you know.” Liar.
- And then you get into innuendo territory but like; classy and smooth innuendos
- And he reacts the same way???
- “Hey V I’d like to SEE you out of those clothes.” Fuck that was neither classy nor smooth I really can’t come up with anything not punny so this will have to do guys
- And he’ll respond with “That’s very nice of you MC.” And at this point you’re frustrated??
- Because your charm.
- Ain’t.
- Working???
- Little do ya know, V is planning something for when the two of you get home wink wonk

- Refuses to let you charm them
- Gotta resist (conceal don’t feel)
- They were trained for this, you can expect it’ll be difficult to achieve your goal but you’ll! Get! There!
- “Hey Vandercutie, can you pass me the red pepper? This dish needs it almost as much as I need you.”
- “Here’s your pepper. Don’t pour it too quickly or you risk throwing the balance of the dish off.”
- You may have caught a slight blush on their cheeks though???
- Maybe??
- I think you’re making progress keep at it

- Tries to pretend your smoothness doesn’t affect him
- Because BAD BOYS don’t get swept off their feet shut the hell up he is NOT blushing YOURE blushing
- He tries soooo hard to hide it but ALWAYS fails miserably because he has this cute little habit of playing with his hair when he’s embarrassed or bashful
- Which is a lot thanks to you ;)
- Will try to get you back in that romantic-creepy way of his that he has but you just shoot right back with a compliment or come on of your own???
- No cult organization in the universe could’ve prepared him for this

college boyfriend!mark

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  • soooo mark strikes me as the type of guy you’d wanna date in your early twenties
  • he’s like the sweet gentle type that you date for a long time, take home to your parents, plan your future out with ya feel
  • unlike the rest of my boyfriend scenarios, i really like the idea of mark being like normal mark
  • not famous, going to school mark
  • now you meet mark bc you two happen to take a really obscure class together
  • like,,, there’s maybe ten people in the entire class (you’re kind of lost as to why it even exists tbh)
  • but hey, it’s the only alternative for another class you didn’t make the roster for, so you’ll take what you can get
  • on your first day there, there’s only like three people in the entire lecture hall so you’re confused af
  • you end up walking up to the first person you see and you’re like “yo, i’m here for my class but i think i have the wrong place”
  • the person’s head is hung down as they write out something in their notebook
  • but then they look up
  • you’re momentarily shocked by how pretty this person is bc like… damn
  • he smiles like “oh hey, yeah this is the place. don’t worry, it’s this small all the time. i’m mark” 
  • and he holds his hand out for you to shake and as soon as you touch palms you have to hide your shocked expression bc!! boy has some soft ass hands!!!
  • besides the callouses on his fingers his touch is as gentle as his smile
  • you tell him your name through a strangled breath and he repeats it to himself before smiling at you again and you’re still trying to figure out how someone could be this nice and beautiful
  • “do you want to sit next to me? i can help you catch up on anything you need help with” he offers, but he’s already pulling out the seat next to him and how could u refuse hah..haha
  • you plop in that seat so fast
  • you two end up going over his notes for all of three minutes before he starts inquiring about you and your major and your plans for the future
  • in fact you two are so lost in what you’re talking abt that you only realize the professor is there when she drops a book on yours and mark’s desk with a raised eyebrow like “yall done”
  • you and mark are blushing so hard lmao
  • throughout the whole class tho, you can’t really focus on anything besides mark beside you
  • you notice every time he moves, or every puff of breath that leaves him when he’s focused on writing down the professor’s words as she barrels through her lecture at lightning speed
  • when the class is over, you’re all over the place bc you only managed to capture half of what she said and you couldn’t put any of the information you had into something comprehensible
  • you stand next to your desk with a pout on your lips, not noticing until his breath is on your shoulder that mark is peeking at your notes
  • “that doesn’t look very… that isn’t exactly… do you need some help?” mark is so disheartened looking at your notes that he literally can’t help offering his own to you
  • but you’re so thankful and you’re like “thank you thank you!!! how can I repay you?”
  • and mark is pretty adamant that you don’t need to pay him back, that he’s just being a helpful classmate, but then as you’re taking pictures of his notes he just,,, “do you wanna go on a date? i-i mean a study date. you know. to study. the material. for school”
  • of course you can’t say no to the cute blush on his cheeks and the stutter in his words and omg is he biting his lip what the fu
  • “totally!! i’ll give you my number and you can text me whenever you’re free” 
  • you two exchange numbers and you’re on your way
  • this turns out to be a mistake bc it’s only twenty minutes later when you’re headed to your next class and all you can think about is him
  • your hands keep fiddling with your phone and even your friend in that class is like “are u good”
  • you wanna text him so bad tbh but like you dont want to be weird or anything
  • and then like as soon as you get out of class to go get lunch your phone buzzes and you nearly get whiplash from how fast you look at your phone
  • mark: are you busy later? its never too late to start studying
  • i mean… you just got out of that class like two hours ago but oF COURSE MARK YOU’D LOVE TO
  • you’re not even surprised when the entire study date turns into you two just getting to know each other
  • he tells you about how he loves music, how his roommate jackson is always trying to get him out of his shell and it kind of hits you that mark isn’t the type to do things like this
  • the fact that he’s stepped out of his comfort zone to hang with you is so endearing that you kind of just sit your chin in your palm and watch him lovingly as he talks about his interests and you’re pretty sure “i’m so attracted to you??” is written across your forehead but you don’t even care
  • at the end of the date, he walks you back to your dorm, and before you can disappear into your room, he grabs at your hand gently
  • his hold is unsure, but he looks determined, even if he’s incapable of making eye contact
  • “was it just me or was today more of a date than it was studying?”
  • you just nod, your smile widening as he rubs the back of his neck when his palm grows sweaty in yours
  • “would you… maybe like to do that again? the date part of course. i mean we can study too if you’d like, honestly as long as we’re hanging out-” “I’d love to mark”
  • it’s official, you’re dating!!
  • you’re surprised how quickly you fall for mark too
  • weeks pass and you two basically spend every waking minute together
  • if you aren’t physically beside each other, you’re texting, or calling, or thinking about the other
  • while you two haven’t had the talk abt official titles, you secretly look at each other like that
  • it’s only evident one day when you’re talking to jackson, in his and mark’s dorm room while mark gets dressed for your date
  • jackson is telling you how he’s known mark for a while now and he’s never seen him act the way he does when he’s with you
  • “i think he’s really serious about you… but are you serious about him?” jackson asks, and you can’t hate him for asking bc you know how protective he is of his best friend
  • but his question is so out of the blue that you take a minute to think about it, your mind kinda lost on you as you try to think up a satisfactory answer
  • and then it all becomes clear to you, like a cloud parted over your feelings
  • “i’m really serious about him. it’s early but… i think i really want to be with him for a long time. he makes me feel so warm and happy and he’s not like any guy i’ve ever known. i feel like mark… is the one”
  • and then a smile cracks across jackson’s face before he turns his head to something behind you, and you turn your attention over your shoulder to see mark smiling with literal stars in his eyes 
  • “you were right mark. she passed my test”
  • when you realize what’s going on your cheeks immediately start burning, and you deliver a few blows to mark’s shoulder but even through the pain and complaining he can’t stop how happy he is
  • he keeps the cheesy smile the whole night oml you have to kiss him just to get him to stop
  • besides mark being the cutest boy ever he’s also a little (big) shit
  • always playing some kind of a prank on you
  • one time he convinces you he’s turned your favorite white sweater green with a picture of said sweater looking bright lime 
  • and you’re so mad but he just smiles at you and flutters his eyelashes like “im sorry, you still love me right??” 
  • and of course you’re still mad but you reassure him with a forehead kiss and then he laughs and goes “i didn’t ruin your sweater, youngjae helped me photoshop it so it looked like i did”
  • he gets so many bruises that day
  • but his friends make up for it by teasing the shit out of mark
  • his friend jinyoung has a plethora of embarrassing stories about mark that you could just sit there for hours listening to how mark broke his finger playing bop it
  • mark’s youngest friends, dance majors yugyeom and bambam and computer science major youngjae see mark as the older bro of their friend group as mark is the oldest, so they kinda see you as their older sister
  • therefore, you are not unaccustomed to unannounced visits from the three at all hours of the day
  • yugyeom is always asking you to criticize his dances, bambam always asks you to help him study, and youngjae honestly just comes over to sleep bc his roommate is super loud and he never gets a moment of peace
  • in return, you use them for everything
  • all you have to do is say “do this” and they’ll do it bc they love u so much and they have to pay you back somehow for how much they bother you
  • even when mark is over and you two are trying to have some time alone they’ll still stop by and won’t leave despite all the urging to
  • the amount of times you have to call either jaebum or jinyoung to save you has gotten out of hand
  • but even then you don’t mind bc honestly they’re like family to you now, and you love them too much to ever hate being around them
  • in turn, mark is really aware of how special you are to him and he makes sure he lets you know
  • if you’re sick, mark is skipping all his classes to take care of you
  • even if you protest he cannot be persuaded
  • if he really can’t miss a class or has an exam tho, he’ll send one of the boys to take care of you and of course they do so at the drop of a hat
  • makes sure you’re caught up in schoolwork, and always offers to help you study for big tests bc he knows you have a hard time doing so by yourself
  • if you’re too lazy to go grocery shopping he has no prob going out and doing it for you
  • he’s just such a doting bf like he doesn’t mind doing whatever you need done
  • even tho he doesn’t always say “i love you” with words, you can tell just by how he treats you
  • he says i love you when he asks if you’ve gotten enough sleep in the middle of class, and when you shake your head no, he lets you nap and promises to explain the lesson to you later
  • he says i love you when he makes you dinner bc he knows you’re too busy with homework to make it for yourself
  • he says i love you in all of his own little ways
  • but when he does remember to say it, it’s always said with such warmth and fondness that you have to take a second to collect yourself from the utter cuteness before you say it back
  • overall, mark is a loving, caring bf and he’s the best never let him go

