i just really love the scout

Artists tend to be pretty blunt when it comes to these things? It’s like not even compliments to them, they’re really just facts. 

“I love your face, it looks great”

I feel like Scout could be like that kind of artist hahahaha

story time👭

i was told i should definatley post this story so here we go!:

So I was selling Girl Scout cookies at a cookie booth this weekend, and this little old lady walks up to the booth to buy cookies! She looks to me like she’s at least 70 she’s really old. She’s super friendly talking to us and telling us about what it was like when she was a Girl Scout. So finally she picks out 5 boxes to buy and she says “you know I don’t really like these cookies but my, uh, my spouse Sharon did.” And she continued to tell us about her wife Sharon who died 2 years ago from cancer. Sharon was a Girl Scout leader and she was 6ft tall and she just loved thin mints. And then Margaret (she said at this point her name was Margaret) pointed down to her shirt (which was HUGE on her) and said it belonged to Sharon and even tho it’s really big on her she still wears it all the time because it feel like Sharon is still there hugging her. And she told us that they had been together for 28 years and really loved each other. Then Margarets old lady friends came over so she had to go and she said good bye and after she left we were talking about it and I was so happy to have met her because it just made me so happy to meet this elderly lesbian Girl Scout and all of the sudden the sort of sad mood is interrupted because the other girl in my troop looks over to me and says “wow Kaitlyn, she was the first gay Girl Scout I’ve ever met besides you!” and all I responded with was “it was an experience" 

Man of Steel changed the way I look at movies, not just superhero movies, but movies in general. It gave me the Superman I’d wanted to see since childhood. A Superman that I not only related to, but could really look up to. He wasn’t just a grinning boy scout with little character depth, he was a Superman.
In a movie that had heart and soul. A movie with pain and love, dark and light. A villain that really felt scary and I couldn’t predict how it was going to end.

And it gave me hope. Not just in my personal life, as I’ve discussed before, but it gave me hope in art. Movies as art. Superhero movies didn’t need to be high-saturated, popcorn movies with nice, neat, closed plots. They could be big, epic, meaningful artistic narratives! Something that reflected how important the mythology of superheroes is to the fans.

And then Batman V Superman came out and enriched everything that Man of Steel established. It built on the foundations and not only gave us a universe where Batman and Wonder Woman can fight alongside Superman, but it gave us some understanding of WHY these heroes do what they do and why they are teaming up. We saw Wonder Woman get slowly dragged back into heroism, and we knew why. She didn’t just suddenly, inexplicably drop out of nowhere onto the roof of a jet and start beating up another hero with absolutely no explanation. She hesitated, she fought her instincts and tried to be impartial, but the hero in her wouldn’t let her. And let’s not get into the extraordinary depth of character and development of Batman in this movie. Because that’s an essay into itself.
And then we saw the sacrifice of the hero who started all this. Whose sacrifice inspired these weathered, wary heroes into action again.
What a beautiful way to end a movie but start another! The dovetailing of this writing is genius.

After this we got Suicide Squad. A bit of a frantic, hectic, off-kilter movie about villains. It did a lot for world building, but most importantly it showed us what kind of people our heroes have faced before, and will face again. It showed us how strong and capable the villains can be, and this added so much to this universe that it is an invaluable movie.

Now, we have Wonder Woman! Adding more exposition to Diana’s motives in the modern day, this beautifully layered movie provided us with the first Wonder Woman movie, and yet but another incredible chapter to the DCEU. Never losing track of the themes and ideals of the shared universe, but maintaining its own unique voice, this movie delivered the finest superhero origin movie to date. While I still personally feel that it shares the stage with Man of Steel in terms of quality, it stands out on its own merits, because it is the first Wonder Woman movie, the first Wonder Woman origin story on the big screen and the first time a superhero movie has had such widespread, universal appeal.
It still considered the sense of realism established in the previous movies, showing the reality of war, a hero that will put the needs of others above her own and it kept a sense of doubt and confusion in the face of responsibility.

These movies have all been amazing in their own ways, and stand out as their own entities whilst keeping the universe cohesive. No other franchise has done this yet.

And it’s far from over.

This November, we get to see another huge milestone as Justice League hits the big screen. And I for one can not wait to see how this builds on what we’ve seen so far, and what will be built upon it.

It is a phenomenal time to be a DC fan, but it’s also a great time to be a movie fan and a superhero fan, too.

Bring it on.

BTS Reaction to their S/O wanting help with learning Korean


“But you seem to be doing so well” He would argue. 

“So… You don’t want to help?” you would ask

“Nonononono I would I love to help. I just meant that I think that you are capable of doing it by yourself. But if you really want the help then I’m here for you. I’ll help” 

It would become a daily thing. The two of you would sit down at the dining table in evening after dinner and go through the text book. It had became Jin’s favourite thing. After a long day or practice he couldn’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with you. His heart would flutter and would smile at how adorable you were whenever you made a small slip up in pronunciation. 

