i just really love the bluecoats

Bluecoats fans need to listen up

When i was at the Akron show on Saturday, i was disappointed in you. Last year at finals, when the cadets were announced third, you started blooing. You did that again this year when the cadets were announced second in akron. Now, i love the bluecoats too, but you guys really need to show some respect, because it is extremely rude to bloo when you should be cheering for another corps. And if you don’t like the cadets, that’s fine. Just don’t bloo when it’s their turn to get an applause. They really deserve their own applause, and there will be time for you to applaud the bluecoats as well WHEN THEY ARE ANNOUNCED.

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Going on anon because people are gonna hate this. I REALLY don't like the new uniforms. I think they're probably my new least favorite uniforms in dci aside from blue devils in a few specific years. I'm more of a minimalist though. I love the old bluecoats uniforms and crown's this year. That just my opinion. I'm glad so many people are so happy about them. They might look cool on the field. Idk.

That’s okay! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m not one to judge. I hate watching people start fights over stuff like this, I personally am very big on uniform field presence, so we are going to have to wait to see what they look like with the show.