other boyfriend!got7:



the little things

aka the little things that make Archie fall in love with you

Read my A/N at the end pls!!

//One //
Archie decides he thinks it’s one of the cutest things he’s ever heard the first time you laugh in front of him. Head thrown back, mouth open and small giggles leaking out of your mouth, you’re laughing at something Jughead has said and he finds himself wishing it was him who made you that laugh like that but he quickly pushes that out of his mind because you’re just his friend and there’s nothing more to that, right?

//Two //

Months later, he’s given up trying to suppress any feelings for you and he finds himself watching you again, this time in math while your mouth has found itself occupied around the head of your mechanical pencil. This is when he decides your mouth is the most intriguing thing he’s seen. He’s intrigued with everything it does, between the small smiles you send him, in the words it forms he is utterly and completely intrigued. There is also the hormonal teenage boy in him, but he tries to push those thoughts out of his head as quickly as they came. When he finally drags his eyes off you he’s greeted with Jugheads knowing eyes and a smirk. Jughead is not dumb and he seems to know exactly what Archie was thinking all while you remain oblivious.


He is a football player and you are a cheerleader. How cliche can you get? Archie is certain that you in a cheerleading uniform has to be one of the many wonders of the world and he’s also certain that all his friends know he thinks so, but good god do you know how to wear that uniform. It’s game day when he decides he cannot take it anymore. You are sitting in the courtyard talking with Veronica and Betty when he asks quietly if he can talk to you for a second, ignoring the giggling being produced by the other two girls, you follow him towards the empty side of the courtyard benches, he asks you to meet him at Pop’s after the game and he can give you a ride to Cheryl’s party afterwards, you accept much to his relief and that’s where he kisses you for the first time. It’s in the backseat of his father’s car, Cheryl’s party long forgotten as his lips meet just the right spot on your neck.
“Was wondering how long it’d take you to do that”, you mumble as he continues to work his lips against your jaw, he chuckles and whispers,
“I didn’t know you wanted me to”. This utterly astounds you because you practically threw yourself at him for months, but you decide the less he knows, the better (for your ego that is). For probably the hundredth time in this day alone Archie Andrews is thankful for you in a cheerleading uniform as it slides up your thighs and his hands find themselves underneath it.

A/N: so that was pretty shitty and i didn’t really proof and it was written on my phone but I haven’t written in a long time and I’m hella thirsty for Archie so ta da! Here’s this mess. Anyway requests are open and let me know what you think :)

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Hi. How would the boys confess to a very shy and timid crush?

I love everything about this request because I can relate to being shy and timid before someone I really like. I swear, if the chocobros just appeared in front of my with their beautiful selves I would feign ignorance and act like a complete knob- so much to the point that the chocobros would probably think I hated them. With that as inspiration, here are my headcanons (seems they got progressively longer as I moved from one chocobro to another- sorry Noct)!

**Note: after finishing these up, I’m not quite sure they turned out as fluffy and cute as I wanted them to be for you, Anon! My sincerest apologies!

Noctis: Our favourite Lucian prince is an awkward turtle. So naturally, he’s pretty shy and timid too! He doesn’t really know that his crush is just as shy, timid and nervous around him as he is around them. So there’s an aloof air to him when he approaches his crush. Basically, both Noctis and his crush have no idea they are interested in each other, and try to act ‘cool’ when they’re anywhere near each other, effectively driving each other away from each other. Both Noctis and his timid crush feel terrible heartache at every missed opportunity, and they wonder why the other dislikes them so much. Eventually, after a few weeks of acting like the other doesn’t exist from both Noct’s crush and Noctis himself, Noctis would be the one to make the first move- tired of waiting and wondering ‘what if?’ He’d sidle up to his crush quietly, and kind of stand around idling awkwardly beside them before clearing his throat and kicking the ground with the toe of his combat boots.