“Wahhhhhh, look at how good our Y/N has become. You’re better than me these days”

“Oh, shut up” you would giggle bashfully and gently shove his shoulder 

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“Yoongi, can you come here for a second please?” You call across the room. 

Like most of the time, he has his headphones on but removed them at the sound of you voice,

“Sorry, what did you just say babe?”

“Can you come here pleeaaseeee?”

He walks over and sinks into the seat next to you.

“Okay, I need you to help check my pronunciation. But you cannot laugh at me. Please.” You glare.

“Okay okay, I won't” He chuckled and then waved a hand over him face and changed his expression to a very serious one. 

You weren’t terrible but some words were not as good as others. This became apparent in the change of Yoongi’s facial expression. The corners of his eyes would crease and his lips upturned. 

“Yoonggiiii, stooooop” You whined

He bursted out laughing but then cups your face,

“I’m sorry but you’re just so fucking cute, it hurts” He would say ruffling your hair”

“…Can we make this a regular thing? I get to watch you be adorable and you get to improve your speaking skills. A win-win situation” He smiles 

“Pft… okay, fine” You peck his lips.

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You were sat on the sofa with your two text books. Korean Language sat on your lap and Korean Grammar beside you. The sound of the apartment door opening tore you away from your studies. 

“Helloooooooo” Your boyfriend calls through to you. He soon walks through into the living area and finds you and your paperbacked friends. 

“Oooooh, is our Y/N hard at work?” he asks

“Very” you reply, looking back down at todays chapter.

Hobi slouches down next to you, resting his head on your shoulder. You smile, brushing the hair away and kissing his forehead. 

“How was practice?” You ask

“Eh. Long and tiring. Like most of the time. But from of the looks of it you have been busy today as well. Can I have a look?” He asks whilst having a peep at your book. 

“Sure” You say passing the book onto him. The both of you sit there going through the work you had done for the day. He would nod in approval and point out parts that could be improved. 

“But please don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re doing so well baby. I’m so proud of yooouuuu~” He wraps him arms around you and pulls you so you’re laying on top of him. 

“This fuels your teaching ambition, doesn’t it?” you ask giggling. 

“I mean… Yeah, it does” He chuckles, kissing the tip of your nose. 

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Your boyfriends strolls into the bedroom finding you sprawled out, face down across the bed along with texts books and pieces of paper. He shakes his head snickering. Today was one of those days where you lacked quite a bit of motivation, making it very hard to stick to your organised daily routine of learning Korean.

“You okay, baby?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. Without lifting your head, you point to the surrounding papers. Curious, he sits down next to you, picking up a book. 

“Ahhhhh, do you want some help?” He asks, running fingers through your hair.

“Ugh, Joon, please don’t do that. It’s making me want to sleep even more than I already do” You groan. 

“Okay, Y/N, sit up. We are going to go through this” 

You groan but still comply. He makes you follow him through to to the dining room table. Namjoon went through the chapter with you for a good hour or so. 

“How do you feel?” he asks.

“Better” you reply, “It feels easier when I have someone go through it with me.”

“I’d be more than happy to help you more often. Remember, I know what its like.” 

You nod, “Yeah please” 

He smiles, kissing your temple.

“But can we sleep now? I’m tired” 

He laughs and strokes the back of your head, 

“Sure baby, we can sleep”

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Whilst Jimin was a dance practice you took the time to practice your pronunciation. You were sat on the sofa with your headphones to listen to the audio. Although you should’ve been practicing and improving upon the words you knew, you thought why not learn something new. Just give it a go. 

It must have been just over an hour and you heard a loud thump in the hallway. You ripped your headphones off and froze in place. You picked up the pillow next to you which would certainly scare off any intruder  and walk towards the hall. 

But it wasn’t a robber or a ghost. It was your boyfriend on the floor holding his stomach in laughter. 


“Oh my… babe… I can’t… LOOK. I’M CRYING. THERE ARE TEARS.” Were the few words he manages to say through laughing. 

Eventually, he calms down and explains. 

“I come in and I just hear you talking to yourself. But then I released it was Korean and. Oh my God, baby you’re so cute” He grins whilst squishing your cheeks. 

You pull his hands away, frowning. 

“Oh leave me alone. I know i’m bad. That’s why I’m practicing” 

“No, it’s so cute~. Listen, I can help if you want. Then you don’t have to talk to yourself” He sniggers.

“Really…?” You ask

“Of course!” 

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You and Taehyung were sat on opposite sides of the sofa. As always, Tae was in his own little world, bobbing his head and mumbling song lyrics to himself whilst scrolling through his phone. And you were frowning down at a certain example sentence in your textbook that you had been trying to get your head around and string together for the past fifteen minutes. You groaned in frustration, throwing your head back. 

This caught you boyfriends attention and he looked over at you. 

“Huh, What’s wrong darling?” 

