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I've been in a relationship with a guy for a while. He is a nice guy but that's it, I don't have any feelings for him, I can't love him, I can't persuade myself to love him. I might say that I'm in a relationship with him but the eyes of my heart and soul haven't stared at him even once and never will. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I can't pretend, what am I supposed to do?

ah, how childish and precarious these modern relationships have become—people leap into relationships because of fear of loneliness, or just looking at how happy others are; but no one really looks at themselves, what they really want—dear, instead of committing to anyone, take a good look at your feelings, analyse yourself, your thoughts, your dissatisfactions, most of the time, we are the real problem, our escaping mind—

Dating 전정국

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He would be so shy in the beginning because he has little to no experience with dating. 

When he’s done with the awkward stage, he’ll grow confidence. He may start to hold your hand, cuddle you, etc. 

You get to watch him play his favorite video games. 

Randoms cuddle sessions. His hugs are very warm.

Movie marathons. 

Lots of compliments. 

He gets busy a lot, but he always tries to call or talk to you. 

If you ever hear a girl group song, beware. 

He might be able to let you wear his clothes, but I don’t know.

He could start yelling out a song, you just don’t know.

Just really fun and loving relationship.

Being married to Harry would include...

Requested by anon: being harry hart’s wife? or you can make it gender neutral, I don’t really mind! x

A/N: It’s true that I try my best to keep most stuff (at least the h/cs) gender neutral so everyone can enjoy. I hope I stayed true to that. Xxxx

  • despite having tied the knot, very few people would know about your relationship
  • neither of you is secretive about your marriage; you just like keeping things discreet and especially in your work environment
  • not too much PDA
  • but he will hold your hand with pride at any time, at any place
  • short but oh so loving kisses during a mission just to keep each other grounded and remind yourselves what it is you’re going home to
  • he hates being away from you, he hates it so much
  • he’ll often have to beg Merlin to put you in missions together just so he can be near you at all times and protect you but there are times when it’s not possible and that’s when he freaks out
  • internally at least because he really tries his best not to let it affect his work on the field
  • the thought of you being in danger and god knows how many miles away from him drives him insane every time
  • should you ever get injured, Harry runs to your side and there is nothing that can stop him from getting to you
  • and him always being so devastated if he’s away on a mission and he can’t be with you (you best believe he’ll be quitting everything and rushing to you if it’s anything serious)
  • him loving the little things you do for him
  • like making him coffee that somehow always tastes better than any other or randomly buying him the most wonderful books that you come across just because ‘you thought of him the moment you saw them’
  • he especially loves watching you go through his butterfly collection
  • you don’t really know any of the names or scientific terms but watching you as you inspect them with that childish look of awe on your beautiful face warms his heart unlike anything else
  • and so does hearing you refer to them as ‘the pretty yellow one with the spots’ or 'that blue one that I love’
  • lazy evenings consist of snuggling under a bunch of blankets in your shared living room, Mr. Pickle on your lap and Harry stroking your hair as he reads to you
  • lazy mornings, on the other hand, are spent cuddling in bed together until it’s almost noon but neither of you really wants to get up and leave each other arm’s just yet
  • keeping a rather large collection of records in your house, ranging from Elton John to The Beatles all the way to David Bowie really
  • and every artist is connected to a certain occasion in his mind
  • The Beatles are early mornings at 5am when he wakes up to find you baking and singing in the kitchen just because you 'got a little hungry’ and he can’t help but laugh at how adorable you are and how much he loves you
  • Van Morrison is every evening spent slow dancing across your living room, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he keeps your head firmly against his chest
  • Elton John is for those nights; those late nights when he returns from a mission so exhausted he practically throws himself into your arms yet you don’t say a thing
  • never really asking because you know how it feels and you know he’ll do the same when you’re in his place so you simply hold him and sing along to the low music that’s playing in the background, hoping to soothe his pain away
  • having long conversations about the future at least once or twice a week
  • Harry being worried because even your marriage is a stretch to the job and Kingsmen are not supposed to have families
  • but let me tell you what; he’d be damned if he let that stop him from having a family with you

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I just watched the new LoT episode and i am screaming about Mick. Like my son is a couple of decades older than me but he was so beautiful and purely mick that it had me smiling the whole time! "I hate your salad" is my new motto. I honestly don't even know what to do with myself after seeing him for such a short amount of time. it's been so long!