“Hey, I really like you… I just wanted to tell you that because- well, I don’t actually know why. I just had to.” Noctis would be a blushing mess, and he would not be able to make eye contact with his crush at all. In turn, his crush would be mirroring Noctis’ awkwardness- and the two would look like the cutest flustered couple ever, averting each other’s gazes and blushing like mad. Noctis’ crush, still blushing violently, would take a huge risk and clutch onto Noctis’ wrist, miscalculating as they probably intended to hold the prince’s hand. Either way, Noctis has a huge grin on his face by the end of the whole ordeal, and his crush (now girl/boyfriend) is super relieved that Noctis doesn’t in fact hate them!

Prompto: Prompto’s shy and timid (much like his crush) around people who he is not familiar with- but he hides it really well behind his slapstick humour. As a result, he’s kind of overwhelming to be around if you’re someone who doesn’t do well with small talk. He’d always be hanging around his crush, asking numerous questions about their likes and dislikes- almost to the point of being annoying. Seriously, the first thing that should tip this chocobo-loving blondie that his crush is just as into him as he is to them it the fact that they haven’t told him to shut up and leave them alone yet! Prompto would also create absolutely ANY excuse to take his crush along on a ‘super-secret-photography-expedition’ whenever he’d roll into his crush’s town with the other chocobros.

It would probably on one of these photography expeditions that Prompto would confess. He’d probably flush a blotchy red, which is super endearing, fiddling with his camera to avoid looking directly at his crush. Of course, his shy and timid crush would feel kind of awkward in such a situation and would try to make any excuse under the sun to leave.

(Oh, I have to feed my cat!) (But… you don’t have a cat. Remember, when I asked you if you had pets, you said no.)

Prompto would feel super disheartened at his crush’s attempts to get away from him. So much that, well, Prompto would finally blurt out: “Don’t you like hanging out with me? I really like hanging out with you! You’re amazing- and I really, really, REALLY like you a lot.” The silence that would follow his confession would be deafening as his crush tries to decipher the extremely fast cadence of Prompto’s words. Our sunshine chocobo-lover would then step forward, blushing an impossibly deep shade of red, and would take his crush’s hand in his own sweaty palm.

His crush would squeeze his hand, offering a timid yet happy smile at the blond. This positive reaction would then lead to a lot of whooping, cheering, and countless amount of couple selfies (after all, Prompto’s got to document the moment his huge confession when absolutely perfectly).

Gladio: Gladio’s a flirt. A very confident, manly flirt. His crush is the complete opposite: timid, shy, and very quiet. They usually keep to themselves and the only time Gladio actually gets to see them is in the Citadel, during his lunch break. Gladio can’t really explain why he’s so drawn to his crush’s quiet nature, but he knows he wants to see them smile. Preferably from reacting positively to something he did for them. So at first, he’d approach his crush with all the confidence in the world- chest out, shoulders back and head held up high. However, he’d tone it down the moment he realises his crush is having trouble getting their words out amidst his confident aura. After trying his best to get a conversation out of his crush, he’d casually make up and excuse to exit the situation- not because he thinks they are weird, but simply because he can see how uncomfortable his crush is in his presence.

Feeling a little sad about the train wreck that was his first conversation with his adorably shy crush, Gladio would head home after a long day of work and brainstorm some ideas that would help him get close to his crush without scaring them the way he did the first time. His first idea is to casually bring up the weather and talk about how great it is outside- he then plans to invite his crush outside to take a walk with him. Alas, it is pouring buckets the next day and Gladio has to make something up on the spot when he spots his crush ducking between two boisterous members of the Crownsguard to get to their usual lunch spot. Gladio would probably feel a little nervous since he’s not used to dealing with overly shy people- but his crush is totally worth all the mental pain he’s gone through!

Gladio would quietly take a seat opposite of his crush and patiently sit, waiting for his crush to speak first. That way, his crush would be in control of the situation. Eventually, his crush acknowledges Gladio by pushing half of their sandwich towards him, averting their eyes as they shyly chew on their own half. Gladio would not be able to help the smirk that forms on his lips as he leans forward onto the table.

“So, you do like me as much as I like you! You could have fooled me, the way you carried on last time. It was cute though. You’re really cute.” Gladio would end, his deep gravelly voice tender and soft. His crush would smile shyly through bites of their sandwich and murmur quietly in response.

“I like you too- you noticed me when no one else did. I’m really glad you told me how you feel.”

Ignis: Ignis, being the perceptive guy he is, would handle confessing to a shy and timid crush in a better way than the other chocobros. He’d observe his crush from afar and take note of situations or particular environmental conditions that gave his crush any particular trouble. Honestly speaking though, he finds his crushes blushes and awkward attempts at small talk around others extremely endearing. Personally, he cannot wait to see his crush standing flustered before him. But that image could wait- he would want to make sure his crush would accept his confession with grace.

So he does sweet, passive things that drop clues to his crush about his feelings towards them. Of course, these passive things include anonymous love notes which contained a simply few lines about the traits he adores about his crush. They also include random packages of baked goods and surprise lunches left in his crush’s locker. Ignis kind of enjoy the whole ordeal- he’s secretly a raging romantic and had wanted to try doing something selflessly sweet for his beloved whenever he got the chance to. Efforts towards passively wooing his crush were the perfect opportunity to act out his innocent romantic fantasies (his not-so-innocent romantic fantasies would have to wait till later in his potential relationship with his crush).

After a few weeks of sending his crush sweet love notes and delicious food, Ignis would purposely arrive at his crush’s locker at the same time they did. Face to face with his shy crush, Ignis wouldn’t be able to help the feint blush that would rise up his neck, not quite reaching his cheeks. He’d adjust his glasses, suddenly feeling nervous (what if his crush out right rejected him, thinking he was a sick, creepy individual who liked to watch people from afar?), and then bravely go for the plunge.

In a steady voice: “So, it appears the jig is up, dearest. What say you and I have a nice lunch together today? I’ve made stew, and I have some muffins ready for dessert.”

After a few moments of silence between Ignis and his crush, his crush would shyly smile up at him and nod.

“I would really love that, Ignis. See you then.”

And score! Smooth operator Ignis scores himself a date with his shy and timid crush!

dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



Red Dress

Heard this song by Magic in the car earlier and was immediately inspired.  Enjoy. x

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On White-Washing Idols (Daehyun Focus)

This is an issue that across the k-pop fandom I know all of us can speak on, and as I start to write this I don’t know how long the post will be or what I’ll even say really, I’m just fired up on the topic because it’s been apparent since I joined the K-Pop world in 2010 and it has only gotten worse over time. About the only idol I don’t see white-washed often is Min Yoongi and that’s because he is naturally so light-skinned if you watch him on stage he looks borderline sickly (please don’t take this wrong, Yoongi is one of my top three biases and I adore him more than anything, I just don’t see anything of him white-washed because his natural skin tone is already so light).