“Whenever I think I’ve got this sentence, I tried to say it but… I just can’t get it out” You whine.

He scooted closer to you to have a look at the sentence. 

He cleared his through and repeated the sentence slowly. You watched the way the words easily rolled off his tongue and left his lips. You huffed to signify that it was still proving to be difficult. 

“Let me hear you say it” He said, passing the book back to you.

You did your best to say the sentence and looked back to Tae’s face afterwards to check for him opinion. He looked back at you with his huge boxy smile. He found your mispronunciation incredibly endearing. 

“…What?” You asked, self conscious.  

“You’re so adorable” he smiled adoringly at you. 

The comment made you flush “Tae, I need feedback. How can I get better?” 

“Ah yeah, right. Let me break it down for you” 

You finally somewhat got there after about half an hour 

“YES, Y/N! THAT’S IT!” He cheered holding his hand up in the air. You laughed and returned his high five. 

“Lets make this a regular thing” 

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“Kookie, remember you promised to help me with pronunciation tonight” you reminded your boyfriend after cleaning up the dishes from diner. 

“Oh yeah, you want to start now?” 

“Yeah, just give me a second” you said going to get your essentials. 

You both sat down on the living room floor with the book in between you. 

“Actually, Y/N. I have a better idea” Jungkook smirks. You raised your eyebrows in curiosity.

“And what would would that be?” you asked.

“How about I test you? So you have to repeat the sentence in Korean but without looking at the book” 

“Wow, that is such a Jeon Jungkook thing to say. But okay.” 

The few sentences you said with ease which earned an approving look from your boyfriend. But then the next one somewhat stumped you but you where still quite sure of yourself. So you give it your best shot. 

But Jungkook found something about it absolutely hysterical and flopped onto the floor in a fit of giggles. You pouted and frowned. 

“Whats so funny?” you grumbled 

“That’s not how you say it, babe.” He laughed. 

“I’m sorry that i’m so bad at this. That’s why i asked you to help me.” 

“I know I know I know. I’m sorry. You’re so cute though” He kissed you forehead. 

“Okay, Lemme break this down.” He grinned.

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(This is my first reaction so please go easy on me~ thank you~)

So the new Scout voice lines have me seeing him in a whole new light like? Maybe he’s not just a fuckboy. He really wants to believe the others consider him their friend. And the line about the birthday party is actually rather sad if you think about it. I’ve always headcanoned that he was sort of left out by his older brothers, like the annoying baby brother they were mean to. His father abandoned him, his brothers ignored him, he really just had his doting mom who favored him (and that pissed his brothers off more). Now he’s got this big group of guys and he just wants so desperately to fit in with other men. He’s looking for friends and role models and he tries so, so hard but they just give him shit.
I love Scout so much now.

it’s so CRAZY how karamel shippers act like people who hate mon el hate him purely out of spite, that their hate is driven by him being a fictional character, as if a slave owning misogynistic white dude who always gets the benefit of the doubt doesn’t affect the real world.

like, EVERYONE in the supergirl fandom knows that sanvers has affected a lot of people, how so many young girls out there are realizing they’re gay because of what’s shown on television. even the cast has commented on it. and let’s not forget the entire first season of melissa posing with girl scouts and teenagers who feel inspired by a strong woman on television, something they still try to argue is happening just as strong in the second season (“a woman falling in love doesn’t make her weak! except we think mon el is better than james!”). 

so it’s not like they don’t think fiction affects real life at all, i guess they suddenly forget to read when people point out how supergirl can affect the world negatively? really fucking ignorant if you ask me

i just realized i forgot to do a little con recap! this one was so hectic and my schedule was so bizarre that i’m so behind!

so, like, @neven-ebrez is my safety blanket at cons now. she is who i talk to!!! SHE IS MY SISTER! MY MOTHER! MY WIFE! and all of her flights got canceled and there was nothing i could do about it except scream into the void. which still did nothing. i was so worried i had too much but didn’t have enough variety, or that i might be a waste of space, or whatever may have you in multiple anxious ways

but thanks to you guys, you made my con weekend wild. SO LEMME TELL YA

  • ALL COPIES OF GOD’N’GABE SOLD OUT. i have never had this happen. ever. and the g’n’g figures sold out friday morning. THAT’S INSANE. i met matt a little more formally for the first time, and even he congratulated me on the sellout! YOU GUYS ARE THE COOLEST i even ended up doing surprise sunday commissions! i stopped around 10 after deciding my hand was going to fall off
  • all The Dads stopped by the table!! i did not expect this. it was super sweet. and i decided i wasn’t going to stop by swain’s table over the weekend–i had nothing for them to sign, and i feel like the most awkward potato when i just go over there to talk. so they came to me. they were disgruntled but like I’M NOT A SPARKLING CONVERSATIONALIST
  • I GOT TINY POP!SCOUT FROM @funkoadventures AND IT’S STILL THE COOLEST THING. i also got some really cool god and gabe-related things from several new faces, friends, etc. and that was Insanely Cool, thank you so so so much everyone
  • i got to meet some fresh faces of the media teams. the new social media manager for Creation’s things is a sweetheart and i’m so excited for them to get acclimated to the crowd. and the con staff was really looking after me, as it had somehow spread that i am somewhat unintentionally neglectful of myself when left to my own devices
  • which, also, EVERYONE was looking out for me. i can’t overlook this. people i’d just met, some i never talked to, close friends, everyone. i had so much food, water, and love vaguely tossed at my face over the weekend, the BTS of the table looked absolutely ridiculous it was such a mess