Honestly I really enjoyed the season premiere. Mick was great, and his relationships with the team were great. Him and Sara getting along and on the same page at the end of the episode, and her wanting him there and smiling when he teased her about how they’d all be dead without him? It honestly just made me so happy.

Mick hating vegetables (but begrudgingly eating them? Ray has had an effect on him?) is amazing. Has someone giffed Mick’s evolving relationship to healthy food yet?

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I genuinely really adore your comic. It approaches relationships as this non-fairy tale thing with problems presented with characters that feel like very real and fleshed out people. Everyone likes a love story about the perfect romance but seeing this with people actually being human and talking their way through things is so rare and incredibly appreciated when found. I can't wait to see more, if there ever will be, but until then just know you've made something very special and well done!

everyone has been so generous with writing me their thoughts and i love it. thanks for sharing! 

I know a lot of people have talked about the playlists, and there have been some amazingly thorough metas, but I just wanted to talk about one song on Rey’s playlist, because the inclusion of this song says a lot.

I have listened to Lana Del Rey since I was like 13, and I can probably recite her catalog front to back without stopping. Which is why I knew something was up when I saw “Blue Jeans” on the Official Rey Playlist.

If you don’t listen to Lana, or you’re a casual fan, you probably know the songs that have gotten airtime on the radio, like video games or summertime sadness. You would probably presume that they just closed their eyes and threw a dart a board for sOMe LDR song, not caring which really. But here’s the thing, as much as she sings a lot about love, heartbreak, and bad relationships (even I admit) she sings about many different kinds. From Radio’s sweet infatuation to Ultraviolence’s (you guessed it) abusive relationship, the playlist creators had a lot of different moods and feelings to work with.

So. What does Blue Jeans tell us? Blue Jeans essentially is about falling in love with a bad boy, as seen here:

Walked into the room, you know you make my eyes burn

It was like James Dean for sure

You’re so fresh to death and sick as cancer

You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop

You fit me better than my favorite sweater

And I know that love is mean, and love hurts

Now, I’ve seen a lot of people single out that last line, but I think that, while important, it’s got to be taken as a piece of that whole ensemble. The other lines have major Reylo themes in play too, from a perhaps nod to Kylo’s punk rock vibe (its the hair isn’t it?) to that infamous scene in the forest where they meet.

Of course, I have to also return to my earlier point about how LDR has many different themes they could have used instead by bringing up the independent woman in Art Deco. This song was my immediate choice when I tried to think of a more “Miss Independent” type song. Example lyric:

You’re so Art Deco, out on the floor

Shining like gunmetal, cold and unsure


When they all say hello, you try to ignore them

Cause you want more

They picked Blue Jeans for a reason, and it wasn’t just that it had a cool baseline.

BONUS: this lyric, from Blue Jeans:

But I still remember that day we met in December, oh baby

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where can i buy the wings tour dvd and how much is it going for??

hi all i’ll compile the preorder links later, at this moment I’m still busy with mwave, there’s just a few hours left and I really just want bangtan to be nominated in this category even though honestly I’m not fond of this voting sighh ://// love hate relationship.

anyways, if you bought love yourself: her album recently you can buy the DVD from where you bought it. Except on Amazon? not sure if it’s there. DVD is 42,000 Won. So around $36~$40? I think. For example kpoptown has it up already: http://kpoptown.com/home-music-cd-dvd/43300-2017-bts-live-trilogy-episode-iii-the-wings-tour-in-seoul-dvd-poster-pre-order-8809269508522.html

I can’t stop thinking about the Hogwarts AU anon sent @imagine-sterek and now my mind is full of ideas.

