i just really love these and i was bored

tumblr is so empty these days :(

i’m thinking about the bowling stuff, because i literally haven’t seen ONE person posting pics of gameplay, only like 2 or 3 cas screenies and that’s is, is it that bad? i love the buy stuff, because it’s just my styleee, but there are not much things i think and i don’t know about the swatches, so i’m gonna wait for now (i still haven’t bought vampires and i probably never will, because i’m not ea’s hoe anymore hah) and i think for the first time there’s no cc-creators’ race to make mesh edits etc, so i assume it’s really bad omg :(

anywayy, i’m really bored, i tried to build something nice today and failed, so i’m taking a break from sims, because seems like i ran out of inspiration (or skills, but not sure if i ever had any, ajdkjaskj jk)

so yeah, some people apparently like my text posts, right? sorry for not being funny, i’m very, very sad because i broke my nail and it’s sooo short now and my fingertip hurts and it’s ruining my mood hahah

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I feel like we will get a declaration of Dorian loving Manon when he tells Chaol. He has to prove to Chaol that she isn't just a fling or way to dull the ache of grief. Chaol needs to know that this isn't that. & that Manon loves him just the same.

Honestly, this never occurred to me. Dorian saying it to Chaol. But now that I’m thinking about it, I could see it. I could see Chaol asking about it and Dorian just suddenly saying it, or realizing it and it being a moment. I’m actually really on bored with this. 

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It's fun learning about the Silverback family though! I love them,and hearing about them! It's actually not boring at all

Thank you anon sob….. I get worried bc I know I can’t half-ass anything OC-related lmao, I always go big or do nothing at all… there’s no half-way, and I’m worried people may get really frustrated at me solely focusing so much on just a few charas at a time and switch my focus in a short while lmao ;;v;;


Today I realized I like being alone during highschool, that being alone doesn’t make weird or depressed. Just different from them. And it’s okay because I don’t want to be like them and talk only about my love life, parties, drugs, alcohol and bad decisions. Or do stupid jokes that hurt others…I like being kind, somewhat sarcastic and especially… I love being myself. I’m staying with the friends that share hobbies and likes with me, with those I dont have the opportunity to spend classes with but I can chat with, all the fucking day without cringing or getting bored and have to froce a smile. I mean, I’m going to stop trying to be someone I’m not. I feel like my self confidence just jumped to the sky today. So I wanted to share it the people that read what I write…Even if it’s not really interesting :)

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Life is boring, except for flowers, sunshine, your perfect legs. A glass of cold water when you are really thirsty. The way bodies fit together. Fresh and young and sweet. Coffee in the morning. These are just moments. I struggle with the in-betweens. I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?
—  Pablo Neruda

“What Shall I Do, Lemony Snicket?” from one of the special paperback versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I think this was from The Bad Beginning, or Orphans! 

I took these back in June of 2015 right after I graduated high school and was going to the campus university bookstore after our orientation and class scheduling. I’m glad I did because the bookstore doesn’t carry it anymore or else I would have totally bought it now. 

I just love these questions and answers, so I wanted to keep them as a means to laugh or smile when I was bored or upset. Now I felt like sharing them with you all. 

What I love more than anything about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how nice all the characters are. And we’re always told that nice = boring, but they’re not boring at all, even though they’d do absolutely anything for each other. I mean Gina’s the meanest character on there and she’d still give her friends her own liver if they needed it, she’d just criticise them really inventively while she did it.

Maybe other shows that think they need to make their characters dark and edgy to attract an audience should consider just becoming better writers?

So, let’s start this off w/…My name’s Hayven, obviously. Eighteen-year-old trans girl from Decatur. I’m really boring, so it’s not that much to tell about myself. But I just came out as trans last year. It was around winter when I did it. The first name I came up w/ was Kylan. I ended up changing it to Hayven, because Kylan sounded too much like Kylie. Hayven’s better anyways…As the day goes by, it’s a lot i’m really starting to dislike about myself. Like the fact that I have really broad shoulders. I also don’t like the fact that i’m a really hairy person. It’s extremely aggy. I don’t like my head…it’s shaped really weird in my opinion and it’s really big. I’ve always been insecure about my weight and how fat my face is. Tbh, the only thing that will make me happy is getting my hrt, which I am currently in the works of getting. At first it was my piercings that made me feel good about myself. My piercing had my confidence at a 100. I was working at a call center and saddly, my piercings had to be taken out. I just deleted all of my social media apps and decided to just make this Tumblr account. I also want to share it to show my transformation as well once I receive my hrt. I hope to gain a lot of followers, supporters and friends while i’m on here. I don’t know how to close out this caption, sooooo yeah…✌🏾😬