so thanks, you guys. ♥ i really couldn’t even be a fraction of heartfelt as i wanted to be. i didn’t know how to physically show that much emotion. i’m so indebted to everyone for the massive support.

so that’s all i got, i think! i leave you with something embarrassing from SNS

You know, I just really love it when a couple sleeps together?? Like without handsy moments, just pure fluff and all??

cr:  Jikook Squad on Twitter


Drabbling drabbles that drabble. Based on OTP questions I found when I was bored, thought I’d share them, hope you like it… *hides under the bed*

Unbeta’d AF.

Who usually has nightmares?

Betty wakes up in her college room, looking for the source of whatever it is that woke her. After a second, her phone vibrates again and she picks it up, instantly more alert as she reads the name of the caller.

“Jug, hey… are you okay?” she asks, rubbing her eyes,  as soon as the video call connects showing a rather disheveled Jughead on the screen. His hair is sticking in different directions like it does when he passes his hand through it several times­.

“Yes… I’m sorry I woke you up, Betts.” Jughead says, sighing, not looking at her directly. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“I don’t mind, dummy.” She tells him, wishing she could brush her fingers through his hair herself. “Did you… did you have a nightmare?”

Jughead stares at his screen with his lips pursed, looking at her face and pang of longing rushes through him. “Yeah.” He answers, voice suddenly hoarse, and he rubs his eyes. “Shit, I feel like an asshole having a nightmare, calling you, waking you up in the middle of the night when you’re tired. You’ve been busting your ass working and I’m an idiot calling at 2 am,  I’m-”

“Hey, hey” She interrupts his agitated rant. Jughead is breathing hard on the screen.  “None of that. I don’t mind, you know that, Jug. I always have time for you… I’m glad you called me, do you wanna talk about your nightmare?”

He sighs again, his bottom lip jutting out in a slight pout as he collapses onto his bed. “Not really.“ he mumbles. “The details are fuzzy but… I remember you were the one who turned up dead instead of Jason, my dad standing over you with a gun…” his voice drops on that last sentence, only barely above a whisper.

“Oh, Juggie…” the mention of their teenage years making her stomach flip a little.

“It felt so real… that’s why I called you, I wanted to hear your voice.” His cracks a little as he speaks. He moves to lay on his side, looking at her. “I miss you, I wish you were right here with me, stealing the covers.”

Her chest tightens as she chuckles at his words. She feels his absence like a phantom limb sometimes, a part of her that should be there but isn’t. Betty thinks of his (their, a voice in her head provides) appartment in New York, their save haven and the strong sense of longing makes her close her eyes for a second. She misses life next to him, the domesticity they had so carefully built.

“I miss you too, Jug. Every day.” she tells him with a sad smile. “But that was just a dream, I’m still here and I’m okay… scout’s honor.”

“You were never a scout, Betty, though I do appreciate the sentiment.” Jughead says, smiling softly.

“Just two more weeks, okay? Then I’ll be home…” she tells him, not knowing who she’s really trying to comfort.


“And, Juggie?” Betty starts. “Don’t ever hesitate to call me or feel bad about it.”

Jughead’s face softens when she says it, his throat bobbing.

“Scout’s honor.” He says, smiling at her chuckle. “I love you, Betty.” His voice is as intense as his eyes.

“I love you too, Jughead.”

Who asks who out on the first date?

Jughead hangs up the phone in a haze.  As he talked with Jellybean she, bless her beautiful soul, had asked a question that had knocked him off his feet.

“So, where you did you go for your first date?”

Logically, he knew he might be overreacting but logic was somewhere else right now, leaving him with a thousand awful thoughts and questions. Sure, they’ve been busy with the whole solving-a-murder-and-getting-Polly-back thing but this felt like something he should’ve notice.

He still remembers the quiet dreams he had to himself once he realized how fast his heart beat was around her. The dinners, the movie dates, the sleepy smiles and lazy cuddles on a sunday… and even deeper within the darkest lands of his heart, the white picket fence, the same green eyes every day of his life and a ring that once there, would never be removed.

Shaking his head, he removes himself from his mind and back into the present.