Just imagine Derek falling head over heels in love with Stiles, but they don’t want their relationship to be seen, so the two of them hiding away at the back of the library during study periods so they can spend time together, away from prying eyes. Imagine them–when their relationship becomes a little more physical and passionate–making out between the rows of shelves. Imagine the find a really old book that no-one ever goes near or reads and hide notes in it for each other.

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Okay your belch- adding-breakfast- for-Henry tags have gotten me feeling some emotions. Belch definitely cares about Henry, standing by him even as he uh. Loses it (and dying to protect him) and Henry returns the feelings somewhat (blaming himself for his death and carrying the guilt for it for 3 decades) so just. Do you have any Nice Little Things headcanons for them?

lol I really love their relationship and these are all self indulgent (take with a grain of salt) but yeah here are a few nice headcanons for these two:

- Belch is really loyal towards Henry because Henry was there for him when his dad died. During that time Belch was distancing himself from others, going through the usual stages of mourning, and Henry was the one who twisted his arm, figuratively and literally, to– in his words– “Stop being a pussy and throw some M-20s by the creek with us.” Tho kinda cruel, it gave Belch a sense of stability and the belief that his friends will always be there for him.

- They go to each other for advise, despite both of them being dumb boys with little real life experience.

- Henry has a sneaking suspicion that Belch schedules his work shifts around the time Henry has to do chores around the farm so that he doesn’t have to come in help. Of course Belch denies it.

- Vic and Belch are Henry’s best friends but if Henry had to choose between the two of them, Belch does out rank Vic.

- When Belch is working on his car Henry will hand him the tools he needs. Sometimes Henry likes to fuck with Belch and hand him the wrong tool, “Betcha can make it work.” He’d taunt.

-The second Belch showed the gang his new car Henry called “Shotgun infinity!!”

- Belch is Henry’s broken ATM. There’s a 50% chance the big guy will buy him something he if hits that sweet spot just right.

- This is fucking dumb but I love the idea that Henry has always rest his arm on Belch’s shoulder (even tho Belch is much bigger than him) and sometimes pushes down so that Belch is squatting a bit, just to look cool.

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re: Derek having a twin. I have to agree if only for the fact that it would speak really poorly of Derek's relationship with said twin that he clearly didn't talk to them about either Paige or Kate. As it is I think it speaks very poorly of his relationship with Laura if they were supposed to be fairly close in age. I love fic where they are super close, but I wonder if canon really supports that sometimes. Do you have thoughts on their sibling relationship? (1/2)

(2/2) Also, while there’s not really anything in canon to suggest it, I’ve become inordinately fond of Cora as a twin. Partly just because I like to get as many extra siblings in the Hale family as possible, but I also think it would go a ways to help explain Cora’s anger in 3A, and why she and Derek don’t seem remotely close or really like they talk to each other at all. And I don’t think there’s anything in canon which conflicts with it, so that’s become my headcanon.

Re: Laura, I tend to set her as being about two years older than Derek –– with him sixteen and a sophomore at the time of the fire, and Laura as eighteen and a senior. There’s nothing really supporting this, except that if she were eighteen that would explain why they didn’t end up in foster care. (They could have just run away and stayed out of the system, but then they wouldn’t have had access to their inheritance, and I feel like they did.)

I have the impression that Laura was generally kept busy with Talia, being trained to be the next Alpha –– there’s a line Peter says in s4, about the talisman… symbol… thing Kate’s after: “Talia used it to teach Laura. I tried to use it to teach Derek.” So I always feel like Laura had Talia’s priority attention and Derek learned for the most part from Peter (human!Papa Hale ftw), which might have caused some distance and possibly even resentment between the siblings. Also, I tend to think Laura would have been the kind of person to be president of the student council, captain of a sports team or two, just the type of person with a million activities and responsibilities taking up her focus and… I doubt she and Derek ever had a bad relationship, but I imagine them only actually getting close after the fire.

As for Cora, I can definitely see her with a twin. I mean, I don’t tend to picture any Hale twins personally, but there’s nothing I can think of to contradict it, and if any of the known Hales had a twin, I’d see it being her.