Anyway, I’ve only ever been to two K-Pop concerts and both of them were for my bias group, B.A.P. I don’t have the money to go to concerts myself and I definitely can’t travel, so in 2016 and this year, 2017, my best friend was able to surprise me with tickets and fly down here to go with me as birthday presents for the two of us, since their concerts in Atlanta have been in April and so are our birthdays.

She and I have always been aware of the white-washing issue, I mean look at my icon on here for heaven’s sake, he’s so pale in that picture it’s hard to see him against the white background and that’s just sad to me. Most pictures I find of idols are white-washed in some way, and this bothers me /beyond/ belief.

People white-wash idols because they tend to think that the lighter your skin, the more beautiful you are. I don’t know where this came from because frankly I’m jealous my skin isn’t darker, I look pale and sickly and gross with my white, pasty ass. I’m about as pale as a white person can get and I’d love to be anything but.

So again, some idols deal with this problem more than others. The ones you could think of right away would be Maru from the now disbanded group, C-Clown, N/Hakyeon from VIXX, Kai/Jongin of EXO, and of course my ultimate bias, Daehyun of B.A.P. Funny enough Maru was my C-Clown bias, Hakyeon is one of my VIXX biases and while Jongin isn’t my EXO bias he sure does like to scream in my face that he’s there and he’s beautiful a lot so I give all these guys a lot of attention, and maybe that’s why I think about this issue so much, because it revolves around some of the idols I adore the most.

Now I’m sure every idol has been white-washed to some extent in at least a few pictures, these are just a few of the major cases I see. The only thing I have to really say on this issue is that if you have to white-wash an idol to love them or to not think they’re ‘ugly,’ you really aren’t a fan of them at all. If you can’t appreciate them for who they are, you need to step off and get out of my fandoms because you don’t belong here.

White-washing idols /is/ racist and will ALWAYS be racist, I don’t care what the ‘Korean standards of beauty’ are, because those /standards/ in themselves are racist and until those standards change the people who set them are also racist.

I’m bringing it up now because on April 5th, 2017, just about a week ago, I was so close to the stage at B.A.P’s concert that Yoo Youngjae pointed out how much he liked my dancing from where he was, and on top of that I got to take a photo with B.A.P right after I got to hi-touch them, which meant I got a lot of exposure to them. I also got lucky later and actually ended up running into them /at/ their hotel after the concert, and of course I left them alone but again this means I saw them up close and personal /several/ times.

Let me tell you as I was passing by them for the hi-touch, first of all irrelevant but oh man their hands were so fuckin’ soft I’ve never felt softer more gentle hands, but let me just say ALL OF THEM ARE SO WHITE-WASHED IN THEIR PICTURES. And I don’t mean just Daehyun, I mean the first person I high-fived was Zelo and he was giving me the cutest smile and let me tell you that boy’s natural skin tone oh PRAISE THE LORD THAT BOY DONE NEAR KILLED ME.

But all that said, as beautiful as all of their skin tones are naturally, Daehyun /is/ very obviously the most white-washed out of the six because actually standing up there with them for photos, seeing his face right in front of mine multiple times, hearing him tell me thank you, I got to see his natural skin tone a lot and he is about the most beautiful human being I have seen on the face of this planet and I can just /imagine/ how beautiful that means Maru and Hakyeon and Jongin are too, and all the other idols who are ridiculed for being ‘too dark.’

I don’t get it. I don’t get why you would want to take away someone’s natural beauty to make them white when really white people aren’t any more beautiful than anyone else, and in fact I personally would say we’re uglier. Don’t call me racist, you cannot be racist against white people, I literally cannot be racist against myself, and yes I think my skin is gross and ugly.

I think my issue with Daehyun comes from the fact that this boy grew up poor, dealt with a ton of shit from his own agency, and then he got this tattoo, right? It’s on his right wrist, it says, “HOLD,” and he got it during his lawsuit and it has a double meaning. It means, “Hold on,” as in, “Hold on because we’ll be back soon,” and “Hold my hand,” as in, “Hold my hand while I go through this because it’s so tough not being with you guys right now.” So let’s go back. He grew up poor, dealt with a lawsuit, got a tattoo and everyone knows there’s always backlash for those of us with tattoos even though it’s not your body to decide what to do with, he went through major depression several times during and after the lawsuit, had actually turned to drinking for awhile and admitted it, and through ALL OF THIS, through ALL of it, since the day that boy was born he has been made fun of and ridiculed for being “too dark-skinned.”

Daehyun has no self-confidence, his self-esteem is out the window and you might not see that on stage but that’s because stage presence doesn’t allow for your sadness and flaws to show through. He’s a ball of sunshine, he just wants to make BABYZ happy, he wants to be with us forever, he /loves/ us, and everything he does is for and because of us. And what do we tell him in return? He’s too dark, ugly, has to be lighter-skinned.

It’s wrong. It’s just so wrong. He does so much for us and we are also the reason he goes through so much emotional turmoil. Jung Daehyun is the literal reason my heart keeps beating, he’s saved my life when I wanted to kill myself, he has done so much for me and if I thought for a /second/ that that was less important to me than the color of his skin I wouldn’t just be ashamed, I would hate myself.

I can’t ever imagine thinking his skin-tone was more important than who he is as a person and what he’s done for me and for so many people in the world. I just can’t…god. Sorry but words evade me right now. And to think he’s not the only one, it’s not just Daehyun who goes through this. Jongin is one of the most popular idols in the world, whether you’re an EXO-L or not you at least know his name, and yet still so many people who claim to adore him and love him for all he is..still put so much weight on his darker skin-tone, say that he would be prettier if only he were lighter-skinned. How can you claim to love someone and then treat them like that, especially for something they could never control? Yeah, I would love to be darker skinned and I could say it all day long but nothing I do is going to magically change my skin-tone.

That’s why this whole subject is racist, and why I wish it would just stop. I can’t stand to see someone like Daehyun who is so pure and loving and supportive, someone who looked at me with such compassion after the photo-op, hurting and suffering and making posts saying he wishes he was lighter-skinned. I can’t stand it. He went from a point in time where he would actually /take down/ his original selfies and put up people’s edited versions of him white-washed, and he would /apologize/ and say he is sorry he’s too dark and that he’s ‘ugly,’ to now… Now he posts original selfies and he doesn’t take them down, and he’s even put up one where he was white-washed and called out the editor of the photo saying, I love what you send me but not that you white-wash me, because that’s not really /me/. I have /dark skin/, and nothing anyone does will ever change that.