The Blue and gold offices are quiet. Most of the school is already home as Jughead and Betty type away on their laptops. Well, at least Betty was. Jughead himself was pretending to work as he furtively looked at the blonde on the desk at his right, trying to decide what to do or say. The irony of a wanna-be writer being speechless was not lost on him, but hey… everyone had bad days.

“What?” Betty says, frowning slightly at him.

“What?” Jughead replies intelligently, still a bit lost in his thoughts.

“You were looking at me funny… why were you looking at me funny?” she asks, leaving the pen and folding her arms across her chest, leaning them on the desk.

“I wasn’t looking at you funny.” Jughead tells her. “I was thinking.”

“What about?” Betty continues, getting up and starting to walk in his direction.

“You?” it sounds like a question as she finally reaches his desk, leaning her hip against it looking down at him.

Betty’s expression softens a little.The sun is hitting her just right and green eyes shine like two beacons, her hair turning almost gold in the light. She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful he feels his throat close a little, making it difficult to breathe.

“Will you go out with me?” He blurts, the words escaping before he can stop them. Jughead feels his eyes widen and makes a choked off noise.

“I mean…” Betty’s frown is deep. She takes a step forward before sitting in Jughead’s lap, looking directly at him. “Correct me if I’m wrong but… I thought we already were.” She says, the smallest of smiles on her face now. Jughead chuckles nervously. What the hell was wrong with him?

“No… I mean, yes. I meant going out on a date with me.” he replies, boldly snaking his arm around her waist. “I’ve noticed we still haven’t been to one and I’d like to take you.”

“Oh…” Betty says, eyebrows rising and smile growing. “Of course! I’d love to.” She puts her hand on his cheek, softly caressing it with her thumb. “What did you have that face, then? You looked preoccupied.”

“Not preoccupied… just thoughtful.” He says, leaning into her touch and kissing her palm softly.

Betty pulls him closer, her arms around his neck as she rests her cheek on the top of his head. Jughead relishes on the closeness, closing his eyes hoping his heart doesn’t burst out of his chest. These are his favorite moments with her, when the world seems to stop just for them.

They share the silent for a few minutes until he speaks.

“I was thinking I’m scared. I’m very invested in… whatever you wanna call this.” Jughead’s voice is only barely above a whisper but she hears him nonetheless.

Betty pulls away from him enough to look at him in the eye. “I’m just as invested as you are, Juggie. I want this to work. I honestly didn’t think about the dates thing because to me it doesn’t matter as long as I get to spend time with you… be it pursuing clues or on an official date.” Her smile is bright, eyes piercing. “I do like the B word, though… it fits.” she says, suddenly shy.

Jughead can’t resist it anymore so he leans forward, brushing his lips against her in a gentle kiss, trying to convey all he’s feeling through that contact. The kiss turns feverish for a second before softening again, leaving them breathing mouths inches apart.

“An impromptu trip to Pop’s sounds amazing right now. Just the two of us… what do you say?” Betty asks him, bumping her nose with his.

Jughead grins at her, borderline wicked.

“It’s a date.”

so i’m moving the kickstarter date to ‘about a week after e3′, considering i learned a little too late that e3 is actually a much larger event then i expected and for financial business exposure-type reasons i should, instead of launching the kickstarter basically right now, give it a month and wait for the e3 hype to come and go before stealing the show with Jack and Casie

… says most of the people who i have asked, at least

in my head, that just gives me license to improve the ks demo, because over the past couple weeks i have been in full power crunch mode to redo all the especially shitty early art assets, sort out towns and conversations and add a new area and system of plot hooks to engage the player and leave them wanting more by the end of the demo, and it hasn’t exactly been the smoothest sailing

so here are some goofball bugs and other fuck-ups i’ve come across in these last weeks of rushed development

there’s a lot to this one (and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg) so i’ll put some under a cut

so, this is Tortuga.

you may remember him somewhat dumpier and less threatening, which is strange considering he’s just an even more threatening vanguard (who isnt so hard to deal with once you work out type weaknesses) (i’ll get to that later), so i ended up redesigning him to look like a bigger threat

he ended up being somewhat larger then anticipated

but the real problem is that the actual reason i redesigned him was because the original tortuga was

also too big

if you’ve been following jnc’s development- first, thank you- you may be noticing a trend here; i tend to make especially enemy sprites (but pretty much everyone at one point or another in development) like just slightly too large. it’s baffling. it’s the weirdest problem in the world. at some point i just started to swallow my pride and reference a mockup for proper sprite height size but then i changed the size of the visible area on screen and didn’t update the mockup and the problem just got even worse

like here’s a gun casie fight a fuckin house

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Okay. I'm new here. And I don't know shit about fan art. But yours is some awesome shit (pardon my French) it's so expressive and awesome and cute and beautiful and baah idk what to say. Anyway, I love your art.


i’m glad you think so!! this is super sweet of you to say ;o;

(also, as an aside, over the weekend i was exposed to a lot of french, and when you said “pardon my french” i was expecting to read an actual french sentence. or you were saying you apologize for poor english because your native language is french. i was also going to compliment you on your fantastic english. i am only now realizing the error of my ways)

Anonymous said:

Ah I just saw your art on my dash and I recognized it immediately!! I bought one of your comics at seacon!!


this makes me wonder who from cons that’ve never seen my work have happened to stumble across my stuff rather than the other way around!

hope you like the comic!! and the ones here! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said:

Just bought one of your purple dog shirts for ahbl in a few weeks!! ❤

!! NEAT–thanks! hope you have fun!