In general though, I picture there being one or two younger Hales we haven’t heard of, and the age gap between Derek and Cora (five to six years) makes me think there could easily be another sibling (or two) between them. With that big of an age gap, with or without siblings between, Derek and Cora wouldn’t have had much in common growing up. He’d have been firmly in the “baby things are gross” phase when she was born; probably looking to act grown up and impress his big sister and favorite uncle with how mature he was while she was just falling into Sesame Street. And remember that she was only eleven when the fire happened, while Derek was around sixteen, so she wouldn’t have ever been the ideal choice to hang out with or confide in.

So yeah, I’m happily down for twin!Cora, but I can just as easily imagine any siblings within a couple years of her age that she was closer to.

The number of insufferable “well I’m a good guy!”-type responses from men to every #MeToo post and related post I’m seeing on Facebook is making me lose whatever remaining shreds of hope I had in half of the human race

Like one of my colleagues posted a really good thing about how you don’t need to be a Harvey Weinstein sexually harassing women, men who view all women as potential girlfriends (not just fucktoys) and do the Nice Guy ™ thing are also part of the problem. And how upset she is at all the (what she thought were) valuable male friendships and professional relationships she lost because the men turned tail when they realized she was never going to date them.

The responses from men are all either: “well just so you know I love our platonic relationship!” or even worse, “please consider this is an understandable if immature response to rejection, and carefully consider that, you need to do more emotional labor for the shithead men in your lives”


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Liam, do you love ur wife?

“Well you see, I do love my wife. I really do! We just got together so young, and I feel like I missed out on a lot. Katie is truly great, but I wish our relationship was more passionate like it was in the beginning. Now everything we do is a pattern, and everything we do is for the kids. Not us. I just miss the freedom and spontaneity of being young.”

- Liam

ask my OCs questions! :)

Oh btw, just because I’m asking for Lorca/Tyler, don’t think I’m not shitting my pants with glee over Paul/Hugh as well. 

I’m stoked as hell that we’ve got a canon same sex couple in the series finally and that they’re not just shitty stereotypes. I love that Paul is a cranky, snarky gay but a character that could just as easily have been straight. I love that Hugh is good, and caring without being a mother hen. I love that their relationship was revealed through them just brushing their teeth together, something so mundane and normal because it doesn’t always have to be sensationalist.

I love them and I’m happy they’re in my show. 

I’m just really fucking greedy. I want more gays in space. I want all the gays in space. Straight people have the Earth, let us have space. 

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Jungkook loves Jimin so much and takes so much care of him. Idc if they at bros, friends, boyfriends... That boy loves his hyung so much and you can see how pure are his feelings in his eyes. And Jimin loves Jungkook too and ha been always thdre for him. I feel soft just thinking about this

both jimin and jungkook love each other a ton. it doesn’t really matter what sort of relationship they have, you can tell they care for one another A LOT. like, an incredible amount. 


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I just read @inazuma-hpau‘s hdc about Kidou serenading Fudou and it was just too much for me ahah. The song is Wonderwall by Oasis. I love it, and I think it really fit KdFd/FdKd a lot ~

Anonymous said to inazuma-hpau: 1/2 firstly i just want to say, I really love this amazing AU! Especially the Slytherin Kidou/Fudou pieces that you and ygreczed are bring alive! They all seriously make my day and I find myself wishing they were canon! I just want to request/ask - what would Kidou and Fudou’s relationship would be like with regard’s to their parents (Kidou’s pureblood father and Fudou’s deatheater father - and even his muggleborn mother)?

Anonymous said to inazuma-hpau: 2/2 And an extra question! I’ve read a variety of HP fics where there are a lot of Slytherin focused characters who do things in terms of pureblood customs (e.g giving jewellery to your significant other as a signed that they are yours/ pre-engagement gifts/ courting gifs etc) I wanted to know what you’re guys’ take on this for the kdfd relationship??