He states now that he has to learn to accept himself as he is, that he is Jung Daehyun and yes he has dark skin, but a statement like, “I /have/ to learn to accept myself,” tells me he still doesn’t really internally, and all of that, all of what he’s gone through just regarding the skin-tone he was born with?? That tears me apart.

Stop white-washing our idols, guys, just stop. They’re beautiful as they are, unbleached, dark skinned, natural. They don’t need to be turned into something they aren’t, and if you can’t agree with me, if you can’t believe that an idol YOU claim to love is beautiful as they are, you don’t really love them, and you don’t really deserve to be in their fandom or even recognized in the K-Pop community. If that’s your way of thinking, if you are so petty you would hold someone’s own skin-tone against them, don’t ever talk to me and get out of my fandom because we don’t need or want you here. There’s enough of us who love our idols as they are to go around and your hate is unnecessary.

Sorry if that took too long, that’s all I have to say.

Sleepwalker--Imagine #18

Anonymous asked: I just thought if this idea and I’m in love:) could you write an imagine where me and my crush have JUST started dating and one night he is sleepwalking and he tells you how much he loves and all that he loved about you?:)

A/N: I truly don’t know what the shit this is. I’m sorry. Keep dreaming!~Logan

I woke up to the sound of someone banging around in my kitchen. 

What the hell, I thought. My parents were away for the weekend, I was alone except for–

My hands searched blindly over the comforter. C/n should be in bed beside me, since he was staying for the weekend, but instead the spot next to me was void of him. 

I heard some mumbling coming from the kitchen and untangled myself from the sheets, wondering what he was doing in the kitchen at fucking four o’clock in the morning. 

I tripped over the rug, my vision bleary with sleep. As I reached the kitchen I saw c/n sitting there, his broad back facing me as he sat in the chair at the breakfast bar island, hands intertwined as if he was making some business deal with some invisible business partner across from him. 

“I just–I have all these thoughts of you and I can’t find a way to say them,” I heard him slur, his words running together with sleep. 

Oh my god, he’s sleeptalking, I thought, a lazy grin tugging at my lips. 

Curiously, I walked to the other side of the island and leaned over it, careful not to make a sound and wake him up. 

His eyes were half-open and he looked stoned, but despite that, my heart swelled at how cute and innocent he looked. His eyebrows were knitted together and he looked concerned. 

He didn’t register I was standing in front of him, and scratched at his puffy-from-sleep cheeks. 

“God, like, you’re so pretty, ya know?” 

I stood still, leaning, my whole body frozen and my breath caught in my throat.

“And, I feel so out of your league, because you are so perfect to me and when I look at you I wonder how I got so lucky. All the guys at school keep asking me how I managed to get close to you, close enough that you love me and I keep tellin’ ‘em I just don’t know,” his eyebrows raised lazily, eyes not focusing on me even though my face was two feet from his. “I wish you could hear the conversatiosn guys would have about you before you were mine. And of course, some idiots still talk as if they can steal you from me. But that’s just it, you’re so loyal and I keep telling them that, but they keep saying no guy like me can keep a girl like you.”

His face became devoid of emotion for a second and his body wavered in the seat. I thought he was going to topple off it for a second but he grabbed a mug that I didn’t see before off the island and sipped air from it. I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped my lips. He must’ve been thinking he was drinking something, when in reality he was sucking air into his mouth from an empty mug. 

“You make the best food. You think you’re a horrible cook, but the fact that you’re so cute with all those splotches of whatever you’re cooking all over your face makes any burnt piece of food worth it. I hope you love me because if you didn’t this conversation would be really awkward,” he went quiet for another few moments. 

My face was on fire. He said he loved me. I cannot believe it. We’ve been dating for awhile and I wanted to tell him but didn’t wanna scare him off. I wished I could tell him I love him, too, but he’s asleep and I’d want him to be completely conscious. 

My hand, of it’s own accord, slid over the back of his and I stroked the soft skin. His eyebrows knitted together a bit again, and he shook his head, clearly upset with dream-me. 

“No, y/n. Shhhh,” he slurred, sloppily placing his finger on his pink, puffy lips, and then dropping it to grasp the empty mug again. “You need to listen. You are so important to me. Like more important than anyone else. The thing that made me fall even deeper in love with you is how kind you are to everyone, but you still manage to be the baddest chick I’ve ever met. You are so badass, y/n, you intimidate me. And I love how your eyes shine and glow in sunlight. You also have the cutest way of scrunching up your face when you focus on your homework and work on your hobbies. And, oh my god the hottest thing is when you get so passionate and riled up about something, I could sit and listen to your powerful rants all day long. Your intelligence is so sexy. And I love tracing your perfect little birthmark. You don’t like it but I think it makes you even more adorable.”

He took another “sip” from the mug, but I didn’t giggle this time. His words were unfiltered and instead of complaining about me in his dreams he was professing his love to me. He never found it easy to tell me how he felt, so this was something I knew wasn’t going to occur again for awhile. But I think if I could tell him I loved him also he wouldn’t be so scared of telling me how he felt. 

“I just wish you knew how much my body craves you when you’re not near me and how even if we’re just lying together, I am completely content,” he sighed, his voice quiet. 

I wanted to kiss him so bad right now. He looked so small and vulnerable, and so irresistibly cute. Dark circles under his eyes told of many late nights, many he’d spent with me, listening to me rant. I didn’t know he enjoyed listening to those stupid angry declarations of mine so much. But now that I think back I remember how when I’d glance at him, his eyes were so full of something I couldn’t pinpoint in those moments, that I can now. Love. He looked at me like a man smitten. And here he was telling me little details about me he cherished like jewels, in his sleep

His body slumped over the counter, and I realized he’d finished. 

Moving to his side of the island, I placed my lips on his cheeks, giving him a small peck. He hummed in what sounded like approval. 

“Let’s get to bed, my sweet baby,” I whispered in his ear, hoping he would either wake up or follow me to bed in his sleep. There was no way I’d be leaving him out here.

I moved my lips to the back of his neck, right above the first bone of his spine poked out from his white sleep shirt. Giving him a tender kiss on his favorite spot, his body moved to crush me in a very warm and sleepy bear hug. When he released me, I was disappointed to see his eyes still in their half-open state. He hadn’t woken up. At least he was responding to me. 

Gingerly, I slipped my slender hand into his large one, and led him to our bedroom once again. I tucked him and me into the bed, but before I could move back to my side of the bed, c/n pulled me into his side, so close you couldn’t slide anything between us. 

“Mine,” he growled, and I was surprised by the ferocity and internsity in his voice. It made my toes curl. 

Seconds later I heard his soft snuffling snores caressing my ear in hot breaths and I fell asleep to the warmth of his body and his heart beating under my ear.


My eyes opened sleepily to the soft glow of sunlight that warmed my room, indicating it was the first rays of the morning. 

What could have possibly woke me up this early? 