The Hound was right, she thought, I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me. (Sansa, AGOT)

Arry was a fierce little boy with a sword, and I’m just a grey mouse girl with a pail. (Arya, ACOK)

i like the contrast between these two personas. sansa has always been courteous and pretty but its not until kings landing that her natural disposition becomes her  tools for survival. even after the lannisters betray and abuse sansa she’s expected to be joffreys grateful betrothed. she has to smile and dress well and say everything that is required of her. 

arya adopts a somewhat similar persona when she’s a prisoner in harrenhal. she becomes a mouse, nonthreatening and vulnerable, just like her sister. the major differences are defined by status. while sansa is in a cage for display arya is in a maze wheres she’s just another pow. sansa recites pretty words arya quietly observes. arya wears scratchy grey clothes, sleeps in straw, and scrubs harrenhal until her hands bleed. 

Sansa stalked away with her head up. She was to be a queen, and queens did not cry. At least not where people could see. (Sansa, AGOT)

I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry. (Arya, ACOK)

sansa rarely compares herself to any animals and even when she thinks she’s a little bird its not even her own thought. animals are not particularly relevant to her experiences. she prefers things like songs and social status. her bird-esque behavior also predates her hostage crisis and exists after the fact. this is another huge difference. arya constantly uses animals as symbols throughout her journey. but the direwolf is the one she always comes back to in the end. 

I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. (Arya, ACOK)

Be brave, she told herself. Be brave, like a lady in a song. (Sansa, ASOS)

again, this is reflected in their castle(/prison) escapes. arya relies on her wolf instincts for survival. but those would have little use in sansa’s situation. i think another factor her is that arya’s actually been inside a wolfs head. she is connected to nymeria, body and soul. sansa’s bond to lady was severed before she got inside her wolf’s head. but ultimately i think its just a difference in personality. 

A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what. (Sansa, AGOT)

I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. (Arya, ASOS)


Look, I love Starco, Starco is my OTP, I want Starco to become cannon. Yet as a diehard Starco shipper I cannot deny that I also love Jarco cause dang it these two are absolutely adorable together! I mean Jackie went from a boring generic love interest to a more fleshed out entertaining character. She does care about Marco, she know when he’s having one of his “Marco moments” and she tries to cheer him up! I really don’t get how anyone can hate Jackie as a character cause she haven’t really done anything to deserve hate! SHe and Star have a great friendship, she have great and realistic chemistry with Marco, and she is just an overall entertaining character!

C: When will directors get that a white person’s POV has been dead for a long time? I’m tired of seeing nerdy white girl and “dark and mysterious” white guy fall in love. Or “that bad ass white girl” trope. I need more “Moonlight,” less “La La Land.” More “Blackish,” less “Big Bang Theory.” More “Insecure.” More “Atlanta.” Most of the shows I watch could easily have more black characters and it would be just as good if not better. The white person’s POV is really getting on my nerves and is really boring.

Unpopular opinion

I don’t care about straight stories. I don’t have time for your straight ships. I just don’t. I’m surrounded by them and bored by them and I want to see stories about me and my community. I don’t have time for one more. I don’t care.

I don’t care about stories where straight people fall in love. I barely care about stories where straight people do anything else. I. Do. Not. Care. And I’m not going to waste anymore time or energy on straight people’s stories.

I had this great shower vision of how every time Yuri says “well I was messing around with a routine in Detroit and Phichit liked it but I thought it was pretty flashy”, Victor just pulls out a bottle of vodka and starts chugging instead of screaming “WHY DIDN’T YOU SKATE LIKE THIS AT THE OLYMPICS? I WAS SO BORED AT THE OLYMPICS.”

