i just really love the voiceovers

Watching the Princess Bride I kept thinking about how awesome it would be for Cas to use his pop culture knowledge and start saying “As You Wish” to Dean. But then I realised that he doesn’t need to say “As You Wish” because he already has his own version.

“Of Course”.

reasons to watch juana inés:

  • it’s based off a real-life mexican poet who is widely considered the first published feminist of the new world. 
  • it even includes some of her poems/writings as voiceovers
  • also there’s speculation that she was a lesbian and that’s touched upon in the show!!! a lesbian nun!!!!! 
  • it doesn’t ignore what was happening outside of the court. that is, it shows the racism and colonization in really jarring scenes imo. personally i wish it had been in it a little more, and i especially wish they’d included part of sor juana’s loa to divine narcissus, but… it is what it is. 
  • personally i love the acting and the plots and the antagonists are just so annoying like let my girl write!!!! let her live!!!!
  • it’s only seven episodes long 
  • the cinematography is honestly so beautiful??? some of the shots still have me speechless they’re just so breathtaking and vibrant. 
  • literally i just love it so much and that might be because i love sor juana and i’m biased but also i just? really love it??? 
  • like it honestly did just such a good job imagining her life and it is just so beautiful
  • in summary: watch it
  • Listen

Voices by me (@hadesdancehall)
Original comic by the lovely @piyostoria! Be sure to reblog it here and check out her other works!
Music & SFX from the Undertale OST and Toby Fox

Aha, my first voiceover… and with the new mic!! I had wanted it to be Temmie since I just finished “cool leg” but her lines are really hard to master lmao. Maybe another time. I’m not really a pro at this anyway–this was mostly just for fun.

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