That’s when I felt my answer on the nape of neck in the form of two soft lips. C/n had spooned me at some point in the night and I gave no indication I was awake now, pondering over if I should tell c/n what I had witnessed last night. 

I resisted the urge to let out a satisfactory sigh as c/n’s lips traveled languidly lower down my neck, tugging gently at the top of my shirt to trail his kisses farther down. 

“Damn clothes always have to get in my way.” 

My insides twisted at his husky voice and the feel of his hot breath against my skin. I had to resist the urge to chuckle at his frustration. I had listened to him complain before about my “damn clothes” whenever our kissing started getting heated. 

He moved his lips to my ear and ran his tongue along the top of it, pulling my hair gently away from the side of my face. My breath hitched, but I tried to keep my facial expression neutral, not wanting to give away I was awake. I could feel his hot breath against my ear, coming in soft puffs. 

“I love you,” he mumbled, his voice still gravelly from sleep.

The words, and the passion and tenderness with which he said them, broke me into a million pieces and molded me back together again in a more beautiful way than before.  He moved away from my ear, resting his head against the pillow we were sharing, his large, toasty hands under my shirt, drawing patterns on my stomach. 

“I love you so goddamn much,” he whispered to himself it seemed, and I heard the awe in his tone. 

I couldn’t act anymore. I flipped over, lying my body on his and attacked him with my lips, feverishly. I kissed him hungrily, and our labored breathing and small mewls and loud, short grunts of pleasure were the only sounds in the quiet, still morning. 

“Oh my god,” I gasped before his teeth captured my bottom lip and tugged gently before releasing. “I love you, too,” I gasped. 

We stopped and stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, cheeks flushed with passion and shyness. Our eyes studied every feature of our faces and memorized the love that was stirring in our expressions. 

C/n brushed away a fly-away and tucked it behind my ear.

“You’re amazing,” he smiled, looking at me like I was a million bucks. 

“You’re incredible,” I sighed, caressing his face. “You’re also a sleepwalker and talker,” I giggled as his face flushed even more red. 

“Oh shit,” he groaned, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You kind of were blathering away about me last night,” I nudged him with my nose on his cheek as he let out a string of muffled grumblings. 

“Damn, I really need to stop doing that,” he said, pulling his hands from his face, and resting them around me and rubbing my back. 

“You kidding me? I hope you never stop,” I grinned, and he captured my smiling lips in another passionate kiss, leading to more confessions of love and passionate explorations of each other. 

Teacher (M)


This is a personal fic that I wrote since Youngjae is my ultimate weakness hahaha

Characters: Choi Youngjae  (GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut, AU, and Fluff

Warning/s: Innocent!Youngjae, Begging!Youngjae, Virgin!Youngjae, FirstTime!Youngjae, Student!Youngjae, TeacherXStudent (FUCK THIS IS MY ULTIMATE KINK ASDUGAOISDHG) what else can I write here that will make me more sinful than I already am OMFG HAHAHAHAHA

Length: 4,133 words

Plot: You are one of the youngest teachers at the university and even though there are a lot of good looking teachers and students that surround you and make moves on you, your eyes are settled in just one pretty average student, Choi Youngjae.

A/N – This story is about one of my ultimate biases along with my ultimate kink so let your imaginations run wild as it already is haha


*doorbell rings

The students started leaving one by one and you were left alone in the classroom, trying to take down the results of their preliminary exam without the need to go to the faculty room, since it is crowded by a lot of other teachers as well as students with different reasons that you do not want to hear.

You are a foreigner and it has been 2 years since you started working in Korea as an English Teacher.  It has been your passion to teach, and your passion to learn the Korean culture and its people made you come here, and you are enjoying every single minute of it. Though there are still a bit of cons in terms of language barrier and racism, but you didn’t let that get in to you, and pretty much you are successful with what you do.

You didn’t find it hard to be close with your students, knowing that your age gaps aren’t that much, so most of the time you are just having fun while in class, but limitations are always set and your students always understand.  Some other foreign and local teachers alike and even students tried to make a move on you, tried asking you out on a date or for coffee, but you refuse to, because you wanted to focus on your career and avoid as much distraction as possible.

Speaking of distraction, when you thought that all of your students are already gone, you heard a nervous cough.  You look up and you saw your cute distraction, Choi Youngjae, standing a few meters away from you.  He looks at you but immediately bowed down, his hands on either side of his.  You smiled as you straightened against your seat, and you looked at him.

“Can I help you, Youngjae-ah?” 