Anonymous said:

Hey I just wanted to say I love your art! I really want to learn to draw so I just wanted to know if you would have a problem if I copied one of your simple ones… I won’t post it if it bothers you! And of course I won’t tell people it is mine…

yeah, that’s totally fine! that’s how you learn! i did that a lot when i first started. all i ask is that you credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said:

I’ve been using that lil (and slightly maniacal) scout surrounded by flames gif in texting conversations with my friend because it is honestly one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.


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On behalf of that "Sniper is very clean" headcanon (which I highly agree with), Spy seems to be -canon- not so clean. First we have the voice lines from Miss Pauling, one of them goes "Spy, just between you and me, you should really wash that ski mask. Like once. There's visible stink lines coming off that thing. Anyway, I need a favor." But now remember: visible stink-lines? Scout drew those in the SFM short expiration date for every picture of Spy he did, saying "[..] yeah, because you stink!"

Holy Fuck Mate. I’ve never heard the Miss Pauling lines in game. But holy hell.

I don’t even know what to add to this, I’m sorry. But I love the idea of Spy being less hygienic then Sniper.

When Spy insults Sniper “You filthy bushman“, the entire team just rolls their eyes. Sniper is to polite to say anything back, but if he did it would be the roast of the century.

There is still a question I have. Why doesn’t Spy wash the mask?? Can’t he smell it?? Is it a running joke by the mercs or even Valve?? Wouldn’t enemy’s smell Spy before he uncloaks?? 

Shit mate, more questions then answers. Sorry I can’t add much. Thanks for letting me know of this cool piece of information.

what’s that? some miscellanoues fluffy Ghostbusters headcanons? okay, if ya’ll insist*

  • Abby and Holtzmann got into some disgusting food-related habits while they were working in their seedy basement lab together, namely never throwing anything away ever. Every couple of weeks Erin and Patty have to strap on gas masks and excavate the fridge to keep it from becoming a study in the various stages of decomposition.
  • Holtzmann: the friend who will literally pull your pizza crust out of the trash and eat it if you don’t.
  • There’s a part of the lab known as the Patty Corner that contains most of her very impressive NYC history library, which consists of both conventional books and a lot of scans of historical documents, newspaper clippings, and black and white photos. There are two duct tape lines separating this corner from the rest of the lab and if any freaky ghost science or god forbid the slime gets near Patty’s books there will be Trouble.  
  • Every once in a while Erin feels compelled to remind her friends how much she loves them by feeding them, finds a recipe online, and makes them dinner. They love her back, so they all very nicely pretend it’s edible and wait until she’s not looking to drop the leftovers out the window. The woman can’t cook for shit.
    • Abby’s been putting with this literally since high school, bless her soul.
  • Abby will unironically rock a fanny pack over her jumpsuit. Content includes: batteries, tampons, shit that lights up when there’s a ghost nearby, band aids, wet wipes, glasses wipes, pepper spray, duct tape, whatever Holtzmann crammed in when Abby wasn’t looking, probably a single fortune cookie.   
    • Somebody gets pictures of said fanny pack while they’re out busting and the internet goes wild. There are actual talk show segments dedicated to the fanny pack. Patty keeps sending Abby youtube clips about it and Abby can’t wrap her head around how this is even something people care enough to discuss it’s just practical
  • The firehouse gets paid for but cash is still pretty tight, so on ghost-free weekends the girls are usually driving out to the suburbs for garage sales or digging through dumps for spare parts. Even if they don’t find anything else Patty usually goes home with like seventeen books that she haggled down to like a nickel.
    • All hail Patty Tolan, Garage Sale Queen
    • If they find something really heavy they’ll sometimes stop and consider calling Kevin to help them move it. And then they’ll consider what the process of trying to direct Kevin out to their current location would be like and how they’d like to get home before midnight, and they find miraculously find the motivation to lift things themselves.
  • Erin never learned to drive and after what happened when the first time the other girls tried to teach her in the (new) Ecto-1 she is never going to. They don’t talk about it.
  • Holtzmann would probably rather cut off a finger than waste time shaving. Every so often she walks into the lab, announces the jungle is flourishing, and hikes up her pants for the other girls to admire. They’re all duly impressed.
  • You know that post about how Clint Barton would totally ask if he can get an Avengers discount at Starbucks? Abby. Abby all the time, almost anywhere she goes. It almost never works and it’s getting a little embarrassing. 
  • Erin was almost definitely an only child, but Abby really hits me as one of those people who has like 8 siblings and had to learn to be loud and fighty really young to survive with them. What I’m saying is that going over to Abby’s house in high school was an Experience for Erin. 
  • Kevin starts an Official Ghostbusters Twitter and it’s like a month before any of them even notice. It consists almost entirely of Kevin selfies and deeply unflattering candids of the girls that they didn’t realize he was taking. They can’t get verified because nobody thinks it’s real and Erin is pissed.
  • She starts holding hours long Q & A sessions and then gets even more pissed when she realizes there are far too many questions to ever practically answer.
    • “Holtzmann a lot of thes people just really want to know if you’re gay”
    • *Holtzmann cackle*
  • Patty let’s one of her friend’s kid’s Girl Scout groups come visit the lab, and suddenly they’re getting requests from groups all over the state. Boxes of free cookies show up. Crayon drawings of the Ghostbusters get hung up all over the lab. The girls posing for awkward selfies groups of elementary girls dressed up in little jumpsuits. Bless. 

