i just really love the croods

Can I just say I hate the way all of dreamworks advertising goes? It makes all the amazing stories and animation seem stupid and cheesy instead of what the movies are actually about. The same thing that’s happened to Trolls happened to Kung Fu Panda, The Croods etc

Now I love movies more than books so I spend a good portion of my time in a cinema so giving the movies I don’t think much about a chance is the usual unless I really wanna see something.

Trolls isn’t out in my country yet (from Australia) and I honestly didn’t think anything of it because of the shitty advertising it has so I watched it online and shock horror, I really enjoyed it! I will be watching when it eventually comes out here in cinemas as well so dreamworks will have my money for the project.

They just really need a better advertisement company coz the one they have is absolutely terrible.

I fall in love with The Croods a little more every time I watch it

Idk if I’ve mentioned this before but I really really love the movie The Croods. It’s so good and Guy and Eep are so cute together. He’s so caring and tiny and Eep is so strong and aggressive and I love that Guy really likes that about her. But even when he gets away he decides to go back to help them because he doesn’t want to leave the Croods (mainly Eep) behind to basically die since they don’t know how to fend for themselves. And let’s face it Guy’s been alone for years now and has actually been having an ok time with the Croods despite being kidnapped. But I guess what really gets me is towards the end of the movie when Grug tries to get everyone into the cave but they refuse and he chases after Guy cus he’s so furious with him…but then they both end up getting caught in tar and then we learn that Guy’s family died in some sort of tar related incident so Grug starts to feel for Guy and basically transforms into a father figure type for him and basically tells him that his ideas are good and they’re the only way they’ll be able to survive if they want to have any chance at all at saving Thunk, Gran, Ugga, and Eep. Sorry if that was a run on but I didn’t know how else to say it lol