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  • would rather have you come over and stay with him in the recording room from dusk till dawn then actually go out with you on a proper date 
  • is very relieved when you tell him you’d rather do that too although you end up dragging him out every four hours or so for some fresh air and some packaged ramyun from the convince store
  • usually he keeps his ideas a secret since as a producer he feels like it’s his responsibilty to make sure it’s good before he shows it to anyone but you are the exception
  • actually really values your opinion and when your eyes light up and you compliment him like; “jihoon! this sounds great!” he gets really giddy and proud but tries to control his expression like “oh really? that’s good..phew….” (actually internally screaming)
  • when you’re not in the recording studio with him, but he still has to be there he’ll sometimes call you at ungodly hours like 4 in the morning and be like “hey guess what i forgot my name and i haven’t slept in twenty seven hours” and you’ll be like “babe - take a nap. even if you have to sleep on the floor take a nap or i will go over there and force you to take a nap.” he enjoys your support very much
  • his laugh is even more highpitched when it’s late at night and that’s how you can tell he’s losing it and you need to contact jeonghan or joshua to get him out of the recording room and to the dorm for some rest
  • he once called you at like midnight and was like “hey seungcheol whats our schedule tomorrow” and you were like “jihoon, it’s me. not seungcheol” and he was like “oh sorry ‘leader’ and ‘love of my life’ are really close to each other in the contacts and im tired so..” and you got blushy because serIOUSLY your name in his phone is love of my life gOD jihoon can u be even more cute
  • makes you watch x-men with him and other superhero movies because he’s a big fan of those
  • argues with you over which x-men is the best 
  • actually you two get into lots of petty little fights and arguments but it’s mostly because jihoon is very opinionated without knowing it but like it never turns into anything big because you end up laughing at yourselves like twenty minutes in
  • his aggressiveness only comes out toward people that are rude to you or that have harmed you. he has a zero percent tolerance for people making you uncomfortable or posing a threat to you. he’ll literally step in front of you and be like “is there a problem? because we can clear it up right now.”
  • sometimes you’ll catch him playing the piano softly to himself and singing along to ballads and you’ll watch him secretly but when he turns around he’ll get supER embarrassed like HOW lonG have YOU beeN THERE
  • is a big fan of goodluck/congratulatory kisses
  • when he finishes producing a song what does he want? kisses. when he actually gets 8 hours of sleep what does he want? kisses. when he’s about to go perform on a music show what does he want? kISSEs. 
  • “it’s because you’re like……my goodluck charm” & “i think i did well so maybe you should give me a prize………….” (he asking for a kiss basically without saying it because it would make him super nervous and shy” 
  •  public skinship tho = blushing jihoon who cannot look at you in the eyes
  • you grab his hand on the train and he is just a steaming mess of ?!?!?!??!?
  • all the members think it’s hilarious that jihoon can’t even hug you in their presence like when you have to leave after practice he literally waits for everyone to leave the room to give you a goodbye kiss even though like they’re all obviously hiding behind the door and watching 
  • his phone background is a picture of you attempting to play his old clarinet and he thinks your confused expression is the cutest 
  •  he didn’t want to tell the members he was dating but then seungkwan saw the selfie of yours that was jihoon’s background and basically was like jiHOON HYUNG ISNT SINglE EVERYONE 
  • when you two are watching a movie together at home or just TV, he has the habit of leaning his cheek against your shoulder and yawning very cutely 
  • the smile he does where he looks like a cute little otter is your favorite thing and he does it whenever he sees you waving at him from across the street but like he’s smiling but he’s also dying and trying not to turn red because yes you’ve been waving at him since the light turned red and now everyone is staring at him 
  • jealous jihoon is real. jealous jihoon who gives you the icy shoulder for a while after you keep hanging out with jun and minghao. jealous jihoon who only let’s you off the hook after you make him laugh with a story about how you tripped over the carpet this morning because your hair was in your face and the first thing you could think of was “is this how jeonghan feels?”
  • likes receiving CD’s from you as presents, that and also notebooks for lyric and song writing. 
  • likes giving you CD’s as presents of artists he knows you like. even if you don’t have a CD player, he thinks owning the CD is special
  • got really embarrassed when you confessed you bought like five copies of 17′s album to support them
  • got really jealous when seungcheol hugged you after you said that 
  • the clothes he wears are usually oversized, especially the sweaters and when you wear them they’re big too and he just melts because no……you’re too much………… 
  • but in secret likes it when you wear his sweater outside because the other members come up to him and are like “isn’t that your sweater??” and he just kind of shrugs like “maybe……..more like yes it is and none of you are allowed to let them borrow any of your clothes. they can only wear mine. got it.”
  • drops his head into your lap when he’s very tired and it surprises you because he’s not the one to usually initiate skinship like this
  • always asks if you have any snacks on you. you start to bring over little buns and candies since you never know when’s the last time he’s eaten.
  • he likes sports so going to the gym together is fun!!!! 
  • he likes sports but seeing you in shorts is h e  l l h e i s  g o n e…….
  • there are two sides of jihoon when it comes to kissing
  • shy, nervous, gentle, lots of pausing and lots of breathing and looking away 
  • passionate, needy, impatient and hard…..like….attacking your neck and shoulders with kisses and affection because he’s missed touching you for so long…….
  • laughed the first time you claimed you wanted to learn the lyrics to adore u but when he saw you were really trying he was secretly very proud
  • when you do something and you’re proud of it, jihoon is literally the most supportive boyfriend ever he’ll go to great lengths to attend any of your events even if it means sacrificing practice or even sleep
  • he’ll never talk about his problems with you in front of the other members or any one else. he has to wait till you’re alone to open up fully about how he’s been feelings and afterwords he’ll feel bad that he burdened you with it
  • you’ve told him like a million times that it isn’t a burden, that you’re here to keep him steady too and each time he hears it he really feels blessed to have you by his side
  • when you’re upset, he can jump to conclusions and get riled up and angry with whoever upset you, but if it’s not that you end up having to calm him down and explain what is is that’s really hurting you 
  • he holds you close and tangles his fingers in your hair and whispers over and over again that you’re the best, that you’re perfect, that you don’t deserve any of the harm that comes your way
  • texts you pictures of seungkwan and dk doing funny things in order to get you to smile
  • seungkwan and dk text you random pictures of jihoon usually with the caption: “he’d kill us if he knew we were doing this!! hehe”
  • when you brought over water bottles for everyone during practice, jihoon got really proud and even looped his arm around your waist which shocked everyone - even you 
  • kept asking you if you thought his bubblegum hair was childish but you assured him it was perfect
  • says he hates it when you put clips in his hair and things like that but still let’s you do it
  • mingyu once gave you a piggyback ride and jihoon didn’t talk to him for like 3 days 
  • he has this habit of slicking his hair back when he’s going out with you just because he doesn’t like the bangs getting in his eyes and he keeps running his fingers through his hair and licking his lips when he’s talking and you’re like jihoon i gonna need you to s TO P 
  • kisses the side of your cheek when you were ranting on and on about how frustrated you are with work and told you that he knows you’re gonna get through it and you almost choked on your words because when did he get this cute and romantic who let h i m…….
  • saying ‘i love you’ made jihoon nervous and sweaty and scared, but when it came out it was natural and real and you’ve never seen jihoon’s eyes glisten the way they did in that moment 
  • likes the cute little phone straps you got for the two of you although he will never admit it
  • when he almost lost you in the streets he panicked so much he ended up running around the block 5 times until you two bumped into each other again and he clutched you so tightly to his chest you thought he’d leave bruises 
  • pretends to be calm and chill but is actually always worried about if he’s being a good enough of boyfriend for you
  • jihoon probably once said that you deserved better than him and you got made at him for a whole week that he wrote a song as an apology 
  • sometimes he can get ticked off at the smallest of things but you and him are perfect puzzle pieces and he’d protect you with his life 

check out jeonghan’s here –> (x) 
wonwoo’s here –> (x)
vernon’s here –> (x)

Late Night *REQUESTED*

In which Harry comes home late and finds his lovely girlfriend already asleep.

A/N: I know, I know.  I promised you a smutty oneshot co-written by harryandmesohappily and ITS COMING I PROMISE.  However, I just couldn’t hold off on posting this.  Someone requested it and it was just too cute not to post. Told from Harry’s POV so a bit different from what you’re used to from me.  Hope you enjoy, babes! xxx

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Mikayuu Fanfiction recommendations

There are around 184 Mikayuu ff in AO3. I read most of them so… I thought, maybe… I’d be of some help?

Ignore the order, please. These are my favorites but I can’t decide which’s better tbh  (◡‿◡✿)

I hope someone finds this useful ^^

Memento Mori

by Nayru Elric


What other people don’t know about Mikaela is that behind the facade of tranquility he wears on the outside, there’s a weakness he never let the others see, not even Yuuichirou. Even before vampires took over the world, Mikaela didn’t allow his dark past in his everyday life. When Mika comes back from Ferid’s more exhausted than usual, Yuu demands to know what’s going on.

My comment: 

Angsty but cute :’) <3 

This writter’s so good and the characters are so in-character I strongly believe it could have happened in canon.

To Be A Family

by lemishie


Glimpses of the daily lives in the Hyakuya family after the apocalypse and taken captive by the vampires.