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Hi there! I'm a fairly new Pokemon trainer traveling through Kanto but I'm having some trouble that unfortunately my father can't answer because he only knows how to care for his and my mother's Pokemon. My starter Eevee (Scout) constantly runs a head of me and even though I keep telling Scout why this is wrong he won't stop. I want to put him in his pokeball but every time I pull it out he becomes fearful. What should I do? Thank you and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day.

While I admire your faith in Scout, you need to realize, as smart as he is, he, like all Pokémon, really cannot comprehend long-term consequences very well. As such, your warning that wondering is wrong just won’t be effective. What he needs is simple and immediate cause-and-effect situations to learn from. Don’t put him in his ball when your mad or scared (that’s what is likely causing the fearful behavior). Whenever he starts to stray, though, he goes back in the ball. No yelling. No threats. No scolding. No punishment. No fretting. No second chances. No “one more times.” No “I’m going to count to three.” No apprehension. The last is really important right now. If you act like putting him in his ball is the worst thing ever, he is going to learn that it is.

Now, if you really are reluctant to keep him in his ball (which is your prerogative; a lot of trainers dislike using Pokéballs), consider leash or harness training him. He will likely be squirmy about it at first, especially since he’s gotten used to moving free-range, but he’ll adjust if you persist. Good luck!

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I love how the option is open to get grumpy grump Michael on a greeting card...I'd probably use it for birthdays


as someone with a birthday today, i can guarantee i would crack up if i got one of these

but also it’d be nice to see the print quality

but also because i like little grump mike. imagine drawing a little party hat and confetti on it to make it more festive

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Where do you stream?

right here! but i’m looking into switching stream services, as this one takes up a wild amount of CPU

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I was reading over your answer over your thoughts on Mick. I didn’t really see who actually posted it when I started reading it, I just wanted to hear what others though of Mick. Then I got to the part about God being your favorite character. My first thought: “Is this Scout?” Quick scroll up and sure enough, it is! Just thought I’d let you know how well known your love for God N Gabe is.


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i love these fools and i’m happy the word is known throughout the land

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Reverse!Solangelo headcanons, where Will is a son of Hades and Nico is a son of Apollo.

i love godswaps tbh

  • nico has been living at camp since he was around 10, and was the super happy, bouncy kid we all knew and loved for about 10 pages in the titan’s curse, but after the war with the titans and losing his brothers, he gets a lot less happy and bouncy. he doesn’t get angry like canon!nico would’ve, but he’s pretty quiet most of the time
    • he’s not the head counselor, he was too afraid to take the responsibility. he let kayla take it instead
  • will wasn’t pulled out of time, meaning that hades did end up breaking the oath, and every day will’s thankful that he wasn’t the child of the prophecy. he’s not overly depressed because he didn’t experience any severe emotional traumas when he was younger - no siblings to speak of and no real connections to anyone that died during the war
    • think of him less like canon!nico who figured no one would like him so he tried to stay away, and more like Jughead Jones from Riverdale (im sorry i just finished it and i loved it) who knows he’s probably not wanted but also doesn’t really care enough to leave
  • so nico’s fifteen and depressed but doing his best not to show it when so many campers are afraid of an impending war with the romans and volunteers to scout out the roman camp on the other side of halfblood hill, when will appears nearby and scares the crap out of him
    • basically that whole “you dressed in all black with the sun coming up???” thing except like nico’s still wearing a camp shirt so that’s waht will yells at him about and nico’s like “says the guy in the bright red hawaiian shirt you’re gonna yell at me?”
  • there’s a lot less bickering early in their relationship and a lot more full-on arguing with each other like basically whenever they talk (which is a lot since this time it’s will that’s forced into the infirmary for a few days - by austin, nico would never) and at one point after a whole lot of arguing nico goes “if you hate it here so much why don’t you leave?”
    • he regrets it as soon as he says it bc at this point he kinda realizes that he has a crush on will?? and also the kicked-puppy-look on will’s face as soon as it’s out of nico’s mouth kinda kills him inside
  • will tells him that it’s bc he’s got nowhere else to go and like nico starts being nice out of pity tbh but soon enough they’re actually bonding and nico asks will to be his date to the fireworks on the fourth of july

i hope these were what you were looking for!!! (if u want me to try my hand at any other godswaps im totally up for it ;)))