Hi anon ! I’m super glad you like my slytherin!kdfd stuff ! You can thank @inazuma-hpau for this amazing AU ~

I agree with every single of her hdc about Kidou and Fudou relationship and how their parents see this, and tbh I didn’t go this far in the kdfd headcanons/story I’m publishing lately…
If you want I can tell you in a post or I can do it in a “HPIE AU ~ Ygrec’s headcanons” post with a comic and all. Actually the next post about HP KdFd may be the last one so I don’t mind making this “series” last a little longer with a post about how their parents would react and if they would do “pureblood rituals” (but I don’t know so much about it so if you want to tell me more, send me an ask ;) )

Running away to Fudou’s house, throwing pebbles at his window and serenading him.

Credit to @inazuma-hpau  for this hdc: OMG ! Kidou serenading Fudou is probably the cutest and fluffiest thing I heard about this ship for the last DECADE !!! I couldn’t help myself sorry, I drew something again hehe… You know I’m really incredibly happy to read your headcanons about my OTP iiiihiiii~ I think I would never thank you enough for this amazing AU you know ahah xD

About my last post, I’m glad you enjoyed it~ Yeah, Sakuma knows he can count on Fudou to take care of Kidou, excepted when it comes to kuidichi of course. I was inspired by your hdc about Kidou saying, since he is an adopted child, he really needs to prove that he is the best heir the Kidou family could have chosen -that’s why winning is so meaningful to him.
As for Fudou, he wants to prove the others (and himself but he wouldn’t admit it) that he is stronger than his father and that he is worth better -he hates him for ruining his life.

Ahah, I can imagine Endou saying “Come on Kidou, only one more butterbeer !” and Kidou doing it althought he really doesn’t stand alcohol…

Well, I couldn’t explain it in the post but Kidou had mixed feelings about Fudou and Haruna going to the ball together. He wasn’t really wanting to go with Fudou of course, and he was mostly annoyed that Haruna was actually dancing with another boy… But he wouldn’t have thought that Fudou and Haruna would get along so well during the party, and so he ended up being a bit jealous of Haruna for having so much fun with Fudou when he was hardly dancing with Natsumi (even if she was gorgeous and a skilled dancer) and hanging around with the others when they weren’t dancing.

Ahahah, omg “ he got to touch that booty at the ball “, you’re right ! I’m laughing so hard…! xD

I wonder if Fudou heard Kidou’s shouts form his room… And if he guessed out what Kidou’s dream was about… heheh xD

I think they handled Stamets and Culber really well. Sure we knew from the beginning that they’re gonna be a couple but they weren’t introduced like that. The first time we saw them together was just in a doctor/patient scene and most of us thought that they’re gonna fall in love with each other during that season. But now they introduced - in a great and casual situation - that they’re already in an established relationship and I think that this is just so awesome! I love it! We have an interracial gay couple in a big franchise! I can’t wait to see more from the science boyfriends/husbands.

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i’ve never kissed anyone/ had a boyfriend bc i’m really sheltered by my parents (sad) like i legit don’t even have guy friends and i’m always on this freaking webstie reading fluff and i’m always like dang i want to just cuddle and have an intense makeout session with someone lol // you’re really fantastic btw, just wanted to tell u. i love your writings and i want to be friends with u but i’m shy :< i’m so pathetic i hate myself

aww thank you baby!!! tbh i’ve never kissed anyone or been in a relationship either so you are not alone don’t worry lmao ♥️♥️♥️ and pls don’t hate yourself ily

i truly adore seeing fictional works where gay people can just be, without any homophobia in their world, without anyone questioning their relationship or them being gay, where they can simply be together in the background like a million straight ships that we’ve seen before, supporting and loving each other, just like that. and seeing hugh and paul in the latest star trek discovery episode doing exactly that, it was so heart-warming and sweet? especially since sci-fi and fantasy usually push forward only the hetero relationships but the first romantic relationship we see in this show is an interracial gay couple? it’s beautiful and i really hope more and more popular franchises will do that, leaving all of the “well, we need homophobia in our world to make it realistic” bullshit behind because we definitely don’t need it.