Booklr! Let's put together a list of book tropes we really bloody hate and would love to never read again ever.

I’ll start:

- The main character randomly seeing themselves in a mirror and deciding to describe their entire appearence in detail. Usually includes something about how ugly or bland they think their perfect, model-like face/body is.

- Love triangles. Do I even need to say anything else?

- The borderline abusive, supposedly mysterious but actually just really boring love interest. Bonus points if this one pairs up with the love triangle one.

- When the author has zero knowledge about something (usually computers or other technical stuff) but decides to claim a side character is literally the best person in this field ever and prove it by making them do super average stuff they personally think is impressing because they just have no idea. Like, restarting a computer or guessing someone’s password does not make your character a mastermind hacker. Please just stop.

An Incomplete List of the Things Shaw loves about Root

- when Root tries to wink, but she always fails to keep one eye open. she seems to have no idea that she is doing something wrong, nor know why Reese and Harold chuckle when she attemps to wink at them
- when she uses really bad—like, nauseatingly bad—pick-up lines. and that whenever she uses them her face breaks into a wide, idiotic grin that sometimes makes Shaw grin too even if she tries not to
- when she calls her “sweetie” in her ~overt-come on~ voice
- when she lets Shaw eat off of her plate without protest. and that she doesn’t take anything from Shaw’s plate, even though that would be fair
- when she uses two guns at once
- when she talks to Bear in a silly voice while scratching his belly
- when she shuffles half-asleep across the kitchen in her bunny slippers for coffee in the morning after a late night of coding or saving the world
- that she always has her nails painted black because she is just that Extra™
- when she tries to act all cynical about the world but she is somehow still a hopeless, dumb romantic
- that she rides a motorcycle
- when she complains about being cold just so she has an excuse to curl up next to Actual Space Heater Shaw, even when the room is really warm and she can’t possibly be cold
- when her Texan accent bleeds through and she calls Shaw “darlin’”
- when she tries to sing along with the songs on the radio but she is really bad with remembering the lyrics and she sings half the words wrong. neither Shaw nor The Machine have the heart to correct her
- that she always lets Shaw drive
- when she falls asleep on the couch with her glasses half off her nose and her computer still balanced on her lap and she’s snoring lightly and it’s just really precious—even Shaw can admit that
- that when Shaw is upset, she doesn’t try to pry at what’s wrong when she doesn’t want her to and it’s enough to just be together
- when they encounter a dangerous situation and she grins in a way that terrifies anyone who isn’t Shaw and says “ready to have some fun?”
- when she gets annoyed with a man and her wide, innocent eyes become deadly (and the man’s eyes become terrified)
- when she uses combat moves she picked up from Shaw
- when they are lounging in bed or on the couch or somewhere and she runs her fingers across Shaw’s back, giving her chills
- when she yawns and looks like a tired puppy
- that regardless of how abnormal or broken she sometimes thinks she is, Root never fails to make her feel perfect

  • Anxiety: *asleep on couch, curled up in a ball*
  • Prince: ....*jumps on the end of the couch* ANDY, ANDY, ANDY, ANDY, ANDY!!! WAKE UP!!!
  • Anxiety: *wakes up, startled* What the hell?!!...wait! Did you just call me, "Andy"?!
  • Prince: Maaaayyybbbeeee~
  • Anxiety: Ugh, why'd you wake me up?
  • Prince: ...because I'm bored.
  • Anxiety: Really?! That's why you-
  • Prince: *kisses Anxiety passionately*
  • Anxiety: ....
  • Prince: Forgive me?
  • Anxiety: I can't just not forgive you after THAT kiss.
  • Prince: Yay!
  • Anxiety: *sighs*
  • Prince: I love you, Andy~
  • Anxiety: Love you too, Princey.

sometimes………..it just hits me how much i love spring awakening……….like at times im like “there are so many amazing musicals is this one still really my favorite” nd then i remember the opening chords to mama who bore me and moritzs monologue post dds / blue wind and the haunting beauty of whispering and the gorgeous harmonies in song of purple summer and the meaning behind the entire show and just how special and symbolic it is and how the deaf west revival in specific was so transcendent and extraordinary and just. yea. itll always be my favorite how cld i ever think otherwise.