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

Little things that BTS does you just can't help but love

Namjoon: when he gets shy/embarrassed and tries to cover his face and throws himself forward when he’s laughing while being a complete fluff ball

Jimin: that little squeak he does when he’s laughing really hard and throws himself in every direction. also his cheeks turn extremely pink when he gets shy

Yoongi: his incredibly cute gummy smile that shows when he’s really happy or excited about something + a high pitched laugh that seems completely out of character

Seokjin: how he’s almost always the first one laughing during the middle of telling the punchline to his own joke (bonus: eatjin’s signature “yaaahhhhh”)

Hoseok: his two little dimples that appear whenever he’s eating a snack + he likes to poke his cheeks and do “v” signs when he’s being cute

Jungkook: he has this cute little boy-ish laugh that he does when something funny happens or when he starts teasing his hyungs and his bunny teeth start to show

Taehyung: his eye smile is just as cute as his box smile whenever he’s laughing + how deep his voice still is when he starts giggling like a child

Family photo! I just really love dad spy, I live for this. 
* ¡foto de familia, me encanta papá Espía, vivo para esto! 
Update: I removed the words “Naughty and Nice” since it just looked weird. 

Someone stop me from drawing a million pictures of Spy and Scout. I know its not Christmas but its never a bad time for a naughty and nice sweater!

Tangled Up In Blue

Chapter 21/?

Summary: Fear for her unborn child, a bruised and broken Emma Swan is determined to escape an abusive marriage. After she drives a long way from home to a small town in Maine, she doesn’t think her life could get more complicated… that is until she ends up falling for her OBGYN, a blue-eyed British man who’s shielded his heart from love long ago. But he may be just what she needs to begin her healing process and start a new life for her child. If only nothing gets in the way.

Notes: Alright, here we go. I had to edit this chapter many, many times until I was happy with it. I owe a big thank you to @rouhn for beta reading. This chapter moves ahead at a quicker pace because I know some of you are anxious to meet baby Swan. While we won’t be meeting him this chapter, we’re very very close. I will warn you though, that it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride so hold on tight!

*TRIGGER WARNING* Mentions and depictions of physical and verbal abuse/domestic violence towards a pregnant woman.

Rated: M

Catch Up: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Deleted Scenes: 1 2

Also available on: AO3 FF.N


Killian’s jaw was clenched, holding his pregnant girlfriend in his arms while she sobbed into his chest with relentless tears. He was going to kill the fucking asshole with his own two hands for sending Emma into such a state of despair. She had looked like she was enjoying her time at the shower, he could tell she was uncomfortable near the end, but she was smiling and overall happy… until she received that last gift. Mary Margaret and David had called some of the guests who left, but none of them saw who delivered the present. Regardless, they all knew it was from Neal.

Killian gently released Emma with a kiss to her forehead before she turned to Mary Margaret and David, who took her in their arms, holding her tightly. It tore his heart to see his Swan in tears, he had to do something about it. He was not going to let Neal get away with this.

“That’s it, I’m going to find that bloody bastard myself,” Killian stated angrily as he started marching for the door with purpose. “James, you coming?”

“Gladly.” James didn’t even have to ponder the question. He immediately took off towards the door, following behind Killian. “Let’s find this asshole.”

“Woah woah woah, guys.” David put his hands up as he approached them. Killian and James turned around hesitantly. “I think we should let the Sheriff handle this, don’t you think?”

Killian gritted his teeth at the thought of the smug deputy who had the audacity to hit on Emma. “Yeah, except the Sheriff is too busy playing a bloody matchmaker and the deputy is too busy asking out my girlfriend, so I think it’s time to take matters into our own hands.”

“The deputy asked out Emma?” James asked in surprise.

“Not the bloody point,” Killian replied spitefully.

“Guys, he has a gun. Please don’t,” Emma beseeched the two of them as she approached with tear-stained cheeks. “You’ll both get hurt.”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” he assured her, his voice cracked and hoarse.

“Well, I’m not,” she told him adamantly. “I just found you and I’m not going let Neal take anything else from me.”

His voice grew soft as he closed the distance between them, taking both of her hands in his. “Emma-”

“Killian, don’t you see? This is what he wants. He wants to get us riled up. He wants you to go after him. This is just a trap. He’s sadistic and manipulative like that, believe me,” she pleaded, eyes glistening and swollen from shedding tears. “Please Killian. Don’t go.”

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