My comment:

The hyakuya children being cuties and showing Yuu what family means <3

Mikayuu as kids <3 !

Lots and lots of fluff.

I highly recommend.

Do I Wanna Know

by Crazyloststar


Guren Ichinose runs a boy’s love cafe in Tokyo, to spite his family and because why not. Mika works there with a crew of young men.

One day, a familiar face from Mika’s past shows up for his first day of work, and nothing is the same.

College Days

by Mikayuu_Trash


Working in a bakery and living a pretty simple college life, Mikaela is doing pretty good despite not having a significant other. Well, yet anyways.

Rated M for future Mikayuu sex ;)


by CsillaDream


Mikaela is a Reaper, who is sent to the human world as punishment for skipping out on his work, but what happens when he becomes friends with the person he’s supposed to reap? How is he supposed to separate work from his personal life when death is constantly around him?

My comment:


Cute <3

Angsty in the latest chapters.

It doesn’t have as many kudos as it deserves. 

The AU is much better than it seems! You’ll actually be surprised.

Dear God

by Roriette


He begged, “You can take everything – everything, so please. Please don’t take Yuu.”
500 years; 6,000 months; 182,500 days; 4,380,000 hours.
What a terribly quiet world it is.
A world without Yuu.

Afire love

by strikedawn


After Nagoya’s failed mission, an unsteady truce is formed between Shinoa’s squad and Mikaela Hyakuya, making Yuu feel conflicted inside. On one hand, he’s got Mika back, his friends are alive, and they seem to be trying to be civil with each other, even if it’s just for his sake. On the other hand, Guren is being held captive by the vampires, Shinya has just given them a mission Yuu doesn’t like, and Mika… Yuu doesn’t really know what Mika is feeling.

Maybe not even Mikaela knows what he’s truly feeling, after all.

My comment:

Everyone’s so in-charater it’s perfect.

I wish this happened in the manga…

Saving You

by seredemia


The war’s over and the world looks forward to a brighter future ahead of them. Mika and Yuu have survived the worst, but soon find that they still have one more challenge left to overcome.

Living together.

Wait a Minute



There is a reason you don’t mess with people’s feelings.

I’m Right Here

by seredemia


Guren struggles to face the future after a recent divorce. Shinya’s desperate to run away from his past. Yuu just wants a family, whereas Mika’s absolutely terrified of his. Nothing’s as easy as it looks on the surface and all four of them have definitely got issues to face before they can even grasp a semblance of happiness in their lives.

Somehow, a chance meeting at the local supermarket puts into motion a set of events that will finally change their lives. Whether it’s for the better or for the worse is another matter entirely.

My comment:



It’s a gureshin fic but, in my case, I could barely even notice with ALL THE ANGST.

A Musical Matchmaking

by Sarah737


“Who died and placed Ferid as the moderator for the Theatre Club?”

“The real question is: why you still decided joining it?”

 Arms of the Ocean

by Camiella


Ever since his beloved family was murdered, Yuu’s dreamt of Mika being alive. Over the years their dream meetings won’t stop reoccurring with Mika growing older alongside Yuu.

Fate must love being cruel to Yuu because there’s no way his dreams are real. After all, dreams are made up in your own head and Mika is dead…right?

Driving with You

by ShearGlacier


Yuu sneaks into a car (Kimizuki’s) and drives off and Mika takes a car to see his sick sister. The two crash (literally) into each other and change their lives completely.

A Latte of Mishaps

by haisenana


Wherein Yuu is a barista at a cafe and Mika is stressing over his research paper that is due at the end of the week.

Little Red



Based on “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault.

Fast Food of the End: Do You Want Fries With That?

Emma (KarasunoShugoshin)


Mika is a poor university student working at McKruldo’s in order to make end’s meet. He hates his job, but it was the only place that would hire a kid with a temporary address. Yuu on the other hand, has his own apartment that he lives in while attending university, but as a stipulation of getting his own place, his parents require him to work at the fast-food restaurant where his uncle is the Assistant Manager. Working at Hiiragi Fried Chicken is a drag, but Yuu figures that at least it’s better than McKruldo’s across the street.

One day, Mika’s sweeping the parking lot of McK’s in order to get away from the General Manager’s constant sexual harassment, when he sees a black-haired boy cleaning the windows at HFC, their main competitor. Their eyes meet, and…

cerulean blue

by sunflowerfaun


Our eyes met, and everything around me began to fill with colors beyond imagination.

My comment:

Cute soulmates AU.

A Dance on the Spider’s Web



If anyone ever dared to look Yuu in the face and say that life of an idol trainee must be idle, he would punch them in the face. If anyone dared to say the same thing to Mikaela, they would be needing a spot on the nearest cemetery.

Singing, dancing, and acting on a daily basis, a nine-people idol unit begins the journey towards their debut. Little do they know about the truth in the rumours surrounding their group from the days before it was even founded. Show business is ruthless to those who cannot adapt - and even worse to those who can.

My comment:

First chapter is the funniest thing ever.

if home is where the heart is

by atrophy


Like this, Yuu can almost make himself believe that it’s just the two of them – like they’re the only people left in the world.


by kanacchi


When his delinquent best friend, Yuuichirou Hyakuya, almost got himself hurt in a fight, the head of the student body, Mikaela Hyakuya, decided to abandon all of his charismatic charm to teach his friend a lesson.

little games



There’s a boy that has always attended Shinoa’s parties. His name is Mikaela, and he’s the cutest person Yuichiro has ever seen.

My comment:

Yuu is so akward and Mika’s a prince charming (◡‿◡✿)

Dream Remedy

by thatdankKoushi


When Yuu first escaped from Sanguinem and met Lieutenant Colonel Guren, he couldn’t help himself. He broke down, he became depressed and he felt drained of the all the life he used to have.

My comment:

Cute scenes between Guren and Yuu. It has more Mikayuu than expected(even though Mika’s “dead”, I mean).

Communication Is Key

by Esatea


As opposed to most stories about childhood friends being separated, they actually did stay in contact. They made sure to call each other at least once every week, and talk for as long as either of them could possibly afford to. And if a night passed without at least a dozen text messages exchanged between the two best friends, that was more of a miracle than Yuu actually cleaning his room.

I actually believe all fanfics here deserve a try. We were blessed with great writters in this fandom (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Plus, there are some stories with a lot of potential but, since they’ve barely even started, I didn’t think I should have added them.

Not Only In My Dreams

I finished a JackCrutchie fic. Someone give me a cookie.

In all seriousness though. Youtube Christmas-y AU thing.

Crutchie doesn’t mean to do it; really he doesn’t.

But it’s been nearly two weeks since Jack last skyped him, and even though they text and email, it’s not the same. He knows Jack’s been busy with exams, but Crutchie could really use his voice right now.

Which is why he types “Jack Kelly” into YouTube’s search bar.

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